The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1979

The importance of mind-body unity to witnessing

Sun Myung Moon
January 17, 1979
Belvedere Training Center

True Parents at the 1979 God's Day celebration

If we were to choose a term that is unique to Unification Church members, it would be home church. How is home church going now, everyone? While you conducted home church activities, did you feel the actual necessity of having a home church?

A Person Is God's and Satan's Battlefield.

Until now, religious people have believed in a loose way that they would go to heaven.... When Jesus came to earth, he only spoke about the kingdom of heaven being within us, but he did not say that the world we live in would become the kingdom of heaven. The Unification Church, however, is specifically striving toward achieving the goal of establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth through home church. This is a historic incident, without doubt.

In light of that, what has God been doing until now? What kind of fight is the war waged between God and Satan? It is a fight between good and evil. Love exists in a place filled with goodness. On the other hand, jealousy dwells in a place with evil. Unity emerges where there is goodness, while division occurs where there is evil. Hence, everything connects relatively, each side taking a 180-degree different direction from the other.

God exists in a place of goodness, because that place has love. Satan exists in a place with evil because division and jealousy exist there.

Who did God and Satan fight over all throughout history? They fought over man. In other words, an individual is a battlefield. It is important that we recognize that the individual, the family, the society and that nation are similarly battlefields.

Then what is the standard of the Unification Church? We center everything on love. We fight centered on good love and goodness and are endeavoring to expand this fight from the individual to the family and on to the tribal realm. We are fully aware that God, Satan and the Messiah have fought based on the individual for the perfection of one man (or Adam) based on the standard of perfected Adam. The purpose of this tight is to bring complete unity between God, the subject of love, and one individual, that is, Adam, through love.

If the Fall had not occurred, God and Adam would automatically have united, but the Fall enabled Satan to completely break this principle of love. What was Satan's intention in breaking down this principle of love? This result came about because of the Fall.

What weapon has Satan used? Self-centered love is the weapon Satan uses. It is Satan's best weapon. In short, Satan thought of love centered on himself. What happened next? He thought he deserved to be in the highest position. He desired to be in the highest position.

When we look at ourselves from this perspective today, we are like a battlefield for Satan. In that case, how can we get rid of Satan? How can we bring victory for God? We must possess a love that is not self-centered but one that is God-centered. This is God's best weapon. The next step is to lower ourselves. We must have the humility to say, I am lower.

From this perspective, we see that God and Satan have fought centered on individuals all throughout history. Thus, we can easily answer whether it was God that has always won this fight or Satan that has always won this fight.

Mind -- Body, Heaven -- Hell

Where can you find God, or where can you find Satan, within yourself? You do not know for sure. You cannot see air. You sense air only when the wind blows, right? When in this state, no resistance forms until a sudden movement brings it about [He demonstrates]. That is how we know about these things. Hence, when we ground ourselves in righteousness, we are invigorated when we act upon it. In the same way, when we do not do the right things, we do not feel any invigoration.

From this perspective, the dividing line lies in our conscience and body today. They are on a battlefield. Your body and mind are fighting. God is trying to gain victory in everything through the mind, while Satan is trying to do the same thing through the body. That is why your mind keeps vacillating between two directions. In the same way, our sight has two aspects -- what we see through our physical body and what we see through our mind, which warns us "That's bad. Don't look at it" if what come within view is bad. The mind will keep telling you, "Look at good things, look at goof things." Even when it comes to listening or speaking, the mind will always tell you, "The good things! The good things! The good things!"

Today, regular people all say, I am just good person. I will go to a good place. I am in a good place.

They all think they are within the sphere of what they think is good. However, they regard everything else as bad from a self- centered outlook. They try to find the bad things outside of themselves. What about you? This is the enemy, this way they thin I repeat this is a problematic thought.

Where do we find the front line then? The front line is not in the family or in the society. The individual affects the front line. Are you aware that you fight because of this? How many times do you fight in a day? [Laughter] You fight twenty-four hours a day, twenty-four hours....

