The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

The Mission We Are Undertaking

Sun Myung Moon
March 16, 1975
Tarrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

Good morning! "The Mission We Are Undertaking" is my topic this morning.

Man, without exception, has a mission or responsibility to fulfill, without which his life is meaningless. We, as human beings, must think of the kind of responsibility we have, and what we can do to carry it out.

You have a certain mission or responsibility in your own family. Before being able to take that responsibility, you must go through a period of preparation. For instance, in your own family, you must know how to behave toward your parents, brothers, and sisters. Whether or not you can carry out your mission completely will be decided by the manner and length of time you have prepared for it. If your responsibility in your family is more important than that of anyone else, you are going to be the center of your family.

Man is a social being, so you have to take responsibility in the society you are living in. At schools you prepare for your future in society by majoring in special fields. After graduation you will take a position where your specialized knowledge will be applied, and whether or not you are doing the job right or appropriately will decide your success or failure. In your office, in your company, if you accomplish your mission in such a manner that people admire you, then your position and your prestige will be expanded.

Your way of doing things will decide the level of work you are doing. For instance, whether you are number one in the office, or second or third will be decided by your own accomplishment. Thinking of the results of your work, people will not think of it on the horizontal level alone, but on the vertical level; that is, in terms of your past, your present and your future. From the way you are doing things now, they can see your past, your present situation, and whether your future will be bright.

Let's take a nation for an example. If the nation has a project ahead of it and has mobilized all of its people, we can determine the future of the nation by the way the people undertake the project. When you see the results of the people's activities in the nation, when they are burning with desire, ambition and a sense of mission, then the result allows us to envision the future of the nation. We associate appearances on the horizontal level, vertically with the future, so we can see the prospects of the nation, from the way they are doing things now.

In accomplishing the mission on a worldwide level, it is done successfully when the people are burning with desire and a sense of mission! The important question is whether they have attained the goal they have already set before themselves when they started the mission. For instance; if they have set up and met the goal, it's OK, but when they have accomplished 1% less than the goal or 1% more than the goal, there is a vast difference. Those who have accomplished 1% less than the goal will fade away while those who have accomplished 1% more than the goal will flourish and thrive.

As we well know, in the Olympic Games it is the ambition of all the participants to break the existing records. If you break a record by one second, then you are the record holder. If you win by one-tenth of a second, you are the winner. When one thinks of things in terms of being one step ahead, it means that person will be the victor.

When one thinks of things from that standpoint, one second less will mean a vast difference; you can be either a winner or a looser. If you defeat others by 1 second or one-tenth of a second then you are the winner and you are going to be recorded in history and be remembered by other people. That always comes from relating the vertical to the horizontal level.

It is common for one to be able to do 90% or even 98% or 99%, but the problem is how to do 100% or more. Those who accomplish less than 100% will not be remembered -- they will just fade away from people's memory. The value lies in getting beyond that level to do 100%. But it is not easy to break the record. For anyone and everyone, it is very important for him or her to set up the goal, get trained, and then work towards the goal. That is decisively important.

That's why for students it is important and necessary to take examinations. In general, students hate the idea of having to go through examinations, but because there are examinations, they strive hard to meet the goal. So, we conclude that if and when a school wants to produce many high-level students they have to give them more and harder examinations. Do you follow me? (Yes!)

People in schools, both the students and teachers, might think that there is no need of giving examinations. But then we are almost sure that the students would not meet any standard. In other organizations too, there are supervisors or those who inspect various details. Some may say, "Well, there is no need of having supervisors or inspectors. We are all working hard, so why do we need that?" A supervisory system cannot be avoided because we want to make the goal, and once a high goal is set, they must drive the people to meet the goal. That is why they have to inspect or supervise people.

Thus we come to the conclusion that once a goal is set, you must have someone who will drive you harshly toward the goal or else you will become lazy. You must have a person nagging all the time and driving you hard, always showing you the goal and reminding you of the goal. Do you see the necessity of that? (Yes!) Why is it necessary?

If you are pushed from behind and poked from the side, you cannot help but go towards the goal. You are compelled to go ahead because you don't want to be poked or pushed, so you will try to dash along the road on your own. While doing so, as time goes by, your way of doing things will make a vast difference between you and other people. One week later, one month, one year, ten years, fifty years, you will see a vast difference between what you have accomplished and what others have accomplished. The statistics will show your accomplishment after your struggle.

Suppose your parents are always waking you up and reminding you of your school assignments and things like that. Your results in school will be greater. You think you are struggling hard enough, but your parents are still expediting your study by waking you up every morning; you want to escape from it. Instead of complaining against them, if you feel more challenged and ask your parents to wake you up earlier than they used to, then you are going to be the victor.

