The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

The Founding of Ocean Church

Sun Myung Moon
October 1, 1980
Morning Garden, Gloucester MA

Sometimes you might wonder about some of our church customs, such as bowing down. You might say to yourself, "Why do we do that?" Even though it has been a custom in many parts of the world for thousands of years, it becomes easier to understand why we also practice the full bow if you hear a full explanation of it. First, it is a very symbolic act. You bow down with four limbs, meaning that you are standing on the four-position foundation. This bow also reflects the proper subject and object relationship, because, as you bow, you move from high to low, which symbolizes the vertical relationship between heaven and earth.

The Meaning of the Full Bow

To bow, you stand naturally, not in a stiff way, with one foot slightly ahead of the other. The right foot symbolizes man and the left foot symbolizes woman. The right foot should go slightly ahead of the left, symbolizing also the subject and object relationship between man and woman. Then, as you bow, all parts of the body come closer together, and this symbolizes how the four-position foundation becomes one.

The head symbolizes God, and both arms symbolize man and woman and the relationship that they have. The feet represent earth. So, when we raise our arms to touch our head, this shows the subject and object becoming one with each other and one with God, then coming down to be one with the earth. Even the face symbolizes this whole relationship. The eyes symbolize God, the nose symbolizes man and woman -- one but with two parts -- and the mouth symbolizes earth. The eyes look out and see; this represents heaven. The torso, the body symbolizes the universe.

In other words, the universe stands on the foundation of the four - position relationship. It's very appropriate to greet and respect God, and those who represent God, in this way. In Korea, this custom has existed for thousands of years. However, we do it, not because of the Korean custom, but because it coincides with the Principle. This is the way children greet their parents every day, every morning.

When you see children, especially still within the womb, you see them clutching their fingers together and making a fist. Why? The thumb symbolizes God, and the fingers symbolize the four-position foundation which surrounds it. If you look at that and really notice how the body reflects everything in the universe, you can see that of all the greetings that are given in every country around the world, this one is the most comprehensive and most meaningful. It is the most proper way to show respect because it reminds us in a very meaningful way of who we truly are in front of God and in front of one another. In your own centers and where you work on your missions, do you keep the Sunday morning pledge service? This is also very important to do each week, each month and each year. At these times, the man and wife, if they are blessed, should bow down in an easterly direction, because that is where the sun rises and this too symbolizes God. The North is another direction you can bow towards because the highest point, the North Pole, is in that direction. Also, the North Star, which has been the guiding point for mankind throughout history, is in the northern sky.

The Original Seed of History

In history there have been many civilizations. The civilization of the North is now communism. Do you understand? Now, communism is widespread throughout many nations and it is about to conquer the world. That has been the intention of the Communists and they have the ability to do it. This is the last of Satan's work. However, when the springtime comes, even the farthest North Pole will have to melt down. What is Unificationism? It is the beginning of a new civilization. Let me briefly explain. Ancient civilizations were in the tropical range, such as Egypt. The ancient civilizations started out in a hot climate. So, we can say they were "summer" civilizations. Today, we find the warm to cool climate civilizations which have risen from those times, such as Europe. These can be called the "autumn" civilizations. In autumn the leaves start to come down from the trees. In like manner, we see these civilizations coming down from their former greatness. The tree loses its leaves and the bare branches are all that is left. It's not utterly gone, but just the image of the tree remains and everything else comes down. Then, the cold winter civilization, from communism, from the North, will broaden out, and the autumn civilization be absorbed by it. It cannot remain as it used to be. The cold is merciless. Communism is merciless; it leaves nothing alone once it decides to intervene. It completely eliminates whatever is in its way. In these terms, we can certainly say that we have yet to see the "springtime' civilization. You should know that mankind was meant to start from the spring. We look back in history and see that there has never been a springtime in civilization. Mankind has never seen its flower truly bloom. So, perhaps this is now the beginning of true love and all the flourishing of the fruits of true love in its first bloom.

If we had started from the spring and then developed into summer, autumn and winter, the fruit would have blossomed from the original seed. However, no original seed was planted, thus when the winter came, nothing was left. If you have planted a seed, it goes deeper and deeper during the winter and comes out even more fully the next spring. However, without the original seed, the fruit will just die and there will be nothing left for the coming spring.

If you are going to live through the winter, through the severe cold and survive, you have to have the seed. The history of fallen mankind did not start from the original seed. God has to start a new history, this time with His seed implanted into it. So, what should this seed be like? It must be very strong and hard. If you are like that, you can be planted before the severest winter and the cold will not destroy you. You will not be cracked open by the cold and when spring comes, you will begin to blossom.

God created in such a scientific way; God is really the greatest scientist. Look at water. When water starts freezing, it also expands. Look at the pine seed that lies within the hard shell protecting it The shell also has some moisture and when it becomes cold and freezes, this causes it to expand until after several times, it finally cracks.

Likewise, you Unification members have to be very strong, very tight and in one piece. Then, you have to go and confront communism, or what we can call, "winterism." And then, your outer shell will crack open and you will start growing. Finally, when spring really comes, you will start to grow and you will be able to meet the springtime in full. You will be like the flower that can open fully and spread all its leaves and its glory. This is what we are looking towards.

Then starts an eternal blossoming of a new civilization, the springtime civilization. This may have been loosely explained, the reasoning may not have been so exact, but nature is not that difficult to see-and understand. You can see the logic of the seed in nature, and if this was God's way of beginning things in nature, it was also to be God's original point of beginning the history of mankind. Everything else was leading up to that point. When the original seed was lost, mankind had to go through a complete cycle again until the Second Advent could occur. This is the meaning of the Second Advent and from this, the eternal flourishing of mankind will begin. If communism is truly the winter civilization, it must precede the springtime civilization. Unificationism is that springtime civilization. It brings everything into oneness and harmony. For example, the hot weather of springtime is not too hot and the cold weather is not too cold. It is just like the temperature of the human being, thirty-five to thirty-eight degrees centigrade. In this temperature range, all the cells and life forms start to flourish. This is the Kingdom of Heaven or what we like to term, "The Ideal World." If you can understand this and give the correct image of it, you can give a full explanation of the entire human history -- where it started and why, where it ends and how.

The Communists are typical of the cold weather. They will just storm against others, hit them and try to knock them down completely. But our way is to make peace everywhere and melt every-thing down, even the coldest ice. Even though everything melts, it will go on and on so that life will flourish.

That's idealism. Where should that idealism start? It must begin from man and woman. Unfortunately, in the original Garden of Eden, the original man and woman could not start the Ideal World. Isn't it wonderful and significant then, when we bow to the East? It reminds us of the original starting point for civilization, and denotes that man's destiny should be noble and eternal. East represents glory and North represents authority. The sun rises in the East, bringing glory to each day, and the North is the highest point, which is a point of honor and authority. When you bow in these directions, you are saying that man should have glory and authority.

Authority goes higher and higher, reaching for the highest point which is God. Glory moves from East to West, moving horizontally, so glory is always expanding. North is vertical and East is horizontal. These directions meet in man. However, the fall changed all these things. In the fall, man became one with woman, instead of woman becoming one with man. But now, we are going back and restoring the original positions, thus, the woman becomes one with man. When this happens, all the vertical and horizontal relationships can be restored. The husband and wife bow down together. That is the meaning of this.

Ideally, a couple bows down to Heaven and to each other. Then, the man sits down and the woman bows to the man. After that, they both sit down, side by side. In this, the woman is saying that she will not be a fallen Eve and the man is saying that he will not be a fallen Adam. Such is the meaning of the morning pledge service, especially in this way of bowing down. After that, all the children will come down and offer the same bow. The parents will sit in the parents position and receive their bow. In other words, the children express their relationship to their parents and to God. The children are saying that unlike Cain and Abel in the past, they are not going to be in conflict. Instead they will be in peace and harmony and will cooperate within the four-position foundation. When that is done, the whole family will come into unity and express their one heart.

The Meaning of the Pledge

We are not yet living in the Ideal World, but instead are living in the midst of an evil world; this is why we must recite the pledge. We pledge and say that we will fulfill the will of God. Without the family coming into unity, you cannot make this pledge. God does not want just the man to pledge, nor just the woman. God wants both the man and woman to pledge to Him after they first come into unity.

We have five sections in the pledge; the fifth section concludes all the first four. First we say that we are proud of one sovereignty. Although there are many governments in the world, we are proud of only one. Who is going to build that one sovereignty? We will make it, our family will make it. We have to have that understanding.

Who should have made the first sovereignty of mankind? Adam should have done that. Now, in place of Adam, you must restore that lost sovereignty. You must restore that first family unit. That is the first thing. We also recognize that we are proud of one people. That is, one people which come under Heaven. In the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no such thing as two or three different kinds of people. There is no such thing as white people, black people or yellow people. That kind of difference between people does not exist in the Kingdom of Heaven. That difference and separation has come about from the fall of man in the very beginning. However, the world of God has only one people.

Next we say that we are proud of the one land and one nation that comes under God. If God wants to visit from north to south, does He need a passport to go? If He doesn't, then why should His sons and daughters need a passport? There should be free passage everywhere and no boundaries. We are different in that respect. Satan is proud of many nations, many sovereignties and many peoples. But we are just proud of one sovereignty, one land, one nation, one people. This is really our pledge and strong determination against the divided world of Satan. The Satanic world is one long history of war. On the other hand, the history of God has been the hidden struggle to bring everything into unity and into oneness. Therefore, we have to recognize the problem of many different cultures. They have all developed from different origins and so, man has developed different styles and forms of behavior. This sets people apart from one another. This is also what is stopping and confusing the dispensation today Satan uses this as his strong point. We want to do away with this painful problem, so we are proud of one culture.

We are proud of one culture and that one culture comes from one word, one language. Actually, language and culture are the same. Language is culture in essence. This means eventually you have to speak the same language that your parents speak. In the spiritual world, what is the language that you will use? The answer is simple. Whatever is the language of the parents, is also the language of the children.

Unfortunately, you don't understand the mother tongue. What is English? It is not the original tongue of God. Why are we teaching the young children in the nursery Korean? Because it is the first language that God could participate in. Of course, we also teach the children English because they could not survive in the world today without it, but at least the first words they learn are Korean. They can begin from the very earliest point in their life to learn the mother tongue and they can learn the English language after that. Is this carrying everything too far? No. It is really a very good beginning.

When you say that you are proud of one language and one culture, do you really feel it? Do you think, "Am I anywhere near comprehending the language and culture that I am proud of?' Have you ever stopped to think about that? So, when you come to that phrase, you must truly feel regret that you cannot have real pride in that one language and culture. You must be longing to participate in that original springtime culture.

It is not just any culture that we are looking for, but the original spring culture. There is no other "ism" in that culture except "Adamism." Culture and civilization should have started from Adam and Adam's family. We should have one language. Many languages confuse and bring everything into division. There are many languages spoken here in America, and this can very easily bring about conflict.

What about us as Unification members at this time? We must learn the mother tongue that we are proud of within three generations. Within sixty years, we should be speaking the original mother tongue. I have never taught you this before, but this meeting brings me to speak about these things directly. What else are we proud of? Centering around one set of parents are all the children. When all the basic elements that we mentioned above are created, the children can then gather around their parents. Since there is one world, one nation, one family, there is also only one original set of parents. Isn't that true? You might wonder why the brotherhood of man must come before the one language and culture. Why is it in this sequence in our pledge? Without all people coming into one, we cannot create a world where we are all proud of becoming brothers and sisters. There is still a great war to be fought. Are you free to be proud of the parents now? No. You have no time to be proud because you are under constant attack by the world. You are always on the defense. You cannot proclaim to the world, "Let us follow our parents all together!" All of the things in the fifth pledge have to be fulfilled and then, after that, our pride can be freely expressed.

Then what comes? The tradition of mankind can begin to unfold. Only after you are proud of being able to have one original parent, can you create the world of one heart. And so, you can be proud of being the laborer who built that. There is no distinction there, no white, black, yellow or anything else. There is only one family, one tradition.

When your marriage is international or interracial, the children will all be different. Between an interracial couple, the children will not be the same. Some will be more like the mother and others more like the father. Will you discriminate between the children? Will the father say, "Oh, this child is more my color so I will favor this child?" When the heart dominates, there is no black or white.

If we carefully examine what we say in the pledge we can see everything from the correct perspective. Whenever I give a sermon, I see all these things in their proper order. I always have these things in mind. Do you think of these things? I conclude every sermon with, "Amen." When we conclude the pledge we say, "To accomplish all this, all five sections, we will give our very life." With such a conclusion you are saying that you cherish this pledge more than anything else, so you will fight even with your life to overcome the forces of evil and bring about the promises of the pledge. You are saying that you don't want to die without making the one world of the heart. Without doing this, if we go to the spiritual world, we have to do everything all over again once we arrive there. I have wondered why no one has ever asked any questions about the pledge. No one has ever asked why there was such a specific sequence in the pledge and what it means. No one has ever asked me why I wrote the pledge in this way.

The way we bow and what we say in pledge all comes into one meaning. Whatever we do, we have to do with the feeling that we are practicing how to do it in the Kingdom of Heaven. That time when we give pledge, the beginning of a brand new day, without any contamination or interference, is the moment when we make a deep intimate relationship with Heaven. Here we contemplate where we are and what we are trying to accomplish for the sake of mankind and Heaven. We should have those moments and those few hours and realize how meaningful they are. If we don't feel that and just waste the time, it is truly a pity.

When we eat fresh fruit, we should think, "I shall appreciate it as if I were in the Kingdom of Heaven." We should eat the things of creation with this kind of deep heart. We should consider every act as practice for living in the Ideal World. Bowing is like that as well. You should do it naturally, with sincerity and no one should need to prompt you. You should know when it is appropriate for you to bow.

I am telling you all these things because I am thinking about how our meeting started this morning. The moment that Mr. Kim shouted out, "Bow!" I wondered, "Why does he have to shout it out? Why doesn't everyone just naturally feel like doing that?" I feel unnatural from that kind of thing and I feel that it is strange for you too. However, once you know the meaning and have the full explanation of how and why, it's all up to you. You can express your feelings from deep within, in this significant way.

