The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Home Church And The Completion Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1979
World Mission Center
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

First of all I would like to express the joy of welcoming the new year of 1979, and the twelfth God's Day. I also want to pray and invite the blessing of God upon the three primary nations for the providence of God: Korea, Japan, and the United States -- as well as members of the Unification Church and nations all over the world.

On this God's Day I would like to express the dispensational meaning of Home Church and the completion of the Kingdom of Heaven. Although I would like to go on about the true meaning of God's Day, time is limited and I will concentrate my message on Home Church and the completion of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Where do you think the name "Home Church" originated? It was supposed to have begun in the garden of Eden. When we talk about religion we are automatically including God because without God no church or religion could very well exist. The meaning of the Oriental word for religion, chung-gyo, refers to a fundamental, elemental teaching. Religion was to have been the most basic teaching of men. In a house one main beam supports the building, and the teaching that is comparable to that beam is chung-gyo, or religion. That beam is like the position of God. When that beam is removed the entire house collapses, and in the same way, when God is removed from religion the world totally collapses. No matter how much construction work is done on a building, until that one central beam is firmly in place the structure cannot stand.

Home church was supposed to have existed in the garden of Eden, with the home as the place of worshipping God. God should have been the main beam of the home where His children could have lived in His love. The original concept of God's creation began with one man and woman, who were to form one family, and then form one nation and world. Therefore, as their family grew to this higher capacity, Home Church was to have become national church and then world church. That would have been the ideal.

We come to realize, therefore, that we actually have a great privilege in being able to build and live in Home Churches. We are going back to the garden of Eden and building the structure of God's ideal creation from the very beginning. In God's original concept He wanted Adam and Eve to perfect themselves and create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, beginning in their own home, multiplying a host of children, and then opening heaven in spirit world. Then all the generations on earth would automatically follow their parents' path to heaven.

In that case, the tradition that Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden without the fall would have been the tradition of the entire world because it would have been succeeded to by their children and all their descendants. Adam's tradition was to have been the one God-centered tradition remaining here on earth, the one tradition of home and one tradition of church. Because of the fall of man, however, it all crumbled.

In order to restore the original position mankind must go through a reverse process. The fall came in this sequence: archangel, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and through Adam and Eve the fallen tradition has become the tradition of the world. As you know, God wants to restore the entire world but He cannot do so at one stroke because when He initiated the work of restoration the entire world was occupied by satanic power. The restoration of the fallen world, therefore, has been a gradual, step-by-step process. The first step God had to take was to choose a champion from among fallen people. The central man God finds to undertake the mission of restoration must unite the angelic world first and then expand his territory from the home to the society, nation and world.

One principle will need to apply to the relationship between this chosen, central man and the fallen people of the world, and that is the principle of Cain and Abel. Abel takes the side of the chosen one and Cain is on the side opposing him. In history we can see the inevitable polarization of these two conflicting parts -- the mind and body within each person, as well as opposing elements in the home and society. We see this great separation in our world today, with one part being called the free world and the other the Communist world. This separation stems from the confrontation of two ideologies, one a God-accepting ideology, and the other a God-denying ideology -- and their final clash on a worldwide scale is now at hand. Anyone who follows a materialistic or secular way of life is engulfed by the satanic ideology, while we are vulnerable so we want to have extra assistance.

If there had been no fall then there would have been no problem because God would have been the best parent. Could any parent be better? The best teacher would also have been God. The best parent gives supreme, all-powerful love which no other love can penetrate to tempt you. Furthermore, since God is a God of all wisdom, as long as He is giving you guidance who can divert you? It would be impossible. Even nowadays young people commonly have two goals -- they want to be well educated and they want to find secure love. These are the two great aspirations of all people. But what is love in the secular world without God? American-type love? Love can have many different qualities. If you become a victim of the carnal love that is only used as a tool by Satan, you will be pulled all the way down to hell.

The living God wants to tell people two things: "I am your parent and I am the best teacher for you." Without question the cause of the fall of man lay in ignorance. Another cause was self-centered love. True love was supposed to be God-centered, but ignorance and self-centered love destroyed it and brought the fall. There is a craving for knowledge in our fallen world but it is all self-centered. People want to gain knowledge only in order to increase their honor and comfort and they want to secure love for self-centered satisfaction. This is why such love will not bring anyone to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The basic guideline in the world today is selfishness. People will do anything in order to profit themselves; this has been the standard and motivation throughout history. In that way of life people will sell their knowledge to be used for the worst purpose as long as it is for their own profit. They will even sell their love for personal gain.

The God-centered way of life is exactly the opposite; that life is the unselfish, public-minded, world-centered way of life. In that way of life each person is ready to give himself to benefit the entire community or world. The God-centered person is always ready to give up His love for the sake of the world.

I described two ways of life, one for hell and one for heaven. You are standing right in the middle in the place where both of them meet for a showdown. Anyone who denies the secular way of life and tries to bring himself to God draws farther away from the secular world.

In this conflict of good and evil on the worldwide level, what is the focal point and front line? The front line is always the place where the chosen one and his opponent face each other. The front line is always where the mind and body come together. You actually stand on the foremost front line because within you there is a struggle between mind and body. Serving God and following the religious way of life has been the way to volunteer to be a front line soldier against the satanic ideology. Where can we find the true patriot and loyal subject of God? The greatest conflict is never found on the social or national level because the greatest of all conflicts occurs within oneself, this struggle between mind and body is the worst conflict that men face.

I want you to realize that there is always a battle raging within yourself between your visible five senses and invisible five senses. When you go out you confront all kinds of temptations and your body wants to enjoy them, but the internal you keeps saying, "No, no come back and witness." Whenever you go out on the street the world there is bombarding you with this machine gun fire, and unless you maintain a firm defense you will not be safe in today's world. There are many invisible satans aiming at you as soon as you step out of the door.

This is why the religious way of life has always begun with self-denial and further emphasized withdrawal from society's temptations. Since there is always much temptation in the world, religious people have isolated themselves rather than be exposed to it. This one explanation verifies that we are in the showdown battle of hell and heaven. You are always at the starting point of either heaven or hell.

There is always a tug of war between the visible and invisible self, and temptation is always trying to pull you in one direction, while God's truth is trying to pull you in another. Each person is caught in the middle and usually goes a zigzag course, being pulled from one side to another. This is a very realistic picture. This is why in our world mankind is always looking for the best teacher, best leader and best parents to help them win over temptation. We now can conclude, therefore, what the criterion is for distinguishing whether a person is good or bad. Why do you say you are good? How can you be so sure? The good man is unselfish, and his knowledge and love do not belong to him but to God. The good man's way of life is like a straight line. Throughout history the person who gives himself for the purpose of others has been regarded as a good person, while the man who has sacrificed others for himself has been known as evil. That is the central point of education, and it has held true throughout history.

