The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

God Of Lamentation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 21, 1979
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

It is common knowledge that people cry when something tragic occurs. We always want to live our lives in smiles and laughter' but sometimes we have to face tragedy and heart-breaking situations. Everyone wants to smile and laugh because it is an expression of their happiness. If there are people who smile and laugh every day then we might ask if they are really happy. The person who is laughing will say. "Yes. I am:' However, who can guarantee happiness? At the very moment they are laughing and expressing their happiness something may happen to turn their happiness into tragedy. Such events frequently happen in life.

When we see a person crying, we might ask if he is sad or unhappy. That person would say he is. But how long can his sadness last? Is it permanent? No. While that person is crying something may happen that can turn his sorrow into happiness. Situations frequently change from one extreme to the other, within a day, a week or a month. No one can say that feelings of happiness or joy will last eternally.

Is there anyone who would purposely turn his happiness into tragedy or sadness? There is no one, yet sometimes without notice a tragic situation develops. It is human life. Think, for example, of a person who becomes President of the United States. He will be very proud and ecstatic because today this nation is the greatest nation on earth. But who can guarantee that this situation will be the same the next century, or in two or three centuries? Can any individual, no matter what education he has, guarantee that he can make this nation prosper without interruption for the next four centuries or thousand years?

Imagine a man who declares that he can do anything he wants. He can do certain things, but always within a specific boundary. That person may shout at the sun, "Mr. Sun, I stayed up late last night and this morning I want to start out slow? so don't come up too early. Wait four or five hours more and then come out." Will that work? The sun will laugh, "Aren't you crazy!" Someone may proclaim, 'I need to make a trip to the West coast so I don't want any rain, snow, high winds or cloudy days. I don't care what the forecast is. It must be clear for my trip." We laugh at those things because we realize that there's little we can do to control our surroundings. We cannot change the seasons. We cannot shorten the hours of the day in accordance with our own wishes.

You have to breathe at a certain rate, but could you say to your nose, "You overwork yourself, so reduce your workload by one third"? Your eyes are blinking all the time and there is a certain reason for this. Could you tell your eyes to reduce their activity by one tenth? Can you say to your own hair, "Why do you grow so fast? We Moonies are too busy to go to the barbershop. You must grow slowly so that we go to the barbershop only once a year." Will the hair listen? You cannot even command one hair on your head. You cannot control anything in your own body because it moves according to its own rules.

How much more so with the universe? How little we can control. The wise man who has a goal to pursue will try to take advantage of the rules of the universe instead of trying to control nature. One person tries to overcome nature, but the smart man tries to utilize it. Should we always try to parallel a situation, or try to find the medium point, sometimes overcoming to a certain degree, sometimes following to a certain degree? When you say we should do both, that means you are applying two different rules.

Sometimes you walk slowly, sometimes quickly. Is it easy to do things double time? Sometimes nature dictates that you must close your eyes and sleep. But often our situation requires that we don't. Can we order our eyes to stay open 24 hours? The mouth needs three meals a day, but sometimes we are in a situation where we don't have time to put our food into our mouths so we do without. If there is a person who can do that, is he happy or unhappy? The attempt to overcome all natural requirements makes life miserable, but we do it because there is a guarantee of happiness ahead. At the very moment you are trying to overcome, you are not that happy.

This morning I spoke to Ye Jin, who is planning to get a Ph.D. Normally this takes eight years, but I told her that if she was determined to do it in four years that it was possible. In order to achieve that goal she has to be willing to stay up all night quite often. Do you think that is an easy task? It's tough, but she will do it. We all do such chores sometimes, knowing that our will power and drive ultimately will bring happiness. We can draw a conclusion: the person who wants to go the easy way and avoid difficulties has nothing in the end. However, the person who has a goal and purpose and applies himself to the chore always has shining hope in the end.

