The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Persecution and Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1980
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator -- Sang Kil Han

As you know, today is the anniversary of the founding of our Church in 1954, this marks the 27th year. The history of the last 26 years has been a history of persecution. Why have we been persecuted? It had to come so the; we could receive blessings in the end. People have puzzled about why' Good people and religious people down through history have always been persecuted. In trying to understand this, people have speculated that perhaps there is no God at all; if He really were omnipotent then why would His people suffer?

It has always been true that under persecution a good person would become stronger, while a self-centered person would begin to lean to the evil side. This pattern is ages old, and even sodas we find that the moment we let ourselves lean toward the bad side, we feel ourselves weakening. Regardless of a person's position, once he decides to stand apart from the side of goodness he begins to weaken.

The question is what causes a person to feel that way. The rich people of the world always seem to be the rascals and scoundrels, not the good people. Once a person veers to the bad side, it is hard to return to the good side; but once he is aware of his situation and realizes why good people are persecuted, he can hold tightly to goodness. Under these circumstances, we have to conclude there are two kinds of god -- one who helps propagate goodness, and one who ho multiplies evil and helps evil people to prosper. Then, we would ask, did these two gods create the world together or was it the creation of just one or the other?

Man has always searched to find whether man is originally good or bad; some say that originally man was good, while others feel that originally he was bad, but is overcoming evil and getting better day by day. In this confused and hazy situation, people don't know which way to go. Logically, we say that if a bad god had created the world then the beginning would be bad and the outcome would be bad. But everyone has a conscience, which is alive and struggling against the stream of badness in the world. Why does conscience exist and why does it work; that way? If a bad god created the world then there would be no room for conscience.

We could think; either that conscience came into being after man was created, or that it was created along with man. How can we say it has been part of man all the time? How is it that conscience has been such a strong force in history and where does it come from? Would it be possible for a light to shine in the darkness if it didn't receive power from somewhere else? People have seen that the power of conscience is always present, so we can conclude that it must be powered by, energy from somewhere.

Because we know about God, we feel that conscience must be powered by energy from God, and that it will continue to fight against the evil in history until evil is conquered and dispersed. But the evil in man will always confront goodness and not let it go freely on its way. Thus the person of conscience is also tempted by evil; how have these two elements come to divide man? We can surmise that along the way some accident occurred which caused man to contain these two opposing elements.

We build a machine to work and function correctly. It is not necessary for the whole thing to break down for it to stop working; when just one part breaks down then the whole machine will not work. We can realize that one part of ourselves is broken the conscience is intact, but something else is amiss. We can see that somehow it is our body that has ceased to function correctly. Man's conscience is still in its original state, but the body must be repaired to function correctly.

We see three types of people in the world who lives absolutely by his conscience; one kind who sometimes does and sometimes doesn't and finally, the kind of person who never tries to think about the meaning behind things, and only lives for his own profit. If there are two gods, then the evil god can dominate the people in the third category, plus often the people in the second category. The God of goodness can only have connection with people in the first category, however.

The third category will be those who emphasize what the body wants, while people in the second category have a standard of conscience which changes according to their circumstances. A person in the first category however is so conscientious that love is part of his motivation in whatever he does. The world is a museum of people, good, bad and in between. God and Satan battle over who gains people in the different categories. Satan easily invades the second and third groups, whereas God works the other way trying to strengthen man's conscience.

In every competition there are rules to obey and there is no exception for good and evil. The rules must be kept. What kind of rule would apply to all situations in the universe? Around us we see that nations have laws which were made to protect their people; laws are intended to protect goodness from being invaded.

A man must have true love before he can be a true man. Before we can say God is a true God. He must have true love. We can only think of a true rule in these teens. Then what is this true love? Any person, whether good, bad or in between, can claim he is acting out of true love, but how can we recognize true love?

True love likes and embraces everything, whether in man's world, God's world, or the world of the universe. If true love shone like the sun rising in the morning, everything would see and admire it, and never look elsewhere. The eyes of everyone in spirit world will be fixed upon it. Who will get to it first? Would everyone rush at it, without order, or would there be a procedure and sequence for getting there? Even true love should have order, shouldn't it?