If everyone really knows the truth, why has America become individualistic and self-centered? God's work has been a tireless effort to restructure society, beginning with one unselfish individual and through him creating a family and society, nation and world, gradually bringing the lost world back.

So far the basic error of religious teaching has been this: though religion has taught the basic value of sacrifice, it has extolled sacrifice as the necessary price to gain salvation for oneself. In return for their sacrifice people have expected to go to the top of heaven. A person should not be sacrificial only because he wants the highest place in heaven; that is selfish. No, we are going to sacrifice ourselves for the liberation of God and the healing of His broken heart, as well as the restoration of our True Parents and the liberation of all mankind. These are supposed to be the goal, not individual salvation. The truly sacrificial person feels he exists for the benefit of the world and God.

Every religion will also be judged by this simple formula. The truly unselfish religion is the good religion. The Guyana tragedy is an extreme example of an evil religion. How could one man [Rev. Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple] sacrifice the sacred lives of others for his own madman's ego? The true religion would teach that if death is necessary then a leader should want to die in place of or for the sake of others. Such a person would be a true leader. The Jonestown group was not even following a religion but a doctrine that was totally opposite Jesus' teaching.

What vision and method for liberating God can be found in the true religion? Do you think God's task of restoring fallen man to the Kingdom of Heaven is easy? It is an overwhelming task. If He had been doing it for Himself He would have given it up a long time ago. But He is doing it for mankind, not Himself, and so He is tireless in His efforts. He cannot throw up His hands and quit. If God were trying to restore the world for His own pocketbook or pleasure, I'm sure He would have stopped before finding even twelve people because the task is so unpleasant and arduous. God's motivation could only be unconditional love.

God originally created man to be His eternal object for give and take. The ideal of God is still there and until He reaches the ideal He cannot lay the mission down. American society today is confused because people lack criteria about good and evil. Neither do they understand satanic, fallen nature. The supreme religion is the one which will proclaim the liberation of God and the salvation of mankind. That is the highest teaching you can find. When we evaluate today's religions from this standpoint we see that today's Christians are not concerned about liberating God and humanity. Most Christians are narrow minded because they are talking about "your" God and "my" God. From the ultimate standard of God's religion we can see that today's Christianity is not good enough.

Christian denominations today promote their faith by proclaiming that their denomination alone can guarantee the Kingdom of Heaven. In God's sight this is a very smelly conflict, like pigs in a pen debating about which is cleaner while they are all covered with filth. That blind, boastful attitude will bring nothing but their own decline and they will never see the sunlight. If there is truly a God of justice He would never let such a religion prosper. Any such religion is destined to decline.

What will happen to the rest of the world? The same principle applies. If America becomes public minded and unselfish then this nation can survive, but if America becomes selfish, boastful and arrogant, then just like any religious people with such attitudes the nation of America will also decline. If you wait you will see how true these words are. You will see whether my conviction and ideology will win out or whether America will continue as it is. Do you think America can continue this way of life into eternity?

Even though Communists have conquered a large portion of the world's population and territory, their ideology at least has certain virtues that parallel God's own virtue. Marxism teaches that a utopia must come for the entire world. Communists say they want to save the world, want to liberate the world, but although the key word has been liberation, the actual goal has been world conquest. Even though the Communists proclaim an international crusade for the liberation of the world, they don't actually live it. Look at how nationalistic the Russian and Chinese Communists have become now, competing with each other for spheres of influence. Even Communists have not been able to transcend the barriers between nations or races.

How would God feel if He found a group of religious people here on earth who are proclaiming the supreme ideology, saying that their goal is to liberate God and all of mankind? Would God be pleased or sorrowful to see that they truly had conviction to do that and really lived a sacrificial way of life? If God found such a group here on earth, He would be so pleased that He might faint. Such a group here on earth is the Unification Church, and so in the sight of God the Unification Church is the most orthodox of orthodox and is the center of centers. Therefore, God will look upon all the other religions who are saying the Unification Church is heretical and say, "What are you saying? You are the heretics! " This is the reality of our position.

Go and judge the Unification Church. Is it a good place or evil place? According to our formula of judgment, the Unification Church is good because we want to exist for the sole purpose of the liberation of God and mankind by sacrificing ourselves. I want to bring all America's young people into the Unification Church to let them sacrifice for that purpose and that's why this is a good group.

Do Unification Church people have five senses? Do I have a good or a bad brain? Then why haven't we fought back at our attackers before now? Why do we have so many lawsuits nowadays and why are we winning so many of them? All these years I have said, "Let the world hit us and persecute us. We will take a beating." But now I am saying that we have come to the point where we must fight back.

It has never been my desire to fight the satanic world in that way, but now God is saying that the time has come for us to show what we are. We must let the good people of the world know so that we can hasten the day of the liberation of God. Now the time has come for us to positively show what we are.

Am I a man of great strength or a man of weakness? Even in my high school days I was a wrestling champion and proficient in all kinds of sports. There was no sport I could not do. I was known as a very powerful boy who was never defeated by anyone. Even when an older and stronger boy came to fight me, he never saw the end of the conflict until I had beaten him.

I could never tolerate injustice because that is my nature, yet when I came to America everyone was scornful of me, accusing me of being a false religious leader. Even school children learned to criticize me, yet under these unjust circumstances I never spoke back, not even one word. The whole time America ridiculed me I was silent, working tirelessly to create the necessary base and foundation with my sweat and blood and tears. The time has come now to show the world what we are and what our true intentions are. The proof is seen in the material and spiritual foundation we have achieved.

The virtue of God is seen in just such situations. God is powerful and almighty, but He has endured Satan's ridicule for 6,000 years. In doing so God was testing Satan, seeing how vicious and wicked he was, allowing him to do anything. After 6,000 years God has accumulated complete documentation of Satan's evil, and finally the time will come when God will say, "Satan, I cannot stand it any more. Here is the proof of your corruption." This logic works in our world as well. For example, no judge will send a criminal straight to jail without hearing all the evidence at a trial. The judge will first listen to the defendant's story and all the proof will be examined and checked, and then finally the judgment will be made. A court trial is a slow process. That's good because God's court is just the same. Following a slow process is God's scheme to let Satan reveal all the evil he can do and incriminate himself.

