The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

The Significance Of Victory In Korea

Sun Myung Moon
July 1, 1975
Barrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

It was almost two months ago that I made a brief visit back to America, saw you and then left for Korea again. You must have heard about the June 7 rally at May 16th Square in Seoul and the successful speech tour I made.

I'm sure you're anxious to hear more about them and their providential significance. You all know very well that whatever I'm doing is not for my own personal benefit or for the benefit solely of the Unification Church, but whatever I do I do in accordance with God's providence and His will.

As you well know, Korea is my native land, my fatherland. You are often asked your nationality, and you have different nationalities. When I'm asked that question, I say that my nationality is Korean. Between Korea and me there's an absolute connection which no one can sever. I love my native land, but I had to leave it again for the sake of the United States.

It is because of the providence of God that I must work here at least several more years. Therefore, whoever wants to know who I am and what I am, must know about Korea and the United States. What I have been doing in these countries is significant. People should also know of me and my activities through the missionaries sent to 120 nations.

Whatever I do in Korea will be passed on to America and the rest of the nations. Therefore, what I do in Korea becomes more and more significant. As you know, we have sent out missionaries to 127 nations, with one Japanese, one American, and one German brother or sister making up a team.

If those countries want to know about our movement, they would very likely want to get the information from Korea. So, it's very important to win the favor of the Korean Government so that they will give them good information. In Korea in 1975, we had to make a breakthrough in the struggle between our group and the established churches or the government.

When the people of the world observe what is taking place in Korea, they see that the balance of power favors North Korea's side. They anticipate renewed aggression from North Korea, especially after the fall of Vietnam and the Khmer Republic. The whole world is tense, and Korea, more than any other nation, is wondering nervously whether or not the North will attack. At a time when most Korean people are in deep despair and darkness, we held our slogan high in the air, saying "Day of Hope Festival," and of course it surprised people. We stirred up the whole country of Korea in that way.

The May 16th Square rally was the culmination and zenith of what we have been doing in Korea. The contents of my speech and the significance of the rally were a decisive blow to Kim Il-sung, the North Korean premier. It was of historical significance that we had that rally, and I'm sure that those in spirit world from the Western world and the Eastern world were all mobilized to help us out.

In the spirit world, whether they are Western spirits or Eastern spirits, they all know that without my doing the job, the world cannot get rid of Communism. The rally this time achieved the greatest record ever established in the world. We have done what the government could not have done. The newspapers informed the people that our gathering was smaller than those gathered at the rally under the auspices of the government, but in fact ours overwhelmed the other.

So we took a big stride, and all Korean people know by now that Reverend Moon is the greatest hero of at least Korea, if not of the world. What I have done has surprised the whole world, and the Korean people have looked up at me in amazement.

They were surprised to find that we could mobilize more than one million people by working barely two months, while Billy Graham could mobilize only 500,000 people by working for two whole years. This shows the people that Heaven has been on our side, helping us. To know the timetable of God's providence, and to keep up with the time is so important.

We have here a congregation of about 300. Just imagine the sea of people when we gathered 1,200,000 people. Have you ever heard of that kind of rally, or even imagined one? This is only possible because God was on our side, loving our group, and the established churches had to calm down in opposing our movement. God does not choose to oppress people or beat people by force, but leaves them to do whatever they want to do.

If they go against his favored group, they will be subjugated by that group as a matter of course. You are peacefully going about your usual business, but in Korea I did tremendous work in the face of opposition from the people and from the established churches, which even exploited the kindergarten and primary school children, and high school students, not to mention older people.

They did whatever they could, and they were beaten. So, the public is on our side, and from now on, if and when the established church members come against our movement, the public would volunteer to fight against them.

On the other hand, we are now in a position to be helped by the government, and they are completely on our side. In America, the people and your government say that I am being used by the Korean Government, but the truth is the contrary. I was helping the Korean Government. You have experienced quite a few such things.

You all know that your teacher, your Master is the foremost man in the whole world, but people think on the contrary that he is one of the most evil of people. Do you think Father is happy to hear that? (No!) What about God? (No!) Then what must we do about that? God is unhappy, Father is unhappy, and all of you are unhappy to hear that kind of thing being said. You sometimes think that Almighty God should oppress those people, should even kill those people -- weed them out, at least. Do you want it done? (No.)

When you look back at your childhood days, were you always praised by your parents, were you obedient children to them always? (No.) Were you scolded by them or praised by them? You had more things to be scolded for than to be praised for. In God's sight also, when He looks at the people, there are more things they have to be scolded for by Him. If we are in many ways better than those people, the difference is just a particle.

You are opposed by them, but among those who are opposing our movement, there are many people who are of more merit than you yourselves. Can just plain helpless people oppose something very powerful? No.

Take the example of Saint Paul when he opposed the disciples of Jesus. He was a powerful man, and he had every reason for his actions. Compared to some of those people, you are just nothing in the worldly sense. The Christian ministers, the theological scholars, and those people like the scribes and Pharisees in Jesus' days, think and believe that our movement is an evil one; that's why they are opposing our movement.

Instead of fighting against them, we must have more weight and more balance of power than they have, and we must strengthen ourselves, well-armed with truth and with everything else, to fight to convince them. Sometimes God would choose to let those people oppose us, because in that way alone, God sees that we are going to be strengthened and united.

By having those people oppose our movement, God is training us. What is training? Training is to tackle you, to test your power and strength in that way. So God is using those people, those opposing powers as the instrument to train us. God is in a way testing us to find out if we can still go on despite the opposition.

