The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

The Way Of Prosperity And Defeat

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 11, 1979
Translator - Sang Kil Han

How do you feel on this rainy morning? Probably not as bright as on a sunshiny morning. Everything that lives on earth wants to prosper or rise, and nothing wants to decline. That is true for the individual as well as the family and nation and world. Then what about the Unification Church? The Unification Church shares this desire with everything else in the world. There are many denominations among Christian churches which must "pioneer" their own way, and they will go the same way other denominations go.

Would God rise and fall also? God existed from the very beginning, and it is reasonable that He would have had the same rise and fall as others. Just as there are times for us to think, there are times in which God thinks, and after thinking He certainly would take action. The Bible records that after God created all things He said they were good. His creation had to be good or bad, but certainly there was the possibility that something could be better than good. You have probably had a similar experience; when you do something you can do a good job, but then afterward you think you probably could have done it better.

In the morning every individual is thinking about something. When all of you came here, you came here in many different states, with some alert and thinking and some dozing off. Is it good or bad that you came here? You came here hoping that everything would be good, but perhaps a person you disliked sat beside you, perhaps someone who has a smell you don't like. You could have concluded that it was a bad thing, but also that it was good as well. You could reach this conclusion by digesting the things surrounding you and making them your own.

If you hear me speak in the morning and conclude that it was a good sermon, you can develop on that basis. You can think, "Even though it was raining, I learned very much," which means that something benefited you and gave you a basis for developing further. We can understand that this process works not just for ourselves as individuals, but on every level. Since this is something we all do, we ought to think deeply about what we should be doing and what result we can expect.

We can look back in history to understand what a certain person thought, how he acted and what the result was. Most people can agree that Jesus was a good person, or a saint, and Mohammed and Buddha could also be included in that category. Looking at these three, we logically ask which of them was the best person-in other words, who thought the most and who carried it out in the best way. On what basis can we say that Jesus was the best? If you ask Buddhists, they will undoubtedly say Buddha was the best, and Moslems will say the same about Mohammed. Is this why white people think Jesus was the best? That would be weak logic. How do we judge who thought the most and acted the best?

People automatically say that whatever they believe is the best; this conviction is the same everywhere, so this is the point that we have to think about. The only way to find the answer is to go to someone who is higher than all religious leaders, leaving that plane of purely human thinking. God is the only one who can give a judgment on this and His decision is the one we must follow. If these three religious groups go to God to get a decision, they should follow what God tells them and not dispute among themselves.

Then what does God think about these problems? When God thinks of people in the past, present and future, who would He think are the best? We can say He thinks the best of people in the future because they will have become more restored. If God thinks that what is yet to come in the future will be better than the present time, certainly He will try to bring in the future today. Likewise, if He thinks the past is better than today, He would want to help the present overcome its situation and reach the standard of the past.

God created all things as a result of His thinking. He did not create at random without purpose. likewise, we always have a purpose in thinking, expecting some benefit. You have a clear purpose in coming here and want to find some subsequent course of action for carrying out that purpose. Likewise, when God created all things He had a purpose. Even for the grass God had a purpose which was in accord with everything else He made. The hundreds of kinds of trees were created in accordance with His purpose of creation. The birds and animals all came to exist in accord with His overall plan. Finally, God created man after creating all these things. Mankind consists of men and women, who were created to become one through love. Was God's final objective of creation to be man, or was it to be love?

What was the ultimate purpose of God in His creation? What final destination did He envision? Love has to be the ultimate purpose. Does man include love, or does love include man? Once we accept the conclusion that love includes man, we cannot discard it. What is your conclusion-can love and man be equal, or is one bigger than the other? Are you saying that love is greater than any man? Why is it so? We have to say that love is bigger because it is through love that everything can meet God. It is only through love that everything God created will be able to reach Him and His higher existence. Men and women all have a way to follow to reach God.

