The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Parent's Day State Director's Conference

Sun Myung Moon
April 16, 1980

On the day following Parents' Day 1980 at the State Directors' Conference Father gave this significant message on the Home Church providence and our relationship to it.

Yesterday I gave you my Parents' Day, message. As you recall, I announced that yesterday marked the consummation of the first three seven-year courses and, at the same time, it is the beginning of the second three seven-year courses.

The most important understanding should be that the first three seven-year courses have been fulfilled by the True Parents. We could say that the main role played in the first three seven-year courses was by the parents. However, the leading actors and actresses of the second three seven-year courses should be the blessed couples.

The third three seven-year courses will be walked by your children. Thus, there are three different levels -- one walked by the parents, one walked by you, and the other walked by your children. I have walked such an arduous and incredibly difficult path to pay indemnity for all of mankind. When you do the same you are entitled to achieve the same level as I did even though you work less and pay less indemnity, because I have already set the condition. By the same token, by your good standing in the second three seven-year courses, your children will be affected.

Home Church is your ground for paying indemnity. You pay the debt through working in your Home Church. That condition is being set for God to be able to recognize that you have done the same thing throughout the world. In other words, Home Church is the microcosm of the world. If you are in good standing as a member working to accomplish the fulfillment of Home Church, it will eliminate the necessity of your children paying this indemnity. Your children will then be free to enter into heaven.

In order to cover the entire territory of Japan and the United States by the Home Church system, we need about 84,000 members in Japan. Each of these 84,000 would have 360 homes allocated to them as their own responsibility. This would entirely cover Japan. At the same time, when you have double the number of Japanese members, or 164,000, in the United States, they will be able to cover the entire territory of the United States through the 360 house Home Church system.

When public opinion is changed, people will say that Sun Myung Moon is a good man and that he is doing a good thing for America. Eventually, everybody will take this for granted. When everybody recognizes that Sun Myung Moon is doing good, everything can change. This society will become good overnight. Out of the 2,700 universities and colleges in America only a few schools would say that CARP is doing a good thing for America at present. This change doe not need to take more than seven years. Even within three to four years time we can make a showdown. American students have lost direction and don't know where to turn. The Principle is the only alternative remaining to them. Where else should they go?

Do you want to do it all within seven years instead of going through the entire twenty-one years? By doing so, you would eliminate the need for your children to make this condition. Actually, as you know, I originally walked three consecutive seven-year courses. Yet, even I could have shortened this indemnity period and cut it to one third. If there had been true unity between myself and Korean Christianity, it would only have taken seven years. In the early days of Korea's independence, I could have done incredible things.

In other words, if the sovereignty of Korea and the Christian churches of Korea had united with me, then there would have been a total unity between me, the government, and the church in Korea, and I would not have had to work for twenty-one years. But this didn't happen. Since the Korean government and the Korean Christian churches went against me instead of making unity, a total disunity was created. I, therefore, had to pay extra indemnity by going through both a second rind a third seven-year course. At this particular time we have completed the circle because we have now completed three seven-year courses. I am now readily accepted by the Korean people, the Korean government and Korean Christianity.

Anybody who wants to run for the presidency in Korea wants sympathy, help and blessing from me. Politicians in the past always asked for my help. Yet they held out only one palm; in their other palm, they hid daggers or a knife. They reserved one arm to always be ready to attack. But now they have totally collapsed, and they come to me with both hand outstretched saying, "Father, can you help us?" I have laid such an incredibly strong foundation. I am in the position where I can sway the destiny of those candidates at will. I knew the time was ripening for this very thing to happen. Therefore, one month ago I instructed Mr. Bo Hi Pak as a special envoy to Korea, representing me, to meet all those important people in the government and in the field of politics.

