The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

True Parents Day And Our Family

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 28, 1979
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

When we talk about "parents" we usually mean the natural parents who gave us physical birth, but here we mean the True Parents who will give us eternal life. You all know that the dispensation of restoration was necessitated by the fall of man. Without the fall, there would be no need for salvation. The people who fell were not just figures in history, but the first ancestors of all mankind, and that means that God has never had the opportunity to fulfill His ideal in all of human history. Consequently, history has been proceeding on the side of sin and the ideal of true parents and the family of man has never been seen. Neither has man's ideal of the ideal person and family and ideology been seen here on earth.

Because of the fall of the first ancestors, history has been running on the side of despair, but even after the fall of man God could not abandon man. Originally God created man as His children, and since God was the Father of mankind, even after the fall He could not abandon man. For God's part, if Adam and Eve had just vanished, He could have recreated them. If they had drowned and vanished, God could have recreated them, but that was not the case. They were still alive physically, but their original life was gone.

What was that fall? If what had been lost by the fall could be replaced, we could easily get spare parts. If God could replace what went wrong, there should be no problem. However, the fall was not a material loss but a loss of heart, a loss of the core truth of creation. Genuine, pure love was entangled in the action of the fall. That love by which God wanted to have Adam and Eve blossom in the ideal was the hinge upon which the perfection of everything in creation would turn. God had dreamed of the blossoming of the beautiful flowers of love in Adam and Eve, and their fragrance would fill the earth. That was how God wanted to receive His joy and glory. But by the fall that love was hurt.

God intended to have total unity in love between Himself and man so that there would be no boundaries between them and they could rejoice and live eternally together. That was the life God had planned for man. Therefore, God was waiting for Adam and Eve to bear the fruit of love. A fruit is actually the seed itself; the core and purpose of a fruit is to bear the seed inside. Inside every seed are two identical pieces joined together, and the life force is contained in the embryo of the seed. That embryo contains the essence of the parents' love, of God's love, and the life force. Everything is contained in that life package. The two pieces surrounding that embryo are needed to allow the seed to germinate and to give nourishment so life can spring forth.

Fallen man still has the shape of a seed, but the embryo has become misshapen so that there is no life force and no love source there. Fallen parents gave birth to the fallen generation and many children have been born on earth. Their shape is the same as the original, but the embryo, the life essence, is missing. If man is born with the embryo still intact and pure then when life blossoms and grows, the embryo can only grow in the direction of God, just as a compass needle always points to due north. No one has to teach an original man without sin about God because instinctively he knows the direction of life and of God. There is no other direction for that particular life to take.

When you were growing in your mother's womb, did you worry about whether there would be air for you to breathe, or whether there was enough sunlight? In the same way, when original man was born on earth he had no worry about whether there was God or what direction life should take. Automatically he grew in the right direction. The life source of the embryo was the package of the true love of God it contained, and the life developing from that embryo automatically became a subject of love. But by the fall the essential embryo was destroyed.

After the fall man became a seed without an embryo, so even though he was born he was like a ship without a compass, not knowing where to go or how to live. This describes the fallen generation. Even the lesser creations like the birds can detect the coming of the seasons without a calendar, and they naturally fly south in winter and north in spring in a most orderly manner. If man was to be God's supreme creation, how much more sensitive should man be in perfection? God gave even the birds some special sensitivity to know the seasons so they could order their lives without deviation. The end result of the fall was that man collapsed in confusion and despair over love and ideology.

Everyone is looking for true love and the ideal but they don't know what direction to take so they try anything, even seeking answers through drugs and free sex. People are confused about ideology and think that maybe communism or socialism would be good, but no matter how much they search, without having true love as the focal point of their lives they will not find what they seek. True love means both human love and the pure love of God together. Your parents had human love, but the love of God was not at the center of it. For that reason it lacked the element of true love. Here we are talking about the true love of parents plus the love of God.

Restoration means that we are going to establish an order for true love and ideology of the ideal. This order and standard, or discipline, must be restored. The ideal should be fulfilled in true love. The communist ideology is based on materialism, not upon God at all. Democracy is an ideology centering upon man, not God. What was the original ideology that God designed? True lovism. True love will provide the solution for everything, but where can true lovism begin? It can only begin in an environment without the fall. The fall brought man down from true lovism and the fallen world is the world without true love. You may think the ideal world must include three meals a day and journeys around the world, but without true love that will never be the true ideal for man.

