The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

True Couple

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 27, 1979
World Mission Center
Translator-Bo Hi Pak

I am sure that May 1979 will be an unforgettable month for those couples who have just been engaged. This event is also of vital importance in the history of restoration. As you know, because of the fall of man God could not find any heavenly couples here on earth; that was the fate of the fallen world. As far as God is concerned, all fallen history has been a denial of a denial, and even though there are many families and nations, God cannot give His consent or acknowledgment to them.

God must find an ideal man and woman who are centered upon Himself. That man and woman are not ordinary, but are the ones who have overcome the world and set the victorious standard by going beyond the realm of the fall. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the entire purpose of history in the sight of God has been to find one ideal man and woman of God. He hand-picked one champion and let him confront the fallen world, especially the families of the world. The chosen one must be able to overcome the family, not be swallowed by it. He must either conquer or separate the fallen family.

That man is not struggling along with the blessing or assistance of his own family, but only with God. He will engage in a lonely battle to ultimately confront and win the family. That particular formula of winning applies all the way up to the world level. Therefore, when this man of God emerges to confront society it is inevitable that he will receive persecution. This means that on every level he will stand on the side of God and wage war with the satanic element and separate from it.

He will build a new tradition on the side of God, winning the war at each level and leaving a new tradition that will ultimately influence the satanic world and overpower it. First he struggles all by himself, and when he has built up enough authority he will take a stand and win over the satanic world. When he does go out to the satanic world, he will go to the national or worldwide level. This man of God will be trained in the fiercest struggle, which is on the family level, and when he finally goes to the satanic world it will be on the national and worldwide level.

Why does God's strategy have to be like this? When this man goes to confront and receive the persecution of the nation and the world, the people united with him on the family level will come to

support his struggle. This Abel figure is sent to the national level of Cain and will be rejected, but by doing so he can receive cooperation and support from the Cain figures on the family level. This Abel will win step by step and gather steam to form a victorious stand on the national level. Therefore, the family level is always the foundation for the national level of battle. If for some reason the family level isn't providing the necessary support, God will provide His champion with the necessary foundation to go on with the national level battle against Cain.

Once the national level victory is established, God will push this same champion another step to win the same battle on the worldwide level. When this man is rejected by the world, the national level Cain who has already accepted him would become a supporting force to join with him in the world level battle. They will perceive his lonely struggle with the world as a struggle against persecution of their own nation. This one man is needed to fulfill the providence of God and in his own lifetime he must go through these three major stages of battle-family, nation and world.

The man who is sent to fulfill this providence of God is known as the Messiah. God prepared a foundation for 4,000 years prior to the coming of Jesus, the first Messiah. That time was needed to provide the correct foundation for the one to come. There were two layers of organization in Jewish society at Jesus' time; one was the religious establishment and the other was the political realm. Of course, Jesus came on the religious foundation, and with the support and strength from that realm he should have gone on to face opposition and then win support from the political area.

The nation of Israel was in a position to indemnify the national level of dispensation, but its political realm was under the dominion of the Roman Empire. Israel was thus in an ideal position to link the national and world levels because in those days the Roman Empire equaled the world. If Jesus could have won the support of both the religious and political levels, then inevitably the Romans would have opposed him.

As you know, there were two major families involved in the dispensation of Jesus' mission; one was the family of Zechariah and the other was the family of Joseph. If the two families had united they should have been able to confront national level opposition. Judaism also was intended to stand on Jesus' side. There was a prepared atmosphere in Israel itself because that nation was oppressed by Rome and the people sought independence. If Jesus had been oppressed by the Romans, the Jews could have risen up with Jesus against that.

The first step, however, was that Judaism unite with Jesus. Then the political power of Israel should also have followed. The Roman domination of all Israel would serve as a link to the worldwide level, since the two cultures were not foreign to each other. According to God's schedule, once the national level had been won a trained force would be ready to assimilate the Roman Empire, overcoming the satanic tradition and bringing in the new tradition of God. It was most important that all this happen in Jesus' own lifetime. He was to go to the family level, then national level in Israel and world level in Rome in his own lifetime as the perfected Adam on earth.