Just imagine the difference between the accomplishments of the person who would always ask his parents to wake him up earlier everyday, and the person who would ask his parents not to do that, hating the idea of having to be awakened. Then you will see the difference in their future accomplishments.

Which would you prefer? Would you belong to the group who will always be thankful that their parents have wakened them early every morning, or the other group? Why? Why are you thankful? Because you achieved the goal. You profited more and the result is that you find yourself more successful than your parents who have been waking you up all the time.

Be it your parents or brothers and sisters, when they push you hard like that, it means that in the future they want to be dominated or led by you. They want you to get to your goal and they want you to be responsible for their future too. If you think of that, then you don't get hurt. For instance, you have the schoolmaster or the class advisor who is always poking at you and pinching you, saying that you must work harder than you have been. You know deep in your heart that he loves you -- he is concerned for your success. If he does not want you to be successful, he would not do that. You must be grateful for that kind of person.

There are many underdeveloped countries and some on the way toward development. If any of the political leaders in those countries get control of the population of the country and lead it to the goal by pushing them hard, then those citizens would be grateful to find themselves at the goal in the shortest possible time, while other nations were not flourishing as they are.

Instead of complaining, if the whole people of a nation are united in a strong bond, dashing forward to the goal, then they are sure to be successful -- more successful than others. If the leader of the nation would be nonchalant and ignore the advancement of the nation as a whole and say "Well, you can go any way you choose, I don't mind," then what would happen to that nation? That country is doomed to decline.

We don't like to use the term "dictator", but if the ruler or leader of the nation is a good dictator, having a wholesome influence over his people and getting them on the right road to dash on to meet the goal in the soonest possible time, then he is going to be remembered as the greatest leader in the world.

If the President of the United States, instead of setting a lofty goal and pushing the people hard, says, "You have your freedom. You can go your own way, whatever you choose. I don't mind," and he waits to see what happens in a lax way, then what will happen? Would your country flourish or not? It means that you would rather have a strong leader, a strong President.

In the Communist world they apply autocracy or dictatorship over the people and they meet the goal at the soonest possible date, while in the democratic world, that is not done and you enjoy freedom. There is no apparent goal set before you and you are not pushed hard, thus it is clear that your future is going to be one of failure while theirs is going to be one of victory. In that case, do you think that you can defeat them? They will swallow you up.

In the free world, as in the United States, do the people want dictatorship, or what the Communists call dictatorship of the proletariat? You hate the idea, of course, but would you want them to beat you? (No!) Then, which way do you chose? If your President is as strong as the dictator over there, what would you do? Would you just watch him with folded hands? (No!)

Then what would you do? (Follow him!) You must cooperate with him, urging the same kind of drive among other people. You want to have your President become stronger and stronger. Do American people think of the necessity of having that kind of President? (No!) Do you think we need such a strong President? (Yes!)

In that sense, President Nixon was a great man. He had confidence. He had the conviction of how to drive the nation. Even though he was not a revolutionary man, he was greater than other Presidents in that sense. In face of the formidable enemy, Communism, if your President would remain weak, always doing things as they were done in the past, then you cannot come up to the required standard and you cannot go against the enemy and win.

In the United States, politics is decentralized. You have state law different from federal law, so it is very difficult to get the two harmonized and make the law strong. If one whole state should come against the President, the President would be helpless. What if three of the states were to unite into one and oppose what the President is doing?

I can predict that in the future, the Communists will infiltrate and influence three or four states and have them unite against the President and the country. They can protest, saying the federal government is exploiting the people by imposing high taxes. Then their slogan is going to be "Let every state be independent."

That's the way Communists will bring about a rupture in this country. Then your country will be shattered into pieces and be swallowed up by Communism. There are many such problems lying ahead of you. As it now stands it is beyond your power to unite this nation into one to fight against this evil power. Where can you find such a leader? That is the question.

In the democratic world, especially in the United States, you do not have a clear goal to defeat the ideology of Communism, and you don't fight to beat them at the risk of your life. In the other world, the world of Communism, they have a clear goal and they would rather die than not achieve it. That is their attitude. Which of the two do you think will win if you leave both as they are? (Communism!)

It is logical that the Communists will win. Even as we sit here and think like that, they have already decided that they are going to be victors over the democratic world. They are mobilizing all their forces and are dashing on the road to their goal. Their target, the goal of Communism and the determination of the Communist people, is that they are going to defeat America and other nations in the free world and achieve sovereignty over the whole world, not only Soviet Russia, Red China, North Korea and all of the satellite nations; the ultimate target is to defeat America.