You may not have realized that your mind has a guard. When you do one single wrong deed, you immediately receive a warning from it that says "Hey! You!" However, many different levels of mind guards exist -- some people have strong mind guards, while others have weak one. What about you? Whose is strong? Your bodyguard is stronger. Your bodyguard will say, "Hey! I don't care what the Unification Church is. Stop raising funds; just stop doing everything and go to sleep. Stop everything. The most important thing is ti your body to be comfortable. To comfortably sleep is the best thing ever."

Your body never endures and when one word is said to it, it answers back with three or four words. When this happens, Satan's orchestra plays in victory. The orchestra will play, "Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!" However if your mind guard is strong, God's orchestra will play in victory. The entire universe will play in that orchestra.

Thus, Satan's path or God's path is possible in every single step you take. Divide(into two sections is everything including what you see, hear, etc. That is why you keep moving in and out. Now, do you advance or retreat if you keep moving in and out? [Retreat]

Hence, our daily lives should be about pushing this scale all the way up. You must be able to push up even one grain of sand. This is the dividing line between heaven and hell. Hence, if you lose this fight, it indicates that you have lost in all tights. In other words, there will not be any need to fight anymore. Religious people today are not clearly aware of this. They have not clearly understood this. Where is this sloppy dividing line?

Father giving us the motto on God's Day 1979

You Must Win the Individual Fight First

When theoretically assessing this, do you think what I said is right or do you think what you understand from your general common sense is right? Everything, without exception -- eating, sleeping, going, coming, learning, studying, speaking, meeting people, and all other things -- is divided into two.

What about this very place? Does it belong to the kingdom of heaven or to Satan? [The kingdom of heaven] What about those people who are dozing off? [They go to hell.] What about you? You should be able to listen to what is being said by focusing all thoughts in one place.... What is that? Is it hell or is it heaven? [Hell] What? [Hell] Heaven? [Hell. Laughter] You do know what it is.

Then, if you see a member dozing off, should you leave the person alone or should you hit him like this? [He demonstrates.] You should pinch the person. You must pinch and pinch the person until the person says, Hey, why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this?"

Would the person oppose that? What can the person do about it? With eyes wide open, the person should ask, What are you doing? Unfortunately, they just open their mouths and do not respond.... [Laughter]

What is different about the Unification Church is that when a member dozes off and is pinched for it. the member is so embarrassed that he or she cannot look you in the eye.

This is the difference. If you cannot say thank you, you must feel embarrassed about it. You should feel embarrassed. The pinching removes Satan's arrow from you. [Laughter] Please check: Is anyone around you that is dozing off? Check for anyone dozing off next to you. You should tell the person that you are annoyed to see him or her dozing off because you have been there since early in the morning. Then kick the person. Otherwise, the dozing off will spread. It does spread. [Laughter]

You probably will not be able to sleep, even if you feel like sleeping, especially after listening to this message and thoroughly understanding it. You will not be able to sleep even if you are sleepy.

Now, back to you. You tight internally all the time. Right? "Ouch! I don't know what the Principle is, but it has penetrated my head and is now causing so much commotion." Right? [No.] Even if members of the Unification Church try to lie down and sleep at six o'clock, they cannot because I speak at that time at Belvedere and their minds tell them, Hey, wake up. Wake up. Hence, you cannot sleep as a result, right? [Yes]

I heard that families and wives these days just sleep on Sundays. They should be scolded. That is living in hell. Is living like that, without a qualm, life in hell or in heaven? I am asking you. [It is life in hell] That's true. You must clearly understand this. For every breath you take, you will find the breaths of God and Satan within it. For every blink of the eye, you have the eyes of both God and Satan. This is how elaborate it is.

