The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

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Sun Myung Moon
June 7, 1975
World Rally for Korean Freedom
Yoedo Island, Seoul, Korea

Honorable and beloved brethren!

And the world members of the Unification Church from 60 different countries! This May 16 Plaza is a historical place. I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your attending the World Rally for Korean Freedom to establish a new history at this historical plaza today.

Today, June 7, 1975 is the day of new historical declaration both for me and God.

Already, at this very plaza, people have sent up a great roar that has shaken heaven and earth, blaming Kim Il Sung who is trying to invade the south, thus taking advantage of the Indochina situation. There have already been many rallies for the total unity of national security. However, this World Rally for Korean Freedom is the most unique historical convention in two senses.

First, today's rally is the only convention which blames Kim Il Sung not only in the name of the people and mankind, but also in the name of God. Secondly, this rally is a worldwide convention where not only our Korean people gather to resolve the defense for Korean freedom, but also some one thousand representatives from 60 countries of different languages and cultures gather together to resolve the protection of free Korea and the whole world.

This rally is a worldwide convention to manifest to the world the free peoples' resolution to protect the freedom of Korea.

The purposes of this rally are to encourage our people to be totally united domestically in the face of our nation's crisis brought about by the communization of Vietnam and Cambodia and to show the direction and standpoint which the people of the world should follow. As a result this rally is significant in order to warn Kim Il Sung against conducting any rash action, miscalculating or provoking a war like the June 25 Korean War.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is Communism?

We know very well that Communism began with the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, engulfing more than half of the world within the last half century and inflicting its ruthless and savage action upon mankind. Communism is a dreadful, satanic philosophy, the action of which is horribly criminal and destructive. We Korean people who have experienced the savage action of Communism know better than any other people in the world the criminal behavior of the Communists. We are the people who have made a greater sacrifice than any other people in the world because of Communism. And at this very moment in North Korea our 14,000,000 brethren are still the victims of Communism. However, the criminal action of Communism does not stop here.

Today we can find the reason why we must oppose Communism and annihilate its criminal actions from the face of the earth. Communism is not only the enemy of mankind, but more significantly it is the enemy of God. Communism is not only an ideological system of politics and economics, but it is also a form of religion based on atheism.

Communism completely controls human thinking, action and way of life, which is the unique force that only a religion can have. And Communism is a religion insisting that there is no God. Moreover the ideology itself takes the place of God in human thinking, action and way of life, making human beings into slaves and machines. Therefore Communism is an unforgivable enemy which opposes God. It is a satanic religion wanting to annihilate God from the face of the earth. For Communism to win victory on the earth is for God to be defeated completely on the earth. It is God's defeat before it is the defeat of democracy and the free world. Therefore Communism is God's enemy even before it is the enemy of mankind.

However, omniscient and omnipotent God cannot be defeated. God will not merely watch Communism win victory over the whole world.

Therefore, in today's rally we must realize that the Unification Church and other virtuous religions who believe in God will surely win victory over Communism, the satanic religion denying God. I sincerely declare that the Unification Church, who calls God our Father, and all the other religious people with their obedience and faith should defeat God's enemy, Communism, which is trying to kill God.

Therefore we must realize that all religious people, especially Unification Church members, are God's warriors to be called to the frontline for victory over Communism and are vanguards and flag bearers in the battle between God and Satan. We can never defeat Communism depending only upon weapons. This is because we cannot destroy firm human belief with only weapons or an atomic bomb. It is through belief and ideology that we can defeat the false. The force that will win victory over Communism, the false ideology, is another spiritual belief and ideology of a higher dimension.

Today we must increase our national power. We must equip our armed forces. We must fortify our defense line. However, what is more important is to be armed with truth; that is to say, our spirit should be armed with faith and ideology. We should be armed with the ideology that there is a God and our spirit should be armed with the faith and resolution that we will fight at the cost of our lives to fulfill God's will. We can win victory over the Communists' false faith and ideology only through the true faith and ideology.

The completely false ideology can be defeated only by the true ideology which shows clearly that God actually exists. When the Communist ideology, standing on a false foundation, reveals its identity in the clear daylight, it will be smashed to pieces. This is the ultimate task for the Unification Church members and all the religious people to carry out. This is the way to root out and win the victory over Communism.

Today two ideologies are facing each other: one thinks there is a God and the other thinks there is no God. One world is centering on material and the other world is centering on spirit. The world that thinks there is a God is on God's side, and the world that thinks there is no God is on Satan's side. When these two worlds encounter each other the result will determine God's existence.

Therefore the fight to defeat Communism is the fight for God. Now these two world powers are facing against each other here in Korea. Korea is the final battlefield of these two worldwide ideologies which are against each other. The protection of Korean freedom is not only for the sake of Korea, but for the sake of the whole free world, and for the defense of eternal freedom, and for bringing to God a final victory. This is the reason why all freedom-loving people of the world should rise up in order to defend Korean freedom.

For the people of the free world the problem of Korean freedom is their own affair. This problem is directly related to the free world's existence and accordingly, the free world's security is the security of God. Therefore, in the Korean War God sent soldiers from 16 different countries to protect the freedom of Korea, shedding their precious blood. If North Korea invades the South again, enthusiastic youths from 60 different countries are going to defend this country to the last, at the cost of their lives.

