The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

What Kind Of Thought Do You Have?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 10, 1979
Belvedere, New York
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

If all of a sudden someone asks you what you have, you may hesitate to answer, not knowing exactly what to say. You may start to answer this question by naming the things closest at hand, such as your face, hands and eyes, but is that all? You also have your mind and thought, but then what is the difference between mind and thought? Can you think because you have a mind, or do you have a mind because you think?

Whatever you have is a property you can utilize and be benefited by, such as money. Thinking more broadly, what do you have as American people? People here have their families and relatives. No one would raise an objection when someone claims possession on that level, but when an individual says he has his nation and society, Americans become suspicious. Do you control or administer America as your property? As Unification Church members what do you have? We say it is our goal to unify the entire world and cosmos, but many people wonder how they can have a relationship to the world or cosmos, and whether it is possible to control or administer them. We know the cosmos exists, so by whom would it want to be possessed and controlled? All things of creation want to be dominated or controlled by men. Do they want to be conquered by man's power? By his knowledge? Indeed, all things of creation want to be conquered by the love of men.

What about God, who created the universe? God would say the universe belongs to Him since He created it, but would He think He is entitled to keep it because of His power? We have to consider the purpose for God's creating such a magnificent universe. I am sure God had a reason in the goodness of His heart for doing so, but is that enough reason for the things of creation to want to be dominated by God? All things of creation would reply that that is not enough and they want something else. They want to relate to whatever there is in God's heart that is of the utmost value and goodness.

What is the best part of God? Is truth the most important part of God? If God and the things of creation are interrelated, what good would be brought about through truth? Truth is actually a cold, impersonal quantity stemming from logic, not from heart. Truth can specify facts, but has no warmth. Truth can describe something, such as how a dot and line create something through their harmony, how the dot moves and creates the line, and then the line in harmony creates the circle. In light of this understanding, would the power of truth be the best part of God?

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but by me." Ultimately speaking, what good would it do to be the way, truth and life? If life itself is the ultimate goal, what is good about it? We can conclude that the culmination of the purpose of existence is found in one word-love. When Jesus said he was the way, truth and life, that key word of love was contained but not expressed there.

If there are swimming pools of truth, of way and of life, which would you prefer to swim in? Whether handsome or ugly, everyone would prefer the pool of love. Love has incredible power, and as soon as you speak about love everyone comes alive. Love has incredible power, and as soon as you speak about love everyone comes alive. When you are embraced within love you already feel life and power and truth. God is truly the king of wisdom, and when in His wisdom He made all things of creation He wanted dominion over everything through an ultimate goal He had in mind.

When you are in the dominion of love, sunlight and darkness are both fine because you can relate everything to love. Both daytime and nighttime are wonderful. Night is the time when God isolates you from the rest of the world so you love only one object. That is God's mandate. During the day you embrace all things of creation in love, but at night God wants you to love Him alone. During the day a husband and wife are bustling about in many different activities, but at night they are isolated from the rest of the world and the darkness is better for loving each other. The darker the better!

No other element in the universe enhances both day and night except love. God must think in that fashion, and if the creation has the power of thought I'm sure love is the center of their thinking as well. Agreed? No one in the world would say no to love. Love must be the center of the creation.

Today many people who graduate from a good school are proud of themselves and the degree they obtained. There is a saying that knowledge is power. Many scientists think that science is almighty and that computers will solve the problems of the world, and indeed, computers are asserting a new tyranny over human affairs in many areas. Scientists feel that the human mind is limited compared to computers. Why do you laugh? It is because you know in your heart that mankind is not going to be dominated by computers.

When we consider what we have in the universe that is of real value, what do we find? Unification Church members are poor people in material things, yet we are definitely here to obtain something. If there is something universally needed by the individual, family, society, nation and world and even by God, we want to have it. You said it is true love, but what then is true love? Is true love true seeing? Is true love a true smell? Is true hearing true love, or real eating? True touching? Where can we find true love? Do you see God?

