The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Territory Of Goodness

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 14, 1979
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

People in the world today do not have a clear definition of good and evil. Some think power is a measure of goodness. If there is a God, it is most important to realize what His purpose and intentions are for this world. The way we understand God, He must be all-powerful and entirely good. But these days people are so confused that they don't even know whether God is entirely good. What is the ideal God intended realize in this world? We conclude that if there is a God, then He must be almighty and all-good and to realize His ideal in the creation, He will work with the good people of the world.

On earth people measure power by a visible standard. When a person utilizes his power, it is always for an aggressive purpose. But God must possess invisible power. He is the origin of invisible power, but its action manifests in a visible way.

Suppose there is a person of great virtue who possesses both inner and outer strength and power. His invisible nobility can be perceived. Which type of power would God emphasize more-internal or external? Since God is invisible, He would emphasize invisible, internal strength. A good God must express Himself through a certain discipline that manifests His power in a visible way.

If there is a power opposing God, it would manifest itself entirely differently. If God dominates the internal aspect of power, then Satan must be emphasizing the visible, external kind of power. Thus, the pattern of history must show the conflicting aspects of these two masters. The religious way of life pursues the internal aspect, the invisible elements of power, while the opposing side is preoccupied with the visible world. These factors are interwoven in the advance of history.

Self-denial has been the starting-point of every good religion. The religious tradition has always emphasized denial of self and one's own family. This means that the pursuit of religious goals is based on invisible power and character, so one must get rid of the shackles of the visible world to attain these goals. Religion emphasizes prayer, fasting, and service to others. Thus the goal of religion is to attain another world of power.

How great is that invisible world of power? God is infinite and almighty, so that invisible world of power is also infinite and almighty. On the other hand, the world of visible power is limited. Recently Fidel Castro came to this country and tried to demonstrate his power, but there is a limit to what he can do. At one time Hitler thought the power of the German people could conquer the world, but be ran into a limit there too. In the present day, communists believe they will conquer the whole world, but it will not quite work like that.

The power of the visible world is always halted by certain limits. Most people in the world are preoccupied with visible power, wanting to influence or dominate others. The President of the United States has great power, but he is not almighty. America is a mighty nation, but there is no guarantee that it will continue to be strong for eternity. If the U. S. were ever conquered by another nation, this government would be dispensed with and the conquerors could toss aside the Constitution and the existing laws.

People are striving every day for power, but most of their goals are limited and vainglorious. Do you have more interest in the person who is shallow and reveals his entire depth, or the person who is mysterious? Would you like your future husband or wife to be someone you can know entirely in five minutes, or someone who has more depth? A shallow person will react to being struck by indignantly wanting to strike back. But a man of depth will not be annoyed so easily. Look at God-many people have mistreated Him, but did He retaliate? It is as though a little boy tried to hit a wrestling champion; that champion would just smile at the boy's puny efforts.

We cannot deny the two aspects of the realm of power, one visible and limited and the other invisible and unlimited. We religious people are pursuing the world of invisible power, while Satan's goal centers on the visible world. What is the limitation of the visible world? We have a visible world of our own surrounding us, beginning with our family, tribe, nation and world. The invisible world starts at the limit of the visible world. Knowing this, no one would swap the invisible world for the visible world.

A worldly man might try to tempt a religious person by offering him honor and prestige. Many times in history religious people have faced death rather than submit to the world's standards because they know there is no power which can conquer the invisible world. They do not change. Which world are you pursuing?

Man has two aspects-invisible and visible. Man's physical self longs for visible power with which to control something. But the invisible, spiritual side wants to achieve and dwell within the invisible universe, God's world. Until Satan took control of the visible world, it was all good, but now the physical world is in Satan's domain, while the invisible world remains in God's domain.

By what rule would Satan want to govern his world? He wants to govern it with values that change every day. So we see there is an unavoidable conflict in human life. The good man always invests himself today for the next world. Now there is a conflict between the free world and the communist world, between one world that wants to reach a higher level tomorrow and a world that wants to conquer for today. The future is invisible, so the invisible future is closer to goodness, closer to God.

