The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

House Of Providence

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 9, 1979
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Since God's ideal of creation has not been fulfilled, the word restoration came into being. If there had been no fall, the house of the ideal would have been erected, but because of the fall a house that needs to be restored came into being instead. If there had been no fall, God intended Adam and Eve to be the parents of mankind. They would have been united with God, and the angelic world united with them. What would have been the central theme of such unity?

All human life is governed by principle; that principle is the central theme of the universe, and it governs all systems and forms of life. Where does that principle begin? It comes out of God's Principle of Creation. This created world resembles God's own qualities. All things of the universe have dual essentialities, and there is always subject and object. Everything exists in reciprocal relationships of subject and object, up and down, and left and right. The purpose of creation is the realization of love.

If someone asked what was the fulfillment of the ideal of creation, you would reply that it is the heavenly four position foundation, which is the true unity of love centered upon parents. When parents and children are united in love, that unity is permanent and everlasting. The origin of that love is permanent The family is the base and the dwelling place of such perfected love. In a family and society where love is perfect, trust is also perfect. Then the relationships among the members of such families would be perfect. Since any infiltration of evil into such a family would mean its destruction, evil could not be allowed A man could go out and fight to the death to defend such a family. The worst imaginable thing in the universe would be the corruption or destruction of such perfection of love.

Such a family centered on perfected love would be a central point to multiply such love. Adam's family should have been that nucleus. Then his children's families would have been the expansion of that family As each generation formed the four position foundation, they would be connected to each other. Those foundations would contain both vertical and horizontal, at precisely ninety degrees to each other. The vertical can only meet the horizontal at ninety degrees, and that shall be the center of the universe. These families would definitely multiply and expand, but they would be connected to the central one. not isolated from each other. In other words, all these building blocks of the heavenly kingdom would be interrelated.

Where would we find a manual or instruction book of love? Adam's family was supposed to be that manual. Adam and Eve were supposed to be the visual aids for teaching love to the universe, for in them would be seen an example of the perfection of love. The love of men would be like Adam's, and the love of women like Eve's. Children would look to the children of Adam and Eve as their examples.

Adam was in a position to be proud of his wife and children, and Eve was in a position to be proud of her husband and children. The children were in a position to be proud of their parents and each other. Adam's assets would be his wife and children.

In American society we frequently see individuals trying to be proud of themselves. After the Science Conference last month we had some informal discussion with Family members, and the differences between Western and Eastern culture were talked about. The Western culture is always based on "I", or oneself. "I" is always most important. The evidence comes from English: wherever oneself is referred to, it is with "i" as a capital letter. "I" is number one.

You have much more to have pride in before you are proud of yourself. Adam is proud of his wife and sons and daughters. That's how God prepared man's innate nature to be in perfection. If during a family gathering each child and each parent is trying to promote himself, it is not much fun. But what if each one is proud of the other instead of himself? Furthermore, how would God, who is presiding over the meeting, feel about it? Instead of being proud of Himself, God would be proud of Adam and Eve. If Adam is disregarding everyone else then God wouldn't feel so good about him. In effect, Adam would be strutting in front of God, saying how wonderful he was.

God is wiser than to write the cosmic law in that fashion. According to the universal principle, each one should be proud of the other. The father is proud of the mother, and the mother proud of the father in front of their children. The children are proud of their parents. When each is proud of the other then there is unity and harmony, and thus beauty. How would the children react if the father asked, "Don't you think I'm better than your mother?" It's not very beautiful.

Suppose the father has a Ph.D. but the mother has only a little education. Would it be right for the father to boast about how much more education he has than the mother? What matters in a family is not how much knowledge you have, but how much love you have. Money, knowledge and power have no significance in the family. True love is what matters. If true love is God's love then what is God's love? What kind of love does God like most? He would like the unselfish love that wants to serve other people.

The opposite of true love is evil love, which is self-centered. Here in America money seems very important; is that your goal? Why isn't knowledge your highest priority? If you have a great quantity of money, power and knowledge, you might be able to influence the world, but you would not find love there. First of all, love cannot be packaged because it cannot be seen. Don't people pay more attention to something they can readily use and identify? Or do they pay more attention to invisible love? If you have a powerful tool or machine would you want to trade it for an invisible package of love? It sounds like a losing game, doesn't it?

When you American women are engaged do you wonder how much money your fiancée has, or how much power or influence he has? Do American women today really evaluate their husbands this way? Would you want to dress nicely or poorly to extend your love to someone? Would it look better to see people in love in nice clothes, or in shabby, smelly clothes? As far as love is concerned, what you wear doesn't affect its value.

Is love only suitable in a palace among royal finery? Doesn't it also exist in the poor cottages of fishermen and farmers? Which is better? It is a matter of intensity and quality of love. Even though you are living in a palace, if your love is self-centered it will be poorer than the unselfish love of humble people. Love can go in one of two directions: unselfish love is always directed toward the heavenly road, and selfish love is always bound toward the satanic road. Why couldn't we enjoy selfish love and still go to heaven? It sounds like a good deal.

We know that the universe is made from energy. Where does it come from? Does energy come first, or interaction? This is an important issue. If there is no reciprocal relationship in the universe then there is no way energy can be produced. The Principle says that subject and object always interact. You can't force molecules or atoms to interact with each other. If they have an innate subject-object relationship then automatically they will interact, but not because the scientist desires it. It happens if there is a fundamental subject-object relationship between them. Their give and take produces energy. Before energy there was interaction, and before interaction there was subject and object.