As a patriot you say you love your country, but can you see that element called love of country? We are confident it exists, but where can we find invisible love? Let's analyze it. Is there more than one kind, with one type for each race? No, there is only one, and the answer to where we find it is very simple. Mankind is composed of two major elements-men and women, so can true love be found between women and women, or between men and men? Between men and women? Yes, true love can be activated between men and women.

What are men and women then? When a man and woman meet, they are coming from two entirely different sets of lineages and backgrounds. True love has to have a true history and background, as well as a true present and true future. But today when men and women meet does their love have a true background and do they know that it will continue for eternity? Nowadays love is cheap. You may see a couple who have a few conversations and then think they are in love, but how long will it last? Fifteen minutes?

The root is the important thing, the place where the true love of men and women begins and connects with the present time. The relationship of men and women is a horizontal one, no matter what, and once the horizontal line of today's love is broken there is no way to re-connect it because there is no power to bring the two parts back together. Therefore, the American family system today is breaking down for lack of anything to sustain the horizontal relationship. Often one squabble snaps it apart. Horizontal love by itself has no depth, and as a result it is not only cheap but fragile.

What is needed, then, is a horizontal relationship supported by the vertical. What is that? There must be some vertical reciprocal relationship between subject and object, in this case between parents and children. Why is that relationship vertical? Because it begins at birth. A horizontal relationship begins with a meeting or encounter, but a vertical relationship is one that is born into and which no one can change, even after death.

A father and mother should have a vertical relationship both above and below them, in addition to the horizontal line between them. The unchanging line which no one can sway is the vertical line. No matter how many children you have, the father-son relationship is unchangeable. Furthermore, there is an unbroken line from the parents to the grandparents, and so forth all the way back. Is that vertical line crooked and changeable, or unbending? Would your forefathers agree that it is best for the vertical line to be crooked or straight? It should be a straight vertical line which no one can change.

Who do you find at the top of that line? Would God, who is in the position of super-grandfather, think that the vertical line should be crooked at some point in history? I am sure God would declare that He is setting the vertical tradition in loving His children, and that they in turn will love their children the same way, and so on forever. Since God Himself set the tradition, all his descendants will continue that tradition forever.

What if some parents somewhere down the line think it will be adequate to have 75 degrees of love instead of 90 degrees? In that case a complete circle could never result, but only a rectangle, and that would distort the entire tradition. The unchanging vertical line has been drawn by God, so husband and wife are supposed to be at precisely 90 degrees to the vertical. As much as the vertical line is absolute, the horizontal line has to be absolute as well. The vertical sets the standard. Why would you agree to that? Unless an absolute line is derived somewhere, the entire universe would wobble and shake.

What do you think is the longest thing in the universe? True love is so wide and vast that everything can be embraced in true love with room to spare. Would anyone ever complain that things are too cramped in true love and they need more room?

The highest position, which is God's, and the lowest position can still be harmonized in the one substance, which is true love. One direct vertical line drawn from the highest point of the universe, God, down to the depths of the universe is still one line. That unchanging, stable vertical line is the line of true love from God to all creation and man. No matter how high God is or how low this world is, these two points are connected with one line.

This line which God has drawn is the axis of history, while the history of every man forms one horizontal line. The diagram of this would be many different circles which vary in diameter; the length of the diameter determines the size of the circle, but as long as the horizontal line is drawn correctly, perfect circles will always be formed.

You want to be great men, don't you? What should you do to become so? There is only one simple definition: a good man is centered upon this one central vertical, eternal line. That is how you become a good child, husband or wife, in-law, and parent. We frequently use the word "true," but what is the definition of true son, true father, etc.? True refers to anything that has a perfect 90 degree relationship with the vertical line. When four perfect 90 degree angles are formed by the vertical and horizontal lines, a perfect circle is formed, with four equal segments.