God wants there to be no complaint in His court once He pronounces a sentence. Even Satan will accept the final verdict as just. On that day even all the evil spirits in hell will say to Satan, "You deserve that sentence. You are a criminal." God is a patient judge, therefore, documenting and listening to the evidence. We work the same way. We have been collecting all the evidence of evil against us and when God's court is finally convened, God will show the entire world the undeniable proof of the evil that has been done, from the individual level to the family, tribal, national and worldwide levels. There is no way Satan will be justified in saying, "No, God, that's not true. You are mistaken." There will be no room for that. In order to win His case God has been more meticulous than anyone else. Is God a great judge or a foolish one? Unfortunately this process of collecting evidence takes time, but since He is taking the time to document a complete case there will be no one to come and say that His judgment was wrong, even after millions of years pass. Have you ever thought about it that way?

The Unification Church has been the target of the world, and people of all nations, races and religions have been coming against the Unification Church and Reverend Moon. America is a multi-racial nation, almost like a corporation having many stockholders of all kinds. Here in America you have all the elements of the entire world in microcosm. When I came to this nation and received persecution and accusation, it actually meant that the entire world came against me. People thought I would not last even six months, but that prediction was never fulfilled.

When I first entered this country it was as though a little cat appeared all of sudden in a den of lions. The lions have been trying to intimidate the little cat with their fists, but the more they tried to knock him down the more this cat grew; and furthermore, this cat has been winning all of the lions' children to his side. All the children of America have been saying that they really like the new cat who arrived among the lions. Everyone thought he was a cat, but he has turned out to be the biggest lion of all.

Only those who have an eye of wisdom can see the true picture about me. Many American young people are clever, idealistic and conscientious. In the whole history of the United States there has never been such an ironic instance as this cat disrupting the den of lions, and Americans feel upset over this "intrusion" by a yellow man coming from Korea. The love of white people is not as deep as that of yellow people, but the love possessed by black people probably is the deepest of all.

You are gathered together here and you need to become great teachers because you now know the incredible truth about the universe and God. Everyone must become teachers who can teach the world how to liberate God and serve mankind. That is the very task God has been doing all this time, so we are taking over God's job. Do you worry about leaving God unemployed? Because God is without form He will say to any champion who comes to take up His role, "You go right ahead and I'll be working with you." That's the way God works. This is the Unification Church ideology and it is my conviction that we will make the Unification Church the ambassador and representative of God. We will go in place of God to do the work that God wants to be doing. We are going to educate the world for the liberation of God and mankind, demonstrating to the world the love of God centering upon the family, nation and world, teaching the world how we can love our fellow man.

If you join the Unification Church but you don't feel enthusiasm then you are not a real member. When members first come to the Unification Church they are burning with ambition to become teachers and teach the world about the love of God. They want to teach the world how to liberate God and mankind. Day and night I am looking for this kind of man and woman. The world is looking for that kind of person and God is also looking for that kind of man and woman.

The amazing thing is that I never lose the attention of the American people, or of the world's people for that matter. Even though people criticize me, they are always watching what I am doing and where I am going. When a tiger appears near a village all the villagers keep close track of it and pass the news, "The tiger moved from that mountain to that mountain." Twenty-four hours a day that tiger is on the minds of the people. It is the same for the American people; whether they like me or not, they cannot forget me.

That situation is our asset and our foundation. Unless God were working with us, the people would not be as interested. People are more and more curious about me and on that foundation we can truly win this nation. The people who are trying to discredit me have ulterior motives, and usually they are not very productive members of society. When good citizens look at the kind of people the deprogrammers are they think that if this quality of person is a fierce opponent of Reverend Moon then Reverend Moon must be doing something right and they want to know more. This kind of trend will soon start.

God will lose nothing by following this strategy. If I had become instantly popular in this country, being welcomed by the President on down, then you would not have a chance to get in this room. All the people of high position would insist on being here instead. Whoever is looking for the truth, seriously investigating even unpopular people regardless of public opinion, is a real man or woman. These are the pathfinders God needs for the Kingdom of Heaven. You are those people and that is how you are helping God's strategy.

How many people would say, "I am a representative of God and I want to educate and love mankind"? If you are such people then would the American people eventually welcome me? Of course Americans love their young people, so when you go out into American society, explaining about Reverend Moon and your conviction and your way of life, they will soon welcome you. God knows I need many young people for His work and so He uses this strategy. Do you passively or willingly welcome it? Religion is supposed to be the basic teaching which will liberate God and mankind. There is no greater teaching than this one.

What is the definition of a true parent or true friend? Such a person is one who will lead you to be a person welcomed by the world and God. I have been leading the Unification Church to work tirelessly through this philosophy. When I began this task I was all alone, but I knew that God set up religion because He wanted to be the true father who loved mankind. God's position has been that of a teacher who could guide mankind into knowledge and show how He loved man. It is logical that, if God is such a God, if you take over the same position you will also become a teacher and parent of mankind.

Whenever truth is proclaimed it will be widely tested. I knew that when I initially declared the truth it would be scorned as being lies and the teaching of a charlatan, but I knew God's virtue of being silent.

When I first declared this way of life there was opposition but I was silent. When I moved to the family dispensation and the families of the world opposed me, I was still silent. During the national dispensation all nations came against me but I was silent and moved to the world level. When America and the whole world came against me I was silent, and even when spirit world came against me I was silent but I moved on. While we are silently ignoring the slander and vicious lies, the time is approaching when the entire nation will accuse our attackers of being liars. The good people of America will accuse the media of having lied about me.

You know now who the true man is whom God likes. Suppose such a true man came to America and this nation opposed him. Who would win eventually-selfish people or that true man? What if he had only one leg. Would he be defeated? What if he had half a nose or only one eye; wouldn't he lose then? If that true man happened to have no limbs or someone had to carry him when he went out, would he be defeated by America? If a true man in that condition could still win America then what about me? I have all my limbs, so will I lose or win?

Did I figure everything out in advance, or did I just plunge into the job? In your judgment have I failed or succeeded here in America? Have the deprogrammers succeeded or failed? Congressman Fraser investigated the Unification Church for two and a half years, but was he a loser or a winner? Did he lose his election because I fought him with bullets, or in a boxing ring? No, the spirit world came down and took care of the victory for us.