Do you clearly understand? If you listen with attentive ears you will find in North Korea, the Soviet Union, and in Red China, that their propaganda states that they must exterminate imperialistic America and other such nations. Do you know that? (Yes!) With that knowledge, can American youth sit still? (No!!!)

It is an urgent question. What kind of goal must we set up ahead for this free nation of America, as the leading nation of the democratic world which was founded on Christian ideology? We must go beyond Communism and we must know how to annihilate it. Unless we can do that, we shall be defeated and swallowed up by Communism. That is quite clear. Is it true? (Yes!)

Then what shall we do? Can we leave it as it is taking a wait-and-see attitude? Can we do that1? (No!) In America, in the democratic world, someone must appear and lead the rest of the people to that goal. If there is God, would He want to have such a leader in the free world or not? (Yes!) Then where can you find such a leader? In the Presbyterian Church? In the Methodist Church? In Catholicism? Where? (Here!)

The Unification Church. What is the Unification Church? Do you mean what you say? (Yes!) What is the Unification Church? A political group? What kind of group is it and in what way are we going to accomplish the goal? The starting point in that kind of group is that all the members should know what the goal is, should be able to take the steps to reach the goal, and be trained and armed with the weapons that they need to attain the goal.

Then, what is God's wish for us? It is to have us save the world. The purpose of the providence of God is to have all humankind back into His bosom. He wants to organize a group where people will assume the responsibility and if necessary annihilate all the opposing powers. By avoiding that kind of opposing power they cannot accomplish their mission.

If you find that hippies are obstacles on the way, you must exterminate them. Only by annihilating what is evil and encouraging what is good and putting all of the things in order, can we establish the world of God's hope. If free sex is such an evil idea that it will harm the world we are going to build, then we must exterminate that idea, and way of life.

If even the ideology of freedom plays an obstructive role then we must deny that too. Freedom may sound sweet to your ears, but if you find that the idea of freedom is always hindering you from striving hard enough, while there are so many evil enemies; then you must even annihilate the idea of freedom. When I made my tour all through the 50 states of America, one thing I saw clearly was that it has been the idea of freedom that has been destroying this nation step by step.

I wanted to find out which of the fifty states contributed the most soldiers in World War II. Population-wise, the cities of New York and Los Angeles should have sent more soldiers, but what I found was that in the remote rural areas, such as North Dakota and other such states, they sent out more soldiers than other states. Do you know that?

There is no equality or fairness there. After all, those who brought victory to America were not New Yorkers or those in Los Angeles but the farmers in the rural states. You advocate peace and freedom, but peace and freedom cannot be won without fighting against the enemy and defeating them. So while there is a fierce enemy always lying in ambush, can you just claim and advocate peace and freedom without going against them with guns and weapons?

In the existing churches, people entertain the idea that even though in the Communist world they make weapons and atomic bombs, in the free world we should never do that. They are so strong in the faith that God will protect them. In that case, do you think that God will protect them? Well, God had His people make atomic bombs because the enemy was arming. When people do not know how to use technology, if they do not do their part, can God help them? Atomic bombs and weapons are your strength.

For instance you must train yourself with karate. If you have the technique and you don't have to use it, then that's okay; but shouldn't you train yourself in that art while your enemies are doing that? For instance, in the Communist world they are expanding and making more armaments, and yet you say that you are not going to manufacture armaments because it is an evil thing.

Then can people in your nation have an easy mind when the enemies have formidable weapons? (No!) So it is better for you to manufacture heavy armaments, strengthen your army, and wait without declaring war. They will find you stronger than they are, and then they cannot attack you. Which of the two ways is better? For the Unification Church, as a religious group, which of the two would we want?

We must advocate the manufacture of armaments. Then what if the existing churches would protest against us, saying that we are advocating the manufacture of armaments and weapons? In that case, are we going to shrink back; or are we going to go beyond the opposition and go on doing that? Can I tell you to build a big factory where we will manufacture weapons? (Yes!) At least we must have our goal clear enough otherwise America will come to naught, shattered into pieces. There will be no order.

There are many Christian denominations and religious sects. They want to carry out their portion of responsibility which is smaller in scope than ours, but in the Unification Church we claim the unification of all the denominations of Christianity and religious sects. So our responsibility is to approach the goal of salvation of the whole world. We must be responsible for the whole population of the world. Unification is what it means. We must approach the goal from all directions, east, west, south and north, not leaving out any one of them.

In order to save this nation, if war is necessary we would mobilize ourselves to the frontline to fight against the enemy. In that case would you be reluctant, scared to go ahead? (No!) You might think that it is something far in the future but for instance, if it is coming in 20 years, would you prepare starting now or later? (Now!) We have a wonderful mission in the Unification Church. Is that right? (Yes!) What is the wonderful mission? Our mission is to save the world, but how, is the question.