If they were independently going their own ways, then love would hardly be necessary. But no one can be independent and expect to get somewhere. Women's purpose is to reach men, and men in their turn have a particular way to go, which is to meet women. They cannot reach independent conclusions. This is true for all people, in the past, present and future. It will never change. What about homosexuals? Living in that way is the one sure way to perish by not leaving anything behind for eternity. That kind of life goes against all the laws of creation.

It is the same as a tree that would refuse to bloom and create seeds. If mankind refuses to live in accord with their intended purpose, being willing to see the entire world become a desert as a result of their action, they should be condemned by the entire creation for violating God's law.

Let me ask you what your ultimate desire is. Do you want to graduate from a good school and rise in society, or is your most important goal to meet your ideal spouse? If asked which way we will go, would it be man's way or woman's way, or the way of love? We arrive at the common conclusion that we go the way of love. Are there any exceptions?

Can you say you are really hurt and tired from love? Can you say love put you in a miserable situation so you have to revolutionize it? No, it is not possible to revolutionize love. Would you women really make an effort to correct a man who tried to alter love? Would you bite him and never let go? What if you were too weak to change him? Such a man clearly goes against the law of God and we would call him Satan. Such a person is opposing God's law of creation, jeopardizing men and being an enemy of God.

Now that we know God's purpose of creation, we know that Satan's purpose is to destroy God's ideal by confusing or nullifying the path to true love. Satan works to separate man and woman and also to separate man and God. Clearly Satan is the enemy of God, men and women because he destroys the purpose of creation. If we follow Satan we will lose everything. When men and men live together and women with women, nothing remains afterward and all is washed away. Satan will not destroy men by war, but rather by separation. That is the tactic which can destroy God's own purpose of creation completely.

Would it be better for men and women to struggle, yet to stay together, or to separate and vow never to marry? Is it better for them to stay together even if they fight? Living that way is far better than homosexuals living together, even if they don't fight at all. The first thing Satan says to a couple going down the wedding aisle, is, "You will fight constantly." God's blessing or promise is that they will never fight as long as they recognize that conflict is the voice of Satan. God's desire is for them to live harmoniously. How can a couple help but fight if they really don't like each other? They can be victorious if they think clearly what the law and purpose of creation is; they should realize that they are responsible to help protect God's purpose of creation.

Suppose there were millions of women on earth, but only one man. Could that woman declare that she didn't love her husband and look for another? Would it matter if he was a cripple as long as he were the only man? If he had one eye could she refuse to marry him on that basis? In that situation she really has to take care of any disgruntlement in her heart, and even though that woman doesn't like that man she must accept him. If she succeeds in digesting the situation then unity will come into being and love will follow. When unity is accomplished then God moves there to visit.

Unity is good because that is where God dwells, and then everything is love. Therefore, the Unification Church is good because we are creating unity everywhere. God only said His creation of man was good after He had created both Adam and Eve.

Women today like the concept of equality, don't they? But they cannot change the fact that they are different. How can they claim equality when men need two helpings of food and women only one? Men work at heavy labor for hours and hours, but not women. A woman wrestler could never defeat a man. How could men and women be equal then? Only in love are men and women equal. Could you want any better equality? In primitive times a man had to really work to take care of his family. Because man could be independent in this way, God gave woman the one ability that man can never have, which is childbearing, to balance the different capabilities. But lately women are even refusing to have children.

Is a woman's bosom for the enjoyment of men? Are her big hips for men also? Even a small child can answer that question-they are to nurture children and not for anyone else. But now women diet instead of wanting a big bosom and hips for their children. What man would want a woman who insists on being thin? I understand that the present designs of Western dress originated with the British in a time when women were proud of having big bosoms and big hips and wanted to show them off, but today Western women don't look right because they are so thin. You all laugh at this topic, but actually it is a serious matter.

Would God say it was better for a woman to have a small bosom or an abundant one? Would God prefer women to have ample, rounded figures? Of course, it would have to be proportional to their overall height. Perhaps it is good for Orientals to diet because they are short and being too plump wouldn't look right, but what about you tall Westerners? You have to have features that balance your height. Now that you have thought about it, is there any reason for you to diet?

