The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Abels' Right Path From The Providential Point Of View

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 30, 1979
Translator - Sang Kil Han

For the Unification Church the 1970's were years of difficulties and regrets because of all the problems we faced from the world. In one more day it will be over. Let us hope that the 1980's will be clear of all that and that this new year will be one of hope and prosperity.

The title of my sermon is The Abels' Right Path from the Providential Point of View, meaning the right way of conduct and of feeling as Abels.

As soon as a person comes into the Unification Church, he experiences the problem of Cain and Abel. We have all experienced this. Generally people decide that the earliest members are the Abels, but this is questionable. In fact, this is the wrong way of thinking. The Principle teaches us that there are three steps in the dispensation: the formation stage, the growth stage, and the perfection stage. For instance, the Unification Church itself develops in orderly stages. Abels must also go through these three different stages and be consistently victorious. As Abels we really have to hold on to that awareness, never forgetting it for even one moment, and each one of us should be confident that we will win no matter what.

Why do we have to go through these three stages? Because of the fall. If the fall had not taken place then we would naturally be victorious and there would be no defeat, but because of the fall Abel has the responsibility of going successfully through that path. If the fall hadn't taken place then Adam would only have to wait until he was 21 years of age and then he would automatically be perfected. From this point, in unity with the circumstances of God and heaven, he would continue to grow.

As soon as Adam is successful and reaches perfection, the family era begins. After the family base is formed, the tribal base is made and then the national base. Tradition becomes necessary as soon as we find ourselves on the family level, and the tradition of the tribal base is built upon that. The tradition of the family base and the tribal base develops along the same lines as eras of the grandfather, father and grandson. After the family starts, the generations following become the tribe, and then the tribe expands onto a larger scale: Thus, the nation is nothing but an expansion of the family. Ultimately, when the family expands even farther it will compose the world.

If this took place beginning with Adam then a God centered country would result. The realm of Adam culture or Adam civilization would form the base of the tradition of Adam, starting the cultural and historical age of Adam.

What is culture? Actually it is the collection of the customs of daily life. Then what is history? The development of one tradition after another will constitute history. The two basic ingredients here which we must remember are daily life, which forms a culture, and then tradition, which is history. This will be consistent, whether it is the Age of Adam, or ten thousand years later. It is all one sphere.

Tradition must be built around a central thought. What is this central thought which is the basis of tradition? The real essence of tradition and history is the true heart based on God's love. When we try to find some essence or central important point in tradition, it becomes clear that heart based on God's love is the center of God's tradition. Once we establish that on earth on the world level, it will be carried on in the spirit world. At first it is an earthly matter, and then as soon as we leave this world for the spirit world we repeat the same stages in the eternal world. We have to accomplish it first here on earth and then up in the spirit world.

If spiritual growth to the perfection stage had been accomplished then of course the fall wouldn't have taken place. Adam and Eve in perfect unity would have produced offspring who down through the years would eventually form the world. In the path of fallen human history, however, no one has gone anywhere above the growth stage, the point where mankind is struggling now. Let us look closely at the result of the fall: First, faithlessness on the part of Eve; secondly, the lack of heart; thirdly, the lack of concern about heaven. These three things have never been realized. To describe this a little more completely, Eve came to have three undesirable traits. She tends to be faithless and heartless much of the time, and she has nothing to do with heaven.

In relation to God, Eve lacked trust, failed to resemble the love of God, and had no central thought. She had no precise idea of the path she was going to take and no desire to follow it unswervingly. She looked around for something that agreed with her. In other words, she was not God centered but self centered. She had a vague feeling and inclination to think about herself before trusting and believing in God.

We have a definite goal of making heaven, but Eve didn't think that way. Through the fall she developed the attitude, "Let us be happy today and worry about heaven later." Not only did she become this way herself, but she involved Adam as well, inducing him into the same situation. Now, without exception, men have all become faithless people who lack God's love and have nothing to do with heaven.

History began on that foundation, and those qualities were multiplied through the family, tribe and nation, until today all over the world we find the same characteristics. The world today has no faith and no love of God, and the world today has nothing to do with heaven. The world has inherited a culture and tradition of self-centeredness. Instead of caring about God or even wanting to know God, people want to think about themselves. In the English language the pronoun "1" is like a big gate. All other words use small letters, but "1" is a capital letter, emphasizing self-centeredness.

As history nears its completion, the Western world seems to embody this tendency to center around oneself and the representative nation of this culture happens to be America. Americans today don't worry about the future or about history. They are satisfied when everything goes well today, and that seems to be all they are interested in. Am I trying to belittle America, or is this a concrete description of the way things are?

We know that history grew from the seed of illicit love. That seed has grown to be a big tree, and now at the end of the world that original sin is being repeated over and over. Boys and girls fall into illicit love and do all kinds of things; today that tree is bearing its fruit. Adam and Eve had the decency to cover themselves with fig leaves, but today there is not even any sense of shame. People today try to be neutral and helpful about such things, but when the fall took place God did not permit Adam and Eve to stay in the garden but chased them right out. In the same way, the fruit of that seed is worthy of being chased out of the world. This country is facing disintegration. The whole world is shaking, especially the democratic world.

We can see clearly what has been taking place and why. If we leave the world alone, it will collapse into hell and misery. The only way it can be helped is for us to let people know why it is happening so they can correct the whole situation. This is where the concept of judgment comes in. Someone has to say, "That is absolutely wrong, and this is the way it ought to be instead." Who will do that? Abels have to do that. Abel's culture is responsible for undertaking this task.

After the fall God launched His dispensation of salvation, following a very simple path. Because Adam and Eve, and thus all mankind, lost faith, God tried to set up a person of faith and heart better than any others in history. Since mankind was satisfied to keep living in hell, God had to send people who cared about heaven, such as the prophets. The prophets had to have all three qualities of faith, heart and a sense of heaven. The prophets were sent to confront all the thousands of people who had formed families and tribes since the fall and tell them they must turn around and live differently in order to find life before it was too late.

When the prophets spoke out, thousands of people would say angrily, "That man is not one of us. Who is he and where is he from?" They would push the prophets aside with ridicule and persecution, and usually cast them out from society. At first a prophet might speak out strongly with God's voice to the leaders, but after many bitter experiences with them he might be discouraged and turn away. As he was rejected by the higher level people he would turn to the less prominent people, and finally to the lowest level of society, the prostitutes and beggars. He would tell them of his mission as a prophet and explain that because the rest of society rejected him he ended up there.

Because of his experience he could tell the people not to be discouraged, that the people who live in castles are no better than the beggars. He could tell them that this temporal world is an evil place, but there is a good world ahead and they are eligible for it. The beggars and poor people would naturally listen more closely than the rich people, but because all their lives they had known only discouragement, they would be slow to take action.

The average, "normal" person in today's world wants to enjoy this earthly life and isn't worried about whether he will wind up in heaven's wastebasket. The people whom society usually labels "unhealthy" are slightly better, however, because they wonder whether there isn't a better world somewhere than the one they live in now. You can see this in today's society. Those young people who come from wealthy homes or have nice parents are busy living their lives, while the children of unhappy families feel they have no home and are looking for religion. Religion is all important, but it is the people who are unhappy or deprived in some way who look for religion. They listen when the prophet speaks and decide to follow.

When do you become an Abel?

All prophets are Abels. A prophet is an Abel in the midst of millions of people living a wrong way of life, but can he proclaim, "I am here as Abel and you have to respect me"? What does an Abel living in the faithless world do? All of us as Abel have to gather our faith and offer it to them. Since love is not to be found in this hellish world, we as Abels have to gather what love we have and try to give it to the people. Since the people don't care about heaven or the future, we have to teach them the heavenly thought and by being good examples help them gradually change their lives.

In your years in the Church have you become a person of complete faith? Have you become a person of heart and someone who is filled with heavenly thought and a sense of heaven? Have you gained the confidence that you will change the world to a new direction, even if you are the last one doing it? Or do you find yourself shamed by the standard of Abel's tradition?

When God's voice first reached the prophets, they were excited, feeling they had been shown the way to live. Even when they were persecuted they thought that soon the people would understand and follow, but as years went by and that did not happen they got discouraged and felt they couldn't even trust God and wondered where they themselves were going. Should a prophet feel this way? What the prophets thought the heavenly path would be and what it actually turned out to be were completely different.

We have to serve the people even though we are persecuted. When you spend your own money for them yet they call you names, you still have to keep going. All prophets and all Abels will find themselves in that situation if they are going to do Abel's job successfully. Abel finds that he is not able to serve kings or wealthy people, but only the servants of servants. When we compare who led the more miserable life-the servant's servant or the Abel on the heavenly side-we see that Abel can boast of living in more misery than even the servants of this world.

In spirit world one of those servants will say to Abel, "I thought I had a lowly life in the world, but when you came to teach me I was surprised to find that you had lived a worse life. Yet it was you who came to give me hope!" Abel can reply, "I know we both had bad situations, but when you were low you had no hope, whereas I at least had hope. That is what I tried to give you as well." That person cannot help but say, "Actually I don't own anything and I have nothing to offer you, but since you have come down this low and tried to love me, even sacrificing your own life, I cannot help but love you. I will give up everything and follow you, no matter what."

When someone feels he wants to love you more than anyone else, you become Abel at that moment. Abel can only be Abel when there is a Cain. That Cain is your elder brother, not your younger brother. Abel may be breaking his back trying to teach Cain for years and years, and then one day Cain confesses, " You have already done your share. You sit down and I will do the work in the way you showed me." When Cain decides to go out on the front line to work, then Abel is truly an Abel. After many years that person has been so moved through his experience with Abel that he knows clearly it is the only way to live. Then he approaches Abel and says, "It is not fair that you do everything. Let me work for the world." When Cain volunteers like that, then you find that you are Abel. This is exactly the reverse of what happened in Adam's family.

God began the work of dispensation in Adam's family through Cain and Abel. Being the eldest, Cain had responsibility for his younger brother, but did Cain protect him? No, he killed him, and thus the work of restoration was prolonged. Likewise, today Cain must protect Abel. But does it make sense for Abel to say, "This is the boundary of heaven, and since I was here first I ought to be Abel!" No. If a person doesn't show a good example or work harder with more heart than anyone else, especially younger people, then it does not stand to reason that he can automatically be an Abel.

Originally the eldest should be first when everyone goes to stand before God. But because of fallen history it is the Abels who should be first. Cain will say, "Abel is better than me and therefore he ought to go first. I will follow after him and then meet God." It is Cain who will point out Abel. Abel cannot say, "This person is my Cain." It is not Abel who decides the situation, but Cain.

Any staff members or people in so-called higher position who are not working hard are swindlers and false leaders. How many people in the Unification Church feel they are the Abel-in the truest sense? Those who feel they are more Abel than Cain, raise your hands. If you feel like Cain, who is your Abel? Is there a Cain who does not have an Abel? If you are a brother then there must be someone else you are related to.

If you say you feel like Cain but you don't have an Abel then you are neither Cain nor Abel. You have to work out among yourselves who is Cain and who is Abel. The relationship between Cain and Abel should be so close that their faith and love are immovable. No matter what bad things happen or what the world thinks, that relationship should be so strong that it is unaffected.

Why is it necessary to have an Abel and Cain? Being Abel is difficult and being Cain is also difficult, so why can't we all just become the same? If all you want to do is go to heaven, why can't Cain go by himself and Abel go by himself? Why can't things be simpler? When you come to the Unification Church and start looking for an Abel, you might say, "That Abel worked too hard and now he is old and wrinkled. I want an easier Abel who looks better." But seriously, think about the person who saves you, your messiah. Cain is saved by Abel and Abel is also saved by Cain. We have to understand this relationship.

Why does mankind have to go through the history of restoration? If the fall hadn't taken place, Cain and Abel would not be in conflict, and no matter how many brothers there were they would all be in an equal position. But the fall destined each brother to go in a different direction. The second born follows the path of the firstborn; in other words, the civilizations of the fallen world are following the path begun by Cain, the eldest son. As the firstborn, Cain inherits whatever his father has worked for and earned. Abel doesn't own anything, but is just allowed to share the family shelter and sustain himself.

This is the pattern followed in the satanic world, i.e., the eldest receives the inheritance, so it is not easy for Abel to get a better position than Cain. In today's world the evil side owns everything, and the Abel who is responsible for bringing it to the good side owns almost nothing. Thus, Abel cannot subdue Cain by force, but must motivate him in such a way that Cain will voluntarily give up whatever he has in order to try following Abel's way.

The fall was multiplied when Cain did not love Abel but killed him. To be restored this time, Cain must not kill Abel but be willing to die for him. When Jesus came he had to fulfill this basic principle. Jesus came to start the Abel tribe and nation. If the Jews, who formed the Cain side, had protected Abel, would Jesus have been crucified on the cross? Cain shouldn't have let Abel die, even if Cain himself had to be killed. This explains logically how we can say that Jesus did not come to die. Jesus had to live in order to do his mission successfully because Cain could not be saved nor history restored if Abel was killed again. Because the Jews, in the position of Cain, did not protect their brother Jesus, they had to pay the most miserable indemnity for 2,000 years and millions of people were sacrificed.

Cain and Abel should naturally work together, and because Eve initiated the fall she should help them to cooperate as restitution. This is the basis for mother son cooperation in the providence. In the Bible, Jacob was in the position of inner characteristics and Esau in the position of outer characteristics, or Abel and Cain. Rebecca, their mother, was in Eve's position. Since Eve bore Cain and Abel as the fruit of the fall, Rebecca was in a position to restore that by assisting Jacob to restore his heavenly position.

Eve deceived two people in the fall -- Adam, her husband, and God, her Father -- who were in the position of father and son. Therefore, in restoration Rebecca helped Jacob to restore the right of inheritance to the Abel side by deceiving his father. The Bible records how Rebecca helped Jacob deceive Isaac, his father, and Esau, his brother.

It has always seemed strange that a mother would deceive her husband and eldest son and side with her younger son. Why would God allow that? Jacob knew what he had to do and was serious enough about God's work that he tried to win the inheritance, but Esau was so casual about his birthright that he let Jacob have it for a bowl of food. Esau worried about himself first. By assisting Jacob to do something which Isaac wouldn't have agreed to, Rebecca clearly was taking responsibility in the providence as well. The fact that Jacob came to Rebecca and told her that Esau had agreed to sell him the birthright was a reversal, with the son persuading the mother instead of the mother dominating the son.

