The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Liquidation And Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
May 18, 1980
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Are you all leaders? All members should be able to come, but now the policy is that selected leaders come in the morning. Are you seated at random, or according to your organization? My instruction is that you be seated according to organization.

In coming to Belvedere you should not think you are coming to a place which is for New York Church members only. You must consider yourselves to be representatives of the Unification Church around the world. Furthermore, you represent spirit world as well. In the future there will be fewer opportunities to hear me in gatherings like this. That does not mean I am taking leave from the dispensational mission. On the contrary, I am moving to higher and higher levels and I must concentrate there.

The concept that you routinely go to Belvedere every Sunday to hear me is a mistaken one; it is a blessed opportunity to hear me, and it will come less and less often. Therefore, when you have this opportunity you must be wide awake and concentrate on listening. It is unacceptable for you to relax and doze. So far I have been tolerant and let such people alone, but from now on I cannot be lenient. If anyone comes to Belvedere and dozes off or does not pay attention, the consequences will not come only to him but also to his ancestors in spirit world.

If America sends a representative to run in the Olympic marathon but that champion sleeps instead of running, he will shame his whole nation and be accused by his people for misrepresenting them. This is a good analogy for those of you coming to Belvedere. You are competing with each other, so you should not be relaxed here, but should concentrate.

If you think of yourself as only one individual then you are only responsible for yourself, but you are not just one individual. When I speak, you represent all heaven and earth, and all spirit world. The proclamations I make when I speak will have universal consequences; therefore, you who receive this message should be responsible. When the President makes a statement, the whole world wants to know what is said and all the media reports his words. Is the work of restoration confined to only one nation? A message or declaration for restoration affects the past, present and future; it has universal consequences, involving both the spirit world and physical world.

If I speak on August 18, the entire spirit world is alerted and that message is stored for eternity. The fact that you can come here is not accidental, but is a providential destiny. Why did you come here so early in the morning? You could hear a simple cassette tape later, so why should you come? Always the subject is the problem in determining the subject-object relationship. The message is coming from the subject, who is the personification of the truth, and that is why you need to come to hear him in person. You come in order to become one with the subject, to unite with him and be filled with the message.

Whenever subject and object are totally united into one, God dwells with them and the ideal can be fulfilled there. It is possible to hear me from a cassette, but you always feel a certain emptiness and want to see me in person. That is because you are not quite united as an object, and you need a physical, visible subject. You have to get rid of your old concept and have a new understanding of why you come to Belvedere to hear me.

You are sitting on a nice carpet today. This is the same carpet we have in the World Mission Center lobby, but I think you wanted something different here. I am very sensitive to your attitudes; if there is one carpet in both places then you feel it is all the same in both places, and you have no renewed feeling. Here is a warning for you: although the carpet is the same, this is a totally different environment. This carpet should be replaced with a carpet that fits the Belvedere environment. Do you agree with me? Even if you have to fundraise more to make it possible?

Already I have been speaking twenty minutes! Those who do not have confidence that you can stay awake here, just don't come in; it is harmful to everyone else if you doze. Recently I heard that the president of one college where we have a CARP center wanted to gather the entire student body to hear me if I would come. Who will decide whether I go? I refused. Do you know why? It won't be easy for America to hear me, no matter how large the congregation. You should know you are most privileged to come hear me. Some people might wonder why I am becoming so exclusive. Do you have a new feeling now?

Today's topic is Liquidation and Blessing. Today people harbor the hope that they will receive happiness and wonderful fortune. Whom do these things belong to? If someone in America feels they are very blessed, whom does their fortune actually belong to? Who caused America to have such prosperity? Is it a rule that only American citizens should have affluence while Africans live in poverty? Should Americans enjoy fun and leisure while Africans work hard like beasts of burden?