There is an order in man's body and each limb and organ always appear in the same place, likewise, when true love appears, those who are closest to being "true" should go there first. The true man can become closest to true love. But when true love doesn't show itself then the center of heaven is empty. Until the true man and true love appear, the real heaven is empty. God is trying to widen His territory, and domain of goodness to include everything, man is raised up enough to be included here, all things will come under him.

According to this standard are you a true man? Do you want to become a true man? Why weren't we born as true men? Why is it we only try hard to become true men after we are born? Realizing that something fundamental is wrong with man. We come to the question of the fail; man is always trying to overcome the effects of the fall. Fallen men live in the area where God does not dominate, and their fervent desire is to return to the original area, but some material is needed to form a bridge. That material is a true man. Finally, God forms a bridge to enable man to go right into His heart.

Viewed in this light, it is clear that a small set of rules govern all of history, and then it no longer appears complicated. But it is confusing when these rules are working on every level at the same time.

Every man has a conscience, and without being told he knows what is right. A man's mind has to have a purpose of goodness; an intense feeling, that you absolutely have to do something for goodness is almost a religious feeling.

When you see the bright sun in the morning, don't you expect that it is going to be a good day? If you meet someone you like early in the day, you feel that the day will be a fruitful one. When you meet a bad man, perhaps you feel it will be a fruitless day. A religious man has an advantage because he can feel that even meeting a bad man will bring him luck. No one can beat Unification Church members, because you know that difficulty and hardship will help you pay indemnity!

If you travel in the countryside where there is no road then you travel up and down and round about to reach your destination. Unification Church members especially go everywhere to reach their destination. A bad man could not continue our way of life one day, for he would be too tired. We are tired too, but not discouraged. That is the difference. We can compare this to walking -- ordinary people might take a whole lifetime to walk to Washington, but religious people might walk all the way to the Orient. They can go that far. Some people might climb only a 3,000 foot mountain, while religious people might climb a 30,000 foot mountain.

Even man, good or bad, powerful or weak, wants to reshape the world the way he likes it. Why is it so? How can you say it is permitted within the law? If a person has true love, anything can be done because everything he does is within the law. This is what many people don't know. A person should have the purpose in his life of reaching true love, and no matter how long it takes, he still has to reach his destination.

Imagine that this blackboard space is the entire earth, and one person possesses a tiny speck of territory. If that person has true love then he can claim the whole world is his. Even God desires that true love. Everyone has that desire, but usually people don't know why. The purpose of that desire is to guide them to find true love.

It is good for everyone it have strong desire because it will carry us up high to true love. To get to that point a man should have absolute desire, without intense desire a man will go wrong. Desire can be either good or bad. You have to be clear about this so you won't be confused, since being confused causes you to lose power. We must know we are heading this way, because we need material to make a bridge, whether it is all things, man or spirit world.

The individual's life is going there and also providential history; everything is directed to that goal. Man's life and history are preparing to get there. God also must go there, but without man God cannot be there. What is God's true love? Is it God Himself, or some object? That object is true man. That true man and true God will live together cantering on true love. God can do anything He wants, so why does He make us suffer, and why does it salve so long to mend history? Without true man, God cannot fulfill His true love. We have an equal position in this.

God created man to have true love but man fell; thus, God is agonized that true love has not been achieved. He has been trying to raise man so that they can both have true love. True God can hex e true love and true man. True man can have true God and true universe. True creation has true man and true God. True love is the most important -- without that you cannot be a true man or possess true things. Do you really want true love then?

If you go hungry for a few days, do you want true love more than food? You have experienced seven days fasting; one minute before the fast ends do you want true love or good food? In that one crucial minute you can destroy the purpose of your seven days. If you can feel that for true love, you could even continue to fast then you have served the purpose of the fast.

