The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

Our Position

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1979
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

As you are fulfilling your mission you are meeting all kinds of people, on every level and in every walk of life, from influential leaders down to people at the grassroots. Therefore, you can read people's thinking toward us and know what their attitudes are. I'm sure that in some cases people are scornful toward you and try to embarrass you, and inside you probably feel some anger and urge for revenge. More importantly, however, after people treat you this way you reflect back on it, and maybe you think, "Why do I have to come here and be ridiculed like this? I don't need it." This is the most discouraging kind of conclusion.

You would be surprised at how drastically different you are now from when you joined the Church. You were accustomed to having freedom and money to spend for yourself, but here you have firm discipline and go toward one simple goal. The money you earn is not for yourself but for the public purpose. In this situation the person who truly has a burning desire to fulfill the work of God and His dispensation will receive the persecution and gain greater power and commitment. Those whose basic commitment is not clear will become discouraged instead.

Your activities are not average but extraordinary. The work you are doing is unparalleled in the field of economy and there is no comparable example from the past. You are challenging the world in an entirely new way. You have done a great job and it is clear that this extraordinary declaration of war has been succeeding. Why? God is with you. In this work you come to experience God's heart. He is the real owner of all things and all money, but He is bringing Himself down to a beggar's position, petitioning the people and appealing to their mercy and compassion. In that situation you can feel that God has been suffering very much and you can know God's heart to be in that position.

Why should God have to bring Himself down to such a miserable place? Not because of any deficiency on His part, but because of the sin and fall of the degraded animal called man. Since men committed sin, men should be responsible for their affairs, but God has found no man trying to take up that responsibility because no one has ever realized it. Those people who realize that it was not God's mistake but man's responsibility must finally make a start.

There are 240 million people here in America, but not a single one of them understands the suffering heart of God. We in the Unification Church are the only ones who understand, and furthermore, we are the only ones to share that suffering together with God. You must have that pride. When Adam and Eve tell they were ignorant, and that same pitch dark ignorance has caused the same mistake to occur over and over again. We must have an understanding of truth in order to begin.

The unknowing act of Adam and Eve brought formidable consequences to all mankind, and how much more is our ignorance today bringing results that are just as formidable? We know the truth, but if we still commit crimes and don't take responsibility, then how much graver consequences can be expected? There was room for forgiving Adam and Eve because they did not know the whole truth, but you cannot plead that. The only way we can go once we know the truth is God's way. We have no excuse for deviating.

I want you to understand that you are the center of the universe, representing not just yourself but society, the nation and the world. There is only one group like this in the world, burning with a sense of responsibility. That is our pride. Americans today really desire to have people like you, even though right now they oppose you. Americans may not realize how necessary you are today, but tomorrow America will definitely reach that conclusion.

America will definitely realize that you have done great salvation work for this country and sooner or later this nation will mobilize to take over the public purpose economic activities you are doing. When that time comes, what you have done today under persecution shall be the acts of the apostles, their tradition and guide.

If you can accomplish this result under persecution, how much more will other people be able to do later under favorable conditions? Even though they may accomplish ten or twenty times as much, that is still not comparable to what you are doing today under adverse conditions. But when the day comes that everyone welcomes you, then MFT work will not bring as much joy. Your great joy today is that you are succeeding under adverse conditions, winning the victory because of your iron will.

We are not suffering for the present time but for the future, heralding the new dawn and struggling in order to make it possible. While you are working you can see how public opinion is changing. Because you breathe the atmosphere of the society and nation you know precisely where we are standing and can gauge the nation's attitude toward us. A few years ago there was total lack of understanding, but increasingly people are trying to understand, and they even think of me as the hope of the future Each time you meet such a person you are inspired.

So far we have taken beating after beating, but the time has come now for us to let the American people know what we are and what we are striving for. The time will come when the truth will be told. People cannot deny the truth, but will recognize Reverend Moon and this movement as the history makers who brought renewal and revolution to a crumbling America. Although you may not think you have changed much since your first day in the Church, I want you to know that you are like passengers on a Concorde: Even though you seem to be staying in the same place, your value and achievement have shot forward and you are on an entirely different plateau than in the past.

