The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Restoration Means to Trust and Love

Sun Myung Moon
July 13, 1979
God's Will and the World
Belvedere, NY
Unofficial Translation

What is the purpose for which God created man? God created man to be His object that would be worthy of His trust -- as an unchanging counterpart to Him. Therefore, throughout history, God has maintained His trust and faith in man even though man had changed all the time. God is willing to trust in you even though you are not trustworthy. He believes in you, even though you betrayed Him. This is how God is. He is willing to love you; and wanting to live with you. I am the same. Your parents are like that too, right?

They believe in and trust people whom they cannot believe. At this standard, you must become an unchanging and pure person. You must know this. A real person should fulfill this standard of trust and love. Do you agree with this? Once you become such people, you will trust each other, love one another and live together. Such a place is the Kingdom of God on earth. That is the Heavenly world. You feel the same, right? You want to have a husband or wife who shares God-like characteristics in terms of love and trust. Everyone feels the same way.

Believe someone who is not worthy of trust, Love someone who is unlovable, and live together with someone who is undeserved. Human beings, then, will be moved and inspired by such unchanging and unconditional love and trust; thus, they will definitely come back to God. In order to keep a path for man to return to Him, God has been conducting His work of restoration in this manner. The reason why Jesus is called a saint is that, subsequently, people in the world have been moved and inspired by the fact that he had loved and blessed his enemies, even on the cross. Therefore, believers wanted to believe in and to live together with Jesus. Jesus, therefore, changed and guided human history.

In the sixty six books of the Bible, you may find various topics and issues; however, in summation, there is no other focal point other than you must trust and love one another, and live together. Then, in Unification Church, who is considered more trustworthy and pure? Such a person would practice continuously believing in people, like God, even though no one can trust them. Then you love people who are unworthy and unlovable to you. You will offer to live together as a brother or sister even though they are not worthy. If you continue practicing this standard, you will definitely be victorious in the environment where you are placed.


1 In God's Will and World in English Edition includes True Father's sermon "Myself" (Same title) given on January 13, 1980. However, the Japanese Edition includes the sermon in the same title given on July 13, 1979. This is the translation from Japanese edition. 

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