My topic is The Way of Prosperity and Defeat. What way must you pursue in order to prosper? First of all, you must parallel the purpose of creation. If you have active, outgoing love then you have the ability to observe and digest. Man and woman should be able to do so together and if you have love then this will not be difficult. If you really try to love each other then you will have a natural ability to observe and embrace each other. Sometimes you have a wide road and sometimes a narrow road to go.

Before you are married you go your own way, but afterward you are on a track with another person. That road cannot change for your individual preference, but must always be traveled together. If it is always changing then harmony is lost and conflict results. If you change tracks and discard the old one, the next one will never be as good. The way of prosperity is adherence with the law of creation. The reason is simple: whoever follows the law of creation will be protected by God because He wants the purpose of creation fulfilled. The man who opposes that law and follows Satan's law instead will be opposed by God. This is how rise and fall actually take place.

A rainy day is closer to Satan's side, while a sunny day is closer to God's side. Nevertheless, although it may be raining, you can feel that the sun is shining all around you. That indicates that you have observed and digested and overcome the circumstances. Though you feel low on a rainy morning, if you overcome and feel bright then Satan will have to leave you. That kind of person can walk in any place where Satan hangs around and make him leave. Satan naturally looks for the way to benefit himself, so if you can overcome circumstances and defeat his purpose, he has nothing to gain by staying around.

Is the diligent or lazy man on God's side? Satan would discourage people from working hard by persuading them it is too much trouble. God, on the other hand, would rather see regularity in your life. The person who lives day by day and only responds to life as it comes is leaning more to the satanic side. God would urge people to live according to heavenly law. In the unification Church we make it a rule to arrive here at 6 a.m. Sunday morning, and discourage the attitude of deciding by whim whether or not to attend. You are worthy of being in the Unification Church if you have the attitude that you must meet the prescribed time.

Are you on the satanic or Unification Church side? What about the person who is constantly dozing off and the person who always has bright eyes? The person who doesn't fall asleep because he took time to get a good rest before coming is also on the satanic side! The person who didn't sleep more than anyone else yet who can still have bright eyes is the worthy one.

Now no more explanation is necessary. What do you have to do to be on the rising side? Of the four saints I described, who would such a person most closely resemble? On what foundation can you say he resembles Jesus? Of course, Jesus abided by the law, but more than that he lived love. Jesus went beyond the limited concept of law when he lived love, going beyond the concept of race because he wanted to belong to the world. He also went beyond his own religion, transcending the detailed tenets of Jewish law and being faithful to bigger principles. He loved not only the Jews but even the enemies of his people as well as the rest of the world. Jesus could even embrace the people who crucified him.

What did he accomplish by all that! Jesus intended to accomplish a unity which could even include the Romans, so now we can understand precisely how he was great. If Jesus lived in today's America would he advocate segregation of white and black people? White people may feel most comfortable with their own kind because they can digest that situation, but God would warn them that as long as they fail to follow their Christian ideals by failing to accommodate black people and bring unity, then white people themselves would risk their own survival.

Jesus had the capability to observe and digest even the Roman Empire, which ruled the entire known world at that time. Jesus was great in the human realm because of this capacity, whereas in the heavenly realm he was great because he was the only one who proclaimed that God was the only Father. Jesus consistently followed the law of creation and met God's expectation. As a result, Christianity not only survived but prospered as no other religion has done.

What about Christianity in America a nation which was nurtured by that faith? America has almost totally lost the essence of Christian faith, and as a result Christianity is clearly declining in this nation. Why is this so? It is because the love for heaven and love for mankind which Jesus taught has been lost. How do we revive that love once again? Today's churches are incapable of doing this. Church leaders today are incapable of bringing fresh love and faith, but just perpetuate all the old ways. God's solution has been to pull the young people away from the churches to reeducate them and let them fulfill the purpose of Christianity in place of the old churches.