Why do we need true lovism? True love can make you a seed with an embryo of life. In order to become a true heavenly seed, the embryo must contain life from God. When you are restored to be that kind of seed, all you have to do is plant the seed and it will blossom and multiply many other true seeds. Each seed contains genes which determine what it will become. A pine seed cannot become a poplar tree. When you plant a pine seed, don't expect corn to grow from it.

What ideal are you trying to obtain? What is true lovism all about? True lovism can be called ideal humanism, or Godism. Many people in the world today talk about humanitarianism, but that is still fallen and without God. When you add the word ideal, that means God has been put back into it.

Why are you gathered together here in the Unification Church? When we stand on the side of men and talk about this ideology we can call it "ideal, true humanism." When seen from God's point of view, it becomes true Godism. You might ask if I mean there are a true and a false God, and the answer is yes. The false God is the one who has had to deal with fallen man; He is a pitiful, miserable God, not the God of the ideal world. Is the fallen generation happy ? Do you think the God of the fallen generation is happy? God has been miserable, a parent who has to deal with dead children. He has been the most unhappy parent you can imagine.

All the Christians in history have made many requests for God's help. Were they wealthy, happy children, or poor and miserable? They were miserable and that's why they asked God to give them food and shelter. That kind of thinking was not God's main concern and He did not pay much attention. But when God hears requests for His true love then His ears open. No one in history prayed that kind of prayer, however. Many church leaders have asked God to help them defeat the heretics and make their church prosper, but no one prayed for true love with such a longing heart that they were willing even to sacrifice their church to fulfill it.

God really wanted to hear that kind of prayer, but for 6,000 years He has been hearing material requests and pleas for protection instead. So many ridiculous prayers are prayed that if I were God I would plug my ears. No one understood that God was heartbroken.

We must know where true love comes from. It must come from a true father and true mother. That's the logical conclusion. If God is working for restoration then logically He is looking for someone who can bring a channel of true love to earth, which is indeed the concept of true father and true mother. Then where will they come from? If God had every freedom to remake them, I am sure He would quickly do so. But that is one thing God cannot do-He cannot abolish His first son Adam because, after all, Adam was created as an eternal being.

Two parents may have 100 sons and daughters, but if they lose their first child then they are miserable even though they still have 99 others. It has been God's destiny to restore the first son back to the original state. That's how the word "restoration" came into being. When God sees the world filled with men and women, He sees them as nothing more fallen Adam and Eve. God had to pick and refine people from all those on earth in order to have the true Adam emerge. You are fake Adams and fake Eves. Do you feel good? You say with fervor that you don't want to be false Adam and Eve, so now go ahead and deny yourselves to that same degree. Do you really feel your old self is no good?

Most people think they are all right but that everyone else is no good. You may be in the shape of Adam and Eve but you don't have true life. What you need is true love and true life. When they can be grafted into you, you shall be restored to become true Adam and true Eve. You should say A­man, not A­men. Then you sisters should say A­woman. When you mean more than one, then it's fine to say A­men, but when you talk about yourself, it should be A­man and A­woman.

The very person who can be the first A­man is no one else but the Messiah. That is his role. In Japanese pronunciation, "messiah" means the house where rice is cooked. In Korean pronunciation, "messiah" means "what time is it now?" For you, the Messiah is nothing more than A­man. History has continued on and on, but the real A­man has never been seen.

Even without knowing the whole truth, the churches talk about the Messiah and his return and the end of the world. Everyone thinks the Messiah must come on the clouds of heaven, having a wonderful time, and expect him to lift the Christians up in the air. They also say only Christians shall survive at the end of the world, that billions of others shall be judged by fire and brimstone and burned up. There are many conscientious people who scorn that doctrine and criticize the Christians for being selfish. They can't accept such a God who would be so cruel as to allow that to happen. Listening to the two arguments, which side do you think God would take?

How can you prove whether God will side with the non­Christians? We can prove it with the word of God. We can answer that question through the Scripture, John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." God did not say that He gave His son only for the Christians. God loved the world; how could He destroy the world then? Was He talking about the restored Kingdom of Heaven, or about the fallen world where His generations were suffering?