Universal law states that a subject and object will not interact unless there will be some mutual benefit. When you say something is good or bad then you are recognizing that you do or do not want to participate in something. If something is bad then you want to separate from it. No one will mingle with certain people or activities if he knows he will be harmed by the experience; right away he would leave. We are made in such a way that we interact, but only when there is some benefit to be gained.

God made man in such a way that he needs woman, and woman that she needs man. What woman would say that she is complete unto herself and doesn't need man? Saying that she was self-sufficient would be denying the basic tenet of the universe. Do you want to scatter any benefit you receive, or gather it close to you? Benefit is derived in a specific way, not at random. When plus and minus interact to gather benefit around them, do they rejoice, or stand still, or hate each other? What is the central theme that plus and minus and subject and object can enjoy together? Between men and women the central theme is love. Does that love have some central purpose and direction? Can it be linked to a greater love and purpose? That greater love can also be linked to a higher purpose, and on and on.

You belong to the Unification Church, and then where? To America, and then to the world, and the world belongs to God. You belong to many things, but there must be some central theme that is common to everything. Will American dollars talk loud and clear to everything? How about influence, or knowledge?

You are right in saying that love is the common theme, but would people in the past answer differently? What about 1,000 years from now? How can you guarantee that society's value system won't change in a thousand years? It's a crazy world. The past, present and future must have some common road. That common factor must be acceptable in all ages and cultures.

What kind of love is that? What is true love? It is love that God approves of. It is love of which He is master, not men. Because God approves that love, the entire universe must follow that way. That love is the center of the individual, family, society, nation, world and cosmos. The key common factor is the heavenly four position foundation. The love that consummates that four position foundation will work on every level of life. This is the number one heavenly law in the universe.

Any person who can be accepted by this heavenly law can be accepted everywhere, on any level, and be approved by God. Two people can be as ugly as Idaho potatoes, yet their love together can be sweet like honey. Would that husband regret that he had to look at his wife's ugly face for the rest of his life? Would this husband want a more beautiful wife? If he had true love would he have such unhealthy thoughts? With true love that husband would think that even though his wife is not Miss America, it would be beautiful for him to love her, and God would appreciate this unity of extremes. If this husband has such love, through that couple God will send beautiful children who are truly like Him.

God would praise that couple, and their children would praise those parents because of their unselfish love. When God and the children can approve those parents, the universe would bow down to them as well. It is true love which can cause that.

No matter how beautiful men and women are, as long as they are selfish and vain their own children will withdraw from them, the neighbors will criticize, and they will be miserable themselves. In the end they have lost everything, and they won't even love themselves. But when you have a fervent love for others and demonstrate your unselfishness, you bring things together.

We find the four position foundation in the family, with father and mother, and son and daughter. This structure is the same in any social organization, such as an organization with a president and employees. The Unification Church is no different. In the nation the father and mother's role is carried out by the President and First Lady. If the world was united then the only difference between the nation and the world would be one of scale; the content would be the same. This would apply also to all of heaven and earth.

So far we have talked about the common factor in the universe. Where can we be trained in this? The workshop of love is the family. The father represents one half of heaven, as well as the world, the nation and the tribe. That one person represents all of these. The mother represents the other side of all that background. She was sent to your home as the representative of the feminine side. Why should a father and mother be united in marriage? By their being united in the home, all the background they represent is also united, like strands of rope twining together into one. When you move forward, actually the whole universe is following you.

Love is like a net pulled by a fishing trawler- with it you can catch the nation and the world and even God. With that kind of universal representation there is no gate you cannot pass through. When the father and mother are united then the entire universe is becoming one and smiling at them. In that situation there is nothing just for the individual; everything is a public representation of the universe, so when they have joy then the entire universe has joy.

What kind of fun is there in modern dances where one person wriggles around all by himself? If you have someone to hold and turn with together then you have more joy because that togetherness represents the universal formula. The worst enemy is he who tries to sever these things from you. Selfishness is our worst enemy because it isolates everyone from everything else.

If God is love then why can't He forgive and love Satan? Jesus taught that we should love our enemies, so doesn't he mean we should love Satan? No, he means you should love the person who has become a victim of Satan. In order to love Satan you have to exterminate him. Satan is nothing more than the personification of selfishness, the nature that wants others to serve "me". Selfishness will fragment the universe and cause disorder.

From the beginning of history God's way has always been a sacrificial one, a tradition of self-denial to serve others. Why is this the key? Because it is the only way to counteract selfishness. The great religious leaders in history never had one good day while they were on earth because they went the way of suffering. What does Unification mean? It means unity of all religions. We are proclaiming that we are going to unite all the religious roads into one and pay all their debts so that liberation can come for all. Does that mean the Unification Church is the easiest one to believe in? No, it means we are undertaking the toughest of all possible roads of religion.

If you want to believe in the ideal of unification then you have to commit yourself to the degree that you could sacrifice your own wife, children, Church and nation, and of course yourself. If I sincerely want to bring unification to the world's faiths then I must be ready to sacrifice the Unification Church itself. Why are you so quiet? Do you have confidence you can meet this criterion?

If you were a blessed husband and your wife said to you, "We have two children and a third on the way, but in order to live up to this Unification life they have to go to the nursery and I have to go on the CARP team. What kind of Church is this! I can't do it any more," how would you reply? Would you agree with her? You should say, "Get behind me Satan! You are bringing destruction to our family, to our nation and to heaven. I love you but I cannot love Satan."