Otherwise, God could not obtain a man whom He could uphold as His champion who had overcome the entire world, not just one family or nation. However, that particular plan was not fulfilled and has been postponed, so God has had to look for another champion to carry it out. This formula of receiving persecution on every level has been the central feature of Christian life for 2,000 years; persecution was received on the family, national and world levels until Christendom was finally established worldwide. That will serve as the foundation for the Second Coming of the Messiah.

A Roman Empire in another form would also exist at the Second Coming, yet with one marked difference. This time the national equivalent to the Roman Empire would be on the side of God, not on Satan's side as in Jesus' time. Its key characteristic would be religious freedom. That nation is known today as America, the nation which is in the position of leadership for the free world. The Roman Empire 2,000 years ago dominated Israel for its own benefit, but the modern Roman Empire is in a position to lend support to the chosen nation of the dispensation. The time of the Second Coming is the time to make restitution for the failure of both Rome and Israel 2,000 years ago.

If we conclude that America is the modern Rome there must be a nation in the position of Israel, which is Korea. In the international political situation we see that America has given up many of its responsibilities around the world, as in Vietnam, but it cannot yield its responsibility in Korea. This particular Administration is trying to be more and more isolationist and wants to disengage from military involvement in Korea, but even President Carter has been unable to do so. The relationship of Rome and Israel 2,000 years ago is now being restored through America and Korea today. This clearly shows that these two nations have a special destiny together in the providence of God. There is nothing coincidental here at all.

In order to fulfill the will of God it is inevitable that America and Korea have a special destiny. Korea is a peninsula divided in half, with the northern half under communism, the southern half under democracy. The 38th parallel is not a boundary between two nations but between two ideologies and two different worlds, between heaven and Satan. You don't have such a boundary in this nation, do you? Who will be responsible to defend this boundary? Because it is not just a simple national boundary but a boundary in the conflict between heaven and Satan, America must help South Korea defend it. In this respect the Korean War was much more than a national conflict; it represented the Cain and Abel clash on the worldwide level.

Who stood up ideologically against communist North Korea? The Unification Church did. Unification ideology is the core and soul of the ideology against communism. We have done the job of educating people about the danger of communism expanding from Korea to Asia to the entire world. Now the communists feel the Unification Church is their archenemy. Even now there is a heated confrontation between communists and Unification Church members going on in Japan. The Unification Church has played a major role in overcoming the danger of communism in Japan.

But the battle is not confined to Japan. It spreads all over Asia and now comes to the United States. Therefore, it is a world level conflict and communists around the world are united together against their one archenemy-Reverend Moon. They are stirring up a wind of opposition against me that is not just local but worldwide. They are instigating an anti­Moon movement throughout the world. This is why every department in the United States government is trying to do something about this and kick me out of America, thinking that would be the solution.

But as I already said, America today is in a position on the side of God to protect and aid His providence. Today she is failing to do that, giving comfort and aid to the enemy of God instead. This is the reason that ever since 1960 chaos and confusion have persisted in American society. God is waging a heated battle in America, and the peak of that battle occurred in 1976.

The small country of Korea desperately needs America's help, but considering the desperate internal situation of American society, American leaders do not declare open assistance to God's forces. Americans are trying to appease everyone, creating an opportunist situation in which such a scandal as Koreagate could be created. In reality it was nothing but a paper tiger, but the very real victims were the Korean government and the Unification Church.

Why should the situation of the nation of Korea and of the Unification Church be linked like this in the eyes of the U.S. Congress? It is because the Unification Church is in the position to represent one nation. This clash was much more than a local incident; it involved the worldwide dispensation, and thus our battle against the U. S. Congress was a worldwide historical event.

Since the Unification Church and Korean nation were lumped together under attack, the people involved had to unite together to survive. When the Unification Church faced attack by the Congress, all 35 million Koreans were also grinding their teeth in outrage and cheering us on. By facing the opposition of the United States' government, the Unification Church and Korean government were actually made one in spirit. The Fraser committee was trying to knock Korea down by maligning the Unification Church, but they could not succeed. Because they could not come up with any viable charges, the American government lost face. Now Carter has announced a visit to Korea in June, but the actual diplomatic meaning is more than just reaffirming ties with an ally. It is a trip of apology for the blunder of Koreagate. My advice to the Korean government is to be strong and not be intimidated by American actions. There is a heavenly power acting in this situation.