He came back a couple of days ago and reported to me. I knew precisely what would happen. It did happen, just as I had expected. That is the reason I could declare yesterday that the first three seven-year courses have been completed. Yesterday, I announced the termination of the twenty-one year course. It was successfully consummated; otherwise it could not have been announced. You can imagine that in the dispensation of Jacob and Esau, after all Jacob did to Esau it was not easy for Esau just to bow down, embrace and love his younger brother. Yet that is all that was needed for success. It is actually only a small thing, but through it the condition for the whole dispensation was met. Abraham had tried to fulfill the dispensation but he couldn't do it. Isaac also tried to accomplish it, but couldn't. Yet, by winning the heart and love of Esau through the act of a simple embrace, the whole thing was accomplished by Jacob and Esau.

I would not or could not announce the initiation of a second three seven-year course unless the atmosphere was ripe or enough conditions had been met. Therefore, I have successfully consummated my mission in the first three seven-year courses. Now it is your turn. Through the Home Church as your arena, you can begin your battle. If you do well in your Home Church, then through the next seven years, you can affect the events throughout the entire world.

In The Principle we can see that Adam and Eve fell from God during the growth stage. When we are restored to this point, blessing can be given. I was supposed to cover the stages of formation and growth and go through the perfection period all within seven years. I reached the top of the perfection level not in the first seven years but within three seven-year courses. What is perfection? To say that I have reached perfection means that Satan has absolutely no way to infiltrate into my life anymore. By announcing the completion of the three seven-year courses, I stand at the top level of perfection. No satanic infiltration or accusation will be possible. Nothing will break my position, no matter what happens. In other words, even if the nation comes against me, it will not matter. If the entire world comes against me, it will not matter because nothing can alter the victory I have already won. I have even earned a certain reputation. People feel that no one can be compared to Sun Myung Moon. No president or prime minister nor any person in the religious world can be compared to me. No one can compete with Sun Myung Moon! People are beginning to resign themselves to the reality that to oppose me will not benefit them at all.

Even if Christian churches come to oppose Sun Myung Moon, they will only get hurt. They have no way to affect the destiny of the Unification Church. They cannot destroy the Unification Church. If they come against me, they will be the ones who become victims; they are the ones who will be defeated.

When the entire nation comes to unite with me, even if Christianity tries to harm or destroy the Unification Church, the Christians will eventually be the ones to be hated by the people. We are fast approaching the time when no one in Korea can persecute us. No one has the guts or ability to persecute us. I am a person with such vast thinking. I could visualize this all this time and a long time ago I knew this was coming because I knew God's Principle. You can clearly understand this. This is the reason I announced the beginning of the second three seven-year course. It is so wonderful! You must be jubilant and rejoice over the occasion and the fact that I can make such a proclamation, for unless I had won victory and completed my own mission, I could not do so.

What is the dispensation? The periods of formation, growth and perfection are called the indirect dominion of God. God dominates us in the indirect dominion through the Principle. I stand above these three stages; where do you stand? I stand in the direct dominion of God. I come under His direct dominion. Who can oppose the direct dominion of God? Why do I announce that from now on I will take it a bit easy? Throughout these years, I have aggressively kept going. There are so many people who have come to oppose me, but they are the ones who are going to be destroyed. In order to show mercy upon them, I should not engage in battle. In this sense, I am too sympathetic and merciful to put them in a position where they could oppose me. Therefore, if I rest more, the world will benefit. Yet at the same time, I ask that you be the aggressors against communism. I want the world to know that communism is the enemy of man and God.

That is why I ordered that CARP march forward to the camp of communism. I told our CARP members to be aggressive in attacking the communist ideology. This is what they are doing. This is why the communist world in this country is crumbling. In this restoration course there are always ups and downs. You find both low and high points but you are generally still going upward. There is always some rhythm up and down. During the last twenty-one years, there has been a great deal of upheaval in my own dispensation. Certain things I have instructed didn't work out well. In many cases we had to retreat and start over again in new things, new projects. All of us can recognize that we have done that even within the last seven years. Yet it was allowable during this period. In a way it was flexible. If there had been no flexibility, none of you could have stayed.