This 90 degree relationship is a central pattern, and no matter where you go, that angle will fit exactly with another 90 degree angle. When you make that relationship with the vertical then you can call it a true one. Then what is true love? In true love your horizontal relationships engage this vertical line at 90 degrees and your love is eternal and unchanging. When men and women engage in true love, wherever they go the vertical line automatically forms 90 degrees. True love is established when you recognize the two kinds of love-vertical and horizontal. What is the most valuable thing you possess? Now you can answer.

Why did you gather here in this room? What are you going to do with true love? What are you gaining by being here? People outside our Church commonly make vicious allegations against me, but did you come to be a subject of the worst dictator? No? Then why did you come?

You wandered many places and explored many alleys and streets in life before you came to sit here on this concrete floor. We gathered here for some common purpose and have a reason to be here. We recognize that our world is crumbling and the truth is not to be found in it. You know from your own experience that the world is deceitful and artificial, so you came here to find the answer in something real and eternally true: true love. We want to consummate our lives in true love.

We emphasize trueness. Therefore, we draw the vertical line first of all between True Parents and true children. I did not create this terminology. It was there at the beginning of God's creation and of human history. God has always wanted to leave the true tradition throughout history and I merely came to manifest it. But the truth was always there and so this is nothing new. In the Unification Church we first make our vertical tradition clear, then we try to engage that vertical line at precisely 90 degrees.

The Unification Church is like a workshop. For three years you recognize the True Parents and put yourself in the true son's position, trying to be truthful to this relationship. Here we have a tradition that we are joyfully obedient to the vertical mandate, not forced or doing so only out of duty. That is the key. Yes, you have physical life given by your natural parents, but true life begins with the True Parents because this is the first time the true vertical tradition of God has been brought down to earth. Our lives must conform to this eternal tradition and life. By being part of it you will be resurrected and receive that eternal life.

Before you can talk about anything else you have to come back to this vertical relationship. This is the most fundamental effort you must make. Once you are perfectly aligned according to the vertical line you can talk about horizontal love, or what we call the blessing of men and women. The true relationship of love is actually a sacrificial relationship of giving. Parents are those who are willing to give themselves and even die for their children. That is the true tradition of parents. Children as well could give their lives for their parents. That is the tradition of vertical love which God initiated in His love, the fundamental truth of the universe for which we are willing to give our lives. That is what truth is all about.

Love is sacrificial and thus is true and beautiful. Do you accept that in logic? Since what I am teaching is this eternal and vertical tradition of truth, it matters not whether 240 million Americans accept it. Eventually all mankind will have to accept it because this is not my theory but God's theory. Once we know this much about the vertical tradition which God is trying to consummate, we can seriously commit ourselves and give ourselves totally to it. We have the father-son relationship everywhere. You are in the position of parent to your spiritual children, so you love them unconditionally and sacrificially, even being ready to die for them.

Before you talk about loving your husband or wife you must set the tradition of loving your children, whether spiritual or physical. Why is that? Because of the fall the Cain-type world exists and we must subjugate it with love, bringing it to the true love of the father-son relationship. When you see a husband and wife in your Home Church area who have a beautiful relationship of love then you can feel that you must love your spiritual children more than they love each other. That's how you must inspire yourself. Your line will get longer and longer when you acquire the true vertical tradition.

You are creating a vertical line from the horizontal line downward, but don't worry about the vertical line upward yet. If you love your spiritual children then the vertical line above the horizontal is formed automatically. When you create the line downward which is truly straight, the extension of that line upward is automatic and your relationship with God is automatic. The relationship, tradition and achievement that you create in that vertical line is your precious asset. My situation is just the same.

Outside of the Principle I have no reason to come to America. No one invited me and no one welcomed me, so why did I come to a country with a foreign culture? Because it is my divine duty to set the heavenly tradition, whether it is done in the Oriental or Western world. Since Americans today are ignorant of this, people have come against me with tremendous hostility, but it is inevitable that this truth will prevail in America within three generations. Are you convinced?