Communists, being the ultimate and greatest enemy to God, must be shattered into pieces first. After that, all of the rest of the satans must be annihilated from the face of the earth. Any other opposing groups will be either digested or swallowed up by us or annihilated. For God to be able to save the world through us He has set before us three important things: to shatter Communism completely, to annihilate Satan and his devils to the last one, and to swallow up or exterminate any evil groups. This we are going to do not only on the physical level but on the spiritual level, too. That is why in the Unification Church we have a goal, a wonderful goal, a four-sided goal.

Do you want the Unification Church to always be chased away by opposition, or to cope with it, go against it and overcome it? (Win!) Have you ever seen Rev. Moon being swallowed up and being defeated or chased away by the enemy, or is it the other way around? (The other way around!) You saw picketing groups, the Communists, and the established church ministers and laymen outside Madison Square Garden. What does that mean?

That means that Communism and the established churches were united into one in opposing Rev. Moon. From the viewpoint of God, would the Communists alone be wretched in God's sight, or also the established churches? (Both!) From God's part, can He smash Communists alone, or together with the established churches? What is He going to do? At best, God will ignore the established churches; He cannot help them. When He thinks of the established churches which He has been educating for so long but which don't know the exact goal of God and mankind, what does God think of them?

Every moment of our life is a battle. While you are listening to me it is a battle, too. You are fighting against Satan. Satan is luring you away, by way of sleep and things like that. You are his target. You are getting trained at every moment. Is it a sign of your good training when you doze off like this? Didn't I tell you last time that when you find someone sleeping next to you just nudge him, pinch him?

Then why do Communists and established church members oppose us, even though we haven't taken any positive measures against them? We have only been trying our best to restrain them from doing any harm to our group. Why are they opposing us? They are afraid of us. They are frightened. At first glance, there is no reason for their having to oppose our movement because Christianity has between 600 and 800 million people.

They have laid quite a large foundation, and the foundation is so solid that they think that it will never crumble. Then why do they come against such a small group as this? The Communists, too, have one-third of the whole world. Then why do they come against such a small group as ours? Think of it. Let me explain by way of an analogy.

If there is a hammer which is the strongest hammer in the world even though it is the smallest in size, and there are countless other hammers made of weaker iron, which would you prefer to have? The same theory applies to us, come what may, even though the countless other hammers may beat against our small hammer, they are doomed to be destroyed and shattered. Is that true? Is what we have that strong? (Yes!) If each one of you is that strong, then it means that you can go on doing the job even though I may leave this country. (Yes!) Well, that's wonderful, I'm flattered. I feel very good.

In the Unification Church, once we set the goal, we prepare, train well, and make the goal at all costs. The name Unification Church means that united we are strong, the strongest in the world. Is every one of you like that? (Yes!) When I say that is our goal, you are all headed for that. America, Europe, Japan, every country is our target.

Do we draw a straight line to reach the goal after going through so many nations, or would you rather have us go a zigzag way? (Straight!) It is easy to answer straight. But can you really go on the straight way? (Yes!) The Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Rocky Mountains are in the way. Can you still go straight ahead? (Yes!) If you are on foot then you have to go the zigzag way, making a detour sometimes. But I want your eyes set straight ahead on the goal.

There is the goal, and if you are going to the bathroom, still your spiritual eyes must be set in the right direction. If you are on the wedding march with your spouses, your eyes must still be set on the goal. Is it right? (Yes!) Even when the 1,800 couples were married in holy matrimony in Korea their eyes were still -- at that moment -- set on the goal. Is that right? (Yes!) Is there anything wrong with that? (No!) This is the most wonderful thing in the whole world.

At the time of the recent wedding, many Japanese people protested against us because of their children and relatives having to marry in Korea under Rev. Moon. But I said, "Well, wait and see. We will accomplish this, however hard you may protest against us," and we were successful. Who was the victor, those opposing people or us?

I have seen many funny things happen. Those parents, who had been opposing us until the day before the wedding, came to Korea, and seeing their sons-in-law and daughters-in-law, were flabbergasted; they became joyous, touched and happy. It was an amusing comparison to what they had been before coming to Korea.

It was very funny, at first, seven parents formed a group to protest against us but six fell away and came to our side, and one was left alone but that one was a Communist. This is good evidence that Communists would infiltrate any place. It was a good play for them because if there is any opposing power to their enemy, then they would come in guile as though they were the parents or relatives of our members, and manipulate other people to enter the group to protest against us.

Where is our goal? Way up there. Would you want to draw a straight line headed for the goal? Our geographical situation may vary, but from everywhere we are headed for the same goal. What are you like? In what way, in what manner are you going? Do you like straightness? (Yes!) To answer yes is easy you know, but action is very difficult.