Aren't you sometimes surprised at how much you have changed? You might have gone through high school and college yet remained unchanged, but you know that somehow you have changed 180 degrees here, becoming an entirely different person from your previous self. Sometimes you amaze yourself. When you analyze your own motivation for fund raising from early morning to midnight, do you have shame or dignity in your heart" I recommend that you keep a diary of all the dramatic events in your experience. For instance, record the time when someone gives you incredible mistreatment and you just want to throw everything away and knock him down. Write how you were patient instead and thought that your mission will help save not only good people but people like this man, and criminals who are even worse. Think that those people are going to have hope because of you.

When you think that way, you can realize that those people are not necessarily serving a bad purpose; they are becoming rungs on the ladder upon which you climb up to sainthood. Then it is no problem when Americans or people of any other nation mistreat you; you will have the heart to embrace them with infinite gratitude, a heart of God. Will people of all races look down on such a person as a peanut or giant? Instead they will think that the saints must have been like that. Religious leaders always worked in their own countries, but your stage is the universe. The person who can save the world should be like that.

Externally you may not have changed, but internally you are centered upon God and this mission and you are making yourselves giants every day. Even though you keep your money in a savings account there are many ways it can be stolen, but the value and assets you accumulate in your heart cannot be taken away. They are yours forever. In time you men will receive your brides and can show how you have lived your life according to this conviction. Would your bride ask how you could be so dumb? No, she wouldn't, and I would not give such a wife to you in the first place.

Your wife would even shed tears to realize what a giant of a husband she has and what a joy it is to serve such a man. You earn much money very quickly but don't spend even one penny of it for yourself, giving all of it for humanity and God. That is your way of life. American women have never met such a man in all of history. Your wife can feel that she has a historical figure as a husband. This husband will be transmitting his greatness to his wife. Since you are working in an economic mission, will you have worries about how to buy your family groceries later? If I tell such a couple that their mission is to earn the money to build a house in three years, then they will be able to build a palace.

This MFT movement in itself is a great revolution of thinking and of way of life. If building a house is your mission, you work for it 100%, and if I say your next mission is to accumulate a savings account then the interest alone on the sum you gather will sustain you. I don't think any economics department teaches this kind of system. Once you finish earning the money then your entire life is freed for the single purpose of witnessing about God.

You are responsible for your portion of the mission in the area of economy, but I am responsible for the economic mission on the universal scale. I am a super­MFT member. Without the necessary funds the world cannot be saved. Since I have done this work, I know how it works. My mission now is to make each one of you ready to take up greater responsibilities in the future

You always have to do more than your given responsibility, not faltering or only meeting the standard, but always being above the standard. History may fall and the nation may fall but we can never fall We shall survive and prosper. Even though I am short, if I am going to pull a tree out of the ground I will never tackle a small one but will go after a giant tree. It your iron will and determination are there, even a giant tree will be uprooted. The Bible confirms this. But don't ever think that everything can be done in one day. You have entered the best university there is to study for the best possible Ph.D. degree.

When I first came to America our members wanted me to see New York and took me to the top of the Empire State Building, pointing out all the great buildings in this city. I nodded, and then asked how much the Empire State Building cost. They had no idea and were flabbergasted at my question. I told them that in a few years we would be buying some of those big buildings, and they thought that maybe I was crazy. The other day one of those members confessed how he felt that day, but now he sees that I have fulfilled many dreams that looked impossible. Now he believes that all those things I told them hack then will happen.

Now you say, "Father, we are doing this MFT work to the best of our ability. What is our next mission going to be?" Do you have that enthusiasm now? Are you going to graduate from this university with honors? What kind of men and women will you become then? All great things happen gradually. Even the fastest bus or train takes time to reach its destination because it has to go over each piece of ground; there is no such thing as skipping anything. It just covers each small segment and keeps going.

At any given time this locomotive might not look special, but to the person riding inside the train it is different Various trains might have distant or nearby destinations, but our train has the ultimate destination. We know what our terminal is. I'm sure for most people the first few weeks on MFT are just incredible and they think they will never be able to stay. But then they begin to see people respond and they experience some achievement and they entrench themselves in the mission, becoming like solid rock.

You used to be afraid to see your leader returning for you, thinking that he would give you some more to do, but now that you are trained in MFT spirit you are ready and waiting for some new direction, ready to accept any challenge that is forthcoming. When you began you were completely occupied with the mission of selling and you had no time to think about anything else; now as a seasoned soldier you are getting the result and at the same time you are planning for the future thinking how you will be doing greater things. You have room for that now.

