The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Life of Attendance is a Life of Becoming One with True Parents through Your Devotion

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1975
Excerpt The Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 78
Unofficial Translation

What does it mean to live a life of attendance? It is a life devoted to giving your utmost devotion. In the past people gave their utmost sincere devotion [Jeong Seong1 in Korean] to God. Today, you must offer your filial devotion to the substantial True Parents. Offering your utmost filial devotion is the beginning of loyalty to the nation; and saints and sages in the past lived such life of devotion as representatives of tens of thousands of people.

From this perspective, today if you attend and offer your filial devotion to Parents in the horizontal position, you will inherit the right of loyal subjects in the national level and the right of saint in the world level. It has such a value. Therefore, it is awesome and great to be publicly acknowledged as a filial child by your devotion to God and True Parents. You should know that such recognition is one that even Jesus would envy such a position and all the founders of the world religions would be envious as well.

From now on you and True Parents must be one -- as hard as iron. Your relationship with your parents, based on the fact that you are born of them, cannot be cut off by any power of the universe. No one can disagree with this fact. Can you deny that you came from your mother and father, by any argument? Or can you use any power to deny the relationship? No matter what you try, you cannot deny this relationship under the sun.

Even God cannot deny the fact that you are born of your parents, nor can anyone else on earth deny it. By the same token, once you become one with True Parents by committing your sincere devotion to them, no one can deny this relationship. Upon this special foundation that you built by your devotion; God's love will be dwelling inside you through True Parents.

As you stand in this position, as explained in the teaching of the Divine Principle, you will be filled with love that is centered on God and True Parents; thus, you will complete the four position foundation. This is the position of attendance. There is no other way to do so.

From now on, you must receive God's love. This path is the path to receive God's love. God's love begins from Adam and Eve on earth. If they became completely one with God, they would become the subject and object who embody God; thus they would become the second subject on earth. By this unity, they would become the substantial foundation of God's love. Centered on the foundation, if you believe them more than you believe in Jesus or devote yourself more than you devoted to your religious faith in the past, and you offer your utmost sincere devotion to live a life of filial children, you will automatically enter into the realm of God's love.

Moreover, in the past no matter how much you gave your devotion spiritually, you could not receive the benefit of your devotion substantially. However, it is a different time. If you devote your sincerity to the Parents, they will not only respond to you spiritually, but when you meet them in reality, they will enjoy staying close to you even if you meet them for the first time. It is a natural reaction to the people who offered their most sincere devotion. If I say, "Why did you come to see me?" then it proves that this person did not offer their utmost. When I see persons who offer their devotion sincerely, I will be glued to look at them, yet never get tired or bored. Even if they look miserable externally, once they offered sincere devotion to Heaven, their original nature stands in the object partner position to the subject of love and God's love naturally permeates between the perfect subject and object partners. Thus, they will naturally become as one. So, if one goes somewhere the one is missed greatly. They are inseparable -- they cannot live without the other.

Then, what will you want to hear most? You will be excited to hear anything that the True Parents share. Then what do True Parents want to listen to most? They will love to hear what their sons and daughters are doing -- bragging about their success stories. That is the amusement of the parents and the joy of God. You must know this.


1. Korean word, Jeong Seong is very difficult word to translate in any other languages. Yet, it is very important word/concept to understand in order to really appreciate True Father's life and philosophy. In this text, it is translated as sincere devotion. 

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