Isaac unknowingly gave his blessing to Jacob, who was pretending to be Esau. When Esau came to Isaac to receive the blessing and discovered what his brother had done, Esau was so angry that he tried to kill Jacob. But Jacob escaped, and worked hard for 21 years in Haran. Even though he had inherited his father's blessing he couldn't come back home, and once he did return home he couldn't automatically claim to be Abel because he didn't know how Esau would respond. If Esau had rejected him then Jacob would have had no place to go. In restoration, Esau had to accept the fact that Isaac had given his blessing to Jacob and to add his own blessing as well. Cain has to approve Abel becoming Abel.

When Jacob returned after 21 years in a foreign country, he had prospered and was a wealthy man. Esau and Jacob weren't completely isolated during those 21 years but were very conscious of each other. The reason that Jacob worked hard to earn his wives and property was so that he would have enough power to overcome Esau's power. Jacob didn't work hard for his own sake but for the dispensation. Thus, he sent all his servants and possessions to his brother, trying to win his heart. Jacob asked only that Esau accept him and give his kiss of approval. In this case material things served perfectly as a sacrifice for Cain in the dispensation.

Esau had sent people to try to kill Jacob but as he received many gifts from Jacob he came to feel that he was wrong to think light of God's birthright and sell it so cheaply. He could understand that God loved Jacob more, and since he didn't want to rebel against God he came to love his brother.

This story has confused many people, but now it makes sense, and we can see that it is most important for our own relationships. This formula applies to every situation and every age.

Foundation for a nation

In the three orderly stages we have to have a family and tribe, a nation and the world. Jacob was victorious at the tribal level, and in order for the dispensation to move on to the next level his whole race had to move into Egypt. Because Egyptian civilization had started earlier and was bigger, it represented the Cain side civilization. When Jacob's tribe went to Egypt it was much smaller, and again the smaller had to overcome the bigger.

In Egypt Jacob's tribe began the providence of forming a foundation for the nation. Egypt did not have faith or heart and was not centered around heaven. The Israelites should have taught the Egyptians to have faith and care about heaven, even at the cost of being persecuted and martyred. Only the lower level Egyptians embraced the faith brought by Jacob's tribe, however, while the wealthy people mocked them, just as has always happened in history.

While they were working hard and being persecuted, however, the tribe of Israelites grew and grew. As more and more Egyptians responded to this heaven sent culture, the Pharaohs naturally were alarmed at the growing power of the Israelites, thinking that they were there to plunder the birthright held by Egypt in the position of elder brother. In the same way, when you go to the houses in your area, people know deep down inside that you have come to win the birthright.

Esau was Cain on the family level, whereas Egypt was Cain on the national level. The mind of Cain is always the same, and Egypt tried to wipe out the Israelites. It all started on the individual level when Cain tried to kill Abel, and now even on the national level Cain wanted to kill Abel. Many of the Israelites and their families actually were killed, but for 400 years the Israelites persevered in Egypt, having to show faith, heart and concern for heaven even while they lived at the bottom of society.

Jesus said, "Love thy enemy," which derives from this principle. But the time does come when we should conquer our enemy and bring him victoriously to God's side. By loving the brother we are actually loving the father; we cannot just love the father without loving the son. Unless brothers are harmonious the father cannot establish any order and the family is disrupted, and then loving the father has no meaning. Without that love there is no order in the family.

This is seen clearly on the national level in the relationship between Egypt and the Israelites. You can study this in more detail later. But for now I will say that the Cain-Abel relationship was carried out by Jacob and Esau on a small level, and then by Israel and Egypt on a medium level. When the Jews returned to Canaan after 400 years did they find peace? No, they endured a turbulent history, and eventually were confronted by the much greater Cain type Roman Empire. If the Israelites had been successful in winning Egypt's approval then they would not have had to face the Roman Empire later. As it was, they had to restore the same position but on a broader scale.

If people are raised with certain views and then others come along saying that those views must be changed, people usually respond by persecuting those who insist change is necessary. What purpose did the Jews have in trying to promote the godly objective? They were waiting for the Messiah and building the foundation for him to come. They refused to accept the ruler of the Roman Empire as their ruler, insisting that God was their king. They should have taught the Roman Empire about love and faith, and grown and grown while waiting for the messiah. They had waited for 2,000 years for the messiah since the days in Egypt, and if they had united with him then all the people in the area which now constitutes the Arab countries would have been united into one under God.

The spread of Christianity

It would have been simple for the true faith to spread into the area of India and the areas which Rome had conquered as far west as what is now Holland. If the Jews had united with Jesus then they could have spread the truth throughout the world, including China and all the Orient. The Romans were hated by the many peoples they had conquered, and the Jews and Jesus together could have easily competed with Rome for the loyalty of the world. If the Jews had been loyal to Jesus yet Rome overpowered them, then Jesus might have moved with his people toward the Orient. China and India are religious by nature, whereas the Roman Empire was very materialistic and uninterested in spiritual things, so such a move would have been logical.

If Jesus had been accepted on earth, Christianity would have spread toward the East instead of the West because Orientals would have been more receptive. Then later the West could have been converted. It happened, however, that Christianity initially moved to the West.

Christianity was not accepted by Rome so Christians were chased out of their land of origin. But their numbers grew, and Christianity began the dispensation on the world level. Because Jesus did not win over the Roman Empire, that time of national confrontation was lost and the providence continued on a bigger scale on the worldwide level.

Christianity has spread around the world, but still has not been victorious on the global level, so the battle against Cain remains to be finished. God promised Christians a glorious future, yet what they received was life on the very bottom of society. They had to meet in secret, often in caves. Nevertheless, they witnessed to faith and love and heavenly heart. Christianity began from scratch, initially winning people from the lower levels of society. Today it is not Roman thought but Christian thought that rules the world.

Had Jesus succeeded while he was alive, the Roman Empire would have disappeared and the whole world been saved. If the Roman Empire had welcomed Jesus and his tribe and nation then the world would have come into instant blessing. If Jesus could have conferred with and won the Roman emperor then many millions of people could have been saved and lifted from misery. Because this never occurred, Christians suffered miserably under the Roman Empire for 400 years.

You must know clearly that if Jesus had lived. Christianity would have moved first to the East, not the West. After Jesus' crucifixion, however, Christianity moved to Europe and America first and then last of all to the East. Christianity is a spiritual culture, not a material one. Jesus taught spiritual things, not technology. Why then should Christianity be introduced first into the materialistic West instead of more spiritual countries like China and India? It was because Jesus and his tribe were not accepted.

Materialistic peoples need to be guided by spiritual truth, of course, but today the opposite is true; society is being led by the old materialistic values. Why? Satan is trying to divert America from its true way. The young people are using drugs and indulging in free sex, which God does not encourage. The older generation accepted certain moral standards, but the coming generation does not support any standard except a self-centered one. People with a materialistic point of view feel there is nothing more vague and pointless than religion, and dismiss the value of the family by thinking that any lifestyle is all right as long as they are happy. They have no sense of country or patriotism, or any concern about the future.

People who think only of themselves are not concerned with what happens after death or with God. Their thinking is that if their family doesn't serve them, it can disintegrate. If the country doesn't take care of them then they disregard the nation. These are today's prevalent attitudes. The average American cannot understand God's ideal of one husband and wife uniting for eternity because the influence of Satan's thought is so strong today. Some young people even plan to have relationships with Orientals, blacks and Caucasians, thinking they will find out about the world this way and planning to be involved with twelve people altogether. It is unfashionable not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, like wearing the wrong kind of clothes. Women think nothing of marrying several times and having children by several men. They are proud of themselves, but this is satanic pride. People try to be fashionable by wearing clothes that uncover as much of themselves as possible.

Women are more of a problem in this area than men. Is it true that women are more susceptible to evil? Women are enticed by wealth and power, not so much by thought and love. Let me ask you American women a question-isn't this reality today? If it is true then American women are about to perish. If this tendency is not corrected then we can predict that American women not be accepted to the future and they will never find stable families. No one will want to marry an American girl. If in a few years there are many more American women living singly, with or without children, then the end of American women is in sight. Then "Yankee Go Home" will be heard more and more around the world.

This is not what I as an individual say, but is what God's dispensation shows us. It is the logical outcome if today's trends continue. It all started with Eve, who spread it to Adam. This Cain-Abel relationship is the key to the propagation of the satanic culture.

Christian responsibility

America has had close ties to many nations, but one by one she has abandoned responsibility for them. She has tried to disassociate from Korea, but she cannot do so because some powerful force will not permit it. The whole direction of history is set by God, not by man. Though Christianity started in the less desirable direction, going West instead of East, it is destined to reach the East eventually. This is why America cannot abandon Korea.

No one is willing to do anything about America except one Korean who came to this country to battle evil single-handedly. Millions of Americans don't care about this nation's problems, but I do and I came to heal the next generation of Americans. It is my responsibility to help people restore their own Abelistic responsibility and go in the right direction. All the problems of nations and the world started with Cain and Abel. Since the pattern is the same on every level, one man can shift the world's direction to the right or wrong side.

If the Cain-Abel problem is not solved on the individual level then it will be prolonged onto the family level. If the problem is not solved there then it will be manifested on bigger and bigger scales until it is solved. Just as the Jews should have embraced and protected Jesus or else faced severe consequences, so Christianity is in the same Cain position to the Lord of the Second Advent. If the Jews had accepted Jesus as their Abel, acknowledging that he was the fulfillment of their faith, then the Cain-Abel problem would have been solved on the national level, and Israel as Abel could have converted the Roman Empire. Then it would have been easy to spread Christianity to the rest of the Cain side religions in the world. Then there would have been peace on earth for the first time.

Later in the providence when England was the central country representing Christianity, its influence extended to India and the Far East. Geographically speaking, a peninsular country like India is in the position of son to an island country like England. The main focus of Christianity shifted from Rome to England, and finally to America. A materialistic masculine type nation like America is looking for a spiritual Eve, which is Japan, and will eventually find its way to Korea. In a reversal of the fall, in which a woman led man in the wrong direction, a spiritual woman will entice the man and lead him to the side of goodness. The man will not go wrong if he follows the spiritual woman. America should follow Japan so it can be saved automatically.

Japan's Premier, in spite of himself, is telling Russia and China to leave Korea alone. The original conflict in the dispensation has not been solved and is encapsulated in Korea. One half of Korea is dominated by the worst communist, Kim 11 Sung, who makes the people call him "father". In the south is the Unification Church, where the members call me Father. The two fathers are fighting each other.

If South Korean Christianity had followed the pattern of Cain-Abel correctly and supported me then communism would have ceased to exist. If Korean Christians had united with me then American Christians would have united as well, since many Korean churches were started by American missionaries. But the staggering fact is that Christianity, which spread throughout the world inch by inch over the last 2,000 years, has fallen in shambles in only twenty years. We no longer find Christian spirit and zeal and sense of mission.

Why has Christianity declined so tar in only twenty years? Because Christians did not receive Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. On the other hand, in a mere twenty years the Unification Church has risen as high as Christianity, bringing a greater spirituality yet also constructing a heavenly material domain. What I have done in the 21 year course could have been done in seven years if I had been accepted twenty years ago. Now within seven days, and sometimes within seven hours a person's thought and life course can be completely changed. It took thousands of years to come to this point, but now within such a short time a person can be completely changed to God's side.

Even though everyone says I am bad, you come here and in seven hours you change your direction. What could have happened if twenty years ago Korean Christianity had at least said that I should not be persecuted? If it takes you seven hours when there is terrible persecution, without persecution it would take seven minutes. Then would I have been labeled as good or bad when I came to America? Japan and America would have petitioned me to go to those nations.

If I could have advised the American President about the Korean War, it would have been won, not terminated in a stalemate. There would have been many less problems today. The only reason I met with President Nixon after that was to indemnify what Eisenhower failed to do and to get America on the right course. But who failed? Christians failed. I was going to solve that problem as valid indemnity to restore the Cain type realm on the world level.

There is no reason why all of this shouldn't have been done in seven years in Jesus' time if everything had happened ideally, so we have to learn the historical lesson. I came to America to solve exactly the same problem that Jesus faced on the Cain side. I will have been working in America seven years in 1981, and during that time I want to restore America, representing the world. I have worked day and night, especially teaching American leaders about the dispensation, the meaning of Christianity and the Will of God. If America's leaders had listened then they would have found that no problem would remain unsolved, but they are still not acting on what they have been told.

It is incredible that members drop out of the Unification Church and say they are leaving because their Abel is too tough to follow. We have to remember this relationship in the Unification Church; when people are wavering, wondering whether they should leave but realizing that they have to hang on, then be assured that at the same moment America is deciding whether or not it listens to me. As soon as America listens to me it will find all its problems solved. If not then this nation will have no way to survive. The time come when America demand to know why people persecute me and the Unification Church. If America doesn't do this then other nations will. Spanish people do it, black people will do it, yellow people will do it. Whoever does so will take up the lead in the dispensation. If America fails then it should be the target of accusation from all over the world.

When South America invites me to come, saying I am exactly the kind of leader they need, will you go with me? What will you do? You will go through exactly the same pattern as in America. We will be persecuted and called names, but we let them do as they like. When America opposed me, the black and Spanish people could not understand why. Little by little the word will spread that Moonies live an incredible life of faith and love and concern for heaven. As the years go by people will understand this more and more.

Unless America understands me by 1981, her next seven year course will be extended until the year 2,000, or twenty years more. If America does not accept me then preparation be made in other countries. If America does not turn around then the work in Moscow may have to wait, but if America does turn then I can do it myself.

This is why I push myself and push you as well. Who receives the most beatings? The staff members, older members and people with responsibility get all the beatings. Eventually you get beatings too, to pay indemnity for America and the democratic world. I am the farthest out in front in fighting Satan and communism; you don't want to do it so I do it instead. Don't you miss the old days when you had sweethearts? You used to be able to do anything you wanted, like study or date, but now it is different and I'm sure you look back on the past with longing.

Americans hate you because you are Moonies, don't they? Many individuals hate me and wish I were dead. The State Department wants me out of the country. I want to dominate the communist world, democratic world and Christian world so everyone hates me! The democratic world hates me. The Christian world hates me. The communist world hates me.

You cannot continue in your old ways

The Cain-Abel formula applies to everyone without exception. Every Abel must go this path. This even applies to those people who oppose me. The satanic world cannot accept the godly way of thinking overnight. We have to spend much time working hard before they can accept it. I never looked forward to being accepted but came forward to challenge the individual Cain; then I prepared to overcome a bigger Cain after that first level was finished. I knew that the family Cain, tribal Cain, national Cain and world Cain would all come against me trying to kill me. That is the dispensational formula. If that was my course and is the course of every Abel, can you find some reason to be exempt from it?

We are not going to sow a Korean culture here but Adam's culture. It is not an Oriental culture but God's culture. This is not an Oriental tradition but God's tradition. I am here to introduce this culture and tradition in the Unification Church and throughout America. Do you understand clearly? You American people, I cannot believe you! I wanted very much to trust Americans, but I could not. Do you understand?