I want you to understand that God always sacrifices His loved ones. God sacrifices Himself first, and no one can take more of a beating than God, but then He uses the principle of the universe by sacrificing His loved ones to save mankind. The providence of restoration is such that He will apply His law until Satan can no longer oppose Him. No religion here on earth truly represents God's sacrificial standard, however; not Christianity, Buddhism, nor any other. But the Unification Church is a religion which, for the first time in all history, is determined to be truly in the likeness of God and act like Him.

I am using precisely the same formula. There was a time when my family became an obstacle to heaven's dispensation, and I had to cut it off. When I had opposition from my own parents I had to give them up, and cut myself off from society and the nation so that I would have no obstacle to the heavenly way. Some people think my policies are the Korean or Oriental way, but I tell you that it is not so. Why would I be opposed by Orientals if it were the Oriental way?

If I did everything the American way, there would be no reason for Americans to oppose me. My way of life is certainly not the American way, but not the Oriental way either. It is the way of the heavenly kingdom. God came to the human world, going forward step by step in such a way that He loved everyone, without exception. How am I different compared to other religions leaders? After knowing God's way of life I determined to walk every inch of the path myself.

In Korea I loved the members more than my own wife and children. Why did my first family oppose me so much? It was because I loved the members more. There was no other reason. That's how I covered every inch, like God did. That's how I loved the society, nation and world more than anything that belonged to me.

Do you think I love America? I love this nation by giving my heart and soul to it; that is the degree of love I have. You Americans are indebted to me. Do you know that? How would you repay it? With dollars, with praise, with public announcements? You are indebted to me in love, and love is the only way you can repay it. That is why you love me, and you extend that to other Koreans and Orientals as well. Then when blessing time comes you ask me for Korean wives or husbands. Why are Koreans special to you? It is a manifestation of the fact that you know you are indebted in love and you want to repay it.

Korea and America are two extremes, and I came here to make the two into one. When the gulf between them shrinks until they meet in the center, they will be one family. I came to bring them together with one net of love. This is not something that human power alone could accomplish, however. When spring comes then the trees and bushes begin to bud and show signs of life. When the cosmic spring dawns then the love of the universe smiles upon us and signs of eternal life appear.

What is God's plan and design? He is thinking of one home. Would He be thinking of a small house or a big house? How does He want to build that big house? It is simple: He will start out with a small house in the center and make it bigger and bigger and bigger. The blessing is the uniqueness of the Unification Church. To be restored to get the blessing, you should get out of the fallen world and come back to the true center to receive the blessing. During this process you will get Satan off your back so that he gives up on you. Then you are qualified for blessing. Have you knocked Satan away?

The person who is qualified to live in the house of providence is the person who has absolute, unchanging and everlasting love. How much do you trust such a person? Absolutely. What qualities did unfallen Adam have to demonstrate? Absolute faith and belief in God, and then absolute faith in Eve. Do you have that? American society today does not have that. American culture is always changing and fluid, floating anchorless.

You like hamburgers, don't you? That is an eating habit you have. Sleeping late in the morning can also become a habit. A person can have his mind set according to certain prejudices and resist the Unification Church way because it is strange.

Is there room for God's providence to adopt your way? What about my way? God sees that His way is my way. This is the key question. In the eyes of heaven nothing that you have become accustomed to has any value except love. We must base our lives on that and develop it into greater value.

Would American knowledge have any value in the house of providence? America's power and money would not serve that house. Instead, it would all be an obstacle to love because with power and money people think they already know the right way. Most people feel that their way of life has some value, but all those customary things become their enemy when they find God's way. Then they have to deny all those old ways and separate from them. Those things would not help them find true, unselfish love.

God wears eyeglasses of love. With those glasses He can see immediately who has selfish love. Adam was supposed to have absolute faith, plus absolute character and personality, such that he could not be tempted in any way by Satan. Do you have that kind of personality?

Any person who whispers some information to you, saying, "Only you know this. You should keep this a secret," is Satan. And the person who hears and keeps it to himself instead of reporting to the proper central figure is an accomplice or co-worker of Satan. In the garden of Eden Satan whispered to Eve that God didn't want her to know that if she ate the fruit of good and evil her eyes would be opened and she would see everything as God did. Satan said not to tell anyone, that it was for her ears alone. The first thing Eve should have done was speak to God about it, asking what He thought. Simply because Eve hid that information and was persuaded by it, she was swayed to Satan's side. You have to let God know and let the proper channel know if someone tells you such a secret for your ears alone. You may think you are betraying a confidence, but not at all; that is how you can help save that person. Then there is still a chance that the person can be restored.

Suppose Satan came to tell me he had a good deal to offer which I shouldn't tell God about. If I kept it to myself would I be a good friend of God? This point is very important. If any members come to tell Col. Pak some information, then he tells it to me immediately. Leaders always want to report the good things to me, but if they hide the bad things then that is satanic also. If some wound or cancer is there, it should be reported to the physician so a cure can be given. Who will cut off the cancer? If you try to do surgery on your own then you stand a good chance of making a blunder; only a skilled surgeon should attempt it.

Unless you know this rule very clearly then Satan can easily infiltrate through communists to destroy the heavenly system. There is a reporting system set up already through the leaders, so any information that someone says you should keep secret should be reported. Satan always acts clandestinely, while God operates publicly. This is a practical application of Principle in daily life.