It is my dispensational position to speak out boldly and strongly about the Carter administration. I am saying publicly that they must repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. I know that a government spy is listening to every word I say, that tomorrow morning an intelligence report will be made about how I spoke unkindly about Carter. But even though it does not benefit me personally, I am not afraid to speak the truth for the sake of history.

Just as the American government changed its attitude toward the Korean government, the American people are rapidly changing their opinion about Reverend Moon and the Unification Church, particularly after the engagement of 705 couples. It added a positive element to their understanding. They thought we would be defeated by all our opposition, much less amount to anything, but now we have 1,410 people of all backgrounds who are newly engaged. And not only that, we did all this while other churches and American homes are crumbling every day. Now they have amended their opinion about us.

The time has come for us to rekindle a spiritual fire among the youth of America, and I see our opportunity. This spiritual offensive is being waged through the CARP movement, and we are going to American campuses to raise up American youth. Also, I have issued instructions to you to go to America's homes; we will meet the young people on the campuses and the families through home church.

I would like to show the world what kind of family system we have by demonstrating our position all over the country. When the time inevitably comes that the American nation will respect and support me, then our target will become international communism. Even now, what looks like opposition from the American government is actually opposition from agents of communist power infiltrated into the departments of government and Congress. They are creating this atmosphere of condemnation of the Unification Church.

Nevertheless, they will not ultimately succeed; America is basically anti-Communist because America loves freedom. When Reverend Moon and the Unification Church emerge in the public mind as champions to fight communism, the American public will naturally support us as their champions. I knew from the beginning that this was our destiny, so I initiated the victory over communism movement in Korea and Japan, and now here in America, with our final goal as Moscow. Now you know where you are and what you are supposed to do.

We must be superior to any religious organization in America; our CARP movement should be superior to any youth movement here and our home church system be stronger than any other Christian movement in the last 2,000 years. Communism is the archenemy of democracy and freedom, but mainly the enemy of God. Furthermore, the moral degradation of American youth must be cleansed. That's why I have been educating you through the Divine Principle, so you are strong and capable, and your moral outlook is secure, pure and God­centered. That is our strength.

The Unification Church mission is to bring America back to its founding spirit, which is God centered, but we will not end there. We will go beyond to found a new world, not just one nation. This is why I am proclaiming one world under God. The American ideal has still not been able to overcome the racial problem, but the Unification Church ideology will erase all racial, national and cultural boundaries. That has been exemplified in the engagement of 705 couples. This shows that we are laying a foundation for the new world, not just one national foundation.

You cannot find any parallel in history to what I am doing now. This ideology centering upon God has been installed and proclaimed and is gathering momentum to win the victory on the worldwide level. In spite of all our opposition my position has become an enviable one since our initial victory. Even heads of state, comparing their position to mine and their life with my determination, cannot help but envy me. They think that I am the happiest, most successful man in the world. That means that this one individual is confronting the world and will become victorious and lay a foundation for God for the first time. That is no exaggeration.

Christian history of 2,000 years has been indemnified by my work in twenty years. I am not doing it alone, however, but bringing my family as well. There must be vertical restoration, but also a horizontal base. A great movement is occurring, like the wandering for forty years in the wilderness. I am out in front, but all the blessed and engaged couples are participating. You are inheriting the True Parents' ideology, and no power, whether of the State Department or deprogrammers, can take this ideology out of you. You are different in appearance, with various colors of hair and skin, yet inside you are all the .same color.

From God's point of view there is but one person who has won the battle throughout the satanic arena and been victorious over the fall is not any head of state or famous person, but only Reverend Moon. 1976 was the victorious crossing point in the cosmic history of God, the year when God's victory was consummated. I already declared in 1977 that a new era has begun, the year one of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Now the three most vital years of 1977, 1978 and 1979 are being completed.

After 1979 all those who are opposing me will increasingly lose power, and we will go more and more on the offensive because our adversaries have not proven anything against us. Anyone who hangs on to me will go over the hill and be victorious together with me, like cars behind the locomotive. I am more than willing to leave my inheritance to you, and the person who is truly qualified for this is the one who puts himself in the position of son or daughter to the True Parents now. That's the qualification to receive my inheritance.

