The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Let Us Reflect on Our own Values

Sun Myung Moon
September 30, 1979
God's Will and the World
Let Us Know Ourselves

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon, November 1, 2011

Knowing ourselves is probably one of the most important things in our lives. When you say "us" or "I" you have a certain identity in mind. For instance, there are around 240 million people in America who would say, "I am an American." However, one could be either the lowest possible American, a very noble American, or in between. How do you think of yourselves?

Apart from being American citizens, what else are you? You are children of your parents. In this country your parents might be descended from many combinations of nationalities, and when you investigate your family tree there may be many variations. Your lineage may be a proud one or a humble one and your ancestors honorable or dishonorable. Your parents' lineages might even have conflicted with each other at some time. As a member of the Unification movement you can ask, "Who am I?"

Again, there are basically two types. One person might be part of the backbone of the movement, while in the case of another person, it might not make much difference whether he is here or not. You may have come to some realization about whether or not you are a person of importance here.

It is always true that each person has the viewpoint that he is the center of each situation because each person thinks that he has some value or importance. Everyone also has some ambition or aspiration, and there is no limit to what man can desire. Do you feel that you are important? Do you have some aspiration in life? In this regard are there differences between races, or between people of the past, present, and future? No, each person is the same here. You can conclude that you want to be important and be recognized, and that you want to better yourself every day. This is a common human aspiration.

Let us determine whether we are good people or bad people. In the category of good people there are many different classifications or levels. It is important to know who determines whether one is a good or bad person; will you do it, or will someone else? Is that the individual right of a person, or will the majority opinion decide good or evil? Goodness must be determined from the public point of view, and whether a person is good will be decided by his contribution to the overall well being. Someone may pride himself on his good looks, but if he is missing one finger can we say his appearance is perfect? From the overall point of view, a part is missing Value is derived from the entire point of view, or point of view of wholeness or perfection.

A good person is one whom the whole can recognize as being good. Suppose I think I am the best in my family. My parents might think I am good, but if my little sister thinks I am terrible then something is lacking. Who determines whether you are the best in your family? It is the consensus of family opinion that decides. How can you be admired by all your family? When you serve them unselfishly and make them important to you, then they will respect you. 

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