Today the world members of the Unification Church from 60 different countries are rising up and are totally united in. the name of God and all people of the world to receive and carry out such a will in this meaningful plaza. The Unification Church has been fulfilling the role of flag bearer and bridgehead in the battle against Communism, standing in the frontline of the free world, with the belief that Communism is the final enemy of God.

The religion that manifests God clearly -- this religion will let us perceive the truth, faith and ideology that can overcome Communism. The aim of all the religious people in Korea should be the city of Pyongyang. The North Korean people who became the slaves of Communism are waiting for their liberation by God. Kim Il Sung and his followers dug underground tunnels for the purpose of invading the South. We religious people should dig our own tunnel for free unification to the bottom of the city of Pyongyang with our higher dimensions and should have the courage to liberate our brethren of the same love and heart.

We must not only pray, but also fight in order to explode God's bomb of truth and love in the center of the city of Pyongyang. 14,000,000 North Korean brethren are waiting for God's hands. And our hands -- these hands should be the very hands of God.

In the Old Testament nine-foot Goliath stood stately with a spear in his hand. Before him was the boy David with a stone in his hand. Today we should hear David's cry. He neither cried, "You, foe, receive my stone," nor "Though I am very small, I am very strong. Come and fight with me." David cried, "I am facing you in the name of Jehovah." David defeated the giant Goliath with God's power.

We should defeat Kim Il Sung, smash Mao Tse Tung, and crush the Soviet Union in the name of God. We can gain victory only through faith. Let us fortify our defense line, completely and bravely. And let us fight to the last at the cost of our lives in the holy battle for God. The final victory will be ours at last. God is on our side.

Ladies and gentlemen! Today we must know the strategy of Communism. I who am standing here know Communism better than any other person.

After liberation from Japan when I was in North Korea doing missionary work, I myself came through many death situations. The Communists captured me as their opponent and imprisoned me in Hungnam Prison in 1948. This compulsory labor prison was an execution place where political and religious prisoners were dying slowly. I spent three years in this prison and was liberated by U.N. forces sent by God in 1950. I am a person who has tasted deeply the reality of Communism. I know too well its strategy and plot.

In 1931 one of the main staff members of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist party, Dimitry Mauilsky, told the core partisans at the Lenin Political Strategy School about the strategy of Communism as follows: "Communism cannot coexist with capitalism. It is too early to attack (1931), our time will come in 20 or 30 years. We can gain victory only through surprise attack. Let the capitalist world eat well and sleep well by all means. The best way to do this is to initiate an absolute peace policy. Knowing nothing, they will enjoy peace and will respond to peace negotiations. In this way the capitalist countries will stupidly cooperate in digging a trap for themselves. We pretend to be their friends and gain time. And while they are relaxing we will deliver a decisive fist of iron..."

This is the very strategy of the Soviet Union written by Lenin, this is the very strategy of Mao Tse Tung to govern mainland China, this is the very strategy of the North Vietnamese to control Vietnam, and they all succeeded. And this is the very strategy of Kim Il Sung, who was looking for the chance to invade the South. However, we will never be cheated by this strategy again. And we will never again allow Kim Il Sung to miscalculate. Today let us show Kim Il Sung our ability.

Our 50,000,000 brethren who love our fatherland will defend this country at the cost of their lives. We will never allow even a foot of our territory to be trodden by Communism. We have our powerful allies. America is a powerful ally and Japan is a powerful ally. Heaven helps them who help themselves. When we blame Kim Il Sung in the name of God and when we defend this country in the name of God, this country cannot be a second Vietnam.

However, ladies and gentlemen, this is not all! Another force that Kim Il Sung must know of is manifesting in this World Rally for Korean Freedom at May 16 Plaza. There is another very big ally which Korea and Korean people should know about. It is the world members of the Unification Church who believe Korea is their religious fatherland.

They are absolute anti-Communists and love Korea completely. To what degree do they love Korea? According to their religious belief Korea is their religious fatherland and their holy land. For a faithful religious person to invade this holy land is to invade his own body and home. This means that the world members of the Unification Church love Korea as their own physical bodies. Accordingly, to protect Korea, their religious fatherland, is the faith of the world members of the Unification Church.

Ladies and gentlemen! Some 1,000 representatives from 60 different countries who gather together here are the most intimate friends of Korea who will protect and defend this land with firm belief and their lives.

These representatives who gather in this historical plaza will resolve that in case North Korea provokes a war against the South Korean people, they believe it is God's will to protect their religious fatherland to the last, to organize the Unification Crusade Army, and to take part in the war as a supporting force to defend both Korea and the free world.

"Until the Eastern seas run dry, and the white top mountains fall, God will guide and shield our country for eternity." Since our liberation from Japan, we have been singing this as part of our national anthem. We have come to know that this national anthem is God's revelation to the Korean people. God revealed that "our country for eternity" can be accomplished only through His guidance and shielding. God loves the Republic of Korea best.