The Relationship between East and West

The Western way of greeting each other is horizontal. It is a friendly shaking of the hands, a lateral movement. It is saying, You and I are equal, so let's get along together. But, the Oriental way has vertical relationships in mind. The vertical relationship is the first thing to come. You have to greet your superior first, and then care about your junior member. Both are necessary, but which comes first? The vertical relationship must be first established and then we can create a horizontal relationship.

In Western culture, there is even some pride to do away with all vertical relationships, but in reality this slows down real progress in relationships. Does this sound logical and reasonable to you? The way for human relationships to function smoothly is for the vertical to come first and the horizontal to come based upon the first. This shows the difference between Eastern and Western civilizations.

Western people are really looking for something new and they are looking to the East for new ideas. The East is not looking to the West for new ideas, but they are interested in finding out new ways of doing things. That is why they want to find out about technology and the more external customs of the West. In the Orient, people are tired of the old formal customs and narrow religious way of thinking. They are saying, "What do we get doing all of this?" They are interested in learning more practical ways of doing things. So, they come to America and study how to make things and build things and get things moving. This is actually very good. From the East can come a deeper way of thinking and from the West can come a good way of getting things done.

To you, such things may just be happening, but nothing "just happens." Once you know how the providence moves, you can see the reason behind everything. So, let's face it. Among Western men and Western women, the Western men don't prefer Western women, if they can help it. Men don't want to obey women and serve women, not if they can help it. If they don't have to do it, they don't want to do it. Something inside of them tells them, "I want to get away from here; this is meaningless."

The Oriental woman may not be so active. Their calm and serene nature seems to say a lot without any words. Once the Western man sees this, he is drawn to it. The Western woman is very talkative, whereas the Eastern woman doesn't speak so much. That's the general tendency, isn't it? However, the Oriental men sometimes think, 'Our women don't express anything. What are they here for?" The Oriental woman just seems to sit there and do nothing. So, the Oriental man thinks, "If I marry an American woman, life will be very exciting."

In the depth of her heart, even American women want someone to dominate them in the right way. Someone like me. I am not always a gentle person. I can be very tough, very demanding. I can push and push and never give you an inch. Sometimes you like that. Sometimes you say, "I wish I had a man that consistent." Contrary to the popular belief that women like only soft people just like themselves, the chances are that they really like someone who is strong. The idea that men only like people who are masculine like themselves is not at all accurate either. It is not so much that one is better than the other; that is not what I am saying now. It is that men and women are made for each other by being different from each other. It is like boy and girl twins, not exactly alike, but from the same parent. And not that different once you get to know them from the inside. If you draw the line and split something in half, you have two things that are identical. Well, in somewhat the same way, men and women are the same thing, but they are also different too, in order that they can experience becoming one. That's the beauty of it. Do you understand?

Preparation for Pledge

I wonder about couples who may fight the night before pledge service. They shouldn't come to pledge with that kind of thing between them. It's hypocritical. They should pay some indemnity and repent. They should apologize to each other. If they do that, if one says, I started the whole thing and I'm sorry," and the other replies, "Well, there was some fault in me too, they can then come and do pledge together. You don't want to come in front of Heaven with conflict in your hearts. The deep meaning of pledge is that it is the weekly, monthly and yearly opportunity to clear up your hearts.

So far, you have been doing pledge service in the early mornings and many times you say to yourself, 'I wish Father would abolish this tradition of getting up so early to do pledge." I know that every one of you has felt that way. Whoever has not felt this way raise your hands. Well, even I have felt that way sometimes; I am not always so excited to get up at 4:00 a.m. and then work a long day after that. But when we reflect upon ourselves, consider what we say in the pledge and compare where we are to that, we get better and better week by week. It takes time to perfect ourselves. We cannot just do it in a moment of magic. It takes many days, weeks, years, and we have to make consistent effort. To graduate from elementary school takes six years. If you are going to learn to go to Heaven can you do that overnight? You might look out and see a cloudy sky and say, "Oh, it might rain today, so I don't want to go to school; I don't want to go through that storm." Can you do that? Will you be excused? There were only a few days when you really wanted to go to school. There were mostly days when you were tired, or it was raining or snowing, or something else was going on, but you went to school every single day, didn't you? How about eating three meals a day. Don't you sometimes get tired of that? However, you do that three times a day, regardless of whatever goes on. What about going to the bathroom? If you hate to go to the bathroom because it isn't the nicest room in the place, do you refuse to go there when you really have to? Even though you may not want to use that room, you actually feel much better after you go there, don't you? Maybe you are really tired and don't even feel like doing it, but you feel much better afterwards and that is why you go ahead and do it.

When the pledge service comes, you have to shower or take a bath and clean yourself up. That is also the case spiritually. You have to think about what you did wrong the past week, and pray and get ready for the pledge service. Think about every part of your body. For example, if your hand did something wrong, pushed or struck someone, you have to really repent about that. You should repent if you thought badly towards others during the past week, month or year.

How good it is to have this time each week! You can truly clean yourself and prepare yourself. Then, for pledge you can bow down in the purest way. For at least a few moments, have a deep prayer before you bow down. The night before when you take a bath or shower, make it very significant. You are cleaning yourself, getting ready to face God again for pledge. Then, you can ask Heaven, "Since I am clean tonight, please stay close to me tonight and I will see you in the morning." You can even ask God to show you something good in your dreams that night. So, is pledge bad or good? You should change from now on. Don't be lenient or tired to do the pledge service. Instead, truly anticipate it and be joyful to do it. All year long, the very beginning of a brand new week is the very beginning of a brand new you. Think about yourself, your spouse, your children and if there is anything wrong in those relationships, clear it up. That is how serious pledge is. Feel to your bones the great privilege you have in doing pledge.

The Bible once warned us never to pledge, never to say an oath. That is because man did not have the condition to do so in front of God. But now, that foundation is laid and you can participate in the pledge. So, think about how great it is to come before God in this way. I am concerned that you have done pledge in a ritualistic way, that you didn't understand it, but have just done it like a habit. You should be very serious and solemn like the Jewish people when they go to the synagogue on the day of atonement, Yom Kippur. This ceremony is vitally important in order to build the Kingdom of Heaven in the family. Do you understand?

Understanding Oriental Culture

Now we know this important area. Since you are seminary graduates and will be leaders in this movement, you must be serious to educate your members in this regard. You have to educate them well. So, are some of you learning Korean now? Even though I am improving my English, I will not speak English to you. Especially if I meet you in Korea, I will not speak any English. You have to speak Korean if you want to communicate with me.

It's not impossible to learn another language. I believe that every one of the members ought to go to Korea for about two years. You should go to the rock bottom of society and move up through every level from there. Then, absolutely you would learn the language. I think that there isn't any one of you who doesn't want to do that. I feel that you will be ashamed if you go to spiritual world and cannot understand me when I am speaking. Do you think I am just saying this on a whim or is this really the way it is, especially in the spiritual world? So, by the year 2,000, which is only twenty years away, all of you should speak Korean. Up to now, there have been other things for you to do and I didn't emphasize it so much. From 1980 on we will concentrate more and more on points like this. We will even have a formal time to learn Korean. It's necessary. Don't you think so?

Some people say that the Korean language is difficult to learn, but that isn't so. It is logically composed. Your mind tends to think logically anyway. That is how you were made. The Korean language contains all the phonetic sounds. This is why, whenever Koreans learn another language, such as English, they learn it quickly and speak it very well. The Japanese can never learn English as well as the Koreans do. It is very difficult for them because Japanese is lacking in many sounds. When Koreans learn to speak Chinese and speak it well, the Chinese cannot even guess that these Koreans came from another country. It is the same when a Korean learns to speak Japanese very well. They can never guess that this person is originally Korean. The Korean language has that much spectrum of sound and pronunciation. Also, the adjectives in Korean are rich and varied, especially in religious terminology. There is much that is expressive of the internal realm, of heart and spirit. Korean is very close to the Principle in this way. Here, you might say, "slowly, but you have no way of saying, "slowly, slowly." Or you might say, "go fast," but you have no way of saying, "fast, fast." In Korean, you have words which can emphasize like this and can convey the idea that you have more clearly.

In Korea, they use a spoon and a pair of chopsticks. There is a strict rule in arranging your table in Korea, where the plate goes and the rice bowl and the tea cup. There is always a subject and object relationship for these placements. China brags about its being the oldest civilization and Japan brags about its own history, but they don't have many of the attributes that Korea has. I don't want you to look at China, Japan and Korea and think they are all the same. There is a world of difference between the cultures. I received a report about the book and the movie, "Shogun." You even pronounce it wrong. It is not "sho-gun," but rather "sho-guun." You see the "gun" and think of a gun and just say it like that, but it has no meaning when you say it like that. If you say, "sho-gun" it is like a gun show. I cannot help but relate it to that.

A shogun is a general, but a special kind of general. The shogun is the one who serves directly next to the emperor. Anyway, people are quite excited about this program. Fifty percent of the entire population watched that program. They thought they were learning about the Orient. However, I couldn't relate to it so much because there really wasn't a great deal there. You had only one or two interesting scenes, but you would need thousands of scenes before you even began to understand something about the Orient.

One interesting thing that I noticed was the ceremony of cutting your belly, which the Japanese call "seppuku." For them, that is the honorable way of paying indemnity. If you did not fulfill your responsibility, you would kill yourself rather than be fired. If you really meant business, then nothing came higher than that. You saw some scenes about that in the movie. In reality, in history that was a daily thing. In order to ease the pain, there was always someone there to cut cleanly through your neck so that you would end your life quickly and not suffer in agony. Who did that? The closest one to you, not your enemy. Your best friend or next of kin would be the one to cut off your head. There was that kind of honor put into one's task. There was such a seriousness linked to their life. Their life was always at stake. There is no similar concept at all in this country. Have you ever thought of doing such a thing if you failed to fulfill your responsibility? The Japanese have that sincerity and seriousness in the history of their Samurai. The Samurai was the warrior class and of course, the warrior was at his best during times of war.

Well, Japan is not at war, but they kept something of that Samurai spirit and that is why they have developed so quickly. In the economy of the world, they have achieved great things. They don't go about things in a lazy way. They really feel that their neck is at stake in their job. They still have some feeling that if they don't make their job a success, they will have to cut their own belly. The past few weeks, while watching this show, I have said to myself over and over, "Oh, that's one thing the American people will never understand. Not for a long time to come." However, if you really place yourself in a serious situation, it is not impossible to understand. Imagine that the closest one to you would cut off your head, and that it would take such love for him to do that. The whole thing expresses that it is more important to carry out an order than it is to care for one's life. The Japanese have that kind of background and feeling.

It says in the Bible that those who are willing to die will live. So, in the light of the dispensation, the Japanese will do the best because of that heritage. Once they understand about God's will, they will apply themselves towards their responsibility with that kind of intensity. You may find many faults in the Japanese, but that one point carries the Japanese over many obstacles, and they often go way beyond other nations. Should I continue or would you like to have breakfast now? Should we have breakfast, or should we not have breakfast? Breakfast is already cooked, but you don't seem to want it. Well, the ocean is close by and we can just dump it there. The fish would be very happy about that. You don't mind that? Sometimes you mind working, but you never mind eating. However, if you love your work as much and even more than you love eating, then your success is guaranteed. You will never fail by working and when it is finally so long between meals, your stomach will direct you.

What you heard this morning was not the primary talk today. After breakfast, there will be much more to say. However, this was for your daily life. You need it because it isn't just conceptual, but is really practical for your daily life. So, there is nothing to feel bad about. There is such a thing as a vertical way of greeting and a horizontal way of greeting. But, now that you know about the meaning of a vertical way of greeting, you have gained a lot.

I know about America, and probably more than most Americans know about themselves. I know a great deal about Western civilization. There are some very good points, such as getting things into action and bringing about results. Orientals have a lot to learn from you and we are going to adopt that. I know you can learn very quickly. I am encouraged even by the way you sit. When I first came here, you couldn't do that. But now, you can sit on the floor for hours without stretching your legs. When I came here I saw that Americans would put their legs up on the coffee table and watch television. Even the women did that. I am not yet accustomed to seeing that. You ought to know the Oriental customs since you are going to be people of the world. You have to be aware and sensitive to these points if you are ever going to visit or live there. Well, getting back to the Shogun program, in that show one of the actors talks about "six minds and three hearts." Such a saying really baffles the American person. You always expect an immediate reply to things and when it doesn't come you try to figure out what the Oriental person might be thinking. However, you Americans would never ever find out because they don't express it. This is one reason why, traditionally, the Chinese have been better diplomats than Westerners. The Western person expresses his mind immediately. You show what you have, whereas they never show what they have.

The Chinese may feel something inside, but goes all the way to the North Pole and does something completely different. There is no way of finding out why until a very long time later. If I spend three days with you, I will find out everything from you. On the other hand, the Oriental husband and wife may be married for years and still they take a long time to find out about each other. Even friends are like that.

There is a world of difference between the Oriental way of thinking and the Western way of expression. Even though you are Western people, you are about to set out into the world, and you have to care about how other people think and feel. So, I am sharing with you about the Eastern people, what they value and what they don't, what they think is bad manners and what is courtesy.

Korea is a small country. In the past, a large country could engulf a small country and there was nothing that could be done about it. It is just like a large fish swallowing up a small fish. There was simply nothing you could do about it. In this respect, Korea has been unique. It was small and could never win against an invasion. However, each time it reappeared. No one could completely engulf it -- not China, Russia, Japan, not anyone. They quickly adapted to every situation, but still remained intact as Korean people and kept their Korean culture. Koreans learn very quickly because they had to survive so many things. Also, they are righteous in some ways, and they never want to depend upon anyone else; they quickly become independent. They observed the American way of life and quickly picked up all the good points about it. They have a viewpoint of the world and a clear idea about life. So, they estimate a situation and quickly make up their minds about it. If you look at schools like Harvard, you will see more and more Koreans attending and graduating from such places. In history, the Jewish people have usually been the ones to forge ahead in this way. The Korean people also have such qualities, and you will see them making an impact in many areas now that they have begun to come out into the world.