How much have you grown? Tremendously. Now you have sharp eyes for analyzing all situations. You can make judgments and act upon them, learning quickly the process of leadership. In a boxing championship the winner will be the fighter who is able to think of his strategy even as the match progresses, analyzing his opponent's weaknesses. I am the same. I am a religious leader, yet I am not doing only religious work. I am looking in all different directions and analyzing them so that whatever opposition comes I know how to maneuver.

No matter how terrible the situation is, I always have room to think and plan. That same trait is absolutely necessary for you. No one who is sitting behind a desk trying to figure out how to save America will ever succeed. You have to be out with the people, breathing with them, and the plans and visions found there will save America. Do you think my way will save America or will the politicians in Washington do it. Instead of strengthening America they are losing America and the world. In the last few years the free world has been severely shaken, being manipulated more and more by the communist force.

You conclude that even if young people have to be forced to come help save the world, such a system of force would be desirable. But do we do our work because we are forced? We don't have to. You are not here to be forced by anyone. I know that you have every freedom to pack up today and leave, but I also know that if you leave then God will bring a stronger replacement. If Americans fail then God will raise up the Germans. If they fail then God will raise up the Japanese. If they fail then God will raise up the Koreans. There are endless ways that God can replenish this work and make it prosper.

I will not give up because of any difficulty or because some people run away. I do not want to fail however, because I know that then your children and grandchildren will have to pay the indemnity for that and then their suffering will be many times more than yours. We want to finish the task ourselves and hand down a glorious future. Are you going to do it and succeed?

Recently Mr. Kamiyama came to me, practically in tears, saying, "Father, our members are doing very well in December, but I am worried about their result in January and February." I told him, 'Why are you worried? If you worry about it then nothing can happen. But if you have confidence then everyone will have confidence and never let you down. They are not here to have fun but for the mission, and the greater the mission and challenge, the greater the standard they will have." Would you accept that?

In order to graduate from this university, you must make your good record in December a launching pad to soar even higher in January and February. Why think that January will be less successful? If you think that way then it will happen, but if you think the other way then that will happen. Everything is determined by what you have in your guts, in your concept anti conviction. It is not you doing it but your conviction. If your desire is so hard and concentrated then it will be fruitful. It is not my body doing the work, but my conviction and positive thinking.

Do you think that after December you will be worn out and not bring the result" If you set a new record in December by working fourteen hours then in January you will work fifteen hours and in February sixteen hours. In December you worked normally at a walking pace, then in January a taster pace, and then in February you will run.

If you get constant result, what would I do with your money? Do I have a big savings account somewhere? The American authorities all wonder where my secret stash is and they are searching all over the world for it. They still haven't found it because it is in heaven. Finally, after scrutinizing our finances with a microscope, they have found that instead of taking all your money out of America to hide it I have actually raised many times more money elsewhere to spend for this country.

From December through March our member countries around the world have given contributions to our work in America. You are here trying to save this nation of America, but would you want to be indebted to other nations of the world, or give benefit to those nations instead? I push you hard because I don't want you to be indebted. I want you to be independent anti enable America to give benefit to the world community. That's why I push you day in and day out. Do you like that idea"

Where do you think Christianity has been ruined? Right here in America. It has become apathetic and compromised itself and you cannot avoid judgment for that. America is the nation that reduced Christianity to a trivial religion. There are hundreds of millions of Christians around the world and millions in America alone. All of those people could easily save America, yet they have allowed this nation to be influenced by communism and become degraded morally, remaining totally selfish. They should feel so ashamed about this that they cannot lift up their faces. Jesus taught that Christians should take up the cross. Are you willing to take up the responsibility which Christianity has left undone?

Look at the nations surrounding America, like South America, Africa, Iran, the Middle East- where millions of people are breaking their ties to the free world. The communists have worked hard to make America crumble, but all of a sudden I show up and say firmly that America must turn around to go in the other direction. Those people who want to see America fall have discovered that I am their worst enemy and definitely want to destroy me and stop this movement. The communists are determined to destroy me, yet incredibly enough Americans are giving aid to them and refusing to accept my aid. The time has come for people to emerge who want to take up the responsibility, who cannot bear to see America stumble along like this any longer. People must move forward to make that declaration.