Which one do you choose -- the difficult way or the easy way? (Difficult!) Why? Because it is the best short-cut to reach the goal and has the biggest possibility of achieving the goal. But when we are making a detour, who knows, sometimes we are going nowhere. Are you determined to go the shortest way? Are you determined now? Have you been doing that, are you going to do that?

Then it means that you have not been doing that up to this moment. What do you mean by "no" then, you have not been doing that? (We have been doing that!) Well, suppose you are dashing on the straight road, are you going to do that for 24 hours or for less than that because you want to rest from time to time?

If I'm allowed to explain, I would say, "Why do you have to go only on 24 hours a day, and not 35 or 40 hours a day?" I regret that there are only 24 hours in a day. Who decided on having eight hours out of 24 to sleep? I have not done that. Who decided on that? Someone ignorant of God's providence did that. Maybe it was the son of evil and the most formidable enemy that did so.

If there are 48 hours a day you may be allowed to sleep eight hours a day. In the Unification Church I know that whatever I decide on you are ready to accept. So, why not decide here on less hours of sleep? (Yes!) Well, you can say, "Let the people in the satanic world sleep eight hours out of 24, while we will sleep four hours or less and work harder than they do."

Eight hours in 48 hours, that means four hours a day. Then would you want to accomplish the goal earlier or the other way around? Then your ears, your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your limbs and your every cell and every ounce of your energy must be used and must be headed for the goal. Is that right? (Yes!) Have you been doing that up to the present moment? (No.)

Then are you going to do that right from this moment, or would you rather not do it? You want that? (Yes!) Hold up your hands. Then you have decided on your own to do this from now on. You have decided on that. You will go on with four hours sleep, but on the way are you going to run or just walk slowly? (Push!)

Would you want to have me tell you to rest from time to time and get relaxed, or just watch you always increasing your pace? Would you want me, when I find some of you dozing off, to poke you and wake you up, or just leave you alone? (Poke!) Even those of you who have been dozing off said "Yes".

Well if I am going to hit you, would you like me to hit your head or somewhere else? What if I poked through your eye-ball? Well, which way can I wake you up faster? Answer me, please. (Eyeball!) Well, whatever is the best way for you to be awakened, and from now on I am going to do that to you. You have decided on it and you cannot complain; if you go on complaining you cannot attain the goal.

Let me suggest something. This is my question: who is more of a wretched man, the leader who always pushes you ahead or those who are being pushed? Who is in the more difficult position? There is no doubt of the answer. However hard I may be pushing you, you have an escape somewhere.

I don't have hundreds of hands and eyes, and you can escape and go in to a hole, and there you can rest. Haven't you been doing that? But as a leader, I cannot do that. There are hundreds and thousands of eyes staring at me. "Well, he himself is doing that while he has told us not to do that." If you say that then the leader cannot be a leader.

When I set the goal, that goal is not for the leader alone, but for the whole group. In America, for instance, we have set the goal in terms of the seven year course, but we must have a plan for one year, two years and so on. What is our goal for this year? Our ultimate goal is the actual building of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. But what is our goal for this year?

The motto we have this year is "The Realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth." Where does that start? Where does the realization of the Kingdom start? Here, from your own individual person. In order for us to be able to erect the Kingdom of God on earth it means that unity must come about between the spirit world and the earthly world. So it starts right from yourself, because your spirit represents the spirit world, your body represents the physical world. In every one of you there must be unity between your spirit and body. With your body and spirit in unity, then your whole self will be guided by God.

In order for us to erect the Kingdom of God there must not be many people always accusing us. Have you become like that? That is the question. If you have unity between your mind and body there can be no such thing as complaining and dissatisfaction, but you would always be grateful and happy and dash forward on the way towards the goal.

Only by your doing it, will the realization of the Kingdom of God on earth be made possible. We are going to make the world into the heavenly kingdom. You frown and make faces like that because you are hungry, because you are exhausted; but is that the facial expression of the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven? (No!)

When you skip a meal you are happy to think that in that way you are earning one meal for others. Even on the spiritual level, many, many people are going to be fed because of you going through the fast so many days. In doing that one meal a day will satisfy you. On the spiritual level, the four billion population of the world can be fed at one time when you skip one meal; that's what happens on the spiritual level.

Instead of saying, "Oh! It must be the Oriental way, how harsh our Master is!", if you think of things the other way around and say, "I am so grateful that I have learned this way of life because of Master and because of the movement. By my doing this we can save the whole world, and even the spirit world is cheering us at this moment," you will be all grateful and happy. By your doing that, God, having been disappointed by the human world, is becoming happier and cheered up by our acts. Which way would you choose? It is wonderful to belong to this movement and go this way of life. (Yes!)