You have to believe in me. When I came to America I expected to receive opposition from the whole nation, and this took the form of investigation by the American Congress. I prayed that their attack would successfully pass and that Abel's path be kept intact. This was successfully gone over. Now I expect the same situation to be repeated, only on a bigger level, with communism.

Now I am heating you in the fire and pounding you again and again, partly to train you to endure through that time when all of communism comes against us. The persecution will not come as we know it now. If I sent you to Russia today you wouldn't speak the language, or have any money, or friends to give assistance, but still you would have to go on. If you can be a successful fund raiser now then perhaps you could survive in Russia. At no time in the dispensation has anyone helped us; we have to take care of ourselves. Without speaking about it you have to be preparing yourselves all the time, little by little. Should you or shouldn't you go through this Abel's path?

The Cambodians and Vietnamese are fighting for their lives now against the communists. We must be thinking deeply about how to solve his situation, and even situations like the revolution in Iran. These emergencies are not some fire tar in the distance, but are burning right in front of us. If this country would listen to me today then these problems could still be solved, but once the opportunity is past and it is too late this country will be wiped out by communism.

I understand what kind of life Americans have lived for 200 years, enjoying uncontested superiority. No one ever defeated America. Americans had security and everything they wanted; they were even considered to be fairly just, but if they keep going the way they are now will this country be able to survive? If not, they should give up this kind of life. In one hour they should forget the past and prepare for the future.

If we commit ourselves totally then God will help us. If not, then God won't help. If we give up everything to take responsibility for this country then we are guaranteed that in the future God will advise and assist us, but we can't go back and forth between this life and the old culture. It won't work. If I have suffered and been persecuted then will you suffer also? Will you follow what I have done, or will you say that Cain should do all the work? Do you want to follow along behind me, or go ahead and do the work instead of me? Do I have Cain in front of me all the time or not? Should I?

Do you have your Abel? Do you feel that I took everything from you when you came to the Unification Church, even degrading your dignity? Do you feel that at least I should give you some recognition since you gave up everything? Do you feel that I love the Koreans more and give them higher positions, loving the Japanese next and the last of all the Americans? The Principle teaches the other way. I gave up Korea to love America, and give the Korean Church only minor things. If I liked Japan more then I would spend more time there, but instead I have poured everything I have into America. The Korean and Japanese members have joined me in doing so. It is all for the sake of introducing the new tradition and culture to this country. Logically then you can say that I love America most of all.

I am only one person so I can only be in one place at a time and can't meet with everyone. For that reason I brought over the Koreans and Japanese, who understand and love the tradition better than Americans and have more experience. Americans are like babies in the wilderness, so I intended that Americans learn from them. As you agreed, America has no tradition that is close to Adam's culture and could be accepted by God.

Do you think the Americans would do better if the Koreans and Japanese just left them alone? To reach maturity you will observe the things that belong to the formation stage, the growth stage, and then the perfection stage. Likewise, you Americans should be busy learning everything that the Koreans and Japanese can teach, and then when you add your own portion you can be perfect. Where else can you inherit the necessary ingredients if they are not to be found in America.?

The Koreans have experienced more difficulty than the Americans. In addition, the Orientals experience much difficulty in trying to fulfill their mission here, with language and cultural differences, and so forth. We all try to communicate in English, which is a limited language. There is no particular reason why the Orientals should learn English; why don't the Americans learn Korean and Japanese? You must realize that the language problem is a limitation.

Just as I make an effort to learn English and I have learned Japanese, so the Americans must meet the Oriental members halfway and try to learn their language as well. Never think that they ought to speak English. Korean will be more important in the future, so you should make an effort to learn it, just as much as I am trying to learn English. When I bring Japanese and American members to Korea they feel isolated because they can't understand what is being said when I am talking seriously or laughing with the Korean members. But I speak only simple things in English because it is such a limited language and inadequate for speaking more deeply. For expressing deep spiritual concepts I naturally use Korean.

When I first came to America I could only understand Yes and No, although I could understand more written English. Now I understand spoken English better, and I can tell how often my words are translated incorrectly. It is your responsibility to learn Korean so that no translator will be needed at all.

We talk about the world of heart, but it is a long way off, so I feel that my suffering with language may serve as indemnity to bring it closer. You are younger and at least as intelligent as the average American, so you should learn Korean. When I was younger, even in my thirties, after I read a book I could even remember where specific words were on the page. But today, especially when reading just before bed or after getting up, I struggle to remember certain English words even three hours later. Now that I speak English to a fair degree I feel more pain in listening to my speeches being translated because I understand how many errors are being made. This is just one example of how difficult it is to live and work in a foreign country.

If you were Korean working here but you only had the patience of an American, you would want to run away! I know you have difficulties, but when you compare your difficulties with mine, should I sympathize with you or you sympathize with me? You can justly say, "Father, if I were in your position I would be dead." We have heaven right behind us and this path of heart is the way we fight.

Do you have Abel now? Who is he? If you are Cain then are you Cain on the satanic or heavenly side? According to Principle, should you let the persecution reach me or should you make it stop with you? I know you work your best, for many hours, so should l console you? Or should you feel that no matter how hard you have worked it is still not enough because so much more is needed? You have experienced persecution only in the later stages of my course, but there is greater persecution yet to come. Can you even think that it is too much for you? Now that you know what is coming, it makes sense that you should prepare to take it all before it reaches me.

Do you sincerely mean that I am your Abel? Are you Cain to me on the individual level, family level, national level or universal level? If you say you are Cain on the universal level it means that you must bear all the problems of the cosmos on your shoulders. Are you willing to bear them? Should you feel, "Well, I'm engaged but not blessed so I'm not even on the family level yet," or, "Before I'm married I'll get persecuted on every level and then start my family in a peaceful way after I get the victory?" The problem is not solved when you have your family.

If an Abel type family has gone through much tribulation, should a Cain type family want to let that Abel family take even more burden and responsibility? If my family is at home in East Garden, should Cain's family feel that Abel's family has no business staying at home while Cain's family is divided up by different missions? I have gone through every stage and now I have gathered my family together and live at East Garden. There are enough strong Cain families to protect my family from accusation by people who don't know the real situation. Even though you suffer on different levels of difficulty, you can still anticipate receiving more difficulty at yet a higher level without complaint, thinking ahead of time about the right way of doing things. There is only one right way, which means going through every stage, and that is what I have done. When I look at the blessed families I understand their situation because I have been through it.

I started on the individual level and went clear to the universal level, then came back and settled down and started the family. For whom? For you. By the time we are ready to fight communism on the bigger scale then America had better be ready; if America is indecisive at that time it will be too late. We have to have a fence around us in the wilderness so that we are protected. The reason that you can start a family even though you have hardly done anything is because I have put up a fence on the world level.

The beginning point, purpose and process is abstract thought. Yet it is not abstract alone, but is carried out in daily life. There must be a plan before a building can be erected, and in the same way we must have an ideal before we can live daily life correctly. That thought becomes the tradition that is manifested in daily life.

The fact that I am persecuted to the highest degree automatically means that I am responsible for the way of the highest Abel of the world. Do the black people persecute me significantly? They did in the beginning because everyone did, but not as strongly and not as long. I sent our missionaries around the world specifically to meet persecution. An American, Japanese and German missionary were sent to each country, representing Europe, Asia and America. These are the three strongest nations economically, and they also were enemies in the past.

It is imperative that the missionaries make unity, but do you think it is easy? Any person who walks into a country and states that he is the Abel and everyone else should follow his pattern is the one to blame. The three missionaries have to consciously look for one person among them who has a better idea and deeper understanding, and decide that he should be Abel. Until many new people join and they can decide, that is how the three should work it out among themselves. If the three are in conflict from the very beginning, their mission will never succeed

Who is qualified to be Abel?

Does Abel sit down first to eat and take all he wants? The person who wants others to eat and sleep before he does is certainly Abel. If your Cain urges you to go to bed, saying that he will stay up a few more hours to finish the work and then go to bed himself, then you can retire, but not until. It is not reasonable to say that you are Abel simply because you joined the Church first. According to that logic the oldest member should be president. In the sight of God, the person who is an example of more love and deeper thought is more qualified to be Abel than anyone who joined before he did.

No matter how long you have been in the Church, if you have never loved a Cain more than yourself then you have not been Abel. In the position of Adam and Eve you have to give birth to children, but unless you can make Cain and Abel harmonious, you are not qualified to get blessed. God, Adam, and his offspring are three generations. According to the Principle you have to establish three generations as well, in the four position foundation. First you make the external four position foundation, and then the internal four positions. When you have children you will have to support them and later bless them. Now you are experiencing fund raising so that some day when your spiritual sons and daughters are blessed you can support them. Once you give your spiritual children security, then you can provide for your own family. I am no exception to this.

If this could have been done easily then why should I suffer so much? Because the same principle applies to me. The American couples ask me to solve all kinds of problems. Without thinking of the reasons behind what I do, they see that I live in a comfortable home and ask why they can't have a home as well. But no one helped me buy that house; I lived there only after completing my life work. If you are just beginning, how can you live the same way I do? If you work hard enough then 21 years from now we will see if you still feel the same way.

According to my experience, no one will become your Cain unless you take care of him as though you were his own physical parent. He leaves his parents behind to come to the Church, and as his spiritual parent you should take better care of him than his parents. You have to do much more for him before he will decide you are his Abel. Only after that can you have your own heavenly family. Then tell your spiritual children that they must do the same for other people as you did for them. That's the only way to educate them.

When you go to another place your spiritual children should feel so close to you that they can't help but follow. If they don't care about following, then you were mistaken to think you were their Abel. If you ask why they come, they will reply, "Because we have to return what you have done for us by giving to your own children. We will take care of your children for you after they are married." Cain should want to give more than you have given him. Only after doing this are you eligible to love your own children.

Today the blessed couples know hardly anything about this. Often the early blessed couples didn't know how they would feed their children, but now if some couples lack something they think they will come to get it from me. That is not right. This is not just my thinking, but is derived from the Principle.

Abel is not looking for his own happiness, but only wants to establish the Abel tradition. It cannot be established by Cain, or by your parents or anyone else. This formula applies to everyone in the Unification Church, without exception, and to anyone who comes to join.

First you are a servant of other servants in the satanic world, not even in the godly world. That realm on the satanic side is the very bottom, where there is not even any Principle. People somehow know that you are there to get their blessing and they don't like you. Again, this is why the Bible says that the Lord will come as a thief in the night. Who is the king of the satanic world? Satan. Then God's person is a thief. That is why people on Satan's side persecute you, even though they have no justification.

will wonder why they persecuted you, and then they will be ashamed because they can find nothing wrong in you. Then the servant will surrender to Abel, and even his own family will be ashamed of him. The family, tribe, nation and world will all come to Abel and obey. When the people who persecuted you are ashamed of themselves then they will surrender to you and you will be freed from the position of servant of servants. Have you ever been in that position of lowest person? You may have already heard about this, but you have to put this into practice. If you seriously subjected yourself to the demands of Principle then no American member would stay in the Church.

As a servant of a servants you are used by another servant for his own purposes, not even for the master. He will work you to the maximum and people will say he is a harsh man who profits out of the hard work of his servant. The people will accuse him and he will feel shamed into giving that servant part of his wealth. He is the one who will promote that servant. Then as soon as you have won something from him to make an offering with, you become eligible to be an adopted son. As soon as the servant has earned property with which to make a pure offering to God, he qualifies as adopted son.

What is this position of adopted son? He is not a servant because he has already gone though that position. Even though the adopted son may acquire property, however, it is never for his own sake or for his family. He earns it in preparation for the one who is to come, to be used as that person sees fit. Unless the adopted son feels that way, he will not maintain his position nor go to heaven.

This is not just an idea, but is precisely the path you have to go. After being serious and succeeding in this course, the son who is adopted into the heavenly lineage becomes a servant of heaven. As servant he is in the archangel position and the archangel person is in Cain's position to Abel. How about you? It is important that you understand this at the end of the 1970's so that you can begin the 1980's correctly.

Abel and the family

Are you in the position of heavenly servant or satanic servant? You will win the reputation for being so persecuted that people will wonder why this happens to you, since you are not a bad person. When you hear people say that Reverend Moon is not bad and neither are you, then you will be freed from the servant of servant position. We all have to go through that stage, and if you don't have that experience then you are still a servant of servants. What if you don't go through that position yet have your own family? Then your family is your cross and your children will be your burden instead of your joy. That is why the Bible says, "Woe to those who are with child in the last days."

Until you meet the Lord and go through this course you have nothing you can claim as your own, not even your family. This is why the higher religions came to regard celibacy as the best way to be truly religious. They knew that having a family would only be burdensome. In the sight of God everyone is expected to stay single until they meet the Bridegroom, who will adopt them. How painful it would be to have a wife and children before you are elevated to the adopted son's position.

I knew that for the average person to go this course on his own would be virtually impossible, so I wanted to provide a shortcut to the adopted son's position for everyone. I did that and got approval from both God and Satan. My path was not vague, but was carried out step by step on every level, and each time both Satan and God acknowledged that it was completed. Without Satan's recognition God's side could not be established in a certain position.

After thousands of years of history leading up to this point, I fulfilled all these levels in a mere 20 years, setting the path up so that everyone could enter the gate. None of the billions of people who lived on earth knew about these things. What a gigantic blessing it is to know these facts. How staggering it is merely to know these things! It is not enough just to think about these things, however; you must each carry them out or else you won't amount to anything. I struggled to find all of this.

From the very beginning I was determined never to appear faithless to anyone, and in the lowest position or difficulty I demonstrated faith and love. Even when the worst persecution came I had to sustain the idea of heaven. In the worst positions I have been desperately doing this, restoring the position of servant of servant, adopted son, son and parent.

After I had done all this then I married Mother, and demanded absolute obedience from her to restore the original position, telling her, "Woman, you have nothing to say except to obey your husband." When the time came I sent out the American blessed couples to separate missions and their families were divided. in America this is an intolerable thing to do, and though it is perhaps a little more understood in the Orient, even there it was a shocking thing to most people.

Since Eve wrongfully denied the son and the Father, she had to make the condition of being obedient to them. Thus, Eve had to be ordered to give up her family and go out. Eve has to go to the most difficult place, and that is why the wives were sent onto the CARP mobile team. Because of Eve, Jesus died, and millions of people suffered, and I suffered my whole life. The older staff members especially should know for sure the principle that everyone is in Eve's position in this respect.

I am not responsible just for local events, but for the tradition which is to last millions of years. If you were me, would you worry about individual matters case by case, or be concerned with the eternal tradition? I must adhere strictly to the matter of tradition and principle. You may be worried about America and the world today, but I also have responsibility for all the billions of people who lived in chaos on earth without any hope of ever meeting the Messiah. I am concerned not only with earthly unity but with unity of the whole spirit world, which is much more complicated.