Sometimes even members in good standing receive some information that makes them shake and waver; they do not have the absolute personality of God. But no matter how many thousands of people join, become leaders and then drop out, it never changes me in any respect. I could never have come this far without God. God is alive. The amazing thing is that if someone of high caliber drops away, God always brings in a better person. That is an absolute rule. As long as I am fulfilling my central responsibility then God will always replenish a loss with something better. God is not in a losing game.

The third element that Adam should possess is absolute love. No matter what tribulation comes, even if I am dying in prison, only one thing will occupy my mind-the love of God. My faith in God is absolute. Once 1 promise God something, that is absolute. Once instructions come from God, it is absolute and there is no room for change. Even if it involves hardship I never think about that. During my life in the North Korean concentration camp I could really prove what kind of son of filial piety I was. I never longed to be somewhere else during that time.

I prayed many times, but never once in prison did I ask God for help to ease my suffering. I always told God not to worry about me, that I would assume responsibility to clean up communism. Even there I thought how I would conquer the communist way of life and march to Moscow. Nothing has changed my commitment to that at all, and this is why God trusts me absolutely. No matter what difficulties come to me, God knows I will go straight ahead; never will I vacillate back and forth.

If the world opposes me, I will keep marching forward with absolute love, faith and personality. That is the qualification to be unfallen Adam. That quality was also to be Eve's position and property. With these properties the entire universe can be conquered. I do not have money in my pocket or any worldly power, yet there is nothing that bothers me. I concentrate on these three elements, and I know that then God will mobilize whatever resources are necessary.

You must be bold enough to stand before God and tell Him to test you, that Satan can never bother you. Are you such people? You should be able to tell God that your character is absolute and you will never be swayed by Satan's enticements. How can you prove that? By showing that you love God more than anything under the sun, including your own family, your children or wife, and even yourself. When you demonstrate that one quality then you can pass.

In order to prove that I love God most, I am willing to sacrifice even the Unification Church. If I use your efforts for the sacrificial purpose then God's love will be added to you and you will never have to die on the altar. You will become historical people and future history will honor you. I tell you to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your nation and the world. That's how I live. Especially since coming to America I committed everything I have for the sake of the nation. I am actually making the Korean and Japanese members suffer for the sake of this nation.

Would you rather let everyone else suffer while you live an easy life? If so then you will be destroyed. Since I am asking everyone else to suffer for America, I want you Americans to suffer more than they do. That's the only way you can receive the true love of God. Is this wrong? I want each of you to love America more than I do. That's what all America and the spirit world yearns for as well. If white people cannot follow this tradition, I know black people will follow it. If they cannot, then someone else will. God will raise up someone who can. If no one in this hemisphere will set that tradition, God will even bring Asians to uphold it.

With the money and energy I have already spent in this country I could easily mobilize Asians or Africans, but so far I have given more tribulation to the Asian members. My words today shall be fulfilled. I came to America and I loved white and black people completely, unloading every ounce of my energy for their sake. Does anyone think I have done something wrong?

You should not be wavering, but your eyes should be watching straight ahead. Even if whispers come to your ears from other people, they should not make you shaky; no one should be able to divert you. How much do you believe in the Unification Church? As much as I do? If so then I have succeeded. An absolute character can totally withstand any temptation, particularly lustful temptation. I know that in some cases you lived like animals in years past. Since joining the Unification Church have you ever remembered those days with happiness? If not then you are straight in your mind and firm as a rock.

If you are shaky but you receive the blessing then you have a terrible problem to deal with. Therefore, even after getting the blessing there is a period of three years to demonstrate that your fidelity is so strong that no unhealthy thinking comes even in your dreams.

There is no way the four position foundation can be erected without the three qualifications of absolute faith, personality and love for God, True Parents, and your spouse. Could someone with a persuasive tongue convince you that your natural parents are not your parents? Nothing can change that. Your relationship with God should be absolute also. as well as your marriage. You cannot deny your own parents, so you cannot deny your wife or husband. If parents are united in that fashion then their relationship with their children will be absolute as well. That is the tradition we must build.

How real and undeniable have the True Parents become in your life? Why do we need True Parents to begin with? After receiving the Principle, you pay indemnity first by cutting your ties with the old world. Then you must be accepted by God, who will bestow the title Israel, or "Victor."

We are not talking about only life on earth, but spirit world as well. Someone has to pioneer the path to God in spirit world, and then open the road to the earth. Recognition must be received in spirit world before it is received on earth. The True Parents must receive license from the spirit world to unite that realm. What is the qualification for the position of absolute Adam? Absolute faith, character and love. With this credential, he then comes to initiate the dispensation on earth. That is the role of the Messiah.

Once he has erected a foothold here on earth, he must expand heaven's territory, with the individual, family, tribe, nation and so forth. Every individual here on earth needs salvation, and so theoretically everyone should go through this ordeal and pay this indemnity. Do you think anyone else is capable of doing it? No. That is why God selects a representative of all mankind to undergo these ordeals once and for all. Whenever there is a big obstacle to go over, the four position foundation is always at stake. It was lost in the garden of Eden, so it is at stake in every battle here on earth.

First True Parents are installed here on earth, and then all mankind is linked to their family. A new race is being created here, which is the true Adam's race. My qualification was received in spirit world, and I came to consummate it here on earth. My credential is the Divine Principle, of which the central theme is the four position foundation. Jacob had twelve sons, and his family multiplied to 72. Moses had twelve tribes and 72 disciples. Jesus had twelve apostles and 72 disciples. The flue Parents have three levels of twelve families, plus 72 families.