From now on, it is about this fight. Before moving on to home church, you are now fighting within yourselves. Is a person who fails to win the battle within oneself able to fight the battle within home church? [No] Losing this fight means you have already been shot and are being dragged around as you die. If you do home church in such a state, you will only be a hindrance. Hence, if you are thinking of this, you should offer conditions before you begin home church activities. If you have thought about this, you should offer conditions. When offering conditions, cleanse your entire self and make it clean; simply put, practice your faith.

Cutting Off Our Connection with Satan's Love

Then what about God? Since God knows about this, do you think God also knows about this front line? [I le does.] Then, how does God manage it? Does he keep coming in and out like you? [No] Does God advance or does he keep moving here and there? What do you think? [Father demonstrates it while speaking.] [Laughter. He will advance.] What about you? If you cry out, "God! Since I am a Unification Church member and love True Parents, please help me under this name," God will not listen to you.

You all know what double agents are, don't you? [Yes] Do people trust a double agent? [No] Would you trust one? [No] Right. If this is Satan, even if God were to trust you and your parents supported you in everything, you would collapse.

Now, what happened to your original nature? Everyone is self-centered because they do not have a connection with the original nature of God's love but with the original nature of Satan's love. Such a person raises himself up and demands self-centered love. This is what has been planted and harvested. You all tend to love centered on yourselves, right? You say, Love me, don't you? Then you try to elevate yourselves to a higher position. Isn't that correct?

Based on what you have just heard, do you think you have become Satan's fruit or not? What about now? If I rebuked you, you would say, Huh, what did I do wrong? Why does he treat only me in this way?

Women do the same thing. Because I often mention American women when I talk, by now, the women will he thinking, Why is he talking about American women again this morning? Am I right sisters? [No. Laughter] No matter how much you hate to hear this, you should like it. [Cheers, applause]

Of course, it is impermissible to take advantage of you or have bad intentions toward you, but I want to make you into better women than other American or Oriental women. Those are my thoughts. I often make you go through difficulties and keep saying, Work! Work! I re I am, already swearing on the first month of this year.' I am swearing "What the hell are you?" and pouring out all these swear words at you already.

I swear when climbing mountainous peaks and even after reaching the top. From there, one must quickly go over it; if one roams around and dozes off instead, the person ends up rolling down the way you had come. Hence, you must go over the top at the risk of your lives. Even if you were to die after that, you would be able to reach heaven.

Please look. Are you in danger or not? Are you in danger of falling off while climbing or not? Please think about that. Is it possible or not? It is always present. It is 100 percent possible. You must be clear about this. You must have this clear concept.

Monks in the Middle Ages that lived in monasteries believed they would go to the kingdom of heaven just by suffering and practicing asceticism; hence, they would ignore the fight within their minds and merely practice asceticism. Without resolving those fights, no matter how diligently you practice asceticism... The purpose of practicing asceticism is to resolve this fight. Once you resolve this fight, asceticism will no longer be necessary. Hence, people that possess an elevated standard do not need to suffer. I will certainly lead this damn body. Do you understand this?

Did you know that there are even two different types of laughter? You should be aware of that. Everyone without exception knows it. Everyone does. If there is anyone who does not get this, please raise your hand. So you all know this. Well, since you are all well aware of this, you can now all go to heaven or to hell. Could you complain if you end up going to hell? Could you say, God! Why did you send me to hell?

After you go to heaven, could you show off saying, Hey, you who are in hell, look at me? You have nothing to boast of if you go to heaven. You would naturally go there. The weight of your conscience would automatically decide whether you go to heaven or to hell just like a hot-air balloon. Simply put, the weight and the value of your mind will decide whether you go to heaven or hell. Just as there are hot-air balloons that fly high and those that fly low, Unification Church members also possess different weights of the conscience or mind. It is the same.