The engagement this month was an extraordinary event, the grand finale of a year of engagements around the world. What is your determination going to be? It should be that you will receive the inheritance from your own True Parents and walk on their foundation. How can you tell the world that you have received this inheritance? By proving how worthy you are through home church. I have completed the home church mission throughout the world, so I assigned you one small microcosm of the entire universe, 360 homes, and by doing what I have done in home church you will prove to God that you should receive my inheritance.

When you visit in your area you can think that one part represents Korea, another part Japan, and divide up your area to represent the six continents of the world. When white, black and yellow people all reject you, you can rejoice because you have received persecution from the whole world. It took me sixty years to lay this worldwide foundation, but if you really work well you can do it in your area in six months. By working in home church successfully you can raise yourself up beyond the realm of the fall. Who has given you that kind of power? True Parents. That is your inheritance from them.

The True Parents suffered all their lives, but by following their tradition and receiving their inheritance you can go over that level of victory with much less suffering. No one who retreats from doing home church is qualified for that blessing, though. In some cases your wife or husband may be hesitant to do home church, but push them out. For three years you must erect a victorious stand in home church, for that is your arena to win victory.

I received persecution on the national and worldwide levels, but you are receiving persecution in your home church; that represents racial rejection, communist rejection and national rejection all together. Always be grateful for the persecution you receive and take it as added energy to spur yourself on beyond the level of the fall.

I can see that you still haven't come down to earth after your engagement. You are all wrapped up in getting to know one another and your faces are different. What you should do when you meet your fiancée is to put your heads together and decide that you will each go to win in home church and then come back to ask me to bless you. You need a certain condition to fulfill before blessing, such as having Cain­type spiritual children and your tribe of 84 people. You have already heard all of these things, so you know why you are going in the capacity of Abel to home church.

Abel is the son of Adam, not of fallen Adam but of perfected Adam. You are children on the Abel side because you are children of Adam, but since you are still growing toward maturity, Satan is everywhere trying to stop you. There are many Cains ready to slay you, just as in the garden of Eden, so how can you deter their hostility? By practicing love. By opposing you they are presenting conditions of surrender in the future, since by leaving a record of opposition they will have to bow down later. It is as though they are presenting their surrender paper in advance.

If you go on with your whole heart and soul, it will not take even three years for you to finish because more and more acceptance will be seen in society. Do you know where you are standing in history? The old tide has completely receded, and the new high tide which will carry you to the Kingdom of Heaven is ready to come in now. When the tide first turns the water comes in slowly, but gradually it gathers power and rushes in with power which no one can stop. Even God cannot stop it.

When you are truly consumed by this fire of conviction then nothing matters, not even eating or sleeping; you are just truly crazy about the mission. Now you have a fiancée, a new loved one, so you can love your people more. That is the standard I am giving you. Do you wish you had more time to spend with your fiancée instead of at home church? Your antenna should be directed to home church. Is it?

Home church is a very precious blessing for you, for through it I am giving you a condition to go beyond the fall of man. You are an invincible force like the tide to cleanse your home church, and you won't be deterred by opposition. Do you know who is going to sign your certificate? Not me, but the hostile people in your home church area should be the ones to uphold you as a man of God. Is home church something to be grateful for, or just a burden? Home church is a shortcut to the Kingdom of Heaven. If you don't worry about anything else but that, you will find the heavenly kingdom.

Home church is truly our gospel, an amazing blessing from God. Through home church you can find and restore everything-there you meet God, the Messiah, Cain and Abel, and all the historical missions. It is really a wonder world. I would like to see that you are practically worshipped in your areas, so that when you bring your fiancée everyone will say that now they have a king or queen as well. By winning this qualification you can truly enter the hall of blessing for the wedding march.

We can conclude that the more you are oppressed and persecuted, the happier you will be and the more you will gain. You suffer more because you want to make your blessing more precious, for it is your added suffering that will make your qualification more precious, and your diamond more polished. All your suffering and tribulation can be vindicated by having your mate; this one blessing alone can make it all worthwhile. Your husband or wife is far more precious than your home church, and if you can give anything for your home church then how much more could you do for your mate? Since you are already trained by serving your 360 homes, you can be even more serving to your own husband or wife.

