The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Training For Victory

Sun Myung Moon
October 2, 1975
Barrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi and David S. C. Kim

What do you like better: to witness on the frontline or to study in the rear? (Witness!) Then I'm doing something bad to you. I want you to understand the situation. After sending out 90-odd missionaries to foreign lands and organizing the rest of the people into teams to work toward the goal of the Yankee Stadium campaign, I was compelled to force you on to the frontlines in order to strengthen you spiritually.

So, for six months' time there is a vacuum on the frontline. Several thousands of newcomers have been sacrificed. But in order to reorganize things, I had to pay this price. Instead of centralizing the system, using many people at headquarters, I decentralized the system so that those who are on the frontlines are directly connected to me.

I lay the tradition for us to put more stress on the people working in the frontline, than on those working in headquarters. From now on, unless you go through 120-day training, you are not going to meet the standard. Every member must go through this kind of training within two years' time after joining the movement.

After seeing those people work for at least three years and seeing what kind of results they bring in, we will really know their ability so that we can use them according to their strengths. In Korea and Japan, we did not reap very good crops because we did not establish this kind of system. In light of that, I established the 120-day training program in this nation. As far as the training system is concerned, we took the initiative in America. Members in Japan and Korea are going to follow our example.

The system I have in mind for the future is to have the new members go through witnessing experiences for one year, fundraising another year, and then come to Barrytown for 120-day training. We will send them out to work in the frontline, and after three years and a half, we will know their abilities and be able to use them properly. I will handpick those who have brought excellent results for study at the theological seminary. We are going to establish a university, too, in the future, so we might send those people to study in the graduate school.

Everyone must have a clear view of his purpose. You must know what that purpose really means, and you must be able to organize yourself to reach it. Our purpose is to establish the earthly Kingdom of God, to carry out the will of God. You must be able to explain what that means: in order to establish the Kingdom of God you must do this and that. You must be headed toward the goal and march forward. You must be able to organize yourself and pave the way.

To do that, we need ideas, manpower and finances. You have a clear goal ahead of you, but without increasing your own membership, you cannot organize your own system, yet in order for you to be able to go ahead until you attain the goal, you need money. So, those three elements are most needed. Then you can do things on behalf of the True Parents and in place of God. Within three years' time, I want to make our members into persons who have the clear goal of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and know how to attain that goal.

The same thing applies to me. All my life I struggled hard to have a clear goal -- to establish the Kingdom of God -- and in doing that, I had to lay the foundation. That could only be done by winning members and acquiring financial stability. With that clear goal in mind, I would not vacillate even in the prison camp. I would do things at the risk of my life. That's why you don't vacillate in the face of persecution and opposition. Only with those three elements prepared can you solidify your organization and have your organization take a position in society. The same thing is true with everything.

For instance, if there is unity between a husband and wife, your goal is set. But you must also have a clear picture of what it is. You must know the contents of what you are going to attain, and you need financial strength as well. In running a company, too, you must have a clear goal, you must have manpower, you must be able to explain the purpose to those people, and you must have financial strength.

The same thing is true with government. Government must have a policy -- its goal. They must have manpower to run the government; they must be able to lead the people by giving them a clear picture of the contents of what they are going to do, and they must have financial stability. The government must be able to explain the goal by being able to convince the Senators and Congressmen and all the people of the nation.

As a leader, if you are lacking in one of those areas, you will cause a minus there. If you have to get money from others, you may have to concede something. If you lack manpower, in order to get manpower you must sacrifice a portion of what you have and in that way you will cause a minus; what you have left will be less than what you want. If you don't know how to educate people about what you are going to do, then they will be wiser than you. Your area of domination will be lessened. That means, in our work, God's territory will be lessened with others occupying more area.

My philosophy is never to be indebted to anyone in any of the three elements. In explaining the Divine Principle, I must be foremost. If you need manpower I have the capability to win members. When you think of the earthly Kingdom of God, you immediately think of me because you have been taught by me. In raising money, too, you know that I have done it myself, and you want to learn from my example.

If I'm the person God really needs, then with God's approval I can accomplish anything as long as I have finances, people, and the policy. For instance, in order for God to exercise His power in our movement, if I am doing all three jobs, He just has to deal with me and can govern the whole thing through me. But if I am indebted -- if I have someone else earning the money, and someone else lecturing, and someone else explaining policy -- it means that God has to deal with all those people directly, making things more confusing.