The Home Church mission is done by people who take up the position of God as educators of mankind, teaching people how to love God and liberate mankind. If such people become champions of Home Church, the world shall be restored automatically and the Kingdom of Heaven established. This is the basic spirit and principle of Home Church. We are going to teach the world these things: one, liberation of God and secondly, love of mankind in the spirit of sacrifice. You must know clearly the logic of the ideology upon which we stand. We will sacrifice ourselves to educate the people and love them. If you do that then without question God will dwell with you and will lead your Home Church, working day by day with you. You won't be able to part from God for even one moment. In order to teach this principle and way of life God has been looking for Abel- type champions on every level throughout history.

On each level of restoration there must be an Abel figure known to God as the champion. There will be a worldwide champion to specialize in individual restoration, another for family restoration, another champion for society, another for the world and still another for the entire cosmos. Throughout history God has been working tirelessly to choose these champions, one from the East, another from the West, South or North, giving them missions to fulfill in the different ages. So far, however, no one has emerged to connect all those champions with each other and they have continued working in an isolated way. Satan is cunning; he cuts all ties between the Abels of the world and surrounds them, almost nullifying their work.

God may seem to be defeated, but He has a clear strategy. He will establish one champion of the world and cosmos who will link all the Abels of the world and they will all emerge together at one dramatic moment of history. That is the purpose of the coming of the Messiah. He is needed to gather an account for all the world's goods, documenting them and presenting them to God on the universal altar. When Jesus came, the son of God, he appeared as a humble man who was opposed by his family and nation and finally crucified. Therefore, he must come again. I have been working to restore all these foundations that have been hidden, and as Abel of the individual, family, society and nation I am linking them all together into oneness to offer them on the altar of God, finishing the final showdown.

There are many Abels in the world on each of the different levels, but so far there has been no unity and each of them has gone in his own direction. Everything is disorganized. There are many denominations within the religions of the world, each of them creating its own world. When their members die and go to spirit world they create an exact replica there of these isolated societies here on earth. Someone has to organize all the Abels of each level into one direction, and if we succeed in doing that here on earth then spirit world will automatically mirror that and become one harmonized body. The relationship between the two worlds is something like that between a factory and a warehouse; whatever is manufactured here on earth is stored in spirit world. There is no such thing as a heaven after you die unless you have lived one here on earth.

Who comes to this earth, trying to unite the central religion with all others in the world? First is God, and next are True Parents. Who are True Parents? Their position is exactly that of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden before the fall. They are the ones who will fulfill the original ideal of creation in reality, receiving God's original inheritance and giving it to the world. Once this path is pioneered and you liberate God and love Him, liberate mankind and love them, you are entitled to become a true parent because you come under this tradition. I want you to know these two things very clearly.

Since there has never been any unity in the religious world, someone is needed to unify it all. That is how the mission of the Unification Church was born. The first step is to straighten out the dispensational history of the central religions of Judaism in the Old Testament and Christianity in the New Testament. Our role is very simple: we teach what God wants to teach, putting ourselves in His position and telling the people what God wants them to know. When I started in the individual and family dispensation the whole satanic realm knew about it and came against me, but I was victorious in securing the individual foundation. The victory was won under tremendous opposition.

It is the principle that when Satan wages war God's side must endure and withstand the assault. It may seem as though God's side is being defeated, but as long as it can survive and go on to the next stage victory is already secured and Satan has to move out. Satan always works for himself, teaching people that they will only lose if they stand on the heavenly side. Nowadays every nation is self-centered and if the people have information that might benefit all mankind they don't want to reveal it because they want it to benefit only their nation. In order to gain or protect that information they even wage war.

God is not a warmonger or attacker, but is always defending, letting Satan attack. Why does God have to be silent and defensive? It is because His angels and children are not ready yet; they are far weaker than Satan and God knows that this is not the time to stand up. How could He send His children out to confront Satan until they are prepared and qualified? God needs a champion who is just like Himself, who will be attacked but never shaken. In boxing, one fighter can win just by enduring to the end and letting his opponent wear himself out. That's how God has been fighting Satan.

In the meantime, though, God has not been sitting idle. He has been educating His angels and people so that they can be superior to Satan. If God has a superior force on His side then there will be no fight because Satan will surrender as soon as God's side shows up. Is that a wise or foolish strategy? Are we strong or weak? In what way? We are strong inside. We are setting a record superior to Satan's, setting a pace he cannot keep up with. In that sense is the Unification Church a fearful organization? God has no reason to be afraid of us, but Satan knows he is facing a formidable opponent.

From the beginning I was opposed by even my own relatives but no one could shake my spirit. You are inheriting that spirit today, so when you are kidnapped are you influenced by the deprogrammers? It would have been easy for me to gather my relatives together and explain everything to them so they would understand me, but until now I have been silent and said nothing. I only thought, "History will tell. You wait and see." I didn't want to spoil God's tradition of withstanding all kinds of beatings in silence. If I had won my relatives to my side then I would not be setting God's tradition of being beaten in the worst possible way, all alone. Then God could not have said I was fully triumphant and Satan would always bear a grudge in his heart, claiming that he could have beaten me if only I had fought alone. If I am victorious with the help of others then I will only have that kind of conditional victory. I always prayed for God to be just a spectator and let me finish the fight by myself.

God really left me alone, but was that punishment or love? God wanted me to win the title of greatest possible champion with no strings attached. You have never heard such a sermon anywhere else than in the Unification Church, but when you hear this don't you think it is logical? That's why only clever people can understand the Divine Principle.

When I was victorious on the individual and family levels, all the nations, governments and churches of the world came against me. They used their power to imprison and torture me, and many times I was beaten so much that I threw up a fatal amount of blood and was left for dead. But even then I prayed for God to stand still and let me continue on my own, without His help. I wanted to comfort God by winning on my own.

Of course, God had many ways to assist me, and even though I was frequently accused and brought to trial on false charges I was always proven innocent and released. The amazing thing is that the people who were trying to kill me are the people who have disappeared, either through sickness or accidents. None of them remains on earth today, but I am still fighting my lonely battle. In my own lifetime I have withstood overwhelming suffering and have been triumphant inlaying the worldwide foundation. Satan desperately tried to stop me in Asia but he failed, so I came to the world stage, which is America.

From December 18, 1971, when I entered America, until 1976 the entire world came against me, but I used the same tactic of fighting the lonely battle. No one came to my aid. When I first came, even the American leaders of our Church didn't completely believe me, and still they are sometimes skeptical. But I fought the lonely battle, bringing our worldwide leaders to this country and training them. I never revealed my full plan to anyone, even my closest assistants; I just gave instructions to them. When I told the leaders to do something, however, there was no discussion because I had already done what I was asking of them, and they were only repeating my own victory.