In the first three seven-year courses, when I was the primary focus, Satan had a good opportunity to attack. Satan was allowed to attack and attack and attack me. However, this was also a good period for all of you. Each of you is given a chance to begin again. Even though you have failed, you can pick yourself up and start again. Who has suffered the most? I have. I was lonely in suffering during the last three seven-year courses. This was my sacrificial period. I have loved the people and given everything. I knew God's Principle so deeply. When I sit down to pray and call the name of God, tears automatically stream down my face, because I understand the seriousness of calling upon the name of God. You don't know what my life has been like.

The prayer that I offered yesterday at the Parents' Day meeting must be translated so that you can read its contents yourself. It was a tearful prayer. How can all of you reach that level of heart? You have to walk. Your principle is a simple one: you should walk the path that True Parents have walked.

Who made me suffer? God did. He ordered it, and I obeyed. Now the True Parents encourage you to go that same suffering path. It is the most natural thing for you walk the same suffering path as True Parents did. If you don't, then the True Parents' tradition would be demolished. Actually, the tradition of God would also be demolished. Your failure would be my failure. My failure would be God's failure.

This past twenty-one year course has been comprised of three seven-year courses which Mother and I have walked. It is the True Parents' course. Now there is another set of identical three seven-year courses set aside for you to walk. I have entered the perfection stage on the worldwide level. I have practically gone through the entire world and am working on the worldwide level. You will set the same condition by working within your 360 house Home Church area. How easy that is compared to what I did! For you, the 360 homes will comprise your entire world.

The time will come that, when governments accuse and persecute Sun Myung Moon or the Unification Church, the Korean government and Korean ambassadors in all different countries will respond: "Why do you persecute Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church?" Instead of getting angry, they will protect me. They will be in a position to fight for us. This time has come! You are in an infinitely better position than me. Furthermore, while I have walked all courses, even going to a worldwide level, your area would be limited to 360 homes. If you cannot accomplish this in seven years, then it is just as if you resign yourself to decline. I prolonged my seven-year course into three seven-year courses, but God was very sympathetic to me. God knew what a hard and incredibly lonely path it was. Where can you get this same sympathy? God, your parent, knows that you are in a favored position. Yet if you still cannot do it in seven years, don't expect to receive sympathy from me or God.

You also know that I was opposed by every government and the Korean government. I was opposed by every church as well as the Christian church. I have already mentioned that the time has come when the government will not persecute but will be favorably impressed instead. Furthermore, the persecution from the Christian churches will also decrease. What excuse will you use?

Actually I gave instruction to the Korean government and the Korean churches. They were given proper direction and guidance as to what their mission is. But they are also the ones who failed to follow that instruction. They are the ones who failed their mission. They even failed to receive it. I was not at fault. Both the government and church failed to respond to me, even though I did my absolute best. I was absolutely righteous in my position. God was indirectly responsible. God made those churches and God created those governments. God had to be sympathetic to me. God could not stand in a position to say: "Sun Myung Moon, you failed." He couldn't say that because indirectly God Himself is responsible. He knew I would do exactly what I was supposed to do. Yet it was the government and the Korean churches that failed to respond to me. Therefore, God could help me. However, your position is entirely different.

This is your chance. If the government and churches are dying to accept yet you fail to give them the truth then it will not be their responsibility anymore. It will be your responsibility. Furthermore, God only gives you responsibility for 360 homes. If you cannot even accomplish the restoration of 360 homes you will have absolutely no excuse in the sight of God. Do you understand? Don't even request the support of God and True Parents. Determine that you will do it all yourself, with your own strength.

You are just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. At that time, there was no one to oppose them. They were absolutely free. Their responsibility was simply to obey God and march forward. They did not do it. But this time there is no way those representing their position can fail again.

Does this just seem to be the case or do you know this is true? Three hundred sixty homes will become the site of your life and death showdown. Furthermore, the path to restore these 360 homes is given to a husband and wife together. This mission is given to each couple.