This is opposed to the Principle of Creation. God originally was to reach the people through Adam. In American society, you have a decentralized policy. You think that to have a deep knowledge of one area is good, but if you are in a leadership position, you will need a broader knowledge. Those who have only a narrow area of knowledge can be good followers, but not good leaders.

I want you to be future leaders. It is no easy job to become a leader. You must know how to raise money and how to win members, but hitherto you have not been qualified for those things, so I'm going to recreate you. Originally, everything belonged to God. So, in place of Him, you must get hold of all things under you. Men were the creation of God; the ideal of creation was with God. No one taught Him how to create. But man fell before he was taught all of those things. If he had not fallen, he would have reached maturity with full knowledge and he would not have fallen.

Restoration means to be recreated. You and I will do the job of recreation in cooperation with each other. In order for me to be able to do that, I must know the goal, the principle of creation, and I must be able to explain it; I have to have people to do the job, and I have to have financial power. In recreating you, I have to make you into perfect persons. You are going to work in place of God, so you must have a goal and be able to explain it.

If you are indebted to other people, such as in finances, you cannot exercise power. Neither do you want to be indebted to other people in winning members. You must be able to educate people. I want you to be capable of doing all three things by yourself. That is the principle of recreation, for you to be able to do all those three things.

That's what Adam failed to do. God failed to do the job through Adam, and you must carry it out. On behalf of God, in place of Adam, you must recreate those things. You must understand the heart of God in restoring His children and all things because restoration is even more difficult than creation.

You must learn from my example. Even though I came to America empty handed, I have not been indebted to anyone in any of those three areas -- making money, gaining manpower, teaching the Divine Principle to people. In every area, I have done those things myself. Nevertheless, parents accuse me of grabbing their sons and daughters.

Did I snatch you away from your homes or did you come on your own? (Own!) You are working with a sense of purpose. I'm not forcing you to fundraise, I'm not forcing you to witness. Ultimately, you do all these things for your own sake. You are not doing them for God's sake; you are not doing them for my sake; or for the sake of the Unification Church, but ultimately for your sake. Without being able to raise money, you cannot be the leader of a group, and you want to be the leader. In order for you to be a qualified leader you must be able to witness and bring in members. In order to do that, you must be able to lecture.

You are all willing to take leadership over many people. I'm glad to have such leadership under me, fostered by my hand, and God will be glad, too. God is fond of that type of person. Any head of any organization would like to have that kind of leadership under them. Any individual would like to have that kind of leadership over him or her.

Germans, Japanese, Africans -- those who are living on earth -- those who have passed away -- all want that kind of leadership. In looking for your mates, too, wouldn't you want to have, for instance, a husband capable of making money, capable of winning men, capable of influencing people by his teaching? You don't want to have your mate to be the type of person who is wavering all the time, going zigzag on the way of life, but one who will go straight forward toward a clear goal.

So we come to the conclusion that Reverend Moon is ambitious to have the ultimate image of man built in you. What I'm going to do is to recreate you into persons whom kings and presidents would like, whom the people of your nation and the whole world -- every type of person in every walk of life -- would love to have as their leader. The world needs such persons. America needs such persons. Then you belong to God, and God will say... "I have the best men under me."

If all the men here are perfected like that, in the future, even though you are not millionaires, even though you are penniless, people who have daughters will come to you and say: "Please take my daughter as your wife." That's already what's happening. An established church minister looking at you would say to himself, "If only we had five of that kind of young person in my church!"

You are on the way to being made into that kind of person. You are not quite as perfect as what I dream of having you become, but they already envy us! How much more so would they become when you have been perfected? Any parents would want to have their children like that, any president would like to have their people like that, any dean of a college or president of a university would like to have students like that.

We are going to be ideal persons, loved and envied by everyone. Would you not think that I need that kind of person, too? How I differ from others is that, instead of asking someone else to make that kind of people and bring them to me, I always want to do it with my own hands. I have done more than anyone else to bring in members, money, and teach people a clear picture of what the will of God is. I want you to become so confident as to be able to say, "Even under the worst situation, I'm capable of making money while others cannot."

Next, we must be able to influence and win the hearts of people, so we can influence the village, city, state, and nation. If you are that capable, won't other people come under your leadership? You must bring it into reality. If we go on doing things like this, the whole world is going to be under our dominion.