If the Koreans and Japanese had developed their nations together, they would have had a great influence over all of Asia. However, it didn't work out that way. Everything would have been led by these two nations, but this didn't happen. I am looking to the future now, and waiting to see what the offspring of Korean-American couples will do. I expect some unique qualities to emerge in these children.

I am not just a Korean man; however, I did inherit the basic characteristics of Korean history and culture. One of those basic qualities is that once I decide something, I will never give up. I am entirely consistent in this way. Korea is a very small and weak nation, but they have survived conquest over and over again. Also, Korea is a very religious nation. Almost everything in life is related to the basic meaning and concept of religion. Almost every Korean has had some kind of experience with the spiritual world. Many of them have had spiritual healing, and they understand very clearly about the interaction between the spiritual world and the physical world. They understand about their ancestors, and they know or sense how good actions influence the spiritual world.

Unity Through the Matching and Blessing

Those Americans who are matched to Koreans will have a very interesting life. Especially their offspring will be quite unusual. It is almost like a whole new race. How many of you are matched? When would you like to be married? There are so many couples now waiting, and if I were to bless all of you at once, the President should come and give his congratulations. Is it like that now? Could such a thing happen?

I am considering the whole nation. That is why I cannot just move in a simple way; I cannot just do things so easily. If I am going to hold a wedding ceremony here in America, I will have to bring many people from all the different countries. Would the American people welcome them or not? Is there a possibility or danger that someone would want to place a bomb in the wedding hall? Have you ever stopped to think about that? If I am going to officiate at your wedding, then it must be a fantastic wedding. I am very concerned that everything should go well and have a peaceful conclusion. I am thinking of where to have this wedding, in Korea or Japan, England or America.

The plane fare is quite a bit for someone to fly back and forth, but am I thinking about that or am I thinking more deeply? For years and years I have been telling you that the qualifications for gaining the Blessing are that you must at least witness to three people and raise them up to God. You are also responsible to witness to eighty four people. Jesus struggled with twelve disciples and seventy-two elders. Because he couldn't bring these people into unity centered upon himself, he couldn't go forward and get the Blessing.

What is your ideal? Should you get married before you are successful in Home Church, or after you have gained success in Home Church? Have you all done Home Church now? Then, this means you will have to be blessed again before you go to the spiritual world. When the world comes to welcome you, I will have to bless you again, even though I have already blessed you. You have to receive the blessing from the church level, the national level and the world level. These three levels have to recognize you. When you come to think of that, a wedding ceremony is not that simple is it? Those who are married to Japanese members, raise your hands. Those American sisters who are matched to Japanese men, do you feel something quite different than if you had been matched to American men? You've got to study and come to understand the differences. These differences can become the advantage and merit of your relationship.

Even I did not dream that one day I would be involved with so many people in this way. Well, those who are not engaged, please raise your hands. Not so many of you. How do you feel about becoming engaged? Those who are engaged, if you feel unsatisfied with your spouse, and if you are thinking, "Of all people, why did Father match this one to me?" raise your hands. No one feels that way? Even in a minimum way? You will never know how you feel until you live together and have a child together. From among those of you who don't care so much for each other, may come the best children. What will you do then?

You may become the leader of a nation, or even beyond that a leader on the world-wide level. You have to go through that, and then you can assess your marriage. A typical example is President Kim, Young Whi Kim. When he was blessed he was troubled for more than three years. He wondered why I had given him such a wife. I said, "Just wait and you will come to understand." Then, after a few years, he came to respect and love his wife, and couldn't see how he could even carry on without her. So now, he is a woman worshiper. However, can a man become a woman worshiper when the woman is bad? If I am an expert in any area, I am at least an expert in studying about man and God. I have really researched about God's mind and man's mind Actually, you don't have to say anything to me. When I see you I understand immediately how you feel towards your match. I can accurately foretell the spiritual outcome of a couple. When I match you, I don't match you on the same level that you are. Instead, my mind is looking down upon you from the very highest viewpoint.

My reputation for matchmaking is already very high in Korea. There is a Korean philosophy about matchmaking, which is a very consistent philosophy or system of study that has existed for a very long time. There are many matchmakers in Korea who have studied this art and have made many matches in their lifetime. Many times, members have gone to them and have shown them their match and they were very shocked by how good it was. These matchmakers admitted they could not have done any better.

There is a way in which you were born and I can understand about that. My matchmaking abilities didn't come late in life, but from very early on, people recognized my abilities. When I was very young I would see a couple and tell right away if it was a good couple or not. Soon, people started to come to me and show me pictures and ask me if it was a good match or not. For years and years I studied and practiced in this area of life. So far as matching goes, not just in numbers, but in quality, I am the champion of the whole world. So, if you are ever going to get matched or married, how are you going to do it? If you really know the value of it, and if the price is $100,000, what are you going to do? Would you say, "Well, I don't have that kind of money, so I'll just settle for something less than that."? No, you would go out and do anything to earn that money. You cannot judge your match so quickly. If you really understood the value of it, you would wait, and after three generations here on earth, you would begin to see. When you go to the spiritual world, you will know even more clearly. However, if you know something more than me, and if you do things better than me, you can come to me and complain. Some of you got someone you would never have even dreamed about. If there was such a person that would be the last one you would ever marry, that would be this person. Then I matched you to that kind of person. However, that couple is often the very best kind.

The quality of people is different. One is going on an upward curve and the other is going down. Someone may be at the very top of their own prosperity and they are going in a downward curve. Another person may be just starting to go up. This is just the natural way of life. You have to have the right kind of harmony. If one moves faster than the other, a spouse may be left behind and die. Marriage is a very important thing. No one knows this more than I do. It can lengthen someone's life or cut it short. What could be more serious than that?

The most important event in one's life is taking a spouse, getting married. In America, this most serious thing is taken in a foolish way. Some people meet each other and in the same day they are married. Some people don't even bother about marriage, but just freely come together and then never see each other again. This kind of thing produces a deep scar each time. I am so serious, however, and once you agree to a matching, you have to stay with it and make it successful. Do you feel that your match is a good match? If you truly feel that, then I am grateful. But please understand, even if you feel that way now, it doesn't always stay that way. Those of you who don't feel so good about your match, it will be quite different in a few years and you will feel very good about it.

Don't think, "Well, everybody is getting married and I am just one of them." That isn't so. The quality of your marriage is very different. Look at the ocean. There are many depths and colors in the ocean. Your marriages are like that. Each one is very unique. You have to feel that mystical quality towards your marriage. Think about how a man and woman who were once strangers now come to live together, and come to know each other as no one else. It is a very deep thing if you think about it. A very mysterious thing if you really stop to consider it.

So, all you men, do you need a woman? And you women, do you need a man? Some people choose the gay movement. The women live with the women and the men go and live with each other. They think they can live without marriage, but is this possible? Does life go on in this way? The basic structure of man and woman is a perfect match. It is as basic as the electrical system. To make a connection, there is an outlet and a plug. This seems simple, but many people are even confused about this basic point. All of creation is made in this way. It is a simple law of creation.

The Making of a Champion

Let us begin. What is it that you need now, and what is it that you need most? Do you need men or money? Which is more needed? Men or money? [Men] Yes, we need manpower. Well, can any man do the job? There are all sorts of men. There are those who can teach, those who are technically skilled or those who sail the seas. There are all kinds of men. Which one is needed? You like the idea of being a sailor, but there are all kinds of sailors.

I didn't send you to the seminary to become sailors. My purpose wasn't to make sailors out of you. What I would like, what anyone would like in the church, is someone who is spiritually oriented and can be of service to other people, especially in a religious or spiritual way. That person would be able to function normally and correctly in every position that he is given. We need a person representing the spiritual world who is willing to work in a principled way on the earth.

Who is that person? He is the one who is willing and capable to draw out the people involved in the Satanic world and bring them to a Godly way of life. We need a champion who can do that. It takes a champion to make a champion out of someone else. For example, you know about the gymnasiums where there is a coach or trainer and young men come to train under him. After thoroughly training them, the coach sends them out to a contest. When they win the match or the title, they can bring the trophy back to the gym. The champion in the gym is always practicing, always fighting. In this way, he refines himself.

If he doesn't have men to train, he has to recruit them. Who will recruit them? The champion has to do that. Is there an administrator who will do that for him? No. This means that you have to become the champion before you can hope to bring in and make champions out of others. You have to have a gym and you have to have enough technique to be able to train people regularly. You have to have that capability before you can assemble people and do something with them.

If you are constantly training others, you have to be able to look at them eye to eye and be able to fight. If that person doesn't look directly into your eyes, you have to remind them to look straight up and keep their eyes focused. You have to show them how to use their hands and feet in exactly the right way. Sometimes you have to hit them and show them exactly how it has to be done. The champion is constantly showing others how to do each thing. He will never leave them alone, not for any single detail.

How many people have you trained like this? If you say that we need men more than we need money, you have to raise up those men. No one is going to bring you your men and say, "Here they are; they are already trained and you can use them." No one is going to do that for you. You will have to train them. However, before you can train anyone else, you have to be able to do every point by yourself. You have to pursue every detail by yourself. It is a desperate situation for you. If you need someone, you have to be clear. Don't just get anyone, but find the right person and then say, "Okay. I need him; I need that person."

Then, you have to try your best for that person. You think about him, pray about him and do everything to bring him. That means you have to visit him and you have to work hard with him. The people surrounding him will oppose you, but you have to go again and again. You have to be persistent and determined to bring that person and nothing else will do.

Have you ever heard about one sided love? You call it unrequited love. Once you have made up your mind, it doesn't matter what someone else thinks about you. What matters is what you think about them. You just go to serve that person, and if they oppose you, mistreat you, even knock you flat and make you bleed, still you will not give up. Instead, you will become excited by that and even more fervent to serve that person. By the time you do that, there is no such thing as a limit. That person will think, "Who am I to get this kind of attention from someone?"

When you are around many people, look and investigate who is the best one there. Determine who is the best man or woman that you want to bring over to God's side. Once you make up your mind, determine that you will never let go. Keep on working and praying until you win over that person's heart Then, when you get to know him or her, express what you feel. Tell him how this nation is declining and how you are longing to meet someone who wants to stop that trend and turn this nation around. If he agrees with you, you can ask him to work with you.

You don't have to begin from the very first moment to talk about Divine Principle. He may not be interested in that right away. For example, if someone is good at fighting and takes pride in it, and you are a bit of a muscle man yourself, go to him and ask him to teach you a few things. Then, you can learn some points from him. If you have interest in something and that person has some skill in that area, you can approach him in this way. You can first learn from others.

When your relationship matures and you become more trusting of each other, you can say to him, "Well, so much for the muscle. In order to use the muscle right, you have to be able to use your head and be smart. Don't you notice that you don't always do with your body what your mind knows you should do?" Give your opinion of how you have to fight and why. You can explain about the Principle even in such a conversation. One thing you should never do is limit yourself. Don't ever say things like, "Oh, I can't sing. That's the last thing I'd ever do." There is no such thing as the "last thing" you can do. You should try anything and everything.

It's awkward in the beginning. Go to the extreme and try the things you cannot do. Do something that no one is expecting. Then, people will really begin to notice you and listen to you. I studied this for a long time and I practiced it. I have some limitations, but I learned to go beyond them, and you should be able to go beyond your limitations as well. What is my limitation? I am the leader of the Unification Church. I cannot do many things, even though I know how to do them. I am an expert in so many things, but I cannot always do them.

It's very simple. For you to become a champion in the ring, you have to train yourself. On what? On various techniques, not just one thing. There are hundreds of ways. There are ways to move your head and your hands, so that when your head goes down, your fist goes up. If you are serious and you have to fight, if you have to, you can do it. You can use your head, your hand/ your hip. If you are a serious fighter and if you are in danger, you have to use such things. Are you a champion, or are you an on looker? If you are a champion, what kind of champion are you? The one who is more interested than anyone else and the one who learns more moves than anyone else is the one who is going to be the best fighter. That is how a champion is made. You have to fully invest all your mind and your body.

There are all kinds of things that bring people together: hiking, jogging, music, whatever. I want you to be an interesting person to be with. Don't be like a piece of carved stone or a piece of wood, expressionless and motionless. You have to be interested in all kinds of things and get excited easily. Then, you can get along with people very quickly. That is one thing that I am. I am really filled with fun. It is exciting to be with me. One thing I will never do is bore you.

If I am hiking up the mountain, I go faster than anyone else. If you go out onto the field with me, I will run and jump more than anyone else. I am curious about everything, I am filled with enthusiasm to learn anything. When you want to become friends with someone, you have to be active in the same field. If you have nothing better to do with yourself, just go out and pick a fight with someone. That's far better than sitting and doing nothing in your home. At least you are doing something and can learn from it.

You are bound to get hit once in a while. Otherwise, you will never understand about life. Getting hit by another person is not that terrible. When you are hit, then you know what that feels like. It makes you think, and you have to be a fast thinker in this life. When you come into a situation, you have to be able to think fast and do something immediately. That's a champion. A champion has to be very active in any situation and decide things very quickly. He has to know whether to advance or retreat and then do it.

I am beyond sixty years of age, but when I talk about something and get excited, no one thinks I am that old. I am like a twenty year old and that's very attractive. You have to become a champion. If you are going to be gentle, you have to be rough first and then gentle. Experience the whole range of life. So, you need manpower don't you? What kind of people do you need? Perhaps God is worried about you. He is thinking, "If you go out and witness, you will just bring in the same kind of person that you are." Perhaps God is trying to protect that person from falling into your hands, because he doesn't want another person who will just sit around and do nothing. You have graduated from the seminary and you have a Masters diploma. What if someone comes and yells at you, but you don't yell back. You just sit there and take it. If you are going to go out on the ocean, you should know what happens all summer long. The fishermen bicker all the time. There are tense moments when lines get crossed up and boats get in each other's way. Then, you really have to shout and use very strong language. In that situation, there is nothing wrong with shouting because you have to protect your rights.