There are all kinds of couples in the world. Yet each of you with your mate is a representative of all the couples of the entire world. That is the role of the Messiah and the messianic family. The worst judgment you can receive is that you as a couple, whether engaged or blessed, don't work in your 360 homes. I have told you very precisely time and again why you need to work within a 360 home area. If you still don't understand, then forget it. There is no other way for you. Somebody else should just take away your 360 homes.

If you have 360 homes assigned to you, yet you are not working in them, then people will come to accuse you and ask you to release them. They will tell you that they don't need your kind of messiahship. They will tell you that they need an active messiah. That is the key they are talking about to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus gave the key to Peter. Home Church is that key. You can use it to open your way to heaven. That is the vindication of Jesus Christ. Before his crucifixion, Jesus Christ gave his key to Peter and told him to open it. Whatever you open here on earth shall be opened in heaven. "Whatever you open here on earth" means Home Church. Actually, when you do Home Church you are fulfilling Jesus' wish.

This path and responsibility includes all the 36 Couples as well. Now it is your turn to suffer. I have given these same precise instructions to Mr. Young Whi Kim, the president of the Korean HSA-UWC. I would like to send this particular tape to all the national leaders because they must know these points on Home Church. Today you should clearly understand why Home Church is so important.

To those who are blessed or engaged, I want to remind you that you have not yet reached the level of perfection. You are at the top of the second stage where you receive the Blessing. You still must go through the period of perfection. I have walked this way myself in accordance with The Principle.

It is perfectly logical. Perhaps it seems like a dream, but it becomes reality. By serving in your 360 homes, you can influence the world. Your area is your world; if you win there, you win the world. Secondly, you also win the entire spirit world. Thirdly, you win the heart and love of God. God sent me to this earth in order to initiate this providence. No one else could finish this except me. I came to this world and have walked that path. I have won victory. Now I am directing you to follow by doing the same. No matter how treacherous the path is that you walk and no matter what tribulation you face, nothing can compare with my tribulation and hardships. Yet no matter how much I have suffered through, nothing could compare to the suffering which God went through. However, God has been patient and silently walked that path. He felt all the pain without complaint. I have followed that example. Now it is your turn.

Sometimes when you open your mouth complaints seem to come out easily. You don't need that kind of interaction between your tongue and teeth. You have no right to complain. Even if you die a hundred times, there is still no cause for any of us to complain. This is the reason that even when I face incredible things, I continue to endure and be patient. Do you follow? You must listen to this focal point of my message very deeply.

You are so blessed. You can do it! All you have to do is follow the instructions. There is no doubt that you can reach perfection. I am so sure of that; all you have to do is follow the instructions. If you cannot complete this, you will have no choice but to leave the task to your own children. Your children will have to walk the same path of suffering. Would you like to leave it behind?

Yet if this mission is left for them to do, they will accuse you. There is no way they will accuse me; they will accuse you. If you do not fulfill your responsibility, they will have to. It will not only be your children who will accuse you. I will also come to accuse you. Even God will come down to accuse you. There is little room for forgiveness. How can you be forgiven; you already know what must be done and your responsibility. Where can there be room for sympathy? If you are conditionally forgiven by God and the True Parents, where will your excuses lead you? When you look at your own fiancé you feel uplifting joy. However, that is the time to realize that before you love your Home Church and fulfill your own mission you have no right even to love your own fiancé. You will realize that you must earn the right to love your own fiancé.

However, if the two of you work together incredibly hard for seven years and arrive at the top stage, you will be able to rejoice. How happy you will be then! I have told this to Mr. Kuboki and asked him if he understood. Mr. Kuboki replied that he did. I asked Mr. Kuboki to repeat what I had told him. I again asked Mr. Kuboki if he could do this and teach others. Mr. Kuboki told me that he could. You, too, should be able to convey this message to others. This is the true beginning of the real dispensation of Home Church. I have been preaching about Home Church for three years. I began in 1977 and then in 1978 and 1979 and now in 1980. This is the reason that at this time I would like to start full strength to do Home Church. You need a full understanding so that you can save time and walk the path beginning now.