In your 360 homes you are withstanding all kinds of persecution, yet even if all your people come against you, you still love them. If later God uses your husband or wife to give you a hard time, what would you do? Would you say you could not stand it and shove him out the door? You are already withstanding so much that now when some hardship appears within your own family it will be nothing in comparison. You are absolutely loyal to each other and you are willing to do whatever your husband or wife wants. Do you want to fight with your mate? I am warning you that Satan will try to agitate both of you and incite conflict. God will grant Satan permission to interfere with you because He has confidence that you can easily withstand it, but if Satan wins and you hate each other then he will return to God and gloat at how easily you succumbed to him.

When you have a feeling that Satan is trying to tempt you to complain about how dumb or ugly your husband or wife is and have nothing to do with him, remember what I am telling you now about Satan's infiltration. Then close the door and don't let him come in; decide to do exactly the opposite of what Satan hopes. If you are serving and truly humble then there is no way he can win. This is why I am giving you a three-year training period before blessing.

If there is a terrible man giving you sisters a hard time in your area then you must think inside that he is your husband. If there is an unbearable woman in your area, then you brothers can think, "She is my wife." If you men meet such a man, think he is your brother Cain who wants to kill you. Then think about your duty to him and how to win him to your side. Think that unless you can win him to your side you are not ready to go on to any higher blessing.

I want you to feel that home church is a training ground for your future married life, and that all the people coming against you are in a position to train you to live with your future spouse and in-laws. If you win the older people and the children of your area then everyone else in the middle will automatically come. When you initiate home church the ratio is 1 to 360, and when the first person is won it will turn into 2 to 360, or I to 180. When it increases to 3 on your side, it will be 1 to 120. Even though it starts out I to 360, eventually everyone will accept and your whole area will be one family dwelling, and as far as you are concerned you will be looking at your whole area as one house.

In this area you will create your Cain­type home, and then after that you are entitled to create your Abel­type home. Once you find your Cain tribe you will establish your Abel tribe. Even if your ancestral lineage is inferior to that of people in your home church area, you will still receive greater blessing than anyone in your area because you set the necessary condition there. When the blessing comes to you upon this foundation and you have children, they will receive more abundant blessing than anyone in home church.

The restoration process in the fallen world is one of three major divisions-of Cain and Abel, husband and wife, and parents, but now we are bringing these three together for the first time. Home church is the process of uniting the brothers, Cain and Abel. Your home church and your mate's home church will come together eventually, and you will become a couple after receiving accolades from your home church. Upon that foundation you will join as husband and wife. There are universal implications in two home church areas uniting together.

When you are united as husband and wife upon this home church foundation and have children, then you move upward to the parent level. Your children will come upon the foundation of the home church success and all your labor there will be reaped by them. In that case you truly have a foundation where you can receive God's blessing abundantly. Because the Cain Abel separation has already been made in the home church and there is no stain remaining, you can offer your children as a pure offering to God. Then God will gladly embrace you and your children. Unless you stand victorious in home church. However, you will leave that duty and responsibility to your children, who will then have to go through that tribulation themselves.

1981 is the final year of the third seven year course, and from that year until 2,000 the entire world will be organized into home church. That will complete forty years since the True Parents were installed in 1960. The more work we do here in the physical world, the greater will be the spiritual phenomena affecting the earth. Spiritual assistance will be equally strong because that realm is like the angelic world, in a position to serve the victorious Adam and Eve. In your home church you will exercise your authority to direct spirit world to assist you. You are given that authority.

Only upon the victorious foundation of home church can you as men and women bear sinless children, just as perfected Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden would have borne sinless children. No one shall be able to come against that pure child. You must fulfill all these conditions before God's blessing comes to you to be husband and wife.

Today is a new day. This is May 27 and in four more days May will be over. If you make a special condition of the next four days then when June comes you will have a new beginning. Will you engaged couples do it? Those who would do it, engaged or not, raise your hands and pledge your loyalty. You are raising your hands to promise to become true couples. Then spirit world will be with you and God will be with you. Can you pledge that now? God bless you. Let us pray.

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