Human thought is a wonderful thing. With one thought, you can think of the same thing in an evil way, and be headed for hell. But with another thought you can think of it the other way around, and you are positive in your thinking and you are all glad, and with that happiness you are entitled to heaven. Every moment you must be thinking of how to swallow the bad things and digest them.

Your way of thinking will decide whether you are heaven-bound or hell-bound. Once you have decided on the goal you must be determined to obtain the goal. On the way, you must be ready to go over obstacles until you win the goal. If we mobilize with an all-out effort and concentrate on what we are doing, then if there were any way possible, we would do it in leaps and bounds to go over the obstacle to reach the goal in the soonest possible time.

Isn't that what you want? (Yes!) Instead of going a zigzag way, making detours, if you can jump, making leaps, wouldn't you prefer that way? (Yes!) If I leave you alone on the individual level, you are sure to think of your old days, your old friends, your lovers, your sweethearts, and so you will take a circuitous route. You will not cover a long distance.

If the other way is faster then I would get hold of you and never let you think of any other thing, never let you look at any other thing, and drive you so hard as to make you cover longer distance than you would do if you were left alone. Which of the two ways would you choose? Would you rather go the way on the individual level or as a group making leaps and bounds? (Group!) Which way is more effective? You know.

In the Madison Square Garden project, would it have been good for you to have proceeded on the individual level or as a group to bring more people at a time in great buses? That means to go by leaps. Would you rather make the next jump higher than the previous one or lower? It is natural for everyone to think that it is better to have longer leaps.

It is natural for you to want to make bigger jumps. What is our next project? (Yankee Stadium) In proportion to the height you covered previously you will descend with more power. Do you really want that? (Yes!) Then, whom would you want to have in front of you? Would you want to have the Washington group ahead of you, New York or Los Angeles? (New York!)

You say New York because you are New York Family. If I ask the same question of Washington D.C. members, they would say Washington, and Los Angeles Family, Los Angeles. The formation of the bullet is like that. Which will be on the pointed part? The bullet cannot go the roundabout way, but must go straight ahead. Who will do the job, again? (New York!)

If you are ahead of others on that point then you will be exposed to more wind. Would that be all right? (Yes!) The speedier it flies, the shorter it becomes, and you might be melted away. Would that be OK? (Yes!) When you say it is OK, it means that you want to do that, and when you say that you want to do that, that means that you want to help me push you towards that goal? (Yes!)

From whom would it begin? From New Yorkers. United you will become one bullet, but would you have that bullet fly the speediest way or not? (Yes!) So if you want to do that right from this moment, hold up your hands. All right. I didn't look at you when you raised your hands, but you did that in pledge before God.

I don't mind, you keep your pledge. I may have to close my eyes and get a big stick with closed eyes; if I keep doing that in New York center, I will find none of them there because all would have already gone out on the street.

As you see, our next goal is bigger than the previous one. You must have a sense of mission towards that greater goal. Would you cover 100% of it, or less than 100%? (More!) Do you know that to fill up the whole place we will have to mobilize 200,000 people? Would you have minus one or plus one? (Plus!)

That difference will make the project either a success or a failure. Did the New York Times and other papers say that Madison Square Garden was a success or a failure? (Success!) A great success? (Yes!) How many times more would that be than Madison Square Garden? How many times more than 200,000 will you bring to Yankee Stadium?

Well, the more the number the more the people will be appalled and surprised at you. Are you confident to do that? (Yes!) You must have the confidence and heaven will help you. Are you sure that you are going to have the confidence? (Yes!) Then there is no question that we can bring 200,000 spectators. How many more people can you bring? That is the question.

Do you know what karate is? There is a Korean resident in Japan by the name of Mr. Oyama who can break 50 layers of bricks. What allows him to do that? His spirit, when given power does that. He did that as if he was splitting water apart. If he has no confidence and said to himself, "I cannot break it," he can not. But if his spirit says "I can do it," he can.

If each one of you thinks that there is no question of our bringing several times more than the seating capacity, you can do it. If you have no confidence, you will fail to do it. So I want you to have the confidence. Are you confident? (Yes!) Really? (Yes!) Really? (Yes!) Really? (Yes!) Then I can trust you. Each one of you must be determined to do the job all by yourself.

Each one of you, on the individual level, must be determined to go about from place to place in the whole city of New York every day, all through the day. Even though you are physically exhausted, in spirit you must be roaming around the whole city 24 hours a day. Every day you will cover more area than the day before. You must break your record every day.