There have been thousands of years of human history and providential history, but now within one generation we can comer the whole distance to true love. If we really plant our stake in true love then God will be overjoyed. Then human life will have reached its goal and mankind can have joy. Everyone will say mansei. I must be the most foolish man in the world because no one likes persecution except me. But what is that foolish man going to accomplish? He knows this fact that true love is man's goal. In that case am I really foolish or not?

Why is this Unification Church necessary? If I just want to be proud of myself and boast about the Church I lead, people would ask what that would have to do with America and the world's problems. I walk a consistent way in my life. I founded the Unification Church as a vehicle for indemnity, so it goes the same direction I do. When this path of indemnity is finally done, a highway is laid for the entire world and there is nothing in the world that will be unconnected to everything else. Everything will then be going in the same direction. When the world knows this, everyone will be grateful for finding hope.

What are we here for? No matter what race we come from, when we reach true love we will have complete unity and there will be no fighting each other.

The Old Testament era v. as the first stage of the dispensation, and its center was focused on material. The New Testament era is somewhat more advanced, with man the center of the dispensation. In the Completed Testament era, what would assume the center role? Love of God's heart, or Shim Jung. Hasn't this been the sequence of God's orderly steps throughout history? We have arrived at a new concept one so far has been seeking or conceived of a heartistic God, but we are even talking about heartistic man and heartistic all things. They are all one in the realm of heart.

We can achieve all that in one generation through our heart, body and all things, corresponding to the three levels of dispensation. If we do it within ourselves, we can erase that problem. What has the Unification Church achieved? We can solve the failures of history within our own lifetime and settle them all. We can achieve what people failed to do in the Old Testament and New Testament eras, and enhance our love so that one day we can become true men. That's what history has mainly been striving for.

These three states include the major philosophies of man: materialism, humanism, and Godism. Even in the very early times there was a theism, or Godism, which over the years became humanism, and today has become materialism. Today it is even a crude form of materialism; we could call it deteriorism! What ism is a disco dance? Any bad name would fit, but there is such a thing as rock bottom. By the time we hit that, we feel we are not going the right way.

Fundraising is a pan of restoring, material. Then through witnessing we find people. Through home church we find heart. Once we have a clear idea and work at it this can all be finished in seven years; home church needn't take a whole lifetime. Don't you want to invest a good seven years? I was amazed to recall that yesterday (March 16th by the lunar calendar) was our 20th wedding anniversary. April 30, 1973 was the official start of my dispensation in America, that was the day I forgot my green card for permanent residence in America. Yesterday ended the seventh year here in America. The anniversary of' these events came within 24 hours. All times and dates fall within the precise time frame of God's Principle.

It is thought that Jesus started his public ministry at the age of thirty, but actually it started at the age of 27. Today is the 27th anniversary of the Church, and it will untangle the unsuccessful past, all within the 24 hour period. Tremendous things are happening in history now, for instance, the failure of the rescue mission in Iran. If it had succeeded then of course President Carter would be reelected. But there is no intelligent explanation for its failure.

So far history has been moving at a certain tempo, but recently events have speeded up so much that even news people wonder what is going on. America has been complacent toward Russia's threat to the world, but now everyone is thinking again that Russia is a menace to this country and the world America needs strong leadership to counter that menace.

From the time of Congressman Fraser's downfall conservatives have begun a steady rise to prominence, which no one expected. Hearing this explanation for it you should have great faith to go toward the goal and reach it. You think if you hit something with your fist that your hand will break, but no, the obstacle will shatter. This is what CARP is doing. Originally CARP leaders thought it was not feasible to strike out boldly in America, but now the, are finding that the obstacles will crumble

First came the age of worshipping through material, then through man, and finally worship of the true God. Now we can combine everything together and fulfill it, so combine everything in history in yourself and go for broke. Know you will succeed Because of the weight of the true words you have. You will be heavier and tip the balance to your side. That is what I have always been doing -- the world is on one end of the seesaw and I am on the other. I couldn't sit still and sometimes I would go up and down, but I never got off the board, if I had, all history would have gone down the drain. The more people persecuted me, however, the more weight was added to my side. Heavenly law is working here. If evil attacks good, but goodness does not yield, evil will become weaker and weaker, and that side will get lighter and lighter. Every time you meet persecution you can become stronger and stronger.