The fall is the origin of all these problems, so the matter of the original fall has to be liquidated, starting with the spirit world. Before God could give me His approval I had to receive the endorsement of the spirit world. Only after that could I start my earthly mission. Then all the barriers could begin to break down that separate people from faith and love and the idea of heaven. All the regretful entanglements which began on earth must be undone.

The whole problem started in the family with the fall. Thus, disentanglement should be started in the family. A husband and wife should have absolute trust in one another. After blessing, there should be no doubt between them. Neither Satan nor even God should be able to separate them, nor any national power. They should have love of that strength centered on God and True Parents. The wife follows her husband. No matter how good an idea she has, she should not dominate her husband to make him follow. Instead, even with tears she should say, "You should not follow me; I should follow you." If she finds it difficult to do something when asked, then ask her husband to bring her. The husband will bring the wife with him.

Who started to untangle the family problem? I started this process, not just locally, but historically. No matter how complex this situation is, it must be clarified because it is the origin of all problems. The basic solution is not complicated at all, however. If you love me more than your husband or wife, and want your mate to love me more than yourself, then there is no problem. By doing that you can inherit the complete love of God. Even if your husband does not give you love, if you love God most of all then He will give you the love you never received from your husband. If you do not complain to your husband then God will add His own love, father's love and husband's love and give them to you. Thus, you get everything. If you insist that your husband love you, though, you won't get God's love or father's love, so your husband's love will have less meaning.

In this tradition you can tell your mate that he can forsake you, but you will never permit him to leave his parents or God. If each of you has that determination then this course of life is not difficult. Do you understand? In a business sense this is very profitable, for you receive a great deal for a small investment.

When you are married do you want your husband to love you more than God or me? Won't you feel left out and miserable? Do you understand the logic I am teaching you? I have lived this life literally in every way. I left my wife and child to follow God's will when it was necessary. Whatever God's will required of me, I never gave it a second thought but just went ahead. Thus, God could give me unlimited support, and wherever I go, it is not only the older people who love me but the children and grandchildren as well. This is unprecedented in the satanic world. Never in history was anyone liked by all three generations at the same time.

When you see the reason and logic in this concept then it is easy to follow and remember. Then you know exactly what you are supposed to do and the job is less difficult. My main task in this nation, whose culture is so distant from the heavenly standard, is to teach the people and mercilessly drive them out so that they can inherit many things which I have not even told you about. Unless you are prepared to accept this, there is no way God can have some connection with you.

The failure of Eve caused many, many walls to come between the three generations of God, Adam and Eve, and their sons. Now for the first time, that which was never united has become united. The tradition that we are going to establish is that of having loved God better than anyone else-more than our own children, more than our husband or wife. Once we have done that, we can shoot upward like a rocket because no power, not even Satan's, can hold us back any longer.

If people observe a Unification Church couple and say that the husband loves his wife more than God or True Parents, then what they actually mean is that he is still on Satan's side, not God's side. There are sentries who will meet you when you go to spirit world and ask whom you have loved most, and if you say that you loved your husband or wife most, they will stop you right there. Jesus said that whoever loved others more than Jesus was not worthy of him. Was that a true statement?

Christians are familiar with that statement but don't know what it means. Christians today have no idea what culture and tradition we should follow, what purpose we have, and why they should love Jesus above all else. When did this knowledge become known to the world? Because of who? Because of Reverend Moon. The world certainly does not know, but how about all of you? According to this standard have you been high level or low level Unification Church members? Do you still belong to the satanic world, or to God's world, or are you in between. Do you understand, or aren't you clear?

As time passes, there are more important things I will talk about. The position of the American President is worthless in comparison. You can sleep at any other time of your life, but not at this moment. If you do not heed what I am saying now, all your ancestry, which is focused upon you, will be adversely affected the same way you are. Certainly it is difficult to receive some new knowledge, but imagine how hard I worked to gather this, universalize it and carry it out so you could inherit it. I am the one who should doze off! Should I stop here? l am hungry too, and my feet ache.

What do you know about me?

We are living for the sake of the coming sons and daughters of God. The President is a different person every four or eight years, and the odds are small of being the children of a President. But how much smaller are the odds of meeting the son of God? It is the most difficult thing in all of history. Is there any place where you can dig up these ageless secrets on your own? Are there any encyclopedias or dictionaries where you could look them up? You can never imagine finding all of this, no matter how hard you try. Could you find this out if you shot hundreds of atomic missiles at God's heart at one time?

How did I find all these facts? Did God just hand them to me? Could any of today's fun loving people find God's words? Perhaps those people who are spiritually guided could understand what I am saying, but today's pragmatic, materialistic Americans would have a very difficult time. No one in spirit world, no matter how learned or religious-not even Jesus-knew as much as I do about this. That's why the entire spirit world has bowed down to me, but not only for my knowledge; even Jesus said that his heart did not reach as far as mine.

What do you know about me? Even though you see me once a week, and the blessed couples think they know me, you are far from knowing all of what I am. You might think the farther I go, the more persecution you will have to endure. Mother loves me more than anyone' but our relationship is not that of ordinary man and wife. Our relationship is a loving, yet most serious one because even a small mistake has great significance; it is not a relaxed and casual marriage.

Certainly the son of God should be cherished and glorified, but he had to go through staggering things that ordinary men and women never experience. I wanted qualified Christians to do this work because I felt they could do better, but no one was willing to come forward so I did it myself. When I tell you about the position of servant of servants, I am describing my own experience. When I tell you about being a faithful servant I am telling you about myself, no one else. I also told you about myself when I was telling about the adopted son. Since I have been those things, I can go the way I am going now. The only thing that matters is what God needs. I know God's heart of struggling and struggling for thousands of years to save the world and that is why I am doing these things.

I decided I would forget about my own life and would devote myself to carrying this out, and if I was successful, then fine. I told God that whether I became His son didn't make any difference; I wanted to do His work, no matter how my life ended up. With that heart, even Satan could not accuse me of dishonesty. Then I began my course as servant of servants. No one instructed me to do it. It really didn't matter to me whether I reached the position of God's son, and that's why Satan couldn't say anything to me.

I told God that He could trust me, that I was different from Jesus. I said I would never, never pray as Jesus did in Gethsemane, "Father, let this cup pass from me." If I had to die in the position of servant of servants still I would not complain or feel sorry. I would be most happy to die on the path I was supposed to go.

Since I went that way, Unification Church members should not hang back from suffering, but should feel that this work must be done no matter how difficult things are. This is the tradition I am handing down to you. You should not want to be concerned whether you are miserable or happy, and should tell God not to be concerned. This is the kind of member I want in the Unification Church. After God promised me a glorious life I found myself in the worst dungeon of hell, in prison. I was surprised, but I did not complain. I never even thought about complaining, and nothing after that surprised me.

If I feel hungry, l just notice it in passing. In the past I felt very tired many times, but just noticed it offhandedly. I knew that God was watching, expecting that hungry, tired person who was exhausted to do His work. Then how could I tell God I felt tired or weak? Without me God's work would remain undone. If I lived that way but God didn't care, then God doesn't exist, so it never bothered me. But in reality I found that heaven was constantly preparing situations ahead of time for me when I kept on going, even though I never mentioned those things in my prayer. When the situation looked hopeless and I was tired and hungry, then suddenly someone would appear to feed me and give assistance, and then I felt doubly grateful because I knew this was God's assistance.

Then I bowed down to God, telling Him that I felt sorry that He was caring for me even before I finished my responsibility. I told Him to treat me any way He wanted and I would not rebel, that He should not worry about me. I have been living this way all my life. You may have to work incredibly hard, but how many years have you been doing that? If the job is not done correctly, this course may last for thousands of years. How can we even think of our difficulties?

This is the last Sunday in 1979. We are leaving behind a decade of regret and sorrow, and are about to start a new decade full of hope, the glorious 1980's. I want to get rid of every undesirable thing this year, and I am expecting the 1980's to be good years. Everyone in the free world has heard of Reverend Moon, and even in the communist countries where communication is censored many people know of me. Those people who don't care about the world and ignore the news haven't heard about me, but that doesn't matter.

Since I am still going strong despite all the persecution, people should be concerned to find out who I am. No one in the future will be able to say they haven't heard about me. This is why, even though you are tired and your feet are swollen, I drive you out to tell the people where you are from and what you represent. When people complain that I didn't give them a chance to hear about me and be an early participant in heaven, they will be told it is their own fault because I have done everything to let them know.

You will tell them that you were in their town and were persecuted by the people and officials there. You will be the living evidence. You go door-to-door fund raising and witnessing to let people know what blessing this will bring to everyone. In heaven's sight, the person who gives even a glass of water to a person who is rejected will receive something more precious than gold. The person who insists on justice being done and stands up for me in the midst of persecution will never be forgotten by God. You who have been working on the grass roots level know that it is not the rich people but the blacks and Spanish people who can only live from day to day who support our activities. Regardless of who supports us' we will keep growing.

I expect you to do the things I have done

When the time comes, everything we have gathered for this work will be left to the world and we will return to God with gratitude. Many people think I am a millionaire. Whatever money I have belongs to the world and God, not to me. I own nothing. I am very frugal, even stingy, in spending money for myself. Most of what I have has been given to me. If someone gives me a necktie then I use it, even though I may not like it, instead of buying one myself. I have only been to one or two excellent restaurants in New York; when I eat out I usually go to McDonald's. It is interesting to see people react when they see me there, because they think I would never go to such a place. When I go on trips to investigate certain places and businesses, people stare and say I look very much like Reverend Moon, but then they think it couldn't be me. At a show I saw in Las Vegas, most of the women dancers were almost naked, and people in the audience who noticed me couldn't believe I was really there.

I am concerned about how to save the people in places of corruption, like the casinos in Las Vegas and the movie industry in Hollywood. I don't care how people criticize me now because the damage is already done. Whatever I do brings much criticism.

There should be no area of life that we are unconcerned about. If we are going to do something about the world, we need to know about what happens in real life.

When I was young I went to visit different prostitutes. I would poke one of them in the side and demand, "Don't you remember me?" The lady would be surprised and answer, "No." Then very seriously I would say, "I am your brother's friend. Don't you remember?" and slap her on the back. Then I would say, "How did you wind up here? Tell me all about your history." Then even at our first meeting the prostitute would tearfully tell me all about herself. I learned much about the world by talking to these women.

I feel there is nothing I do not know about what goes on in the world. I know about organized crime, how the Mafia works, how gambling is organized, who participates and who benefits. All of these significant evil phenomena must be understood. Even though my title is Reverend and I have a certain position, there is nothing artificial about me; I am completely natural. When I go to the mountains I am a good mountaineer. When I go to a fishing village, no one there would doubt I had spent a lifetime fishing. At each Science Conference I give a speech such as the scientists have not heard before.

There is nothing I have not done. I have even lived among beggars. When I slept in the beggars' hovel, I would sing to myself that God's son is sleeping with beggars, and it sounded very poetic. I used to write down my experiences, but when the communists were prosecuting me I burned my diaries so they couldn't be used against me.

If you only want to hear about my experiences and don't want to have such experiences yourself, then I would prefer not to tell you about them. If I know that you can't do such things then should I talk about them? This is why I won't tell you certain things, even if you beg me to. When I go to meet with members in the underground church in communist countries, I will share all my experiences from the early days with them because they will be able to understand and appreciate them. They will treasure the slightest bit of advice from my experience and put it into action themselves. You must understand how much distance there is between you and me.

I expect you to do the things I have done, but how can you do them? The principle is rather simple: you have to be willing to give up your life for God. Because I have already done everything that I talk about, there is no comparison between your understanding which comes from your own suffering and my level of understanding. How could anyone else understand me if they have not had the same experience?

Much of the reason I push you so hard is to train you so that one day I can share many things with you that you can't imagine now. Certainly the American members don't have the same level of heart as the Japanese members. There is some distance there. You Westerners should close that gap in the shortest possible time. The Korean members might tell you about some things I did in Korea, but until you go through certain experiences I will not share certain things with you.

If I tell you to do something and you don't do it, then you are burdened with indemnity for that. You might be excused if you had not been told, but then you could never become perfect. First you become a servant of servants on the satanic side, then servant, then adopted son, who is a holy servant on the heavenly side, then true son and finally parent, which is the most difficult. You can understand this when you reach that level.

To be a heavenly son you have to know both heaven and earth inside and out so you can be a link between them. The world did not listen to me so I had to climb down to the lowest place to find out everything and work on their behalf. I asked God, "Please give them more time because I am sure they will start moving any moment; if they don't then I will work ten times harder so that I can see the day when they start to move." This is how I have been speaking to God.

I feel that if things become any more difficult then perhaps everyone here will pack up and drop out. Even if everyone leaves and my family abandons me, I will find a few good people and reach the final goal. That is the view Abel must have of history. Thus, my topic is about the right path Abel must take, in view of the dispensation. Will you pledge to become victorious? Even when it is not a glorious or easy way, but a difficult one? Even if it is so difficult that you cry? If you can't help crying then at least don't utter one word. That has been my experience also.

You can hardly call this a hard life when my job to lay the foundation was hundreds of times harder. It is very difficult to meet the standard at Harvard, but you are in the school to become God's sons and daughters and that is much more difficult. You had better make good marks, even if you can't take time to sleep or eat in order to do it. You may yearn to have times of enjoyment, but my feeling is that if some day of enjoyment comes that is fine, but I am only interested in pursuing God's dispensational way.

If I had concentrated on anything else, such as becoming a president of Korea. I would have accomplished it a long time ago. If I had been born an American I would have become President a long time ago. But I found my goal was to be a son of God, and it has brought me nothing but a hard life. No one has imagined that the path of Abel could be like this.

Look at the well known religious leaders of today; their wishful thinking is that they only have to believe in Jesus and when they go to spirit world, presto, they will be in heaven. Measured in miles, there are millions of miles difference between their teaching and mine, so they call me a heretic. There is nothing rosy in sight as long as you follow me, but would you still go? Should we live a traditional way of life, or a haphazard one?

Michael Warder had many responsibilities, but he did not understand this as well as you do and wasn't so serious about going this way. He flunked the course. If it was so difficult for him, what makes you think it will be any easier for you? I loved Michael and had many plans for training him and seeing him become famous. Would you drop out, even though I don't show you as much love or have as many plans for you?

Do you think the courses get easier each succeeding year in college? What about those members who want to do something easier after several years, or to have a change of mission-are they successful graduates? If you take the easy way maybe it will take ten years to finish only the freshman and sophomore years. Would you rather graduate as quickly as possible, or spend your entire life going the easy way? One way of thinking is always to be looking for the most difficult thing; you could even think, "When is Reverend Moon going to ask me to die?" You can't ask any harder question than that.