After hearing about the mission of Home Church for many years, do you now understand its purpose and mission? That is why you are so precious. It is not easy to understand Home Church. I have suffered so much in order for Home Church to become a reality. But if you can understand this now, then you are very precious people in the sight of God. As long as we hang on to Home Church and keep doing it, there is no doubt that the satanic world will completely crumble. Do you have confidence that by doing it the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will become a reality? We all say "yes" so easily. God says "yes". True Parents say "yes." You should say "yes." Your children say "yes." Yes! We can build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

I announced on God's Day this year that the motto for 1980 is: The Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. What is the base? The base means something like Cape Kennedy. The Home Church, then, is a launching pad. I have been aiming at this target for 20 years. Before the twenty-one year course started, I already aimed at such a target. I am almost like Apollo, aimed at the sun and the moon. But in less than twenty years, I hit a bulls-eye. I hit the target in the center in the year 1976. I made history in that year.

I have completed this and reached the target. Now I am giving you the key. Now it is your turn. You must be the ones to open the door. You go out to your Home Church area and serve. You really only need to do this in one area. That is the way you fulfill. You must set the condition. In the meantime, I will go around the entire world. The time will come when we will only need to do broadcasting on television and radio in order to reach many homes. This will help the Home Church providence immensely. Three hundred sixty homes can be connected to a wire which will be hooked up to a certain circuit and you can organize closed circuit television to your houses. You can be your own broadcast company. You don't even need to take seven years. That is too long a time. You could probably even do it within seven months. If I had a 360-home area, I would go out to the front line in order to fulfill my Home Church dispensation. I would have done it in far less than seven months.

In the future, twenty-one day training sessions won't even need to assemble. We can send the contents of twenty-one day training through television. People can receive the workshop in their own living rooms. They will also take a test by reading the questions on the television screen. They will then write the answers, mail the test and receive their results in the mail. In this advanced era, the things that at one time would have taken seven years to do you can do quickly. In ancient times, seven years was quite a long time, because these things were not at one's disposal. However, today, it is so easy to do things within even the short span of seven months. A few years ago, I initiated Frontier '78. This was the nationwide media offensive. Yet it was still not powerful enough. I am now asking CARP to take up the mission and move forward.

The important thing is our seriousness and determination. We need to choose real fighters who invest their entire might, heart and soul. We need true commitment. Before there was always a lack of commitment. There was always a lack of true commitment to bring such offering to me. This is why the most important standard for CARP is total commitment and seriousness. This is one reason why I hand-picked the 36 couples. Tiger Park is a member of the 36 Couples. He is in charge of CARP. I also hand-picked the Reverend Won Pil Kim, also a member of the 36 Families, to head up Home Church.

There is nothing for you to complain about. I have done everything possible to make your job easier. There are no excuses. Do you think that I am trying to threaten you, or am I trying to teach you so that none of you will fail? You must accept my teaching with gratitude.

Imagine God looking over the four billion people around the world. Imagine him handpicking them one by one. Suppose God or the spirit world hand-picked you and gave you this chance to do the Home Church providence. Now, I am hand-picking you to do the Home Church providence! Don't you feel honored? You should be very grateful. You should continue to say, "Yes God hand-picked me!" How precious it is! I have walked the entire Home Church providence and fulfilled and accomplished it. I have had so many experiences; I know precisely how to do it. Now I am allowing you to inherit the same experiences. You should be all the more grateful. You should be crazy about it.

Through this microphone, everything will be recorded for history. Today, the day after Parents' Day 1980, you are hearing my own words and you see me in the chapel of the World Mission Center. You are hearing everything unmistakably clearly. A photographer should come to capture this historical moment. No one has any excuse. Today all of you are hearing clearly about the Home Church providence. We will keep a record of this most historic day. It is an historic declaration.