There were many stages in the battle: individual, family, tribe, society, nation and world. At every level I went over a hurdle and paid the necessary indemnity. Because of my achievement there is now one superhighway from the individual level all the way to the cosmic level, and the crooked road has been straightened out. We are becoming the mainstream of the history of God and mankind. This highway is so obvious and so permanent that once someone gets on it there are no obstacles of race or language to hinder him. Once he gets started he can go straight to the goal. It's like riding in a super-van where everyone is welcome aboard. I am the driver, and though you sleep I still drive in the right direction and you can be assured of reaching the goal.

Having Home Churches was God's goal in the garden of Eden but it was broken into pieces by Adam and Eve, causing many different obstacles to be set up throughout history. Now I have cleared them all away and we are returning to the original concept. It is your blessing and privilege to participate.

When we make a highway on earth in the cosmic dispensation then the same highway is created in spirit world. When motorists on earth have the chance to travel on a superhighway they all pay attention to how they can get on, even though they may have to backtrack or go out of their way. The time is coming when the Unification Church will be overwhelmed with trying to accommodate all the people who want to get on this superhighway and are flooding the tollgate. I want you to be ambitious to be a teacher of mankind and love mankind as God is doing. Are you that way? Even ugly men and women can have that kind of ambition, right? The Unification Church is like a workshop where you can be trained to be a lover of mankind and God, and I am the one who will sign your graduation certificate.

Do you love me? How much? Just as you love me now, when you teach mankind and give them God's love you will be loved by them in return. I want you to know that this has been the hope of God and the hope of mankind, and we are here today to really fulfill that desire of theirs. We possess the greatest of all fortunes and the method to fulfill that dream and goal is Home Church. In doing this mission your Divine Principle book will be used so much that it will be like a rag. Concentrate on God day and night. Does God sleep at night? No matter how much we do we cannot keep up with God because He has no night. Do you still want to compete with God and not sleep at night either?

Does Satan sleep well? What about Unification Church members? You may stop to rest for three minutes and ask God to watch over you, but because your body is so tired you actually wake up three hours later. God will still be watching over you because He promised to, but you can say, "Why didn't You wake me up?" If you do that then God will understand and Satan will not be able to dominate you. In your sleep you will still be with God. God knows you cannot rest for just three minutes; He knows your trick.

I told the state leaders that they shouldn't have their own bed or bedroom, but just rest a few minutes in the living room, giving apologies to God for needing to rest. God knows that we have mortal weaknesses, but this is the way we can overcome them. Every time I sit on the toilet I fall asleep, but do you think God will ridicule me for that? No, God will be sympathetic and encourage me to rest a few minutes right there. Sometimes for enjoyment God treats me to a tour of spirit world during those moments, showing what He is going to give to me, and then sends me back to work.

Sometimes I get in the tub for a bath and suddenly I am snoring. When I take a bath Mother is always careful to make sure nothing happens to me in my sleep. Would God say, "What kind of man are you? How can you sleep in the bathtub?" I definitely think God likes me very much, and the fact that you love me is the undeniable proof of it.

The starting point of the dispensation is one individual and the individual must become a family. As the family advances to each level it will expand the providential territory, becoming a nation and finally embracing the world, but it will be opposed at each step. Here in America I was opposed, but during that time I completed the individual, family, nation, and world foundations, as well as the condition to unite all the races. This involves the restoration of all Abels of the world into one unified organization. You know that opposition came from all comers, all races, all religions, and all nations -- coming to a peak in 1976.

Even while the world was coming against the Unification Church we were growing on a cosmic level and we have won a cosmic level victory. While I was receiving persecution in this country I sent out missionaries all over the world to 120 nations to be like lightning rods for persecution on my behalf. The primary responsibility of the missionaries was not even to gain members but to stand firm and even if they had to die for the mission to stay and receive the persecution of that nation. If I hadn't done that then I would have received accusation from spirit world that I loved only America, even though my mission was a cosmic one. The accusation that I neglected other countries was apt to come, but I prevented that from happening. My body can be in only one place at a time, but in the meantime I sent my representatives to every country.

No one can accuse us of not loving Christianity or Judaism. I have given much sacrificial love for the Christian nation of America. Many Jews say that the Unification Church is anti-Semitic, but I have loved the Jews as the first chosen people. I respect their honor in that position. I made that clear, but I also said that killing Jesus Christ, the Messiah, was a crime, and the Jews will know this truth when they go to spirit world. I must set the record straight about why the Jews have endured a history of suffering for the last 2,000 years.

Christianity faced a similar situation when it opposed the Unification Church, and it could have suffered the same fate as Judaism for 2,000 years into the future. That will not occur, however, because there has been enough acceptance in the Christian world already. That acceptance helped lay the foundation for me to advance all the way up to the cosmic level of the dispensation.

This is the final dispensation here in America and when the pattern of what I have achieved here is expanded it will form the cosmic dispensation. Spiritually speaking, every victory you need has been won. There is no other victory left to obtain; the conquest of spirit world has been accomplished, and now all we have to do is translate the spiritual victory into physical victory. Since this cosmic level of condition has been set, you can go anywhere in the world and there will be no barrier you cannot cross. When we are able to work freely all over the world, the same situation will be seen in the spirit world. Now in the spirit world there is complete freedom of movement through all spheres. The time of disputes between denominations and religions is over. The worst kind of disaster humanity could face would be a racial war, but that crisis is also over because enough conditions have been set so that all races can be one family of man.

This teaching transcends race and nationality. Because our teaching is a universal one, you as students are universal. This is the universal class and it represents the races of the entire world. Once the world receives the universal teaching, there will be no more racial barriers on earth. God can transcend every barrier. God is our teacher and this work will be conducted by Him, but at the same time He is more than our teacher. He is our parent. How could you ask for anything more than that? Harvard graduates are proud to be classmates from that great university. Don't you think this graduating class here is comparable in honor with any Harvard graduates? This is the university where we enroll as brothers and sisters and here our parent and teacher is God. Are you excited? When you feel this excitement would it bother you to hear negative criticism of the Unification Church?

How successful am I? Am I in a position to envy the President of the United States or should the President envy me? Do you envy the senators or congressmen or should they be the ones who envy you? You have the greatest teaching and the President of the United States must come to learn from you. Furthermore, you have shown through your actions that you love this country more than the president, senators and congressmen love this country. The highest honor in America would not do justice to the true heavenly teacher. However, God will award the medal of honor of the Kingdom of God to such a person.