Instead of thinking you have to be especially careful of your health, it is better to entrust your life to God and just run day in and day out. If you don't take it easy in witnessing or fund raising but go all out and then drop dead, several hours later you will find yourself alive and able to start again. This is why the Bible says those who are willing to die will live.

When you die, the village people will notice this Moonie who worked himself to death. The spirit world will send people to your assistance and twelve people will surround you to pray desperately. Then you will come back to life. Even if you don't recover, there will be dozens of people who will take up your unfinished work and do much better than you would do. Spiritually this makes sense. As it says in the Bible, those who are willing to die for heaven will live, but those who would live will die. It is only because you lack desire that you have been unsuccessful

Don't ever think home church is tough. You have to resolve to try it out with confidence, no matter how hard it looks. Find out whether the black or white people are more nasty and then go there. If the people don't pay any attention to you, then ring a bell or play a trumpet all around your area so people will come out and take notice. Then the curious people will step forward to talk to you.

When you meet the children you can ask to meet their parents, and they will tell their parents about the interesting person they met. If the children insist, then the parents will meet you. If you sing well, then you can sing a beautiful song about America, even with tears rolling down your face, and the people will surely come to look. Their hearts will be softened and they will pay attention to you. If there is another garbage strike in New York then you can borrow a car or van and pick up the garbage for your people. If you do it for free you will have no competition. Certainly they will pay attention to you then.

They will invite you out to eat and ask all about you. You can tell them that you have no set place to sleep, that you stay with whoever invites you. Do you think this is impossible? You can do anything. Then you can talk with them, and discuss something you know about, in any area, even poetry and literature. There are unlimited things to do; it is only because you lack desire and will that you have been unsuccessful. There is no one right way, no requirement for preaching like a minister with a Bible in your hand.

When you meet an elderly woman you can tell her you feel as close to her as to your own grandmother. You can tell her that you used to drop in on your grandmother for lunch without notice, and ask the lady for lunch. Tell her it doesn't have to be a nice meal, just crackers or bread, things which anyone has. Take cake or something nice to her next time, telling her you thought about her after she received you so warmly, and you might say, "When I prayed about you I felt you were a good, spiritually enlightened lady, so I wanted to come speak further with you." Then cut the cake up to share with her, and even feed it to her. It is quite acceptable for a grandchild to do that. What kind of scrooge would reject that kind of gesture? If you find that her kitchen is a little dirty and unorganized, just walk right in and clean it for her. Tell her that you do this all the time.

If you visit certain people who treat you badly and chase you away again and again with a broomstick, people will ask what is the matter. Next time, go early in the morning to the house of an especially nasty man before he gets up. Bang on his door and tell him that you are back again. When he comes to the door to get rid of you, grab him and demand to know why he is an enemy of the Moonies. "What's wrong with them anyway? You only live for yourself and do nothing for the community, but we Moonies are giving everything for the sake of America. If we don't do something soon, America will have even worse problems."

Before you go, plead with God that you need to get even with this person and that he can't push you around in your area. Then God will say, "Go ahead," and when you go He will support you. Don't do this foolishly, but dramatically. Then the neighbors will agree with you and wonder why that person is so antagonistic toward the nice Moonie. At some point he will ask what you are up to anyway, and you can say, "I was hoping you would ask that. Please come with me and listen."

Don't worry about how you are treated. If someone mistreats you seven times then he is probably a person who does the same to his own family. His relatives will say you are courageous to be nice to him, that you are the only one to stand up to him. When you get even with him then everyone else will follow you instead of him. There is no way you can lose.

Plan ahead and practice what you will say when you bang on the door: "What's wrong with what I am doing? It's better than what your son does, who is always getting arrested. I only try to guide him in the right way. What's wrong with that? The Moonies are living for the community and America." You can anticipate what he will say back again and plan how you will reply. When everything follows your scenario then you can have confidence and joy. Then when you dance for joy it will be much more fun than disco dancing.

You can wear a Santa Claus suit to your area and draw a crowd of children and announce what you have brought, and then when your Santa Claus work is done take off your suit and talk to the people. The spiritually guided people will readily recognize who you are and what kind of high spirit world you are linked with. They will be able to judge who is right and who is wrong, who is the prophet and who is the wicked man. There is no limitation on how you can reach the people to save them, so why not use every way to do so? When you can give a speech and refer to the different people in your area, it will leave a deep impression. Certainly they will remember you. If 360 homes have recorded something about you, it will remain as your treasure.

If the parents in one house keep on persecuting you, their sons and daughters will eventually come to your side. You don't have to worry if the old people reject you because they won't live forever; by the time you are in your thirties or forties they will be in spirit world. You will become close to their sons and daughters and they will invite you to come when they are head of the house.

Why should we shrink if people oppose us? So far you have been scared if people spoke with a strong voice against you, but why should you be? How can you be a prophet if you are scared when a dog barks? Am I a strong enough prophet? 1 have spoken out about what Carter should and shouldn't do, and said that I came here as a doctor to cure America's ills. If I hadn't said these things then the government wouldn't have hated me. Do you think I didn't know what their reaction would be? I expected their response, but I had to speak straightforwardly because of love.

If a man whom everyone knows is bad-tempered begins to oppose you, people will think you must be a good person. Many people have come to the Unification Church for that very reason. It gives the people an opportunity to find out who is good and who is bad. The children of parents who scoff at you will want to come see for themselves. Those people who oppose you for no good reason will be revealed for what they are. There will always be some benefit as long as you go and really speak out, even if people don't listen to you at first. If they listen, so much the better, and even if they are indifferent they still have to listen eventually. If they persecute you then someone else will come to take your side. You have nothing to lose when you honestly do your work.

It is a good thing if problems start happening right away because people will start thinking that much sooner about who is right or wrong. Your suffering will trigger that. If you continue over a long period of time then your voice will definitely be heard. Even if you move far away, after awhile people will remember and come looking for you. Then you can talk with them and they will have the opportunity to repent. History is made in that way.

One day on an airplane one of my East Garden staff met a person who said he used to persecute the Unification Church very much because he thought it was really bad, but later he found he was mistaken so he repented. It could have been any one of you who helped him understand.

Do you have your Cain area? Are you Cain or Abel to your home church area? The fact that I have entrusted you with home church means I have approved you as an Abel. It's up to you to work hard and pray. How nice it is when you can consult with one of your people when something needs to be done and see it through to the finish. After one or two years they will understand you much better and try to do this work with you. You never know when the result will come; as long as you work hard now then the result will definitely come. How beautiful it will be when the result comes unexpectedly. A millionaire who watches what you do over the years will conclude that you are far better than he is. Don't you think he will feel that? Once he feels that way, he is bound to express it to other people.

You are the kind of flexible people who can go to Alaska or Africa at the drop of a hat. The major headache in business today is personnel management. Everyone wants a good salary and short hours but no one wants to do the company's work. When businessmen see how responsive all of you are, they think that with such employees they could do a billion dollar business. They envy me. When they find out why you are doing this, they feel it is something they always wanted to do, and start seriously considering giving up their successful business to join.

I give orders, but not for myself-it is for the sake of the world and God. When they understand this then smart people can understand that even though I may have only one lifetime, all the ideals I have introduced will continue eternally. When people oppose me they are actually opposing the ideal, which will remain long after this generation passes away. Actually such a person is staining history. When he realizes that what he is doing will remain historically and affect his sons and daughters, he will take heed and stop his unjust actions. Persecution comes to all of us, but many good things are starting now, the fruits of which won't be seen for a long time.

When you like the work you have to do then you are successful, but if you don't like it then no matter whether you do it for ten or twenty years you won't be successful. There is a certain correct way to be an Abel, so you might as well enjoy doing it. If it includes being spanked, then don't be satisfied being spanked ten times a day but try to be spanked all day, all week and all month. Then all the spanking coming to you will be finished. If there is work to be done then we might as well do it day in and day out until we finish it and enjoy life after that.

I have spoken to you many times about the three seven year courses. During this time part of my work was to receive persecution. I wanted persecution to come so that restoration for the last 2,000 years could be finished quickly. I never avoided or tried to stop persecution, but even sought it out within the 21 years. I never minded the persecution or hard work.

Many people have criticized and called me names, but in the years to come they will realize there was no reason for them to do so. What will happen then? They will repent and bow down and ask what they can do. That's the only thing they could feel. If all 2.5 billion people in the world persecute me then they will all owe some debt to me and want to do something in return. People will say, "Reverend Moon, I was wrong and I apologize."

These 21 years have been preparation for the free world to launch a more meaningful movement for the sake of goodness. The Christian world, communist world and democratic world will all apologize to me. Later people will repent for what they did to you.

I want to make you a person whom God will greet with tears

Being persecuted is the sure way for Abel to win over evil. Even if this doesn't happen in our lifetime, still nothing is lost or wasted. Certainly the result will come about in spirit world, and finally at some time on the earthly world. Repentance on earth takes only a short time, but it takes thousands of times longer in spirit world. Abel will win if he exposes himself to persecution in the beginning. He never thinks about next year or the decades ahead when he will be old, but only in terms of eternity. As long as God is alive, everything the Unification Church does which goes unrewarded will be returned eventually. Nothing will be lost or wasted because goodness always emerges, even if it happens unexpectedly in the future. This is what Abel must be confident of. He cannot retreat or think that the job is too hard. As Abel you have to enjoy your work, and on the day you think you will surely drop dead you will find a member.

Worldly people look at you and think you must be miserable, but in the future the spot where you die will have a monument recording your deeds, and people will come to honor the person who gave his life doing God's will. God will see that everything Abel does be recorded. When I speak like this it is recorded for eternity. Millions of people in thousands of years to come will read what I did on this day of December 30, 1979. This is true of everything Abel does for the sake of God and the world; nothing will be lost but will prosper many times over. What we do in the 1970's and 1980's will have to be remembered.

We are not looking for immediate glory or honor even in five or ten years, but only want to do the historical mission successfully. The problem is whether we are on the right path of Abel. The solution lies in whether we take up the cross of the whole world; then we are on the right course. This is what Jesus said: "Take up your cross and follow me." He didn't say he would bear our crosses if we followed him.

Not just anyone can become Abel. God selects those who are willing to bear the cross of the world. Those are the only ones who are entitled to become Abel. Abel doesn't speculate about what better position he will have in ten or fifteen years. He doesn't care what will become of him but just does whatever needs doing and leaves the rest up to God.

Regardless of whether you are faithful workers or not, eventually you will go to spirit world and meet God. Will you be the kind of person God will run out to meet with tears, even forgetting to put His shoes on in expectation of meeting you? Or will you be the kind of Abel whom God only casually notices, or the kind of person God will say, " Oh, yes, I remember he is one of the Church members and he often did good things." Which category do you want to be in? Naturally you want to be the kind of person God greets with tears.

When God sheds tears, all the spirit world weep with Him in gratitude for what we did here. When you work hard for America and die here, you will be received in spirit world as a hero, and in years ahead the same honor will be repeated on earth. Will you be the kind of person no one notices when you go to spirit world, or will the spirit world welcome you for what you did on earth? I am determined that you will become the kind of people spirit world will be grateful to. When you come to spirit world I want to see the people there welcome you with tears. Do you think I have an easy job?

All the tears we shed here, plus the tears shed by God and spirit world will make a big river and an ocean. When God feels tremendous joy, He will immediately turn around and say that His joy is your joy, sharing with us all as one family. This is what I am anxious to see you become qualified for I want you to be ready for that when you go to spirit world.

If you become qualified to be on the same level of heart as God, then everything is possible. If there are millions of such people in spirit world then when someone suggests that everyone wear the most fashionable and beautiful uniform, it will happen instantly. When a bigger, more beautiful banquet table and room are needed, with special chairs, gold decorations, silver, diamonds and pearls and heavenly music, it can happen. When people are drunk in the love of God then these things can happen. People will be dancing for thousands of years and never tire of it if they have God's level of heart. We have many ideals we want to see on earth and all of them can be realized right away in spirit world.

If you really knew about spirit world, you wouldn't desire a lot of what you want to have today. By comparison with spirit world, everything here is small and shabby. Don't you want to go there with me? It is not easy. Because I know the reality of spirit world I am more serious than you, who may believe in it but don't really know about it. All the spirit men are my followers; there is no spirit man who is dumb enough to oppose me because all of them know what I am doing. I must teach you in truth and logic, not just spirit, because what you understand in logic can become yours. Here on earth verbalizing your thoughts is tedious because it requires thinking about vocabulary and grammar and technique, but in spirit world you would understand what I wanted to say before I actually said it.

If you want to become an opera singer there, you can become a most wonderful opera singer. If you want to be a poet or writer, you can express your thought in a most beautiful and moving way. As long as you are in the same realm of heart as God, you can do anything. Nothing is impossible. This is the world in which we are going to live eternally.

will you do in spirit world if you fail to reach that level of heart on earth? It will be thousands of times more difficult if you have to come back and nurture yourselves through people on earth to reach God's level of heart. Everyone has to cultivate this Abel's path, regardless of nationality, age or position, and everyone has an equal chance, whether beggar or king. This is my greatest finding and I know it is right, no matter what people think. I could give you millions of examples about spirit world, but I just don't have time here. You might even find many of them to be unbelievable, but the most important reason I don't elaborate is that they won't really help you over the long run.

Whether you know it or not, that is real life and you will find out soon enough. But the point is, how will you be prepared for spirit world before you do find out? That's why I tell you time and again to be faithful and proud of being a Moonie and not fear persecution. Even though you don't know very much now, what you do know is reason enough for you to plunge ahead 100 % I have explained the principles behind everything I did and about the spirit world, and I did so in order to bring you to the place I will go in spirit world. This is why you witness and fund raise and confront persecution with righteousness. You can be audacious because you aren't afraid of evil.

A person who lives this way intensely and dies young will go to a better part of spirit world than someone who lived a long life on earth but didn't give his whole heart. Your day-to-day life in Unification Church isn't really that important; what matters is whether you accomplish your Abel mission.

Heavenly heart is the center of spirit world

Here is a diagram of spirit world, and this dot is the center. The individual, compared to the spirit world, is but one speck. That individual's heart is but a minute dot within that speck, yet it is the center. Because the heart is the center, it is an equal distance from everything else. Satan will try to tell you that it is better for you to move away from that central point because you can encompass a wider area somewhere else. "It is even better if the center is a little off because it gives you greater flexibility to enjoy more." Then he will assure you, "I will make sure you have a greater sphere of activity. What's the good of trying to stick with that one dot? If you move around you will have more enjoyment and things to do in my domain." He will do everything to discourage you from staying put; "What can you accomplish? No one else is doing it and they all oppose you."