If someone were to join the Unification Church as some kind of spy or agent, he or she would experience pain from feeling that these people are so pure and I have come in here with such bad intentions. In an effort to obtain all Unification Church secrets, the Japanese Communist Party secretly planted its members within the Unification Church, but those secret spies all ended up repenting and confessing everything. They said, I didn't know the Unification Church was this kind of group. I was sent here as a Communist Party member, but my conscience can no longer bear this and I have decided to leave.

They realized that the Unification Church was completely different from what the Communist Party was promoting it as. It is completely different.

October 26, 1979, at the old headquarters church in Cheongpa-dong, Seoul

Marriage and the Church, God and True Parents

Let me ask you all a question: When a Blessing Ceremony comes, do you want the best bride or groom or do you hope to get the worst bride or groom in the Unification Church? [The worst. Laughter] Now, true Unification church members... Seeing two handsome people living together in marriage is common. However, when a handsome or smart person marries and lives with the worst person in the Unification Church, would the joy and happiness felt by this unattractive person be greater or smaller? When God sees the two types of couples, which couple would he considered cuter?

From this perspective, what kind of thoughts have you been cultivating? Have you been thinking: No man should meet a girl like me. A man would never be able to outtalk me. Oh lord! I do not intend to get married. Oh gosh! I can't many; or have you been thinking, I ought to many because I am a good person?

Now, which of the two types of thoughts is closer to God's side and which is closer to hell? Women, please answer the question. Which thoughts are heavenly? [The first ones] Which are hellish? [The second ones] You do understand the matter at hand. Then, do you also think that way?

The same logic is in the Bible verse that says, "Those who try to make their life secure will lose it, but those who lose their life will keep it." What does this mean? Those that think, "Ah, I will certainly get a good husband," are bound to get an unattractive partner while those that think, "How much would the man that gets me suffer? Oh! He would be the most unfortunate man!" are bound to get the opposite.

God will intervene; an individual will unconsciously regard even a good man as lowly or would not like the man for no particular reason. This is the same with me. If I had put myself forward first and had desired to have a good wife, I would have gotten an unattractive bride, but because I told God that I would he happy with even an unattractive wife, God sent me a good bride. That is why True Mother, who has such a pure heart, could come.

When it comes to marriage, American sisters here think, "What do my parents, siblings or heaven and earth have to do with my marriage? What matters is that I want it." [Laughter No, we don't] Before joining the church, you used to think this way, but you have all changed now that you know everything. [Cheers] This is the same with everyone else. Do you all think, How can such a thing ever happen? Not only is God intervening in my marriage, but True Parents and everyone else are. Oh Lord! Can't I even marry however I chose to?

Do you think in this way? [Yes] That is why I am matching you. [Cheers] If God, the saints, the spiritual world and the physical world interpose in your marriage and say, Good job! [Father claps his hands] how great would that be? However, if you say, I do not need God. if am doing this alone, you truly end up being alone and after going to that valley of hell....

If people in the outside world were genuinely to research marital problems, would they research marital problems of the world or those of the Unification Church? Even if they were to research them, there would still be many aspects they would not be able to understand. The research would simply have to be too extensive and too deep. Do you understand this? Do you understand that this is how great our marriage as blessed couples is? Do you? I)o all those that have taken a doctorate course know all about this? Can anyone fully comprehend a field requiring expertise? Only the concerned individual has such knowledge. This is how deep and wide it is. That is how big a difference exists.

In order to research about marriage, one cannot confidently assert opinions without researching blessed marriages in the Unification Church. Right? In addition, those who study religions cannot say that they have researched religions without researching the Unification Church. When it comes to researching people, they cannot fully understand human beings without researching Rev. Moon. [Applause] That's true. In order to research Unification Church members, one must understand the faith held by Unification Church members. Without understanding this principle, they cannot truly comprehend everything.