I am the first to shout out when something goes wrong. If they yell back at me, I just shout again in an even louder voice. They have to listen because I am right. Other members of the New Hope, such as Daikon, don't raise their voices so much. However, in some situations, it's far better to raise your voice and defend what is right. In the mountains you have a big voice and the mountain will at least echo, but some men don't even do what mountains do; they just sit there dumb. Mountains are natural. A man should be natural too. Even the rock responds to strength with strength. Aren't you better than rock and timber? I once had an experience that made me stay awake all night. I couldn't even wait for the sun to come up, and as soon as it did, I went to that person's house and kicked open the door. Then I said, "We have to discuss this problem right now." Well, I don't do this as my profession. However, when something bothers me and I know I am right, I cannot help but do something about it. Sometimes I feel sad about being a religious leader. I am an aggressive person, but I have to be patient for the sake of God. However, sometimes, I even ask myself, "Why did I have to become a religious leader?"

To me, it's a mystery how anyone can just sit and sit, eating three meals a day for 365 days of the year and not do anything. It just makes me wonder, "What kind of man, or woman is he, or she?" Yet, whenever I call them, they have no trouble getting here. I wonder how they can respond so quickly to coming to a meeting, but don't go out and reach out to other people with the same kind of enthusiasm?

Winning the Respect and Friendship of Others

So then, what do you need? Men or money? You need men. Is there anyone who thinks, "Well, I won't do so much. I'll just sit tight and then I'll just wish for the children to be born." Do you ever think like that? You should first consider that you have to go out and find your spouse. Then, you have to go through the pains of labor which are almost beyond comprehension. And then, afterwards, the baby will often cry and you will be exhausted. Just think, you are trying to embrace the world. It is like trying to engulf a huge fish in just one swallow. Will that fish stay in your stomach? Do you have the power to digest it? First, you have to have determination. Then, you have to try and try. If you are trying to catch people, you have to invest all of yourself. Take that person out for lunch, then dinner, then again another day. Day after day, take care of him like that. Just go ahead and do that. Make friends.

If you run out of money, you can show your friends how to fund raise. They will be impressed that in thirty minutes you can make enough money to eat dinner and see the movies. Don't be limited by anything. Be able to do almost anything at any time. That's the secret to real life. If there is a man and a woman, and the man says to the woman, "Stay right here; I'll raise enough money for us to have lunch." And then indeed, if he goes out and gets the money in ten minutes, the woman will be truly impressed by this.

You might be trying to get that money for lunch and see another gentleman standing on the street. You can talk to him in the following way, even though he might wonder about you at first. You just smile and say, "Were you ever in love?" He will look at you and remember one time when he was. Then you can ask him, "What would you have done if you had to take her to lunch and you didn't have any money?" If he understands your situation in this way, he would gladly give you the money. I know one thing: if I was approached by an enterprising young man such as that, I would gladly give him a 100 dollar bill. The woman would be so impressed with him. If the woman is critical about all of this, then she doesn't deserve the young man. He should let her go and immediately find someone else.

There are ways to do things. Many ways. You have to be able to put up a show instantly without any planning. You can go up to a complete stranger and if you are sincere, you can say, "Oh, you are just like my sister. You really make me feel like my sister made me feel at home." If you are truly sincere, she will feel natural and she won't refuse to listen to you. You have to think always that you are in a drama. You are an actor at that moment. If you have an important enough reason, there is nothing that you cannot do.

If you have a noble idea, you can do almost anything. Your idea will guide your actions. There is almost nothing that I don't know about in the different ways of the world. I don't show it so much, but I know about hundreds and hundreds of things. If you are good at singing, you can sing out in the middle of the town. If you are good, eventually someone will be interested in you. He will come out and listen to you, because secretly he always wanted to do the same thing, but could never do it by himself. Then, he will start singing with you.

After a while he will feel close to you and ask you where you live. You can say where you are staying, but don't ask him anything. Then, he will ask you, "Why don't you stop by my house on your way home?" Well, that's what you wanted him to say to begin with, so you accept his invitation. If you linger three or four hours, it becomes dinner time. Why should you stop? That's how you can make friendships with people.

What upsets me is that you are a perfectly capable group of young people. Life is more than sitting around like a stone wall. You joke with your best friends, but I'm now telling you to extend that joke to a complete stranger. You joke all the time with close friends, however; if you want many people to work with you then you have to extend yourself and make new close friends. If you want to see the mayor, you don't have to make an appointment all the time. Just wait in the town hall for two or three days and stop him when he comes out. One day you can just walk in and say, "Are you the mayor? You aren't any better than me; you aren't any more handsome than me." You can tell him that you are more intelligent than he is. He will be offended and ask you, "What do you know that I don't know?" Then you can ask a fast question, "Did you ever see God? I can arrange that. You can see God." Or, you can bring some caramel and candy and offer him some. If he refuses you, then even in America, that is impolite. So you can say, "You aren't a quality mayor." If he is older, you can ask him, "How do you know that I won't be your son-in-law someday?" That might get his attention. After all, you never know what the future might have in store for you or him, so you can say that. If he treats you as if you are insane, you can tell him that you are offended.

I know how to make good friends with congressmen and senators. Don't do it in the normal way that everybody else does. Don't fall into the expected categories that everyone else does. Just go and kick the door in and say, "I want to see you!" He will be surprised and come out to investigate about you. Then you tell him why you came and why you want to talk with him. You have an important and urgent message. If the secretary gets in the way, just yell over her protests. You have to make a close relationship in the minimum amount of time.

There was one instance when I kept visiting someone, and that person said over and over that he didn't like me. I just kept on going until he changed his mind and began to like me. How many times do you think that I visited that man? I visited him for one year and six months. I went again and again. Finally the whole household came to the point where they were waiting and hoping for my visits.

If you need champions, then why aren't you going out to get them? If I was a state leader I would go around the entire state in one week. You have to be constantly on the move. You have to always be like that before you can expect anything. You have to be on your feet all the time. Go out and visit and invite others to visit you. That has to be going on all the time.

Have you ever been out street witnessing? Do you know what kind of face you have out on the street? Do you know what you look like? You have to know about yourself. You have to know if your face or your character will interest others. If you just sit still, people will think you are half asleep. You have to study how to make your eyes move so that people will know you are alert. Your eyes have to scan quickly, and gestures will help. Don't sit still; your body should be moving along with your eyes. That is one of the basic things you can do to improve your appearance.

If you do that, people will think you are exciting. When I was a teenager I used a friend as a platform and gave an impromptu speech. Some friends went along with me, knowing what I was going to do. They liked me because of that. After I had finished speaking, another one said, "You want to do another speech? You want to climb up on me?" They didn't mind. If you really do things naturally, it's okay.

If you are the state leader and you find some nice woman, you can even stand on her back. She won't mind, as long as you feel very sincere and are natural about it. Surely, people will stop and listen to your speech. Someone might come up and protest to you about abusing women, and you can say, "Do you think you can do the same thing that I am doing? Then, try it. And if you can, what is your protest about?" When you really need some attention quickly, you should be able to do things like that. I have all kinds of friends. Wherever I went I had friends. In fact, there were too many friends and they insisted upon following me, but I was too busy to be friends with everyone. That is how I spent my days. That is why I know that no matter what, there is nothing you cannot do in order to get God's will done. Make your own story, make your own novel, then act it out. Become the hero of the novel. Follow your script and live out the drama in real action. Think that life is that. Figure out the course of action, how you will do something, how others will respond and then how you will move after that. Plan it and do it. I have that spirit and that is how I could come to America and visit some of the top officials and offices. I just walked in and that's how it went.

Try to imagine what I have to do. If I go to Africa, I won't be quiet, and that's not bad. I will stir things up and something nice will happen in that country when I go. How about you? How many stores would you want to manage someday? If you want to manage 100 stores, you have to raise that many people to at least run the stores while you manage the whole operation. Our members now operate many businesses. If I myself were to run each business, I know I could make it successful. There is no way that it would fail. I can understand how, in the very beginning, a member who has no experience in doing business before and is learning as he goes along, is bound to lose some money. That's understandable. For the first few years that's how it goes, but you should learn quickly and then you can begin to be successful.

If I were the lecturer, do you think people would come? Do you think I could persuade them and move their hearts? You might say to yourself, "Father, that's a good idea. Why don't you do that?" Why can't I do that? You know why. You know whose responsibility it is to do these things. I have already done all these things myself a long time ago. I am teaching you again, but I have already taught you how to accomplish in these areas. You must teach others. You know whose responsibility it is to hold banquets and visit the people day in and day out. You go ahead and do these things with all your heart. Go fervently to the homes and take care of the people. Then, their hearts will be moved by you. I cannot understand how the state leader can stay in his room the whole live long day. Even the sisters who are graduating from the seminary, don't sit and wait for people to invite you. Just get up and go out. Invite yourself in with poise and charm.

You have to go after the people. Don't go after the small ones all the time. You have to grab onto the big guys in order to advance quickly. Do you want to become famous? Can you just sit tight? You'll never become famous if you just live like other people do. You have to live differently and become greater than others. You have to do more things and make more effort than anyone else.

Are you the champion of the Unification Church, or are you a member of the Unification Church? There is no champion that doesn't use all his limbs, hands, arms, legs and feet. I am waiting and hoping that you will change. You have graduated from the seminary and I am really wondering when you will change. How many more years will it take for you to become different from what you have always been? When are you going to be different? It's a very serious question. If you are not going to do something first and yet expect to be put in a high position, you are just a swindler.

Creating the Foundation for Success

Did you hear that New Hope won first prize in a tuna tournament this summer? Well, what do you think? Did I win that prize by sitting here in Morning Garden and doing nothing? No. I went out every morning even before the sun came up. And then, did I just hold the lines all day knowing that the tuna had to bite? Is that how I got more tunas than anyone else and won the first prize? No. It never happens that way. One thing that no one said this year was, "How come the New Hope won first prize this season?" There wasn't a single soul who had that question. Everyone knew why the New Hope got first prize and when I got it, no one complained about

I went out so seriously every day for several years already. I developed a new technique for the hand line method and tested it over and over again. I proved it worked and there is no doubt that this method is really the best. So, I can now tell others to do the same. Those who follow the instructions precisely have caught more fish than anyone else.

People all around have become definitely impressed. They all thought that some miracle was going on. At any rate, many people came and asked questions and looked around. They know that I have gained real expertise in this area. They really want to find out about my method and some try to spy on the boats and find out what is going on. By now, if I were to announce a tuna seminar, I know that there are so many people interested in my method that they would certainly come and listen to me.

I have about ten hours of lecture contents. I can lecture at least ten hours about tuna fishing. Would you like to hear this lecture now? There is no question that I have the contents and the ability to give such a lecture, but I don't have time, so I won't give it today. Are you disappointed? If the tuna had ears to listen, they would be very interested in listening to my seminar. There is nothing that I didn't do. I did what all the fishermen did and then I went several steps beyond. If I didn't do something, it was something that wouldn't get the job done, so I naturally wouldn't do it. However, anything that would work, anything that would get the job done, I tried. I have the confidence to say that there is nothing I haven't done or tried. Many professionals come and they don't just catch two, three or four fish. It doesn't just happen like that. But here, we have people who never fished before and they come and get five, six, seven tuna. The one without experience used to try and if he caught one during the whole season, he was very lucky. I certainly understand all about that.

When I first started fishing, I went for weeks without catching one tuna and there were more tuna around then. Many professionals were catching fish around me. In the midst of them, I lost fifteen tuna in a row. That was the way I started. It wasn't easy in the beginning, but once I found the pattern, I caught fish over and over again. And now that I am teaching you, you can catch a fish without any experience at all. Five years ago, tuna was only five cents per pound. We have been working to gradually raise the tuna price. We aren't gaining money by doing that. Not yet. So far, we are even losing money. This year the price went up to $2.50. This means if you catch a large fish, you can make close to two thousand dollars. You should have seen how many boats came out this year. Hundreds of boats came out. Next year, we hope the price goes up to at least $3.50. This means one fish can make more than three thousand dollars. Can you imagine how many boats will come just to try it out? If you catch one fish, that's enough money for fifteen cows. So, on one line there are fifteen cows. That's some kind of fishing.

I have a real hope that someday a woman will catch a fish by herself - - a solo effort. For now, at least in pairs, the women can catch tuna. I am truly looking forward to seeing women come out and fish amongst the men. So, you women, you aren't interested in this because you are women? "No!" Okay, I am going to assign a boat for the women too.

If you catch three fish, that is almost ten thousand dollars. This could cover one family's food expenses for an entire year. How many boats do you think will come out and compete for that kind of money? Who will prosper the most? The towns like Gloucester. There is the same number of fish lo be caught, but there will be ten times the amount of boats coming out to fish. And those fishermen will spend money in the small, local town. The higher price is for their benefit as well.

We caught 165 fish this year. Isn't that incredible? That's a lot of fish. That's an increase of 150% from last year. Last year we caught 64 tuna and that was a lot of fish then, but this year we caught 100 more fish than that. Next year we can catch 500 or 600 tuna and that's only one-third of the quota. Imagine if we ever did that! Imagine if we ever caught one-half the quota! And yet, we can do that someday. I am sure of it.

Investing Yourself to Gain the Result

When I used to hunt in the mountains, there was quite some stir over that. I was more successful than anyone else. I had never used a gun before, so I first practiced with clay targets. I quickly got up to shooting eighteen out of twenty-five targets, which is pretty good. I have a very quick reflex. Well, the first time I went hunting, I took Colonel Pak with me. Colonel Pak served a long time in the Korean army where he was a rifle instructor for several years. However, I more than doubled his result. Do you think that I'm a capable person? If you are really following me, you should be like me. You have to at least mimic me. You have to show some sign of who you are. Let me ask you again, are you a champion yourself, or are you considering yourself a candidate to become a champion? You definitely need men don't you? Well, if you just sit tight, do you expect them to come to you? What should you do?

Pretend you are dying and when someone walks by you they will take sympathy on you. You have to start something and motivate something to happen. What do you smell with your nose, what do you hear with your ears, what do you touch with your hands? What do you do anyway? You have to smell for the sake of mankind, hear for the sake of mankind and touch for the sake of mankind.