With the continuing development of technology people are questioning the value of churches which cannot provide solutions. God will teach the young people a new way because they are searching hardest for a place of truth where they can belong. Other people criticize the Moonies for being the worst group, but what they are actually proving by their criticism is that it is the only good place.

The religions of the world have forgotten their love for mankind and mission for heaven. The Unification Church is different because we are trying to restore that love, even though our members are sometimes weak and sometimes strong. Before joining the Unification Church our members were sometimes living in degraded ways and their lives weren't focused, but now they move quickly and purposefully in everything. They look up to heaven instead of down to earth and they are proud and confident. Who else looks forward to the future in this age? That's how the Unification Church is unique.

Inside the smallest Moonie you will find love toward heaven and mankind. All the teaching you hear is directed toward that goal of love of Cod. God will certainly say that such a church is a good place to be. According to this criterion, would Cod love the Unification Church? What is the proof that Moonies love God and mankind? Do you have the urge to love them more than yourself? Do you really enter into love today, or think about loving better tomorrow?

Even though you realize the world is about to perish, do you think you will enjoy yourself now and come back later to save the world? Would God say, "This world is doomed to perish anyway, so don't pay much attention to it. Attendance at worship once a week is enough, and besides, you have to think of yourself"? If God wanted you to become like that, would you do it? If you insisted on dragging God around to help you put out the fire in the world, He might even complain that you are making Him work too hard! God would panic to see you coming back again.

Would you choose to be the Moonie who is dragged but still won't do it, or the one who will insist that God come to help him 24 hours a day since there is so much to do? Are you that second way? You always say yes! I have never seen Unification Church members come to complain that home church work takes too much of their time and is so difficult. But neither have I seen the member come who thinks I should start nation church instead of puny little home church. Now you say "Amen" because I said this, but why didn't you say it first? If a black brother was the first to suggest it would I hug him, or tell him that someone else had to come up with the idea?

I want to urge that you black brothers especially never be second in line, but do things better and faster than the white members. Should we start world home church or universe church ? Absolute God church! We can visualize many steps ahead of us now and think of universal church. Will the person who thinks home church is already too difficult prosper or sink? If he is huffing and puffing over home church then he will really struggle when he has nation and world church ahead of him.

You are destined either to rise or fall centering on your home church. Will you be on the side of prosperity or decline ? Our future and destiny lie on the way to God's home, so the secret is to observe all 360 homes at one time and then digest them. Forget about liking or disliking a certain home and just observe everything and then digest it all. cannot do that then they will digest you, so go and let them like you instead.

When you go deeper and deeper into the night you are bound to come upon daytime, and if you go deeper and deeper into daytime then you are bound to come upon night. That's how it is with the universe. We prosper and develop along this cycle. Most people in the United States are opposed to Unification Church, but this is the time when Unification Church will expand and grow. The point where we are persecuted to an impossible degree is the key point where we will rise or fall. If we give up, then everything ends, but if we gain ground inch by inch even under severest persecution, the way up will become easier and easier. Common sense would say that the world is so wicked that our lofty ideal doesn't stand a chance. but God's thinking is that His good sons and daughters will never succumb to Satan; He will help us to make it.

Even the youngest Unification Church member knows that we have the highest ideal. We have godism, and this standard is better than the highest ideals of democracy or communism. Absolutely no one can take it out of our hearts. As long as I keep working with that in my heart, this way must prosper. America wanted to uproot Reverend Moon and the Unification Church completely, but was that attempt successful? Our roots are reaching deeper and spreading wider, although it may not show so much from above ground. We have home church, nation church, world church, universe church, God's home. Once we have all that, there is nothing left to describe except "home."

Once we do that God is free to travel anywhere-to Belvedere, to visit you in your own homes, anywhere. Moonies see God clearly every morning, but other people say they have never seen God at Belvedere. Some people see UFOs, but someone who has not seen one cannot either believe or disbelieve.