You have seen it happen. Wherever I go, a wind arises. All New York's attention was drawn to me. The whole nation of America is stirred up by what we are doing, and the mass media is carrying articles about us. Even the opposition is, in a way, spreading news of our movement. So for the people in the satanic world, the Unification ideology is as fearful as that. In accordance with the Principle, God will be on our side, working through us.

If one of the three is lacking in you -- for instance, if you are incapable of raising money -- you are like a crippled person. You know what kind of person God would like to have working for Him: a person capable of restoring finances -- capable of restoring manpower -- capable of convincing people by way of education, and winning their hearts.

If you are determined to carry out those three things, even if I ordered not to fundraise, you would do it. If I told you not to witness to the people, you would say, "Oh, I have to, I have to!" I would be delighted. If I tell you not to go through training because you have had enough education, if you disobey my command I would not scold or punish you. Why is that? You can reply, "We are doing things in accordance with the principle of recreation!" If God tried to punish me, for doing these three things I would leave Him and go ahead. Later on I will find God following me!

Like a heartbeat, God will never cease to work in this world through you. So, you must never cease to work; without sleep, without food, you have to struggle on to win the people, win money, and develop the ability to educate people. Some of you may say, "We have enough money; we have already bought the Barrytown training center, we have established the theological seminary, we have bought several more buildings.

Why do we have to raise more money? But, until we occupy the whole world and restore the whole world to God, we will never cease to work. We will have to buy the whole land of America and the whole world! God wants to restore the whole world, and I'm in the position of His son; it's my duty, and I'm entitled to do that.

If you barely do things after having been ordered, that's not the way it should be. You must voluntarily go ahead, winning the hearts of the people, winning members, winning finances, and setting up tradition by educating people. You are doing those things for your own sake, so don't ever complain, saying your leader doesn't understand you, he won't give you time to sleep -- all those things.

You are doing your own work, and so much lies ahead of you. In proportion to the work you do, more things or men will belong to you. What you do here will be magnified and praised many thousands of times in spirit world. With that kind of people flourishing and growing in numbers, we will build the Kingdom of God in the soonest possible future.

Then are you ready to go fundraising? (Yes!)

Don't ever think that you are doing that for the Church, for me, or for God. You are ultimately doing it for yourself. You are indebted to God and me for your life, and you can say you have paid it back only after winning the whole world and returning it to God. God would want you to restore your own world. Then alone, God will rejoice over what you have done.

The whole world belonged to Adam, and you must cultivate yourself and perfect yourself in the position of Adam. Thus, in selling things don't think of flower-selling alone; whatever you look at belongs to you. You can sell the leaves of the trees, you can sell the soil. Whatever things we get freely, we can sell them to make money.

When I was out on the Atlantic Ocean, I dreamed of catching a whale, and then I could make a pile of money. With everything in the world connected with me, through me God will enjoy those things. Up to the present, has there ever been a single man who could have entertained that kind of thought? (No!)

But I think that way, and I put all my thoughts into practice to set a good example for you to follow. If you fail to carry out the same things as I have, you cannot be called real followers. If you say, "I cannot go on like this for three years," you are like thieves wanting to enjoy what others have reaped. I cannot raise thieves. I'm not willing to let thieves inherit all I have earned.

Would you like to be educated here? You learn here how to lecture, how to win people, and how to make money. I know that you will profit from this training. Because I'm confident of that, I'm willing to have my people come here and go through the training. Sometimes during the hot summer months, I felt like being sympathetic with you, but the next moment I thought that it is more than natural for you to have to go through that.

So I'm not sympathetic with you. God doesn't want persons with whom many people are sympathetic, and I don't want to have that kind of person under me. Whatever hardships you may go through, I must be harsher to you instead of being sympathetic with you. Would that be all right? (Yes!) That is logical, in light of the Principle. If you are supposed to do that, and if you are willing to do that, how can you complain and frown? In proportion to the opposition coming from other people, the more zeal you must pour into what you are doing.

It will take time for you to become that kind of person, but I want you to struggle on. You cannot build up that kind of personality in a day or two. But you must struggle on and on until you obtain the goal. If you find yourself a failure, why don't you ask other people and learn from them the secret of carrying this out.

I'm confident enough to go to the southern tip of Africa for instance, empty-handed. I know how to make money everywhere. If I find no way to earn money, all I need is a length of thread and a hook, and then I can fish. I may be able to capture a lion and sell it to a zoo and so make money that way. In three months' time I can be successful. I've trained myself that way.