Have you ever looked at a spider web? I am fascinated by the spider web, especially the king spider. Usually you think there is no spider in the web, that it's a dead web. However, if you throw something in there and it gets caught in the web, very soon the spider will come out. It never fails that the spider comes out. Well, do you have your spider web? If something gets entangled, do you come out to see what it is? Do you have such a sense about things? If you don't, it means you are not even up to the spider level. Whenever the spider moves to a new place it immediately starts making its web, its network.

The spider has to make his web precisely. He has to push himself from interval to interval just right, and in this way, the thread is connected to make the web. He does this thousands of times; he is completely an expert at it. He doesn't have to think about it. If you don't believe it, go to the spider web and see how he works. I tested it many times. I tossed in some flies or bugs and watched. The first thing the spider did was to wrap the bug up in the web. Before he examines it, the spider does that. Then, he takes a good look at it and starts to eat it. You should do things exactly the same way. Make a web and if something touches it, go out and catch it first. Then, look at it and see what you've got. Once it is in the web, don't take off for lunch or go to sleep. For example, if someone comes to listen to you, don't say, "Well, it's already twelve o'clock; let's go to bed and talk about it tomorrow." No, you have to stay up the entire night and talk to him. When he understands what you are conveying, you can give yourself a brief break, but go right on until he becomes your member.

Don't you see? If you don't even have the thinking of a spider, what can you become? So, you need manpower and what else? You need money. Well, if you have manpower, you will also have money. If you have money first, it does not mean that men will always follow you. However, if you have people first, then the money will surely follow.

If you decided to act now, which method would you take? Would you follow Tiger Park's method or Dr. Durst's? Why do you say Tiger Park? You are Americans. Now I am really curious. I coached Tiger Park closely and he has developed a fighting, championship spirit. Those who are not in CARP please raise your hands? Are you interested in CARP even though you are not members? Then, why don't you join CARP from now on? Maybe I will disguise myself and go around to the campuses and see what is going on directly. Don't make a scene if you recognize me. Just go on. Would you like to see me come to the campus in this way? If I appear like that, you will never notice me.

A New Beginning

Today is the first of October. October is the month of success. In this month, your fortune will open up to you, whatever you have sown for the year. From this first day of October, will you go forth and give all your effort? Would you like to go to the campus and work with CARP, or would you like to do what no one else is doing right now? Well, you've got to do something before you get old and die. Today may be a good day to start.

Years ago, we didn't have the science conference. No one was ready to do that, but I pushed them to go ahead and do it. If we hadn't done that, where would we be today? There would be no understanding from the scholar's world toward us. It would be downright miserable; no one would recognize or understand anything about what we have. But now, many people have been able to study and understand something of the message we have. It made quite some news that Unification members were educating the highest scholars in Western society. When people started to see that, it made them wonder about us. It was like lightning striking down into the culture.

The science conference is not attended by members; they are just staff members and coordinators. It is attended by the scholars in the different sciences. Through this they are all becoming educated about us. It is causing a chain reaction. In Germany there were only fifteen positions that could be opened for the conference, but over four hundred scholars applied to come. There are many more scholars who don't even know about the conference. When they find out, then thousands will be trying to come. However, the young professors won't even try to come. Only the famous ones, only the ones with experience, expertise and recognition in their field will be allowed to come.

What would happen if I stopped the science conference from now? Would you continue on with it? Who will do that? Last year the budget for the conference alone was 1.3 million dollars. Is that a small amount of money or a lot? If I bought lunch for seminary graduates with that kind of money, you would have lobster lunches all year long and still have plenty of money left over. Why don't I do that for you instead of spending all that amount in just one meeting? Is it more worthwhile to have the science conference than feed you lunch? If you just need money all the time, what do you expect to gain? You have to come to the place where you can give more money than you need to receive; everything increases from there.

The structure has now been made. We can bring all Europe into unity. It is taking visible shape. We are preparing the road, bringing all these scholars together. Technology and science can be guided by a deeper understanding of their purpose. I want to show the way in the technological areas, such as in Germany. I have already made good relationships with people in Germany who have a substantial role to play, particularly in the area of machine making. The standard has yet to be set and I want to pioneer that standard for the next century. I want to uplift technological standards in the East and go past the standard already set by Germany. In this way, Korea can go beyond the standards set by Japan. Why? So that Korea can better serve all of Asia and then the world. You cannot do anything for others if you are below or equal to their standard. You have to have something very great, something of the best quality to offer.

I have worked very hard in Europe for three years already. I have brought all the members together, centering in London and they are working together as if they came from one country, one nation. That is the way it should be. I performed a matching in Europe with all the European members. When you look at them, you can never tell which one is French or which is Italian or German. There really isn't that great of a distinction.

I was amazed after I matched them, because 90% of them were international matchings. I didn't plan it that way. I was just trying to put together the best match for each person, but almost all of them were from different nations. It was almost a completely international matching. The European Economic Market (EEC) has an ideal, but they have three big obstacles: the different languages; the boundaries between different nations; and the reluctance of people to marry between the different cultures. People are usually bound to marry someone from their own race or culture. However, through marriage, all these barriers break down. Let's face it. As long as these barriers exist, the EEC is only a nice dream. It will never work in a substantial way; there will always be friction and tension somewhere. They have no idea how to make their ideal come about. However, Reverend Moon, through matching and marriage, and teaching members how to live in a selfless way, can show them how to fulfill even more than their ideal. Now, the biggest headache that the EEC has is Japanese technology. The Japanese learned everything from them, copied it and then digested it, which means they improved it. Now the Japanese are ahead of the Europeans. This is what bothers the European nations. I want to make it so that the Europeans are competitive again with the Japanese. I have approached several people in Germany and they are all for the idea. I thought of this more than fifteen years ago. I already understood this problem and prepared for it. Now, it's incredible because no one thought the world would be like this, but I already predicted it years earlier.

Then, we can build the best machine making factory in Germany. How? Already members from Europe are working in Japanese factories. They are learning everything there. Then, in Germany we can hire people from all the different countries that really need the work. This is part of the EEC plan, so we will cooperate with that. You have to understand this world. You have to go into the world so that you can really turn it around. Always think very far ahead and on a very large scale. People don't really think like this so much. My plan in Europe will leave many of them scratching their heads. I have already begun with a prototype factory right here in America.

I thought of how to recycle automobiles. Once you have the machine making technology, you can buy old automobiles such as a Mercedes and fix it up completely new. Many people would want to buy such a quality automobile. In this country, there is so much wealth that it is a virtue to spend a lot of money, but it isn't a virtue to keep automobiles for years and years, even the very good ones. There is no need for this waste and the common philosophy of the people about buying and using things is changing.

We can overhaul the engine and completely recondition it. There is a good way to do it quickly and I have thought about it seriously. Now, they have to fix broken engines cylinder by cylinder, but there is a way to recondition the engine every 100,000 miles. In this way, the engine can last indefinitely. The engine is just a huge block of steel. There is no reason not to be able to fix it and make it run even better than new. If you have the technology to do it, it's no problem. We could recondition more engines than Ford produces in one year. However, the price will only be one-half to one-third of a new one. This is not just thinking. We are just on the verge of making such an enterprise come about. If you need a small engine for a fishing boat, you don't need to go out and buy a new one. There are so many broken engines that are easy to get. We can fix those engines, put them in the boat and there you have an inboard motor. The cost is almost nothing. Some engines are almost given away. What will they do with an engine without the body of a car? They will sell them for almost nothing.

We can remake those engines and they can run a boat the same as if a new engine were on it. We can send those kinds of boats and engines to Africa by the dozens. Some of the African countries don't even have one boat in their entire nation, and yet, the opportunities in fishing are vast. Can you now understand why I would think of machine making factories? Everything has a connection to the whole world. You have to have a mind like that.

Do you have the capability to implement these plans and run these operations? What will pave the way? The science conference will do that. They understand the problems such as in the EEC and in the American economy. They can make the plans and influence the politicians in order to make things happen. The whole basic outlook towards science has to be restructured. There has to be a whole new understanding of values and the application of science. There has been a long term misunderstanding about these things.

The Time to Begin is Now

Four years ago, we bought fourteen acres of land right next to this house. We are one of the biggest landowners around here. Maybe that is why they are so excited. There is nothing wrong with what we are doing. We are going to make a marine college here and it's about time. The United States has needed one for a long time. They have nothing to say. Wait and see.

My mind is full of all the things that I have to take care of. Can you unload my mind? There is no boat that we cannot build. Steel boat? We have already done that. Wood boat? We have already done that. Fiberglass boat? We have already done that too. You name it, give us a few months and we will come up with it. The more factories that we start, the more people we need to run them. You are the ones who ought to do that. You have to start thinking like this. Make a plan and implement it; buy the factory, pay the people, make the thing work, bring the standard up beyond anything else around. I know it takes a long time. It's impractical for you to start out just like that. However, you won't sink. All you need to do is raise up the people around you. You don't have to find a genius to help you. Just find good people.

I have made all the foundations already. The foundation for you is already prepared. You don't have to bring the people in by the millions, but surely you can bring them in by the hundreds. After a few years, you can find the way to do that. If you aren't motivated, if you still have something which is holding you back and you don't move, should we then give up all these plans? Should we come down to the beginning level and witness like we did twenty years ago? Should I go back out and begin again myself?

Then, who will bring the people? One thing you cannot worry about now is your family. I am not denying you anything. Just think with me for a moment. If you are Blessed, within one year after you begin family living, many of you will have a baby. Within three years, many of you will have two babies. Within five years, many of you will have three babies. Many families will consist of five people: mother, father and two or three children. How are you going to feed them?

Don't you see? Don't you really see that you have to get on your feet now and start running? Don't worry about the whole national foundation, just do your part. You should start running in these next three to five years. At the same time, I will do my portion of work. If you bring more people, you will set the foundation, not only for your own family, but also for many, many families in the future. You have to see that.

If you have one or two babies, you can get along without too many changes, but after three babies, you really have to stop and consider things. You have to pay so many expenses, medical and otherwise. It just takes a lot to raise children; you have to support them. If your head has become so big because you have graduated from seminary, you won't go and dig a ditch, you won't do the humble job, then you might find yourself in an awkward situation.

Well then, shouldn't I chase you out? Shouldn't I say, "This is your area. You have to live or die with it."? Shouldn't I just push you and make you stick to it, even though you are in your early thirties? It's a good age. In ten years, more and more young people will come into the church and they will ask you what you did. How can you say, "Well, I graduated from UTS, but it was all too heavy for me, so I lingered behind the providence."? Can you say that?

My mind feels urgent. The more you linger, the more heavy you will become and finally you will not be able to move at all. Start moving now in the lowest place and don't be bothered by it. You will rise up quickly. Can you understand my feeling? Do you know why I called you here almost suddenly, at such short notice? Why did I call for all the seminary graduates? You were given the mission to witness and you found it very difficult to do that. Where will you apply yourself? In what position will you function? If you cannot do that, what can you do? I am thinking of giving you a new area. Do you want to keep going as you have been? If you keep going like that, if you sit long enough you will perish. Until now you haven't made any action. It has been a few years already and you may have tried, but nothing has improved.

So now, the only way is to try something which might work for you. If you hadn't gone to the seminary, but had instead gone out for two precious years of witnessing, how many members would you have increased? You have been dealing with the upper echelons of people, but there is so much more for you to do. Somehow, since you have graduated from the seminary, there must be some way to use all that knowledge.

If you get a new assignment, will you have a real objection? Why not decide that whatever you do, you will put your whole mind and heart into that and make something of it? Our purpose is to raise up the standard, not only in America, but in missionary countries as well. We have to back up our ideas with some kind of substantial support.

I seriously thought about the recycling business; first, scrap metal, collecting it and reusing it. After that we would do the same with paper and other products. We would have to build a huge factory to recycle these things. However, after investigating this area, we found that it would be very, very difficult for us to enter into, as it is under a type of "mafia" control. You would have to sacrifice yourself unnecessarily and I didn't think that was a wise idea. We have something better than that to do.

The Plight of America's is Fishing Industry

Then, we looked at the fishing industry. As you know, fishing used to be one of America's major industries. However, in the past twenty to thirty years it has steadily been declining. Now, it has gone down to such a level that it cannot rise up again on its own. On the other hand, are the fishing grounds in America lacking? No. In fact, America has three of the four best fishing grounds in the world.

There is a problem with the depletion of some species, but there are many, many species which are not utilized at all, and they are perfectly good to eat. The only problem with them is that they are not popular in the market. However, this can change. The government recognizes the situation, but they are at the point of throwing up their hands, especially if the fishermen just don't want to go out to sea anymore. What can they do? We can analyze the problem in a very simple way. Why are the fishermen reluctant to continue? They go out for several days and work very hard, but when they come back, they get almost nothing for their catch. There is no place for them to sell; there is no market for many of their fish. The wholesalers have been exploiting their situation for a long time; they force the fishermen to accept very low prices, knowing that if they don't sell their fish, their only choice is to throw them back in the water.

There is no steady income guaranteed in fishing. Sometimes the fishermen catch enough, but many times they don't. There is a limited number of fishermen. Not everyone can be a fisherman. It's a very tough life out on the sea. Once a fisherman goes out of business, he never returns to it. They will do anything else, but they won't return to it. It's just too much. Already, almost 50% have given up their boats and they will never come back to try again.

There is another problem with fishing: the wives. The fishermen go out for a week, two weeks or a month and this happens all year long. Many women just can't take that way of life, living alone for so much of the year, and they simply leave. This truly discourages the fishermen. It's a tough life to go out to sea; however, you can tolerate it if your family is intact.

Fishermen work hard to bring in the fish, but there is no guarantee that they will get a good price for them. Most storage for fish is inadequate, so if the market already has too much of a species, they won't get anything for it. Or, they may be able to catch a species, but it isn't popular on the market. This is especially true in America, where many kinds of fish aren't even known about. The market is completely unpredictable; some fish you can catch, but you cannot sell them. At the same time, they are not sure their family will remain intact while they are out working so hard. For many men, it's just too much.