Are you in a position to prosper or decline? Wouldn't it have been better for you if you had never heard of home church? Isn't it true that though you think home church all the time, your feet are heavy when you are actually walking in your area? Do you have home church always in your mind and no room for anything else? Haven't you older sisters worried instead about when you will get married?

If you are completely full of the home church idea then your feet will be walking even without your knowing it. Have you ever experienced that? Then you have met the standard which God can really approve and begin to help you. Have you been to your area once or twice and then felt you had to think about it more, or did you have confidence that you wanted to keep on doing it?

We have an unchanging direction going toward the purpose of creation. This is the same direction that God is going in. that Jesus went and that the whole Unification Church is going; there is no compromise here. Adam and Eve as well were supposed to go in this direction. There are two forces at work, with one force saying don't go this way, and God pushing you to go this way. God has nothing to do with anything that is discouraging people from going this way. Which side do you belong on?

At first man lived in God's realm, but after the fall he sank down to the realm God has nothing to do with. There is no direction or ideal in that realm.

People today characteristically don't know where they are going or what is about to happen. They are in this godless realm, praying for direction. Now the individual has a small problem, then his family has a larger problem, and all the time the clan and society are groping; when the end of the world comes the whole world is groping, no better off than the individual who is searching The people of the world have no idea of something new coming, but remain in their limited area.

God works by finding one individual in this realm and leading him to God's side. He does not choose arbitrarily, but takes a few from the world, a few from the nation, a few from society and a few from a certain family, setting up the stages. Then for the first time in history God will teach them what the world of original creation was about. By learning it clearly they will be able to go to home church and prosper, ultimately going to various parts of existing society which have lost direction. Through these people God wants to show mankind the complete individual, family, and so on. He is looking clearly at the purpose of creation and will always go straight that way. His people will have such deep love as others never thought was possible in ordinary people.

Moonies today have indisputable notoriety; realizing that the communist cause will ultimately lose to the Moonies, communists urge people not to even meet us by making them afraid of being brainwashed. In Asia it is rumored that a person can be brainwashed by merely looking at a Moonie. That is really a satanic idea.

The purpose of creation is God's ideal and you should be teaching the people God's ideal by your action. God always has His ideal of creation, but because of man's fall He failed to accomplish it, so what we are doing now is recreating it again. Through the teaching of the ideal we can recreate other people, and when the ideal is done you can claim your share of the credit before God. Then you can insist that God bring you everywhere He goes and He will have to agree.

We are succeeding with our own hands in doing what God was unable to do. This is how we claim sonship and daughtership of God. Would you like to be God's daughter in-law? If you are not content with that then you must work harder than the son and qualify as His daughter. Jesus' main teaching was essentially a few points. Once he said, "You are the bride and I am the bridegroom." Can you speak that way`? Now you can have the confidence to say you are the bride and all the grooms must follow you, and your activity must show them the way. You may think the ideal is nice but dislike the activity involved. Do you really like activity?

Would you move quietly, or with a loud brass band? When an old steam locomotive is in motion people cannot help hearing it, but would you be moving swiftly and noisily, or slowly and quietly? When you really move fast you cannot help but make noise. When you are really moving fast someone is bound to say you are dangerous, but others will say there is no other way to get something done in this country and those people follow you. The youth will want to move faster than you and that's the way it ought to be.

We really have to move ahead, not thinking so much of peripheral things. First we have to get the work done. Looking down on earth God watches to see if you are moving faster than Jesus did 2,000 years ago and doing more. Would God be interested in such people ? Until now God has only heard prayers of requests from people who never took action themselves and God is plugging His ears. Yet still He is looking down and it He sees someone really moving fast His eyes will pop open. He has heard many people talking, but never seen them working. Now He sees a different species, called Moonies, who don't spend so much time praying to find out what they should be doing because they already know; therefore, they are constantly on the move.

Looking down on them God is inspired enough to unplug His ears and is willing to listen to their prayers. When you prove that you really run, God will be on the alert to listen to your sincere prayer. How would God feel if it becomes clear that the person cannot succeed? He would be deeply disappointed. Although you are moving quickly now, will you be successful or not in the end?