Can anyone remove the chapter of American history that I have written here? Later on in history this teaching will shine as even more brilliant because it is God's principle, not mine. This is why I am pushing you out to Home Church, the world where you will become a tribal messiah. The entire universe is ready for restoration but the center is empty. The whole environment is ready for the Kingdom, but the very essence is non-existent.

The relationship of parents and children is confused and the relationship of men and women here in America is void because tremendous chaos and confusion persist. The vertical father-son relationship is not clear and the horizontal man-woman relationships are all confused, so all other relationships are entangled and confused as well. That is the state of this society at this time. We need a policeman to guide all this traffic to the one vertical line where it can all be organized.

The Unification Church teaches what God is and what ideal men and women are, and as a result we are learning the foremost essential elements of the universe. In many cases men and women see no reason for God to be part of their private love lives, but no matter how much fun they try to have in life, they always need an axis to turn around. Without an axis no one can turn. If you are not stable then you will be self-destructive. When you are in a right relationship, however, all you have to do is hold each other and the universe will turn you, just like riding a merry-go-round.

From this viewpoint today's America is far from God's ideal, sunk in immorality, and God finds no joy at all in this society. God is determined to bring change about. Do you really agree with this? There is no question that America is headed for decline if it continues this way, simply because no society can endure if it departs from the Principle of God.

Because the world is slipping toward the cliff, we have to put on the brakes and stop it. When the wheels are turning fast and you apply the brakes you have to exert much pressure and inevitably much heat is generated. People wonder why I came and stirred up so much controversy, but I cannot be quiet because the world is crumbling and we must stop it. If you want to stop this crumbling world you have to be stronger than the world. Are you strong enough?

Love of God is the key; when you have that you have everything and need nothing else. First there is the vertical relationship of True Parents and true children, and the horizontal relationships you have with each other. We are engaged in many activities and there is nothing we do not do. Many segments are needed to make a complete circle, so we are doing all kinds of things. Because our radius of activity is so wide, some things may appear to be unrelated to the overall goal, but actually it all is part of the same horizontal line of true love.

Home Church is our system for filling the void in society. If all of your 360 homes are realigned in this vertical love relationship, would it be a noteworthy happening in America that would draw much attention? It would be like a volcanic explosion, a panacea for society's ills made visible, and in every state people would try to make it work. Many people in history will start out in Home Church and compete to see who becomes the tribal messiah first. This is the one way we can make unification of the world possible without fighting and killing.

I am the judge of this competition and I will go all over the world to find the best one. Will that title of best in Home Church last through eternity? The entire spirit world will erupt in recognition and there will be a great celebration there, with the ancestors of that person rejoicing and telling everyone their good news. Once you have that title, all your ancestors will claim relationship with you, no matter how distantly related they are, trying to link up with you for some benefit.

We are tilling the void in society. In God's sight there is nothing out there so we must fill it with something substantial. The Unification Church is here in order to inherit the tradition of true love, both vertically and horizontally, and by doing so we can truly create harmony, which is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That crusade is on now and I have made a covenant with God that the Unification Church will do it. This crusade of true love will be the first article in the constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Why should the True Parents take so much time and effort to bless you men and women in families? Simply because we want to fulfill this ideal and the blessing is an integral part of that. If I chase you out of the Unification Church, what would you do? You may cry on your way out the front door, but then turn right around and come in the back door. If you are that kind of child then I can never be separated from you. That's the secret I learned from God, who is just the same.

The entire world comes against you so life each day is not easy, but some day when you look around you will realize that the whole world is ours because God was always supporting us and He has given it to us. I work on that principle. When I came to America this country was hostile and negative, but I pushed and God pushed, and now we see that this country is being swayed one way or the other by me.

God is more eager than anyone else to get this done, far more than you are, and He is relentlessly pushing you so that His ideal will prevail. It is inevitable that America opposes me, but eventually even this society will accept this ideology as the way of salvation and thank me. Once that happens the entire world will follow.