If those people want to twist our heads, would we still live and go ahead? Even though the power of opposition is so strong as to destroy us if we cannot overwhelm the power, God will praise us and take delight in us, and trust us.

In the face of opposition I always feel more challenged, and when the 17 big and small religious sects were united into one to oppose us -- I felt a great challenge. We were only one group fighting against 17 religious sects. When I fought against them and won over them, both God and I were overjoyed. If the opposing power would do whatever they would want to do, then they will be diminished. Unless they do that kind of thing, they cannot be defeated.

They know that they cannot win over us because we are so strong, so united. Their money cannot beat us; their position, their power cannot beat us. They concluded that the more they oppose our movement, the more seriously they would be beaten. If you pray to God that He should punish those people without your fighting against them, God will not help you. Don't you know that for six thousand years, God allowed the satanic power to fight against the good side, and He's anxious to have the people on the good side fight against evil and annihilate them on their own.

From now on, the God-denying ideology of Communism and the nations under Communism will be united into one. The God-loving ideology and the nations with those ideologies will be united into one, and the two sides will fight against each other. Would you expect God to beat the Communist world and exterminate them, or would you, yourselves, rather do that? (We would!) Yes, that's true.

The established church people stagger in the face of Communism and will never be able to fight against them. What do you think? Would God be happy over this fact? (No!) Would God then want to punish those people, and blast the established church Christians when they don't fight against Communism? (Yes!) God would like the people who have the strength and power to fight evil. This is to maintain the dignity of the children of God. You American members, would you rather be beaten or escape from that evil power, or to fight against it and win over it? (Win!)

If the American citizens are like that, America itself and the government should also be like that, don't you think so? (Yes!) You have seen that America retreated from both Vietnam and Cambodia. Are you happy to imagine such a picture -- the giant nation of America escaping from those nations?

The people of the world are scornful of America, and so is God. We Unification Church members don't like the idea of being chased by the evil power, so we must warn the American people not to be cowards. We are a new breed of people, different from the ordinary Americans and the American government. You must fight with righteousness.

For all religious people, and especially for all Christians, the God-denying ideology of Communism is the enemy. We must know that it is God's enemy, too, so that we will fight against that evil power and win over it with the help of God. If the Communist people are cruel, we must be tougher then they. If they are strong, we must be stronger than they. If they are wise, we must be wiser than they are.

My whole life up to the present moment has been a great fight, but I have never retreated, I have never been defeated. If, in my calculation, my struggle is not going to bring victory, rather than retreat, I would think and form my strategy. Then I would dash forward and fight. Now is the time when we have to fight.

We have to be confronted with, fight and win over any evil power, and Communism is the most evil power existing in the world. I order you to annihilate all the evil powers... like juvenile delinquency, the drug problem, family disunity -- all these things. We cannot accept the idea of immoral sexual promiscuousness. We must liquidate and exterminate all those evil things. Do you agree with me? (Yes!)

So in our Church, even when you are seated, we separate the males from the females. Don't ever dream of writing love-letters to the opposite sex. American minds may not be able to understand that. Even without your writing love-letters, I will choose good mates for you. This is not just talk. I will do that.

In Japan, when I matched 800 Japanese couples, it took me only ten hours. You know what it is to match-make -- it's a very difficult job. You know, for instance, you go on a date with someone, and associate with each other for several months or several years, then after dating for so long, you find that he or she is not exactly for you.

Can you imagine that I matched 800 couples in ten hours' time? I didn't make them stand in two rows-one for male, one for female and just match them like that. No. I can read faces of people. A funny thing happened in Japan. They were matched in such a short interval of time, they couldn't find their own mates, so someone was taking a different girl for his mate and Father knew at a glance that she was a different one, and Father said, "No, this one is not for you -- that one."

All the Japanese members were surprised Father remembered all those faces, and they said they had to study Father more deeply. Even at this moment, when I look at one of the girls, I immediately think, "Oh, that girl will be for that man." When I match you people, you can be sure that you are going to give birth to good, wonderful children. At one glance you may think, "Oh, he or she is not for me! Oh, that person is my complete opposite!" But just wait and you will find that that man or that girl is exactly the one for you.

We have been doing a great number of things centered on God and His will, and in doing those jobs, we must do the most wonderful job, in matrimony as in all things. We must eradicate the evil ways prevailing in this nation -- family rupture, youth problems. Are you determined to do that? (Yes!)

Do you realize that you must sometimes operate on boils and things like that, when it is serious? Are you that strong? (Yes!) I have fought all through my life, but have you ever found me to be exhausted? (No!) I get stronger and stronger; I never retreat.

Just imagine, a man born in the small nation of Korea is here, to challenge and fight against the whole population of America, this giant nation. My plan is to educate the congressmen, all the senators, and even the president of this nation. They will get hurt, and do anything against us, but just let them wait and see, and I will convince them, I will persuade them to be educated by me.

Whatever great things I may say, I cannot do the job all by myself, without your cooperation. I want you to have great faith and confidence that you can educate those people and recreate those people to be good policy-makers and good people to rule over the nation.

You must become this kind of person: the senators and congressmen, or even the president of your nation may have to escape when Communism takes over the nation. But you will not be defeated by them, and you will remain to fight against them, to the last, until you win over them. Even in Korea, under the threat of Communist aggression, the top-level government people were ready to escape from the nation, taking all their wealth with them to other countries.

But I was different from them, and I was totally dedicated and devoted my life to fighting against that power. Those people would leave the nation in despair, but even in despair and darkness, I will turn to the nation and fight for the nation. That's why, after our success at the rally this time, the broadcast coming from North Korea said, "Reverend Moon is more our enemy than President Park. So we must beat him, this traitor Reverend Moon."