But when Satan makes his overtures and everyone bothers you for wanting to stay put at the center, you can say that you don't care if you die, as long as you are still connected with heaven. "I don't need any of what you are offering as long as I stay with the heart of God. You cannot kill me, and even if you did I would go right to God."

Satan knows he has nothing to do with the heavenly heart, but if he thinks you don't know that then he will try to trick you. If you know you have a heavenly heart and keep it intact, then heaven will chop Satan off when he tries to attack you. It is like this in daily life. If you are not confident of having a heavenly heart then Satan will try to lead you in his direction and discourage you. But if you are confident then he won't be able to touch you. If the impossible should happen and Satan could kill you, then you would go directly to the highest realm; God could use the condition that Satan violated to raise you up. God wants to bring everyone to that realm, and we are fighting Satan because he is trying to prevent us from going.

The heavenly heart, the center of spirit world, is in a subject-object relationship with all of us. If you can harmonize on earth by experiencing many things, loving many people, and sacrificing yourself, then there is no place in spirit world you cannot go.

According to the Bible, heaven has twelve pearl gates. If you achieve heartistic harmony on earth then no passport is required to get in, but if you don't have it then the gatekeepers there will keep you out. The twelve major gates are further divided into twelve each, making a total of 144. Because there are 144 directions from which you can enter, there is no reason you cannot find some way in. If you are in consonance with God's heart, there is no place you cannot go. When you go to spirit world millions of spirit men will cheer you and shout Welcome! Mansei! They will tag along wherever you go simply because they want to be with you, just like you want to be with me.

Whatever you want to do will immediately happen in spirit world, as long as you are in the same heart level with God-whether you want to eat, sleep, have hundreds of servants, whatever. You cannot go there now; you have to work hard to make the condition! The man with the wildest dreams could never imagine anything that would be beyond the realm of possibility of the spirit world. The most idealistic, fantastic dreamer shares that quality with God.

Twenty years ago I told the members I wouldn't speak to them about spirit world because they would want to go there. I never talked about it with Mother either. The easiest thing for her to think would be that I don't have to explain all those things because she is going anywhere I go, regardless, whether to hell or heaven. If she thinks that way then it isn't necessary to tell her all about it.

Do you think you will follow Mother and me wherever we go? If I am in Florida, everyone wants to be there, and if I am in Korea, they want to be there; you not only have the feeling you want to fly there, but to shoot there. I am like the sun in the world of love, so when I don't shine you feel suffocated, but when you are close by or thinking about me you are happy. You have been sitting here for seven hours on the concrete floor, but you have already given up counting hours and feel that it doesn't matter as long as you can become close to me in heart. These are precious hours.

Even your stomach will say, "I give up too. I'm OK as long as you're OK and as long as I become one with the Parents." Here you are contented and full, and want nothing else except to be close to the True Parents so you can be on the same level of God's heart. If I leave, however, then this place has an entirely different feeling.

At first you have to make effort to keep thinking about me, but over the years it becomes second nature, like breathing. Then you naturally wonder what I'm doing and if I'm having as difficult a time as you are. If you become like that over the years then spiritually there is no distance between us, even though we are far apart. Then you are close to Mother and me every moment of the day and everything you want to do is connected with True Parents.

When you want to go to a party you can think, "That means I want to go to East Garden." Or if you want to meet your sweetheart your mind says, "Actually I am missing my Parents." If you can switch your thinking like this then you are blessed. Then you want to experience what I am experiencing and even if I am suffering you want to suffer with me. You want to do whatever I am doing because you love me. That closeness matters most of all' and other things have less value.

If you have that invisible bond with True Parents, Satan is absolutely powerless. This is the connection you must secure with heaven. Compared to the value of this bond, the value of all the diamonds in the world is minimal. Do you think this would be reward enough for you?

We all have a native land and home town, but spirit world is our real origin and we all want to go back there. If your father is wealthy and has a country estate, you can pick up anything growing there because it belongs to your father. The same is true in spirit world. Once you go there everything automatically belongs to you because it belongs to our Father. That's also what God promised me. I am making every effort to make you qualified for that.

In the 1980's you are going to jump into that role. For seven years you have to try and do that, and if you can't do it in seven it will be extended another 21 years. Until 1987, all of you present here are needed to go full speed ahead, holding nothing back. I am predicting that in the next seven years America will experience incredible decline and degradation, even more today. Today the churches are irresponsible; the young people are going in the wrong direction but no one can do anything about it; communism is rampant everywhere. Every taxpayer knows that the government is unable to do anything about America's problems.

When all these things happen people will begin to understand that only the Moonies can do anything about this, and then they will think they should have listened to me earlier. That day the real downfall of communism will begin. Then we will have to go to Russia and Moscow to help the Russian people free themselves, but even now we should be there to start preparing the ground. That day will surely come. There is a timetable. How do you know this is right? All of these events are only seven years away, so my prediction will easily be verified. All my predictions have come true so far. According to the Principle these events are bound to happen.

When America realizes that this ideology is the only solution to America's problems, what will happen? By then I will already be gone to other countries and back to Korea, and you who stay here will get the glory for what I have built now. Why will I be in Korea? Because the dispensation requires unity between South and North Korea. Then the true father will subjugate the false father in North Korea. Who will do that? Naturally the Unification Church.

Home church is the line of defense against communism

China and Russia hate each other, but both of them are interested in Korea and are always looking for a chance to conquer that territory, as they tried in the Korean War. But America, South Korea and Japan defended South Korea and pushed them back. At that time people from 16 nations representing the world came and died defending Korea, but today those nations have forgotten why they fought there. It is my responsibility to give those deaths meaning. No one cares about those men who died in Korea so we have to give their sacrifice proper value. Those in spirit world who struggled and died in suffering have a bad feeling now because no one cares, so we have to liberate them. American Unification Church members especially must do that for the many Americans who died miserable deaths in the Korean War.

American youth should be in the forefront to understand the situation of history and the world and God, and carry on to save the Americans in spirit world as well as on earth. If we do that swiftly then we won't have to give our lives. This is why I am pushing you so hard. But if this is dragged out for five to ten years then some may have to shed blood and be sacrificed. We don't want that.

What will happen if American young people don't do that? Then numerous lives will be sacrificed in other parts of the world. Millions of Americans will be massacred by communists. This is sure to come if the mission isn't done here. Cuba and Mexico will make strong jabs at America. Canada is also unstable now and the communists will work from that base as well. American policymakers now think they can contain communism by pulling out of commitments to other nations. Absolutely not. America's pullout from Vietnam only increased world tension and international ill-will toward America. The American people don't understand how quickly and savagely the communists will move in.

We don't have many, many years to waste. History will not wait. It's up to us to act swiftly. As soon as Americans see that there is no good reason why they should not support Rev. Moon and they change their attitude, the Koreans as well will change their view. America, Japan and Korea together have the necessary power to push all the communists out of North Korea. As long as North and South Korea remain divided, there will never be reconciliation between the communist and free world, but as soon as unification begins there then worldwide unification will begin.

You know the historical timetable and you can explain about the mission of Christianity, but Americans are ignorant. Your mission is to inform the American people and warn them of what is coming. "God is going in a certain direction and so is Rev. Moon. What makes you so sure you are right? We should change immediately and realize the threat of communism." If we hesitate to speak, millions will be killed. We cannot afford to let America be destroyed just because we didn't do our job right.

If America sinks, it is the same as the entire free world collapsing. Communism will run rampant and at least half the population will be killed. Race war will break out, not just war between nations. Russia spends millions of dollars planning for that. This is their plan for wiping out America. America thinks that events in Iran are just the result of random historical forces, but absolutely not. Those events reflect massive determined activity by communists. The religious fervor of Islam is being manipulated by Russia to denounce Christianity as the enemy, represented by America. Therefore, they focus their hatred on America, and especially white people. When masses of people are successfully agitated by communism in that way, who will counter it? Is there any white leader capable enough?

I emphasize international marriage because it is called for by the Principle, but it is also the best way to ease interracial tension. The races will have no reason to fight if they have parents of different color. Naturally the communists feel threatened by Unification Church because they can't deal with religions, but America is a religious country fundamentally. Americans have room to understand and act quickly. We cannot just interpret events only according to the perspective of our own lifetime; I know the timetable of all history and we cannot dismiss these happenings lightly. We have to fight hard in the next few years, or by 1987 the communists will have maneuvered America into a hopeless position. I am spending all my effort and money to warn the American people.

I have to worry about the heavenly family and heavenly tradition. How are we to accommodate all the millions of people who will come to the Unification Church? If the current tradition is established then naturally people will go to the right direction. I am very serious about the lives of the blessed couples and the course of fund raising, witnessing and training that every member must go through. It may seem difficult today, but if you do it correctly now then the many people who will soon come won't have to wander aimlessly; they will just do what you did.

Let's say America has 70 million families now. Divided by 360, that's 200,000. If we have 200,000 active members then home church will touch all 70 million American homes and teach them. Then communism can be stopped.

You should know everything about your home area-who is a good Christian, who has what job, what sympathies people have. Government agencies cannot stop communism. It can be done only through person-to-person contact. This way we can protect American homes from satanic invasion and discourage young people from using drugs and from bad practices of every kind. We can stop the collapse of the Christian spirit. If you are successful in home church and the neighborhood churches are empty because people find nothing there, you can preach in those buildings to a jam-packed congregation.

Our objective is to teach Americans and to repent for not understanding heaven before now. Don't you think that America and the world should do that as well as Unification Church members? We are doing home church to protect what is left of the family. We should not let American families slide farther into chaos, but protect them and bring them into harmony to rescue the young people from decadence so that America can survive as a nation. We can expose the communists and their activities and bring community disapproval down on them.

Nothing very complicated need happen. If Christians are willing to realize that their doctrines are incomplete and will simply open their minds to new knowledge then it may only take seven days or even seven hours for them to change. Home church is the line of defense against communism; once we are organized in this way, the communists will find it difficult to move around secretly in America, which they do easily now. Do you think the State or Defense Departments can physically stop communist infiltration? Or could the President revive the sliding Christian spirit? People still listen to evangelists like Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, but every average Unification Church member knows much more than they do. Why then are you silent? Why don't you speak out with what you know? Perhaps it is because you think there is no immediate danger, but if you knew for sure what was happening in America today, you would certainly move faster than you are.

Certainly it is difficult to convince Christians that they need to know more. But I have done it and set the example. Taking care of the young people, reviving Christianity and solving the problem of communism are the three main crises America faces as a nation, and it is difficult even for God. No condition has been made to enable God to stop communism; there must be someone in the position of offering to enable Him to do that. These problems look separated from one another but they are actually one. If the Christian spirit could be strengthened then the young people would be revived. Abel must take responsibility for this task of God's, and each of us is in that position.

Whether we are treated nicely or persecuted doesn't matter. Our objective is to take care of these three problems on behalf of the American government. Just as Jacob fought the angel at Jabbok, we will probably have to fight the communists with more than just ideology. What if they use force? Then we have to repel them by force. God's dispensation must be protected.

The final all-out war will be fought in the next seven years

You are in the position of Abel in your home church and your people in the position of Cain, or archangel. They will not want to let you in, but tell them, "No, you need me. I am good." If you win in your area then you are safe and they are safe. But if you lose and are chased away then they will perish as well. Since you are Abel, God is right behind you and the possibility of victory is there for you. If you are educated and really understand what they need to know, then you will win each war you fight and the communists will never be able to affect you; you will be superior in knowledge, spirit, thought and in practical ability.

Your muscle power and ability to raise funds is your insurance and you have no way to lose. Eventually you won't need to fight the communists physically but will debate with the communist students and argue with them. We have introduced the ideology of God so now they have to come up with a better idea. That victory has already been set in Japan; because our CARP movement there is so successful, the communists have issued a directive telling their student members not to try to argue with Unification Church members; the communists know those students will only lose the argument and get discouraged. That directive came straight from Communist Party headquarters in Japan. The communists have never done anything like that before.

Next we will bring this topic of God and Christianity into the arena of the Science Conferences, setting up open debate for scholars.

Your home church people are your Cains and you have to win them. Home church will be like tanks when communism moves against us. The government can't stop communism because no one is dedicated enough. They think they should only sit tight. Do you think the government could win public cooperation and enthusiasm by spending billions of dollars for programs? I have been working on this problem all along, and from any point of view our solution is what America needs. It is likely that the FBI and CIA have sent people to find out what goes on in the Unification Church, but could they find anything bad about what we are doing? We are only trying to protect America; if we don't then the communists will catch this nation. It's as simple as that. Don't you think home church is necessary?

Once you complete home church successfully, God will recognize you as having completed the necessary course of Abel. God wants to give you credit, and once you qualify He can use you anywhere He wants to. You have to win the hearts of 360 people; without going through home church success

I fully you cannot go to heaven. Belief in the Messiah won't be enough to bring you to heaven. You have to believe and then act before you can be saved.

America is made of immigrants from every nation, so being persecuted by America means we are being persecuted by the whole world. If you persevere then it serves as a world-level condition. By doing your mission with total commitment, you win the qualification of having completed the individual, family, tribal, national and world levels of indemnity.

God tried to raise Adam and Eve to perfection, but they fell instead, so God tried to carry out the providence through Cain and Abel. But it took 4,000 years of painstaking work to indemnify and reindemnify the foundation of that providence. In the meantime the population grew and grew and God had to expand His work onto higher and higher levels. God worked for 4,000 years through Judaism to prepare a foundation for Jesus, but it fell apart. For 2,000 extra years God struggled to prepare for the Second Coming, working through a providence which had no physical foundation. But because the Christians were of no help, I had to do the work of 1,000 ordinary people to indemnify the 2,000 years of Christian failure. Then I could give it to you to finish in seven years. Now you can do it. I give it to you, but do you really understand what it means?

If you really do your best then God give you the same credit that He gave me for what I did in twenty years to indemnify the past 2,000 years. Those 2,000 were indemnity for the previous 4,000 years of Judaism, and the tens of thousands of years of preparation before that. All of that was done for this final stage of the dispensation, the 1970's and 1980's. You are intelligent people and you know these things; can you say this life is too tough? You must have the confidence that if I have done this much single-handedly then single-handedly you can make the indemnity condition for America at least. If America is too big for you, how about for your tribe? "Father, you did it for the world, so I can at least do it for my family, tribe and city."

Once you have an outer home church in your area, you will also have an inner home church, which is your family. When you go back to your home town after your home church victory, the people will automatically come and listen to you. When I go back to Korea after being in America, which is my Cain nation, I am received and welcomed by my Abel nation. The Koreans don't have to study Principle to accept me; if I am welcomed by Americans then Koreans will accept me also.