Why did you come to the Unification Church? You came to receive the inheritance of true love and to learn from the living example, to love our Heavenly Father as True Parents do so that you will set that vertical tradition. As I love God, you love me. As God loves me, I love you. This example will set the eternal vertical tradition and no one can alter or sever this relationship. The amazing thing is that your mind is not happy unless you do this. You don't need extensive logic as motivation for doing this, but unless you go in God's direction your mind and conscience are not clear. Love your spiritual children as much as you love me. That is how this tradition will be passed down.

We are drawing this vertical line. No matter how many times you die, you will not become a rebellious son or daughter, right? Those who are ready to receive engagement and the blessing should be able to say that no matter what happens they will never be rebellious, but be completely obedient to this tradition.

A vertical tradition has been set and a horizontal tradition is now being created, so since the prototype is established all you have to do is fit into it. Should you have your own unique way and want me to follow it? You don't feel you can do that because you came to accommodate the vertical line, not for the vertical line to accommodate your wobbling horizontal line. This is why you come to me to be engaged and blessed and to be directed in your life.

The Unification Church has set a tremendous tradition in the horizontal. We are truly horizontal because there is no difference between races here and no national boundaries. The greater power of true love is penetrating them all. Are you single minded in concentration or is your mind wandering? You must be single-minded toward the one woman or one man who is your spouse. In the garden of Eden were there many choices for husband or wife? No, there was only one man and one woman. If Adam and Eve were engaged by God but later Adam slipped from a cliff and was crippled, could Eve say he was not qualified to be her husband? Then there would be no husband for Eve for eternity. It was a very simple situation! You engaged men and women are in exactly that same position so you should see only one man and one woman. It is very clear.

An eyeball has one vertical and one horizontal line, which meet in the center. The eye moves as a unit; the center doesn't move one way and the periphery of the eye move another. You have two eyes, but do you see two images when you perceive something? No, you see one image, not two, so in marriage your focus should be one as well. Man and woman are two individuals, but your one focus is love of your child. You love your parents as much as you love your children, and that's how you restore the vertical line. The truth is always simple.

This is the great conclusion of the Divine Principle, that the whole purpose of creation is the completion of the four position foundation. You have received a tremendous treasure without even knowing how valuable it is, yet it is given to you unconditionally. Once you become principled men and women you will be the center of the universe wherever you go, whether to Mars or to the moon, to the spirit world or physical world. No matter how small a portion you may occupy in the center, you are still in the image of the prototype and the circles are the same, though of different sizes. You will fit into any place in the universe and be accepted.

We are trying to create the core truth here, with love of parents and children and love of husband and wife like the first atom or cell. Our effort now is to expand it to the worldwide scale. That is the Unification Church.

When you look at a black grandmother or grandfather, don't view them as strangers but as your own grandparents. When you meet people the same age as your parents, whether they are beautiful or ugly you can relate to them as to your own parents. When you meet your peers, they are extensions of either your husband or wife. When you meet younger people, see them as your own children, or as your younger brothers and sisters. If you are familiar and comfortable in that way of life then you are living in the one family of the world and you will fit in anywhere in the universe; you will not be rejected anywhere, even in spirit world, because you are the basic cell which can fit anywhere in the world God created.

When you men look at women, don't do so with the archangel's point of view but from Adam's perspective. Satan always knew that Eve did not belong to him but to Adam, yet he still wondered if there was some way he could conquer her and entice her away. A woman can also harbor the mind of Lucifer, looking at a handsome man who is not her husband and wondering if there is some way she can win his attention. The safest way to look at a man is through the eyes of your husband. The men should look at women through their wives. That's essential. When you do so, the entire world will be the extension of your family.

How will a sense of ownership and value be determined in the future? The assets you are entitled to possess will be determined by how far you can expand your central truth to influence your surroundings. That will determine the size of your world. When you have a true horizontal line, the true vertical automatically comes into being; when you have a true vertical line, the true horizontal line automatically comes into being. A perfect plus comes whenever there is a perfected minus, just as a high-pressure area is automatically attracted to a low-pressure area and generates thunder and lightning. Anyone living in this Principle, regardless of how they look, is sending out beautiful vibrations, and everyone who comes near won't be able to help but love them.