They're using NBC and other channels to oppose our movement, but I'm deeply resolved that I'm going to subjugate and beat NBC or any other opposing power. I'm such a fierce and merciless person, in a way. I'm such a person by nature. Once I start fighting, I will fight through until I die or win the victory. Would you like to resemble me? (Yes!)

The reason I'm saying this is that you must save this nation, because this nation is crumbling. The idea of freedom cannot save this nation. Would Communists leave the people alone, when you just advocate peace and freedom? You talk highly of freedom, but you are becoming more and more individualistic. Without unity, can you get the strength to win over Communism? (No!)

I am a man of ideals and freedom and peace in every sense, but with Communism existing in the world, I cannot sit still just advocating peace and freedom. That's why I'm fighting. Then how can we assume leadership in this crumbling nation by just sitting with folded hands, advocating peace and freedom? Student power cannot do the job. The government bureaucracy cannot do the job. That's why I'm here -- to do the job.

My conclusion is that I must find a group of young people who are so dynamic as to take the leadership and initiative to beat that evil power, to lead this nation, and save it. Only after our having swallowed up Communism, can we really enjoy freedom and peace. With Communism existing in the world, can you imagine that you are going to live in a world of peace and freedom? (No!)

Nobody would want to fight, of course. But what if Communism, as in the case of Vietnam, comes with pointed guns, from Canada and Mexico? What would you do? (Fight!) Without the Unification Church youth, all the rest of the people would just escape to other countries. In escaping, you are going to throw yourselves into the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. There's no way for you to escape. You may say, "We have a great number of jet planes and aircraft, and we will live in the aircraft, high up in the air." Can you do that? (No!)

It's almost getting too late, so a dynamic person like Reverend Moon must convince young people, and make them into such dynamic youth who can repel that power. If I have brainwashed you, and you become more than what you used to be in the outside world, in the old world, wouldn't that be good? (Yes!) Did you lose anything? (No!)

You have been selling flowers, and fundraising in many other ways, but if you are willing to do that, how can other people interfere with what you are doing? Me, too, I'm doing what I like to do. If I'm reluctant to do this kind of thing, I can never succeed. We have many things in common. That's why I'm happy whenever I see you and you are happy whenever you are with me. If we are happy with each other, what other power can deny it?

It is out of jealousy that they revile us. So, we must mobilize ourselves with all-out effort, with desperateness and become almost mercilessly powerful. With that kind of heavenly power, we have raised questions and issues in Korea, in Japan, and in the United States. You are not any less than what I am. I'm not too handsome, and I'm not too much stronger than you. Some of you are taller than I, and bigger in stature. You can do more than I can do. Faith and confidence can make you do that. If I kick at you, I don't want you to shrink back, but to come against me.

When I came to the United States, I was determined to even be imprisoned in Sing Sing. If they put me into jail many times, I will still fight on. I'm not ashamed of what I'm doing, because God approves of what I'm doing. But the evil power which oppressed and persecuted the prophets and saints in olden days is still here to fight against me. Some of you here may fall away and rebel against me. I can see this possibility. Are you sure you are not going to be like that?

Are you confident that you will never change, never vacillate, from morning til night? Are you really like that, deep in your heart? That's the question. (Yes!) You are wavering like this, every moment. Isn't that true? (Yes!) You have two minds always working in you, at war with each other. One mind is thinking of your physical selves, and the other, the spiritual side. You are wavering between the two sides. Early in the morning when you wake, you are full of zeal, and you want to fight. But by the time you go to bed, you are exhausted, and you fall back.

Unless you win over the evil power working in yourselves, unless you have your spiritual side overcome your physical side when both powers are at war with each other, unless you do that, you cannot dream of fighting the fiercer battle. That's why in the past I have chosen to go through more difficult ways, to experience a bit of everything that people of the world have experienced.

Unless I experience the same thing, I cannot be confident to win the battle. Have you tested yourselves by putting yourselves under those conditions? You have never done that. That's why you are not fully confident. If you are without confidence, how can God help you out? God cannot help you while you don't have confidence.

You may go through 40-day training, 120-day training, over and over, but however hard you may struggle, if you don't do what I have told you to do, then you cannot win the battle. In general, I cannot trust young people. So, unless I put them into trials and have them trained, and get them to have this confidence, I cannot trust you. I cannot use you.

The problem, the question, is always you. The question is not God, not Master, but you yourself. If you solve your own problems, God will be with you, and Master will be with you. I have conquered all the temptations, all the tests, and won the victory over all those things. That's why God trusts me. I have prepared for this day; I have planned and been ready for the rally, and with confidence I began the task, and completed it with success.

Many people imagined that at the best, we would assemble several hundred thousand people. But we assembled more than one million. It is because I aroused a whirlwind or typhoon -- both God's power and our power, when they meet with each other and turn in the right way, stirred the whole world with the whirlwind, with the typhoon. In the face of tension and desperate conditions arising in Korea, when I was there challenging those powers, they were overwhelmed and beaten.

Our next project for the coming year is Yankee Stadium. Do you think we can mobilize the people to fill up the whole place? (Yes!) How? In what way? It is very simple; while our Master has confidence, we will have the same confidence and in confidence we will work at our best, doing our best, and we will do the job.

You will meet with individuals, in homes and groups, offices and theatres, and meet the people; wherever you go there will be a whirlwind or typhoon aroused by you. If you kick at something with that confidence, things will be shattered. Every morning when you set out for your work, feel as though you will shout at the whole congregation of several hundred thousand before you. With a thundering voice you will scream and shout at them. They are spiritually already beaten.