You must have clear judgment and be afraid of nothing. Even the children of proud traditionalist Americans are becoming hippies and getting into drugs. If we see thousands of young people going in that direction then our job is clear. At one time in the past you were part of that life so you know what these people are like. Now you have become new men and women with a great vision, hope and determination. By turning these people around you know America can be saved.

Our young people have demonstrated an incredible degree of giving and sacrifice. Even those people recently matched and blessed are giving up their married life for seven years to dedicate themselves totally to God. I know your miserable situation, but I know that your difficulty will prevent even greater misery and disaster to come. I know just how difficult your MFT work is, month after month and year after year, but if you cannot do it then America's future will be dim. By doing it you can prevent the future misery of America.

Do you agree that the final goal of the communist world is to make America "'alter? Because America has always supported Israel, the Arabs want to see America crumble some day. There is much poverty in South America and people there often resent American arrogance. America has betrayed the Asian nations one after another, like Vietnam' Cambodia Laos; Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines are all in a shaky situation now. The Carter Administration has given up Taiwan. President Carter is supposedly an advocate of human rights, but what about the right to sovereignty? How does anyone have the right to abandon a nation of seventeen million people at one stroke?

Because America has proved unreliable, Asians do not trust America. Because they are only trying to survive, they will take a neutral position or even make ties with Red China. Won't they be affected by an alliance with communists" these developments are America's responsibility.

We know all of this is coming and that the situation is desperate. Under these circumstances can we just sit back, or should we fight and win? That decision is yours. Once you have matte up your mind then you must honor your decision. The honorable man will carry out his conviction until the end of his life.

I want you to understand that I am spending this time with you this morning because you have a special, important mission. I wish I could visit you in every corner of the nation, but I can't, so since you came for the God's Day celebration I told Mr. Kamiyama that I wanted to meet you. I am not meeting with any other particular department like this. Even though I am not with you physically, I am never indebted to you. I want you to understand that you are dwelling in the innermost part of my heart every day. Particularly when the weather is severe, as in winter, I remember that our MFT members are working outdoors. On every path you walk I am out there with you, ahead of you spiritually. Can you complain? Your suffering and mission is an extraordinary one, but I am always ahead of you so you cannot let up. If you feel that spirit then God will always be with you.

There is a heavy load that needs to be moved, yet no one realizes that it must be done. We know that unless it is moved the world will have no hope, so we are carrying it on our backs like mules. A mule may be pulling desperately, yet even then the master may whip him to go further. Will the mule look around angrily as if to say, "I'm already working hard! How can you treat me that way?" Or will he say, "Yes, my master has a good reason to hit me. It will bring good fortune to the nation as well as us. Otherwise we will all collapse."

It is normal to complain about those who whip you, but those who can thank the whip and work still harder are the extra-ordinary people. That is what sets us apart from average people. I want you to be extraordinary people that way. If there's kingship in the mule's world, such a mule will undoubtedly be king. God is looking for such a man who deserves kingship in His kingdom.

I am like that mule and God is a ruthless taskmaster. If anyone had a right to complain to God, I would be number one in demanding to know how He can be so cruel. But I thank God instead because I know He does it out of love, not cruelty. God has a better place prepared for us and wants us to deserve to be there.

Do you realistically feel that without us this world is hopeless? If you really feel that to the bone then the job is almost done. People who want to avoid the responsibility are mediocre and whether they are here or not means nothing, so the person we need is the one who will take up the responsibility. Why have we become so controversial in the world? The more we are kicked and persecuted, the stronger this movement gets and the more we prosper. How could that happen? In most cases when people are clubbed or hit, they collapse, but the Unification Church is different. When all these incredible things come to us we just work harder and prosper more. How could anyone overcome us then?

We are invincible, and therefore people become jealous. When you knock on a door and the person mistreats you, just smile and nod and say, .'We'll meet you again three years from now." Korea has mistreated me so much that when I came to America I said in my heart, "You just wait and see. I will come back and meet you then." When I recently returned to Korea from my work in the Western dispensation centering upon America, people bowed down everywhere I went.

Without success and victory we cannot return to our people or go back to our home town because the people will just ridicule you. I want you to go back with honor and dignity so that you will be not only accepted but respected. Some parents are especially negative, so you should go back with a most wonderful wife or husband and say you have come back with a queen or king. You are chosen American women, so you make yourself honorable and respected by all men and be their first choice as brides. Most American women your age never think about the things you are concerned with. You are heroines.