Christians have thought they had a monopoly on God and no one else was entitled to salvation. When I repeat that God loves the world and that He will not destroy it but save and restore it, they call me a heretic. They place great significance in their denomination, and when I say such barriers must be demolished and the churches must sacrifice themselves to save the world, they again call me a heretic. If God would ever call me a heretic and say that these Christians are right, I tell you we would lose nothing because there would be no God in heaven.

Religion must be logical and common sense. Do you need A­man? What is the essence of the number one man? Is he the one who is superior in the boxing ring? What is his qualification? Because he is such a super person he probably wouldn't need food or need to use the bathroom, and in order to climb to the second floor he wouldn't need stairs, right? If you think you need him, would you want him close or distant from you?

If God really wants to save this fallen world He will make the A­man very attractive to the fallen generation. What kind of person would you visualize as A­man? You white people would like him to be white and you black people would like him to be black, right? He should be a mixture of white, black and yellow, shouldn't he? The important thing is not the color of his skin, but his content. True love and true ideal must be the content of that A­man.

Human history has been proceeding with one main purpose of recreating one A­man, using all historical men as material to reach the final pinnacle. God has been molding a model, making it more and more perfect, bit by bit, progressing toward that perfect A­man. When we look at the history of God, we can see in the Old Testament era that God was molding that man into a servant. There are four major steps for men to take-to be a servant, adopted son, a true son, and father. In the Old Testament era God was striving to make a true servant. For 2,000 years God used all the rabbis and teachers to make one true servant, who was John the Baptist.

God's feeling was that John the Baptist was the true servant, and if he fulfilled his responsibility God would elevate him to the level of adopted son, to whom He would send His true son. But the covenant was that this adopted son must give his absolute loyalty to this true son when he came. If this adopted son was willing to give even his life to this true son, then he could become an adopted A­man. Life­giving loyalty was needed. John the Baptist was to love Jesus who was God's masterpiece, truly the A­man. God labored for 4,000 years to bring him to earth, so in God's sight Jesus was His most precious treasure. From God's point of view it was most important that John the Baptist give his life to Jesus.

God knows you men need true love and a true ideal. In order to secure that ideal your usual horizontal love affairs would not do, and neither would your way of loving your parents or brothers and sisters. That's why God required the strictest standard that you should love the A­man most of all. When Jesus came he declared, "He who gives his life for my sake will find it. He who would save his own life will lose it." Do you think that standard has been bent since Jesus' time, or is it the same now? Is it true to say today that we who would lose our lives for God's sake will find them? Is that your commitment?

Jesus declared that the person who loved his own wife or parents or children more than he loved Jesus was not worthy of Jesus. Do you think there is truth in that? Did it mean that once people accepted Jesus as the Messiah they were free to get married on their own? What about you then, are you the same or different? What happened to John the Baptist 2,000 years ago; did he love Jesus more than his own family and nation? Did he pass or fail God's test? Should you be better than John the Baptist or not? In order for you to be better than John the Baptist I am chasing you out to the wilderness. If I am chasing you out to raise money in the wilderness, then if the Messiah is rejected by the nation you can welcome him into the wilderness and build the Kingdom there.

John the Baptist had gathered many disciples of his own, so when he knew that Jesus had come as the Messiah he should have brought his own disciples as his treasure and given them to Jesus. If Jesus returned them to John then John should have insisted. But did that happen? Wouldn't it be smarter to keep what is valuable to you in your pocket and give what is unimportant to Jesus?

The best way to be linked to true love is to give your life for it. When your life is connected to it then true love will flow into you. If your head is cut off then Jesus will replace it for you, but when you look closely you will see it is Jesus' head you have now. By giving your life you can become Jesus. Then God will see that you look like His son, and will welcome you with the same love. If Jesus is a pine tree then you will look like a pine tree, not like anything else that you were before. When two people have an ideology and concept of love that are identical then they are identical.

You need A­man don't you? Now at the end of their prayer some people will say A­man and others will say Woman.

