The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1975

The Matching of 1800 Couples

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial Notes

I looked up an old notebook and copied the following notes from February 3, 1975. We had arrived late the night before in the village of Su Taek Ri, site of several church-related businesses, including the Il Hwa Factory. For close to 200 Western members, it was our first visit to Korea. We arrived as individuals and left a week and a half later as couples. - Joy Pople

Notes from David Kim's warm-up talk:

Advice in advance of Father's arrival. Advise humble attitude, like a baby who depends on its mother's milk. Father knows the Principle all details. Korean astrologer admits matches are perfect. I know how you feel. If I were you I would not be here. Accept Father's first choice. Don't be stubborn. One girl who was rejected by 4 men, Father gave her a most wonderful husband later, at the very end. Don't feel anxious. You have a chance. If graciously you can decline, "May I have another chance?" But ask humbly.

Father arrives at 10:45 am. and begins to speak.

Thank you for your coming to Korea. I think you know too well what the purpose of your coming is. More than anyone else, Heavenly Father has been very worried about you. He worries because every one of you wants the best mate, and the best is just one! Heavenly Father's idea is to make everything even-best matched with the worst.

You are now in Korea, which you have been dreaming about. Everything else is poor, but the sun is shining purely, and this is the land of morning calm. If you were a man of original nature, you want to have the nature beautiful instead of material abundance.

Why do we say blessing instead of wedding? Vertical line-God above, parents and children. Vertical things are always in the center and are more important. God's purpose was to have Adam and Eve on the vertical line, centered on God's love.

Ultimately, God's purpose in creating man is to have man build the Kingdom of God on earth. God's purpose in creation is not only Adam and Eve, but the family through them. Creation with family as a unit. In order to form a family, blessing or marriage is necessary. Ultimately, we can say that we marry for God, because forming a family is God's purpose of creation.

We marry first, for God, and second, for the realization of God's purpose of creation. The immediate purpose is the multiplication of children. With that idea in mind you can call your mate husband and wife. In the western world people marry for their mate alone. Then your love is only on the horizontal level. Vertical love (God or children) is more important than horizontal love, because God above is subject. Divorce is possible with horizontal love, but never between parents and children. Traditional philosophy in the orient is to love parents more than husband or wife, and love children more than mate. Would you feel happiest with men other than your husband, or a couple other than your parents/? No.

What is the starting point of the heavenly kingdom? The family. (speaking softly) Human fall is to have lost ideal parents and children, and God too. Your parents are fallen parents, so your children are fallen children too. The primary thing God lost in the fall was the ideal family.

One idea of Christianity is bride and bridegroom. Then what will they do? Go on a vacation? Marry, then have children. Jesus could not marry. Therefore, when you marry, you should do more than Jesus. Then are you qualified? (No.) Are you greater than Jesus? You must know you are greater than Jesus. Did Jesus have True Parents, true clan and true tribe? No.

Who are we? God's people-or the tribe having restored the Garden of Eden. In Israel, people of all color hair come back to establish a new land (formation stage). America represents the growth stage, and the Unification Church the perfection stage. What you are doing here will be a thing of pride to your descendants and tribe.

This meeting place and the dining hall were built in 30 days. The hall and dormitory were built in 28 days. We had to dig out a small hill and use the soil for building a house. We are proud of this building because it was built in the shortest possible time.

What belongs to True Parents will be yours. Korea being the homeland of True Parents, it must be your homeland.

My mission is to win the battle against Satan on the individual, family, national, and worldwide level. The battle in America is the fiercest.

I have been conspicuous as an individual. The next stage is to become conspicuous as a family. This is the significance of your blessing. Afterwards, IOWC members will represent all over the land. Our second seven-year course will end in April. If we physically win in American in these three years, the toll-gate will be opened to the whole world.

By April this year, I will build 160 local churches, and then the world headquarters on Yoido Island. Before construction of the Yoido building, we will build a small one for the time being. The present headquarters is like a tabernacle, a shabby old Japanese temple. In the provinces, churches are still shabby houses, because in Korea we are still in the wilderness period. Now we are entering the blessed land. So we will fold the tabernacle and build a house. When we build the local churches, we are determined to fill them with many active members.

I know I must put manpower from Korea, Japan and America in the construction. So I want to have 70-120 members stay in Korea for this construction. You are similar to the Jewish people who had been scattered all over the world coming to Israel. You have responsibility to shed tears, blood and sweat for your fatherland. Then your descendants will be entitled to live in the fatherland in the future.

I will leave Korea on February 10, after 43 days here. Then to Japan. When I return to America I will push out the families. Man and woman put together will mobilize all the spirit world in aid. What is your destination after marriage? The battlefield.

Wherever you go, you must be one with Father. Then whenever you are in trouble, I will come to help out. Then you will have victory over Satan. In your veins must be Father's blood. Your flesh must be Father's flesh. True Parents' love should be in your heart.

Shift from being slave of Satan to slave of God. God's slave should excel the archangel before the fall; i.e., you should be better than those in Satan's position or the angel's position in this world. Then you can minister directly to True Parents. You must clearly recognize that you are less than a servant.

You must love God better than Jesus did. Is Jesus God's true son or adopted son? True son. But he could not accomplish his full mission. You must love God more than Jesus did. You must love God's people more than yourself. You must love Jesus more than yourself. Then you share his inheritance. By that you become engrafted to him and are shifted to God by lineage.

To be reborn you go into the womb. Jesus is elder brother and you are younger brother. Positions switch. Then you can be reborn. Father's immediate sons and daughters are the first-born to you. So you must think of yourself as second-born. Then you are united with them. Then their families will be united with yours. Father's immediate children will grow on the vertical line. You will grow horizontally and widen the scope. Father's immediate descendants and your descendants will get mixed.

Whom does love belong to? God. by getting blessed, we first come to possess God and God's love. God comes to abide in us. Then we are in place of God and come to exercise His power. Then we are entitled to love each other. Then alone can we have love between husband and wife, between man and woman. Because love belongs to God, in God's place alone we are qualified to love. Then we know how to love. Then we can have domination over all the universe.

What is the blessing? To possess God's love, to possess God's son or daughter, and then all the universe. For you to know all this through me is the blessing of blessings.

So you are gong to become people of God's expectation? Even if your head is taken away, your body would still like to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Free matrimony is something like being poisoned.

It took 8 hours to match 809 couples in Japan. I match people for harmoniousness. You will find out what the harmony is in at least 3 years.

Korean saying: "Ideal mate will come out from a strange place." ("Strange" and "ideal" have the same pronunciation in Korean.) So stretch your arms out wide as you can; accept any kind of person. My point of view is how you can have future descendants. Rumor is that the couples I have matched have given birth to good children.

At about 1:30, Father announced a lunch break. The matching began at 3:00 p.m.

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