Does the Unification Church today have power and strength? What kind of strength? You have amazing power; you are so strong that neither your parents nor your government can handle you. Only Reverend Moon can handle you, and because of that the world says I must be worse than Hitler. Why do people feel I am a powerful, almost fearful, person? Am I a wrestling champion? People hear a lot of bad things about me, but when they meet me they are surprised that I look like so ordinary.

What do I have then? My source of power is invisible, not rooted in any worldly power. I represent an invisible power, one that does not act blindly, but is based on principle and the discipline of universal law. It has harmonizing, loving power, not destructive power. Therefore, once you taste that power you can forget worldly things such as food and sleep and disco dancing. When you walk in harmony with it, you feel you are not an individual any more but a whole universe, because the universe is marching with you.

People truly do not realize there are two layers to the world, one visible and the other invisible. There are two ways of expressing power-one by force and with weapons, and the other by sitting peacefully and meditating. There is no real satisfaction in demonstrating visible power. Also, visible power is feeble and weak; physical force may conquer in the short run, but it cannot defeat the invisible power.

Whoever confronts visible power with the power of thought and peace will be the victor. Therefore, my method of fighting is not one of external confrontation. I am waging an entirely different war. There is no limit to the invisible power. When you keep pursuing the invisible power, you ultimately travel in a circle that will include the visible power. When you walk in only one direction, say from East to West, eventually you will encircle the entire globe and come back to your original position. When two enemies part with great hatred and go in directions 180 degrees apart, eventually they will meet again because their paths will come together. By the time they meet each other they won't have the energy to voice their hatred. One will say, "I am about ready to die, so rather than die alone, let me shake your hand and make up."

When we know this principle, we know that a person like Jesus, who seemed feeble and was crucified, is never defeated by the world. Because they live and think on a higher and deeper level, they will ultimately meet the enemy who killed them and finally conquer him. A man of God has infinite patience; he can wait for a man to get worldly power and still defeat him.

The people who reject Jesus may try anything they want in the world, but they will always end up with emptiness. So they have to come back to Jesus and be reconciled with him. When they come they will offer all their worldly things to him and bow down, asking forgiveness and saying Jesus is their life. They will want to know what Jesus' source of power is, since they found only despair in the world. That is the unavoidable destiny of all men. Inevitably they will want to know what the source of invisible power is.

The good man always pursues the incorruptible, invisible goal which is infinite, while satanic people always want to get the visible goal first. They are always boastful and arrogant and they always end up with corruptible things. What world of power are you pursuing now? Is there a limit to the invisible world of power? We must make infinite effort to reach the infinite world. What is the boundary between good and evil? This fallen world will end when human greediness is consume mated, when evil bears its final fruit. People who want to conquer this visible world feel that the end justifies the means and they don't care what they must do to get what they want. They would do anything to satisfy their greediness.

The end result of that evil ideology is expressed today as communism, which totally disregards anything except material things. For their own purposes, communists say that the end justifies the means. What will they do after they conquer the world? There is nothing left after that; it is an empty goal. Suppose a man works ruthlessly to conquer the world and achieves his goal at age 80. What did he gain if he dies the next day? Would he be a happy and fulfilled man or a miserable one?

A man seeking to conquer the world will try to destroy others around him so he can usurp their power. Isn't that how the communist system works? No communist could deny it. After communists gain power, the result is al ways tragedy. Eventually history brand the person who worked hard to conquer the world for communism as a traitor and a murderer.

When you pursue an invisible goal, however, you may look defeated and even die on a cross, but your death is not defeat. Instead it is a victorious new beginning. Be cause you gave everything, everything is resurrected. The supreme example of this is Jesus Christ, who was crucified and died in an excruciating manner, branded as a criminal. He seemed to be hopelessly defeated, but his death actually began a new victory.

I am not dumb. I could have chosen to pursue the world of external power, but I knew that it would end in tragedy, so I pursued the world of invisible power instead. Am I near the bottom of the list of great modern thinkers, or at the top? I am a man of complicated thought who has considered things that no one ever imagined. But instead of just thinking about them, I wanted to make them a reality.

I know precisely how the invisible world works, so it doesn't matter if the entire secular world comes against me; I will go my own way. Even if the entire world uses its power against me, I can break past it and continue into the infinite, invisible world.