You will be tremendously blessed just by the mere fact that you attended this meeting. You just never realized that even though you loved me and thought you knew me, you truly never knew me. Now you should ask yourself whether you can cope with this mission. You must ask yourself whether or not you should do this. What is your answer? When the cities surrounding Sodom and Gomorrah were judged by God and the angel, it was done with fire and brimstone. Lot was given a warning that people were to leave but he was warned not to look back. Lot's wife was doubtful and unsure inside, and she turned around and looked at the judged city. She became a solid statue.

That is the way I have lived, almost like coming out of Sodom and Gomorrah. We must always step forward and never look back. Never look back in regret but always be grateful and thankful. If you truly know the providence of Home Church you can walk that path without tears. Home church is located on the other side of crucifixion, beyond the Mount of Calvary. It is located beyond the hill of the crucifixion. Home church is located beyond the 2,000 years of Christian history. Home church is also beyond my suffering life. It is far beyond it. Even if you could walk the path going through a hundred deaths, you still should be grateful. But I have laid the foundation in such a way as to make your road very flat, so that you can walk it without the crucifixion. How lucky you are! How grateful you should be!

This is the culmination of The Principle. By doing this, you learn the entire Principle. The family is the focal point of the issue. The family is the building block of the Kingdom of Heaven. How have I come to understand all these things? It is incredibly clear now how the Kingdom can be attained.

You keep saying that you will be loyal and display filial piety to the Parents. Can you say with confidence that you have actually been loyal to your Parents? This is Heavenly Father's pattern. First He fulfills and then He shows Himself. He accomplishes something first, and then He talks about it.

I have done the same. First I fulfilled and then I told you about it. It is not theory any more. It is not mere opinion. It is the principle that I have lived and experienced myself. That is why I speak after things have been completed. I have experienced things first and then tell you how to go about it.

If one were to look at me from a worldly view, one could see that actually I have been in a very pitiful situation. Yet, no matter how miserable I might be, this is the responsibility that Adam must take. When you all know this, then you can truly come to the conclusion that Sun Myung Moon is father to mankind and your father, because he stands in the position of true, perfected Adam. That is the greatest possible treasure. Now you know it for sure.

Seven years from now all families will be registered. You will then have a nationality. Just as the father reached perfection, so should the children. In order to enter into Heaven, there must first be a united Cain and Abel. The Cain and Abel dispensation must come first. In the same way, you must first do your Cain type Home Church. When you fulfill the Cain type Home Church, then the Abel type Home Church will come automatically. What is meant by your Abel type Home Church is your own relatives, your clan, your cousins and so on. You should organize your rosters and lists for the registration of Heaven. In other words, you are given a sort of birth certificate and you are organized into certain tribes. You know that you eternally belong to a certain tribe and you will know to which tribe you belong. Seven years from now everything will be decided by family registration.

There will be a serial number assigned for twelve different tribes, which will be lined up in accordance with whether or not they completed the Home Church providence. You will discover that the faster you walk, the sooner you reach the goal, the more quickly you can be registered. These twelve tribes will be linked to the entire world. In other words, the entire world population, one way or another, will be linked to these twelve basic tribes of heaven. It is logical. Even from the point of view of The Principle it should be this way. When I proclaim the perfection and the completion of the mission, it means that I can be registered as a victorious True Parent. God will put His seal of approval on it. Satan will attend the ceremony and will bear witness. Even he will admit that the True Parents achieved the goal.

I see that you have not met a certain standard. You still have not done enough. If you continue on this course, you will decline. I am the judge. Whatever I pronounce will happen. I have told you that communism will decline. Now you will bear witness to it. If I say that America will decline and her residents will not continue to prosper, then America will decline. This is truly a fearful age. Judgment is now at hand. The Bible talks about seven years of tribulation. This is it. I have spent twenty-one years in tribulation. Your condition will be to go through these next seven years of tribulation. The Bible spoke of such tribulation as the time to meet the Lord. When people meet the Messiah, they are put in an incredible position, to receive incredible persecution. Yet if you know you are going the right path, even when temptation comes, if you don't change your love or your focus and just hang on to it until the end, then you will surely win. You will see. Perseverance is the quality we need. Then you will come to fulfill that prophecy the Bible speaks of. Then God's Will will be done. My wish will come true and everything will be fulfilled.

