The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Abel's Right Path

Sun Myung Moon
December 30, 1979
Abel's Right Path From The Providential Point Of View
Unofficial Translation

Those who feel they are more Abel than Cain, raise your hands. If you feel like Cain, raise your hands. Then, who is your Abel? Is there a Cain who does not have a younger brother? If you say you feel like Cain but you don't have an Abel then you are neither Cain nor Abel. You have to work out among yourselves who is Cain and who is Abel.

The relationship between Cain and Abel should be so closely united. Then what is the center of the relationship? The center should be immovable. The center is Faith, Heart and Ideal. Faith is immovable. Heart is immovable. And the Ideal is unchanging. There is only one problem, however. When both Cain and Abel reach the ideal world -- fulfill their ideal together -- they will be intoxicated by the shared ideal and they will be immovable.

Why is it necessary to have an Abel and Cain? You may say, "I don't like this Abel," or "Why does he make Cain do all the works? Who does he think he is?" If you think Cain is pesky, why don't you just kick him? (No) Why not? Don't you know how pesky Cain is? Cain complains, saying, "I like the Unification Church. But I can't stand that Abel. It seems just elitism. Abel doesn't have education. How can such a man be my Abel?"

But seriously, think about the person who saves you, your messiah. Cain is saved by Abel and Abel is also saved by Cain. We have to understand this relationship. You cannot be saved unless you make the relationship that I have explained so far. Why is this so? Its reason lies in Eve. After she fell, Eve gave a birth to Cain first and then to Abel. This is the origin of older brother and younger brother. After the fall, Cain was born first and became the older brother. Abel followed Cain. Cain holds the right of inheritance of the satanic world. Cain can inherit everything in the satanic world, since the satanic world is the Cain's world.

If the fall hadn't taken place, both Cain and Abel would have been on Heaven's side. The eldest would have inherited the right of inheritance in the Heavenly country. The first born should have inherited it. God's Principle is that the eldest child would be responsible for and managed what the father had earned and accumulated.

This is the pattern followed in the satanic world, i.e., the eldest receives the inheritance, so it is not easy for Abel to get a better position than Cain. In today's world the evil side owns everything, and the Abel who is responsible for bringing it to the good side owns almost nothing. Thus, Abel cannot subdue Cain by force, but must motivate him in such a way that Cain will voluntarily give up whatever he has in order to try following Abel's way. The fall was multiplied when Cain did not love Abel but killed him. To be restored this time, Cain must not kill Abel but be willing to die for him -- Cain must follow Abel obediently.

When Jesus came he had to fulfill this basic principle. Jesus came to start the Abel tribe and nation. Jesus appeared as the national-level Abel. The nation of Israel was Cain. If the Jews, who formed the Cain side, had protected Abel, would Jesus have been crucified on the cross? Cain shouldn't have let Abel die, even if Cain himself had to be killed. This explains logically how we can say that Jesus did not come to die. Jesus had to live in order to do his mission successfully because Cain could not be saved nor history restored if Abel was killed again. Because the Jews, in the position of Cain, did not protect their brother Jesus, they had to pay the most miserable indemnity for 2,000 years. 

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