The history we are making will have traditions stronger than any record set in 200 years of American history and we will turn this nation around. Do you know why I can revolutionize the 2,000 year old world of Christianity? Because the power and intensity of my history is stronger than the tradition of Christianity of 2,000 years. My tradition is becoming stronger than any previous one, and this ideology and conviction will eventually shape a new culture and tradition for the world. That is a scientific formula-the world will tend to go where the strongest power is.

As I said yesterday, you must become educators, teaching America through your actions. You are loving America, earning money with a parent's heart to give for the sake of the children, the people of America. You are becoming the parents of America and your position is to be the forefathers of a new America. How could a father let this nation crumble? Self­centered capitalism in this nation will tall prey to communism because that ideology at least claims to benefit the world, while America doesn't. Unless we come up with a new economic philosophy, America has nowhere to turn except to communism.

You are becoming teaching material. Your fund raising is an education process, and when people say that they don't want that education you leave them without feeling bitter because you realize they don't understand. Just think that they will enroll next time. You will meet them again in the days to come and they will apologize for acting as they did because they didn't know. Just as they will do to you, America will do to me. That is precisely the path I walked, so can you say you want to avoid this route?

When you American citizens receive ridicule from your own people it is understandable, but the members who come from abroad for the sake of this nation are unjustly ridiculed by Americans. You know that the Japanese members are trying desperately to set a tradition and leave a better record than the American members. For whom did those members come to work so hard? For their native land? Then you should be doing better than they do. Am I doing this work because I want to save Korea? No, it is all for America's sake. You have to be burning with zeal to correct the injustice and wickedness of this world, feeling a heavenly anger to bring change.

American young people are following a road of degradation and self­destruction, but we are moving toward hope, becoming masters of this nation by giving ourselves to save it. That is our way. If a student goes to Harvard to get his masters or doctorate but decides that the work is too hard and he doesn't really want to make all that effort, will people sympathize with him when he packs up to leave? It would be much better if he had never attempted to go to Harvard.

Our situation is the hardest possible, but from the dispensational point of view, our mission is an inevitable one. I know precisely how you are thinking. I have experienced a beggar's life, sleeping outside many nights under bridges and staying in the hovels of the poor where lice are everywhere and people are always dirty. I stayed there many days. The people who lived there all wanted to come to visit me because I set the pattern of how to live in poverty with dignity. I am always a teacher.

We did not start our fishing businesses only to make money, but to start rebuilding America's economy. For live years I worked every day to set the tradition and find the best way. Now some officials in Washington have heard about what I am doing and they remark at what a perceptive man I am to see that America cannot afford to abandon her fishing industry. For fifty years that industry in America was desolate, but in time it will feed America. I have started far in advance of everyone else.

In the last three years our investment of millions of dollars has not made a penny, but do you think we should give up? Would you tell me to provide the money" Would you support this? I need millions of dollars this year. I am chartering a worldwide network of communications known as FPI -- Free Press International-which has cost millions of dollars to create. Also this year I have to invest even more in this fishing effort. Where can I get the money.

What does MFT stand for? M is for Moon, I am sure; F is for faith. Is T for tedious? Would you like MFT to stand for "Moonie falling down in a tedious way"? Then what would you say" "Moonie standing on faith and truth." I have to criticize Mr. Kamiyama because he grabbed the elite of the Unification Church for MFT, reaching here and there. In other areas there is a lack of leadership because he has all the good men and women. You should leave an excellent tradition then. If you cannot be number one in that case then you will really be Moonies stalling down tediously. Would you want that?

Mr. Kamiyama is always coming to tell me that the MFT members are still young, but I see that you are the elite. I know that you can take it when I push you harder in 1979. I am so attentive to MFT that I always sign many pictures for you. No other group leader comes to ask for signed pictures the way Mr. Kamiyama does.

One famous professor wrote me a letter saying that he had studied the signatures of famous people and that he collects autographed pictures. He asked me to sign my name so he could add it to his collection, but I refused, thinking that he didn't deserve it. When Mr. Kamiyama comes to me for MFT, however, my heart is melted and I sign hundreds of pictures. Sometimes it takes hours and my arm is stiff, but still I go on. I am afraid that when you receive more than one or two pictures from me that you will start to be indifferent and not cherish them as much. Is that ?

