The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

God, Myself, And The Country Of My Assignment

Sun Myung Moon
April 21, 1975
Barrytown, N.Y.
Translated by Won Pok Choi


Hello, everyone, how are you? I'm sure you have been blessed with many words; already there has been a feast of words, so I'm not going to talk too much. Please, don't tape-record tonight. As soon as I arrived here this morning, I was told by Mrs. Choi (Mi Shik Choi) that you were waiting for me. You foresaw that I was coming. In fact, there were many reasons that called for me to be home, but somehow Father encouraged me to come, and so I'm here. I'm going to talk a little bit to you.

Today is the fiftieth day after the birth of Kwon-jin. I don't know whether or not he is somewhat conscious of our leaving him, but the other time we left, the evening before, he was uneasy and did not sleep well. The same thing happened last night. The reason why I'm saying this is that you just don't understand how much you are loved by Father, loved by him to such a degree that our immediate children are almost jealous of you.

Sooner or later, you will experience the same thing. We have here many blessed couples. After a certain period of time, you will have the experience of giving birth to your children. Here are also many single people, and you will also have that kind of experience in the future. So you will understand me at that time.

But I want you to understand that after giving birth to the eighth child, I feel a little feeble, and I cannot be with Father when he attends meetings and things like that, so I want you to understand. If you really understand the depth of the Divine Principle, you know that he is going the way of Jacob as the exemplary course, so I'm supposed to give birth to at least 12 children, I guess.

This is a funny story, but you know that in the world birth control is prevalent. Whenever I visit gynecologists they warn me against having too many children! The last time I visited the American doctor here, she wanted me to bring my husband. I asked her why, and I knew that she was going to talk about birth control! It's a funny story, but you can understand, so I told you about that.

Sooner or later, you are leaving for the countries of your assignment, where you are going to play the roles of fathers and mothers, so I'm going to tell you some of my experiences as a parent. Whenever I look at the face of a baby, I feel cleansed in my heart, and I somehow feel that he's looking through my mind. There's a Korean saying that goes like this: Parents cannot but become pure, cannot become bad. Something like that.

Whenever the baby cries a lot, or feels hurt or uneasy, or gets sick, I always look back into myself and reflect on what I have done wrong. When I feel like that, I always experience that God is with me and sympathizes with me. Whenever you witness to the people in your own land, I think you must have the heart of the parent to them. You must take care of them carefully and closely observe what they are doing, what they feel, and if you really love them from the position of the parent to them, I'm sure your work there will be greatly successful.

As you may know, Father really loves you people. Early this morning, Father got up in the dark and kept saying, "I must go to Barrytown, I must go to Barrytown and see the members.'' We are busy today because we are leaving this evening to take the 10:00 a.m. plane for Los Angeles tomorrow morning. We have many things to straighten up, and I must take care of the children and meet their needs, too.

But Father would just press me to go, and encourage me to go, and here we are! By the time we come back, I think you will have gone, but remember that we are always with you. Father loves you so much that he cannot leave you, but lives with you in spirit. So, be confident, work hard and raise many children, as many children as possible.

Well, more words are coming from Father, more precious words, so I will stop here. Please don't forget that your parents are with you always, wherever you go.

Mrs. Won Pok Choi:

I told Father that he looked very touched and moved by Mother's talk.


I thank Mother, because she talked to you with great heart. After you leave, we have no certainty as to when we will meet again. The current campaign will be concluded by the 15th of May, and around the 20th, the Global Team will leave for Japan. After that, I will remain in Korea, and bless the already married couples.

Then I will do the same in Japan, and after I return to America I will do the same, of course. You've heard me so many times that I'm sure you have forgotten what I told you to do. Still, do you want me to talk more? (Yes!) My topic is going to be "God, myself, and the country of my assignment.''

There are many nations, with many families, and many individuals in the families, but there are few nations or families which God can rely on and trust. There are many churches existing in the world, and many churchmen. But are there really churches and churchmen whom God can trust? I don't think there are too many.

I am always thinking of God's desire and God's hope for you. It is only natural for God to expect you to be far better off than the people in the land where you are going. There's no difference between God and man in desire. So you can well imagine that God expects you to do a good job representing Him. He relies on you more than you rely on Him. You pray to God for so many things. But God Himself is in the position to pray that you do a good job for Him and for the world. He's constantly praying, asking you that you build a good family in the land, a good tribe and nation out of the people.