Since our forefather Dan Kun started the Korean nation and through various hard times being located in between larger nations, we have never once invaded a foreign country in our history. God helped us to steadfastly keep our tradition of one race! God brought the August 15 liberation to us who had lost our country! God mobilized the 16 countries during the Korean War to protect this country which would otherwise have fallen like South Vietnam! God set up a powerful new leader, the present president of this Korea, and the new order in our society when this country was confused and facing the crisis of Communist invasion from the North in 1961!

God is helping us gain the final victory at the last battlefield between God and Satan, making North Korea, Red China, the Soviet Union, the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the United States involved in this battle, just like in both the first and the second World Wars! We should be courageous and rise up totally with God's special favor and protection. God loves Korea so much that He is going to establish a unified civilization of the whole world in this country.

According to God's providence, human civilization has traveled around the world with its higher dimension, and now it is going to bear fruit.

Our ancient civilization was brought about on the continent. Human civilization was conceived beside the Nile River, changed into the peninsula civilization of Greece, and formed the Mediterranean civilization on the Italian peninsula. This peninsula civilization moved into the island civilization. That is to say, it formed. the Atlantic civilization centered on Great Britain. At last the island civilization of Great Britain crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed on the American continent and formed the Pacific civilization, and the miracle of modem civilization. But the flow of human history does not stop here.

I know very well that this civilization crossed the Pacific Ocean and formed a new island civilization of Japan in full bloom corresponding to that of Great Britain, and it is going to form a unified civilization here in Korea corresponding to that of the Roman Empire. The Republic of Korea is the beloved one in the new era, and the Korean people are the ones chosen by God. Korea is the cradle of the new civilization that God wants. Therefore Korea is the country where God will make an end of His work of providence in a unification of world civilization. This should be the pride of the Korean people, whom God loves.

A mother must unavoidably go through pains in order to bear a great son. Korea is now suffering from those pains. It is the very trial of our present day. God is testing our potential ability, bravery, and qualifications through this trial, and after these pains He is going to bring us the glory of a great son. Therefore each of the biggest powers on Satan's side are going to invade this country respectively.

We should overcome this trial with God's love and with faith and hope. Our gaining the victory over Communism in spite of all difficulties means that Korea will take a leading role in establishing the unified world, which is God's will. In other words, Korea is the flag bearer of the whole world.

In order to do this it is absolutely impossible without the true thought and ideology. This is the intention of the Unification Church. It is the Divine Principle which Korea gave birth to in order to unify all religions. It is the ideology of Victory Over Communism. It is the Unification Thought.

All the religions which take God as their Father should be united to face the Communists who deny God, but we should defeat them with truth and love. Let them recognize their errors. And finally we should embrace them as our brothers and sisters. The ideology for Victory over Communism based on this principle analyzes all philosophies and isms, and enables us to unite into one centering on God. This principle, ideology, and thought was brought about in Korea. This is God's ism.

We will govern the country consulting with God and centering on God. There will be neither a party in power nor a party out of power. The time has come when all the religions and conscientious people should be united with our government and defeat Communism with God's ism and unify our territory and people. The time is now. Bliss comes after pain, and the new way comes out of difficulties. When the time comes, let us display the full potential of the Korean people who believe in God.

The famous Indian poet Tagore sang about Korea as follows: "Korea in early days, one of the bright lights in the golden days of Asia, when the light again becomes bright, you will be the brilliant light in the Orient. The place where there is no fear in mind, the head is high, The place where knowledge is free and not divided into pieces by small walls. The place where words spring up out of the depth of truth. The place where the two arms stretch out for the completion of endless effort. The place where the clear flow of intelligence is not astray on the sands of convention. The place where my mind is guided by the thought and action stretching out endlessly. To such a heavenly kingdom of freedom, may awake my fatherland."

My beloved brethren! Korea will be a bright light in the Orient illuminating the whole world in the near future. The day will surely come when all the people around the world will take Korea which is governed by God as their fatherland just like the poet Tagore. The time is already coming.

Ladies and gentlemen! The Unification Church from 120 different countries around the world, regarding Korea as their religious fatherland, and as brothers and sisters beyond language and culture, are united into one and will march together to defeat Kim Il Sung, God's enemy, and satanic Communism. My beloved brothers and sisters of Korea! The present day task, more than anything else, is to perceive that communism is the enemy of God before it is the enemy of mankind. So today we accuse Kim Il Sung in the name of God. I clearly declare that God will not allow Kim Il Sung to invade the South.

Let us fight at the cost of our lives to defeat Kim Il Sung and Communist countries in the name of the free world and Korea! Let us fight to the last! Let us fight until we win! God is with and protects the Republic of Korea!

My beloved brethren! We have nothing to fear. Be strong, be courageous, be totally united, and march on in the name of God. Until we restore North Korea, the land of God, and until we get back our brothers and sisters of the same blood, let us fight at the cost of our lives.

Let all democratic countries in the world completely liberate the Communist countries on Satan's side and accomplish the free unification of the world in the name of God. Since God is on our side the victory will surely be ours. Be strongly united in the name of God. Let us rise up totally! Let us march on all together! Let us go ahead all together! Thank you very much. 

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