There are people who try to get the best of both worlds. They think they can enjoy the secular world and then when they reach old age start believing in Jesus. In that way they think they can receive the benefit of heaven, too. But a person who does that has forgotten that he must serve a higher level than himself to reach a higher goal. There is no way to avoid it.

Most of you are white Americans and I come from a backward country in the Orient. Why do you come here and listen to me? Why do you follow when I say you must go one way or another? You listen because you know the Principle and only by following and serving can you make a breakthrough. You have to go forward step by step with that outlook. Even though you start at the worldwide level, you cannot just go straight up to a higher level. You have to inherit the achievement of the person who has covered all the area beneath that level. Thus you must unite with me, become en grafted to me, so you can share the richness of the truth.

As a member of the Unification Church, you might think that instead of suffering now you will leave and come back after I have finished building the Kingdom. Isn't that clever? But you have to commit yourself 100% in order to become connected with the invisible world. Thus, any person who wants to give only 10% of his energy here and 90% to the secular world won't make the connection. Do you have 90% reservation and 10% commitment? Do you think I have 99% or 100% commitment?

If you want to, you could complain many times every day. "Why does Reverend Moon come to the meeting at 6:00 when I have to get up at 4:00?" you might ask. Do you pray, "God, I can't keep up," or "God, I want to do more than Father, but he is always ahead of me"? A long time ago in the countryside of Korea I knew this truth, and I began my work when no one else understood. I was those no one to consult with or help me. I began to speak, trying to win friends, but as soon as I opened my mouth the opposition began-from my family, my people, nation, and the world.

Always I have endured confrontation with the evil I had to confront the evil power because I was pursuing the invisible world which was surrounded by the visible world. The world knew I was pursuing a different power, so it tried to stop me with temptations like women, money or honor. But I was never deterred and thus Satan decided he had to kill me. One way he tried was by putting me in a prison where people were sent to die. Yet even there I not only survived but gathered godly people together. My pursuit of the invisible power never stopped.

The worldly power represented by the government and the courts tried to destroy me, but there is another world where God is subject which has loved and protected me. Amazing things have happened. For instance, at the moment when someone tried to kill me, that person would die instead of me. An invisible power always intervened, working on every level. Because I had invisible strength, I never avoided confrontations.

I fought an invisible battle against the secular power of the nation, a battle lasting from 1940 to 1960. During this time I was a lonely man, barraged by allegations and hostility. Yet I never made excuses. I was silent. Only God knew; that was my power. That meant no visible power could destroy this feeble-looking individual. One government after another in Korea tried to destroy me. There were three changes of government in those 20 years, and not one of them succeeded. I withstood their attacks patiently and survived. With the infinite power of the invisible heaven, I have withstood all the pressure from people seeking to destroy me.

In 1960 the Holy Wedding was conducted and Mother was installed. Thus in 1960 my victory was declared on the individual level. Then I initiated my public ministry and started the three seven-year courses. Then the dispensation moved to the family level, with renewed persecution and attack. The first seven years were a period of trial in which negative power tried to destroy the family, concentrating mostly on Mother. Women were despising her and trying to destroy her in her mission. In those days many members received revelations and knew my position. Since Mother was my bride, the realm of women was jealous. But Mother used my tactics and never made excuses or accused anyone, no matter how unjust people were toward her. In the meantime I silently laid the family foundation, and then by giving the Blessing, I laid the foundation for the tribe.

First, the 36 couples were blessed. What is their role? Twelve couples each represent Adam's family, Noah's family, and Jacob's family. There were 10 generations from Adam to Noah, but Ham and Japheth were also dispensational figures, signifying a total of 12 generations. Dispensationally speaking, Abraham's generation was extended through Isaac and again totaling 12 generations. Jacob had 12 tribes, so this period included a total of 36 generations.

The 12 tribes were intended to indemnify all dispensational history up to that point which had ended in failure. Jacob could make restitution, so God gave him 12 children through which to restore horizontally the providential history. Thus, the 36 couples constitute the new forefathers of mankind, representing the entire historical background of God's dispensation.

The history from Adam to Jacob had to be restored on the tribal level, and the history from Moses to Jesus followed the same pattern. Moses was equivalent to Noah on the tribal level. In Noah's time God judged the world by the flood. In the same way, Moses came on the tribal level and exercised the power of judgment, paralleling Jacob's course.