If John and Jesus had become completely one, then John would have become an adopted son and all the Jews behind him would have followed Jesus. Then like a locomotive Jesus could have taken them all straight into the Kingdom of Heaven. That was God's plan, but the reality was very sad. John failed to believe in Jesus; the rabbis and priests and scribes and all the people failed to believe in Jesus. Finally they plotted together with the Romans to nail Jesus on the cross. Do you think the crucifixion was God's will? Do you think He put the true man here on earth again only to be killed on a cross? God's work was restoration and recreation, so He wanted to create the A­man and A­ woman first, then A­children and finally A­kingdom of God. But did Jesus live or die? Was the will of God fulfilled fully in his time? No, the Second Coming had to be announced.

Through the history in the Bible we see that God has been working steadily according to one principle from the beginning to the end, so mankind is destined to welcome A­man one more time. Do you think Jesus Christ will return, or that someone else has to come? For 2,000 years after Jesus God has been using all men as material, trying to mold one more final model of a true man here on earth. Therefore, it is most logical that the Messiah must return through the country and people who have received the most tribulation and shed the most tears.

That A­man must come as a physical person here on earth, a true man who will recreate true woman, because that was the order of the original creation. lt. is not God who will make the true woman, but the true man. Why? In the Bible we read that God made Adam, but then only pulled a rib from Adam to make the woman. That actually means that God made woman by using Adam as a model. If God comes to take American women and push them out into tribulation and suffering, will they submit to it? Are American women likely to reject this and crumble, or are they more likely to accept it wholeheartedly? You may think they will accept, but God doesn't think so.

God sees that becoming A­woman is not an easy task because she must go through a tremendous ordeal. That woman must have absolute blind loyalty to A­man, so God looked for the country with that kind of virtue. Can that virtue be found more easily in the West or East? When God takes that woman to have her made into A­woman there should be no flaw.

God instructed A­man to give A­woman a hard time because in the garden of Eden it was Eve who did not obey God or believe the commandment and whose cunning way united with Satan and betrayed Adam. Therefore, in restoration woman must be given a hard time and still unite with whatever God's will is. Then A­woman is made. Do you think that is an easy thing to do? When that A­man recreates A­woman and they have children and make a home, then they would become the first True Parents in history. Would you like to meet the True Parents? Why? What would you gain?

The Unification Church is working for the salvation of the family, the building block of the Kingdom of Heaven. So far Christians have thought that salvation was only for individuals, and that each person had to win his own cubbyhole in heaven. If the Unification Church is the place where you meet the Parents then you have to pay for all the historical sins and clean away the back debt of mankind. Only then do you become a perfect John the Baptist, and then you must unite with the true A­man. Even when the True Parents are finally installed, they cannot instantly make you into a true son and daughter. You have to go through several stages; first you become a servant, then adopted son, then true children. When you meet the True Parents, what would they do? Chase you out to the world, letting you become a true John the Baptist.

That person cannot go out to the wilderness with skepticism, grumbling, "What kind of True Parents are they? The Divine Principle is very good, but why are they making me suffer?" But I want you to know that is the beginning point. When you meet True Parents you go back to that position and start out all over again, returning step by step, going through every level. First you become a servant, then an adopted son. The relationship between an adopted son and his stepparents is normally a difficult one and the son has much difficulty. But through the Principle you know the failure of men in the past, so you are willing to go this road nevertheless, without complaining, desiring to become true sons and daughters. Only those people can pass. The words Jesus spoke 2,000 years ago form the very credo you Moonies follow today.

Why do we need True Parents? In order to restore and have the true ideal and love, True Parents are essential. Once you reach that ideal, no matter how strongly people insist there is no God, it won't bother you because you know by experience there is a God. Do you have such antennae? We have special antennae so we can communicate the special love which others cannot detect. We can experience the true happiness others cannot taste. Do you only want to come for celebrations to cut the cake, but not go out to labor and sweat? Many people, even among you here, can't figure out why you should go through suffering when you could easily have your own families and your own lives.

I was smart; I didn't willingly suffer without any reason. But there was no other choice. It was simply my destiny, the law of cause and effect in action. Because mankind is fallen, without going through that route there is no way we can taste true joy and true love. I am quite smart, and if there were some other way I would have found it. I am talking about finding the universal love which can be welcomed anywhere, even in the dungeons of hell. Hell will be melted into heaven by this love, but there is no easy way to get it. Even though there is a great deal of opposition, we have a great power of love which will submerge all the opposition in the water of love. That's the only way we can finally overcome it.