For us, the solution is simple. If you can overcome these three problems, you can participate in a very wonderful business. Everyone knows that this is the case, but they cannot overcome these three problems. So, stretch your imagination. We will build our own boats. Then, we will catch the fish ourselves. Next, we will process and sell the fish by ourselves. Finally, we will export what is left over to foreign countries. Whatever we catch, we can sell directly. If this point is solved, then we can grow. You might worry that we will deplete the fisheries. However, scientists have studied this, and they know that a great deal can be taken from a species before it's depleted. In other words, there is a certain amount that you can take, and the species will be able to reproduce, year after year. There are still plenty of fish out there to be caught. We have to determine that we will become the best in fishing, processing, selling and exporting. This will become a merit to us.

Even though you might start up businesses in this area someday, the first thing is that you have to become familiar with the ocean. The business is secondary. The internal character needed to practice a good business comes first. You have not been out on the ocean for a long time, and some of you have never been on the ocean. Even if you are enthusiastic and like the idea, you have to get acquainted with the sea. You have to know what it is really like. That is the purpose of this summer training, of the seventy days out on the ocean. I myself pioneered and perfected this program. It took several years to build up a foundation for you to inherit. This year the method and procedure has been standardized. All you have to do is study it and practice it. It has been an exciting and rewarding process. From the beginning, I backed up this program by designing the boat that is most ideal for tuna catching. As you know, we first bought the boat that is considered in the market to be most ideal for tuna fishing, called the "Mako." However, I immediately saw that it was lacking many things. So, from scratch I designed and developed a much better boat than what now exists.

The Role of Tuna

In the last few years the fish price was so low, you wouldn't believe it. Sometimes they would just throw the fish right back into the water. The price had to go up just to stabilize the industry. We have been part of the push which has caused the price to go up from only ten cents a pound. When I came here five years ago, people didn't even bother with it; they just threw the fish back. Can you imagine that? Every year, the price has risen steadily until this year it is up to $2.50, and next year, we will see the price go to at least $3.50 per pound. We are paying out of our own resources, and we will have to pay more and more. This is a hard thing to do, but we have to do it for the sake of the future. We have an objective now. What is that? To catch tuna. All you need to do is catch tuna. It is good training for you, but more importantly, it benefits the fishermen.

The value of the tuna is in sushi. You have to deliver it fresh. As long as you deliver it in this way, no Japanese restaurant will refuse it. They will pay the best price for top quality fresh tuna. The Japanese understand the value of this fish. Fishermen shouldn't get a small amount of money for those tuna. Until I came out fishing, fishermen never got the benefit of the tuna price. That has changed now. Here, all the companies that deal with tuna have Japanese companies right behind them. In other words, the real buyers are in Japan; it's coming out of their pockets.

If we drive up the price, the Japanese will have to go back to Japan. Then they will tell everyone, "Well, because of Reverend Moon, we had to forget about buying tuna because the price went up so high." The news will spread overnight in Japan that Reverend Moon is taking over the entire fishing industry in Gloucester. It will have that kind of psychological impact. After all, the Japanese have no idea of what really goes on in Gloucester.

So long as our business can manage at $3.50 per pound and even more, we will buy and sell it. Then, we can begin to make a foundation. Do you understand? When the tuna price goes up and stabilizes, other fish prices will also go up. Years ago, whiting, herring and fish like that were only fifty or sixty cents per pound. That was when tuna prices were also next to nothing. But now, the price has been going up for tuna, and these fish should also go up in price. Presently we only pay ten cents per pound for fresh frozen herring.

The same thing can happen with these fish as with tuna. Why not raise the price back up to $1.50 per pound for these fish and sell them in the market? The tuna serves as a standard setter. By stabilizing the price of tuna, the general price of fish will go up. Whatever we catch, we have to be sure it is consumed, in other words, sold. When we are capable of this much, we can also sell what other fishermen bring in. In this way, we make the foundation from the bottom to the top.

Someday, the fishermen should say in unison that Reverend Moon really made a contribution to the fisherman, because he brought up the price and stabilized the market, and opened up a sales net to secure their future. They should be able to see their future become brighter and brighter.

Establishing a New Foundation

At this point, I feel that things have stabilized. From now on, there will be an increase in price. It is really up to us though. The question is, how fast can you build your own boat and how fast can you train yourself for fishing? We are going to produce 300 training boats to begin with. We will put them all around the three coasts of the United States. If you stay there all the time and go out every day for all the seasons, you will learn very quickly what goes on in that fishing area.

You can find enthusiastic young volunteers. They will be happy to learn about fishing. You can take them out and teach them. Then, you can also explain to them about Divine Principle while you are fishing. They won't mind. You can find young people like that, with a good nature and open mind. Whatever they catch with you they can keep. You can make friends with anyone this way.

If you witness to five people and bring them in, you will get a second boat. You will receive one boat for each five people that you bring. If you expand to ten boats, which is fifty people, you can graduate to a stern trawler. We have already built such boats and you will see one today. A boat like this, eighty to ninety feet, would cost you one- half to one-third of a million dollars. That's a regular stern trawler. You can catch almost anything with it. I want you to go through the training course and someday be able to take responsibility for such a boat.

We will build 300 "Good Go" boats which we developed for tuna fishing. It is also an all-purpose speed boat. At the same time, we have already begun to build thirty stern trawlers. We will organize like this: ten regions will receive ten boats each. In each region we will train the personnel to do the basic maintenance of these boats. Then, you will use the boats just like a school, to teach young people about the ocean. Also, a trailer goes with each boat, and one van for each region in order to haul the boats and maintain them. That will be your basic equipment. Eventually, each region should receive one stern trawler.

Next summer, when the tuna season comes, we will have all these boats assembled and ready to begin fishing in Gloucester. Next year, we will go out and stay out. We will have a mother ship, a supply boat where you can get food and evening meals. Only if there is going to be a storm will we come back. After the storm, we will go right back out again. We will develop that kind of training program. Then, the people of America will start to get our message. They will see how serious we are.

One problem is how to get those boats produced within one year. We should have thirty centers with ten boats each. That's 300 boats all around America. Each Ocean Church center should function as a church, and each boat is also a church. So, we have "boat church." The center on land is the center for these boats. It is like the state center with the boats being smaller centers under its direction. Can you imagine starting off with all 300 boats up here in the bay? Imagine the service we would have! Likewise in your local region, all ten boats should go out, and you should gather around and have morning service on the ocean. After that, go out fishing. Then, when you come back in the evening, you should have a worship service on land. Keep that schedule every day. As soon as our thirty centers are open, we will spread the news that more than 600,000 dollars' worth of boats is being invested in this area, all for the sake of reviving the fishing port.

All those interested in such activities can receive great benefit from our various programs. We can teach them without asking anything for catching the fish. We can also teach Divine Principle workshops. If you can get fifty or sixty people interested, you can begin to manage a stern trawler. The One Hope boats are for your training, but the stern trawler is more serious.

With that, you can create your economic foundation. And, you will provide the livelihood for those young people whom you have trained. You can put the best people on the waiting list, and when we finish building the training boat for them, they can be responsible for it. I don't think fifty people in each center is a real problem. We can send you the boats you need within the year. Those who are really smart and the best in many different abilities can receive a training boat. You have to evaluate them and recommend them accordingly.

After training on the small boats, we can go out and fish from the stern trawlers. We can then sell the fish directly to the customers. In order for that to happen, we have to create a sales network. For the sisters who don't want to go way out on the ocean, they can sell fish to the homes directly. Just go out in the morning and come home in the evening.

Each region will have three trawlers; from those you can make your economic foundation. Catch the fish and sell the fish. You can do everything in your region. When your spiritual foundation is made, you can begin to make a substantial plan for your region, your local city and your own members.

Without a doubt, the fishing industry is declining. If the mayor and businessmen see such activities in their city, they will surely become interested in helping you. You have to make known to them what you are doing. Our small boats can be used for all kinds of things. We can offer ourselves as a supporting committee and use our boats to back up the work of the Coast Guard. We can offer these boats for many kinds of community service projects. If we continue like this we will develop real fishermen, something like the "heavenly marines."

We already have the small boats and we will develop thirty centers. Then, we will also build a sales network system. The business can help to support projects of the church, and through the business, you can support yourself. We will mobilize all our resources. We can sell the fish by van. Just do your job and bring in the people and train them and revitalize your community. This is the first phase.

Expanding the Foundation

So far, we have only discussed the primary industry. What about the secondary industry such as boat equipment? This means lines, nets, engine parts, electronics and whatever the boat requires to fish successfully. There is a whole area of secondary industries to support the primary one. All this has to be researched. We also have to develop all these areas. The government has been concerned about the declining fishing industry, but they haven't been able to do so much. Once they see us moving ahead and really making substantial progress in this area, they will want to help us as well. This is one thing that America must do right away. If they don't do something about it, there will be trouble from such nations as Russia, Norway, Japan and others who want to fish in the 200 mile limit. They see that America is not utilizing these fishing areas and they desperately want to use them for their markets. Eventually, there will be no way to keep these boats out of American waters.

If we are catching the fish, we can respond to the pressure by selling large quantities of fish to them at a good price. Since they won't have to travel all the distance to get the fish that they need, they will be happy to buy it, and America makes a good profit. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if we don't catch the fish, they will keep coming in to fish and they will complain about not being able to feed their people. Their complaint against America will be right in that sense. However, with God's help, we shall go out and make this foundation. Then, great changes will occur in the fishing industry. We are not just thinking about it. It is all well underway, even as I am speaking to you. Once you get the feeling for the ocean, you will never want to give it up. That's the fastest way to get close to the heart of fishing. You have to just go out and do it. The tuna is the greatest of fish. The whale is actually much larger, but it is not a fish; it is entirely something else. But tuna is a fish, so we can say that it is the "king" of all fish.

In other parts of the world, we already have four long range tuna boats in operation. These boats are fishing in Africa. They are about 150 feet long. Along with that, we are operating ten shrimp boats in South America. In their first year of operation they were able to regain their entire capital investment. Everyone down there is talking about us and calling it a miracle. And they are right.

Once you get accustomed to it, there is no reason why you should stick to the land. There is more opportunity on the ocean, more to be done and more to be made there than on the land. This is really the case. Would any of our wives leave because their husband stays out for six months? Or, would the husbands leave if their wives are out there? Nor will we be stuck with the fish if we bring them in, because we will have our own sales network. Likewise, the sales people won't be stuck if the fishermen come in and refuse to sell lo them because they are Moonies. We will catch the fish, sell the fish and go on from there. First we need training.

We have members from all over the world. We can make branches in Germany, France, England, Japan and all over the world. We can process the fish so that it is really fresh and of good quality. Americans don't like herring and it's price is always at the bottom. However, in Germany the price begins at $1.00 per pound because they really like that species.

To produce 300 boats in one year is no small operation. It is likely that the Mako company doesn't produce that many boats in one year. In the future, if one of you is an enterprising person, you can open up your own branch boat building company. There is nothing to it. You start from the mold. Once you have the mold, you buy some fiberglass and resin and you apply it until you have the proper thickness. That becomes your hull. Then you have the deck. This is the same procedure.

Finally, you assemble it together. It's not that difficult if you are quick to learn things.

Your church mission is one thing and you can be anything, CARP leader or state leader, while your business can be something else. So, why not build boats, or fish the trawler, or sell fish by van? Why not? If your state leader understands this, they will move the state center from the middle of the state to the sea shore.

How good a fishing boat is the Good Go? It is really very good. The number one fishermen amongst the members this year was Gerhard and he had One Hope 1. It's a pretty good boat. It's our first boat and he drove it. At first, Gerhard didn't think we were capable of building such a beautiful and strong boat. It's beautiful like a woman, isn't it? The difference between the One Hope boat and other boats is like night and day.

Gerhard Peemoeller's Testimony of the One Hope Boat

This boat is very special. Father is the true man and this boat is very much like Father. I call this boat the 'messiah' boat. It is really like the true boat. When I saw the boat go in the water, I was very surprised. I first drove the boat at night time; I couldn't believe how well it handled. Compared to the Mako, which is a similar size, this boat is much more stable in the water.

This boat is something else. When you are out on the ocean and the waves are coming to a small boat, you really hit into that wave and it's quite rough. But this boat is amazing. It goes into the wave and cuts into the wave. The water splashes way out away from the boat. It almost doesn't hit into the wave at all, but just cuts smooth and soft through it. This boat is about 2,000 pounds heavier than the Mako. That means it is 2,000 pounds more stable and solid. Considering that, and then knowing it has the same engine as the Mako has and vet doesn't burn any more fuel than the Mako, makes you wonder what the secret is.

Even though this boat is twice as heavy as the Mako and has the same engine, it doesn't burn twice as much gas. It burns a little bit more, but not so much. It is almost the same. There is something special about this boat; the way it is designed has a certain impact. On or out of the water, people look at it and they really know it is a very remarkable boat. Driving the boat in water is a wonderful experience. It is much more stable than anything comparable.

This boat cannot be compared to any other boat in its class and size right now. It's stable in the water. Anyone who has ever been out in the water in a Mako or something comparable can immediately find out the difference. The entire boat itself, how it is designed and how it fits together is just a total experience. Many fishermen have been coming around and looking at it and asking if they could buy it. These boats could be sold so easily. It is really the 'true' boat.

When I hear Gerhard talk about the One Hope boat, it reminds me of the expression, "love at first sight." Once you see this boat you will understand this. Especially when it is running, it presents such a beautiful profile. There is no question as to what a beautiful boat it is. Imagine, this fiberglass boat will last and last. No boat has lasted long enough. In the future, the lower the number is, the more valuable it will be. One Hope 4 or 10 will be far more valuable than One Hope 3,000. So, if you take good care of your boat, in forty or fifty years it will be extremely valuable. It will be the pride of your entire state. People will look at this boat and you won't have to tell them to believe in Unification Church. They will just believe it by themselves. Do you understand how that could happen? Every house would want to buy one of these boats. Living in a house that has such a boat will be more pride than living in any mansion. You should sleep and live right on the boat, and create a wonderful history for it.