You begin the day in a high mood and good spirits, and you will always be ignited with a happy smile, and then you can influence and move the hearts of people. Suppose you meet a man frowning at you with an unhappy and miserable face. When you smile at him, he will be overwhelmed, and the smile will be contagious, and you will get him to smile.

Even when you call a puppy, if you smile at him he will follow you. But if you frown at him and frighten him, would he follow you? (No!) The same applies to God. If you smile at God and speak to Him in happiness, He will smile back and He will be happy to be with you. You can even speak to God in a murmur and say, "Whomever I meet, I will just conquer him, crush him, and get him on my side."

And Father will agree with you, God will agree with you. Poor Mr. Kamiyama may have thought, "Oh, after the tremendous job, after the exhausting job of Madison Square Garden, with the Yankee Stadium project ahead, what shall I do? I've not enough manpower, not enough money." I want him and you to be happier than God is, and more confident than He is. Then you cannot but win the goal.

May I ask you a question? Would you rather have me here today or tomorrow? (Today!) Why? (We love you!) I had a flight of almost 24 hours because we had to spend several hours in Hawaii and other places. My ears are roaring and I'm tired enough to be able to sleep days and days. How can you expect me to be here today, as soon as I arrive? By this time, Korean people are sleeping; I dozed off while eating. So, ask yourselves why am I here when I could have come tomorrow?

I was very happy to see my people there with flowers for me, and with broad-daylight smiles for me. I expected those things to happen, and I expected you to shout "Mansei" -- things like that. That made me happy. I was happy in the morning in that way, so I expected more happiness waiting for me at noontime.

I was anxious to see your young faces smiling at me. I have no other place to go, to meet with smiling faces like this. Your faces are all ignited with happiness, I can see. You are happy to see me. If you are happy, the happiness is reflected on me. I'm studying how to make myself happy towards the evening also. I left something behind which will be a thing of happiness for me for the evening. What do you think it is? (Children.) I've already met them.

Today happens to be the first of July. This is a historical day in our movement, to be remembered for eternity. From today on, we are going to enter the third seven-year course. So, even though I'm exhausted, I cannot sit still or relax. I know Mother is very, very tired. To have a husband like me is an awful thing. But that cannot be helped, because I'm not doing this for my own sake. Because she knows that I'm doing this for the benefit of mankind, she cannot complain.

You all should learn from Mother. If your husbands are working for the benefit of mankind, for justice and righteousness, you must never complain. I want you to even drag your husband to his public mission if he's reluctant to do that. Some of the female members here may be better than Mother in that, because Mother has never dragged me that way. So, I don't want you to be beaten by Mother in that sense. I want you to be better than Mother in that sense. In some ways, I'm often beaten by Mother, so it is in no way a bad thing.

With the goal of goodness ahead, you must start with happiness in the morning, and towards noon you must reach the top level, and towards evening you must conclude your plan in success and victory. There are always ups and downs on the way -- your road may be bumpy, but still your victory is assured when you struggle on. Human thought and spiritual power are formidable.

When you came for training, were you happy? (Yes!) Are you going through training with happiness? (Yes!) Are you anticipating the conclusion of the training with success? (Yes!) Don't you ever frown like this, in the thought that you have to go out to the frontline to witness, after the completion of the training? (No!) Many of you think, "Oh, I have no confidence, I have a poor memory, I have no experience-how can I witness to the people?"

If you have faith in God, you can ride on God and He will carry you to the destiny. If you are riding on the back of God, like a horse rider, you can beat upon the hip of God, and He will take you dashing along the road. There's no doubt about that. You have to test it out.

When you lack the confidence to be a good lecturer, just imagine that God is speaking through your mouth, and just shout out, "Ladies and gentlemen!" and the next words will just naturally come out. With failure, you will say, "God is not speaking through me!" And then you can look back at me to find out that you have not been confident that Father is working with you.

So, you shout again, "Ladies and gentlemen! I am here for you..." and then say the next words. Try it, for at least one week, and you will find yourself to be fluent. At one try, if you fail, don't shrink from trying. Try the second time, the third time, and after several tries you will have confidence. If you are really without confidence, you can memorize the whole chapter, and shout at an imaginary audience several times, and then you will gain confidence.

You must have strong confidence. When you are sent out to the frontline, don't be frightened and without confidence. God cannot help you when you are dismal and without confidence. Would you like to see dismal and downcast people, or happy and uplifting people? (Happy!) That's true with God, too. So leave your home with smiles and happiness in the morning, try to have the same kind of mood towards noon, and especially towards the evening when you come back to your own place, you must have a big smile and happiness.

When I last met you, we were in the last part of the second seven-year course, but today, when I meet you here, we are entering the third seven-year course, so I want you to start the third seven-year course with happiness and smiles -- and confidence. In the turmoil and vortex of chaos, we have to dash forward towards the goal for three more years, at least.

I want you to keep the same mind we are creating now, until the end of the third year. If we are all happy and smiling, God will be happy to see us, and it will make it easy for Him to help us. There will be success and victory that way. With the Yankee Stadium plan ahead of us, I feel as though I'm a kicker, and when I kick at the ball, it will hit the goal.

I think of each one of you as a ball coming at me and I kick at you. I will kick one in this direction, the other in that direction, and so on in every direction. Is the ball full or empty inside? It's empty. That means you must be without yourself there. You must go in every direction, not at your own will, but at the will of God, the will of Master.