Mother talked about our children, but I felt the same, and I had the same experience in the car. As we came here, I held Kook-jin in my arms, and he fell asleep. You will experience the same thing. Your children think that their father is the foremost man in the whole world, the greatest man in the whole world.

Father expects his children to be the greatest, too. But suppose someone kidnapped your child. Then how would the parent's heart be affected? As for the child, when he's kidnapped by a strange man, the more persecution that comes from that person, the more he would long for his parents. No explanation can really describe the situation. The parents would think of the child day and night, without eating, without sleeping. They would forget about everything else, and just keep thinking of the child.

I put myself in the position of God, having lost Adam and Eve, who were kidnapped by the hands of Satan. How much God must have longed to have His children back? If we fallen men feel like that, how much more would God have been that way, God who is the king of love. He is the deepest thinker and feeler.

His feeling was so great from the pang of the loss of His children that no human endeavor could console His Heart. We can never imagine how sad and grieved He was in His heart. But after so long a period of time, has He been able to have His children back? He has tried every possible way, but without man helping Him in any way. He could not do the job alone, so He spent many years without any results; but now, hearing that there's a group of people who will do the job for Him, how overjoyed He must be!

He has hope that He can now have His children back. The group of people He relies on for that is the Unification movement. When I think of that, I'm confident that I'm in the position to be loved by God, and without my being conscious of it He has been loving me so and helping me. But have you and I struggled so hard to come back to the home of your Father, God? How much have you been struggling for that while God as your Father has been so anxious to have you back?

If you really understood that you are in the position of an orphan longing to see its parents, then could you be distracted by something else on your way back? You would march forward to meet your father! When you meet Him, there will be a dramatic scene of reunion, and the Father would cry and cry, and you would weep and sob in His arms just hugging each other.

Now you know that God is our Father, subject to us as the object, always waiting for us to be united with Him. God is our Father who knows where we are but cannot have us back! Imagine: He's in the position to know your whereabouts and what you are doing -- but He cannot have you back. How agonized He must be in that position, because in accordance with the Principle, He cannot relate to you when you don't live by the Principle.

And more than anything else, you don't realize that Father is there, waving at you, calling to you. How to let you know that Father is there, is the problem. You are deaf to His call. So, instead of calling to you, He motions at you and with unseen hands, guiding you. Still you don't realize it. Above all, you are situated in the satanic world, so He has been using coded messages to reach you. If any of you is alert to His call, can interpret His coded message, and is eager to go back to Him, how happy God would be! But on your way back, there is still the possibility that Satan can attack you at least three times.

As in the case of Job, he will smash you in terms of taking your possessions. Then he will smite you physically. He will torture you or persecute your children or mate. As you have read in the book of Job, the devil Satan took his material possessions and then his children, and then him, physically. But Job did not lose faith. Then alone, God could have him back and claim him as His son. Aware of being God's children, if you are anxious to return to God even at the risk of your life, you will dash forward back to God, opening the channel which leads to salvation.

The age in which God had to use coded messages or symbolic terms has passed. Now we are in the age where we can directly hear from Him through someone, and that is exactly what's happening in our group. You have left the satanic world, where you were kidnapped and confined. When you first joined our movement, do you remember the feeling of liberation you felt?

When you look back to your past, have you ever felt, how miserable it would have been if you had stayed there in the satanic world? You hate to even imagine that you are living in that world, even in your dreams. It is a wonderful fact, and you must accept with gratitude that you are liberated from the bondage of Satan. You are now in the position where Satan cannot claim you back.

Without your knowing it, you are here at the risk of your life, and God is aware that you are risking your life to escape from the satanic world. But have you experienced the same feeling in a very strong way? If you really experience that, whenever you look back to your past, you'll be horrified at the idea that you were inhabitants in that world. Not only are you liberated from the bondage of Satan, but now you call yourselves God's children. This is an awesome and gratifying fact.

Before you leave for your missionary lands, I want to teach you how to pay the toll of indemnity for your nation and for your work there. The very core of the matter is that you must entirely forget your past. Don't be attached to your past. Don't cling to your past. Just cut it off and forget about it. You must feel you are left all alone, by yourself, and with God as your subject -- God and yourself -- there are only two beings in the world. By doing that, you are putting yourself in the position of Adam with no human beings around.