Jesus' role was that of the second Adam. There were 12 tribes of Israel, and Jesus had 12 disciples who increased to 70 and later to 120, restoring these numbers from history on the national level. The 120 disciples represented 120 nations, or all people. However, because of the Crucifixion, that ideal was not entirely fulfilled. The dispensation was prolonged for another 2,000 years. Jesus' work was completed only spiritually, and there remained no physical central nation for God to work through. Therefore, the Second Advent was necessary, as promised by God. The Lord must come physically as well as spiritually as the third Adam.

When the Messiah comes a second time, he is in a position to restore horizontally all of the history preceding him, meaning the Old Testament and New Testament eras, as well as his own Completed Testament era. In order to restore those three levels, three groups of 12 families were selected. The most important pillar in erecting God's Kingdom was the blessing of the 36 couples, and erecting that pillar was most difficult. As history developed, the spirit world was divided into three different levels. By uniting 36 couples under one father, the boundaries between the Old Testament era, the New Testament era, and the Completed Testament era can be broken up and they can all become one. All would be combined through restitution here on earth.

The Unification Church has the role of restoring all of history. God has given me the authority to conduct that restoration, so I am responsible for Adam's realm, Noah's realm, and Jacob's realm. Therefore, 36 couples were selected for Blessing. By doing so, the tribe of the third Israel was created, surrounding the True Parents. This was the cornerstone of the third Israel. In this case, even though the people undertaking the dispensation might be individuals, a family or a tribe, it all had worldwide meaning and impact.

My topic today is "Territory of Goodness." How is that territory expanded? Certainly it started with the individual, and grew into a family and tribe, nation and world, but how was it done? Through the Blessing. How do we build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth? The family is the building block, and the 36 couples were the first brick laid here on earth. Next I blessed 72 couples, who represented the tribe; 124 couples represented the national level. That foundation of Blessing was finished in July 1963.

If Jesus could have fulfilled these Blessings after taking a bride himself, he could have built the Kingdom at that time. I received much persecution because of the Blessing, and had to organize heavenly families under tremendous opposition. Parents accused me of taking their children and marrying them off in my own way. From God's standpoint, I was claiming children back for God. But the world didn't see it that way!

In the Garden of Eden man fell through deceit and falsehood. In restoration, people are resurrected to the heavenly realm through the word of God. After 124 couples, 430 couples were blessed, representing the universal level. This was done in the year 4300 of Korean history. The Hebrews suffered in Egypt for 430 years, then made a new beginning. So with the Blessing of 430 couples, God marked a new beginning. The 4300 years included every conceivable element of both good and evil men. Actually 434 couples were blessed. The four extra couples represented people who had suffered in prison, thus opening the door for resurrection of those in hell.

That Blessing opened the door for all nations and races to enter heaven, since they represented all aspects of the human race. After they were blessed in 1968, I made a worldwide tour and blessed 43 couples in other nations. Thus the two Blessings are in positions of subject and object.

In 1970, 777 couples were blessed, signifying the completion of formation, growth, and perfection. That Blessing included various nationalities, and through it the heavenly territory was expanded. l personally indemnified the individual and family levels, and in 1970 after seven levels of Blessing had been conducted, a new dispensation of tribal-level indemnity began. In 1971, I initiated a crusade in which families demonstrated sacrificial love for the nation, leaving their families for three years to go work on the national level. Even though they had God-given families, they made them a sacrifice for restoration of the nation. In 1970, 1971, and 1972 the blessed couples in Korea suffered the most, willingly taking up tribulation and absorbing what seemed to be many tragedies.

On the foundation of their taking up the cross so gallantly, I could begin the worldwide mission. In the second seven-year course the tribe gave itself in a sacrificial way for the national foundation, and in the third seven-year course from 1974 on, the tribes of the Unification Church united to give themselves for world restoration.

This is why families here in America are sacrificing their families for the mission. When I told the families to go to the front line, there was much grumbling about separation, but you must remember our ultimate mission is to restore the world. Representing the tribe and nation, we must give ourselves in a sacrificial way. Once we set this tradition, the world's people will want to volunteer to do what we did.