You may want to sleep longer, go disco dancing, travel around the world, and these things may seem to make you happy. Will that guarantee tomorrow, however? If you live this way for a whole year. will you have shining hope in the end? There are always two kinds of laughter and two kinds of tears. There is the superficial smile and the smile of true inner happiness. In some cases a person may cry because he is truly in despair, but if a person has a goal and purpose and cries in order to overcome his situation for the sake of that goal and purpose, his tears are different

When you live an easy life you may feel good for the present; when you go the hard way you may not feel easy at the present time, but there is something waiting for you in the future. Would you choose to take it easy while you are young and start working harder when you get old? Or would you choose to work hard at a young age? You have come to the conclusion that it is better to exert every ounce of energy while you are still young. Would you like me to leave you alone to take it easy and do anything you want, or would you like me to push you out and achieve some goal?

This is true for one family and it is also true for an organization. If that group is going to endure and prosper, that system should have all people, particularly the young, get up early and work hard all day long. If you don't want a system that lets everyone go their own way and do things at whim then that means you want to work hard. You are saying that the best organization under the sun would be that which pushes the young people out to the utmost degree. Where do the Moonies belong then? Which organization has more young people than any other? We do. Then we work hard and are going to set a new world record knowing that there's a bright future shining and that there is hope. Is that the right thing to do? Some parents are stern disciplinarians who push their children and spank them. But in the end their children turn out to be leaders. Is that good or bad?

When I heard people in America say "Jesus Christ", I always thought they meant it in a good way. But that has become a curse word in America. Imagine the very best word has become a curse word in this country! When something wrong happens, Americans say, "Jesus Christ!" When some tragic event occurs -4- say "Oh my God !" America will crumble because of Jesus Christ and because of God if you don't believe in the right way. If you associate bad things with good things then America is heading for hell. I really feel that American Christianity has not been living up to its responsibility because they allowed these most sacred words to become curse words.

After listening to my sermon you should create a rebirth in America. Since we are working so hard it is a joy to meet God, and when you meet Jesus Christ that should be for salvation. If everyone is suffering then Jesus Christ should signify salvation instead of being a curse word. We must pass from one extreme to the other in this nation.

We can define wise men as being those who set a goal, and are willing to suffer in the present time to reach it. A foolish man has no goal except to have fun at the present time. There is an Aesop fable about the grasshopper and the ant. Of the two, which would you like to be? Today, American women go on diets to make their waists smaller and smaller, but that is foolish. Do the ants go on diets? No, but they work hard and that's why they're so slim. Why don't you learn from the ants? All fables have a philosophical teaching that comes from historical experience.

When I was young I lived in a small village, and when I spoke about living for the sake of the world and the entire universe could the people understand? At that time, people would laugh and say that Korea didn't even have national sovereignty, but even though they said I was crazy, I didn't compromise. When I was a teenager, I realized that America was declining and decided to save this nation with my own hands. Do you think people listened? Many people thought my brain was working in reverse. In those days they didn't pay attention because they thought I was crazy, but at the same time I was thinking they were crazy. I knew I was right, and therefore, I couldn't compromise. Only one person will determine who was crazy- God. I have confidence in what His decision will be.

When I first came to this country I had to stop in Canada. At that time I didn't even have a visa and there was no guarantee whether I could enter this country. But still I told the Canadian family, "You'll see. In the next three years America will tremble. and every corner of the American land will hear my name. I'll speak to everyone and I shall stir up controversy for God." And everyone said, "We thought Father was reasonable, but he is crazy!" No one in the Canadian family believed me. Some months ago I went to Nova Scotia for a fishing expedition, and the Canadian family joined me there. One of them had heard me in 1971 and he said, "Father, I confess. Please forgive me. I didn't believe what you said in 1971, but today I know that every word you said has been fulfilled. I will trust now." That person repented because what he heard at that time sounded impossible and he didn't think that would happen. When he asked what I would do in the next three years, I replied, "Use your imagination now. I don't have to tell you."

I know without doubt that there will be millions of young people coming in the days to come. I will not be sympathetic with them but will give them hard tasks, knowing that the Principle will work for them as it worked for me. That Principle will work, but our goal is not a selfish one. We want a greater justice for the sake of the nation, the sake of mankind and the sake of the world. This is very easy to say and it sounds good, but doing it is not easy. There is a lot of tears and agony. If you want to pursue this way of life, it's not going to be easy.

I'm sure some of you come in the morning wondering what kind of peculiar church you belong to! Normally on Sundays people have a late, lazy breakfast in bed, read the paper, and still have time to go to Church and hear the sermon. But in the Unification Church you have to get up at least at 4 a. m. in order to come to Belvedere and some of you are even here at 3:30 in the morning. And we don't even provide chairs for the congregation.