For each of you to follow my pattern you each need twelve disciples plus 72 disciples, or 84. We want to consummate this restoration in seven years, which works out to one person a month. By doing so you become a universal man who can go anywhere. For this reason the True Parents will have twelve children within twenty years. Mother has only one more to go! Through three generations that will become a family of 72. There is no room to compromise in the providence. God knows it is not easy to have one baby after another and that Mother is very fatigued. Do you think whether you bring babies to the world is totally up to you alone? It is a heavenly gift and blessing.

My family is the Abel family, and each of you is in a position to create a Cain family centered upon it. The couples of the various blessings all form a fence around my family, all linked together in the four position foundation as one family of man.

Some Americans complain that the Korean leaders I bring to this country don't know anything about American culture, but that statement is not understandable. There are many white and black families coming in and they all form layers around the center. Who knows my history better than the older Korean members? Then you are in a position to learn. It would be best if I taught you directly, but I don't have the time for that. If I am here for three years then the English members will complain that I should stay in England for three years; the Japanese, South Americans, Africans, and so forth will all say the same thing. But that is impossible. We are unfortunately bound by physical limitations on earth, so I send a representative to each continent and nation in my place.

The Korean leaders did not come on their own, but because I asked them to, and I want them to teach you the tradition; they are not here to make a power base for themselves or anyone else. They go by the rules, without compromise. That's the fastest way. If you are seasoned under such leadership then you will grow faster.

The house of providence is being built step-by-step according to the Principle, and in order to do this I received incredible persecution and opposition. But it doesn't matter, because I will go on no matter what. My individual path is no longer an individual one; when I suffer, Mother also receives persecution, and our children are affected as well. When my children go to school they are not left in peace. The other students whisper behind their backs, testing them and ridiculing them. Ye Jin is now in college and she told me that being the daughter of a famous man is not easy. Even the most normal things she does still become the topic of gossip. Since you are connected with me, you also will become the talk of the town. People tell each other how you are brainwashed.

Now that President Park has died, people no longer say we are agents of the KCIA. Now our missionaries around the world are accused of being agents of the American CIA! People say that no one else could fund such a big operation. Everyone thinks that I am friendly with some kind of CIA or other!

The conclusion is that you need True Parents. They pioneer the way, and all you have to do is hang on. If a horse is galloping along, all you have to do is ride him and you will get to the finish line the same time he does. I am your horse. Would you rather I were a white man? The black people would be upset if I were white. There has been a great historical battle between blacks and whites, so a mediator is needed to stop the fighting. Should that person be white or black? He should be some other color so he could be the same distance from each of them.

I am linking the races into one family of man, and I am also linking the two cultures of East and West. Only the Unification Church can do this. I am sure before joining the Unification Church some white members would avoid sitting next to a black person, but now they want black husbands and wives! Who convinced you that international marriage was good? We will become the love race and we will live in the house of providence. Our movement is the one which will finish the dispensation for the house of providence. That means we have to liquidate the entire debt of history. I have been doing this step by step.

The house of providence will start out small, but then get bigger and bigger, embracing the nation and world, until finally the dwelling of God can be with men. Then the four position foundation is fulfilled. In the Unification Church, the True Parents and you men and women are already a four position foundation. Do you love me? I don't believe you! What is the foremost anxiety and desire of the True Parents? That you love each other as much as you love me. The True Parents are the examples, and by practicing loving them you will know how you should love each other. That love is the key.

In the ultimate Kingdom of Heaven, Adam is the head of the family, tribe and nation, and Adam and Eve are head of the world. It is innate in human nature for children to want their father and mother to be the king and queen. It makes sense, for as long as God is our Father He is our King. Then naturally your father is to be your king as well as your father.

If there had been no fall then God would have dwelled in Adam's house. Love is created in the four position foundation when the male and female essentialities come into oneness. Love is sacred, but Satan twisted it around, and made the most sacred thing a dirty thing. Children are participants in their parents' love. You are the participants of your parents' love; that means you are one body with them centering upon love. Then when love is pulled, everyone follows as one unit.

Why do parents and children love each other? It is natural because they originated from one point. The source of love is invisible, but it takes visible form in children. When I look at my child I am looking at Mother, at God, at myself. A child is a mysterious being. How then could you separate yourself from your parents? They are you.

Today American homes are breaking down, which indicates they are going against heavenly principles. Brothers and sisters are comrades in love, so how could they fight? When you lift your right arm, you are lifting your father's arm; when you lift your left arm you are lifting your mother's arm. Sun Jin said that her right leg was given her by Daddy, and her left leg by Mommy. That's a correct answer because she is a participant in her parents' love.

You are given rebirth through True Parents, but you don't yet contain a seed of love. By loving True Parents you come into that position. In that love you want to stay with them all the time and bring them joy. Why is that? By uniting in love and really longing to be with them you are creating a seed of love in yourself. You love Father first, then Mother, then the children. By doing so you are resurrecting yourself. This is what you are doing in everyday life. That is why spiritually you become very close to heaven, and the spirit world will tell you much about that relationship.

How many of you have seen me at least once in prayers or visions? This is how True Parents become real to you. When you really long for me so much that you forget to eat or sleep, then you are connected to spirit world. That is the privilege I give to you. With that spiritual relationship you will be guided precisely about where to go and what to do to fulfill the mission. In that way you are serving your Parents in a living personal relationship.