We can set a tradition of sacrifice that will be handed down from generation to generation, and then you will be liberated from Satan's accusation that you did nothing worthwhile to serve the world. That is the most important qualification to win the victory. When Satan knows there is no more room for accusation, he has to leave us alone. Then we can create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

1976 saw the culminating victory of heaven on earth. During that year Moonies were in the headlines everywhere. I really went on the offensive on April 30, 1973, for three and a half years. On that day America granted me permanent residency here, and in the next three and a half years I consummated the worldwide level of restoration. When the battle was won in 1976, it meant that restoration of all past history was consummated. On September 18, 1976, the historic victory of Washington Monument was won and then on October 4th, I declared the Day of the Victory of Heaven. On February 23, 1977, 1 declared Year One of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The spirit world has been compartmentalized over the ages, but the victory of heaven meant that there would be no more barriers. After unity was made between Great Britain and America as subject and object, I entered Korea in 1978 and conducted a special ceremony to demolish all the boundaries in spirit world. For this purpose I conducted a special ceremony on November 2, 1978, in Korea. Until February 23, 1977, liberation was given only to the religious realms in spirit world. The rest of the spirit world has always been divided into the many family trees and nationalities. On the foundation of religious unity in spirit world, I could lift all the boundaries between tribes and nations on November 2, 1978. By liberating my tribe and linking the entire world to it, one tribe in heaven was formed.

Now the entire non-religious world can unite, meaning there is no more separation in spirit world. The entire spirit world is descending to work on earth as a unified force. By the time the third seven-year course is completed, there shall be no more opposition here on earth.

Once unity was achieved on the spiritual level, the home church dispensation could begin on earth. Since every tribe in spirit world has been liberated, we can now organize the true heavenly tribes. Your home church area is your tribe. Actually we are ahead of schedule; God originally planned home church to begin in 1981, after the third seven-year course. But because all the debts of the past have been paid, I could advance the time.

What we are talking about is almost like a dream. The home church dispensation does not recognize national or racial boundaries. You can transform every place you go. Initially you are in the position of tribal messiah, but you can be elevated to the true parents' role. When parents and children are united in home church, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth becomes a reality there.

God wanted to create the Kingdom of Heaven in the Garden of Eden by uniting three generations, with God as the grandfather, Adam and Eve as the father and mother, and then their children. In the home church crusade you represent the Messiah, so you represent God. The home church children have their own natural parents, and when they are united with you, it resembles God's original intention for the Garden of Eden. This is how we came to have the terminology of "tribal messiah." God's dispensation can be consummated and the continuous conflict between good and evil will end.

The world level is always the ultimate goal of God's dispensation. I went from the individual level to the worldwide goal, fighting one battle after another, paying all the indemnity on each level. Today the conflict between the free world and the communist world is obvious. Actually, the free world should be dominant but the communist world is taking over the free world bit by bit every day. In the midst of this conflict, the Unification Church has been growing from the individual to the worldwide level, taking the internal role. We represent the strongest good.

The battle between the free world and the communist world is so severe that in the end there will be no winner; both will be knocked out. The children of ardent communists will reject what their parents are doing. In the free world many children now disregard their own family's and parents' values. But there is another group arising which is critical of both the communist and the free world. These are Moonies.

As the conflict becomes more heated, both sides will lose their families, their world, their nations, and themselves in the chaos. People will decide they just don't care about any kind of commitment and feel they want to live any way they want to. Then they will do all kinds of crazy things in order to satisfy their desires. In the meantime the group that rejects both worlds will be growing internally, rejected by both worlds, but winning individuals, families, tribes, nations, and the world. They will be the central pillar of the world.

The more the world fights, the more it crumbles and loses ground. But the more we fight, the more we prosper. When the time comes that we receive true liberation, the whole world situation will crumble. The world is living aimlessly and doesn't care about morality or God's principle, so the human race is becoming like one big zoo.

When I came to America, Satan was working in this country in many ways. But now things have gone so far that it is near the end. You are part of that corrupted generation, aren't you? There is a prophecy in the Old Testament that in the final days the world will be a sea of skeletons. That is what America's society today resembles, from God's standpoint. But the Bible says that those bones will recover their flesh and come back to life through the word of God. That is resurrection. God said that out of those skeletons He would raise a new army. That is you, the Unification Church.