In a sense I am the greediest person in the world because I would like to have every single one of you deserve the medal of honor of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. I want to make each one of you a winner. In order to do that should I tell you to do as you like? The average person goes out on dates, takes long vacations and has the freedom to do anything. Here in our Church you don't have dates but once you are engaged and even after the wedding you don't necessarily live together! We have amazing discipline and people have to shake their heads. The main question is, would you welcome it?

Many people work themselves to the bone trying to get a piece of paper saying they have a Ph.D. from Harvard or Yale. Here I am trying to give you kingship in the Kingdom of God. In order to win that title do you think you can work less than for a Harvard Ph.D.? I want you to become a tribal messiah. Does a heavenly king rule by using his fists and power? A true king rules for eternity by love. Kingdom building has both the spiritual and physical aspect. You don't have to worry about the spiritual side because I have secured that kingdom. Now I want you to have the opportunity to participate in the physical kingdom building.

Without winning the spiritual victory, no matter how much you do in the physical world Satan will always claim it. But now that I have won the spiritual victory and anchored the foundation, nothing can shake it. In the spiritual kingdom which I have already built no one is idle. Al I of spirit world is coming down, making a fence to protect us. All the great saints who died many centuries ago and the founders of the great religions are working to shield you and help you win the victory.

Who is on the front line to resist spiritual infiltration? The saints in spirit world are protecting us like the guards who protect a palace, repelling all the spiritual negativity. Satan is trying to infiltrate you, but you have defenders who block his way and he has no way to penetrate that line. Satan is very clever, however, and works through spirit people to hit and run. They sometimes infiltrate successfully, but they will be detected and evicted. For a long time God had to use that tactic, penetrating the satanic camp to hit and run. Now the opposite is true, and Satan can only hit and run.

The spiritual turning point was marked by the crucial victory in 1976. The three years following 1976 are the vital period. The second year is always the most difficult, but now we have gone beyond it and are beginning the third year. After the victory at Washington Monument all kinds of formidable attacks came from all quarters, with the State Department, Justice Department, IRS, SEC and Congress all coming after us. We also battled with the kidnappers and deprogrammers and the media. 1978 was an incredible year. All of this happened because of heavenly strategy and I predicted it many times prior to 1976.

Those who oppose the Unification Church are the generation of the past and those who accept and welcome the Unification Church are the generation of the future. Our future is bright with hope. Would the generation of the past who opposed the Unification Church be the ones to educate you and bring you back, or would you educate them and bring them into the new generation? The showdown is over and even without my being in this country you can easily win. If each one of you clearly realized that Home Church is the destiny of our movement then you would give your life for it, and my presence here in this country would be irrelevant.

Home church can easily be surrounded and protected by the spiritual victory I have won and there is no way it can fail. The spiritual power we can employ for the Home Church is many thousand times greater than anything the satanic world can mobilize. All you have to do is unite with True Parents' spirit and intent. Make controversy; go ahead and create good trouble. The world is plagued with evil trouble so let us become makers of good trouble.

I came to America to be opposed by the world, and now I want you to go to your Home Church to be opposed by that mini-world. I have won my Home Church here in more than 360 homes. Since I came here as a sojourner and have finished my Home Church, I have the right to go back to my home town. That's why last year I went to Korea and had a special ceremony on November 2 to break down all the remaining barriers in the spirit world, liberating everyone from the barriers of religion and race.

In that ceremony I eliminated the barriers between my tribe and all other tribes of the world. I also broke down the barriers between the Unification Church and all other religions in spirit world. Because of that ceremony the door is wide open, and whether a person believes in some religion or no religion at all doesn't make any difference. There is absolute freedom now and everyone has the opportunity to hit the jackpot. There are no more barriers in spirit world or on earth. That was done by my succeeding in Home Church. You can declare to the spirit world, "Because our True Parents set the condition there is no longer any barrier between their tribe and our tribe. There is no longer any barrier between the Unification Church and the religions of the world. All good men of conscience in the entire spirit world and here on earth must come forward to participate in the kingdom budding. I am here to enlist your support." You can pray that way.

You can also petition God, "You are my Father and I'm your child. I am going out to do Home Church as a tribal messiah and as your representative. Please send down one regiment of angels to come with me." God will listen to that prayer. The angelic world exists solely to assist the true children of God. So far the angelic world could not come to help very much because you belong to the fallen generation. Now by doing Home Church you can become the true children of God and before all of heaven and earth you can request the help of legions of angels. In Home Church we set the condition to liberate the world, the condition that we truly loved mankind. By that condition God will forgive the entire world.

You have to make some victorious condition like Jacob did. He wrestled at the ford of Jabbok with an angel, and when he won the angel blessed him by saying that his name was no longer Jacob but Israel. Upon that foundation God could bless Jacob. You must also win a victory by going to Home Church and securing some condition upon which God can bless the entire world.

Our way of life is like Jacob's way of life. Initially his elder brother Esau wanted to kill him, just as the Christian world tried to kill the Unification Church, but when Jacob finally came back home then Esau's heart was changed and he repented. Jacob loved him and gave him presents and embraced him. The two brothers became one. In the same way the world will finally come to embrace you. That will be realized through Home Church. My dispensation and victory shall be relived and re-enacted so that you can create the same condition. You must repeat my victory. This is the era for children to repeat the victory of their Parents.

The entire world was my stage. Now I have finished and I am asking you to do the same in your small world of Home Church. As soon as you unite with this spirit I will be there with you. My victorious pattern and tradition will be your asset. Is there any easier way to go? Unless you build your Home Church in the world of Cain, you are not qualified to go back to your hometown and restore your own tribe.

After the completion of a Home Church in the Cain world you can go and build one more Home Church, your Abel Home Church. Then you can invite your father and mother and whole family, and together with them you can enter the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God accepts only families, not just individuals. A family is three generations, and that is what you are supposed to enter with. Since Jesus was not able to complete the tribal messiah's role physically here on earth, we are now succeeding to that mission. By physically creating our tribal messiahship we can open the door for national and worldwide messiahship.

There should actually be no blessing before Home Church is completed. From this time on, no one is automatically eligible for blessing simply because they have been members for a certain number of years. Only those persons who succeed in Home Church and restore spiritual children are qualified for the blessing. Jesus first restored his three major disciples and then the three became twelve. Those twelve plus his seventy disciples established the number 84. This is an important number for us and it must be done in seven year's time by bringing one person per month. Jesus would have had the holy wedding after he had 84 people completely united with him. That is the same path I walked.

