The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Subject and Object Relationship

Sun Myung Moon
April 15, 1979
The Importance of Prayer
Belvedere, NY

How can you become sons and daughters of God? First, you have to move the heart of God and attract His love. Then, you may become God's son or daughter. If you live according to God's principle, wherever you go the principle will be always with you. Whether a poplar tree is at Belvedere or New York City, it is still a poplar tree. Wherever you go, this principle shall remain as the standard. If you say, "I cannot agree with the principle of father-son relationship." Then, if you say "I want to find better principle than that," I say to you, go ahead and try to find a better one.

Do you agree that God's kingdom and righteousness shall be built by this father-son relationship? (Yes) When this relationship is expanded horizontally it is known as the subject-object relationship. Right now I am subject and the chalk I am holding is object. As the subject-object relationship is the horizontal expression of the father-son relationship, when you are united in that relationship, even a piece of chalk can be very precious. In this society, everything exists based on this relationship of subject and object; every conduct of this relationship is significant, precious and greatly rewarding. Of itself studying is nothing, but when you take the central position and have a purpose, studying becomes very important. By the same token, when you read your books, Instead of saying you hate them, you really love them as your object.

No matter what you see in this universe, when you think everything -- animal, plant, and so on -- is related to you in this subject-object relationship, everything becomes very important, all of a sudden. With this point of view you are a dynamo and ambassador of the love of God, and there is nothing that is not lovable or precious. There is happiness and harmony wherever you go when you are a subject of the love of God. I don't think God could think up any better way than this.

Our job today is not to seek what to eat or drink or where to live, but to seek God's kingdom and His righteousness. Now we know where to look. God is not unaware that you need food and shelter, but He knows that when you take care of the important things first then everything else will be taken care of. You have to decide to win the love of God first. Everything else is secondary. Do you understand this? (Yes) Words are cheap and this sounds good, but how far are you from realizing this? When you look at yourself you know better than I do where you are in terms of realizing this. Is the realization of it quite far away or close at hand?

As an ideal this sounds good, but living it is another thing entirely. Maybe you think you are not cut out for such a life because you can see many, many problems to be solved. The problems of the family are as big as the family; the problems of the nation are as big as the nation. The problems of the world and universe are as big as the world and universe. How can you cope with such vast and complex problems? The easiest thing you can do is just give up, right? But that's no solution. If your capacity is not adequate then you must seek the help of others. Where can you get the necessary help and guidance? Is there anyone to turn to? Now we have come to the topic of today's message, the importance of prayer. 

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