Every Unification family should buy one of these boats. That is how historical and precious they are. Those who want to own a boat like that, raise your hands. If you are persuaded simply by my talking to you and Gerhard's introduction of it, then wait until you see it with your own eyes. Wait until we produce everything, the boat, the trailer, the van, the engines, everything with our own hands. Do you believe it? Those who feel really excited by the whole idea and want to go into it with all your effort, raise your hands.

The Ocean Church Mission

The reason I called the seminary graduates is because I want you to become leaders for each of the thirty centers. You are the ones to become regular fishermen. You are the ones that have to educate fisherman. You have to teach them Divine Principle and Victory Over Communism, and eventually Unification Thought. You have to educate them so they understand God's will and purpose. That is how you will equip them to enter into the future. Otherwise, they will decline into the past.

You have to be able to teach them from the very beginning. Perhaps, I will get a helicopter and visit all the boats. I will let you know when I am coming. Maybe I will meet you out on the ocean and eat lunch with you. Isn't that a wonderful idea? We can eat the fresh fish that you just caught. Wouldn't you like that? Now you know why I called you. If you really implement this plan, don't you think Unification Church will grow? We will have 300 churches very soon from the original thirty centers.

Imagine driving this Good Go, this fast and beautiful boat. It is unsinkable. It does not sink because it is foam filled. It takes water up to the brim and still stays afloat. When there is a big storm, it will not sink. As long as you have a life line you can tie yourself to it and you will be all right. Maybe the fish will die from the storm, but you won't. It's a sport boat, but it is also a safe boat.

Later on, we will build similar boats for the commercial market. If you want, you can become a sales representative and sell those boats. This will also help your economic foundation. Look at it this way. If you become rich, then the Unification Church will become rich. However, if you sell that boat and donate the money to Africa, it's even better. Would you say "no" or "yes" to this idea? Then, who profits if you are successful? Success can be a very good thing, if you are willing to invest it in others. This is why I want to train you. It is your job to make these thirty centers a success. If you do that, the initial investment will not be lost. If you extend your success to others, it will never be lost.

The Role of America and Japan

When you talk about the fishing business in general, you cannot leave the Japanese out of it. The reason is this: the way they process fish and sort it out; the way they package fish and sell it. No one can even come close to Japan in these areas. Japan is truly envious of the fishing grounds in America. They cannot get along without fish; they must have fish in their diet. They cannot catch enough in their own waters, so they are dying to have a connection with the fishing grounds here in America.

America is aware of that too. The American fisheries would never continue without the market that exists in Japan. They have so much fish, but where are they going to send it? American people simply don't eat that much fish. However, thanks to the Japanese almost every bit of fish that is caught here is bought (by the Japanese) at a reasonable price.

However, the Japanese are almost over extended now. There are no large Japanese companies working here in America without some support from Japan. The Americans don't want the Japanese to go beyond what they can handle, because the American companies want to continue to sell to Japan, and the American government understands this. Today, some Japanese companies are buying the fish in America and then selling the fish to another company in Japan.

The American companies are saying, "Let us buy the fish from our own fishing grounds and sell them to you in Japan. You go back to Japan and buy from us there." They would much rather do that. Japan is looking for, and needs a company here which is American, but focused Upon the Japanese market. They want to be able to trust that company fully and know that it would sell the fish to Japan. It is just like the American companies in Japan. They have Japanese representatives there, but in essence the company is always considering the American market. So then, how shall we meet that qualification? All the American members married to Japanese spouses will form a company. Which is it, an American company or a Japanese company? Well, it is an American company. The Japanese can look at it, however, and feel quite confident that it is also a Japanese company. Then, the Japanese will want to invest in this company. This is truly possible and is quite practical, isn't it? We will prove this out.

We will even let Middle East entrepreneurs invest their oil dollars in this effort. The desert countries have never invested very much in fishing because many of them don't have coastal waters, or their fishing grounds are not so good. They drill for oil and live off of that, not fishing. However, when they start to eat fish, they will find out how good it is for their appetite and their health. From that point, we should try to develop a good relationship with them. Then, there will be a boom effect. Good things could happen. New international relationships could be built.

Think about yourself. Where are you going to be ten years from now if you invest yourself and work towards this goal? You will have security for your family. There are already large Japanese companies working very strongly here in America, but we will have our own sales network here in America, as well as back in Japan. When we have a good wholesale and retail net, we can move forward with confidence.

We cannot use other wholesalers because they will just pay us the cheapest price, and then make the most money by increasing the price to the consumer. That is why fish is close to $2.00 or more per pound once it gets to the consumer's table. We have to make our own foundation, from catching fish to processing it to retailing it. Actually, we should eliminate the need for the middle man. This just adds extra cost to the consumer. Why should the people pay for a wholesaler if the fish can come directly from the processor to the retailer? This is where we can truly make an impact on the market and everyone will benefit. Even though we have such a plan, there are problems. Fish resources will be depleted by over fishing in some areas, especially certain fish which are already popular as table fish. These species, like the striped bass, which are already very expensive, won't be available anymore. If too many are caught, the supply will be exhausted. For that reason, we have to go into fish farming; we have to go into it as soon as possible. The tuna is one example. They lay close to a million eggs. However, out of a million eggs, only two or three fish will ever get to full size, over 600 pounds. We have to devise a way to hatch those eggs and protect them. Look at the salmon. They have been coming back, largely due to salmon hatcheries. We have to make a plan to do the same for the tuna. If you can hatch and protect them to a certain size and then let it go into the water, there will be a tremendous increase in the amount of tuna available.

Tuna is an excellent source of protein for human consumption. One tuna has more meat than two or three cows. However, no one has been thinking about that. Instead of letting cows eat up all the grain, people could eat that grain. Why not catch tunas instead? It is a much healthier protein to eat as well.

Accepting a New Assignment

Maybe you haven't thought about the fishing industry so much, but based upon what you have heard, you have come to have some new perspective on it. What do you think? Are you thinking that this could really work? When you were carp fishing in Barrytown, you were already starting on this providence. You didn't know it then, but you certainly were. Those who made the nets with me remember going late into the night and even the next morning without any sleep. That was not unrelated; it was actually part of your initiation.

So, you might as well take it, because I am planning that each Unification Church leader should spend eighteen months on the boat as training. We have a saying in Korean which goes, "The one who gets the first punishment gets away the easiest." It means, if you get the task the first time, it is not as hard as when you get it later on. Are you interested? Are you starting to dream of fish already? You should be dreaming of something because it is already late into the day, and I am sure you are hungry by now. Are you at least imagining lobsters or fish? Those who listened intensely, did you connect with lobsters? If you have done so, then you have certainly listened. You won't have to be convinced.

The lobsters must be cooking and cooking for you and they might be worried that the customers have turned them down, making their effort meaningless. Should we make the assignments now or should we eat first? We now have our own seafood restaurant. Should we eat first or decide later? Let's eat first and when you go to the restaurant, look at the Good Go boat. Look at One Hope 4 and you can see what I have been talking about all morning long.

You have had a long time to enjoy your reunion, and after our meeting tonight, you can spend another night here. Then, the conference is over, and you can leave tomorrow. Did you take the tour, go around and see the castle? Do you like Morning Garden? Is it a good place? We will buy many places like this around all the coastal areas. We will use them for training centers, research centers, and centers for the fishermen to come back, rest and recuperate. Did you see the Good Go? That's our pride. A boat is the pride of any American family. They really take care of their boats and go to the lakes or the ocean with them. Are you ready to order a boat now and apply for it?

The members of the boat building factory always want to do things like other companies. However, when I look at the list of things there is so much that we don't need to do. Many factories operate with a great deal of waste. Then, I advise the members to use just what they absolutely need to use. There is always plenty of room to save costs and yet not affect the quality of the boats. It just takes an alert mind.

Getting back to the original question and explanation that I have given to you, should we position these boats all around the coastal waters? It's easy to say, "Yes", but do you consider all that it means to you, the change in life style that you will have to make? Once you assume the position, will you really determine to work there for three or four years and not run away? Certainly you wouldn't say in front of me, "Oh, yes Father, I will run away." However, just to say "Yes" in front of me is not right either. You have to consider what you are saying. It will be your foundation. It will be America's foundation. That is a real and eternal foundation. It will not fade away.

The Foundation for Africa and South America

I cannot stay here all the time. I have to go to all the different countries. If I stayed in this country all the time, what would happen to the other countries? They would blame me for not coming to them. The African countries and South America, especially Brazil, are really asking for me. The members know that so much more could happen and develop in their countries and they are really eager for me to come there.

I am thinking seriously about establishing machine factories in countries like Zaire to make farm machinery. People are farming with ox carts and hoes there. However, we can make farming machines that will work there and we will teach them how to fix the machines when they break down. It's incredible. White people occupied Africa and made colonies there, but they never educated the people. They just took everything for their own use. They didn't show them how to make farms and they didn't tell them how to reap crops, vegetables or fruit. They never introduced anything, not even how to make bread. They are still eating the bare minimum of staple foods in Africa, like the wild potato. There are just a few kinds of food and for every meal they eat almost the same thing. No one ever educated them. They received very little education, even at the grammar school level. They cannot read or write and they cannot begin to understand the modern world. How can they hope to survive? All these wrong doings were made by white people. If the white people don't try to solve these things, it may be that the yellow people will go there and correct them.

In Africa, we spend only 10% of what we spend here in America, but it is enough to get a whole movement going in one country. A little bit has a tremendous impact in Africa. Don't you think we should do that? We should show them everything, how to grow and harvest vegetables and fruit, how to produce crops and bake bread. One problem in the past was that when they received education, they chased the white people away. The white people responded with, "Why even bother to educate them?"

Finally, a few Africans would get to go to London or somewhere in Europe, and you can imagine how they felt when they came to those continental countries. They saw the difference between the living standards in the Western world and their life back in Africa. This caused a lot of anguish and anger. Even though there have been some reforms, this racial concept is still there. White people don't like people with color; they don't like black people.

What happens is that the communists use this as a vulnerable point. They agitate the people and say, "Look what the white people have done to you and look what they think about you. They don't care about you, they are only using you." Then, the communists tell them that their only hope is communism, where they will live in the laborer's kingdom, the common people's kingdom. It has always been proven to be a lie, but if you don't really know about communism, it is very sweet talk. This is how the communists start racial wars. If you have doubts about it, you have to study more. It's very clear to see their strategy. Before such things happen, the white people of the Unification Church should go to Africa and pay indemnity for the wrong doings of white ancestry and make things more even. Then, they will begin to trust you.

Most recently in Zaire there has been a spiritual church which the white people have massacred. It was a new Christian denomination and this awful thing is now history. No one tells this story in public. They just want to put a lid on it and forget about it. But the black people will never forget about it. We will have to open that up and indemnify it. Someone will have to pay for it and ease their hearts.

When I bring these things out in the open, am I cruel or just trying to find fault with white people? Do you think that it's good for me to bring this out? It's good because it's the only way to make things even and start things new. We have to be sure about that. We cannot hide the things that we did. I want to go right now and help them, but I cannot go to them with empty hands. My first priority is to get you on a solid foundation.

Creating Your Own Foundation

It is not my credibility that concerns me. It is your credibility that I want you to build. You have to accomplish something. I want to start some foundation for you so that in the future you will have some protection. Otherwise; the persecution will be too severe if I were to leave. This is why I am hastening so much. It is why I go through so many sleepless nights and compact three years of effort into one.

Many people say, "Father why don't we take a little longer to do this project?" When the fishing industry becomes prosperous, I want to donate hundreds of boats and give them away for all kinds of good programs. The point is, how to make a good quality boat without a great deal of expense. Once we do that, the American people will work hard and give the boats away. You might like the idea, but don't want to work so hard.

I understand this about you. You don't want to work hard if you can get away with it, but this is the only way for you to get results. l have to push you, but you get the results, you get the benefit. Each boat cost twenty-five thousand at the minimum. If we were to sell them, the retail price would be around thirty thousand. The material alone costs sixteen thousand, while the rest of the cost is labor.

These first boats are for you to use for your programs. So we need to make the boats just as good, but cheaper. One thing that we can do is make many of the parts ourselves. The parts we have to buy, we can buy in large quantity. This brings down the cost. If you really keep a close check on everything and buy everything at the time when it's more of a bargain, you can reduce the cost by two or three thousand dollars. With the extra, you can give benefits to the members making the boats.

We will have to put at least twenty million into this project. If you were to deposit that into the bank, you would get three million dollars every year without doing anything. That's only two or three percent interest: it is not much, but it adds up. I know that when you first invest money like this, you will lose in the first few years. We might lose up to one-third of the original investment. I know that we will lose this good money, but that is how it is when you start a new venture. The typical way of working in a factory is that you work for a few hours then take a break. Then you work a little bit more and then you have to have some coffee. By the time you have four or five breaks, it's time to quit. I don't think about work that way. I like to work twenty-four hours around the clock in order to finish more quickly. Time to eat doesn't take an hour, it only takes half of that time. The fastest way to eat is just to pick up the food with your hands. I have trained myself how to eat fast. I can eat one meal in one minute. You can put all your food into the soup bowl and just drink it down. Can you imagine it? You might be thinking, "What kind of a lifestyle is that?" That's the lifestyle to make the foundation. That's what kind of lifestyle that is.

If you have a choice, if you really want to establish the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, then you cannot go about it in the old way of doing things. Just forget about that. You have to devise a whole new way to make things happen. I have worked to the point that when it came to dusk I wasn't even sure if it was morning and the sun was rising or if it was evening and the sun was setting. When I was eating something, I wondered if it was breakfast or dinner. You might hear this and think it is just a story, but I have lived through this. This is exactly how things happened.

I have a record in Korea. We built the Il Hwa factory, three stories, a steel reinforced and concrete foundation building. This was a regular building and usually it would have taken two or more years to build it. To plan it would take six months, preparation takes another six months, and then it takes at least a year to build it. Our factory only took three months from start to finish. We poured the concrete for twenty-four hours, using lights and two different shifts. We did it like that. The training center we built in just twenty-eight days. One man went away for a few days and came back to find a whole building there. He thought he was lost. We built another training center which is not as large, but just as substantial, in only seven days. Can you imagine building a permanent house, including the foundation, in just seven days?