First we need unity of Cain and Abel. The Cain and Abel dispensation is most crucial and most elementary, and the restoration of Adam and Eve comes on that foundation. The same thing must be done again on the worldwide level. Today there are two worlds-the Cain world and Abel world-and when those two are united into one then the True Parents of mankind can emerge and one world will be formed. When Cain and Abel become one, such as your mind and body becoming one, they serve the higher purpose. Next husband and wife can become one and establish parenthood. Parents and mankind must become one and serve God. That is the way the Divine Principle is structured.

Where are you actually going to find your mate, your ideal object? In Home Church. You will be blessed with the person you find. That is the ideal situation. The procedure will be that the entire Home Church tribe in a general conference will make a recommendation to True Parents, saying, "This person and this person are just wonderful and our tribe wants to receive them as true parents. Would you marry them together? " That kind of recommendation will be given as the counsel of the Home Church. In the days to come there will be no such thing as blessing without having the Home Church program completed. This is not my statement, but a statement of the Principle.

Home church is a great accomplishment and the pinnacle of the Divine Principle. After all the struggles of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament, Home Church is the outcome, the ultimate fruit by which the Kingdom of God is going to be achieved. It is the ultimate fulfillment of love. I am telling you to be a teacher and one who loves. Truth and love are the two key words. Why do you go to Home Church? There are two reasons. First you will educate the people, but after education what would you like to gain? The purpose of education is to awaken them and bring them to the heavenly side. Education will give them birth. Once they see the vision they are no longer in darkness.

At first Home Church people will not welcome you but soon they will say that without having you visit them they cannot sleep too well. "This Moonie loves me more than God and Jesus love me. He is like my parent. I couldn't have any better parent than him." Later on they will even want you to marry into their family. Each of your 360 homes will want to make you their son- or daughter-in-law. If I were still single would you like to propose to me? This is how your people will feel about you.

Many men admire how I live my conviction in spite of the world's persecution and they want to live that way themselves. There is nothing impossible for me. When I need money, money comes. When I need manpower, that comes. In that respect, do you think that Mother is a happy and fortunate woman to be my wife? Am I a happy and fortunate man because I have such a beautiful wife, such happy, brilliant children and because I have you Moonies?

Now you know what Home Church is. Ever since the fall of man, God, Jesus and all mankind have been longing to reach the ultimate destination. That is Home Church. The Unification Church is Cape Kennedy and we are launching Home Church to the Kingdom of Heaven. Neil Armstrong lifted off from Cape Kennedy and reached the moon. Now we are lifting ourselves off from the Unification Church and our destination is the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a big place, so where would you like to land? Right into the heart of God's love. The heart of God is not good enough; you have to be in the heart of God's love. When you land in the heart of God's love, you will surely give God a shock. At that moment God will really be awakened and He will smile ear to ear in explosive joy. Then the dancing will begin. When God begins to dance, the entire cosmos will be ignited in joy. Al I creation will feel joy with all five senses and everything will be intoxicated in happiness. That dance will be the ultimate grand finale. After that no more work of restoration will remain to be done. God will say that His restoration work is over and His ideal of creation is complete. His broken heart will be completely healed.

Home church was the ideal of God in the garden of Eden but it was broken into pieces after many thousands of years of difficulties and tribulations. Now finally in the 20th century I have opened the doors. All conditions have been fulfilled and the doors of Home Church are open for all mankind to enter. That is the history we are witnessing today.

How much you devote yourself to Home Church shall determine the distance between you and God and the intensity of love God can give to you. Set the condition that you love your Home Church more than your wife or husband, or children or parents. Jesus said if anyone loved his husband or wife or family more than Jesus, that person was not worthy of him. Today I am saying that if you love your own family more than you love your Home Church and more than you love God that you are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your Home Church is one small world representing all mankind and the entire earth; it is a microcosm of the whole earth. Where you live or travel makes no difference; your Home Church is the place where you will become a child of the Messiah and enter the Kingdom. Even if you live in Korea and then come to America you will still have to make a Home Church. No matter where you may go on earth, you must do the Home Church mission. Even if you went to spirit world now you have to come down to finish that mission because without going through that gate you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

There are no barriers between you and the Home Church mission, neither racial, national, spiritual or physical. Jesus gave the key to the Kingdom of Heaven to Peter, and today I give you the key to Home Church because that is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. With one turn that key will open the door to salvation for one tribe.

What is this year's goal? Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven. This will come by love and truth. You come to the Unification Church to be educated and to straighten out the thinking of the fallen world. This is not brainwashing; it is brain-recreation. Here you practice true, pure love. In order to put the love of God into practice you must do humble things like witnessing. Your body always complains and tries to dodge the mission, wanting to rest and eat and to put off working. You should reply, "Are you telling me you don't want to go the way Reverend Moon and the whole Unification Church are going? Come on! Do you want to fall behind everyone? I don't want that! Get going!"

Your worst enemy is certainly not me or the Unification Church but your own body. Your five senses are your worst enemy because they are always ready to be tempted. You have to constantly divert them, asking, "When are you going to betray me?" Your desires can betray you but you must not let them. Temptation is more severe among women in particular. You sisters here don't wear make-up but I see that you are beautiful.

All of you want to get married, but where will you marry? Where would you like to work now? Where would you like to eat and sleep? Home church? Where would you like to die? Where would you like to give birth to your children? All right, go ahead! In order to open the door of the Home Church dispensation the Unification Church needed a foundation, and in the process of erecting that foundation we needed Parents Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things, and ultimately God's Day. The fall of man came at the growth level, and so three seven-year courses became necessary to restore the formation, growth and perfection levels.

If the Korean Christian churches had welcomed me at the beginning of my mission then the three seven-year courses could have been shortened into one seven-year course. Since they failed to accept me, however, it had to be expanded into three separate seven-year courses. I was actually supposed to erect the worldwide foundation in seven years, but because of opposition, particularly Christian opposition in Korea, 21 years were required to erect the foundation. I am creating the third Israel in the midst of the satanic world and we are undergoing an exodus, taking the third Israel out of Canaan. Wherever I turn there are roadblocks, but now these roadblocks will have no way to hold back the avalanche of heavenly progress.