Then we bring the water of love to hell to wash it out. Do you live in the Old Testament era now? the New Testament era? In the Old Testament era the servant is carrying the load of God's dispensation, while in the New Testament era the adopted son is carrying the dispensation. In the Completed Testament era the sons and daughters are undertaking the burden of the dispensation. Presently there are three levels of life in society; the nonbelievers belong to the Old Testament era, even now in the servant position the Christian world is living in the adopted son's era, and the Unification Church is living in the era of true children.

The responsibility of true children is the supreme one because they are going to inherit the responsibility of the parents. We are going to stop the crumbling of the world and bring it back to God. God has three major headaches here on earth. He must take care of communism; He must awaken and revitalize the Christian churches, and finally He must stop the degradation and immorality of the young people of the world. Who is doing it? One master Satan is influencing all of this behind the scenes- communism. The communists are working to weaken Christianity because they know that religion is the greatest threat to them. In order to weaken the free world they are corrupting the young people.

The focal point for the destruction of the tree world, the churches and the young people is the family, so once the communists destroy the family system, they will win everything. In one family in America you can find all kinds of religions and beliefs; because there is a chaos in ideology there is no unity and so love is going in all different directions. When the Messiah comes, however, and brings the central ideology, it will form the backbone of the individual, family and society, and then no power at all can destroy them. Even the communist power will not change them. All of Christian doctrine not be able to remove that ideology and free sex and carnal desire will not change it.

Once equipped with this Godism, no one will be shaken, regardless of what enticements are offered. Will women be enticed by handsome men then? Didn't you do it to Adam in the garden of Eden? The weakest creature is woman and she is more susceptible to the degradation of sin. Suppose you think you are beautiful and everyone envies you, but then all of a sudden I match you with an ugly man as a husband. Would you be proud of introducing him as your husband? Even though externally he is not handsome, you can be proud of him if he has the central ideology of God and if he possesses true love. Then he is far better than any movie star in the world. Your destination is not the handsome face of your husband; it is the ideology and spirit and true love he has.

An electric bulb has a filament inside, and the more crooked it is the brighter light it will give; a straight filament will give only weak light. A man who is sturdy in the love of God may look unattractive, but once the switch is on he will light up the entire world. Light is the important thing. When you become a divine spirit you no longer see the physical body; in spirit world the intensity of brightness of a person's spirit will determine his attractiveness, not his external appearance. The men who are pursuing God's ideology and trying to obtain the true love of God are the noble men.

Now it's the men's turn. They may think I am not qualified to say anything to them since I have such a beautiful wife, but I never prayed to have a beautiful wife. I said it didn't matter what shape my wife was, even if she was so big I couldn't reach around her. If God told me to love her and mold her into A­woman, I was ready to accept her and do my best. If that had happened would you have been pleased? Then the men would have thought they could be blessed to anyone except a woman of Mother's shape. That's why, even though I didn't care what kind of wife I had, God cared very much. He wanted His children to think that the ideal woman was Mother, and any sister who looked like her would be the best wife. That's why God gave you such a beautiful Mother, not for me but for you.

Why are the True Parents coming to mankind? Is their goal only one nation? What was the goal in the garden of Eden in the beginning? The family. The basic unit of happiness is not the nation or world, but the family. The ideal family is more important than the ideal world. In this one unit of the family you must fulfill the ideal man and ideal love. The father's position is the ideal man's position and the mother's position is the ideal woman's position. The man's position is the ideal son's position, and woman's position is the ideal daughter's position. Our goal altogether is the ideal, Perfected family.

The ideal would never be ideal with arrogance, and in order to eliminate arrogance a true love must be found which can melt everything together. Then nothing will be separated. If someone pulls the son, the entire family will go too because everyone is welded together. Is your family like that? Right now the family is mixed up and separated. You should be able to say that your father is greater than the President of the United States. A parent must be able to say that even though his son is crippled, he is better than any Harvard Ph.D. Why? Because true love connects them. That is first and foremost.

the heavenly four positions the father, mother and children are welded by true love into one unit so that their positions are interchangeable, moving around and around. Then who is the center of this circular movement? God. There is a distinct rule in the true family that God is center, no matter what. Everyone goes toward God and nothing else comes first. Would a true father want his son to love him first before God, even for a short time? Would he be a true parent then? No, everyone would encourage each other to love God most.