Suppose the father of one family is working like a horse, while his children go dancing every night and eat well. Is that a happy family? If everyone is working like an ox is there happiness in a family? Just working hard is not happiness. But if there is understanding and oneness in doing things together, then a family can be joyful doing it. At the same time, the people who go dancing all night may look happy, but they could be totally miserable.

What is the criterion of happiness then? What is the true blessing? These are things to think about. To determine the true definition of happiness we should know the relationship between the individual and the whole. When an emergency strikes a nation, that is an opportunity for the true patriot to emerge. You know the story of David and Goliath. That emergency was David's opportunity to confront danger, so was that a happy occasion? David represented the good force, and Goliath represented the evil force, not just for David, but for all David's people. The more they were united with David the more they would hate Goliath. God and spirit world would view Goliath as their adversary as well. Thus, the battle between David and Goliath was not just a personal battle, but a showdown for the universe and God.

The true beauty of that confrontation was that David stood as the champion of the godly forces and was determined to die for the cause. That was David's greatest opportunity to show his true loyalty and service to God, and in doing so he could find his own fulfillment. What happened? By winning that battle and fulfilling God's will, David was totally united with God and the people.

David's victory was a victory for God and all people of the world. When the people offered David whatever he wanted after his great victory, David did not ask to be king, but only for a few sheep to make his living. The people were disappointed and asked if he didn't want more. God would say that David deserved not just a herd of sheep but the crown of the king.

When David walked down the road of battle, death might have been at the door, but do you think his march was still a happy one? There was opportunity for victory and glory, but he also could have been defeated and killed. This was the opportunity that could bring David the greatest happiness and fortune. Thus, the road of death is not necessarily a terrible thing, and sometimes dancing and fun is not always happy either. You determine your happiness and blessing by your attitude and motivation. These provide the meaning of your happiness. If you prepare yourself for the good cause without sleep or food, it may seem to be a suffering way of life but it is rewarding nonetheless. That person has a future and hope, and no one can take it away.

What kind of people truly felt happiness and reward in history? People who had great wealth were always happy, weren't they? And learned scholars were happy, weren't they? What about politically powerful people? What did bring happiness? You tell me that the ideal, true love, and opportunity to confront life and death situations bring happiness, and all of these are correct. Many things could represent a happy life, but the unity of a subject and object who are one in true love for the sake of mankind sums up everything. They become the central figures of everything. We could say that they become the central figure or personality with true love, and anything that contributes to that goal will bring true happiness and blessing.

When you say that something is central does it include God or not? All of mankind? The whole world? The past? The present and future? The center of true love includes everything. If you ask God what He desires, He will reply that He wants to be the center of true love. If you ask men and women, they will answer the same. That includes black, white and yellow, and also all things of creation. But if you depart from the central theme of true love, no ideal or love is good enough.

Would you rather own something precious or trivial? What is something precious that you want to own? Why do we need parents, a husband and wife, and children? Some people think that such things just give them a hard time, but actually these relationships are the workshop for the center of true love. in which you can come to personify true love.

American young people want to be independent and not be disciplined by their parents. Is that the right attitude? American life is convenience-oriented, so why do we need a family, which is only a burden that needs to be supported? Many people truly think a family is only a liability. True, it is convenient not to be responsible for a family, but that has nothing to do with central true love.

Do we have to revolutionize American thinking? I don't want to do it! America has already given me such a hard time that I don't want to tell America anything else. Do you want to give up if I do? Or do you want to change America? Even if I don't want to go ahead, you want to go because you still have to fulfill true love.

Even if you go hungry for thousands of days, would you still prefer central true love to hamburgers? Where is that love? It's not tangible, but you know that you need it. It doesn't matter where you grab true love, whether in a smelly shoe or whatever, when you find true love you will find the universe and mankind. Wherever you find true love is where you find true happiness and the Kingdom of Heaven. Once you grab true love you have them all. Love is a panacea, so people of the past and present are reaching out for true love, and even God wants to have true love.