When I proclaimed the time for Home Church, it meant that the foundation was complete and that we had arrived in Canaan. Now we are working on settlement; this is the Home Church mission on a worldwide level. When the Israelites came into Canaan the twelve tribes divided the land, and now I am organizing the children of God to restore heavenly dominion throughout the world. No power under the sun can destroy the Unification Church. No matter whether I live or die now, our movement will never fail because everything is already accomplished. We are in the final seven-year course, creating the individual, family and tribe on the final, perfection level, having completed the formation and growth levels.

If you complete these perfection years well your accomplishment will encompass all the other seven-year courses, regardless of the fact that you were not here during that time. As long as you participate in the final seven years the final glory is the same. In 1976 we crossed over the final barrier to perfection, leaping into the direct dominion of God. It is good that people drastically opposed the Unification Church because now the drastic decline of the fallen world will be hastened. Now we can turn around and go on the offensive on the worldwide scale. We are going to transplant the victory we have won spiritually to the real society in a permanent way. That is Home Church work. If you do that it will be protected by the spiritual realm.

Home church is surrounded by a spiritual foundation. The Messiah is the person who brings the spiritual victory and spiritual heaven down to earth to create physical heaven. Since you are a middleman or bridge to transmit the Messiah's work to your Home Church, you are his ambassador, and therefore, when you fulfill your mission you become the messiah to your own tribe.

Satan can no longer accuse you then, but if you fail that mission then your Home Church people will not be able to accuse you. Why? They will say, "You knew Reverend Moon's ideology and revelation of truth and love. Why didn't you live it? You are responsible for the fact that your 360 homes didn't have the chance to go to heaven!" I have done this work tirelessly for twenty years, and upon that foundation you can do it in seven years, or even seven months. This is why accusation will come if you do not fulfill now. Your Home Church people will rage at you and you will have no excuse before them. They will be your judge.

Home church is not a witnessing method. No, Home Church is our destiny, the final terminal and the fulfillment of the dispensation. Fallen man must walk this road; that is his destiny. More than a man is destined to marry a woman, fallen man is destined to finish the Home Church mission either on earth or in spirit world. Can you deny it? How can you erect the Kingdom of Heaven on earth other than by fulfilling the Home Church mission? This is not a dream or fantasy; this is the real blueprint from God. We have arrived at the final terminal. It is our great fortune to see this Home Church mission in our lifetime and install the pattern and tradition for history. You repeat the alphabet a thousand times a day in your conversation. In the same way, Home Church is the alphabet of the Kingdom of Heaven. It should become an intimate part of you. In Home Church you will find everything. In Home Church you can find God, Israel, Christianity, anything you want.

How many of you are over 25 and still single? You who are candidates for the blessing must find your spiritual children in Home Church in the next 120 days or you will not be qualified for the coming blessing. I may plan an engagement for the month of May, so I am giving you a 120-day opportunity. Will you say to me, "Forgive us, Father. Please be easy on us and let us get blessed anyway, without talking about conditions"? Or will you say to me, "Let us leave the highest tradition to posterity. Let us complete the mission now"? Did God and spirit world hear your answer? I'm not sure I heard your answer! In your time I would like to see the consummation of Home Church, the place where you will find your final resting ground and total fulfillment of heaven.

One day after we finish our task here on earth we will have a great assembly in spirit world. At that time you will come to me in thanks for sending you out to Home Church, making it possible for you to go to the highest possible heaven. You will be comforted and there will be a celebration lasting for eternity. You can win assets of eternal value now, but if you come to me saying, "Please have mercy on me. I can't come to your realm because I didn't do the Home Church mission," I will reply, "I don't know you. Depart from me."

God taught this principle to me and this is why I desperately gave my life hundreds of times over to fulfill the mission. I have clearly taught you this here on earth, and if you don't do it then in spirit world I will say to you, "Depart from me."

The first 120 days is the period when we will win a real victory in 1979. At this time everyone should fulfill Home Church and find spiritual children; then a great rejoicing will come in May. Have you decided, or are you still considering? This is your decision; I am not forcing you. I want you to pass me up and be so full of enthusiasm that I can follow you.

I have been looking back on my experiences in 1978. 1 was away for 180 days, traveling around the world in Europe, Japan and Korea. When I returned I found the movement here totally stagnated and in a stalemate. That is why I initiated this last 40-day campaign. This year I must travel to many other places, but would you like me to face the same disappointment when I return again? Do you want me to trust you? Your answer means you are not going to let me down this time, right? We'll see. Whether I remain here doesn't make any difference, does it? This is your age; you can do it.

You assemble to listen to my sermons at Belvedere, but would you like to come just when I am there, or even more when I am absent? Do you do Home Church just because I tell you to? Do you have an easier way? Centering on this mission you must gather your resolve for 1979.

We are giving tremendous joy to God on this God's Day, but more than anything else we can give Him happiness by making a new resolve and determination to do Home Church. Let us have confidence and go on to really live this. I want you to understand that God will never appear halfway through a situation; He will always wait until the end. If He assists you too much in the middle of the mission then you will have to pay too much indemnity, and God doesn't want you to suffer in that way. You can say to God, "You are my spectator, and I will never let you down. Just sit and watch how I am doing."

Earn the money you need on your own and lecture to your own people. You don't need anyone else to teach for you if you become a great lecturer on your own. On the West coast Dr. and Mrs. Durst are really united and their centers have exploded in heavenly spirit so they are bringing many spiritual children. In the middle of America the IOWC brothers and sisters are working and recently I visited them to inaugurate the three IOWC teams. They are going state to state to evangelize and win members and they have decided they are going to win one spiritual child every 21 days, not even in one month. Do you want to fall behind all of them?

I initiated Home Church work in London six months ago, so I am going back in January to see how they are doing. Then I will go back to Japan and Korea and see how they are doing. I will check how the missionaries are doing in their countries in this mission. Do I have a busy schedule? Are you going to fall behind me or run ahead?

When are you going to give me a little vacation? My vacation will begin when you complete Home Church, and I will come and sleep overnight in each one. What I would like to see is a parade of people from all 360 homes when I visit, all thanking me for sending their Home Church leader. How much would you like to have them welcome me in this way? I would like it to be to the degree that even the dogs are confused at seeing their masters welcoming a stranger so warmly.

When I love a certain thing, does God feel the same way? Even if you lock the door God comes in every night. Having communion and fellowship with the living God every night should be our way of life and your Home Church should be like that. Please have faith in it. Work until it can be done.

Have you made a decision today? You have 120 days, and getting four spiritual children is your tangible goal. Will you follow through on your decision? God bless all of you.

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