We could buy thousands of chairs in a moment, so it's not because of money that we sit like this. This is our tradition of training and discipline so it is your privilege. Every time your legs ache you have to think that we are different from ordinary Americans. The rest of the country is really crumbling, corrupted by drugs, free sex and selfishness. Do you want to be the same? We don't want to be just a little bit different; we want to be the other extreme. If they are black, we want to be white. If they are white, we want to be black.

When we wrestle with the rest of American youth, who should win? How would you win? We must be realistic. In numbers they are bigger, but with our persistence, endurance and commitment we will win. You must think that we are all in a championship match. There are millions of other people, but no matter how good they are, they can only get to the semi-finals. We are fewer in numbers, but each one of you is a jewel and we will always end up in the finals. Unification Church are a different kind of people. Even though our life may be miserable, we have a vision and goal and purpose in life. We are disciplined in steering ourselves to that goal, and we will reach it some day in the near future. That is our shining hope.

When you work hard and get thin and pale, God is very sympathetic. He says to you, "Let me help you fulfill your work. You take it easy." Would you accept His help, or say to Him, "What are You talking about! You stay here and let me finish. You need my help; I don't need Your help." How dramatic that is. If God has a daughter or son and He needs a son-in-law and daughter-in-law, that is the kind of man and woman God wants to get. Where does that kind of thinking come from? If we are in the image of God then God must be working in that fashion. Did you just make a resolution to live like that, or did you always have that resolution?

Chapter one of this sermon is over now. We know now that tough taskmasters and parents who discipline their children are not necessarily bad. Those teachers and professors who want to be very popular among the students are not good teachers. The real good teacher is mean. The corporation president who never leaves you alone is a real good boss and he will produce results.

National leadership works on the same principle. The President of a nation carries the destiny of that nation upon his shoulders and wants to make that nation prosper. In order to do that he always works hard and makes every citizen really stand up for the sake of the country and the world even if he risks being called a dictator. That kind of leader will produce. Who is a dictator, after all? The bad dictators are trying to sacrifice the nation and world for their own greediness. But the man who pushes the people hard, including himself, for the sake of the country and the entire world is a saint, not a dictator.

I endured the reputation of being a dictator. Sometimes I think that if I have to put up with that kind of reputation then I want to be Number One.

Why do you applaud? Hitler and Stalin are known as the worst dictators because their goal was to make themselves head of their own people and make their nation the most powerful. They didn't mind killing millions of people in order to keep their own power. Tactically I may be tougher than those people, but I work hardest myself first, and I do it for the sake of God, not for myself. This is a sacrificial, unselfish cause.

When parents are trying to push the children to study, it's actually for the sake of the children, not the parents themselves. Every Sunday morning I come to Belvedere and tell you to do more. This is not for my sake or even for the Unification Church, but for your sake and the sake of the world. Why do I say that God's heart is broken? We expounded the principle that we suffer today for the sake of tomorrow, so what about God? From the outset of human history God has not had even one good day. He has been suffering and is in agony. His heart has been broken over and over. When do you think God has hope? When will there be fulfillment for God? How old do you think God is? Of course, God exists beyond human reach and beyond the control of the universal environment, so He is outside the limit of time. We can say that God has no age. Many Christians today take the words of the Bible literally and they think that God created the entire universe instantaneously.

Is a masterpiece of art created in a few minutes? If God manufactured this world in that fashion, is it His masterpiece? There must be something that God is still working on, still tinkering with in order to make it a masterpiece. Is God painting a beautiful woman sitting quietly thinking? Is it a picture of a man looking East and a woman looking West? Or are they facing each other? Is God trying to paint people who look ugly and mean, or who are smiling and happy? The woman says to the man, "I was created by God and am solely here to serve you. You are my life, my love, my everything." The man says, "No, no. I am created to serve you, so you are my life, my love and my everything." If they go out picnicking then they both want the other to go first. It's a different kind of battle. Don't you think God would enjoy that discussion?

