The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Yankee Stadium Plans

Sun Myung Moon
September 1, 1975
New Hope News

We must organize ourselves for the goal of Yankee Stadium. How we mobilize the people will determine our success. Up to now we have fought with rifles! Now we must fight with cannons! You must become the bullets fired from the cannon. How explosive can you be? You must be able to tear away the target. The targets are: established churches, universities and citizens.

Why is the first target the established churches? Because God's eyes are set on the established churches, aside from the Unification Church. Established churches have played an important role in the will of God. The churches must not be the churches of leaders but must be the churches of God. Churches do not belong to denominations, they belong to God.

Presently, churches do not belong to God but belong to men; we must reverse this pattern making them belong to God. The goal of the Unification Church is to change the established churches in such a way that the churches will belong to God and change the world. The Unification Church represents God in this battle; we must mobilize people as God would have us do. In our battle the best strategy is to move the hearts of the people and encourage them to change. Up to now, we have witnessed on a "1 to 1" base, but from now on we must witness on a "1 person to 1 church" base. If our target for each member is one church, then the whole city can be taken. All the people of N.Y. are our target, and we must put stress on that.

What is our power? Manpower. If the opponent is made up of 1,000 people and we have 10 it means that 1 person is responsible for 100. Common sense says that this is impossible, so what else can we do? We must influence the laymen by warming their hearts. Our strategy is the opposite of ordinary fighting. With that purpose ahead of us how will we employ the tactics? In established churches the church board can be moved when you tell them "If you go on like this, Communism will overpower you and you will be martyred by its hands." You can convince them by saying, "We cannot go on like this. There must be revolution or reformation in the Church." In New York you must influence the people to know that what we say is true; you must create public opinion in which people will talk about our group as the only group to change the world. By doing this, we can show the people that we can do the job.

Established churches are faced with despair so it will be natural that if they retreat they will be nothing.

Don't be boastful in words. Let the churches know that we do what we do for the will of God. You must be the explosives to absolve the churches. Father is the cannon and we are the bullets. Our armament is the Divine Principle, which is feared by the churches. By giving them the Divine Principle we can win them.

What is the tactic for universities?

The problem of campuses is Communism and corruption. Our armament is Victory Over Communism and Unification Thought. Armed with this, we will be stronger than they. The agony of the professors is how to influence and educate young people, changing them from being influenced by Communism. Before we influence the students, we want to educate the professors. If we can draw them to our side, then it's easier to influence students through them. We must move the school campuses.

How can we influence the masses?

We must fight until New York is absorbed by us. How to do this is the question. You must have good attitudes, be tidy, clean, etc. How we absorb the New York population is up to you. The first tactic to employ is the mass media. If people see what kind of people we are and then read the newspapers, they will begin to disbelieve the newspapers. You must arouse the attention of the people.

We can convince these people that we alone can do the job. Do we have the capability? Let them know that Reverend Moon has the capability. Having accomplished what we have up to now will be great proof to the people. Madison Square Garden was a miracle. New York has been fought against and we have won over them.

Before Madison Square Garden no one could believe we would do it. What we will do from now on will be to surprise people as to how we can influence the world. To Americans it is a miracle for a man like Reverend Moon to accomplish what he has and stir America the way he has. Another wonder is that people who would not obey their parents obey Reverend Moon.

People will wonder if Reverend Moon is a religious man, a politician, or an economist because he is doing all these things. Ideally, religious leaders should guide politicians and politicians should guide economists.

But today there is a great rupture between these three. That is why a religious leader must affect and unite all three areas. They must be driven into God's system. In the future the greatest politicians and economists will be our church members.

We must not be ordinary Christians; we must bring all areas into God's will. I will train leaders to not just be one type of leader but to lead in all three areas. For the sake of justice and for the sake of righteousness, there is nothing for you to fear. In everything I want you to be better than other people even if it's just a very small percentage. If everyone is exhausted but you are just a little less exhausted and do just a little more, then you are the victor. The more difficult things may be, you must invest more of yourself. You must risk your life in doing things and then they will be solved. If you do things until you succeed then eventually you will succeed. Father needs brave Unification Church members. 

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