If someone really experiences this kind of spiritual relationship, how could he be swayed by someone else? Impossible. That's how you develop absolute character, but you still have a long way to go. When you are really hungry or exhausted, but still longing most of all for True Parents, then spirit world opens up to you. That is a privileged relationship between you and me, a unique Unification Church treasure. One way or another each of you must reach that point.

If you do that then you will be instructed and guided wherever you go. When you go to the ocean, you know how to catch fish. When you go the mountains, certain signs will guide you to the right place. With the love of God and True Parents you can embrace everything else because there is nothing that does not come under such love. Because God and True Parents already cover the entire universe, you can go anywhere. That's how we can become one world.

The unity of one family of man shall come through this parental, God-centered love. In your lifetime you should be in a position to love and serve 84 people. That road begins on the servant of servant level, where you become the servant of the enemy's servant, not the heavenly servant. That is the starting point. Then you step up to be a servant. First you serve the enemy's servant, then serve the enemy. Then you become the adopted son, and finally the sons and daughters of God.

You can never be adopted by God until Satan will state that you have nothing to do with Satan any more. That is your credential. Then through True Parents you become direct sons and daughters of God. Until you truly give yourself unto your life, you cannot be promoted to the true son's position. When Jesus was crucified, all his disciples ran away, so they were not in a position to become true sons and daughters. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. Even the son of God started in the servant's position.

When you serve twelve different people, they become one centering on you. They become the nucleus, and unite with the 72. When you come that far then you are automatically involved in the tribe and nation. This principle is always the same. Therefore, Principle teaches that the ideal of creation is the fulfillment of the four position foundation. The ultimate result of completing it would be the creation of the house of providence. That house will be your home, nation, kingdom and world. In that house all five colors of skin mingle together, and all nationalities are present there which used to be enemies in the past. In the house of providence there will be only the feeling of being brothers. When you serve people who were your enemies, they will melt and could never separate themselves from you.

Where is our house? Right here in America. America shall be made the house of providence. Your mission field is your house of providence. No matter how severe the winter, when the spring comes all the ice and snow are melted into water. If an American girl marries a Japanese man and moves to his home, she will find a house of providence there because there will be a father and mother and their family. Imagine a blue-eyed Western girl bowing in the Japanese way to Japanese in-laws, enjoying Japanese food with them, sitting in the Japanese way. If you Americans marry African husbands and wives, the African parents shall be your parents and you will treat them as such.

We have many sets of parents. Who provides the elements of your body? The physical world is your first parent. Your natural parents brought you into this world, and they are your second parents. But God gave you eternal life, so He is the third parent. That is your parental line, and through it you are linked to everything else.

You practice love of God with your parents, and wherever you go and practice that way of life of love you will find heaven. Then when you are elevated to spirit world, you bring all your heavens together. One common law works everywhere.

You American women don't want to serve parents-in-law, or grandparents-in-law, do you? Who is the oldest grandfather in the universe? God. If you hate your grandparents then actually you are hating God because He is the oldest grandparent. You must respect your grandparents as you respect God because they are relatives of His. When you bow to your grandparents and ask for their blessing, when they put their hands on your head then it is actually God giving you His blessing through them.

Did Esau and Jacob get Isaac's blessing when he was old or young? He was practically in the grave and he couldn't even see who he was blessing, but his blessing was fulfilled nevertheless. As an old man Isaac performed God's duty. You must receive blessing from three generations-grandparents, parents, plus your husband or wife and your children. The husband and wife ask for the blessing of the other. When a husband or wife dies, his final words should be some blessing for his spouse, and that blessing shall be fulfilled. They are blessing each other into eternity, as candidates to receive eternal blessing.

Three generations are important in biblical history. The Jews speak of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We speak of the God of our grandparents, parents, and wife or husband.

Those who have failed to serve their grandparents on earth are crippled in spirit world. If you don't have grandparents-in-law then you should borrow some old people from an old folks home and bring them to your own home to serve them. Would any grandparents want to live in an institution, or with their grandchildren? Would God want to stay by Himself in an institution, or with mankind?

You should be able to serve everyone, including the older generation, and people of all colors of skin. You should practice love from every different angle. When you love freely on earth then in spirit world you have freedom to love everyone. This world also welcomes such a universal man. That's the only way we can make the entire world a house of providence. As you move closer in that direction, the spirit world will get closer and open up to you.

Imagine what would happen if you brought two black grandparents out of a senior citizens home to live with you, and served them as much as you loved God. They would completely open up, and that love would shine like gold. If you can love them as you do God, you are a saint, and you have a pass everywhere. It is not easy, of course, but when you bring yourself down to the humblest place and are victorious then you are making yourself a holy man.

How can you love birds and animals until you love your fellow man? God's teaching is that you must know how to love your fellow man. Then by using that experience you can move from one aspect to another. Un Jin has a puppy and she really loves it, but I told her she shouldn't love that dog until she had loved her fellow man. There are many pets and a great pet industry here in America and people pay a great deal of attention to them, but they neglect their fellow man. If this nation continues in that direction then it cannot flourish. Why couldn't they adopt a black child from an orphanage and love him as much as they love their own child?

Until you love other people you are not in a position to love your pets. When you love your husband, parents, children, then you can have a pet in your home, raise a garden and ride horses. It is your privilege to love your parents, and after that you have the privilege of loving your dog. That's how God sees the universe; this is His concept of love. isn't it dramatic?