You must realize the world situation. Why should I leave Korea and Asia, where language is no problem, to come to America, where people are not as religiously inclined as they are in the East? Why should I do things the hard way? Because there is no alternative in the dispensation. America is not just one nation; it represents the entire world. If America accepts me then it means the world has accepted me. Christians in Europe are in the Cain position to American Christianity; Christians here were originally expelled from their native land and had to establish a new foundation in America. Therefore, in the sight of God there was no way I could avoid coming to America, the Abel nation.

In turn, American Christians are in the Cain position to Unification Church, which is the Abel part of Christianity. Unification Church is the younger brother. Who will explain to Christians that we are brothers? We have to serve them and let them approve the Unification Church as their brother; Christians must say that Unification Church is the true Abel. This situation can be compared to Jacob wrestling with the angel.

If the Unification Church wins then we will see the remaining barriers begin to fall and the world's people can come much, much closer. This is the last major battle. If Abel wins then the historical war will be finished. In the seven years after 1980 we will launch an all-out war, not just guerrilla fighting. It will be a war of thought, not guns. If we win that war then we can stem the tide of decline and turn America in the right direction, guaranteeing America immense prosperity.

You don't have to wait until 1981 to start, however. If you decide that you are ready now then this is the best time to start. Then you will be ahead of schedule in 1981 and you can be the winner. Even though seven years is allotted you, you don't have to take that long. If Americans work efficiently then three years is enough. If a few people like me got together to do it, I honestly think that three or four months would fulfill the major dispensation.

I have been teaching you all along and pushing you to make your decision, but because 1 have already given you a Cain area you should get to the point where you are independent. Imagine how much the spirit world will expect of you and support you once you make your decision to go ahead. Imagine how happy and grateful to you Jesus will be to find the real Christianity that he died for 2,000 years ago. The Unification Church will revive the Christian spirit once more and bring hope. Is it clear to you now what the Unification Church must do as Abel, and what every Abel must do?

You must know to whom you are Abel and to whom you are Cain. Once you can discern that then you are independent and you can go ahead and act without waiting for instruction. Then I can approve and acknowledge you even more.

If white people can succeed then it will be better for both white and black people, but if they fail and black people become Abel, it will be much more difficult for both sides due to lack of ability and reason for each to respect the other. We can be grateful to the black people because in large part they are the ones who physically built up this country. White people used the blacks to do the actual work and their contribution must be recognized. What are the odds that black people will be more and more desperate and one day turn against white people? This is a very real possibility in the world.

What about the Indians? They are the original owners of this country. The Indians are said to have come originally from the Orient, so I am their cousin. They have no reason to hate me. I am helping Americans to value the Indians. I have come to explain to blacks, whites and all races that because God's dispensation is going in a particular direction they must harmonize with each other to do Abel's work. Americans have difficulty going over the racial barrier. If I were white then they would listen to me.

The Indians have deep resentment toward whites, and whites wouldn't accept a black man as President, so it is easiest for an Oriental man to come and work out the situation. If an Oriental man tells the Indians that he has suffered under white people just as they have and yet still says that we have to forgive the whites then the Indians can listen and forgive. If I go to blacks and can tell them I know how much they have suffered in white America because I suffered as well, then the black people can listen to me and come to forgive the white people as well. When people know that Abel suffers as a matter of course, they can understand that when they are Abel their mission is to forgive Cain.

More and more blacks are coming into the limelight as athletic champions. I am confident that I can educate a good black man more easily then a top-grade white scholar. I want to send him to the best school and the best teachers. I want to give black people confidence that there is no reason for blacks to have any feelings of inferiority; as long as God is on their side they can be superior. I am doing that.

What would happen if certain areas of the United States declared their independence? The communists could agitate in an area like Nevada, which has only 300,000 citizens, and start the people thinking that they pay too much in taxes to the federal government and that they would be better off being separate. If this happens in three or more states is there any guarantee the United States would remain intact? If 6,000,000 people in Iran turn against America and cause chaos, America can do nothing about it. If agitators supply money and weapons to promote racial conflict in America, how could this country survive? Guns are everywhere to be found if you have the money.

Today we know the outlook. We are making plans, knowing that the different races must live harmoniously. If they start fighting then it will be almost impossible to stop. We can indemnify the generations of racial injustice in America by feeling the same toward all races

Abel must remember that he is a tradition-setter

No one can force anyone else to make an offering; the moment he resists, it ceases to be a pure offering. If Isaac had resisted when his father prepared to sacrifice him then the condition could not have been fulfilled and blessing would not have come to him. Offering has to be voluntary, not compulsory. Because we are voluntarily paying indemnity for America, God can use it. This is the Cain-Abel relationship.

So far your thinking has been too narrow. You weren't concerned about what happens in the spirit world when you get there but only about immediate day-to-day things. How sorry you would be before True Parents and heaven when you found this out. Do you understand now about the position of America? Clearly America is in danger, and do you know what we are going to do about it? The basic element is home church, and when that is done in meaningful numbers then even if the communists sweep this country they can be stopped. If they come before that happens, however, it will be too late.

If there had been 30,000 core members in America by 1978 then even if I were to leave, America would be secure. After being educated for three years those members could be strong enough to take care of America's problems. If they were educated well enough and could witness to ten new members each over the next three years, then those 300,000 people would be enough to do home church throughout the entire United States. This was my original plan. Don't you see that our schedule is very tight? Can you say you have to rest and take care of other things first?

Up until 1977 I let American leaders take responsibility for CARP, but they just weren't moving fast enough and weren't inspired enough. So I appointed a Korean to do it and he is really moving the program forward. I encouraged CARP to visit people in every area, to find the communists and push them out. They were told to visit the ministers who oppose the Unification Church and protest their activity, to go to the newspapers who print unjust things about Unification Church and protest. The American leaders haven't been doing that, however. Students are in a better position to speak out in that way because people will more freely excuse them; if an ordinary citizen did that then there would only be confrontation. The primary work of the students is to speak out for justice and truth, and to fight the communists through debating them.

Some of you are doing well in home church and I am now comparing that with the CARP activity. Right now CARP is doing better, but some day soon home church and CARP will compete.

That kind of battle is a typical path for Abels. As Abel, we don't fight for ourselves but against evil. The only reason we fight is to protect the Christian churches before they collapse entirely, not to make Unification Church strong and privileged. The only privilege we enjoy is suffering. Abel does his work for everyone, both Cain and Abel. What would I gain by staying in America where I am persecuted? People should think about that. Do I want big cars, or land, or some glory? If that is what I wanted I could go to any small country and have it without enduring persecution. But I am not here for that; I am here to fulfill Abel's mission for the sake of the world. I founded the Unification Church to indemnify all history, not for anything else. Restoration through indemnity is Abel's course. Now you understand that in God's sight this is the correct path of Abel.

You cannot do this with the idea that as a result you will be qualified in three years to be blessed. A true Abel does it no matter how long it takes. It doesn't matter to him whether blessing comes sooner or later. Abel is only concerned with getting his work done. The Abel who bears the burden of this responsibility cannot make any demands or requests for himself. If he did, he would feel ashamed of not having done more, regardless of how much he had done. When there is difficulty, don't cry because it is hard. Cry only in repentance for not having done enough. You cannot cry for your sake or because your job is difficult. I want you to cry for America, and the world and God.

If you are angry at being treated unfairly, never express it to other people but try instead to console God. "God, You must have been treated even worse than I am, so what I am experiencing now doesn't matter." If you have to cry, do so in that way. Never, never cry because of yourself. Cry on behalf of God and mankind, telling God you will cry for Him. That is the kind of tears we should shed. We have absolutely no way to complain.

If you want to complain, then complain that people don't understand what is just and true. Maybe in the name of humanity you can complain. When I speak about what President Carter is doing wrong it is not because I have anything personal against him; in the name of justice I complain about some of the things Carter has done. That is permissible in the sight of God. I understand that you have sad moments, but you have to connect that to the sadness of God, saying "I know You have gone through much deeper sadness than I, so You must feel sadder than I do." No matter what happens, don't cry over your problems. That is part of Abel's right course.

When Jesus died oh the cross he pleaded with God, but not for his own sake. He asked God not to punish the people, but told Him that they didn't know what they were doing. Jesus died for their forgiveness. Don't you think Jesus cried when he said that? He complained too, but not for himself. He knew that if he died hundreds of thousands of Christians would also have to die and be persecuted.

If you want to complain in the name of the world that very little work is being done in this country then that's fine, but don't ever complain for your own sake. If you can say, "If I were Father I could do better than that" and carry it out then it's all right to complain about me. If you fight someone, don't do it for your own sake but only because you represent justice and this person is opposing you. In the name of God and humanity you can fight him, but not just for personal revenge.

David didn't fight Goliath to show his capability. He felt that although he was weak he had to fight for God and his country. It would have been a sin for David to fight for himself and then God would not have taken his side.

I don't live in East Garden while you are working hard just because I have suffered in the past; the only reason I live in such a place and have good cars is to enhance the dignity of the Unification Church. People would belittle this movement if we didn't uphold its dignity. If the President lived in a shabby apartment then it would reflect on the whole nation. Diplomats and important guests would complain if that were the kind of place the President received them in. The same is true for us.

The Abel in the family is the one who fights for the sake of his parents and brothers and sisters to protect them when necessary. That person will be the center of the family. The same holds true in the Unification Church. Abel is a tradition-setter and he must always be aware of that. Do you understand that you have to be concerned with this as Abel? If the world is ignited by the truth and you pack up and go live in the mountains, people will come to bring you back, pleading, "You started all this so you have to stay with us and show us more."

I have worked hard and spent much money, but it was never for my sake. Everything was made in the name of the Church, not for one individual. I don't own anything. I don't wear nice clothes to make myself feel good; people expect me to wear good clothes when I appear in public and meet distinguished people.

All the staff at East Garden should be thinking that it is the Abel house. The security guards should not think they are there to protect me, but to protect the place which is the center of the heavenly sacred mission. Since it is impossible for all the millions of people who will want to do so to come and do that, the guards are there on behalf of all those people.

When anyone on the staff makes a mistake, I think that I am responsible for that. I look at everything with that viewpoint. When I go some place enjoyable, like the movies, I never go by myself or just with Mother, but always take at least three people who are in the Cain position. Because the security guards are always there, they often are taken in that position. I always take at least five people with me wherever I go. I know that is part of Abel's tradition.

I buy gifts for my children only after I have given an equivalent thing to other people first. If I do that, how can you take any easier way? Since I am doing all this for God and mankind, all Unification Church members want to help me personally, and God as well. This is a matter of Principle. So no one is justified in complaining against me. I feel that I will never move around spirit world alone but will always have people with me wherever I go. Is that a wrong expectation?

All by myself I can win followers who will want to be with me everywhere, through life and death. If I didn't establish this tradition then whatever result Abel gained would be scattered among Cains and never noticed.

All the saints were ill-treated when they were alive, but now they are honored and people cherish the memory of their lives. People have questioned why evil doers always prosper while good people are always sacrificing. It seems that there is no justice if that is always the case; But now you understand for the first time that Abel's tradition is preserved as a result, and guaranteed to be manifested later. God will ensure that Abel is recognized later for his efforts.

I did not return to South Korea after escaping from prison just because it was safer. I would gladly have stayed in North Korea, but for the sake of the free world and the continuation of God's dispensation I had to go to the south.

The last time I visited Korea I actually had made no plan to go, but simply found that my mind was drawn more and more to that country. Thus, it was not out of my personal desire but because of the demand of God that I went. I just felt that I had to go there, and two days later President Park was killed. I was very glad that President Carter acted quickly to warn North Korea not to take any undue action during that situation, saying that America would retaliate. I prayed very deeply that Korea be protected because I knew that without Korea the dispensation could not continue. I was there to take care of Korea, and because of that condition God could give President Carter a push to make the right decision. This kind of thing has not happened to me just once or twice, but at every crucial point.

I knew that if I stayed very long in Korea Satan would try to prevent me from returning to America, so I left on the day of President Park's funeral. All the dignitaries and officials were at the funeral so no one questioned me at the airport.

I begged God to protect Korea in this event. I prayed with tears for the sake of humanity, and especially for Korea and America. I felt deeply that if Kim II Sung was going to invade South Korea that he had better have stronger love for South Korea than I do; only under those circumstances would I retreat before him. Because America acted correctly, South Korea was protected. On the airplane coming back I felt very lighthearted and relieved, and knew why I felt I had to be in Korea. All this happened in less than a week.

I told the Korean staff members that in a few months a crucial period would begin and spiritually everyone would have to be on full alert until April 1981. Two days later the assassination took place. The Korean situation now is very delicate and we don't know when the tide till turn or how.

I had no personal reason to meet President Nixon. It was only in the name of God and America, for the dignity of the American presidency and the entire world that I met him. What did I say to him? I asked to pray with him and talked about America's role in the world. I badly wanted to meet Nixon for the sake of God and the dignity of the dispensation. I had nothing else to talk about with him. I warned the American people not to persecute Nixon but to forgive and love him. They didn't do that and we know now how this big nation has lost respect in the world after being an international leader for so long.

America is not great for herself; this is a nation especially founded by God. This must not be forgotten. When I speak harshly about America it is not just my personal opinion, but is exactly what God wants this nation to hear. You should be the first to know this. It is the right attitude of Abel to be working for God's dispensation, not your own gain. If you act rightly then it is up to God to give you blessings. That is Abel's goal.

We can speak on behalf of the free world, but not the Unification Church. When I command you to fight I have no intention of having the Unification Church benefit by it. I only tell you to do it in the name of God and the dispensation because I know that if you don't fight now then the difficulties will be greatly compounded in the future. We do nothing for my sake or for the Unification Church.

I have set the Abel tradition for the movie industry

The location-shooting for the movie we are making about MacArthur is all done now. Only a few of you knew about this. $30 million has been spent, and that is more money than all the Unification Church property in Korea, Japan and America is worth. It is not unusual to borrow money to make a movie, but no one has ever financed a movie with all the money coming straight out of their bank account. If we were making this movie for the purpose of profit then we wouldn't be spending that much money. All that money was spent in three months. Where is there another such crazy person in the world? If I weren't crazy, would I do that for my own sake?

Did I use a regular movie company with much expertise to make the movie? America has much expertise in movie-making, but I had a Japanese member who has no movie experience produce that movie. He can't even spell movie in English, much less speak English. The only English he knows is "thank you," and he pronounces it "sank you."

He had to meet with a top director, the heads of the studio and camera crew, the actors and actresses, the advertisers, doing it all by himself with no deputy to stand in for him. In the beginning people wondered who in the world he was and what this strange person was up to. But he showed the right path of Abel in the movie field. He had a hard time meeting the top people because he had no one to introduce him. He not only struggled with them, but almost had to beg to justify every bit of money he asked me for. He would tell me he hated to see the money spent, but he was convinced that for the dispensation it was worth it.