Anyone who doesn't want true love, raise your hand. Will a pretty woman find true love by just sitting and waiting for it? Would you find it by waiting for people to come to you, or by giving your heart and soul for that goal? I have become an international figure. Did I accomplish that by sitting idle, enjoying good food and entertainment? I did it by giving my total commitment, dealing with despair and hardship. I was always ready to give my entire best.

Are you closer to the central true love by going the easy way, or by giving your total commitment? Does that mean I have been going the right way my entire life? Most people live normal lives, go to school and get a degree, and then start a career. But even when we get degrees we go out selling flowers and peanuts! What kind of happiness is that? Instead of telling our Ph.D. graduates to start teaching in colleges, I tell them to go to the bottom of society and be involved with the people, knowing that they will be spat at and scorned. For what purpose should they do manual labor? Is it for themselves or others? If you are doing it for others then there must be an easier way. The person who suffers most for the sake of others will receive the greatest glory. Suppose the head of state is coming down to the lowest position and selling flowers for the sake of one suffering individual. That would be most dramatic. The person who departs from the center and goes down to the lowest place to serve others has enlarged his own territory. The central man who goes all the way down and then has to go to the other extreme, is so big in serving others that he reaches the limit of the universe in all directions. His deeds fill the universe.

When you make one complete circle and come back to the other extreme, you have no place else to go except back to the center. People may never recognize why you are doing this, but when you return to the central position they will recognize you. Will you have a greater chance to find true love if you never leave your own position? No, you must go all the way around to every situation. Maybe you think happiness can be found in the White House instead of the place where people are miserable.

When you go to people's houses they kick you out. Are you discouraged when people reject you without knowing your true desires and goals, or do you find even greater energy? Does that mean you like fundraising, where people kick you and treat you like dirt? Do you react with greater enthusiasm and energy? When you are beaten do you shrink in confusion and wonder if you are doing the right thing?

David was confronting Goliath, who had a long, powerful sword, and could easily kill him. Wouldn't it have been wiser for David to retreat? What is your purpose and why are you here? You came to receive your portion of true love. No matter how hungry or sleepy you are, you still want to be here because you are confident that true love is here. You want me to talk for as long as I want, as long as I give you some true love. Even just hearing about true love you applaud. What would happen when you actually receive it? When it hits you, you will be totally melted.

Why does everyone long to return to his birthplace? Because everyone wants to restore their memory of the love they received from their family when they were young. Hometown is a synonym for Love-town. If your parents get old and die, you visit their graves with nostalgia. You may feel sad and lonely, but still you return there again and again. It is the memory of love that pulls you back.

Why do we have five senses? Through our senses we can feel true love. Our eyes want to shed tears of joy at seeing true love. There is no boredom in true love, and you always want to see and hear more and more true love. With true love all your senses are filled with joy, and your whole body is a chunk of true love. If you are nothing but a chunk of love then when you are rolling down the Himalayas you will burst into pieces when you hit the bottom and the entire world will be shaken. When you burst it is not just you as an individual but the center of true love which is bursting.

God is almighty so that He can protect true love and keep it intact. No one can accuse God of misusing His power because He will only use it for true love. When you represent central true love, the whole universe will act to protect you because you will be the most precious entity in the cosmos. If by chance true love should be hammered into pieces, God would reassemble the pieces into something even better. Certainly then God would never release love because it would be so precious to Him. Nothing is more precious to Him than that.

The central theme of the universe is the center of true love. Indeed, that is the only reason for the existence of the universe. How many of you women looked in your mirror before coming this morning? You washed your face and put something on to make yourself more beautiful. Why did you do that? It is your inherent nature to want to be beautiful and be liked by others, so you want to present yourself in a better way to embrace other people. What is the energy that inspires you to do that? I think it is the drive of central true love.