What kind of dispensation is Home Church? It is the conditional seven-year dispensation. I was supposed to walk seven years of tribulation but it was prolonged to twenty-one years. During those years, incredible temptation came but I withstood it all until I finally achieved perfection and completed everything. I went all the way to the end. And I did it with love. I never lost sight even for a moment. I was always there with love. America is enemy territory in a way. She is truly trying to destroy me and has placed herself in the position of my enemy. Yet I don't think in those terms. I love America. Jesus prayed on the cross for God to forgive the people because they didn't know what they were doing. He asked for the forgiveness of his own enemies. But we must move on; we must go over the Mount of Calvary without dying, without being killed. We must bear the cross as we live. It is essential that we keep on going.

You must be thankful to me. Let us also be thankful to God. Are you fearful of this seven-year course? It is almost like an immunization. You must be given the shot. There is no way to bypass it. It will take seven years. Don't try to find a short cut. Don't be wishy-washy. All of you are like lepers. There is only one cure. It is perseverance, living through the seven-year course. That alone shall cure you of leprosy. That is the absolute condition. You must learn how real this is.

Are your eyes wide open and awake? Are your eyes looking straight ahead? Are you aiming them at the bulls-eye? Are you looking at the goal? You should look at me from the eyes of the spirit world and appreciate me. There is no way you can describe this in words. The entire spirit world looks at me. God also looks at me and shakes His head, "My son, I don't know how you did it. I don't know how you did it. But you did it. You have done it. You achieved it. Bravo!" That is what God says. This is the kind of thing for which even God is appreciative. Do you feel this, too?

The world is a desert. It is such an incredibly evil world: but you found one man who has the secret capacity of perfection. Furthermore, you inherited his entire treasure. You received it free. Your teacher is appealing to you to listen and to understand and fulfill your part. This ambition of mine is two-fold: first, that you shall receive extraordinary blessing from God: second, that the world will benefit because of you. That is why I am giving you such exact instructions. That is why I am pouring out my heart in such an extraordinary way.

If you truly know the heart of God and my heart, and you hear this without being brought to tears, you are like a stone, you are not an emotional person. When you walk to your Home Church area, tears will fill your eyes and streak down your cheeks because you appreciate the privilege and blessing to be able to do it. This is our path. It is the homecoming. I have returned home this way. Each of you must feel that you are now following in my footsteps. Each of you must feel that you are going home. You must feel that in the footprints that you make, God Himself can return. You are creating the path for God to return. You should return to your original home. You will be joyous, dancing and singing. You will find no limit. Once you fulfill, then for the rest of your life you will have nothing much to do. You will rejoice over it. The rest of your entire life will be a celebration. Every day will be a banquet. You will have achieved so much that nothing will diminish. This is lifetime joy.

I have instructed that New Future Films take a picture of not only my face, but of the faces of all the rest of you. This picture will later become a witness for those who participated in this important and historic meeting. Lift up your face and show it! I would like to make a movie: "The Final Proclamation on Home Church" or "The Final Declaration on Home Church." The title must be "The Children's Seven-Year Course: Why we should walk it."

Father is expounding this theme.

Home church is upon your shoulders. When would you unload this burden? This burden will never leave your back. Even if you die, this burden will still be with you. What will you do in this case? When you go to the spirit world, you will be stuck. Without fulfilling the condition of Home Church, you will be stuck. That is the Principle. It would not be fair if everyone just automatically passed into Heaven whether or not he did Home Church.