God has heard many sincere people praying and trying hard, yet every one of them failed. What could give God hope that the Moonies will succeed after everyone else has failed? If you were God would you have unreserved confidence? You have to think that you can never disappoint God and then do much to draw God's attention. Tell God that He can unplug His ears and open His eyes because you will make it. We have to give God that confidence.

When the spirit world sees all the Moonies working that way won't they help out too? Your yes in the morning is confident and unreserved, but you have promised me many things in the past. When you listen to me you are inspired and full of enthusiasm. but the time you leave and get to New York you revert back to your old thinking, don't you?

Of course you have ups and downs, but when you have ups, it should be higher than ever before, and your lows not as low as before. Can you assure me that you are getting better or at least staying the same? When you first joined you were enthusiastic. but as time went on and you learned more did you become more enthusiastic than ever? Really? When someone hurts you doesn't your enthusiasm sink a little? By the time they hit you five times don't you yell at them? Because of fallen nature you are bound to have some fallen reaction. If you are not that way then you are already a saint and have no need of God and you don't need me to teach you! Do you still I need me to some extent?

I have seen many people who were really determined, and even wrote a letter of resolution to me in their own blood, but even those people dropped away when their expectations were disappointed-for instance, if they were matched to someone they didn't care for. Do you know what I mean? Aren't white people especially choosy? How can you say white people are an exception?

You must learn first to fight against the untrustworthy self which is inside Especially beautiful young people worry about working too hard and spoiling their figure and Satan will keep dwelling on these things. That is really true. That is absolutely true! A good figure can be your first enemy. If a person has great ability and a degree from a famous school, those can be his enemies as well. A machine gunner can't stop and think a long time about shooting; at the same time a soldier's responsibility is not to shoot with his eyes closed but to go quickly and alertly into action.

Each person has many obstacles in himself, so if he makes a rule that he will forget himself he is better off. Our concepts of what suits us and what we think we can do will always hamper God's will; we have to go along with His ideal. We have to be confident to observe and digest any personality we come in contact with. I was not born in America, and it was difficult for me to come and work here. But I observed and digested the situation, deciding I had to accept it and become one with it. Why will you prosper if you become like that? Because God will support it: if God pays attention to what you do then you have to prosper.

Centering on your mind, the body can be digested. Once you can say that your mind and body are one, you can say you have a God­centered personality and God will stay with you. Then other kinds of unity will come easily and be possible centering around you. This mind body unity is the crux of the problem; unless there is unity here, you cannot hope for anything greater. We will have to observe and digest communism, and naturally in due course there will be an incredible amount of difficulty. However, we will observe, digest and make unity and then we will develop. You can be sure that prosperous people have this capability because these things go hand in hand.

Unless we can overcome these serious situations many dreadful things will happen. If racial war erupts, there is no hope for survival, and chances are it will be so extreme that one whole race could be wiped out. We can only say this won't happen if some strong group can offer a solution. This will be the group God will have to support. We have to have confidence that God will certainly support us in this way.

The master of all things will be the first person to observe the situation, digest it and make unity. We have to see both sides and understand that unity must come before God can respond; before unity can come we must observe and digest. There are two ways to obtain unity; first, when you really know clearly and teach someone clearly then you are observing and digesting him. Second, if your thinking is not so clear then your alternative is to serve him and later be accepted. When you are able to be recognized as being better than others, they will start to follow you. This is why Jesus taught his disciples to serve and sacrifice. By doing so you will be the subject instead of the object. In obedience, service and sacrifice, you will become subject of all things and be on the rise all the time.

The teaching of 2,000 years was to serve and sacrifice, but that is not enough to make someone successful. Today Unification Church members know the truth that is needed in addition to that; we know the necessity of making unity. Previously you could only serve and sacrifice. Now if you explain the truth to someone yet he doesn't follow it, you show him by your action. Better yet, if he doesn't accept the truth then you are able to serve and sacrifice. This is the Principle.