Why couldn't husband and wife feel they were the closest, even just for a while? No matter how often father and mother may be living in different places on earth, if they are united in God they cannot be apart in spirit world. Though they are apart on earth, if they are united in the love of God then they will reach the same destination in God. Then they will become intensely close as husband and wife because God's love will be manifested in their own love. As much as they love God, God permits them to love each other in spirit world, even many hundred times fold. Even though they are separated. if they are truly loving and serving God then they shall be given hundreds of times more closeness as husband and wife in spirit world. They shall be royalty of love there.

When you meet your husband at God's throne, you shall meet him as a queen of love. Love for God shall ultimately unite kingship and queenship of love on the highest possible level. That is why on earth we should want our spouse to love God more than loving us. That's the way parents and children should think as well. We talk about true family in the Unification Church, but someone might misunderstand and lose faith by thinking they are not being given a chance to make their family because husbands and wives are often sent out on separate missions. If you are thinking that way, you are mistaken. This is the way you are going to be elevated into true kingship of love.

Even if you are never with your husband or wife here on earth yet your love for God is intense, God will melt you into one for eternity, far more than if you had lived an ordinary life with your family here on earth. You are becoming an extraordinary person by living for God your whole life, longing for your family to be together. But once you are elevated to the eternal world you shall be welded into the most glorious family.

You shall always remain a subject of the love of God and feel the intense presence of His love and ultimately move yourself to the position of God. I walked just this path. I started out in the servant position and then served in the position of adopted son. then son and finally parent. Who gives the diploma so you can graduate from one level to the next? Not God but Satan. You serve Satan's world until they can say you are far better than any servant in the satanic world and there is no one else who can meet your standard. Then you move on to the adopted son's position. There are many physical adopted sons on this earth, and you must pass all the criteria to be number one. Even though your stepparents hate you intensely, giving you nothing but grief, they should not be able to melt you. You should serve them and ultimately melt their hearts. Then they will sign your diploma saying that you are beyond their level and there is nothing they can criticize. When they surrender, you graduate to the next level.

At that point you are eligible to join the Unification Church. At that point you may think you have reached the final destination, but then I chase you out to witness and fund raise. I am in a position to give you the worst kind of tribulation and hardship, but if you endure with loyalty and filial piety then finally I have to say to God that I surrender to you. Then you have met the standard of true son and will be elevated to the parent's position. That is the principle of restoration by indemnity.

The more you receive persecution and harshness yet endure and love. the quicker you will get to heaven. God has to allow you to go through that. Don't misunderstand; God is not punishing you out of hate, but so that you can win over Satan by your own will and be separated from him. God wants Satan to be forced to say goodbye to you on every level because he has no more accusation. If you ever want to turn around and go back, Satan will chase you out because you don't belong in his world any more. That's what God wants.

When we look at the entire world in the scope of the dispensation, we see that we in the Unification Church are one family, including all five colors of skin. In order to live eternally with the True Parents in the ideal world, you shall elevate yourself to the true son's and daughter's position, but here I see that you are at many different levels. Some are at the servant level, some at the level of adopted sons, and so forth, but everyone should reach the goal eventually.

God created the physical world as the servant world, the angels as the adopted son's world and Adam and Eve as His true son and daughter. You should be able to command lordship over all things and even be able to command the angelic world. When you join the Unification Church you do MFT work first so that you can exercise your lordship over all things. Then you go to restore the adopted son's level, and ultimately come back to the family. Why do you need a family? That is where you can taste true parental love, in the true love of God and eternal ideal. The base for the Kingdom of Heaven is the family. The base for the true ideal is the family. The base for the true love and happiness is the family. In this family there shall be no more fighting between father and mother and there shall be no more tragedy of love.

Parents should not show their tears or fighting to their family, and in the ideal separation would be unthinkable. Divorce would be like cutting your own body in half. In order to separate the two of you, you would have to remove God out of your lives first, which would mean digging up all the love inside of you and throwing it away. That would be self­destruction, and who would do that?