If you are the ball, when you are kicked at by Master towards that direction, would you want to go in the other direction? Can you? When the ball is flying towards you, your eyes, nose, mouth, ears-every sense of yours will be concentrating on the ball -- to kick at it. Isn't that true? The ball must go in the direction of the will of the kicker. Throw yourselves -- as the ball -- in such a direction that I can easily kick you in the right direction.

Whenever you hand out handbills, give them out as though you are the messenger of happiness to other people. Just imagine: in the morning, you can keep up being happy, but fatigue comes, and people reject you; you are easily exhausted. You must not allow that to happen. If your mind is well-balanced, and you keep on doing the same thing, always smiling, even though the opponent frowns at you and reviles you, then people cannot but accept what you are giving out. And they will receive happiness, and take the flyers back to influence other people, too.

The secret and power that made it possible for us to mobilize so many people at the Seoul rally was exactly this: To initiate your work in happiness, go through the work with happiness, and end it with happiness. People will look at you: you are with a bundle of leaflets; you must have a clear direction, both on the physical level and spiritual level, so that people will be influenced and moved by you. When people look at your eyes, they can read your mind, and they will immediately find out whether you are doing that with enthusiasm and zeal, or out of reluctance and with no purpose. So, our philosophy must be doing the work with happiness.

The motto for this year is, "Realization of the Kingdom of Heaven." Out of the third seven-year course, the first three years are most important, and I'm going to tell you the significance of that. As you well know, in the Divine Principle the growth stage and the perfection stage of the growth period remain under the fallen category.

The formation stage corresponds to the Old Testament age, while the growth stage corresponds to the New Testament age. The perfection stage corresponds to the Completed Testament age. From now on, the mission of the Unification Church is, after going through the growth stage, to complete the perfection stage.

What would the perfection stage mean for each one of us? It means that you are to be blessed. It means the formation of the true family under the love of God. In the Principle, we call that the realization of the purpose of creation, or the realization of the four-position foundation. The perfection of the purpose of creation is to have Adam and Eve start the love relationship. Through love alone you can form the four-position foundation.

That is the purpose of God's creating man. Without the human fall, a male and female, when they are united into one, could not have had any satanic influence of interference. And their love relationship could have gone on for eternity. In the course of restoration, we must lay the foundation on the national level, at least, before being able to have a perfect family. But our blessing was a conditional one. If we have restored the whole nation to support our movement, then the evil power cannot interfere or invade us when we form a family.

Since there are many nations in the satanic world, on God's side, too, we must be able to form at least one nation of God's choice, where no satanic influence is possible. Without our having done that, we cannot restore nations, one after another. For four thousand years, God had prepared the people to form a nation of God's choice so that when the Messiah was sent, they would receive him.

The Messiah was going to form a family under the love of God, with the people supporting his family to multiply other families, to influence other nations, on the foundation of the restored nation. That nation was the Israelite nation, and Jesus Christ was sent as the Messiah. The Jewish religion was prepared to work in cooperation with Jesus. That's the purpose of the chosen nation of the Israelites.

But the chosen nation of the Israelites failed to cooperate with Jesus as the Messiah, and the same was true with the Jewish faith. After the death of Jesus Christ, God prepared the Christian world to be the foundation corresponding to the nation of Israel. If all three stages were possible, Jesus could have played the role of the center of the Completed Testament age, but because of the failure of both the chosen nation and the Jewish faith, he did not accomplish salvation on both the spiritual and physical levels, but only accomplished the spiritual level of salvation.

Because of their failure in not accomplishing their mission centering on the personage of the Messiah both on the spiritual and physical levels, they had only the spiritual level of things. The physical side was a failure. So Christendom was a nation without a land, just a spiritual nation.

Since Jesus' death, 2,000 years have elapsed. Two thousand corresponds to seven multiplied by three, which will make, of course, 2,100. Where do we now find the level corresponding to the national level in Jesus' day?

We must find one nation on the face of the earth, now. The Jewish people have been scattered all over the world without having a homeland. Once they failed, God would not use that nation any more, and we know and believe that Korea was chosen in its place. I'm going to explain why Korea was chosen for that purpose.

When you follow the evolution of civilizations, you can see a circle going back to an original point, and that's the proof of God's wanting to make the whole of civilization into one united whole. If Jesus had not died, civilization would have returned to the Oriental part of the world. This is so because on the spiritual level, Buddhism and Confucianism all evolved in the Eastern part of the world; Christianity, too.

But with the death of Jesus, the direction was changed to include the Western world, and it should return to the East. In ancient times, human civilization started in the Euphrates valley and then along the Nile River banks; it blossomed in Greece, and then in the peninsula civilization of Rome it flowered and came to its most glorious state. Humanism, in the form of Hellenism, along with Hebraism, was imported to Greece and then it became fruitful in Rome.

In the Medieval Ages in Rome, both Hellenism and Hebraism were in their prime, meaning there was unity between the Cain-like and Abel-like civilizations. The Euphrates was the cradle of Hebraism, and it was also the site of the foundation of Christian civilization, while Hellenism was Humanism without God in the center. It came to flourish in Rome. Centering on Rome, it spread around the Mediterranean world and reached the Iberian Peninsula. It settled in the island nation of England.

Whenever civilization moved to another place, the corruption of the former one made it possible, but it was always marked by progressive change. In Rome, Catholicism was corrupt, and the people under Catholicism fought against each other. It was at this time that the Anglican Church was founded.