Do you want to live singly now? If you only want to live with your husband and not have to take care of anyone else, you won't have to worry about the house of providence because you won't have it! Could I come to your home any time? Maybe the first day, or one year later would you welcome me? How about if I were an invalid who needed care day and night? If I didn't come myself but sent one person to your home for you to take care of would you accept him? I would be the hero of the senior citizens' homes because I would find loving families for them all. In order to have a true home you need three generations living under one roof. If the grandparents who come to your home feel they can't bless you because you didn't love them then God can't work through you.

There are all kinds of people living at my home -Japanese, Europeans, Americans, black, white, yellow-and all sizes. East Garden is a real melting pot but that brings many headaches with it, so I made it my rule not to look at their faces; then I would not feel critical but could just love them. I am practicing this myself, and so should you in your own home.

My mind is full of all the problems and worries people bring to me, but because I have absolute character I have never thought I could not go on. Compared to my burden, what you worry about is have hardly begun. You only have to worry about yourself, but when I move the entire world is affected. That is a heavy burden. You are in a position to want to lighten my burden and be sympathetic.

When the companies and organizations of our movement run out of money, the leaders come to me to solve the problem. Maybe they think that I have a vault of gold somewhere to dip into. They are running a company and dealing with personnel and financial problems, but I am responsible for the entire universe. Where should I go when I run out of money? I don't want to hear our opposition gloat that we have run out of money and have nowhere to turn.

Whenever a problem comes I am determined to solve it, not for myself, but for the sake of the world. When the world knows this, everyone will bow down as they realize their indebtedness. Before they worry about themselves, I am concerned. The people of the world have not made one gesture of appreciation, but still I worry about them. Why should I be concerned about communism in America, or about the moral degradation of its young people? I cannot help being concerned because I am responsible for the world. Do you want to be like me and accept the responsibility?

I am the champion fund raiser and the champion witnesser. I have suffered more than anyone else. Can you complain about me? If I had enslaved you but did nothing for you in return then perhaps you could complain, but that is not the case. Not one person has ever outdone me.

The person bearing the greatest burden for the house of providence shall be most blessed. Parents naturally pay more attention to the child who bears the greatest burden of the house. Sometimes you think you have done a great job, but instead of praising you I may ignore you, or even criticize you. Inside you feel hurt, but wait for three generations: if I have not paid appropriate attention then God will do so many times over. That law will never change.

I received persecution from the existing Christian churches, from America, and from communists, but while they oppose me they are forfeiting their blessing to me. People who persecute you are actually saying, "Here's my blessing. Take it." All you have to say is, "Thank you very much." The more America opposes us, the greater the blessings that will come upon us.

Eventually America will have to surrender. If that were not the case then I would have been destroyed a long time ago, but because I know that law, I can win. When I went to England there was a Rolls Royce waiting for me. The German members all begged me to come to their nation, saying they had a house and Mercedes waiting for me. Why do people pay so much attention to me and want me to visit their nation? They know they have received more than what they could give in return.

Do you think East Garden is too big a house for me? You have received much, so you want to reciprocate and this is why you feel the way you do. Actually I pay no attention to the kind of house I live in or the clothes I wear. I hate to wear ties and white shirts, and would rather be more casual, but Mother tells me, "You can't go out like that!" Why should men wear such a useless item as a tie? If we gathered all the ties in America and sold them, we could take care of all the Cambodians and then that might be a reason to buy a tie. Am I a low character if I don't wear a tie, and an important person when I do? You don't compute my value that way.

If half the population of America became Moonies, I would tell them to fast three days every month, and the money from the uneaten food would be given on a rotating basis to the fifty poorest nations in the world. Knowing that America was fasting to help poor people, would the recipients of that aid be happy to go on a three-day fast themselves?

Once the dispensation comes to a certain level, world restoration is not that difficult. If we gave all the MFT result away to the poor nations of the world, don't you suppose foreign ministers would line up at East Garden to ask for their share? While they are waiting we could give them a Divine Principle workshop. Do you think they would listen or not?

Today we are laying a foundation for such events. Whether the American government likes this or not is irrelevant. What matters is whether we can save the world. If the government doesn't do it then we should. Do you welcome or avoid MFT duty? We need 100,000 people on M FT. Who is going to win those members? Certainly you can do it.

American young people have tried everything to find happiness in life-drugs, sex, streaking-but there is nowhere left to turn except Divine Principle.

When they taste it they will pour in like an avalanche, but right now they don't know what kind of truth we have. Were you problem children and troublemakers before you joined? You are troublemakers who somehow drifted into the Unification Church. Now are you problem children? Now you are heavenly children.

Problem children can turn into heavenly children. More problem children are out there; they are basically good people, but they are ignorant of anything worthwhile going on. Once the message reaches them they will change. That means we need television broadcasting, and should buy our own station. If people could hear me on TV for fifteen days would they listen? Some would listen because they want to learn about Divine Principle, others because they want to oppose me and criticize, but they will listen. In the meantime their hostility will be disarmed and they will be melted. Do you think I have that capability ?

I could be a one-man show and no one could compete with me. I could be a storyteller, write novels, read poetry. When I smiled, people would smile; when I laughed, they would laugh; when I cried, they would cry. When I say, "Let's save America,' all 220 million Americans will say it with me. We are seriously thinking about buying a TV station. We will buy the New York Times and Washington Post as well. I'm sure they will all hear about this, but let them hear-that is my honest intention. We lay our cards on the table. We are already setting up a budget for that. Even if you are criticized, stand up and live like real men and women. The New York Times will become "Our Times." and Washington Post will be "Our Post."