Did Adam have any relatives then? (No!) Did Adam have any physical parents? (No.) Did he have any brothers and sisters? (No.) God was going to create a woman out of the man, but he was all by himself, with God at that time. You must be aware that you are in the position of Adam, one single existence created by God and you are all alone with God Himself.

Either of you must be thinking of God alone, nothing else. There's one thing that makes you better than Adam and Eve. You have the knowledge that Adam and Eve fell by the temptation of the archangel. So, you know that you can never fall prey to temptation.

You are sure you are not going to do that. Can you be like that? (Yes!) You now understand how horrible the human fall was, and how much torture God had to go through after the fall of man, and you can never make God grieve again by doing the same. You must be sure of that.

You are going to your land in the position of Adam and Eve. You are representing God to the nation. I'm going the road of restoration. Realizing how hard it has been for God to restore the people, I'm now representing God and I'm going to restore the people in that land back to God the Father. God being a spiritual entity has no physical hands with which to work so you are representing God and working for Him.

God is in a position to meet you and call to you only in symbolic terms because He is invisible and you are not aware of Him. On the spiritual level, He's in the position to have to create you, and you are being recreated by His hands. You are not yet perfect, but you are being sent by God as a perfect son in the position of Adam before the fall to restore the lost children of God in the land.

In other words, you are going to the enemy land of Satan, to take revenge for God. You must cut the barbed wire and bring back the kidnapped children of God. God can talk to you only in symbolic terms and coded messages, but you can talk directly to the people. You have the greatest asset.

You can even put yourself in the position of God's son, and do the same as Satan did in tempting God's children; you can tempt and lure away the kidnapped children of God from the bondage of Satan. This kind of thing will happen. If a male member witnesses to a female, she will somehow be very much attracted to him in the worldly sense, and the same thing happens when a woman witnesses to a man.

At the time of the fall of man, the tempting by the archangel killed the spiritual life of Adam and Eve, but now, by heavenly temptation, you can lure away the lost children, not allowing them to fall into evil hands. When they are brought into the movement, a man should not think of a girl as his future spouse, but as his daughter; for the girl, he is your son.

Don't be tempted. After bringing him or her into the movement make them aware that they are in the position of daughter or son to you. Be nice and kind to them, and take care of them as you would your own children. You must rear your children to the point where Father will say, "It is good, they are perfected." If they are not raised to spiritual maturity, can God bless them in marriage?

You cannot have a love relationship with anyone before reaching perfection, which is spiritual maturity. You can marry only when you reach maturity. On the spiritual level too, unless you are perfected God cannot bless you in holy matrimony. Even though people are attracted to you, you can never dream of loving them in the sense that you are going to marry them.

You have nothing to do with being married. Marriage is something God will bless you with. Suppose there's a man or a girl wanting to marry you, can you marry him or her on your own will? You must make it clear -- so clear that you will never commit mistakes.

We are armed with the method of attracting people with heart. It is the Principle that any creation is attracted and drawn to people who love them the most. If you are a man and have witnessed to and brought into the movement a girl, you are responsible for the girl's growth so that she reaches perfection or spiritual maturity.

That is our first weapon -- heart. Our heart will draw the people. You have the freedom -- I call it freedom -- of serving your children. You can freely serve them. It is the act of making them resemble you. You are the exemplary person to them and by serving them again and again; you can teach them how to serve people. Service is the act of recreation.

When God created man, He invested His whole being there. That is the second weapon. If you have heart and service wherever you go, people are inclined to follow you. The third weapon is your word. You must educate them with the truth, leading them back to the original position. You must teach them how it has been an act of sin to be associated with a male or female in the worldly sense, and how grieved God must have been to see that relationship in worldly parents and sons and daughters.

You must show them how to go back to the original status of life, and in so doing you must set up the tradition for them to follow. If you have done that, even though you want to chase them away, they will never leave you. That's the standard to which you must raise your children.

They are going to be your comrades, clinging in such a way that they feel the same emotion as you. When you are hurt by people, when you are looked down upon, they feel indignant as though they hurt your feelings. And when you are hurt, they will feel indignant that their parents are hurt.

In the case of women, if you were witnessed to and brought into the movement by a man and if you men were brought into the movement by a woman hold up your hand. It is natural that this kind of case is the majority. You have experienced what I just told you. The girl or the man was not so attractive but somehow you were drawn to him or her and finally you found yourself in the movement.