Roman Catholicism was somewhat like autocracy, while the Church of England was somewhat in between -- mild, not too extreme. God's will was not to have someone in the religious world exercise control over other people, but God wanted to form the Heavenly Kingdom on the horizontal level.

The Anglican Church of England inherited this tradition and goal and began to send out missionaries all over the world in order to plant the Christian ideology in other nations. God had to allow England to expand its territory to make colonies, thus spreading Christian ideology more easily. From England, civilization was shifted and landed on the continent of America, and became a continental civilization.

In the Old World of Europe, under the persecution of Catholicism, newly emerging Protestantism had to flee to the New World of America. So your forefathers were originally from Europe. They came for religious freedom, with a great ambition to establish a new religion. Some came, of course, with the ambition of making wealth. How could people from all those nationalities mingle together in oneness?

Without God's power working there, they could not become united like this -- a whole new nation. If Catholicism had not persecuted Protestantism, America could not have been born. After the discovery of the continent of America, the land was divided so that the European powers could establish their own colonies, but America is the nation formed by the Protestants in the name of God for religious freedom. Having been born from the will of God, God protected this nation, even though the settlers were of different nationalities. In that way you have become one great nation.

Next year, 1976, you are going to have a bicentennial anniversary. But after 200 years of history, if your nation does not become a great hope for mankind again, it will perish. So, you are in the transitional period. These three years are going to be very important. America has inherited civilization and created a global type of civilization, and it must connect it to one of the Asiatic nations to cover the whole world.

When America sent out her missionaries, they mostly went to Korea, Japan, and China -- the important Asiatic countries, and India. If any one of the Asiatic nations were under Christian rule, then that would be significant in light of the providence of God. Of the three nations of Korea, Japan and China, only Korea has had a Christian government, under the regime of President Syngman Rhee.

In coming to the East, American civilization came through the island of Hawaii. Have you ever thought what must have been the significance of Hawaii's being the main base of the American fleet? From Hawaii, America was going to establish control in the Pacific area. Both Japan and China were more or less anti-American.

Japan corresponded to England. Japan spiritually inherited its civilization from that other island country of England. Their culture and civilization came from England; the way they drive cars on the left side of the road -- much is similar to the English way. After Pearl Harbor, America recovered its power and defeated Japan, and absorbed the culture.

By doing that, America absorbed the civilization of Japan, and passed it on to the peninsula country of Korea, to cover the whole continent of Asia. In order to cover the continent, the civilization should go through a peninsular country, and then to the continent. The peninsular country connecting itself to the continent of Asia is Korea, corresponding to Italy, where Roman civilization blossomed.

God's will now is to have Korea be fruitful with Eastern and Western civilizations mingled and united into one. On the satanic side, they cannot let this happen, so they are attacking it, making Korea a victim. That is why Communist aggression came about in Korea. To repeat it, the whole civilization of the world made one circle and it bore final fruit in Korea, so Korea is the place where Satan is attacking, and God's side is fighting back.

It was destined that in Korea the 38th parallel would divide North and South Korea. When the satanic power of North Korea invaded South Korea, 16 United Nations' member nations joined in the fight against Communism in the small nation of Korea. This is of great significance in the will of God. It is not human power that did that, but God's power was working there.

Those 16 nations were united into one, both physically and spiritually, shedding their blood in the same land, for the same purpose. Since it was God's will, the truce talks were not supposed to take place at that time. If the American government had allowed General MacArthur to attack Manchuria, then the war could have ended in the victory of the Free World, and America today would not be in the predicament it is.

The United Nations had done a good job to send soldiers from 16 nations to fight in Korea, but dismissing General MacArthur was a tragic historical mistake. If the American government at that time had allowed General MacArthur to use bombs in Manchuria and even in the Soviet Union at that time, the war between Communism and the Free World would not have lasted so long.

America should not have retreated from Asia like that. The south Asian wars and the Middle East tension would not have occurred. When you look at the globe, it turns centering between the latitudes of 38 to 43. This convinces us that God's will is to have Korea be the fruit of all the world civilizations... to realize one world centering on this nation of God's choice.

As in Rome, Hellenism and Hebraism achieved a crossing junction. In Korea, Christianity became corrupt, and in its place the new Christian movement of the Unification Church developed. The Unification Movement, in the position of Hebraism, is against Communism, which corresponds to Hellenism.

In Rome in the olden days, those two isms -- Hebraism and Hellenism -- fought against each other, and Hebraism won over Hellenism, annihilating it completely. Likewise, in Korea, the Unification Movement will absorb or exterminate the Communist ideology which corresponds to Hellenism or Humanism, and then Unification civilization will be born and will last through eternity. Before being able to do that in Korea, our movement must be able to fight against and win over Communism at all costs.

America, after the abandonment of Vietnam and the Khmer Republic, was going to abandon Korea, too. But it was God's intention not to have them abandon Korea because in the year 1950 when the United Nations' member nations -- 16 altogether -- fought in Korea, it was done under God's will, so this time, God will not abandon Korea.

So, even though America originally planned to abandon Korea, now it offers to aid Korea in the fight against Communism and North Korea. After the sacrifice of Vietnam and the Khmer Republic, America was awakened to the fact that they lost their base in Asia to fight against Communism. Now she must establish a base in Korea.

If America let Korea go, then either Red China or Soviet Russia would communize Japan, and they would use Japan to declare war, like they did in the Pacific War. That's why America was compelled to help Korea this time. If America abandons Korea, there will be no more America, no more Free World.