The high point of persecution came in 1976, and I declared that everyone in the world would come against me. Judaism, representing the Old Testament and Christianity representing the New Testament, have come against me. America representing the free world, has opposed me and communism has opposed me. All 127 countries where we sent missionaries persecuted us. Do you think I was beaten in that war? Everyone hates to admit it, but I really won. The pendulum has swung in the other direction.

Now I can tell you to forget about history and concentrate on your own seven-year course. Now that you have inherited everything you can give it away. What if I told you that you don't need home church? The authority to do home church rests with me, but what have you to do with me? The main problem is how you inherit the correct pattern from me in your own area; you have to have proof that I should give it to you. Actually you have no right to receive it, but if you can say that you are a son or daughter of the True Parents then you can say that I must leave it for you to inherit. Then I will agree.

What is the qualification for being a true son? Do true sons pack up and leave when they don't agree with their parents? Many people today are doing it, though. Even if it's not easy to be a true son, would you want to do it? Maybe one out of many children would struggle to stay home and be a true son. Such a child would say that he will never leave no matter what his parents do. He can say that his parents must be jealous at the thought that he will share true love with them and they can bear and kick him, but still he will not leave because he is determined to inherit true love. He will tell his parents, " If you need my eyes, you can have them but I will stay."

God never sympathized with me, worrying if I had eaten or not. When I worked hard and then slept, God could say, "Do you know what time this is and you can still sleep?" You can only imagine. God thought that perhaps I would only last a few days and then run away, but He was surprised when I kept going. He was surprised whenever I went over a difficult barrier. Satan may be able to follow you over a certain height, so God will wonder whether you can make it over the highest point then and leave Satan behind. If you can make it over that highest point then Satan cannot follow you and your progress from there on is not so difficult.

Don't think that Satan is all bad. If there were no Satan then you would not work; to pass your examination. Does anyone like exams? But you need to take an examination, don't you? If you knew you weren't going to be tested then you wouldn't study. For every exam you pass you gain more knowledge and become more useful. Persecution is necessary for us to get blessing, also, if we get persecution then we keep going.

The one tenth of your material that you tithe is the most precious part. An offering must be pure. Have you heard of how young, virgin girls were killed as offerings in ancient times? The criterion is to offer first love. Likewise with animals. The Old Testament era is the period when things of creation were given as an offering, while in the New Testament era man was dedicated as offering. In the Completed Testament era the standard of offering is elevated, and we experience sacrifice of heart. When we have dedicated everything for the sake of goodness it is painful to be called a Moonie and be rejected and misunderstood.

Everyone must come to look upon that particular person as an offering. The best material should be used for offering, so a pure and wonderful person should be an offering. Even one should know that he or she is an offering; if we don't let people know we are Moonies and let ourselves be persecuted, can we say we are an offering? Everyone should know we are Moonies and see that we are persecuted. Then we can be an offering. If we hide and let someone else do it then can we say we are an offering? People who know my ability will ask why I do things the way I do, letting everyone know we are Moonies. They say we would have many more members and have less persecution if we kept that fact quiet.

But God has a timetable, so I push you to accomplish things. If you do them then you are all set, but if you wait until the last minute and God tells you to do it then God cannot wait if you fail to complete it. I make you do it in such a way that once it is over you can tell God you are finished before He asks you.

You will never understand how much I pushed myself to complete the dispensation on time, spending many sleepless nights planning If the dispensation had to be extended then there would be no assurance it could be completed so I did it in such a way that I finished three years ahead of schedule. Now I am on safe territory.