Without thinking of central true love, people just exist from day to day like vegetables. What kind of life is that? Truly it is a most tragic life. Our God-given nature is always trying to move toward the center of true love, but the wickedness in the world tries to block that. There is a conflict within individuals between their good nature and the satanic power, which is overwhelming. They try desperately to be happy in that environment, but they just can't do it. Therefore, people just perish and become like vegetables.

People are like fish trapped by a series of nets in the ocean. They only see the closest net and think that if they can just escape it then they can be happy. It is not so; they don't see the series of nets which are waiting after that. It is painful to witness that struggle with the first little net, but if a person can make a titanic jump and cross over all the nets then there is hope for him. The only way to escape is to jump up.

If the fish wants to break out then he should think about jumping up, in God's direction, instead of trying to break through each net one by one. He might think it is hopeless, but then he happens to notice a line that passes overhead every now and then. Some people are nonchalant when they see the line, but others get super-excited and make a grab as it passes overhead. Maybe that rope passes over just once in a century, or once in a millennium, and then they have no choice but to wait for one hundred or one thousand years.

The messianic hope is that rope. For thousands of years the Jews waited for that lifeline. Christianity has been waiting for 2,000 years. We are all chained to the ground by the world that holds us, so even if we grab the rope there is a chain preventing us from taking off. Our job is to be prepared by cutting the chains so that we are always ready to take off. That is the spiritual victory we must win.

It is impossible to break through all the nets by yourself. However, your first jump might be not high enough so you miss the rope, and then you have to wait another millennium until the rope passes by again. What kind of rope can liberate you totally from the satanic world? The messianic rope alone can bring you out in one stroke. A minister offers a rope which presents some hope, with the power to bring you across one fence, but still you will not make it all the way. You need an extraordinary jump which will carry you all the way outside the nets. Am I greedy because I think in these terms?

You must liquidate the chains connecting you to the past and to your old ways so that you can grab the rope. First you have to cleanse yourself ideologically. What kind of thoughts dwell in your brain, central true love mixed with all kinds of impure things, or just central pure love? How purified is your thinking? There are many isms in the world today, like a department store full of things for sale. There is individualism, socialism, communism and rope-ism and Moonism. Which ism do you have in your brain?

No one can look in your brain except you. so check what kind of ism lives there. You know how true or false you are, and no one else. The other day I took some of the leaders to Florida, and we saw one parrot there who kept saying, "You know it!" I am saying the same thing to you, you know who you are and what ism you have. Raise your hand if you don't know what is in your brain.

Since you know where you are, when you go to spirit world you have no excuse for not working for true love. Medical science can record your heartbeat and the electrical functioning of your brain. In the same way, you cannot hide from spirit world because they know exactly what you are. What's in your mind? You know.

When you compare your reality with the standard I am teaching you, you have no reason to think you have earned heaven. How many of you think you have earned heaven? That means I have wasted all morning talking to all these dead people! Do you laugh because you feel good or because you're unhappy? Our goal in life is to find the center of true love. Will you do it quietly, by yourself? Or will you advertise and let the world be shaken? You will be controversial and let the universe know.

The greatest of all searches in history is the search for true love, in all corners of the earth. Only when you let the universe know will you have a hope of finding it. Do you think I thought about that prior to starting my journey? I knew it was the quickest way to true love. When I made a stir in Korea, the whole nation was shaken, and now all Asia is shaking. People called me names and made incredible accusations, and in the midst of that I could hardly believe that people were still following me. But the greater the suffering I went through, the greater my following! Even when people tell you not to become a Moonie, you still come.

People even came to see me in prison. The longest line of visitors in history was the group which waited to see me pass down the prison hall. They even stood for 24 hours. I did not speak kindly to those visitors: I demanded to know why they were there instead of out witnessing. They replied that they missed me and had no power until they saw me. Tears ran down their faces as we spoke, and the prison officials couldn't understand what was happening. I was not handsome or important-looking, but not only young people but even grandparents and children came to line up and see me.