If you are white, you must ask yourself what you have done for the black and Oriental people. What you need is the whole world, not yourself alone; you cannot survive without the world. Do you think this ideology should be welcomed only by white society? Or only by Asians because I am Oriental? Or only by black people? If I should be welcomed on the universal scale then I should bring God's conviction and way of life of lovism.

What do you gain in the Unification Church? I am anxious to give you much, but have you received it or are you in the process of receiving it? I can classify you in one of three ways-those who have received, those who are thinking about it, and those still in the process.

Some people claim they have been members for twenty years, but they have been spectators, only trying to gain something without investing themselves too much. For those people it doesn't matter how long they have been here. Also there are those who think they should gain some benefit from the Church, such as housing or money. Supporting the Church is actually only the first level because eventually you are going to support the nation and the world. It has never been my philosophy that the Unification Church 'should prosper; it is my philosophy that the Church should sacrifice for the sake of the nation. Am I pulling the Unification Church to the goal, or is the Unification Church pulling me to the goal? In that theory should you be pulled by the Church, or do the pulling? Just as I am pulling the Church, you too should be taking the initiative to pull the Church to the higher goal.

For instance, do you come here to Belvedere because you are required to, or because you want to be better locomotives? Should members come only when I am here, or should more people come when I am away? It is absolutely true that when I am not here you should be even more strong, taking my position. No one else will lead if you don't. If you are always passive and I am the only one pushing you all the time, then when you come here you will only think that you are being pushed some more again.

You should be a radiator of the love of God to influence the world more and more. That's how your value will be determined. During your student days you asked your parents for an allowance, but then when they told you to study you resented it and grumbled about the generation gap. Our life here is similar because I am always pushing you and when I am away I send Col. Pak to push you, so you think that there is no respite. Do you think I do that to earn my meals? No, I am investing every penny I have, and the harder you work the harder I must work to provide funds for all your activities.

This is the only chance to make you into gigantic men and women in the sight of God so I have to push you hard. For the first time God is relieved, knowing that I am doing this work for His sake. For the first time in history God has found a representative to push mankind.. America is proud of all her accomplishments, but unless they are connected to true vertical love they have no value in an eternal sense. That's why reorganization is necessary in order to bring everything back to the central line and that's what we are doing in the world. Has anyone else even attempted this?

Last month there was a momentous engagement. Is that the end of it, or just the beginning of expanding this true love to every continent? That engagement is symbolic of uniting the entire world in reality. Will that concept of unification be welcomed by each continent? People point their finger at me and accuse, but do they have any better alternative? Then who shall ultimately prosper and win? You shouldn't say we will, but say "I will" instead.

The topic today is "What Kind of Thinking Do You Have?" You are creating the heavenly four position foundation, and without it the universe will crumble and salvation cannot be brought to the world. It is the purpose of your life to start the living tradition of that foundation. That's why you need your wife or husband and children-not for your own security and enjoyment, but to fulfill the heavenly foundation. You are becoming the point of stability in the universe and because of you the world will be stabilized.

Can we swap that value even for the whole of America? Even if the whole universe is handed to you it would not be a fair exchange for this value. You cannot even swap it for God and True Parents. Do you want to have that value? How much have you been yearning to possess it? This process is one of trying to sculpt men and women together into harmony with the universe. Carving yourself out of stone is painful, with all kinds of hardships coming to you as the chips fall away. After many years of tumbling around in running water gravel has smooth edges, but imagine how harsh an experience it was to become nicely rounded. We are going out to the world, which is like the running water, to smooth off our rough edges. Through your experiences you will get harder and stronger, but the water will round you off and make you into a beautiful shape. Do you have confidence in this?