Established churches are unaware of the concept of a front line or a dividing line between good and evil. They do not understand that the individual is that front line, the individual. You must clearly understand this. Do you understand? Do you clearly understand it now? [Yes] "I am that front line. I am that front line." Do you now have this concept? [Yes]

Denying the Body Focuses the Mind

Let us say that it is lunch time and you are hungry; your body cries out, I need Food! Food! Have you ever considered that to be a kind of Satan coming to you and say to yourself, This damn Satan is coming for me.

When you gel sleepy, you should be able to regard that as a type of Satan and say, You damn Satan! What are you doing? I will stay tip the whole night. Damn you!

Let us say you are going somewhere and your leg hurts, you should be able to say, Hey, leg! Damn leg! You, Satan, you damn leg! Satan, go away! God, please make my leg strong. Please give it strength.

If you do that, you will feel power coming to your leg. In other words, if your leg happens to hurt while walking, God will give you strength if you say, God! Please give some energy to my leg. Please give it some energy.

If you then ask your leg, Hey leg, are you giving up or not? The leg may reply, I give up. Then, you try walking. You will still be able plod like this. [Laughter]

This is what we need. We absolutely need this. Sisters, don't you want to apply nail polish? Don't you want to grow your nails? Don't you want to try all those things? Hmm? You probably all want to dress pretty and carry a handbag like this. [He demonstrates; laughter erupts] I know you all do. I know that. However, even if I am fully aware of it, I still say, You! If you try doing it, I will have to scold you.

Don't you want to do all those things? I do too. Just by moving next to a person, you are engulfed with a strong fragrance of a perfume coming from the person, but when you smell the Moonies here, these Unification Church women, they emit a pleasant, sweet fragrance. This is the fragrance of a Moonie girl. God's nose loves the fragrance emitted by Moonies because his nose moves as you release that fragrance.

Do you clearly understand now? This is your face. How does you• face look? The bridge of your nose is straight. Now imagine this is what happens to your nose whenever you say something wrong. It becomes distorted in this way. One single wrong word coming from you• mouth puts you on Satan's side and your nose, eyes, ears and other parts become distorted in this manner. This is what happens.

Would you be happy if your nose, you• eyes or your ears became distorted? Only when they are in perfect shape, does one feel like saying, Ah! Look. Look.

Hence, the moment the body and mind become one is the moment where everything you see, hear and everywhere you go are good. A particular function brings cameras into focus, right? Now, are the focus of your mind and that of your body in sync? Are they in accord? Are you working on tuning them together? The day your body and mind become completely one and are in accord, you'll be able to see God and everything in the world through them without exception.

Are your bodies and minds united or not? The mind and body are respectively called the spirit mind and physical mind in the Unification Church. However, are they in accord or not? [We are] Then, I will assume you already know everything even if I do not say anything.

That is why religion must be able to knock down the body. The body must be knocked down. Why? Because it is the stage on which Satan fights and conducts his activities.

On October 26, 1979, at the old headquarters church in Cheongpa-dong, Seoul, Hyo Jin Nim (left) gave a martial arts demonstration to welcome True Parents back to Korea.

Overcome Hunger, Sleep and Love

Now, are you good people or evil people? [Good people] Are you good or evil? Which one are you? There are two types of people. If there are people who are two-sided, please raise your hands like this. Those that are two-sided please raise your hands this way. This is how Satan has set up camp in you, but you are unaware of it.

Imagine how hard it has been for God and for the spiritual world to intervene and give their support as a result. You should be able to understand that the harder it is, the more miserable God and the spiritual world feel. How excruciating would that be? Please think how difficult it has been for God to intervene. Satan eats and plays. He eats, plays, eats and plays. Wouldn't such a Satan say, Even if God worked hard, then what?

Please think about this. Considering the two different hearts you have, who do you think you are, God's child, Satan's child or a mixed child? Which one are you? Think about this. [A mixed child]

Then how can you receive the blessing? How can you receive the blessing in such a state? What do you think will happen to the sons and daughters you give birth to in that state? What about them? This is indeed a serious problem.