You must understand the difference between God and Satan and between good and evil. There is a significant difference. God wants you to wait until your maturity to know love. But Satan would lure you away through the love act before maturity. That's an important difference. Satan will even whisper in your ears, "Man fell this way, so in the course of restoration you will do the same in the reverse way."

You must be able to distinguish between good and evil. Satan has been spreading the rumor that in our movement, free sex is prevalent. They are propagating that we reverse the act of the fall, and they say we cleanse sins by way of the same acts, centered on God, or something like that.

It sounds true. If you are tempted by the voice of Satan, you will fall into the dungeon of hell. If one knows the Divine Principle, that kind of act is not permissible, not forgivable at all. There's a small difference, but it makes a vast difference. Only God-centered love after your maturity, after the approval by God alone is permissible and then you can be blessed, but not before that.

Before maturity, you are not allowed that kind of act. And without the True Parents' approval, you will never be allowed to do such a thing. It's an unforgivable act -- that is the difference between heaven and hell. If you get over that, you will be headed for heaven and entitled to heaven. But one step the other way and you will fall into hell. Satan is desperately active to lure you away.

When you belong to God, you are so attractive to satanic people that they will long to see you, they miss you in such a way that they cannot sleep, cannot eat, cannot do anything. That's what is going to happen around you. That is the law of gravity centered on the magnetic power of law, and life energy coming from the love of God. That is our weapon, if used for a good purpose. Our love has more magnetic power, stronger power to attract people than worldly love, so it is natural for the people to be drawn to you.

Adam and Eve were drawn to the satanic side by satanic love. But with divine love, heavenly love, godly love, we must draw them back to God's side. You must understand and you must be able to teach those people that after going through three years of active service in our movement, or seven years at the longest, that you really belong to our movement and you can be recognized by the True Parents.

For those who are not married, you must be especially careful about that. Before joining the movement, you had the attitude towards free sex of "What's wrong with it? When I want to love someone, don't I have the freedom of doing so?" That's never allowed here; you must clearly understand.

If you think that way, you fall prey to satanic invasion. If in our movement we cannot liquidate this kind of sin we can never be successful. Who will liquidate this kind of original sin? Since Adam and Eve fell before their maturity, those before their maturity must be able to liquidate this kind of sin. Chastity is more than life. You must know that.

We have three weapons with which to win people: with heart, with service, and with the words of truth. These three weapons are indispensable. At the time of the fall, those three weapons were misused. Instead of serving each other they were lured away by the opponent with whispered falsehoods.

You must reach the people with the truth, with words. And by the sacrificial service you show them, they will be connected to you in love. There are certain types of persons who will be won without any words, without any service. They are drawn to you without being conscious of it. An emotional connection is made to you, and then that will be expressed in service. They will be taught as you discourse on the truth.

There are roughly two types of persons: the emotional type, and the intellectual type. You must be able to distinguish which type a certain person is and approach him in that way. In teaching them, the first thing you are going to explain is the existence of God as our Father. Man is an orphan and we have a Father.

Father is the Father of the past, present and future. He has been with us, He is now with us, and He will forever be with us. He has struggled so hard with a longing heart to have us back. By so teaching, they will realize God's existence and begin to feel God's love. After having done that, they will be emotionally connected with God. Then alone your relationship with him will be correctly and wholesomely built.

If you are an unmarried person -- who knows? -- later, if it is approved by the True Parents, you can marry your spiritual children, one of those who you brought into the movement, but you can never think of that beforehand. You must understand why I'm sending out married couples -- separated, of course -- to those countries, instead of unmarried boys and girls.

I want to send my people in the position of perfected sons and daughters. Secondly, they are already blessed in holy matrimony, and they have their own nation: even though they'll be separated from each other, they are attached to each other in heart, so nobody can tempt them away. And they, as married couples, are in the position of part of Father and part of Mother.

Representing Father and Mother, if you witness to people and bring them into the movement, they will actually become your children and you will feel that bond. By sending these people to unknown lands, I can keep Satan from tempting you away by way of love. You are not liable to the accusations of Satan.

In blessing you in marriage, I approved you or recognized you to be in the last stage of the growth period before Adam and Eve fell, so if you cling to the True Parents and are united with them in absolute obedience, then you are a part of the Parents. So you represent the Parents and you are in the position of the Parents to the people there. You are blessed in marriage, so you have your mate, and on the horizontal level you have the relationship of heart and love.