Don't you think you need that kind of training? (Yes!) If you are unwilling to follow me, you may as well leave right now. I don't need that kind of person. But if you persevere and follow my example for 10 years, you will see what kind of person you become. University presidents and top-level people will envy you.

On the street, if you meet an old friend, don't be ashamed of yourself at having to sell flowers. Go up to him, initiate conversation, and when you are hungry, you can even tell him to buy you something to eat. You can drive your van full of flowers into the campus of your alma mater, you can visit the president, and while the students are outside playing, why don't you make a great celebration and sell your flowers. If you are eager to do that and put all your whole energy into it a miracle will happen: you will sell all the flowers in half an hour's time. After such a success, you will be proud of yourself.

With that kind of ambition and adventure, you can influence the world or a nation. I always think of extraordinary things, don't you think so? (Yes!) With that kind of ambition and confidence, I have stirred up the United States after two years' time here. That comes from my courage, boldness, and faith in God. Do you think that happened just after my arrival here?

I had already trained myself before coming. Those who train themselves and prepare for the days to come will be successful. Do you think the victory or failure is awaiting me in the future? (Victory!) I'm prepared to turn the whole nation of America upside down at once some day. Like when I cast the net and catch a huge amount of fish at a time. I can do it because I know what I'm going to do will be brought to God. I mean to train that kind of people.

You have learned today that you are training yourself to be workers for recreating the world. With the goal of Yankee Stadium approaching, we want manpower on the frontlines, so those who have already had experiences on the frontline, who are here in training, you are already experienced in fundraising and witnessing to the people, so 50 of you will be sent out by October 15th.

By sending 50 of the 100-day trainees to each state, a new tradition will be set up. Each state will have three qualified workers who are graduate trainees. After setting up this new system, the only remaining thing will be to bring more people to be ready for the Yankee Stadium crusade. This is a good chance for you to manifest the knowledge and ability you have accumulated during your training.

You need money in the field. You need to bring people. You need to educate the people under you. You will realize that you have become the real frontline for building the Kingdom of Heaven. Also you will test yourself. "Am I qualified? How much do I fulfill this heavenly responsibility?" You must confront the dividing line of whether you will be a leader and victor in this movement or be defeated. Two kinds of men and women will appear, even though you were all under Mr. Sudo's direction and had the same textbook, same food, were in the same place!

You may shed tears and cry out to God in your prayers, but you must overcome. If you long to see somebody, you have to cut that out temporarily. You may be fearful of teaching somebody or witnessing to somebody, but you have to overcome it! By this kind of experience you will know how True Parents have trodden the same course in the past 30 years, so you should have a taste of it.

You will vividly experience how many people must have betrayed our movement. I want you to accumulate experiences through which you will cultivate yourself. Even though you may be near starvation, you won't have to steal because you are trained how to make money. If you are almost kicked out of a household which you planned to convert, you will persevere until you bring that person to God! You will not retreat under persecution. To retreat would be the most shameful thing in the world for you. I want you to have this kind of courage when you go out.

You are the third group to be assigned. Since there are three stages of growth, I believe you will bring definite success. Your course will coincide with the third seven year course. Even though the first and second trainees have already gone out, I want you to be ahead of them in every way. You have to show the public and all the members in our movement that you are doing well, so that you can arouse their curiosity.

You are the luckiest, happiest people in the world because you are going to give something. Even though you have only one suit or one dress, you must be happy inside. If you yourself are a happy person, and you like what you are doing, everything surrounding you becomes happy. In this chaotic, satanic world, if you appear as a man or woman of this kind of thinking, that will be wonderful.

You should set aside a time when you are not working for a real quiet private time with God, through deep prayer. Then spirit world will show you what you are going to do, what your direction will be. Heavenly Father will let you know. How happy and lucky we should feel to have this kind of session with Heavenly Father.

You yourself are from the world of sin; you are just like a piece of junk. Just as I received help, spirit world is going to cooperate with you. It is an amazing, miraculous thing, you will find that you have a spiritual connection with the past, present, even the future. So you cannot behave like your own self.

If you were alone, you could behave any way you like. But with this historical connection behind you in this movement, if you misbehave, all your ancestors will accuse you. If you pray to God with all these things in mind, a bridge is formed between your spirit man and your ancestors. You are not alone; you are not just an individual.

You have to find the meaning of "You are not alone." As you are walking along, centering on the will of God, think of your True Parents. You will really feel your ancestors coming to you right there. When this happens you don't have to worry about what to say to people; they will cooperate with you and let you know how to speak.