You said you want to prosper, so how rise? By uniting into one. How can you attain unity? By observing and digesting. When the Japanese members came to America to show the example, they didn't care much about anything else except the work. Many Americans thought it was just the Japanese way to work all the time and be discourteous and disregard many things. But in their eyes it wasn't of most importance to have harmony with the local people temporarily; their ultimate goal was to become one and they didn't care about criticism.

Sometimes bitterness is felt before something is digested and indigestion comes. Then you try again. We have to have unity before we can develop, so you have to be desperate to find unity. It was not easy either for Adam and Eve to observe and digest, and as a result they fell. You stand in a similar position today when you are on the verge of being restored. If someone opposes you, do you have to oppose him?

You have to digest the situation instead of hitting him. If you really want of hit back, just turn around and hit something else. Overcoming at that time is when the complete foundation of your personality will be laid.

You have a mouth, so when you go to home church you should speak to the people. Command your fist to knock on the door. Persecution may come after the door is opened, but that comes after you knock on the door, so don't worry about knocking. The person just might welcome you, or have a special message from spirit world. If you are really reluctant to knock on the door then do so with your feet. The best people in any area experience all these things too, not just people who are having difficulty. The same is true in fund raising.

When you train yourself in fund raising you can think of your fist as a flower. When you train yourself this way then when you have real flowers you will do very well. That's how we develop. If an ideal is high and a thought is great then they are more difficult to digest. You will have to open your mouth as wide as possible to take it in. Perhaps you will die if you try to eat something that big, but that is better than dying and never having swallowed it.

The world of men is unknown to the women and they cannot hope to understand it, so as brides they should just obey. Likewise, I can see that when black and white can digest each other America will really prosper. By making unity in this difficult situation you develop; love comes with unity and prosperity will follow This is true on each higher plane. You might ask why each race wouldn't do better to unite separately and report to God, but God is not that way. God will give His approval only when white people can say they have loved blacks and Orientals.

If there is only one group which can make this kind of unity then God will give His approval only to that group and dwell with them. Then that group or church will be eternal in His sight. If you don't become one then you will perish. God would want you to bring everything into unity, while Satan would advise you to think only of yourself. Those with better marks at school are the people who observe and digest other people, right? Then they become achievers. The person who cannot do that well will never be able to go beyond the starting point, but will stay in one place and then decline.

As Unification Church members we must know clearly that it is our mission to unify; before we can do so we must observe and digest. This is reasonable, like all the laws of creation; it applies on every level of family, society, nation and world. I want you to become like that and be a subject of the whole world, being appreciated by God and respected by all mankind. That is done through home church. Will you do it intensely through every 24 hours, or slowly and gradually? There is nothing else I can teach you; there are a limited number of important principles. This is a simple principle, but it applies to every level and in applying it you will do your mission.

When the brain gives a direction to the foot or hand, the rest of the body focuses there. If the hands are the first to digest the situation then the rest of the body will focus on them. The first one to achieve that unity will be the subject of everyone else. Thus, he will meet God and God's love sooner than others. Because we want to be the first to meet God we go this way.

Today it is raining and sleeting, but it shouldn't make any difference what the weather is like. You have to observe the rainy situation and digest it. How much encouragement and consolation you find in thinking this way! When you can make yourself the subject of all mankind in this weather then working in this weather is very nice. If you are short of clothing, you can simply digest that fact and feel the same as if you had nice things. When you have less food. instead of complaining you can handle the situation.

When you do that all the time, you will bring unity in a wide area and the reward will follow from God. How beautiful it will be when white people shed tears as they see black people off on their journey, missing them, and also when black people are missing white brothers and sisters. Where else could God's attention be drawn except to that scene? He would give it all His attention, hoping it would last.

We can attain much unity according to how much we are willing to observe and digest. When this day comes to earth then mankind will experience happiness and God can rest for the first time. Can you do it? Let us pray.

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