Now you know how the territory of goodness has been expanded. The decisive victory has been won, and now it is only a matter of time until the victory is expanded to all four corners of the earth. In time the media, which has been so critical toward us, will visit blessed couples all over the world to get the story from them. Those couples will be the feature news of the world.

Americans love a champion, and I am certainly the "matching champion" of the world. Even if people don't know anything about the Principle, they have to recognize that I have matched more couples than anyone in history. I have thought that one day we might advertise the matching services of this world champion for people who have had trouble finding a good husband or wife. Wouldn't many people want to respond? After matching the people who came, I would tell them they have to fulfill a condition of separation for three years, and then come to a certain place for the wedding. Do you think they would be there? The condition would be not to touch their spouse, but to preserve their purity. Would they just sit and wait for three years? They would think it best to join the Unification Church and work hard so the three years could pass quickly.

Many would say it was an impossible condition for them to make, but when you think of it, it is an exciting way to get married. So many marriages today aren't working, and I am proposing an exciting new method. If I matched 100,000 couples around the world, do you think the world would be turned upside down? If those marriages go on for eternity while the rest of the world's marriages mostly fail, people would have to turn to us.

Behind each heavenly victory we celebrate there is a foundation of incredible indemnity, a heated battle between Satan and God. In America today a ruthless power is working to destroy me, so our victories have not come easily. People in America are trying to find a loophole in

the law so they can incriminate me. Evil is always on the offensive, but in the end God always turns out to be the victor. Kim 11 Sung should have been doomed the moment I was released from prison, but because policy-makers in the U.S. were indecisive, that dispensation has been prolonged.

President Carter is responding weakly to the communist strategy, becoming a prey of their exploitation. The 39th and 40th presidencies are the most critical for America. The 39th is President Carter; it will be a tragic day if he continues to be President for another four years. Even the Democratic Party doesn't think Carter would be a good President again, and now there is a heated battle between Carter and Ted Kennedy. Kennedy is a liberal with a magic name and wealthy background, but actually the leading voice of American politics should be that of Christianity, God's people standing up to speak out.

Whether Democrat or Republican, politicians are basically not trusted by the people. A leadership education program is needed. The basic principle is very simple: the person who loves God loves this country. The person who does not care about or recognize God cannot truly love or serve this nation. The religious leaders of this country will awaken to that point. The recent growing involvement of Christians in American politics is a good sign.

As long as communism flourishes, Christians are the major champions of God. Therefore, the Pope's recent visit to the U.S. serves a spiritual meaning. The spiritual forces of the world must be mobilized and united to speak out on the issues. The invisible mind should govern the body, not the visible body governing the mind. Can mind and body be separated? How then can we separate religion and politics?

As long as there is satanic sovereignty in the world, there will be separation of state and religion, but when people are united in God's spirit, mind and body will make one whole person, and God and politics should be united. There is much corruption in the democratic process and people's votes are influenced by many ungodly factors. God doesn't want to see that. In order for righteousness to come to the planet, the invisible realm should govern the world, like the mind governing the body.

Some people criticize me by saying I want to dominate the world, but that is not my desire. I am merely proclaiming what God wants. God wants His people to live under His banner, and no one else's. If we obey God, we try to live up to His standard. We must take responsibility for communism; we want to restore the moral life of this nation with our own hands. We go as individuals, families, and tribes. A new tidal wave is swelling now and will push with gigantic power to reverse the tide of evil.

Because I know God's timetable I can be bold and strong. I began by pursuing the invisible world and that righteousness is my backbone, but I must extend heaven's influence over the visible world. This is why our movement starts businesses, cultural programs, seminaries, and so forth. Money is needed to build the Kingdom. I began by denying myself in order to break through this visible world, and thus I attained infinite freedom. In moving toward the invisible world, I am encircling the entire visible world as well. How will the visible world be bound? The binding force is a God-centered heart in the family, tribe, nation and world.

We are going to win people's hearts without a bloody fight. That is how God moves. When the heart of God is exhibited in this way of life, even Democrats and Republicans have to follow, as well as the economy and culture. Don't you think so? You know how important home church is. Even the greatest rocket needs a launching pad. You also need a launching pad, and that is your home church.