I have discovered that you are tough, elite people who can take a beating so I will push you out in 1979. Will you take it" I know that if you become the new dynamo of the MFT that the teams around the nation will be influenced by you. That's why I am speaking this morning. That's another responsibility of yours since you were here to hear me this morning. I would like to have 100,000 members on MFT right here in America eventually.

You are the future leaders, and in the years ahead people will work according to your tradition. Not only will you be the leaders, but you will have the power to influence the nation. Whatever you unite to do, you will accomplish. Each person will be leading 3,()()() people. Even a Senator doesn't have 3,0()0 devoted followers, but your 3,000 shall be united under you to turn this nation right side up and create a living America. In ten or fifteen years MFT activity around the country will be the talk of the town. The people who are influenced by you today will be senior citizens by then, and when they gather to talk about the good old days the topic will be those MFT Moonies and what wonderful young people they were, so dedicated and giving.

This kind of encounter with the MFT will be even more memorable in America's little towns. There is no place where the MFT has not been. Soon history will record a chapter about the repentance of the American people over how America treated me. People felt threatened by our competition and deliberately tried to defeat me, but the entire world will know how I was right and America was wrong. Americans will repent, but they will have one consolation-even though they were wrong there was a handful of American young people who discovered the value of what I am doing early enough-that is you. You will be a comfort to America in the future.

What you are doing today shall shine like the sun in the future, and the more you suffer today, the more you will shine then. Imagine how in a state like North Dakota the newspapers will be calling on people to repent, but will also report about the young people from that state who discovered the truth years before and went on MFT, giving all of their earnings for the public purpose. When that time comes, the name Moonie will be honorable and we will be the educators of the nation. This is not my fantasy; this will happen and I will make you that kind of leader.

Without your knowing it I am planning for the future and it will all unfold step by step. Do you feel that simply by having True Parents you have hope. When I declared the overwhelming task of stamping out all the evil in the world, did I do it on a whim or was I serious and ready with a fighting plan? No mortal man has ever dreamed of such a thing before. That is not all. I am declaring the liberation of God. If a person can declare the liberation of God, is the liberation of America a big or small task in comparison?

Have guts and conviction. Even though America has ridiculed and persecuted me, do you think you have met the right man or not? Even though I push you to the MFT mission, do you think it is your, good fortune to have met me? Even when people snap at you and are hostile, do you still think you are fortunate? I want you to understand that the road we are walking is the road toward glory, with no comparison to any other road. It is truly the honorable one. L)o you know why America is declining now" Not because it lacks education or money or honor, but because so Par it has not found people like you. This is the first time in history such people have come forward.

Moonies have become the essential treasure of this nation. You taste the reality of society every day; you know the real condition of the oppressed people and the minorities in America, so you can sympathize with them. It is a world you never dreamt of in the past. The influential people in this nation have never tasted that. Perhaps you were apathetic toward Orientals or black people before joining the Church but now they are precious to you. Your attitude toward different races and cultures has changed. Black people were brought to this country as slaves, as though they were animals, but you have discovered how hard they have worked to build the basic foundation of America. They are in the position of forefathers to this nation as well.

Black people have been oppressed so much that they have a deep spiritual heritage. Since you are beginning the rebuilding of America, you can understand the suffering of the black people. When you cry, they can share those tears, and when they cry you can share their tears too. The majority of white people are still resistant to uniting with blacks, so we are like mediators between the two. The pro­violence extreme in the black community and the apathetic white community on the far right have always clashed and we must be a bridge between the two. No matter how much America resents the Moonies, they need us to be mediators at this critical point. Do you think we are needed by the nation?

America is a microcosm of the world, with all the world's races assembled here. America is at the point of going up in flames, but we are serving to help hold the broken pieces together. When we succeed here, we can definitely succeed on a worldwide scale because already there are peoples from all over the world here. We will have people from every nation and race coming to participate in America's salvation, even though they have no other connection with America.

The most formidable enemy is the communists, who are trying to infiltrate society, trying to weaken this nation like cancer from within. Many clergymen are actually communist or influenced by communists. The parishioners who give much money are often given church office, such as deacon or elder, and in that way communists can covertly assume such positions of influence. The Christian spirit is the backbone of America and made it possible for this country to be a social melting pot. Only in that spirit can many different kinds of people become one cohesive, working body. Once that Christian spirit falters, though, there is nothing else to keep people together.