When you own the center of true love, that is what happens. What is the most colorful street in New York? Have you gone to Times Square to shout out, "I am here to find the center of true love"? You probably think people will look at you strangely. If you are embarrassed and concerned about all the old things but insist that you want the center of true love, will you find it? Why can't we just live quietly and behave like normal people and still have the center of true love? The person who sees many wicked things and hears wicked sounds and yet is patient, who has many things to say but is patient and waits, who has the experience of suffering and persevering through incredible circumstances, that person deserves true love.

Do you look for true love in a peculiar area, or in an ordinary area? Do you really know that true love is not easy to come by, or do you just agree because I am saying it? Who is the center and subject of true love? God has seen much wickedness committed here on earth, but still He has hope. He will never lose that infinite hope, so that is how we can realize He is the center of true love. God is in the center, but many layers of fences surround Him. He is a prisoner there, but all this time He has been patient and withstood His circumstances.

In order to reach God you have to run an obstacle race around all those fences. It's not easy. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by people's negativity, but at that moment think how many people have cursed God. Did He get mad and kill them? God was patient, so should you be weaker or stronger than God in receiving their hostility? When you talk about tears and tribulation, you must not forget how patient God has been and how He suffered. Can you talk about your own position without thinking of His? When you think of Him you will find He is always ahead of you.

God is the center and subject of true love for eternity. When you know the suffering that has preceded you, could you refuse to go any further when you meet hardship? Or should you feel that your suffering is nothing compared to God's? Who made God suffer man or God Himself? God is suffering because of man's failure and rebellion, yet still He does not blame man. He only takes the beating and still tries to save man. Then what is our excuse for saying no? Even if death comes to me, I shall be able to praise God for His greater faith and endurance, and say that I have received nothing compared to Him. That should be everyone's position.

Is it better to think you just can't deal with it and will go your own way, or to tell God that you know His suffering and still you want to bear His burden and be His representative to suffer on His behalf? God is the subject and master of creation, the King of the universe, yet He never claimed this authority once. That's the true greatness of God. God is waiting to reach out, waiting for you. Because of Satan's blockade He has had no way to communicate with His people and give His true love. Without honor or fame God has been suffering and waiting for the one moment of victory where He could have give and take with the center of true love.

This is not just talk or a story. God has been rejected and deceived by many, many people, yet He always had hope to find the true one. When such a person appears do you think God will give everything right away? Unless God sees the man who will suffer and really pursue God's task as He has done, He cannot have mutual understanding and communication with that man. That's the only way you can have rapport with God. There is no easy way to reach out to the center of true love; it is a road of suffering and pain. Even if you could meet God without going that path, you would feel uncomfortable instead of happy because God could not fully open His heart to you. Therefore, the road to the center of true love is a thorny one.

You always should be conscious of how you will appear when you stand before the center of true love. Will you be mediocre and so-so? Would that be good enough to receive the center of true love? Would you love your husband and wife with an impure mind? Would you feel lukewarm love toward your children? Would you be half-hearted in doing your Church mission? It's a serious thing.

When you are alone, do not feel that you are by yourself. Have you ever thought that if you falter when you are alone that true love will falter, but when you stand then true love will stand? It is a serious position. To reach the goal you must be willing to go any route. If the entire world becomes your enemy, but you know that this is the only way you can acquire the center of true love, nothing will stop you. The path for the center of true love will demolish all your dignity and honor at once, but for true love you can still go that way. You must be willing to go there even if it means you will lose everything.

Even if you falter along the way, you can tell God that at least you went forward single-mindedly, never leaving the path. Then you have something to say to God and He will listen. When you go with this attitude, there is no way you can betray God or give up. Even death cannot stop you. On this road there is only honor so there is no room for complaint. Don't you have the mind of betrayal to some degree? Ask yourself. If you have any degree of betrayal, this is the time to repent. People complain every day about trivial things, and they must repent for that.