We are breaking down all the barriers of race, language and nationality. We can deny all these things because we are bound by stronger bonds and values. When you really know this as you enter your home church, all heaven and earth will enter with you. This cause is worth living and dying for, worth investing your youth for. The providence is unfolding at this time in history, and somehow you are one of the first to participate. The weight of history is moving forward with you. As soon as we succeed in that territory of goodness, no more negativity will be generated by the media or by established churches, and even the communists will not affect us.

God has the positivity that can demolish all the world's negativity. You will be the wire to conduct heavenly electricity and that current will jolt the world. Do you think that shock treatment can make the world into one? The power of your blood, sweat and tears will be an electrical power to purify the world and make it jump. The decisive showdown has already happened and God has won. Wherever your feet go now, you are expanding the heavenly territory. The power of your mind is so strong that once you are intoxicated in this spirit, your body will have to follow. This phenomenon is also happening in the world.

If a winch from the satanic world is pulling on you, you may stand so firmly that the steel cable will break. Or you could start pulling the winch toward you! Are you being pulled by my winch instead? My winch is invisible, while the other-is visible and makes lots of noise. Would God like to see that the invisible winch is stronger?

What would you do if I left America and did not come back? You could take a vacation and go back to your old life. Or would you demonstrate and shout for me to return? I know you would, so I'm not leaving now! Certainly we have enough people to do sit-ins at embassies around the world to disrupt business if the government harasses me, but we will not resort to that method. I have piercing eyes, and when I see injustice and wrongdoing I cannot tolerate it. That is the kind of passion I have. The most fortunate thing is that God grabbed me. If Satan could have exploited my character, it would have borne fearful fruit.

Haven't you ended up in an exciting place? You don't mind if you have wrinkles and lines after a few years of working hard? Do you get more discouraged each year, or do your eyes get brighter and brighter? When you walk, your eyes do not droop down, but always look up.

By Oriental standards, I am a handsome man. I appreciate beauty and I know how to dress nicely. I also have many abilities, yet I subjected myself to a miserable life. In prison my clothes were full of lice which sucked my blood. Sometimes hordes of them would crawl out of my clothes. I used to enjoy picking up the lice alive and putting them together to watch them fight among themselves. Did you know lice fight each other for survival? I learned an important principle from them: when they fight, they normally unite together in groups. I observed that this one trait made them smarter than most people. Instead of fighting individually, they would group together. Then I couldn't kill the lice; I would just pick them off and put them somewhere else.

I have had many experiences like that, but I won't tell you about them because you already understand me. I will save that material to tell negative people, however, and reveal to them what kind of life I have lived. I will tell how this innocent man was persecuted by people trying to destroy me.

My subject is "Territory of Goodness." Wherever I have gone, I have found a territory of goodness, even in prison. I initiated the expansion of that territory to the world, for the sake of mankind and God. What is my asset and power today? I am empty-handed, but God loves me and people are gradually coming to understand and love me. Do you love me? Does that mean you will listen to and obey me?

I don't worry about money because I know we can do whatever needs to be done. The necessary money is out there, and eventually it will come to be used for the Kingdom. All we are doing now is applying for that money! Don't worry-it is there. I don't feel I am missing anything. I know the foundation is laid now. If I make up my mind to buy the Empire State Building, can it be done? When I came to the U.S. years ago, I said I wanted to buy the skyscrapers, but even the members could hardly believe it. It's a matter of making up your mind that something is needed; then there will be a way to do it. Is our foundation big or small? How big? It is as big as God.

When you turn on the water faucet in the morning, you can think that sea waters from the giant oceans of the world are washing you. When you take a deep breath in the morning, you are inhaling air from all over the world. You can love and revere it. Have you ever thought that way? Did you ever imagine what would happen if the air declared a strike against humanity for five minutes? But the air will never betray and destroy you.

The Moonies' territory is the universe. You can converse with the sun and say, "You are shining for me and I love you." The sun will say it loves such a rare individual as you. You can even talk to God this way: "Don't You like a guy who embraces the entire universe and wants to fulfill Your desires? God, wouldn't You like your daughter to marry a guy like me?" God will agree. I feel that way and that's why God gave me a beautiful wife. The amazing part is that in Mother's eyes I am the most handsome man in history! My children think their daddy is greater than anyone in the world.