We can draw the conclusion that not all fighting is bad. Can we imagine that kind of fight between the nations? If there was ever such a war, what would you call it? World history has always centered on conflict, but finally that war is turning into a battle to serve the most. In the end, we would have to draw the conclusion that even war is good. America and the Soviet Union are in a global conflict now, but imagine the result if they were engaged in the battle of service.

There is currently a great uproar over the Soviet brigades stationed in Cuba. What if those Russians told America, "We are not here to invade your country but to clean up your streets. We want to capture all the criminals and make the country happy. We are here to serve you." An entirely different kind of battle would start, with the Soviet Army marching toward Washington to clean it up, not conquer it. If that ever happened then a painting depicting that scene would be a masterpiece for sure.

I am making a different kind of army. God sent me many young people, and you are soldiers. Yet you are not soldiers of destruction but builders and healers. We know how we can turn evil into goodness.

A world of peace can only be made when people and nations exist solely to serve each other unselfishly. Even if it means in some cases having to confront negative forces before serving them. If the door is locked but you break it down in order to get in to serve, should you be jailed as an intruder? No, service is a virtue and the highest degree of goodness. If someone resists your efforts to serve him, just knock him down and do it!

What will people say? When that person regains consciousness would he say that you won or he won? If we use this method in every direction then people will be blocked into goodness.

When you women marry do you go to your husband's home to give love or to receive love? For how many years? When you die your will can say that you came to serve, but you have not done your most perfect best; your request is that those remaining behind teach your children to love in the same way so that they can finish your task of love. Would that be a noble ending or an unhappy one?

If this were the attitude of married people would there be any divorce? If young people are educated in this spirit of giving then would there be much rebellion against parents? Would there be confrontation and strikes at schools if teachers and students had this attitude? Selfishness is the worst enemy of the American way of life today.

Without hesitation I am telling the President and American government that they must change. America does not exist for her own benefit; God created this nation and made it wealthy and powerful for the sake of the world. Every resource and ounce of energy should be used for all mankind. God is heartbroken because the very things I have been saying are His ideology but no one has ever understood that. People have been only too glad to receive God's blessing and then use it selfishly. The first thing I promised God was that I would not become that kind of person. I don't care about property or comfort. I have done everything for your sake; I have been a beggar, a laborer, a dock worker, and never did it for myself.

When I am living at Belvedere or East Garden, God doesn't come to comfort me. But when I was in prison at the communist labor camp God came every night to comfort me. Would you rather be with God and suffer, or be without God and be comfortable? Many people think that I am enjoying the fruits of my fame because I live at East Garden, but those things mean nothing to me. My thinking always goes back to the time when I dwelled every minute with God in those unbelievable conditions.

Now our movement is established worldwide and many important people come to see me. If I lived in a shack, where should you live? For the sake of the dignity of our movement certain things are necessary, and that's the reason we own property such as East Garden and Belvedere. On top of that, none of the property in America was bought with American money. Furthermore, I have bought houses and apartments for our members. It is only reasonable that members donate some money to prepare a house for me, yet I refuse to take it. I would rather they did something for the sake of the world. I will take care of myself and ask the members to work instead for the sake of the world.

The time is coming when I will buy more houses-for white people, black people, brown people-all five colors of skin. I would like to buy a group of houses and assign families to them, making up a multi-colored neighborhood. I want the races to serve each other instead of fighting, to love each other instead of hating each other. I want to reverse the present trend. In the end we are all one family. I have never been afraid of anything or had a moment of hesitation, but there was one moment I was caught completely by surprise: that was when a great many white members raised their hands and said that they wanted to be matched to black members.

When we look deeply into the way of life and philosophy of God, who shall inherit sainthood and be elevated to the Kingdom of Heaven? The person who for his entire life thinks of mankind and God and practices that life on earth shall be a king or queen in spirit world. Is there anyone in spirit world who could complain about him? Would you push such a person aside so you could be king or queen? If you tried that then God would ask what kind of life you led on earth and what you did for humanity. If you could show that you did as much as that person then God would ask who received more persecution in the process. Is this right or wrong thinking?

Who in the Unification Church has received the most persecution? There have been many religious leaders on earth, but I feel that in one lifetime there is no one who has received more persecution than I have. Have I deserved that persecution because of the evil I have done? I have tried to save the young people who are hooked by drugs and a promiscuous life, but their parents oppose me. Have I committed a crime?