First check what ism you have, and second, what love you have. In order to be linked to the center of true love, you should have love. The question is whether your love is directly linked to the center, but you must have love. Many people say the Unification Church has a weird way of doing things, such as the three-year period of purification after marriage. Why do we need three years? During your three-year engagement you should love the Parents first and receive their love. Then on that foundation, you can unite with your mate. That is the tradition of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve should have served God, their Father.

You should be careful in relating to your fiancée, for this is the period for you to love the Parents first. It is good to care for each other, but the manner in which you conduct your communication is very vital. Again, to reach the central true love a period of discipline is necessary. This is not just my technique to make you work hard. I know the shortest way to true love, and this is the best way to link you to it.

Third is position. Who owns your husband or wife" God is actually loaning you the person who is your husband or wife. Since their true owner is God, unless you are united in God's love there is no way you can have partnership with your mate. When you look at your husband or wife, look at him or her as being in God's position, on loan to you, and not your private property. Since you are united in one love with God and love Him most, you can love the person in God's position, your husband or your wife. That is natural. Then you can love them as much as you love God.

Some people coming to the Unification Church might see someone they think would be a good mate for them, but then I match them with a person they consider insignificant. How can they deal with the situation? Some of those people are conditional followers, who accept the Divine Principle, but not our way of marriage. Without Principle there is no marriage, and without marriage there is no Principle. The two are one, all following the center of true love. In some rare cases people might wish their fiancée would die in the three years before the wedding comes so they can get another match.

Why do I assume the heavy responsibility of matching everyone? I get no money or fee like any other professional. All the criticism comes to me while all the happy couples feel they are lucky and are not grateful enough to the True Parents. Why should I volunteer? When I am matching people I can see their futures and what kind of life they will lead. Some people will have tragedy in their life, and in order to prevent such tragedy I must match them with certain types of people. I am not just looking at people horizontally, but vertically.

I have a philosophy of balance in matching, a harsh person needs to be balanced with someone softer. A weak, soft person needs someone strong. In machines, both hard and soft metals are needed to complement each other. People look only at the surface appearance in evaluating people, but a pretty woman and a handsome man together may lose everything and leave nothing behind. In matching people I try to make a permanent base. I match from the viewpoint of central true love. Sometimes my methods look strange, or labyrinthine, and you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But if the end result will be true love, I will go that way.

I have been controversial everywhere, in whatever I do, but I never volunteered for that. My goal is not fame; I am only looking at one thing, central true love. I never aimed at knowledge, money or power, but in pursuing true love everything else automatically came to me as a fringe benefit.

People have to recognize that now I am successful from the worldly point of view. If you truly believe in God and know He is almighty, then you have to accept that as naturally being the case. People reject me for many pragmatic reasons and feel threatened by me, but even though they oppose me, their original mind still knows that I am right. Suppose I consummated my life here and went to spirit world; God knows more than anyone how I lived to fulfill true love, and He would be the first one to feel I should no longer suffer and be lonely here on earth. At the same time, all people pursuing true love would know my value and would mourn my death.

Even the people who have never seen me on earth can understand true love through my teaching and way of life, and they will come to Belvedere to feel close to me, remembering how I spoke here. The carpet laid in 1980 will be a most precious one a hundred years from now. People will come to see the place where I spoke to you every Sunday, and where you sat. Even though I am not on earth, someone representing my position will feel greatly honored to preach from this platform. People will come from all over the world to experience the feeling of 1980. Will they doze off? Why did you come this morning? You want to see central true love. Why do you need me? I am the bridge which will lead you to the center of true love. Without me you cannot cross the river, so when I am away you want to know where your bridge is. Even if only a handful of people are here, if I am also here then the room feels full, but if I am not present then it feels empty, even if hundreds of people are here.