Korea is the final base of the Free World in the Asiatic world, and while people are more or less pessimistic about the future of Korea, at the rally we shouted at the top of our voices that we would fight against Kim Il-sung. Japan cannot go on its own, Korea cannot live on its own, and America also cannot live without Korea and Japan intact from Communist invasion.

After her victory in World War II, America's position was one of dominance over Japan. If she would let Korea go now, it means that Japan would be communized. In the Asiatic part of the world, Japan and Korea must be united into strong oneness to fight against Communism. Neither Korea nor Japan can stand on its own. So, they must be united into one.

Politics alone cannot make unity. Money cannot make unity. Any other power cannot make unity. Only ideology or religious belief can do the job. In our Unification Movement, the religious ideology and Unification Thought are a philosophy to unite both Korea and Japan and any other country if necessary, into one.

The significance of our having had the great rally at this time, inviting our members from 60 nations, was to show the people that we can unite the whole Free World under the ideology of Unification Thought and the religious movement of the Divine Principle, to save the Free World against Communist invasion.

America is the last Western nation to be in a position to influence Korea. If America retreats from Korea, Soviet Russia will do the job. Then Korea will be swallowed up by Communism, and there will be no more Free World. Even America will be the target of Communist invasion.

If America fails to do the job, it means Communism will annihilate the world civilization which God wants to form in Korea as the fruit of the whole world civilization, and America in that way will shatter that into naught. God will not let America escape, and He will have to allow Communism to prevail and be rampant all over the world. If America retreats from Japan and Korea, America will be the final target of Communism.

Already, Communists are sending some 20,000 people to Canada to invade America. From the Mexican border, they are preparing for the same thing. Communists will apply the same method which they have applied so far in Korea and Japan. America will fall prey to Communism, sooner or later. But consciously or not, America is getting hold of Korea without letting go, and in that way, without their being conscious of it, they can permit the world civilization to come to fruition in Korea so that God's will can be realized for the world.

Now do you realize the importance of Korea's role in God's providence? Even without the Unification Church, without Master born in Korea, Korea would have to play an important role in the world situation. Politically, you see that the Communist world and democratic world are fighting their last battle in Korea. In the Unification ideology, we extol democracy and any freedom-loving ideology.

So, Unification Thought and Unification ideology are the last ones to cover the whole world and bring it back to God. Democracy was born out of the soil of Christianity, but since Christianity is divided into so many denominations fighting against each other, the Unification Movement must come about as one final religion to absorb all other religious sects and Christian denominations into one unified whole. Thus, Unification Thought must be able to extol and absorb both democracy and Communism to make a unified world under God.

At this time, the desperate hope of God is twofold. Firstly, God did not want to have Christianity divided into so many hundreds of denominations. God would look for one person or group which can unite all Christian denominations and all religious sects into oneness. That's the first thing. Even Jesus wanted to do that. Even the Christian people want that. How can it fail?

If the Christian churches would open their gates, we will do the job and unite them into one. Those who keep their doors shut tight are the Christian ministers. They are the enemies of God at this point. The next hope of God or wish of God is for us to fight against the God-denying ideology of Communism and win over it. With the clear knowledge of God's will, I'm determined to fight through to win over Communism at all costs.

It is most logical and reasonable that in Korea, the Unification Movement and Unification Thought were born to be able to unify North Korea and South Korea, which is the symbolic unifying of the whole world through two opposing powers. On the external level, we have Panmunjon. That's the frontline both for God and Satan.

On the religious level, centering on the Unification Church, both God's side and the satanic side are fighting against each other. God's side is sure to win. Even on the national level, religion must play the most important role, and that's what I have been doing for the six months while I stayed in Korea this year. I had never made a public appearance in Korea.

It was only three years ago that I made my first public appearance -- not in Korea, but in America. What is the reason for that? As I said before, only the spiritual level of salvation reached the perfection level. On the physical side, it barely covered the second stage. On the external level or political level, centering on what nation should this have been done? (Israel!)

Now, on the physical level? (Korea!) Jesus failed to cover the perfection stage on the physical level in his day. We must be able to accomplish what was left unaccomplished by Jesus. I was working desperately in Korea. After World War II, we were under a Christian regime, and if the Christian world backed me up at that time, I could have made the restoration on the national level in Korea, and would have covered the whole world before I reached the age of 40.

At that time, America protected both Japan and Korea from Communist invasion. It depended solely on America, whether or not Japan and Korea had their independence at that time, because America was in the position of the Archangel. America, representing Western civilization, played that role. Orient and Occident, East and West are in the positions of subject and object.

In the East, people have more or less put more stress on spiritual things rather than on material things. The Western world represented the material side; especially America made great wealth, and as the custodian of God's wealth, it was supposed to distribute it to the weaker and poorer nations. And it did quite a good job, until the end of World War II.

America was blessed with material abundance, not because of America itself, but for the rest of the world. The material wealth was supposed to be given to the East, while the East gave spiritual things to the West, making give and take. America, without being conscious of that, was willing to economically help the weaker nations, the underprivileged nations.

That was done under the law of give and take. The Western world is being influenced by Oriental spirituality. There are more and more Western girls wanting to marry Eastern men. The hippie people are longing to go to the Eastern world, to live in underprivileged countries. They are longing for something spiritual.

Without your being conscious of it, your mind is being oriented that way, and you are looking for something out of the Eastern world for your spiritual food. This man Reverend Moon has absorbed all the essences of Eastern religion, and with the mainstream of Christian thought has formed a great ideology of Unification Thought. He wants to give it back to the Western world, and you are not willing to receive it.