In the Unification Church you don't write love letters freely, or even hold hands. In what church would you find all the men sitting on one side of the room and the women on the other? Am I trying to make you miserable or happy? Am I looking for people who are always complaining? To most people this is a mysterious Church, but for us it seems natural to be here very early on Sunday morning. When I give you a direction you pour out all your energy in doing it, but I never tell you that you have done a great job. Instead I demand to know why you didn't do more.

Right now in spirit world the entire human race is asking to be reorganized, and everyone will have a place somewhere in the family tree of mankind. Will the people at the top be those who have nice clothes and handsome appearance? No, it will be exactly the opposite. The kind of people who want to keep fundraising and teaching the word of God for the sake of the world, even when they are scorned and persecuted, will be at the top of the ladder. Is this true. or do you think I'm just trying to make you feel good? I am Living proof of this. I have lived that way, and in every nation I visit there are people willing to die for this cause. That is because I have done this first.

People normally come to America to get rich or to find opportunity. They come to take advantage of America, but I brought all the money I have and poured it out to reverse the tide of decline in America and save the people. I am doing all this so that you will be inspired to give everything you have and go out to other nations and do what I have done here. Would you keep your promise to do this even after I have died, or after I am gone would you think that promise is no longer binding? Would you even bequeath that promise to your children ?

If we truly live up to that ideal then there will be true peace, and even if there is a war it will be a competition of service. There are pickpockets in every country of the world, but I have thought, "Why not put money into that person's pocket instead of taking his money out?" I have practiced that kind of heavenly pocket-picking many times, putting money into someone else's pocket. Do you think I felt good or bad about it? I felt great joy, even though my pocket became empty and the other person's became full.

I have lived my entire life that way, yet everywhere I go people reject me. But the amazing thing is that wherever I go there are some people who follow- women, laborers, and people with all their worldly possessions on their backs, bringing their cow or ox. Even dogs follow me instead of barking. Housewives usually cook breakfast for their husbands, but once they heard the truth they even forgot to cook the meals. They just wanted to come to the Church and hear me speak, pleading with me to speak just one more hour.

In the early days of our Church I would speak every night until two or three in the morning, and then the members would sleep two hours and get up to listen again. In the meantime the world was going on as usual, and the husbands and wives back home wanted to know where their spouses were! Inevitably many people decided I had to be eliminated because they could not stand for this disruption of their family life. Rumors and character assassination began in those days. Would you be in that same group and try to persuade me? Or would you want to get some taste of persecution in home church?

Many people will tell you not to come to their house, insisting they don't want your service and demanding that you never knock on their door again. But the next day you are back again, and the day after that also. You not only knock on their door, but you bring a broom to sweep their floor and you empty their trash. Even when people tell you to leave them alone you come back to serve them. I want you to know that even if those people keep rejecting you, the neighbors and the town will turn around and ask them why they don't appreciate such a person as you. This kind of thing will happen in home church.

You are only human, so when you are persecuted you want to get revenge. Now you know through your own experience the kind of path I have walked for many years. Don't you feel inside that you want to vindicate me? If someone succeeded in killing me would it stop the Unification Church? That will never happen.

We know what kind of cause we are committed to, but the question is how long you can persevere. You claim you will persevere your entire life, but that is still less than 100 years. How many years has God been suffering mistreatment? The actual history of God is far greater than the symbolic biblical number of 6,000 years. God has been doing it for eternity, and even if it takes eternity I will still be doing it.

You are lucky to know the truth while you are on earth. This is the only Principle that will work in spirit world, and if you only come to realize it there, it will be too late. You have the opportunity to live it on earth, and that is your greatest fortune. Unless you do so you will suffocate in spirit world because there you breathe love. Therefore, you have to learn how to love here on earth first. It is hell when you try to breathe but there is no air to inhale or exhale. If you want to taste hell then hold your nose and stop breathing. The moment when you start to panic is your taste of hell. In hell that condition lasts forever. It would be far better not even to exist than to live in hell, but no one can end their spiritual existence. No one can get relief by disappearing altogether.