One thing you have to keep in mind: do not abuse the heavenly dignity and prestige which are bestowed on you. You have to be careful in your language and actions, as if you were a bride or bridegroom in the wedding march. Be cautious, thankful, and keep a heavenly expression. Keep this in mind!

When you have a mirror, to get a reflection from the sun on the surface of the water you have to focus properly. Try to properly reflect the sunshine through you. You have to maintain that state of mind. Instead of complaining and arguing, keep a bright smile and an expression of thanks on your face. Always be bright! When you work on the street, when you speak to other people, when you teach somebody -- think who you are! Other people will be attracted to you if your mental condition is like that. You don't have to worry, you will be the victor!

Even when you are alone in your room, you must feel that you are a heavenly bride or bridegroom in the presence of Heavenly Father. All the saints and sages in heaven are escorting you, so you are not alone. During this private time in your room, when you tune yourself to this state of mind, suddenly Jesus Christ or True Parents might appear, talk to you, and inspire you.

You will feel your body become a holy temple right then and there. You will suddenly become a different person! When you lift up your hand, it will give off a shining light. Through this movement, you have a shortcut to that goal. If you live in this way. all your neighbors, all those with whom you associate will suddenly be curious, they will be attracted to you, before you have even taught the Divine Principle.

This is not just talking, this is a reality. If a heavenly bride goes out witnessing all the secular men in the world will immediately be attracted. "We've never seen such a beautiful rose." Vice versa, if a heavenly man goes out, all the beautiful women in the secular world will be attracted to you. So you must be careful!

Even though they are physically close to you, in teaching you must not go beyond the line. You must be like a mother or father to them. Never think of them as your future mate. Because of the Fall, the true Father and Mother were lost. You are definitely taking the mother's or father's role with them.

Someone of the opposite sex may come to your room and grab your hands. This kind of strange phenomenon happens; because you are a heavenly bride or heavenly bridegroom, they have to come to you. The same thing happened to the three persons involved in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer was attracted to Eve, who received God's love directly.

This temptation will come to you when you go out. You have to overcome it! You are not the second Eve or second Adam, but fallen Adam or Eve, so you have to control yourself. When Heavenly Father dwells in you, you become beautiful but that's not secular beauty.

Very soon, God will send you 12 souls. If you tune yourself to this state of spiritual preparation, spirit world will put 10 or 12 people under you. You have to spread the perfume of a heavenly bride or heavenly bridegroom. The Fall spread the perfume of a satanic bride and bridegroom. Your heavenly perfume will restore all mankind.

When you reach that stage of spirituality, I will appear to you and instruct you in every detail. This is the reason the Unification Church is the greatest religion. In the past, it sometimes took 21 or 40 years to reach this state of spiritual development. But when you come to the Unification Church, centering on our True Parents you can sometimes do it in just three weeks.

In three years, every Unification Church member should be able to experience this kind of spiritual phenomena in which you can see your True Parents. When you have this kind of a spiritual experience, then you will truly feel, "I really belong to heaven, as a true son or daughter of our True Parents and our Heavenly Father." If any atheistic Communist came to you, he would be unable to convert you.

You can create the atmosphere of a heavenly marriage even though you live in a cottage. No other place could be as holy. It even is better than a king's palace. Even though you may wear rags, you must think, "I am a heavenly bride or bridegroom." Even though you are wearing rags for clothing, if your mouth is speaking glorious things you project beauty.

What you say is like beautiful music. If you live that way, you can be the happiest person in the world. When you reach that stage, all the saints and sages will be with you; you will feel that even Heavenly Father is following you wherever you go, whatever you do. This place is far better than romance between a man and a woman.

Then you will realize how much value you have and how much value your True Parents have. You cannot exchange your True Parents for anything worldly. You will be happy in every cell of your body. Even if you are put in the desert somewhere and you cannot bathe for months, you will feel you are the luckiest person when you are in that spiritual state.

If you reach that kind of place you cannot betray it for money or secular love, or any political power. This does not come spontaneously; you have to work hard. You may get up out of your bed at midnight and suddenly just bow down in prayer, with appreciation. Even though you may have felt hungry, you just feel intoxicated and so you bow down with appreciation and thanksgiving in your heart. You will experience this. The Unification Church will introduce everybody to this experience, including you. So keep in mind all my instructions to you this afternoon; I want you to be victors.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 02.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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