The entire world thinks poorly of us, but we are living in such a fantastic world of joy. I am glad that this world is invisible; if people could see it, they would try to take it away from us! It is the Moonies' privilege to live in this world. If you are really happy, you can laugh so hard that your belt will break. Then your belt will think it has a great guy for a master. Other people don't understand how you can work so hard and still be joyful, or how I can give you such a hard time and still you are happy. We are living in a world of different values and standards than everyone else.

We have no boundaries. You are incredible people because you can be happy even if you fast, even if you work hard day and night. Satan has no way to deal with you. The world has its own standard, but their gauge can't measure you. No ruler in the world is big enough to measure your life. You are not crazy-happy every day, but you do have a direction. The important thing is that it parallels God's direction. You are a real problem to the world, but for God this internal world is the greatest thing that ever happened.

You are jubilant over God's way of life, and even if you falter and die on earth, you will continue forever in spirit world. Our job is to initiate the crusade from the internal world and to embrace the entire external world. If someone in your family is opposing you, you must study why they do that. The everyday world is a changing, untrustworthy place, so you have to show trust in them and see what happens. Are you afraid of ending up in hell? What would you do there? Would you question how you got there or do you know you could turn hell into heaven? If you follow me, then you know you can turn hell into heaven. When you pray to thank God and then look around to do the task, you will see that it is no longer hell. but heaven!

When you put infinite trust in God, infinite energy will be given. This is the territory we are working in. Even if America accuses me, no one will touch our territory. You need my signature if you want to enter this territory of goodness. If you can't get it here on earth, then in spirit world you will have to wait millions of years. Our territory is gigantic, isn't it?

My signature is important, but as my sons and daughters you have the power to make me sign for you and for your home church people. Later on I will delegate to you that enormous task of signing for all your people and I will recognize your signature. I can give that right to you and make you my representative. It is an amazing and infinite territory, and to be entitled to it, you have to have unconditional faith and trust. When you act with that faith, you will have that territory.

Is that territory bigger than the United States? Maybe Americans don't like to hear it, but that doesn't matter. Today is a celebration of the battle and liberation I have won on each level. If you parallel my way of life, you can go anywhere and win equal victories. If I match the most beautiful white sister with the homeliest black brother and direct her to go with him to Africa to save his people, she would say, ' "Thank you, Father." At the last engagement many white members asked to have a black husband or wife.

In the future white women won't even want to marry white men. Do you black people want to marry whites and not blacks? Can you still say you love your black people? I would like to see blacks willing to cross racial lines, but still respecting their own people, not rejecting them.

Where can you find this way of life except in the Unification Church? Are you in the right place then? Do we have a good philosophy of marriage? Your manner of thinking determines everything. When you are tackling a difficult chore, you can think you are a heavenly prince or princess who is here for a tour to taste what the world is like. Then nothing can really trouble you. Our life on earth is brief and our tour here is short, but you want to experience everything.

In my life, I have tasted every aspect of human suffering. Since everyone enjoys praise, I wanted to enjoy being cursed instead. I would enjoy being tested by the most confident deprogrammer. If the most beautiful woman, who thought she could seduce any man, crept into my bedroom to tempt me, I would know how to make a Moonie out of her. I do not fear temptation because it is an extra opportunity to check myself out. It's all a matter of how you think. I am a dramatic person, tasty and irresistible. If you had known me before joining the church, how would you like me?

There are many interesting episodes in my life story. The Korean leaders here have been following me for 20 or 30 years, but still sometimes their eyes open wide when they hear something I have never said before. I seldom speak about my experiences in prison. No one has dug it out in all this time.

This gathering today is very special. On this day I want you to be aware of the preciousness of the invisible world, which is contrary to the values of the visible world. I want you to be people who can't be measured by the secular world.

Always feel confident that you possess a special world which is owned by no one else. How big is our territory? It is infinite. Have that kind of guts and confidence. if you love someone, love him infinitely. Do a loving deed and then forget it, only remembering that you have not yet loved enough.

Those who say they will take up that way of life, raise your hands. You will win and change the world. God bless you.

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