With those two united, you resemble God and you reach God vertically. At the time of the fall, Satan tempted Adam, and he and Eve were corrupted and fell away. The union was on the horizontal level. You are each on the same level, and you are united into one and reach God on the vertical level. But at the time of the fall, Adam fell into the hands of the archangel who was on a lower level.

They were united not on the same level but on a lower level, and they fell into the dungeon. You must understand how blessed you are when you are sent to mission countries after you have been blessed. You are not liable to accusation from Satan, and you are not liable to temptation by way of love. That's why I'm sending out blessed families.

Some of you unmarried persons, as I said before, must be especially careful about temptation. You must be constantly warning yourself against it. You can never tell the person you have brought into the movement that he or she is going to be your future mate. You can never talk to people that way. If you, as the leader of the group, say that, you are on the side of Satan, not of God. Those who are brought into the movement by you are not allowed to say that, but they might say that anyway because they don't know the law.

In that case you are in the position of Adam or Eve and those people are in the position of the archangel. They still have the desire to tempt you, so they may say that. But you are in the position of Adam; you can never say that to people when you know the Divine Principle. I have seen many such cases even in our group, so I know the danger exists. Out in the field, when you witnessed to people and brought them into the movement, some of you may have said, "You are going to be my future mate!" You must understand that God leaves you at that moment, because God is the God of Principle.

Wherever you are, even though you are all by yourself in an unknown land, you must feel as though you are with your mate spiritually. It is like the Christian belief where you long for Jesus as your husband or long for the Holy Spirit as your wife, something like that. Only after restoring your children can you live with each other, as husband and wife.

When husband and wife are reunited, you must by that time have three sons or twelve disciples at least to serve you and to think of you as their own parents. Sooner or later, you will be faced with this kind of problem. So, you must be armed with the knowledge of how to handle them. If you fail to put this into practice, God will never be with you.

When you go to your land, you are not going as Americans or Germans or any nationality, but you are going as children of the True Parents. You are the third generation from God: God, True Parents, and yourself. With three generations together, no evil power can invade you. You are free from the accusations of Satan.

If you are really one with God, God will be there, always abiding in you. You are going to miss your homeland, your home state. "Oh, my Arizona, my California, my New York." But you must miss Barrytown instead of your home state or hometown. In your mind, you must always miss Chang-Chung Gymnasium where you were married, Seoul National Headquarters and Barrytown. That is your homeland.

After doing that, you may miss your hometown or home state. In that way, you are secure. You know where you belong, so you can draw the people to your side. You have the power to do that. I'm somehow drawn to you, so whenever I find time, I come here to meet you again and again. It is because I am drawn to you and you miss me. I want you to feel the same way. I want you to learn that from me.

At first you just thought of me like this: you could find no better person as a leader at this time in the world. But gradually you find me to be bigger and bigger, to be the best in the world. You must be proud of your True Parents being the best in the world, and you must be proud of your heritage and lineage because you are connected to them.

Externally, you don't resemble me. I'm a yellow man, and you have white or black complexions, but somehow, even on the physical level, though our complexions are different, you resemble me in having flesh, bones, blood and marrow, and heart, of course. So, on the physical level too, there are some ways in which you resemble me. Your resemblance qualifies you to be his children.

"Always follow his example" must be your attitude. Now you must clearly understand that you are leaving as children of the True Parents, or a part of him. So, if you cut one of your fingers and engraft it onto someone, one branch of yours will be cut and other trees will become true olive trees. Part of yourself will be planted there, rooted deep in the soil, the land. That's the way you witness to people.

When a branch is planted, will it grow all of a sudden, without difficulty? You must water it and take care of it. That's what you are going to do. Help the branch when planted to grow wholesomely by taking care of it and make it grow to be a big tree, having its own branches and own fruit. God will be working with you.

He will give the plant fertilizer, water, every possible nourishment, and rear the tree with you. In other words, you are the trunk of the tree and many branches will grow there. Then the new tree grown in that land will reach maturity in your image. Those branches can be cut and planted in other cities, and in so many parts of that country. They will grow to be big trees, too. So the multiplication will be fast

My topic this morning was "God, myself, and the land," and I told you that God also is in the position to have to pray for your success, pray that you carry out your mission in place of Him. God will tell you that you are in the position where it is easier for you to witness to people than for Him: "I'm an invisible entity. I've no hands to work with." We have a physical body. You can employ every possible way.