First we advance across the bridge formed by material and then by man. The only shine man can see clearly is material and other men. When some property belongs to your family, tribe, or nation, it is not unrelated to you, but though you are a citizen you do not own it personally. You cannot say that what belongs to your nation automatically belongs to you. The fifty states belong to the nation, not to individuals. Likewise, America belongs to the world. Even the earth is part of the cosmos, including spirit world. If the Messiah is going to bring the whole world and spirit world into unity, then he belongs to God. This confirms that the individual comes under the family, the family belongs to the tribe, the tribe to the nation, nation to the world, world to the cosmos, the cosmos to God, and God to absolute love.

These are the steps, and by following this reasoning we conclude that we are living for the sake of true love; that's what we all have to care about. Everything else is automatically included in true love. Whether carrying a handkerchief in your pocket or keeping an appointment, you do it for the sake of true love. When I sleep I snore loudly, and Mother goes into the next room. But my thought is that Mother should snore just as loudly beside me, in rhythm. What a scene that would make!

In Korea we say that a man who has already reached his destination is a crazy man. That's the kind of craziness God wants to see. Do you love true love, now? Why do you like me so much? If you work hard to make money, you want to give it all to me; even though it means getting no sleep, you want to see me. It's hard to explain without understanding true love. Without it, thinking about uniting the races and the world would be pure fantasy.

You want to rob me of something just like a child gets milk from its mother. Whenever I see a baby it is always eating something. The baby likes the person who feeds him very much. You have been eating invisible food now for almost three hours. Even the bitter food is tasty.

To reach this destination, your course will lead you to all things of creation and to mankind. When someone asks what country you come from, do you tell them what state you were born, or that you are an American? You are always fundraising to catch people for true love. You are, fishing to catch people for love. When you fund raise you give not only your result but also your own money donating it to help build the bridge so all those people can cross. Now must contribute not only material but also men, and give them with God's heart. We dedicate our families to that bridge, centering on love. When we recover our nation we offer it, and when we recover the world we offer that to God also. For the sake of true love we shall recover the universe and dedicate it to God.

Not just one or two things but all things will be gathered for the offering, plus men and heart. Our property, our bodies, and heart -- when we dedicate everything we have to God, it is the same as offering all material, all people, and all their heart. Whose property is it then? God's. Something may be yours, but since you dedicate it to God, it becomes His. Your ownership is external, and God's ownership is internal. All of this can be indemnified in one individual.

Home church is very much like a tithe of the world dedicated to God. More practically, we bear all the faults and sins of that area. You must become completely one with home church before you can offer it to God How can you become one? When you know that, then the whole problem can be solved. Home church now is more like the satanic world, or external world. We have the experience every day that our minds and bodies, or internal and external aspects, always fight. Who is the real master of the world? Even though small in number, those who are in the internal realm are the masters.

One way to become united with others is to obey and follow. If your home church people believed you were a messiah in their area, then instantly you and home church could be in heaven. If a person is willing to give you everything he owns, then we can say he obey and follows you. Religion has been teaching people to have this quality, to follow and obey. The religious world began in a small area, but throughout history has been enlarging.

God planned to send the Messiah and deal with people on the national level, not the individual level. This was His plan in the Old Testament for Jesus time. If the Jews had united with Jesus then they would have been strong enough to bring the Roman Empire to unite with them also. Unless the people were willing to offer all they had, it would be difficult to make this happen.

Religious leaders must know that they are only managers, and the true master is someone else who is yet to come. It is at this point that religious leaders usually go wrong, thinking that they are the central figures. We see the same pattern in the act of the fall. Everything belonged to God, but someone else tried to make it his own. Now everything has to go back to God or God's representative. What happens if a leader says that his group belongs to him? It is the same as Satan claiming God's creation. It is the ideal for religious people to obey and follow, but it is difficult to do. If you worked hard for something all your life, but God wants to take it for the purpose of the world, you have to give it gladly. It is difficult to do, however.

If God asks me if something is mine or His, without hesitation I will say it is His. When God gives the blessings you will give them out again. When man is obedient and follows, no persecution is necessary. But usually God has to let good people be persecuted, and when they overcome He will share the blessings with them. But that is less desirable. God lets Satan strike you, and then God recovers all the blessings that Satan stole.