The tempo that you work at really upsets me. I don't even want to come look at it. You do things so slowly, dragging them on and on. The garden lies in front of you, and you can make it in just a few days. You've gone on and on for two months now and you aren't even beginning. I am studying Americans now and learning about you. I am now thinking of how to lay everything out for you and show you how to accomplish really fast and efficient production. That's for your sake.

You have to investigate how to improve the speed of production. Invent a machine if you have to. The leader has to take responsibility. If he cannot do it, then someone else has to come in and do it. You cannot do it the easy way. No other factory would ever try to push this hard. Well, we have to be reasonable, but as much as we can, we will try to bring the costs down for these 300 boats. We can bring the costs down, of that we are sure. How about you? Don't you think this is the best way? Then, would you want to work slowly and get only a little bit of benefit, or work very hard and get a great deal of benefit? One is easier, but the other is more sure in the long run. This will be your foundation.

No one is thinking this way and it just baffles me. Anyway, we can put everything together for less than twenty thousand dollars. I am sure of that, including all the parts and the trailer, everything. Mako is now twenty-two thousand dollars without a trailer. You have now seen our boat. It's a handsome boat isn't it? The Mako boat, speaking honestly, is one class lower. Our boat can still run in twenty-five knot winds. From twenty-five to thirty-three knots is small craft advisory conditions, but our boat can still run. It is as stable as a midsized boat. The boat will be produced; there is no question about that. We may have to build it in Alabama where things cost less and the weather is better so that we can build it in an almost open space. Now then, the question of building 300 boats is settled.

The New Assignment

At this time thirty people will be assigned to manage centers. Initially, let's begin with volunteers. Those who want to take this new mission, stand up. From the way you look, I think you will all get sea sick when you first go out. "Soft bones," is the term I am thinking of. If you don't get sea sick, raise your hands.

I want to select first those who can get along with the ocean. Some people are born in such a way that the fish will follow along with them. Just like some people are born to make money in business, some are born to make money in fishing. I will first go around and pick those who are best suited for this life. It is like a matching ceremony isn't it? Then, let's begin. After you are picked, please register your names.

With these members I feel that I have more than enough to create the ocean kingdom. What about you? You have to be very flexible and you have to be able to make very quick decisions, especially when the sea is rough. You must always be thinking that the ocean is dangerous. You have to be able to handle that. You have to have a body which can handle the harsh weather and hard work. Can you understand that? Well, I have picked twenty-four members, and this will be it to begin with. Six more members will come later on.

We need good lecturers as well. Education doesn't exactly need a big person. Those who are state leaders already, please raise your hands. You should come to Ocean Church, but not just yet. Seminary graduates are directly responsible to me. They don't go automatically to HSA or to CARP or anywhere else. No one can just reassign them at will. Since they were especially trained at the seminary, they are under my responsibility. Now, it is pretty much understood. For you new center leaders, the boats are still in production. This means that twelve of you will receive your assignments tomorrow. The other twelve will be temporarily assigned as a state leader. However, when the new boats come out, you will be assigned a boat and you will go to your new mission. Until the first twenty-four boats are produced, you will go in this order. It will take about two months. Daikon is the one who is advising Ocean Church and I trust him to pick the first twelve leaders from you.

This is not a separate organization that I am starting. It is very much a part of our movement. Tiger Park will come to visit you and Reverend Kwak will help you organize your lecture programs. You are very much a part of the movement. In a real way, you are just like a state leader, especially in your region of Ocean Church. Don't settle down, but keep moving and visit all the ports in your region. We have to reorganize quickly and leave no blanks. As you see, many people have been recruited to be state leaders and new leaders for Ocean Church. Now, those left will have to work twice as hard.

First Instructions

Then, God bless you. If you new Ocean Church leaders do well, you will develop faster than the inland churches, including the state centers on the coastal lines. You have more motivation to create something. When you go to your assigned area, first visit with the Coast Guard chiefs, the Police chiefs and the mayor. Introduce yourself and explain what you are going to do. Let them know that your interest is to revive the fishing industry in America, and that you will train many young people to work hard and live sacrificially for the sake of the seaport. Tell them that boats, trailers and vans will be coming into their area. Assure them that you will do your best to reverse the trend of young people, from living in a decadent way to a constructive and creative way. You will quickly have to form a lecture program, and when there are enough people assembled, give them a lecture. In this way, explain to them all these things.

There are a few crucial ports to which you will first be assigned. You are in the position of director for that port and/or that region. A few boats and a few members will come under you. They will be notified that you are coming. Since you haven't had any experience this summer, and those who are assigned to you have already had some amount of substantial experience, you can learn from them. You have to let them know that you want to catch up and close the gap quickly. Many of them will be European members and they will be happy for you to be the director there because you can link them to America.

Your main task is to lecture and educate the young people in the region. While you are doing that, you can take them out to sea and fish together. Lecture in the boat and train them as you are fishing. All these things are done at the same time. I have already directed you how to bring them along. After they go through a period of training, let them apply for a boat. The boat that comes to Gloucester during the summer can fish the East coast. It is best for this boat to go to Norfolk first and the crew can get their experience there. Fish there and you will learn what you need to know. During the tuna season, we need a tender boat; this boat can come up from Norfolk and provide chum for the boats and buy tuna.

There will be many boats assigned to Alaska, trawlers as well as small boats. A plan to organize and supervise the boats, especially training captains, has to be made. Each boat has to have a good captain and a trained crew. The members who go Lo Alaska cannot become isolated. Allen Hokanson should go there and help to organize these things. He should live with them and try to train them day by day.

All the fishing vessel captains must come through Alaska. They have to go through Allen, or the person who is in that position. The boat operations and the training of the crews are under him. Whoever is in that position cannot care about himself so much, but has to really care about training others. Allen has a high standard and that is why I am putting him up as an example. He has to go with the others on their boats and be on board with them. He has to educate them and then branch out, training many other groups after the first one. He will have to become something like a "mother hen" up there.

This is a good type of activity for him and if he establishes himself in a good way there, he can become anything. He is the testing case. If he can establish himself with the captains in Alaska and gain their respect, he can then move forward. There will be a leader who works on land with the business and Allen should establish himself on the ocean. These two must work together. The motto for the business manager on land and the captains on the ocean, especially Allen, is "To Be One." Allen should captain one of the new boats and compare it with the Green Hope. How many boats are needed in Alaska? What is the optimum? We have to consider how to keep our expenses down, especially mechanics expenses and food expenses. We have to train our members about mechanics. Also, if we eat fish a lot, we can cut down on the really expensive costs of meat. If you spend without consideration, there is no end to it.

On the long line fishing vessels which are our commercial boats, we pay the crew members a salary and a food allowance. Do you know what they eat? They eat rice and vegetables and the fish which they catch from the ocean. They fry it, bake it and fix it in all kinds of ways. In this way, they can save their food allowance and add it to their salary.

We too can train that way. You have to find the way to do that. If you spend and spend, you will never be able to save. You should always think how to economize on the boat, including the cost of repairs. As you will soon find, you have to make sure every member is trained in engine maintenance. You are the leader and director, but you also have to be a first class mechanic. If you don't know something, you cannot teach others. You have to be a first class mechanic: there is no other way around it. Start with an engine book and just learn. You have to know the engine inside and out, and be able to take the engine apart and put it back together. To qualify yourself as the director of your region, you have to be the expert on the boat.

When I come to visit you, I want to see you taking that boat out. You are the leader and director of the sailors, fishermen and oceangoing people. You are not administrative directors. You have to be busy, directing the spiritual education of your area. At the same time, you have to learn the business side; you have to find out how to sell fish. Sometimes you may catch a great deal of fish, but you don't know where to sell it. That's part of your training. After you understand how to be self-supporting, it's guaranteed that someone will buy whatever fish you catch. Each region should work together in a smooth manner. You have to know how to work in all the departments: witnessing, fishing, education and also, business and fish sales. Then, we will expand and move forward and we will fulfill the purpose of the church. The first thing you need to do is go and make friends. Ask them questions and find out as much as you can. Then, get a book about the local area and study the fishing there.

For at least half a year you have to do that. Around the coastline, we can set up various factories such as a net making factory and a boat making factory. If those factories are in your region, you have to manage them as well.

If you manage things well, work really hard and move around quickly from project to project, your foundation will be set. It is your foundation. You can even someday run for congressman or senator, representing the fishermen in your region. This will be to your credit. The whole town will notice your existence. You have to be welcomed by the people. I believe there will be a substantial number of good people who will come around you and ask for your guidance. Then, educate them and inspire them to work for the sake of the country.

You must learn quickly, each to your ability. A very good person to inherit from is Daikon. One thing that Daikon never did: complain. Six o'clock is the quitting time, and I always say, "Bring the lines in," but Daikon would always linger on for five more minutes because the tuna might strike at any minute. At least three times the tuna struck at that last moment. I wouldn't be happy if at the end of the day when I said, "Let's go!" everyone would be so happy and just jump to bring the lines in. Daikon goes very slowly because he is hoping the tuna will bite at the very last moment. You never know.

From next season onward we will charge participants a minimum fee for the training program. They should at least pay for three meals a day. It takes one or two hours to go out to the tuna grounds. If you can stay out there and keep fishing, it makes a big difference. We will place a big boat in the center and you can moor around it at night. You can go back and forth to the big boat from your anchor spot. Other people argue about their anchor spots because it makes a big difference where you are, whether or not you will get the tuna to bite.

Those who have been out tuna catching in any season, raise your hands. Those who have fishing experience, the European and American members, have to help the new leaders.

Questions and Answers

Do any of you have questions right now?

Member: If some of us don't get boats right away, can we go on a commercial boat to get some training?"

Well, not here because it is getting too cold, but you could get on a boat fishing for bottom fish. If you want to fish here for one day tomorrow, you can at least do that. Anyway, for twelve of you, the boat is already waiting. We are short of trailers and vans. We will first have to tow your boat to your location, put it in the water, leave it there and use the van to tow another boat. Soon, each boat will have a trailer and three to five boats will have one van. That will be the standard.

Member: "What is our priority? Fishing, selling fish, training, lecturing?"

Before you get your boat, you can do public relations. This is first. You start out that way; you are the main force. However, CARP members should also help and the state leaders should assist you. First you have to make a foundation. Then, you can branch out from there. We haven't done that yet, because we aren't planning to go commercial at first. We ourselves need 300 boats which we don't intend to sell. These are for training. Eventually we will sell other boats similar to the One Hope boats. They will be a Good Go, but not a One Hope. The One Hope boats are special. However, when people see these boats, they will want one. It's already happening. People want to buy the One Hope boats now, but we are not selling them.

The First Priority

You should go directly to your states from here and become active. For example, Dr. Durst has to go out often to the states. I would like to see him go around to all fifty states at least once a month. That means he would be on the road all the time. However, if Dr. Durst talks to an audience of 100 people, how long would he take to reach the entire population of America? If he did that every day, how long would it take him? It would take ten thousand years.

Instead, if he concentrates on New York and can reach 7,000 people and bring them into the Home Church activity, it is much faster. If he gives banquets and public talks for five years in the same area among those 7,000 people, and does this over and over again for five years, it will bring a much better result. When New York starts to understand and get our message, then so will the entire United States. The whole nation can turn around very quickly if that happens.

In this way, Home Church is a more direct restoration. More people can be restored more quickly, so he is concentrating on this. Instead of inviting people to headquarters, he should go out into the Home Church area and make two or three tours all around there. He shouldn't do so many banquets then, but have meetings instead where he can give lectures. He should do that two or three times each day. One or two hours at one place and then move on to another place and spend a few hours there. Those people are there to stay. They won't go away. It's the same way in which I approached the people when I first came to the United States. It's the fastest way. I know. Through the revival meeting, the banquet meeting, these kinds of meetings, you set a very good atmosphere for people. State leaders should operate like that. And you should operate like that. Then, with his experience, Dr. Durst will know what needs to be done. He will visit your center and work with you. You can call on him for that.

Tomorrow, you will all go to your new assignments or back to your old ones. May God bless you in your work. Let us give three "Manseis" for the victory of Ocean Church.

Colonel San Kil Han's Prayer

Heavenly Father, we are thankful to have shared this time with Father. Time is moving, and on this particular day we find a great transition occurring. Not yet within America, but within ourselves. Heavenly Father, help us to change in the most dramatic way, because we have to catch up and fill in the gap between what you expect and need of us, and where we are at this particular moment. Heavenly Father, help us to overcome all our self-imposed limitations.

We want to inherit the tradition that Father has set up in Korea, Japan and now in America. We know that tradition has been so painfully established. We pledge to quickly change and inherit your tradition, to work selflessly for the sake of mankind and for the sake of you, Heavenly Father. At this moment, we are deciding within ourselves to work with all our might according to the examples you have given to us. We are about to begin Ocean Church. It is a historical development in this country.

Later, in history, all of America will witness to this day. Let us pray deeply about the next years to come. True Parents have already put in so much sweat and tears, and they have invested so much in the seminary so that the students could come to this one day. Many are working in CARP and many have become state leaders, and today many were assigned as Ocean Church leaders. Their success depends on their hard work.

When this becomes successful, we know that America will have hope. If we do not act according to the standard, then this country will still have to go through more turbulence, more indemnity and more misery and the results of that will not be guaranteed. So then Heavenly Father, taking your pattern, let us dedicate all of ourselves to you. Live or die, we will do your will. If we live, we will do your will here on earth and if we die, we will continue to do your will in the spirit world. Heavenly Father, help us to remain on earth as long as we can to complete this historical task We are so grateful to have the privilege to do your work along with True Parents. We are the happiest people on earth, even though there is hard work waiting for us. Even though there is no luxury in our lives, we are the happiest people in history since we have True Parents. Heavenly Father, we are so thankful for all that they have done already for this world and for America. Protect them and their family because we could never replace them. We want to someday take over their burdens and pledge to carry on until you have educated us properly how to do so.

We pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Amen.` 

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