Once every several thousand years the rope passes overhead. The Unification Church is that rope, so we are the ones who grabbed it. It is a once-in-a million opportunity, so would you just casually grab it with one hand? Or would you bite it and wind it around and around your body and legs so you can't be separated? You all have the rope, so how intensely would you become one with it? You are winding it not only around your body, but around your 360 homes. and even the root of the rope will come down that is Home Church.

Is the center of true love up in the air? Yesterday Sun Jin drew a pretty picture, and asked me to look at it. The person in the picture was missing one eye, the nose was crooked and the face looked ugly, but as far as she was concerned it was a masterpiece and she was proud. She gave her whole heart in creating it, and she wanted it to be recognized by her Daddy. It was a manifestation of her love. Your Home Church is like Sun Jin's drawing, with one eye missing and the nose crooked. From God's point of view it is like Sun Jin's drawing, but if you have given your love there and done your best, it is beautiful. You are there to plant the center of true love. When that center is in action, you will be welcome wherever you go. True love will activate the people, from great-grandparents to little children.

One memory I can never forget is my suffering for three years in the North Korean prison. I never preached there, but because I had a father's heart the people followed me. I cannot forget the people who brought me little gifts in the midst of their incredible circumstances. They might have had a little piece of rice cake, but instead of eating it in their hunger, they kept it hidden in their dirty clothes to hide it from the prison inspectors, and then brought it to me. No money can buy that kind of priceless deed, only central true love. I cannot forget these things. No one can take those memories away, and they will all be in spirit world. The true blessing is having beautiful memories to take to spirit world for eternity. It is not for yourself but for the whole.

Would you like to participate in the search for true love? It's not compulsory. In only a few more years we won't have to tell the people about the Unification Church and struggle to witness to them. The New York Times will have a special series of articles apologizing for brainwashing the American public the wrong way. They will realize that my goal was to give true love to all America, but they made it almost impossible for people to receive and welcome it. What will happen on Sunday morning at Belvedere then? When the media repents for their wrongdoing, and the people who have been the victims of that propaganda find out the truth, will they want to hear the truth themselves? Will I be respected by everyone?

Will you be good pioneers going toward the center of true love? Would you like to shout it out to the world? I have passed the baton to you, so grab it and go to Home Church. That's where you will finish the race. Let us become crazy about Home Church and the center of true love for the next seven years. When you go to Home Church initially there will be all kinds of rejection, even from the pets. The dogs will bark and the cats will hiss, but you can promise to bring them true love in seven years and tell them to see what happens. You can have the courage to do it because God has been living that way and I have been living that way. Certainly you can do it for seven years. God is not asking only you to suffer; He Himself has already suffered many more times than that.

Those of you who have had love before know how powerful the attraction between men and women is, so you should think of Home Church as your lover and love your people more than you have ever loved anyone in the past. Before loving anyone you have to fulfill the words in the Bible, "Unless you love me more than your wife or husband and children, you are not worthy of me." You have to love God most. At the same time, what you have done for Home Church is what you have done for God. Now, take action.

Unless you pass the test of deeds, you shall not enter the gate of heaven. There is no boundary or nationality in spirit world, no American heaven or Korean heaven. All are mingled as one race, and everyone is measured by the same criterion, how much you fulfill true love. In your 360 homes you are in the center of God's love, bringing it to them as though you were ringing a bell. Everyone will start to move when that bell of God's love rings. By doing so you are demolishing all the barriers that have surrounded God for thousands of years. That is your true happiness and blessing. You are planting the root in Home Church, and when you go to spirit world you can deal with 360 peoples and races and denominations. You will be a universal person.

When you wind the rope around your Home Church area, you will experience every conceivable type of human affair here on earth, all the sad and joyful stories, tragedies and loves. When you hear all these situations and cover them with the blanket of God's love, it will all be healed. It is truly good fortune that God has given us such a privilege and responsibility. Those who love Home Church, raise your hands. Are you still trying to love Home Church, or do you love Home Church already?