Because you know the Principle you know there is hope for unity of the world. Because this principle works throughout the entire universe, there is hope for unity once the tide of evil is reversed. It is our practice to discipline and train ourselves on a small level first by living for the family and tribal level. Then the tribe lives for the nation and the nation for the world. Our life on earth is a training program, preparing us for eternity.

In the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven you will also attend a workshop, but the lectures there will talk about the very things you have already been practicing on earth. In every class you go to in spirit world you will be a master, having already lived it on earth. Your classmates will treat you like an eminent scholar. Would you feel good? The impact of our life here will not be limited to earth, but will shake the spirit world.

Spirit world is like a gigantic container that has always been empty, but when my teaching is disseminated there it will flood and overflow. When you go to spirit world and you know that everything I said was true, you will shout out your thanks that you could live it here on earth. During this brief time on earth you feel anguished and want vindication, but what about God? He has been feeling that way all these centuries.

Present day Christians don't know that Adam was God's physical body; he was the visible form of God. God is invisible and dwells within Adam. You have a mind, but where is it? Even though it is invisible, the mind is not controlled by your visible body. Your body wants comfort and pleasure, but your mind pushes your body to do differently. This shows that your mind and body are not alike. The Almighty God did not create man like that to begin with, however. The body is out of order, so religion is the treatment for making the mind and body one. We are trying to become people who obey their minds, not their bodies.

Why should the mind direct the body? Even in spirit world God is invisible and has no form. He is the origin of energy, and thus He needs an instrument which has physical form so that He can have dominion over the physical world. If Adam had lived in complete obedience to his mind, which was God, reached perfection and entered the Kingdom of Heaven, the spiritual Adam and God would be one. Then when Adam laughed, God would be laughing and the entire universe would be laughing as well.

The process of creation is the projection of the invisible God into a visible form. There are two aspects of God, external and internal, so God wanted to have a visible God, Adam, to harmonize with Him. Their give and take would create a circuit. Through their give and take of love the internal would become external and the external would become internal, back and forth, in circular motion.

Why do people like love? Yesterday I spoke to the seminarians at Barrytown, and I told them that "love" is the abbreviation of two separate words- long and very. So love is very long. Love can create and excite and make two into one. So when you become a teenager and begin to understand love, everything will be in motion and every part of your body will jump and move. Adam and Eve are actually God-man and God-woman, and they should unite in love to feel the ultimate ecstatic joy which was the purpose of creation. The fall meant that God lost His wife, in other words.

Once you truly recognize the power of love and come to know God, you want to possess Him and become one with Him. You want to take His love because then you will have everything and need nothing else.

Ambition is not necessarily a bad thing; God gave us ambition so that we would want to possess Him. If Eve had not fallen then she would have been God's wife, the queen of the universe. We are to inherit that kingship of the universe. Thus, we can truly say that God is our Father. If there had been no fall then everyone would have been princes and princesses of God. No matter how ugly you are, you would still be a prince or princess of God.

What is the Unification Church here for? Mankind has been disregarding God altogether, but we want to restore God to glory as our Father, and restore our position as His royal children. We are actually doing God's job instead of wanting Him to do favors for us. When God hears someone tell Him that. He might say externally "You rascal!" But inside He is tickled to death that He finally has children He has looked for. This is why I never pray to God for assistance. Even when the whole American government came against me I never knelt down to ask Him to come to protect me just one time. I told Him I would take care of it and He should just sit back and watch.

You must be able to be a recipient of the love and tradition of God. You must act as God and feel that God is living in your home. Look at the world as God looks at it. That's how you make yourself a prince of God. That is the kind of men and women God is looking for. God has much blessing in His bosom and He is looking for such people to give it to.

If this is the philosophy that I am living then no matter what the world says I will win and have dominion over the creation. As long as this is how I live, money and influence will be no problem. People will come as well and there will be nothing I cannot do. If that is how I am living, then even if I kick all of you out you will come sneaking back in the back door. There is no way we could be separated.

Don't you feel happy when you see me? I am not that handsome, so why would you want to see me? I am only one man, but Belvedere seems to be empty when I am away, and when I am here it seems full. In a few days I will visit Korea, but when I leave you feel that the whole of America is empty and your longing reaches out beyond the Pacific. I think God likes me pretty well.

