The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Practicing One Simple Principle, "Love Your Enemies"

Sun Myung Moon
February 21, 1980
God's Will and the World
God's Fatherland
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, April 2011

Some people might say "I can forgive any enemies. That is no problem. Unification Church is an ideal place. There is truth and love among all brothers and sisters. It is a place of my dream, except for witnessing. I cannot approach and talk to others. That is my enemy."

Today you get the solution – Love your enemies. Suppose, there is someone you find very difficult to relate to. Then he is your enemy. So love him. By loving him, you will conquer him. The Kingdom of Heaven shall be born from this principle. From one point where you love your enemies, the Kingdom of Heaven shall prosper. Rev. Moon's philosophy is very simple. The principle is very simple. If you have the attitude to love your enemy and practice this principle, then you can overcome any situations. And no obstacle can block you.

In my lifetime of 60 years, I have experienced everything. There were many things I didn't want to do or tackle and many places where I didn't want to go. But I went to those places. I did it all, because I determined to love my enemies. I did the worst things there were to do -- I was a beggar, a laborer, a farmer, a dockworker, a steel-mill worker, and a miner. I became a fisherman in Gloucester, and even the tough professional fishermen gave up trying to beat my record.

Every day I am living by this principle. The Principle of the Unification Church is very simple. You practice this simple principle. You live by abiding by this principle every day. Other people who are looking into our movement from outside have been trying to find our secret under a microscope. But they won't find it, because no microscope can see this principle. Regardless, we live by it and are serious about it.

My topic today is the "Fatherland of God." God needs a nation – a Fatherland here on earth. We don't have the nation. God's Fatherland begins from practicing one simple principle, "Love Your Enemies." 

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