One of the things I will announce at the leaders conference tomorrow is that each family name will create one circle or tribe, like the twelve Jewish tribes. In the second seven-year course all the people of one tribe will be assigned to a joint Home Church area which will be the tribal Home Church. One hundred Smiths will have one hundred Home Church areas, and they will cooperate as one tribe, going from one place to another, sponsoring events and encouraging people. When the Smith family is united to do this, all the Smiths around the world will be proud and a good competition will be started.

The Jewish Home Churches will compete, plus the British, the Japanese, and so forth. The time has come when mankind will be organized into tribes. Now it is possible because I have consummated my three seven-year courses. Now it is the children's era, and Abel must truly become the leader in the elder son's position. All of you are given the right to hold the elder brother's position. With that authority you can lead all your younger brothers in the Cain world. Therefore, we will mobilize one tribe and nation. The dispensation is now moving to a higher stage.

The Jews will become three tribes and move Israel. Irish people will form their tribe and move the Irish nation, and so forth. There are many components in America and all of them will be organized in the tribe system, and then move to the national level. The non-Principled people will be in the Cain position, to be led by the Abel world. The world will come to a true understanding of the Unification Church, so how could they continue to reject us at that time? Why are all these things happening at this time? If it is true that God is the center of true love, then inevitably it will happen.

In the Unification Church we have all nationalities and races. In one store we can find all items, but only in America. That is naturally why I came to America. Once the process of organization is done and Home Church succeeds here in America, particularly tribal organization is accomplished, there will be a link made to the entire world because America is a microcosm of the universe. You are all Americans. Black members have no reason to feel animosity toward white people. Your opportunity is here. All you have to do is unite more closely than white people and then run faster. This is your time for true vindication. The oppressed people have more motivation to unite and fulfill more for God. That is the criterion that applies to everyone. Do you know this?

First you give everything up, and then grab onto the rope with all your might. We have a new word now-ropism. Your 360 homes are your stage. Do whatever you want -- dance and sing, grab people and embrace them, serve them. This is your arena. When true love binds all of you together, would you want it to be tight or loose? It should be so tight that your flesh almost sticks together with your neighbors'. Will you say it is okay only under the condition that it is white flesh to white flesh, or black to black? The most beautiful sight would be for each portion to have multiple colors of skin.

If God is truly God, He must be thinking along this line. What do you need? Today, start living central true love, working central true love, dying for central true love, and living for eternity with central true love. It has to be with you all the way. I am the craziest for true love, and that is why I have been persecuted and become controversial. While I am receiving persecution I am still crazy about true love, and when I look around I see that all races have begun following me. What is the secret? I have lived this life for the entire world, and now I am giving you a small stage so you can take over as masters of true love.

I set the condition on the world level, and now in your 360 homes you shall receive the same reward and privilege. Are you ready? Will you complain? Will you take an easy route? The route of suffering is the shortest cut. I am not that dumb if I could figure all this out. No one in history has made such gigantic claims, but I have done it confidently. If there were no hope, vision and a future then I could not do so. When you know the life I have lived, do you think only one kind of person will visit my tomb? My tomb will be a shrine for people from all over the world. Central true love is universal. When you live your life for true love, the same thing will happen to you.

You start out in Home Church, then Tribe Church, Nation Church, and Universe Church. It's all up to you now. Go ahead. Home Church is the beginning. After you do that, you can do as much as you like, but Home Church is the bare minimum.

Shall we do it? Liquidation means to cleanse yourself. Your mind should be totally occupied by true love and Godism, and when you concentrate you can move forward. How fast will you go, like a car, a locomotive, or a Concorde jet? Go ahead and do it. Yesterday I went to the ocean and saw the jets leaving Kennedy airport. I saw a Concorde take off, and a second later it was gone. Then I immediately thought about the providence of dispensation. God bless you.  

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