You can tell the people the truth, and if they don't receive it, you can frown and even cry and cling to them and appeal to them again and again. God is always there, grieved and weeping when the people don't receive, but they don't understand, they don't feel the presence of God. How grieved God must be every moment. It is most wonderful that we have our physical bodies. We are happier than God and more blessed than God in that respect -- we can actually work, using hands and legs. God is there, constantly pumping into you never-ending energy.

God is the source of energy. You are like a spring of water: when you dip it out again and again, there will be more water springing up. It'll be multiplied or transmitted to other people, making others alive again. So, you must feel the blessedness of having your physical body. You must realize that you are a man of such value that even God envies you.

Have you ever thought of that? Have you ever stopped to think how blessed it is to have a physical body? Without your physical body, even God could not work through you. He pushes you on; makes you work and helps you work, but without our physical bodies, God could not do that. You have your physical body; more than that you are endowed with many gifts and above all, you have your youth. Those who are not yet married are more blessed, because you have endless possibilities.

You must know this clearly: when you think of things in terms of Principle, when you say things in terms of Principle, when you act out things in terms of Principle alone, God will be with you. Otherwise, He will never be with you. You can say to yourself: "With my own hands and with my physical body endowed by God, I will recreate individuals, recreate godly families, recreate the nation, and restore the whole world." You must have that kind of confidence.

You are going out as missionaries now, and you don't know how blessed you are. In the future, when countries all over the world are assigned to missionaries, you will be the ancestors of those lands. You are going to work in a small city, perhaps, in that land. The region where you begin your work will recognize you as the true ancestors of their countries.

You will represent the nation in the Principle, when it is connected with the rest of the nation. Then you will be a world famous figure. When we think of landing on the moon, we are always reminded of Armstrong. There are many persons having done this also, but Armstrong was the first one. You are going to be the Armstrong to that land of yours. After Armstrong, many others set foot on the moon, but nobody remembers them.

The initiator, the pathfinder is always the foremost. The first man has to risk his life. You don't know your future. You are not sure what lies ahead. So, you must be courageous to face adventure without fear. Wherever you go, the climate will be different. The customs of the people will be different. Maybe air and water pollution will be severe there. Diseases may be prevalent -- who knows whether you will die there?

Like Armstrong, we as Moon people will be successful as the pioneers. At first, when you were asked the question whether you wanted to go to unknown places as missionaries, you were all excited and said, "Yes, I will go!" But later on you became afraid of going to unknown lands, "Oh, what shall I do? Can I do the job?" And your hope and excitement dwindled. But if you begin to think at the risk of your life, then everything will be simple.

If you are ready to give away your life in that land, and still find yourself with life, however hard the difficulties may be and however severe the persecution may be, you will be grateful that you are still alive. So, be ready to die, and there will be no worry. If you only land in that country, even though you may have to die the following day, you are going to be the ancestors of that land, for sure! You are entitled to heaven there. You'll be an earlier inhabitant in the Kingdom of Heaven before any other person in that land. So we are funny people, strange people.

Human history has been made by that kind of people. Think of your forefathers -- those who pioneered the West, ranching, gold mining and homesteading. Were they not adventurous people, strange people? We are the same. We are qualified to have wealth on the world-wide scale, and we are going to be the flag bearers to those lands. What we are going to do is greater than what the pioneers going to the West in this land have done.

Do you feel light-hearted now? (Yes!) Just imagine: up to now you have been able to call me over the phone whenever you wanted to, but in that land, you won't be able to afford to call me. But think of this: you are going to be the subject, or the master of the land. You are in the same position as Master.

You must be grateful that you are going to be helped financially, because the missionaries who went before us -- to West Germany and some 40 other countries -- were not helped materially. They had to work for the center. They had to go through so much difficulty. You must be very grateful and never, ever be frustrated. While God is not frustrated, and Master is not frustrated, can you even dream of being frustrated? (No!) Every moment you must feel that God is expecting so much from you.

If you have these qualifications, then you are going to be helped by good ancestors of the land who are now in spirit world. You can mobilize them. The inhabitants of the lands who are especially conscientious will be helping you. All these people are mobilized by Heaven to make your mission a success. You are like David before the giant Goliath -- maybe you are even better off than David.