I was going to back up President Nixon; if he did not resign from his post, the world would not have been like this. It looks as though Reverend Moon was in favor of President Nixon in vain, but it was God's will and we lost nothing. I was faced with quite a bit of opposition. Are you supporting my opinion? (Yes!) You are representing America and the Free World in supporting me.

Your forefathers came from the Old World, so in supporting me, you are including Europe, too. In American history, the American people killed many Native American Indians. Those were Asiatic people; they were yellow people. Here's a Korean man coming to the Western world to give the blessing of spiritual things. If the white people oppose me, then the colored people -- black and yellow -- will unite into one, and there will come a day when this great power will beat the white power.

Then there will be the end of the world. If I abandon the white people and go to the black world and witness to those people, concentrating on them, it will be much, much easier to get people. If I go to the American Indians and witness to those people, they will be easily on our side. But I'm here working for America, whose population is mostly white people, and if you people repel me, America's blessing will be taken away, I'm afraid. Are you going to hurt my heart and make me sad? (No!)

On the physical level, we are ready to accomplish what was left unaccomplished by Jesus Christ. What took place in Jesus' days also took place in Korea. In Jesus' days, both the chosen nation of the Israelites and the prepared Jewish religion did not cooperate with Jesus but opposed him. Likewise, in Korea, the Christian world, corresponding to Judaism of Jesus' day, and the Korean nation, representing the democratic world, both opposed our movement.

I had to go through a lot of hardship. Just as Jesus was crucified without making an excuse, without protesting, I was silent, not making any protest against their persecution. Some Christians even planned to kill me, and they slandered and persecuted me, using every possible means at their disposal, but I was silent. In Korean history, there have been many occult religions and spiritualists, and the people of Korea blamed us for what they had mistakenly done.

Why did Jesus Christ persevere and remain patient without attacking the opposing power? In attacking the opposing power, he had to kill or shatter the chosen nation of the Israelites. He could have lost the foundation of the chosen nation. That's why he couldn't do that.

Starting from the year 1960, within 21 years' time I have decided on three seven-year courses. The first seven-year course corresponds to the Old Testament Age. The second seven-year course corresponds to the New Testament Age. Towards the end of the second seven-year course in Korea, I had to win the victory both on the spiritual level and the physical level and pass on what I accomplished in Korea to the Western world and the whole world.

In doing that I have covered the individual level of things, family level of things, and national level of things, to connect them to the world level of things. And I'm now in America to build the world level of things in the spiritual way. America is the leading nation of the world. On the physical level, we have covered so far the last stage of the growth period, and from now on we are going to cover the final stage of the perfection period on the worldwide level. So, what we have left is our third seven-year course, in which we will cover the perfection stage both on the spiritual and physical levels.

During the coming three years, we are going to build our foundation on the physical level in America. After three more years, we are going to have it accomplished both on the physical and spiritual levels in the worldwide scope. You have your worldwide foundation on the spiritual level in the Christian world here in this country, and what we are going to do from now on is to build that anew on the physical level.

Centering on the bicentennial of your country, 1976, the previous three years and the coming three years are most important. At this turning point, we must be able to unite all the Christian denominations and religious sects to make a strong unified oneness, and get over all the difficulties and corruption coming about in this nation, or else this nation's destiny is doomed to be a sad one.

Three more years and we will reach 1978. That's the most crucial year in the history of America. Now do you realize at what point of history we are situated? (Yes!) We are at the very crucial turning point. At the turning point of Korean history, when Korea was in turmoil and chaos, I appeared on the public scene and turned it to the right side.

Likewise in America, where the whole society is corrupted and in chaos and confusion, the American youth under my command must mobilize themselves to save this nation or else your destiny will be terrible. You must be awakened to this fact. You must be like your forefathers who founded this nation for religious freedom.

You are now at the point of reformation to save this nation, and you must play the role of your Puritan forefathers, dynamically determined to build a new world; you are going to do the job. From here on, our work will be straight towards the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven. After the completion of our third seven-year course, we are going to be able to absorb the rest of the nations of the world under the subjective ideology of Godism, or Unification Thought.

Before anything else, you must be able to fill up Yankee Stadium. Our final goal is our Washington Rally, in which we will establish the top record, breaking the rest of the records so far set. We must mobilize our whole selves, shedding tears and blood for this purpose. And you must fight and overcome any fatigue or exhaustion. So, from now on, I will push you hard. Are you going to complain? (No!)

Jesus, on the cross, prayed for the Kingdom to be realized. For the nation of the Israelites he died on the cross. But we must be ready to die for the sake of the whole world. We are going to do greater things than Jesus did. If we have to die on the way, then we are destined for the Heavenly Kingdom, while Jesus upon death entered only the Paradise level. So, our mission is greater than what Jesus did in his day. Is it worth risking your life to do the job of the salvation of the world? This is your mission, to be accomplished during the third seven-year course.

You must not forget that we are on the altar of God, and we are going to be the sacrifice here. Up to the present, Western people hated Eastern people, and Eastern people thought of Western people as their enemies or they were anti-Western-something like that. But by your loving me, you are loving the whole Eastern part of the world, and by my loving you, it is the symbol of the Easterners loving the Westerners.

By giving and taking, and by East and West being united into one, we are going to realize God's Kingdom on Earth. This great thing which has begun in America has never been done by anyone else in past history. Our group is the only group to do the work, and we must accomplish it in your lifetime.

Let us make America the altar where Cain and Abel will meet as brothers, as twins, or as one body, and make the world into one unified Kingdom of God. I want you to accomplish the job with all your might, with all your sincerity, and with all your zeal and energy. I want you to win the victory and success.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 02.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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