It doesn't make any difference. As long as they have not qualified, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It doesn't matter whether it is Reiner Vincenz, Martin Porter or Mr. David Kim, even if I wanted to give you an extra special pass, it would not be possible. Your own deeds shall decide your future. In the history of re-creation, you have many strings attaching you to Satan's world. Now if you cut everything off, you are in the position to grow by leaps and bounds, jumping out of your place and landing at your goal. If such a thing can happen, how exciting it will be! Would you do this? If I told you not to, what would you do then?

Many people think it is wiser to just follow behind me wherever I go, even to the other end of the earth. Perhaps you think that God will love you even if you sleep a long time. "I have not slept for so many nights. What if I sleep for one month?" If you think this is all right, then go ahead. Go to bed and sleep for one month. But ask your conscience if it is comfortable. Where do you want to go? Would you rather follow me during my travels all over the world, or go to Home Church? Why should you go to Home Church?

You would want to go to Home Church in order to bring liberation. You should become an ancestor, a forefather of mankind and a forefather of the Home Church. If you make a mistake, there will be tremendous accusation from your own clan and your generation. Do you think that what I am telling you now your children will automatically be able to understand? Do they understand now? How about in the future? Will they be able to understand then?

Your children will know. They will ask their daddies and mommies why they failed in Home Church. They will ask where the Home Church is. "You were there, at the final declaration. You listened to Sun Myung Moon. Yet still you don't have a Home Church?"

Suppose the instruction was to shed tears and live a tearful way of life for the restoration of Home Church, because that is the truest expression of my love. Then your children will ask you how many times you were in tears. Your children will say: "Even if you had to neglect me, even if you didn't feed me, even if you abandoned me, you should have followed God's instruction, God's way of life, and Father's instructions. Why didn't you?" Your children will accuse you in that way. What will you say? There will be no answer.

There are two types of ancestors that you can become. One type is appreciated by their descendants; the other is not. Wouldn't you want to be the kind who is appreciated and who inspires them?

You were taught the Principle. You have come before me. But the question is, Will you follow my instruction? You know precisely that I have fulfilled everything in advance. I have sacrificed my entire life for you, for your posterity. The Principle is the absolute truth. The world cannot survive without it.

How could I have known twenty years ago that I would be in this position today? Even after I made the decision to follow Heavenly Father, I passed through this dispensation and such an incredible period of tribulation, it was almost like crossing an entire sea of rough waters in a tiny boat shaking like a leaf. There was a movie made about a man who fled from prison. He was nicknamed Papillon, which is the word for butterfly in French. When I saw the movie Papillon I felt it was my own story. It was so real to me. Actually, the physical abuses which the prisoners had to go through in that movie are nothing compared to what I have experienced. Still, it refreshed my memory about my days of suffering.

I am now proclaiming the conclusion, the consummation of the three seven-year courses, and am now announcing the beginning of your three seven-year courses. Do you feel this is a happy and momentous occasion or a gloomy, miserable one? Of course it is happy, but there is one reservation. I am still worried because of you. Would you like to take that worry from my heart? Do you want me to trust you? If you promised me today that you would accomplish, then I wouldn't have to stay in the United States. I would just pack up and go away, perhaps never coming back to America if I could trust you to fulfill and bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth for sure. Are you ready? Can you do it?

If you have the complete Principle and an undying spirit, you can do it. I asked that our film crew make sure to record everyone's face during this conference. Everyone should later be able to recognize his own face in the movie to be made about this day. Later on, what will happen? This is the children's era. Another generation will come. Everyone will want to be filmed. People will look at this movie in years to come and find that certain ancestors succeeded and certain others disappeared. Some people would be proclaimed as heroes and so forth. Your children and that generation will feel all kinds of mixed emotions. It is an extremely important day and conference. So lift up your face and look dignified! Smile and show your happiness! Make up your mind that you will stay that way for eternity.

You missionaries attending this conference are lucky people, aren't you? You are so grateful to me. But your responsibility is heavy. By your attending this meeting, your responsibility will double or triple. You are supposed to be the Abraham of your country. You must become a forefather of your nation. Do you realize that? 

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