If you are courageous, you are in such a blessed position that God can mobilize the good ancestors and the conscientious people for you. The foundation is already laid so that you don't have to pay too much indemnity from now on. Therefore I want you to be courageous. The Bible says that when the Israelites were going to conquer Canaan, they sent out 12 spies first, and most of them came back saying how formidable the enemy was, and that compared to their size and to their strength the Israelites looked like ants.

But Joshua and Caleb were not afraid and finally they were the ones who led the Israelites into the land of Canaan. So be as courageous as Caleb and Joshua, and always think that God is on your side: the whole creation -- the sun, moon, trees, even the air is on your side -- working for you. Be courageous, that's what I want you to be.

The moment you land in that place, you can cry out in your mind, "Even though I look miserable, I'm the king of this land, I'm the ancestor of this land! Come to your knees before me!" When you are like that, God will without doubt be with you. God will entrust the land to you, and God will rely on you. So, you must trust God, rely on Him, and hand-in-hand with God you will make your mission a success.

You must not pray before you act, but after having done something you must kneel down before God in the prayer of thanks. It is not good to pray by keeping something from God but you should give reports to Him, reporting your struggle and fight, but by that, I mean you don't need to spend your time in prayer. You will have no time to pray kneeling down before God, but you can pray as you work.

From early dawn you can be prepared and work, work! In that case, God will not scold you, saying, "You are not praying to me!" No, what He needs is action. In every nation you must observe Sunday pledge service by bowing, saying the pledge, and thanking God. Suppose you say, "I'm an American. My way of bowing is like this." Yet you don't know how to stoop down and bow low on the floor.

Your descendants will copy you and they won't know how to bow deep as they should. When they marry a mate from one of the Oriental countries the band will play, the ceremony will be held, and all the people will bow low -- beautifully like that -- and your descendants will not know how. They will not even be able to fold their legs. Then your descendants will be embarrassed. They will blame you, so why not train yourself now, and teach your children? I will have Mrs. Choi teach you how to do that because I have no time for that.

If you do your work of witnessing to the people there, the land will belong to you, the people will belong to you. Now, it takes us almost 10 hours to fly to Korea but in later days -- who knows? -- maybe it will take only three hours or less. That kind of airplane is already being planned. In those days, I can travel from country to country, visiting many countries in a day.

Sooner or later it will happen. Then you are going to be proud of yourself, and you are going to be so grateful that you were sent as missionaries to those lands. Just imagine, staff members will be there visiting your country, and you are proud of them, and you are proud of your own people, and you can introduce Master and the rest of the people to your children and your children to them.

It is a wonderful dream, and the dream will come true, by you. So, there's nothing for you to worry about. Your heart should already be happy. "Look at those flies in the room, they are free to fly! Our arms will play the role of wings, and we will fly all over the world.'' Flying, you must be overjoyed and happy. You must do what God would have you do, and what God would have you do is to love the land and love the people, by restoring them. So, I want you to fly to the land full of zeal, preparedness, and most of all, courage. When you come back, I want to meet you with victory and success.

Those who do the best job, who knows, I will call them from time to time to my side, and meet them and encourage them more. With those things in mind, I want you to fight hard, fight through the way, and win the victory in the respective lands. Are you going to be beaten, or are you going to win over those 120-day trainees? (Win!)

Those who will be spreading out to every corner of the United States will have radar ears to know how you are doing in those countries. They will say, "We are earning our own money, and we are financing our movement in the United States, and they are being helped materially! And we are backing them up! See what they are doing?" So, those missionaries going out to other lands must never be defeated by those who are going out in America.

Now, those who are going to the cities in the United States, are you going to be defeated by the missionaries? (No!) They are going to unknown lands, without speaking the language. But you can freely speak the language, and everything is just as it is, never being strange. While they are away, we are responsible for the Yankee Stadium campaign, and by the time when we make it the greatest success, the embassies from so many countries here will be convinced and persuaded by our people, that we can have them help our movement in those countries.

So, in good competition, both parties will rise and rise to meet the goal, meet the standard. Then Father will be always smiling from ear to ear, and so will God. Then I will smile, sing and dance together with God, and the whole world will be illuminated and happy. The whole world will dance together, swirling around.

We are the only group who can make it possible. So, let's go ahead and dash on the road with the battle cry, and win the victory and bring it back to God.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 03.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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