If you have two prospective comers today, then you must have three or more tomorrow and still more the day after tomorrow. That's the way you should be operating. Statistically the one who broke the record in bringing people to Madison Square Garden will be recorded in our history and the same thing will be done for Yankee Stadium.

The one who will have broken the record for Yankee Stadium will in the future be in ecstasy whenever he looks at the articles or pictures about Yankee Stadium. And even God cannot but be proud of you. Then at the Washington campaign my seven-year history in the United States will be concluded. The ones who will have broken the records there will be long remembered by me and by God.

In the future, when we want to gain fame all over the world we will employ your names for that purpose. For the MFT members too, those who will have set the highest record will be recorded. People of the world will be appalled at the records you will have set, and they will hold up their hands saying, "We cannot fight against these people, we are already defeated!"

Would you want to have them do that, or have them defeat you? (Have them surrender!) It is my wish and my ambition to have you leave a record which no one can ever surpass. Why? Because it is my lifetime goal in leading you, and without doing it, if I go to the spirit world I cannot lift my face before God. Can you understand my heart? (Yes!)

This morning I assign each one of you to that job. That is the greatest job in the whole world assigned by God through me. You must be strongly determined that even though you may be able to set up higher, still higher records in the days to come, you may never fall back and do less than what you have been doing.

After having made the Yankee Stadium project our success alone we can make another leap towards the Washington campaign. If the Yankee Stadium project ends in failure, what will happen to the next step? If you make the Yankee Stadium project a failure, I may have to leave this country without going through with the final project.

If that is what is going to happen then there will be no future for America. So, knowing God's anxiety to save this nation, I'm desperate to do that and have you to carry it out at all costs. This is not a battle of life and death on the worldwide level alone, but on the cosmic level, and I want you to conquer the enemy in battle.

That is our goal, and we are dashing forward towards the goal, and the Commander-in-Chief is Father. You are all the soldiers following my command. Numerous cannon balls, numerous bullets will come from you. The words coming from out of mouths are cannon balls and bullets and by touching the hearts of the people with our bullets, you can have them to come to hear Father.

Whenever we have that kind of big assembly it is like a bullet. Being on the battlefield, it is natural for us to have to shed blood and tears and sweat. With that strategy, it is our destiny to go ahead on the battlefield. Can you do that? (Yes!)

The IOWC, the International One World Crusade, is now working in Japan. Our 360 members on the mobile team are working day and night, 24 hours. Everyday each one of the 360 are supposed to bring three or more people to a meeting, and one person during the period of one week will be made into a solid member.

Are New York members going to be defeated by them or conquer them? (Conquer them!) Especially here we have Japanese brothers and sisters. Before long you are leaving for your own country. With three more years ahead of you, you are going to fight the final battle here. Even though you started out all right, if you end up a failure, before you leave, I will kick you out of this country. Then I will erase the history of your activities in this nation. That's what will happen. That's why I assembled all the Japanese members in New York to concentrate on this project.

When you first crossed the Pacific Ocean to come to America you did not dream of enjoying life in the United States, but you were determined to shed your tears, your blood and your sweat for the heavenly cause. In order to keep you in this country we had to go through a lot of bitter opposition from the people in this nation and especially from the immigration officials.

I would welcome it as long as you are faithful in this movement. You are doing ordinary things that will not arouse their attention, but if you are like bullets, all fired and piercing through the hearts of the people and become conspicuous in the human scene and in the United States, then you are going to be recognized by high government officials.

Then your stay here can be prolonged in the easiest way. As I understand it, there have been many cases of the blessed couples being accused by the American members. They find many faults in you. If you go on doing that I will kick you out and send you back to Japan. You are not here to rest. Without accomplishing your mission here, then you will have caused harm to the mission of Japan in the providence.

If you Japanese members cannot set the record here in three years' time there will be no hope for Japan to be saved in the latter days. That applies to Japan and Korea, too. By using Japan, Korea, and the Asiatic countries -- only if we protect this nation and set it on fire with the divine ideal, can we save the whole world. If not, we cannot.

I am the match and you are the kindling. If I set fire to you, you must burn and explode and change the world. With the match exposed to the wind I cannot set the fire slowly. I must do it very quickly. With that sense of mission you must go ahead desperately, striving more than when you came. Can you promise? Instead of being exhausted after Madison Square Garden, you must go up and up on this crest of power towards another goal still higher, still bigger.

If you are the other way around, as I have heard, then I will not leave you alone. Will that be okay? Japanese members don't be put to shame, because you are representing not only Japan, but the whole of Asia. The Unification Movement was created in the Asia. So you, representing Asia, must strive harder than the Americans and set up the tradition in this nation before you leave.