When I came to New York in 1972 and 1973 1 saw several buildings I thought we should buy, and by 1979 we had them all. At that point American young people thought I was really crazy. Think of the changes that happened between 1973 and 1979, and then think of what the next ten years will bring. Will I be standing still? Never! Another version of home church is house of providence. We will do that. The showdown will be made within ten years.

Are there any CARP members here? Are you ready to be locomotives? Are you afraid of the communists? Why do we need a strong CARP movement? To fight communism in this country. The Japanese communists will crumble before me, and already they hate me because I am a powerful fighter. If you don't have time to go to the barbershop, this is one time it's all right to let your hair grow! It's OK if your blue jeans wear out and get ragged, wearing away from the bottom up so they get shorter and shorter.

What do we gain by doing this? We are creating our home, our village, nation and world. How many of you would like to visit Korea? Since I can't afford to send you to Korea, I brought several Korean leaders here instead. Do you hate them? Really no? I brought European leaders here first, then the Japanese so that you could learn from their way of life. The Japanese naturally sit on the floor, and by following their pattern it becomes natural. Where do you find any American congregation sitting on the floor for so long? If we are united on this ground floor, which is the hardest thing, then everything else unites naturally.

In Korea, if you stick your legs out in front of you when you sit on the ground, it is very bad manners. It would be taken as a sign that you would kick your grandparents! What could educate American young people in these things except religious principles? Is there any other power that could overcome your native culture? Could music or dancing persuade you? Only a religious leader and a religious truth could tame these wild young people.

At the Science Conference the scientists agreed that only a stronger religious influence could bring hope to the world. Actually they learned that from us. If the Rockefeller Foundation paid millions of dollars, could they train young people this way? Only a religious leader could do this.

If I had been welcomed by Americans, what would have happened in this nation by now? What would happen in America if college presidents urged me to come to their campus to train their students? Actually that is your job, and it still remains to be done.

You should be capable of dealing with every aspect of American life-whether culture, business, labor unions-everything. I am involved with everything, so we have cultural groups, businesses, media. I want to be involved in every facet of American life. How could I save someone if I didn't know them? You too should be men for all seasons.

Don't you want to have a better position in the future? Then you must submit to training. That will include martial arts as well. Even women should learn martial arts so they can handle any man. This is necessary because our ultimate enemy is the communist ideology. We are talking about a rally in Moscow. When I proclaimed that we would have such a rally it was not ideal talk; I am now preparing for that goal step by step. America is not the only problem. We will raise the house of providence even on communist territory. I do not mean we will destroy them with violence. Our way is to cultivate them with truth and love, but until then we must be able to defend ourselves. This is our duty and responsibility, and each one should do his utmost.

Your target should be to bring in 84 members in seven years, and then you shall be a tribal messiah. After that you will easily become a national, world and universal messiah. The more the free world and communist worlds fight against us, the more they will decline because that is the heavenly dispensation. The Unification Church seems to be the underdog, yet it will grow, and the only place the world will find hope is here.

I told the Korean brides-to-be to go to CARP, and I will push them the hardest and let them suffer more. Would you American women just stand by when you see them working hard? You are bigger in every way so why couldn't you defeat them?

Wherever we go we have the one goal of the house of providence. The time has come when I will rotate the American members to other nations around the world. If I select you to go to another nation, I will tell the Church in that nation to let you use my car and my house. The men should chauffeur the women I send, and the women chauffeur the men. Both the guests and members of the host country should learn about each other, representing the pride and prestige of their nations. Our goal is to find the one house of providence wherever we go.

1979 is just about over. Do you feel the need to take a rest and start 1980 slowly? Do you want to take leave from the Unification Church over Christmas? Do you want to go ahead with your mission, even up north where it is shivery cold? Do you think I deserve some vacation on a warm beach somewhere? But my pockets are totally empty, so who will buy the airplane ticket?

The money I spend in America comes mostly from abroad. You are the ones who always empty my pockets! I know your situation very well, how you feel and where you are, what suffering and anguish you go through. That is because I experienced all those things before you did. When you face certain difficulties, God always compares what you do with how I handled that kind of situation. God's criterion is based on what I did. God will notice if your record is as good as mine, and God is even thinking that after three generations He will match the descendants of such a person with Reverend Moon's descendants.

So you see that today we have no complaint. You have the consolation that no matter what difficulty you have, I have gone through far more. Because I won over it, why can't you? Have you ever thought that you might die for the dispensation? Many times I thought I had reached my final moment and would die for God. Each difficulty you overcome builds a new layer on your tower of achievement. Everyone is building his own tower, and you must feel that you will never stop building it until you die.

When you go to spirit world God will ask you certain questions, and one of them will be what you have thought about during your life on earth: Did you think about your own situation or something greater than yourself? His next question will be what you did during your life. You want to be able to answer that you loved mankind your whole life long.

The third question will be, "What did you leave behind for the sake of the past, present and future?" Your answer should be, "I left the heavenly family, heavenly society, heavenly nation and heavenly world behind, but the most important thing I left was their education in the tradition of love." That is exactly what I am doing. When you go to spirit world you can say you learned the tradition of love from me. That's why education and study of Divine Principle is very important in our way of life. Every moment counts, so let's build the house of love.

Will you complain? How about tomorrow? Next year? The rest of your life? If not, it means I have fulfilled everything and nothing else remains to be done.

God bless you.

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