Now, do you think I also had to go through this fight just like you or not? [You did] That is why I set up the motto to attain complete self-control before desiring to rule the universe. This is the very first motto a person should have in life.

Do you know how serious this is? If you say one single wrong word, a week of repentance may not be enough to resolve that mistake. This is how big and serious the problem is. Hence, imagine how extremely difficult it would be to straighten out a life that has completely gone wrong.

How important is our flesh? When you still possess your body, trying to gain control is easier. It becomes impossible when your body and mind are separated and part ways. It is impossible then. If that happens, that mind will always follow what the body desires and this will continue even in the spiritual world. That is why one goes to hell. If you truly know this you must do something about this damn body.... That is why hunger is the biggest enemy to both men and women.

People have three enemies. The first enemy is hunger, the second is sleep and the last is love -- love problems. These are your three great enemies. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] Is this true for you too? [Yes]

That is why the Unification Church says to fast. Do not sleep. Have control over your sexual desires. No matter how beautiful a girl is, you should be able to have complete control. Do you understand? [Yes]

You must understand that you are carrying these three big Satans on your back. Satan is the king. What can you do about that? Only when you are confident that you have control over them, do you not have any problems with these three enemies. At that point, you can do home church. Otherwise, you will not be able to fight. You are not armed for it. You have no arms to fight with. Do you?

The 360 homes are all Satan. How will you be tempted? You will be tempted when you are hungry. You will be tempted when you become sleepy. Men will be tempted by women and vice versa. You face a fight.

Then what is it that you should leave behind amidst all of this? You should leave behind love. Why should you endure even when you are hungry? You should do so for love. Why should you endure even when you are sleepy? You should do so for true love. You should be able to restrain all the physical complications of your physical senses because of true love. You must endure for true love.

Are You on God's Side or Satan's side?

What should you do? There is no way to overcome this by receiving love. You should know this. Simply put, if you go ahead with the idea that you will receive love, you cannot overcome the challenges. However, when you advance with a heart determined to love, you can overcome what you come up against. How is that so? That is possible because when a person tries to give love, God, with power from above, joins the person in sharing that love. If you stay up all night giving love, life resurrects. You must be able to do that. When it comes to loving someone, you should try loving someone like crazy for a whole night. During a seven year period, I put into practice love of that type without sleeping. You must be able to forget hunger, breakfast, lunch and dinner. When listening to the word in the morning hours and becoming completely taken by it, in the evening you feel as though it were still morning. You become so intoxicated that the concept of morning or evening will not even cross your mind. You completely become one. Then you become one with the spiritual world. The entire spiritual world will support you. Such intervention is possible.

Back again to the point: What is the very first battlefield? [The body] Yes, it is the body; it is Satan. The guns and swords that Satan uses are your five senses. You should be able to overcome them.

When I was in my twenties like you, many women were attracted to me when I dressed up well. As a result, I did the exact opposite of that. I left my hair disheveled and wore worn-out, dirt-covered clothes that looked twenty years old. I had bought them from a junk shop. Whenever I found myself in a place with people, I would sit in the corner to avoid speaking much. If someone sat in the corner, I would have certainly gone to the front seat. I undertook this kind of fight. When a person that is at war fails to be victorious, the person has no place to return to and cannot rest or eat.

You will vividly experience this when you go to hospitals. Doctors visit and check on patients in the hospital every day. They check everything about the patient, the changes that have occurred, whether anything rose or dropped and look for any improvements. This is exactly what Satan and God do.

Let us say this is your face [He draws.]. You have ears and everything else on your face. You should check whether you are an "X" or an "O" on a daily basis. When you are hungry and near your house you pass a restaurant specializing in bulgogi, let us say your nose says, Oh Lord, what is this? Hmm!

If that is the case, your nose gets an "X". Following this, you must check everything else, such as the eyes of your mind, in the same manner. Do you understand? [Yes] Please draw your own individual face for 365 days and check it every day.

[Recording ended.] 

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