If a minister is appointed to a church but he does not do his job, he is fired. The minister's authority comes back to the person who appointed him, who can then give it to someone else. If man is obedient then God will get everything back, but if man is not obedient then Satan will be allowed to persecute people, and then God can bring the blessings back. If Christian countries, for instance, had been obedient to God then the ideal solution could have come easily. But instead Christians fought each other. God want those countries to transfer everything to the Messiah when he comes. Since it is difficult for fallen man to be obedient, even with religious training, he inevitably is surrounded by struggle and persecution. Adam was not obedient to God; since the chosen people would not unite with Jesus, God let them strike Jesus, but He then took back their blessing. It is the same at the Second Coming.

This pattern recurs throughout history, from the individual to the world level. If whoever is in the central position on the world level is not obedient to God, there is a big struggle on the world level; that is happening now.

On each level man and all things will form a bridge to the goal. The communists also follow this pattern, but in the reverse direction. We have seen that the free world liberates man; the communist world claims to be working for the same end and purpose, but at gunpoint. The free world and communist world follow the same pattern, but in reverse directions.

Christianity in the free world is confused. Contradiction prevails in America, which represents the free world in God's dispensation, but no one is doing anything about the problem. Korea depends on America to fulfill its purpose so that Korea can do its job. Though I started out in Korea, I have forsaken Korea for a time to come to America. We have to stop the communist movement, which is bent on destruction of the free world.

If we ask who is the leader of the free world, people will not have an answer. Likewise, if we ask who leads the communist world, there is no one central point. Soon it will be clear that the Unification Church is the leader of the whole world. Even though we are doing goodness, the State Department is afraid we will swallow up America. The communists are afraid we will swallow up the communist world. This is our position today.

Unification Church so far has been an underdog, but now we must assume our responsibility. Because we have been persecuted, God has brought all blessings back to His side. He has a heavy bag of blessings ready to give out. The Unification Church will set the example and show the solution.

You have a basic understanding of history and mankind. I have given you a precise explanation of history and where we are at this time, and now you know what you have to do every day. You must realize your position today. All of us are a pipeline for God's blessing to flow to the world. You couldn't do that ten years ago; only this year could I say this. Is this all in my imagination, or is it logical and precise.

You have to become atomic bombs of love. Would you become a love bomb wherever you go? Then you will be victors of love. I started the Unification Church 27 years ago, and there were many times when I felt I couldn't go on any longer. People came to kill me because Satan knew I would end his ownership of the world. I always felt I could not stop -- not for myself, but for the world. Satan always anticipates my activities a certain amount so he tries to block my next move.

Even now the communists sneer at me for proclaiming we will have a rally in Moscow, just as America laughed when I said I could solve American problems. Today the major battles are won in the free world. Even the communist problem is indirectly solved. If everyone here is blessed and carries on the tradition, and America can be strong, then the communists will inevitably decline. When through the media the deceptions of communism are exposed, all other countries will realize what is the true way of life and they will gradually begin to change.

This is the beginning of a victorious new era, a new seven years. For me this is a new beginning for the world dispensation, as well as a new seven years on your part. I feel these next three years will be a very important time in achieving this. Are you just trying to believe this or do you know this precise timetable? It is good that we have been persecuted, for it will keep us on this road. If your desire to do home church is stronger than the antagonism of your persecutors, then you can succeed. You can include every level in your success.

I determined that I must work harder than I have been persecuted. The same is true for you. I will try to give more than I have been persecuted, distributing the blessings that God has reaped. You must see that home church is your training ground. Persecution will decrease markedly from now on. Mainly we must educate people and love them. We must give whatever we have, and surpass the standard of our persecutors. This is a transition time and technically there should be no more persecution, but just as winter lingers a little while spring comes. Persecution may still come in the next seven months. It will be over by the end of that time.

I have been speaking of this for three years, but when people know that you are not doing these activities for yourselves they will respond favorably. We have been persecuted because God wanted to bring all blessings back to His side again, but now He is giving them to us, on every level. I will work even harder to give them to other countries. Soon world leaders will want to meet me and discuss the future of their countries and the world.

