The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

The Tradition of Unification Church: Never Complain before God

Sun Myung Moon
December 30, 1979
Abel's Right Path From The Providential Point Of View

I wanted to do His work, no matter how my life ended up. With that heart, even Satan could not accuse me of dishonesty. Then I began my course as servant of servants. No one instructed me to do it. It really didn't matter to me whether I reached the position of God's son, and that's why Satan couldn't say anything to me.

I told God that He could trust me, that I was different from Jesus. I said I would never, never pray as Jesus did in Gethsemane, "Father, let this cup pass from me." If I had to die in the position of servant of servants still I would not complain or feel sorry. I would be most happy to die on the path I was supposed to go.

Since I went that way, Unification Church members should not hang back from suffering, but should feel that this work must be done no matter how difficult things are. This is the tradition I am handing down to you. You should not want to be concerned whether you are miserable or happy, and should tell God not to be concerned. This is the kind of member I want in the Unification Church. After God promised me a glorious life I found myself in the worst dungeon of hell, in prison. I was surprised, but I did not complain. I never even thought about complaining, and nothing after that surprised me.

If I feel hungry, l just notice it in passing. In the past I felt very tired many times, but just noticed it offhandedly. I knew that God was watching, expecting that hungry, tired person who was exhausted to do His work. Then how could I tell God I felt tired or weak? Without me God's work would remain undone. If I lived that way but God didn't care, then God doesn't exist, so it never bothered me. But in reality I found that heaven was constantly preparing situations ahead of time for me when I kept on going, even though I never mentioned those things in my prayer. When the situation looked hopeless and I was tired and hungry, then suddenly someone would appear to feed me and give assistance, and then I felt doubly grateful because I knew this was God's assistance.

Then I bowed down to God, telling Him that I felt sorry that He was caring for me even before I finished my responsibility. I told Him to treat me any way He wanted and I would not rebel, that He should not worry about me. I have been living this way all my life. You may have to work incredibly hard, but how many years have you been doing that? If the job is not done correctly, this course may last for thousands of years. How can we even think of our difficulties? 

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