The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

The Way We Must Tread

Sun Myung Moon
August 24, 1975
Excerpts from Father's Speech at Belvedere

Mankind has been seeking happiness. There are three kinds of people: normal or average people, the great thinkers, and religious people. From these three kinds of people, where can we expect the answers to come? It has to be from either the great thinkers or the religious people. But the great thinkers have been trying and they have never found the solution. Where can mankind turn? We need a special revolution or something extraordinary like that.

Everything we do has a global effect. No man, society or nation has its own destiny; we have a global destiny. We need a world solution for all mankind, so we have to look on the worldwide scale. Right now mankind is in darkness and despair. We are at a junction in human history and must examine our lives and beliefs. If there is a good man, this must be the time when he will come forth. But if we look at man in general, people are not serious enough to seek the ultimate way of life or understanding of God. This lack of seriousness is a very great problem.

Then where do we get the solution? The man of truth must be internationally minded. That man must be the man of all people; it doesn't matter what color or race he is. Rather, he must have an eternal ideal. That person must be liked by people of the past, present and future generations -- a man of all times, all eras, and all seasons. This is the solution for the world. That person has to give truth and light; it can only come from a religious life. The man of all eras must be anointed by God in heaven. If one nation is sacrificed to God, then that nation will turn out to be the greatest nation for God.

Where can we find the true peace, freedom, and ideal? The ultimate union of freedom and peace will be found with the anointed one of God, the Messiah. Meeting the Messiah, you meet God in person. The ideal happiness will originate in God when the three become one. Those three are God, the Messiah, and you.

What kind of joy can you get from a teacher? You get horizontal joy; but it is temporal and will eventually be washed away. The teacher of eternity is the Messiah, who brings a relationship which will never tarnish. Only by relating to the Messiah can we have eternal relationships. The Messiah is an eternal teacher. The Messiah brings true relationships between husband and wife, and brothers and sisters.

The Messiah is the man of all time. If you know this kind of person, if you grab him, you can never let go. We cannot just think this way, we must live it to the depths of our bones. If one arm is cut off, then we should grab with the other arm. And if both arms are cut off, we should grab with our legs. If our legs are cut off, we should stick to this man with our belly.

Everything begins with thought. You must have faith and conviction that nothing can stop you from accomplishing the will of God. The Messiah is given to the world. He seeks for those who will fight with him and be his co-workers and co-creators in establishing the new world. So we should have the attitude: "I will be the one to love more those people who have been rejected by mankind." We must embrace one another, not kicking at each other, breaking down barriers that have existed throughout history.

If you found the fork that Jesus used, that fork would have more value than all of the U.S. Just think, if you found a man of God in front of you, how blessed you would be. What is a good man or true man? He does all the things we do. He eats and sleeps. He hears, feels, thinks, just as we do. But everything he does is for the purpose of God. The role of the Messiah is as an ordinary man, not a superman. When this man comes, he will direct you how to become a perfect man for God. When you walk, you must know that the universe is following behind you when you are a man of God. When you turn, the universe turns. God wants a cosmic son or daughter, not just an American son or daughter. Perfection comes when you find the Messiah and he puts his signature on you so that you become an anointed one.

We cannot have national boundaries. Our nation is the world. My hometown is this earth. Would you like the U.S. to flourish or the world to flourish?

Our task is to meet the Messiah. Just because you see the Messiah does not mean that you have met him yet. Have you met the Messiah? You are trying to meet him. Perfection comes not from you but when you meet the Messiah and God and you truly come under the True Parents' care.

Only through the Messiah and God can you become perfect and have a perfect family, society, nation and world. Without having the Messiah and God, you will never have any answers to building a new world. What you see and think must be what God and the Messiah see and think.

The black dot in the center of your eye (pupil) represents God, the blue part (iris) represents the Messiah, and the white part represents yourself. They all move and work together.

Your thoughts and actions must be found in the heart of God. We must pierce right through the heart of God. From this you will learn love for all mankind. What would you like to possess? God. You want to possess the essence of God, which is the heart of love. So God needs someone to love and to be loved by.

Where you find love, that is where you want to stay. The Messiah to you is the ideal parent, the ideal husband, brother, teacher. Our goal is to reach the heart of God. We must resemble him. You should ask God to let you be responsible for the world -- tell God to relax and take it easy, you'll finish the job. If you become that kind of person, God will love you so much. You must think: "All by myself I can fill Yankee Stadium." We need that kind of determination. 

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