In Korea the support crews and extra people like drivers and assistants knew that a Japanese backed by money from America was making the movie and figured they would make the most of it, since he probably wouldn't know if he spent an extra million or two unnecessarily. All those people tried to exploit him. On top of that, the performers all were getting salaries of more than $1 million each, and the crews came from eight countries. He had no experience yet he was coordinating all of them. None of the crews spoke Japanese, the only language he knows, but he was the boss and gave direction to everyone. You can imagine what an impossible situation he faced. Even now he wonders how he did it. Even after the movie is finished his problems aren't over. He has to advertise and distribute it to the sixteen different nations which participated in the Korean War.

If I were interested in making money would I ever have made that movie? Would I have ever used such a person if money was the goal? I encouraged him to persevere, telling him he was doing it for God and the future of the free world, and that it would be a priceless production if he was successful. I told him that I would never hesitate to spend any money he needed for a movie that would be approved by the movie industry as well done. This movie will be priceless for the future so that the free world can rightly follow that path for the love of God. Do you think the Cain-side tradition of movie-making, which didn't cooperate with this production, was defeated by it?

Las Vegas is a place of interest for many people and I went there to decide how I would treat it for the sake of the free world and God. If ever you go to Las Vegas it had better be with the heart of Abel. That's how I feel and God agrees.

No matter where I am, I am pursuing this work, sleeping only three or four hours. In Las Vegas, at the beach, Disney World --wherever I go I am the first to arrive and the last to leave. When people hear that I live in a mansion and go to the beach and to Las Vegas they think I am enjoying myself. But as a result of these travels I know the American style of life inside and out-how the cities are run, how people enjoy themselves and what they are interested in, how gambling is conducted, who makes the decisions. I feel that once I know what is needed for heaven I will somehow see that all the money is provided. Who else has ever thought of creating money for God's work?

The New Yorker is located on 8th Avenue, which is famous for prostitution, and when I go there I think that those people may prevail now, but when the right time comes things will be different. We have to open up Abel's path and tradition and clean up every part of life. It is not enough just to hear about this; you have to think about it and carry it out and it is extremely difficult.

With the money I have spent on the movie I could easily have bought wonderful buildings to house our centers in each state, or bought great businesses. Don't you think I thought deeply about this before spending all that money? I am certainly spending much money but it is not for myself; it is for the sake of God and the entire world that I decided to make the MacArthur movie. I will never be accused by Unification Church members for having spent all that money on the movie.

Everyone knows that movie-making is a gamble, but I have no regrets, even if no money comes back from the movie. My first purpose was to set the right standard and tradition in Hollywood, and even when I am long gone that tradition of God-centered movies will remain for the future. The movie industry is very influential in shaping young people's lives and now it is totally immoral, so I am challenging it to see if it can continue that way once the Abel purpose of movie-making is established. but my conscience never bothers me because I know it is the best way for you. I am making sure you follow this tradition so that you have established it yourself. Is that wrong?

I have always insisted that the only language which will persuade the communists is strength of arms. The free world should never fall behind in the arms race because once they do the communists will attack. America should not arm herself for her own sake but for the sake of the free world and God; for that reason she must be much stronger than the communist countries. I am sure this is the Abel direction in the dispensation. America should be stronger, but she should never be the first to use force. If America is attacked by Russia, however, then she should retaliate.

A child could foresee the Russian strategy when America initiated arms limitation talks; the outcome is that America is falling alarmingly behind the communist countries in military strength. President Carter recently approved an increase in defense spending, even though it is very late. Why wasn't this done a long time ago?

America should pay her debts to Asia and Africa

Many Indians were killed when they opposed the settlers who founded America. Americans should recognize that the lives of those Indians were an offering so that this nation could establish religion here for the sake of the world and God's will. Because the Indians are of Asiatic origin and were sacrificed for the founding of America, this nation had to indemnify that by shedding blood for the sake of Orientals. Long before the Korean War was fought I felt this had to be true. Many American soldiers were killed in Korea, as well as soldiers from around the free world.

When I was in prison it was the troops of the free world who liberated me and saved South Korea. To repay that debt I came to America, working for the free world and God even though I was persecuted. I always feel that I have reason to be grateful to the free world because I am still alive. Because I have given service to America, American young people will go to Korea in gratitude to me for freeing America from its road to ruin, and for reviving Christianity and the young people. There they will help Korea to reestablish itself. American soldiers fought in Korea on a physical level, but the spiritual service you will give will be much more valuable. Whatever we do, we pour our hearts into it without reserve. When we have money we give that wholeheartedly too.

Today American men and women want to marry Orientals, especially Koreans. Before now they never thought about it. This is a heavenly trend, not individual choice. In that way America can indemnify the fact that it has not gotten along with Orientals before. That only makes sense, doesn't it?

Historians never viewed history the way I do, and thus they never had any solutions or explanations. The fact that Africans came to this country hundreds of years ago was preparation for this one day, even though they were brought as slaves. Orientals sacrificed for this country by shedding their blood, and black people came and gave their bodies completely for this country. How then could black people deny the whites and forsake America? Now America should look for ways to help Africa. Since Africans gave their bodies completely for this country, sending material assistance to Africa is token compensation. Sending material to Africa is one way to start indemnifying the sacrifice made by black people here.

If American young people go to the Orient to protect those countries, it will indemnify the fact that many Indians were killed for the sake of the entire free world dispensation. Then America will have paid her debt, and the sacrifice made by those many people will be justified.

The fact that Americans sent soldiers to fight in Asia can only be explained by this understanding. It was an important part of dispensational history that America pay her historical debt. It is only logical that a country where thousands of Americans went to give their lives must have importance in the dispensation. Where there is a result there is always a cause; this cause-result relationship is the basis of Oriental thought. Korea suffered as a nation of offering in the name of God and the name of the entire free world. South Koreans may still not understand why so many Koreans and Americans were sacrificed, but it had to happen for the sake of the world and God. Therefore, whenever any country of dispensational importance turns away from Korea, God will give up that nation. Korea shed blood for the world and for God; if

America gives Korea up it means America is no longer connected to that nation and the indemnity it paid. Thus, America would have to pay indemnity separately and more American young people would have to shed their blood.

If Americans ignore this reality, the communists will attack. Americans may wonder what benefit there is in defending Korea; the reward that returns to them by fighting to defend Korea comes in the form of the tradition of fighting against communism which they will inherit. American young men fought and died in Korea, preserving it for the purpose of the world, but in Korea entire families died defending that country for the world and God. Koreans sacrificed much more. By supporting Korea, America inherits that tradition and will be preserved from communist attack. God will see to it.

America is eligible to inherit the Abel tradition of fighting communism which Korea established, but not if this nation is indifferent to this inheritance. I came to America to teach Americans the reality of communism and how the communists have worked historically, so that Americans will take heed and act before it is too late. That tradition is well-established in Korea and Japan and must be established here. Americans still don't understand why they should be concerned, so I am teaching you.

Americans must excel in muscle-power and military power as well as in thought. Otherwise, evil will never surrender to goodness. There is a reason why the Unification Church, a religious body, encourages America to sustain its physical strength: it is to protect against violence. Karate is a formidable technique of self-defense. I encourage you to learn it because I know that when communists run out of other strategies they will certainly attack us with force. We do not prepare ourselves that way only for our individual defense, but in order to act effectively as soldiers of heaven.

Now for the first time we can see consistency in history. When Africa is in need, as when Russia sends troops there, Americans should volunteer and not need anyone to tell them to go. If they will go there to fight for the sake of the world and God then they will be a true offering, which will enable God to multiply the benefits of their actions. Would I discourage them from going and suffering, or approve their going in the tradition of Abel?

The only meaningful way to turn the world aside from its present course is to do these things voluntarily. If a policeman refuses to interfere with a crime because he fears for his life, he should be punished. But if he joins the police force primarily to protect America in the name of God and not only for the salary, then heaven will remember his intention if he is killed in the line of duty. When Unification Church members are correctly educated and practice this God-centered way of life, we will remain firm and volunteer for dangerous missions even when the CIA or FBI run away. Am I too political or violent in my thinking? In order to leave the Abel tradition we will certainly be the first to volunteer so that hundreds of millions of people will benefit.

When I met Senators and Congressmen in Washington D.C., my only criterion in evaluating them was whether they ran for office for the sake of the nation and world and God. No one passed this test. I concluded that America's situation is hopeless because no one cares about this nation. If the American people don't demand a stricter standard in their public officials then I decided I would spend my own money to educate Americans to this standard. That is not for myself or for the Unification Church, and if people think it is bad then they can come and investigate. In the future the heads of the FBI and CIA will come to me and confess that they have looked into our work and are ashamed that I am doing their job better then they are. It is unthinkable that they try to get rid of me. I am not taking advantage of America; it is America which needs me because I am setting the Abel tradition.

Is my reasoning incorrect? If anyone can find fault in this logic then they should speak up. If you have any love whatever for your family and country then you should stand up on your own before I tell you to. You should act on your own initiative and not just look to me, wondering what to do next. You should figure out on your own what to do and get started.

Why am I talking all day like this to you about the dispensation? Is it because I hate you, or because I want to see you suffer? You have to earn your own assets; no one else can do anything for you in this regard. You have to shed tears with me for the sake of God and the world. Even though you often met me on

Sunday mornings and heard me speak, you never knew I was this dead serious. No one dared to say what I say, even though they may have thought it was right.

Ten hours a day television stations will broadcast my speech warning that this time in history will determine whether America perishes or prospers again some day. If my words this morning were broadcast to the nation, this country would be ignited and its spirit would live once more. That is the only way it can happen now. College presidents are not warning the people, nor businessmen, nor even the President. Not even the religious leaders are speaking out; only I am speaking out, and for that I am being called a heretic. How ironic it is.

When you really know the meaning of this, how can you relax or slack off? You have to be on the go every minute without any hesitation. If America follows my advice but perishes regardless, then I will take eternal responsibility for that in the spirit world. If you are chosen to be Abel but you wobble from side to side, what value do you have? Do you know what you are? Do you understand now what I have been doing and what you will start to do?

So far everyone has been leading a life which has nothing to do with God, but now through what I have said, you can understand. I went that way, and if you do the same even when people don't understand and ridicule you, then you never decline. I am a living example. I not only thought this through, but lived through all of it myself. American parents ought to encourage their children to come and learn as much as they can from me and then return home to teach their parents. But instead they try to force their children back home, and the parents sit by when their children live a life of drugs and free sex. What kind of parents are these people?

If the parents are not intelligent enough then their children ought to be. The second generation usually responds better than their parents. The people of your parents' generation were nationalistic and didn't think much about the world. Their children, on the other hand, don't have much patriotism yet they do think of the world. You are that fortunate second generation, and thus you are in the Abel position to your parents. We can say that while their pragmatism is too deep seated, you young people are more flexible. When the young people use their own minds to find the God-centered way of life on the world scale, not just the national level, then they are on the Abel side.

The older generation may think in terms of Americanism, but you don't have that limitation. You think in terms of worldism. This is something new that has sprung up in history; no wonder it has never been seen before! No one understands that Abel's tradition is being made now, but once Abel is gone everyone will see it and repent over their persecution, wishing he would stay longer. But time doesn't come and go at will. Perhaps I will never return to America.

How can you not be serious? This is not your life alone, but your ancestors' and descendants', and they all envy your position. We have to establish and cherish Abel's tradition, even trading our lives for it. By cultivating it we are beginning a new civilization, Adam's civilization. Who is that culture for? Not for me or you, but for God and all humanity. Then God will applaud, and all mankind and spirit world as well. They actually are begging you to win the victory for their sake.

I am almost sixty, and throughout my youth and middle age there was not one day I dedicated for my own sake. I want to bring out all my past suffering and agony and displeasure and end it in 1979. In 1980 we will welcome a new year and decade of hope. Everything I have predicted will indeed happen. No one should have to remind you. When you wake up you should know you are here for Abel's tradition. No one has to remind me; I am constantly thinking about Abel's course and tradition. You have to be like that.

When you wipe out all your doubts and uncertainty and think like that then heaven will help you tremendously. Then you will erupt like a volcano and this nation will catch on fire spiritually. Should we all plunge into the new year 1980 with this new life and tradition?

I have been speaking for over ten hours, but what is ten hours compared to eternity, or even your lifetime? You have heard some of the most important things of your entire life this morning.

When I look at you I don't see whether your hair is black or red. I only see how close you are to the Abel tradition. When you tell me how many years you have been in the Unification Church, I compute how long it will take you to go the Abel path based on how far you have already come. That is the only standard I use when I look at you.

If I used any other criterion do you think it would have enough power to bring unity out of this chaotic world? If you think this is true, then how much more would God think so, who understands me much more than you do? Think about how many years you have been in Unification Church and what you have learned and how deeply you understand me. Compared to the standard you have to meet, how long will it take? You really should not be satisfied with yourselves. Now you have a better idea of where you stand.

Now you know why home church is important to you, to God and all humanity. You know this will be the last war which you or anyone will have to fight. You need to have a renewed outlook and determination in the 1980's. I feel I should establish the standard and tradition in America, and with that prototype the whole world can benefit. I want you to pay serious attention to this speech. This is no ordinary speech. At this time next year I want you to be able to say that you were benefited 100 hours' worth by this talk. If you can say that then I will think nothing of having spent eleven hours speaking to you.

It is less than two days until 1980. In thirty hours or so it will be the 80's, years which will be completely different from the 70's or 60's. My immediate responsibility for this nation will be over by that time. You ought to be able to take care of yourself. Do you feel you can manage yourself if I am gone? So far I have had no freedom to move around, but now I do. I feel that perhaps after going over sixty years of age my life can start anew. God will not tell me that I still have some task left undone.

You may know that America is a very special country; it is very capable, and if it finds itself on the right course then America can do ten times as much as any Oriental nation. I feel that when I can transplant my tradition and love to your pure minds then I won't have to bother you any longer because you will know what has to be done and you will do it.

Whether you are fund raising or in business, teaching or in politics, because you are Abel you are not doing it centered on yourself. You are doing it for God and the world. If you have that thought then will

anyone even think of investigating whether I have done anything wrong or not? This is the deepest, most practical thought, and the only one that works.

I need never repeat this as long as you know who you are and who I am. Everyone makes a new start at some time in his life and this is the perfect time. Let us put away all the hesitations and indecisiveness of 1979 and in the next two days concentrate on preparation for a new take-off on God's Day 1980. Those who will pledge to do that, raise your hands. Thank you very much.

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