Do you think God's role is easy? God is lonely and miserable because He is there all by Himself, and all day long He is bored to death. But now He has an exciting companion who is always stirring up controversy, so God has to follow everywhere I go.

When you pass a bakery you smell the aroma of cooking, and when you come to see me you smell the aroma of love. Do you agree with this because you are brainwashed? If brainwashing could intoxicate you in the love of God then there would be nothing better. God has been waiting a long time for someone to brainwash Him that way!

Women are waiting to be brainwashed by men with love. You say A-a-a-men to that. When you are surprised you say "ah!", so Amen means "surprising men." We have to create a new dictionary of English!

God has been patient for millions of years, but at most you give thirty or forty years of your life. Could you come to that suffering God and complain that your tribulation is too great? Would He be sympathetic with children who couldn't bear even a few years of hardship compared to His experience? God wants to hear His child say, "I will take care of it, and no storm will stop me." My Father has been responsible for all history and still is suffering, so if I am His son how could I say I could not shoulder His burden? Such a person would be a thief. Christians have been like thieves, wanting to have the Kingdom of Heaven for nothing, constantly asking God for help and blessing. God hates to hear such prayers. If you were in God's position would you prefer my theory or the Christian theory?

Before you came to the Unification Church you shed tears over your own misery, but now you shed tears for God and mankind. Can you complain? No one has faced the tribulation I have borne, yet I have never spoken one word of complaint to God. I always told God He should let me go this course. Many of you sisters are worried about getting old and not yet having your family, but you should be proud of doing something that no one else is doing. You can be proud of asking God for His burden instead of His blessing. This is the life I have lived. I always feel I am different from the rest of the world and this is why God likes me.

It doesn't matter how ugly or handsome I look, as long as my heart and mind never change from this attitude. If I were single, I know there would be many proposals from women all over the world-fat, ugly, beautiful, and of every skin color. I have much sensitivity and I know how to be a good husband to Mother and make her happy.

Sometimes I would rather not be sensitive to anything, but spirit world is always bringing matters to my attention, so I cannot be idle. I am just one short man, but still I can breathe the universe and feel it every day. If you really want to see me you can pray hard and I will appear in your dreams. It is quite possible to in our world. I may seem mysterious, but all I am doing is living God's way of life. When you do so, this mystery will surround you also.

God's heart has been broken, and you can feel you want to liberate Him with your own hands. We know precisely what our goal is, and once and for all we want to liberate God from His sadness. The task I have undertaken is to drive God's enemies from His throne. God should have been enjoying a history of glory, but instead He has been scoffed at and ridiculed by the enemy. God is alive, yet people have said He was dead. The earth is supposed to be God's kingdom, but His very throne has been taken over by the enemy, Satan.

God created the earth as a gift of love for His children, but instead it was stolen by Satan. My heart has always wanted to restore this gift of love, to take it from Satan's bosom and give it to God's children. America has been specifically chosen for a mission by God, yet its young people have been corrupted by the worst crime-free sex. The garden of Eden crumbled because of that sin, and America is now crumbling for the same reason.

When God's beloved children committed the sin of adultery God threw them out of the garden and they fell into hell. Do you think God will allow America to prosper if America persists in this way? God has been hoping this nation would be His champion, but it is fast becoming the champion of Satan. God's wrath is about to come upon America in judgment, but I have asked Him to let me take care of America and give me a few more years to clean it up. You people are God's hope, and if there are more and more people like you don't you think there is hope to clean up America?

I always pray to God, saying that I will do something about America in the next decade. When you know this can you try to avoid the hard task? If we do avoid the hard work then the Unification Church will be the first to be judged by God. Anyone looking for the easy way is destroying God's will and will be my enemy. Let's get down to work with all our might and give everything. Do you think America will prosper or dwindle if we don't do anything?

If there are any thinking Americans then they know the magnitude of the problem and feel that America is in deep trouble. God is anguished over the situation because time is running out. It is our job to be living sacrifices on the altar of God, committing ourselves to this duty. I will go to Korea and trust you to take over in the meantime. Will you relax, or will you keep up all the missions we have started? My heart and God's heart have been broken. I need some liberation as well.

Close your eyes. Those who feel in your hearts that you will do exactly what I am entrusting you to do, raise your hands.

Thank you. Let us pray.

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