You would like to have your family be God-centered, wouldn't you? Home church is the base for you to practice this particular way of life. Then later you will go back to Your relatives and install the ideal in the midst of your physical family. Everyone of you is now going through the tribal level since I have finished the nation and world levels. When you penetrate the tribal level you can go right to your family. This is where Jesus could not fulfill, so this is your starting point. You are going to love this tribe, your home church. You will be persecuted for that and yet you must love them unconditionally. By meeting that criteria you will ultimately love your family more than your tribe. Your tribe must bear witness, and signatures from 360 homes will be given that you are a son of God.

When you have your own family God is going to say that since you loved your home church tribe so much, you should go ahead and love your family more than your tribe. You must love your family more than you love anything else because they represent your tribe, your nation and world. That's the foundation of heaven. Once you reach this family level, there will no longer be any need for you to leave them. The basic atom of society is always the family, so the nation cannot disregard the family, the building block of heaven.

Now in the process of restoration we sacrifice our families, leaving them behind to work for the world, but once we restore our families that phase is all over. The person who cannot serve his parents or brothers and sisters would not be any good for the society or nation either. You should be able to receive a diploma signed by your household which states that you are truly a loving person. With that diploma you can go out to serve the society and world. In the future world, if you reject your parents and go out to society, there will be no place you can set your foot or be accepted. If your own family cannot welcome you then certainly society will not.

The family is the base for God's love to be connected to you, and from you to society. If you lose that base then how can you expect to have any other? When this ideology of the family prevails in America, this nation will be the greatest of all. The Unification Church is now providing discipline and training for young people to become this kind of pious son and daughter who can love the world, yet parents are trying to kidnap their children from the Unification Church. From the point of view of true love they are the worst criminals. They are like Judas on the level of family, betraying the ideal family.

Anyone who rejects the ideal nation on earth is truly Judas on the world level. That is what communism is doing. On every level we can find a Judas Iscariot, and when you enter spirit world, the ultimate Judas is none other than Satan. When we can win over all the betrayers on each level, we shall bring down the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

In the Unification Church, therefore, there is no barrier between white and black, for anyone who is separated by race cannot make this family. The entire world is heading toward the focal point of the family. The purpose of the entire dispensation of God was to build that ideal family here on earth; that was the entire purpose of each religion and all history. Initially we are setting the conditions for such families to be restored, and step by step we will actualize it. That will be none other than the Kingdom of Heaven.

Why did you come to the Unification Church? What is your goal? First, to find a God­centered ideology in your head, and true love in your heart. Then you will live in a true family. That's the purpose of everything. When we have an international holiday like Parents Day and you come to celebrate, the focal point is always the ideal family. You know the depth of your yearning and determination to fulfill the ideal family. If you have that desire then you are entitled to celebrate Parents Day; otherwise you are not.

Here you are trained in home church, the formation level. Next you move to the growth level, and will finally end up in the perfection level of the ideal family. We are ultimately going to restore True Parents Day and proclaim it all over the world. You celebrate True Parents Day with True Parents in the center, but in your home church area you shall be in the parents position and your 360 homes will come celebrate around you. As far as your tribe is concerned, the day you meet your husband or wife will be your tribal parents day. When that day comes your door will be open 24 hours and your home church children will come from every direction to celebrate. You will have lots of food and enjoy the day together.

Once your Cain home church is completed there is one more step-you will go to your home town and form your Abel home church centering on your relatives and family. Then you shall be truly elevated as messiah. Once you come to that point you will not have to do the difficult work of MFT or witnessing because you will have graduated from all that.

Your children won't have to have MFT training or witness door to door. There will be no more separation between God and men because their sensitivity will automatically lead them home. We will do all the difficult tasks from human history that need to be finished instead of leaving them to our descendants. We will hand down the glory, not the indemnity. It is a great blessing and a victorious declaration that we can do home church so that later on we can return to our home towns and become tribal messiahs.

Once you walk that path and live it in actuality, there will be no room for Satan ever to come near you with accusation. Unless you fulfill home church yourself, however, your mission will be handed down to your children with even greater suffering. Then there will be two separate worlds, the world of those children who must do home church in place of their parents, and the world where people are rejoicing over the true family and true ideal home. God does not want to see that division happen.

There is no doubt that MFT and home church are tough jobs, but I want to see you welcomed in your home towns and living in happy families. Do your utmost to bring the completion of that goal. Those who will do it, raise your hands please. God bless you. Let us pray.

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