We have come to the crucial moment when a way must be devised to bring nations and people together. Do you think our Divine Principle has enough life­giving power to unite the Christian world? You young people are the elite of society, and you are convinced and inspired by Divine Principle. The victory of World War II was won in 1945, and this is 1979, 34 years later. The Christian spirit was at its peak after World War II and people who were your age at that time are now almost senior citizens. You are a new breed of American who never really knew a time when there was a Christian spirit in this country.

Those soldiers who were in their twenties during the war are now in their fifties. Those men knew what communism was about and they understood patriotism. Today those people are the backbone of American Christianity because they are still in a position of influence, but in another decade they will all be out of the picture. You can see that the next five years are the crucial time in which we must lay the foundation her a new Christian movement to revive this nation.

If we started right now it would be impossible to train the necessary people from the ground up. Therefore, the people who are already summoned by Cod, people like you, shall become the essential moving force to revive the Christian world and create a dynamic force to awaken people to the danger of communism. When all the facets of American society come together a powerful central role will be produced. The drug culture is prevalent, not only in college and high school but even in elementary schools. Under these circumstances, the communists won't have to fire a single bullet in order to see America crumble; it will only be a matter of time.

Teenagers are the hope of any nation, but if they are corrupted by drugs and free sex then the children they rear will be corrupted. Statistics have revealed that venereal disease is the second most prevalent illness in America after the common cold. If children are born under those circumstances then chances are that they will be disabled or have mental handicaps. Think how tragic it will be for the grandparents of such children to see them in mental institutions. No matter how much money the parents earn, they will hardly be able to pay for a lifetime of psychiatric treatment. This is the bleak future, without exaggeration.

You are living in this society, so you know the situation better than I do. You must see that spiritual dynamite has been laid, ready to blow up the whole nation, with the fuse already burning and all set to explode any moment. Will the communists be glad to see this situation or not" The communists have been working hard to infiltrate troubled nations in Africa and South America, and though people there are looking to America for hope and assistance, this nation is crumbling from within.

Why have I come to America to work? Simply to protect the dignity of God. Cod cannot tolerate America's dwindling to that level. My concern is not just what America will be like, but that God's situation cannot be hurt. For C; oaf, the True Parents and America's sake you are united as champions to save this nation. Do we have the strength and ideology to set this America right? Since your answer is yes. we must hurry, for the time bomb is ticking. if you lose one moment of time, then history is actually losing a thousand hours. When you speed things up by one minute, history will gain thousands of hours. That's how much every second counts.

I am declaring an emergency. I could organize our members to build factories to create our financial h>undation, but is there time for that? Or should I get into the drug traffic from Asia to make quick money? In this extreme situation I must turn to you on the M El. I know that we need a material foundation in order to proceed with spiritual work so I ordered a special crusade in Japan, in which every member will have a special fund raising task for four months.

We have no factories; we have only our bare hands and our sweat. You are part of that campaign. If we have 500,000 people around the world dedicated like you then we can quickly influence the world. You are actually doing a different level of home church and it is the same thing I ordered in Japan. Would you fall behind them or beat their record?

Because education is needed, the first thing we will build will be an international university. We already have much land bought for that purpose. After you finish your MFT mission how about getting your MA or Ph.D. at our university" With our own hands and sweat we will build this university and it will be a dramatic experience to go there to get your degree. Is it something to be proud or ashamed of? This is within reach.

I planned to increase MFT strength to 3,000 by the end of last year, but when I was traveling abroad the American movement didn't do too well. Now I think that each of you can do the work of three people, though. Can you do it?

Today my topic is "Our Position." I explained the position of the world and of America, of the Unification Church and the MFT, and of the providence of God. On every level everyone has failed the mission. God is in a pitiful position of waiting because He needs champions, and only one group is now determined to say they will do it-that is you, the Unification Church. Look at how pathetic American Christianity is. The American nation as well has utterly failed its mission. But in the midst of all this difficulty a David has appeared to fight Goliath and that is the Unification Church. What is our weapon" Our truth and conviction are our weapons.