For a few days you people who were just engaged were enchanted by having your new object, but after a while you looked closely and thought perhaps that he or she was not so attractive. Did you ever think back nostalgically to the days of having your former girlfriend or boyfriend? Inevitably then your skepticism would expand to include the True Parents who matched you. Do you have confidence that will not happen? Why? Because your engagement has common ground in true love. For the sake of the world and the future you are going to be a pillar to support the world, so you cannot crumble, either of you. It doesn't make any difference whether this pillar is a little short or fat or thin. That person can be fat like a potato and it won't matter as long as he has this burning desire and radiates true love.

At this particular juncture of history God is using me to be a mediator of this true love to disseminate the example of a true individual, true family, true ideal society, nation and world. The Unification Church, therefore, is the place where you will receive it because I am the mediator to do that. Eventually you will receive God, and He will find His dwelling in you. Do you think you have received this inheritance or are you still receiving it? If you have received it are you really taking care of it? Are you using that inheritance in your own life?

God created His world of love, and in the same way I am asking you to create your own world to love. You are in the process of recreation-of yourself, your family, the nation and world, and eventually even the entire universe. In love you are the builder and you administer your house with love Don't you want to become that kind of men and women? Is it easier than getting Ph.D. from Harvard or more difficult? It is so difficult that I have given all sixty years of my life to it and still I am working on it. No other thought even enters my mind. Do you want to receive that inheritance? Do you have the genius to do this? If I have struggled with my whole might for these sixty years, then how much more would you do?

How many years would you need to live to do it-several hundred? You know you won't live that long, so since your time is limited don't you think you should be desperately hastening toward the goal? Then should I encourage you to relax? If I have a real heart of love then should I push you to work harder than I do? That is why I clearly say that if you have a real ear and real thought then go ahead and analyze this task and do it.

What do you have? You have the ideal of the heavenly four position foundation. Would you put it in storage somewhere? If we have this ideal then we must fulfill it in every way to create a new world of unification culture. You will have to invest every talent and skill you have to fulfill this heavenly four position foundation. If you don't have too much talent then invest your body and do it, but don't ever be idle. You must not be a burden to the Church or to me, or to the nation and world. You must not be indebted, but give grace so the world will be indebted to you.

At home you want to be a good child who will not burden your parents, so you take care of your brothers and sisters and bring comfort to your father and mother. If you die with a great debt then you will be bowed down eternally and not able to lift up your face, but when you make the world indebted to you, you can look at God face to face. That is the secret of heaven. That's why I never wanted to be indebted when I came to America, but to make this nation indebted to me instead. Many times I have seen members trying to take advantage of me, but I am still giving and trusting because my life has been given and God's life has been given.

The young people of America have come to me, but they are indebted to me, not vice versa. The same principle works at my home with Mother and the children. I have received a great inheritance so I must be in a position to give abundantly. This is true for you as well, since you have received so much. Don't worry whether your work will be recognized or whether people know what you have accomplished. Just live the Principle. I may not recognize what you have done, but that doesn't mean you have been deprived; your assets will remain and no one can take them away and there is no way you can complain. No matter how well you do, you know you have not yet fulfilled your responsibility to the nation and society, so as a person who has not finished how can you lift up your head or complain?

Do you have this inheritance? I am a man with bare hands who has nothing except the most precious gift-truth. Millions of people of all races have to follow me because they want to receive that inheritance. Everyone comes to me to drink the water of life.

Amazingly enough the entire spirit world is supporting me. There are many great ministers in the world, but even though I am unjustly persecuted spirit world is working with me and all kinds of miracles take place in our Church around the world. It is because I have the central truth of God; I am the heir of God's kingdom and the mediator between God and mankind.

Today is June 10, 1979. Today you undoubtedly received the inheritance of the true love of God from His mediator, the True Parents. Then what can you do? You have to give it to others. Go to your Home Church and give it away, and go to your nation for True Parents and God. At the beginning of this sermon you couldn't answer the question, "What do you have?" But now you can answer that you have the true love of God.

Those who pledge that you have received that inheritance, raise your hands. Thank you. Let us pray.

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