So far we have worked hard without result, but from now on the result will be comparable to our effort. We will be increasing, rather than indemnifying. Recently 22 important Argentineans came to stay in New York for two weeks and attend our seminar. I spoke with them only a little while, but they were very happy and hopeful. When I asked them whether their country could be changed if they had a good newspaper, they felt it would happen.

By using satellite communications, American television can be sent to any continent in the world. If I were able to broadcast to the rest of the world exactly what I have told you this morning, what do you think the response would be? Don't you think a good, religious person would change in one day after hearing Divine Principle on television? This is a practical matter today. This is just one sign that we are getting nearer the goal. The world will be amazed. People didn't think that Moonies could do anything practical, but how surprised they will be! They will wonder when I discovered all this knowledge and made these historical breakthroughs.

Don t you see that the simplest member is better than the president of Harvard, or the president of a nation? Why then are you powerless? Why is something still unresolved in your brain? Now do you know what you are? You can feel that by doing home church you will be the best leaders of America. Don't you feel that your home church area is too small? You can get a loudspeaker and wake people up with your speaking, and go around America. If you really understand your situation, you would say 360 homes is too few; you would ask for a national or world church.

From now on everything will become more visible. To begin with you just stand straight and firm, not like a tender sapling, but like a rock. Have confidence, for God is right behind you. So far you have been swaying in the strong winds, but now you should be strong.

Do you know what home church means? Your ultimate destination is God's heart, and home church is your grammar school when you finish there. You will have finished grade school. When America comes to the truth, you will have finished high school. When the communist world comes, you will have an MA. When the spirit world is reorganized you will have a Ph.D. Actually home church is everything and after that everything else is easy, just a few hours' work.

Now we work in a wide area and stir up the people. We have been persecuted for that but we are sowing seeds in various pieces. It will all be harvested one day. I sowed in such a broad way that I will not have a specific harvest to keep; it belongs to the world. But you have a definite area in which to sow, and when it grows you can harvest it as your own. Then for whom do you do home church? For yourselves. You need a foundation for your family, and home church will be that.

So far God collected all blessings as the result of persecution. Even though we are persecuted, we will definitely harvest all the seeds we sow now. No matter how you fool; at it, this is worth doing. Would you like to do it? Where will you sow your seeds? Go everywhere you can and sow seeds. If you are really like me then automatically your home church people will like you and want to go with you wherever you go. You will be the ancestor of a new tribe.

Put a "new" in front of your name; Smith will become New Smith, for instance. We knew that God was a God of love, but now it is clear that God allowed us to be persecuted for a reason. Now that we know, we have to run even faster. We have to let people know what kind of world this is and what it should be, and what God has been doing about it all this time. We can point out who are the good and bad leaders, educating them as I have educated you. This is a great time, because even if you stumble, when you wake up you will still have gained fruits from your work.

You have to have guts. Wherever you go, the Old Testament spirits are following you because without you they won't get anywhere. You are also the resurrection of the New Testament spirits and of all worthy people in spirit world. You are the key for them and they must follow you. Your body is resurrected Jesus and resurrected Reverend Moon. God is protecting you. No one can bother you. Whenever you go, your path may lead to death or to happiness, but you can even go happily to persecution because you go voluntarily.

If you go only because someone chases you, you will not be a victor. If America does not understand and it persecutes you but still you go, then victory is ahead. Do you feel that way now? Are you happy or are you going to be happy? You keep thinking, "I am supposed to be happy, but I am powerless." Is that consistent? It's either one way or the other. If you go fund raising, you must not feel you are just a punk fund raise, but a king of fund raisers.

When I found myself in prison, I felt I was king of all the prisoners and everyone would come under me. Now you have a reason to feel that. Who would God love, a person like me or like you? Father and son should be the same, not different. Are you really going to do it now? Grit your teeth tight and determine you are going to do this for the future. Yes? Yes?

Thank you. 

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