After defeating Goliath, David became a king. Do you think I felt good or not when this David knocked down the Goliath which was the U. S. Congress? Are you very unhappy and pale, or bright and dignified and ready to march forward" The MFT started out with peanuts and flowers, and many members with college degrees have participated. When they started out they always met opposition, yet the joy they felt was greater than when they received their diplomas! They felt successful even while doing something as humble as fundraising. Your MFT work has greater value than any degree a university could offer you.

That's the kind of training you are getting now. We cannot be average; we must be extraordinary. That's why we can do what others cannot, and even without factories we can still produce and prosper. In the meantime I have many plans that are unfolding quietly-for permanent businesses, for the future missions of the blessed couples and their families and so forth. All these things are emerging every day.

Now you understand our position. Will you reluctantly undertake this task, or go out with eagerness? You like football, don't you? Why" I like football because it is a rugged game that requires an untiring fighting spirit. When I see a player running with the ball and then get tackled, with ten other players falling on top of him, I think surely someone's leg must be broken, but everyone gets up and starts all over again. That spirit is what I like.

That kind of ruggedness can only be found in football, not in any other area of American life, but I feel that we have thousands of such heavenly champions in the M FT. The excitement of American football draws many spectators, but in the same way your game will be watched by millions of spectators on earth and in spirit world. There are many colorful cheerleaders out there behind you!

When you are caught in persecution yet still you reach your goal, you are really a victorious champion when you come home. Don't come dragging in at night, but enter like a winning football team into the field house. If you are trying to be a Moonie, MFT is the best place to be. Today is January 2, 1979. We are just beginning the new year. Do you have confidence to win the victory this year? I want you to liberate poor Mr. Kamiyama. I hand-picked Mr. Kamiyama to come to America from Japan for the new crusade on the worldwide scale. When I first came there were many American leaders who thought they would work closely with me, but all of a sudden this little Japanese who didn't even speak any English appeared, and they didn't think it was right for him to be there. They told him one day that he could pack up and go back to Japan and they could take care of the mission here. He was really in a corner, but he knew that I had asked him to come. I told him to wait for three years and he would see that those American leaders would be ashamed of what they had said to him. In the meantime, he was to work with them and eventually lead them. Did that turn out to be the case or not?

Mr. Kamiyama is a foreigner. Do you think it was easy for him to come without knowing the language and culture? It was a task two and three times as difficult as normal, but he overcame all the obstacles and is now in charge of a vital mission, the MFT. He is actually a very fortunate person because there is no place for him to run away to. The only people who can liberate him are you. If your mission is successful then his mission is successful and the entire Unification Church is successful. You are going to be his liberators.

The financial burden of the Unification Church is a heavy one. No one worries about the financial situation except him, and when the situation is bleak or your record is not good then he comes to tell me that our situation is difficult. I know he wants me to find money somewhere else, but I tell him it is his responsibility, and every time he somehow overcomes it. Every month there are payments to meet so every month is a heavy burden for him. But while he is bearing this burden we steadily advance and become bigger. The person who has untiring faith and obedience is never really stuck but will always emerge as the winner.

Mr. Kamiyama is in a position to be resented by the church leaders because he holds the purse very tightly, so he has a lonely position. I told him that he only survives because of his name, which means 'God's mountain." If he were a river mountain or land mountain, he would have collapsed a long time ago. You are poor MFT members, he is poor Mr. Kamiyama and I am poor Reverend Moon, one man struggling for the purpose of the universe, suffering day in and day out. Beyond us, God is suffering and lonely. We are all poor people together, rising up for the ultimate liberation of God.

There is nothing to do but march forward. When you return to your area will you create a new hurricane of this spirit? My mandate is that your December 1978 record is your new launching pad. I want each of you to resolve that your 1979 record will steadily improve over what you did last December. Those who resolve that, raise your hands. God will see that a hurricane has come to MFT but if you are knocked out by that storm then there is no hope for restoration.

From this position we can take care of this emergency and come back with victory. Amen. Will you pledge, "I will do it. I will do it. I will do it"? I expect you to become a locomotive; I can't speak to MFT all around America so you must tell them what I have said. Will each of you be locomotives? Then I trust you. One good thing about MFT is that your record is obvious at the end of the month. Crazy people may be able to go on for a month or two, but only if you are clever can you go on for the whole of 1979. I trust and believe you.

Let us pray.

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