Seen from that viewpoint, you must do many times as much as the American members in Japan on the mobile team are now doing. Can you do that? Can you make a pledge before me? Hold up your hands. Why do you think I brought you here to New York? I assembled you in New York because I wanted you to prepare for the next campaign.

Just think, if Yankee Stadium was not under repair we could have done this event this year and not next year. It could have been April this year, which would not have left many days. I thought that if the project were this year, closer to Madison Square Garden, the better it would be because you could have done that on the crest of the power left after the Madison Square Garden project.

With that big goal far ahead of us, I can well imagine that the Japanese members have become relaxed and have forgotten about their great mission assigned by God through me. If you were not like that, then you could not have become lax. You must feel compassion for Mr. Kamiyama. If you fail to do the job, then he cannot ever lift his face before me.

I gave you strict orders to bring in 1,000 members, 3,000 members by the end of April; but are you attaining the goal? You are still alive. At the start, you were determined to do the job at the risk of your life, but you are still alive. Why don't you put more soul, more energy, your whole being into the project? The Japanese members are responsible for the witnessing, isn't that true?

The fundraising activities are being done by American members. In order to make it possible for you to do the job, the MFT is working desperately, earning the money to support you. Can you stay like this without meeting the goal? There is no other way possible for you to accomplish the goal if you don't do it at the risk of your life. Your purpose is to bring in more people, among who will be greater leaders than you yourself, so that you can leave the battle in their hands.

I leave every responsibility to the Japanese members for the Yankee Stadium campaign. So if the Yankee Stadium campaign ends up in failure, the Japanese members must take responsibility. You must feel as though there are no American members working with you, but you alone are doing the job and only you can make it a success. If you feel you cannot make the goal you might as well leave now. Do you understand? (Yes!)

You will not only hurt my feelings, but my reputation as well. The American members will say, "Why did Father bring the Japanese members if they have ended up in failure like that?" Even in Korea many members are struggling hard to come to the United States to work more actively than the Japanese members here, but Father hasn't brought them, for the time being. The Eve nation of Japan must uphold the reputation of Asia.

The other day you brought only 28 people to the workshop. Will that suffice? That's your responsibility! If I drive you out of this country while there are so many problems from the immigration service, then the incentive will burn the hearts of the American members so they might do a better job here. Who are the center leaders here out of the Japanese members?

There must be several at least. Hearing that such a small number of people were led to the workshop the other day, I was shocked. My trust in the Japanese members has been crumbled. Look at the IOWC members working in Japan. They have to bring at least three people in a week's time. Some of the members are bringing three people a day.

Without bringing three or more people to the workshop, they cannot make one solid member in our movement in a week's time. So at all costs you must bring three people to the workshop in one week, and then you can possibly make one solid member out of the three. From now on you must accomplish that goal. The mission of the nation in the position of Eve is to save the nation in the position of the archangel.

In doing that, those in the position of Eve must cooperate with those in Adam's position. Korea and Japan together must be doing that. Asleep or awake you must be thinking that you are representing the whole 100 million population of Japan. I represent Korea. You must become one with me and strive hard to save this nation of America. I am determined to carry out the mission in three years. I will allow no equal among Americans or among Orientals. That is what I am planning to do with you. We must set up a new standard.

So what have you been doing? Would what you have done be sufficient? Hold up your hands, female members. Female members are larger in number. You must stand in the van, working harder. The male members must be determined not to be defeated by the female members. Through the great three-year projects we are going to lay the solid foundation in this nation.

By doing that, we will be an example to the members who will join later, in the shortest possible period of three years. Do you understand? You will lose your faith if you don't accomplish more than what you could have done in your country. Just think, if you accomplish your mission here through the three great projects, you will become triumphant. Then you will be a success when you are back in your country and Japan as a whole will be successful in the world.

That is what you are making. Later the whole world will be your stage and if the people know that you have been a great success in this country, you will be welcomed with extended arms everywhere in the whole world. Therefore, if you are going to make the Yankee Stadium campaign and the Washington Monument campaign a great success, then I am already thinking of taking pictures with each one of you.

That is my plan and my hope. What will happen if you cannot establish hope anew? If you are going to be triumphant and victorious, then I can boast of you to all mankind. But I will be disappointed in you if you fail to carry it out.

You must never for a moment forget that I rely on you and think that you are so important that you can save this nation. Without your knowing it, I have an account of what you have been doing. I want to be sympathetic with you, but I cannot do that. I am sorry, but at all costs, we have to carry out the mission. I look cool, collected and unconcerned, and I look as though I ignore you; but deep in my heart, rather than being sympathetic, I am more anxious for you to meet the goal and so, sometimes, I am very angry at you.

I kept saying that Japanese members are working so hard while they don't speak the language. If you set the tradition like that then the American members would feel challenged and follow your example, doing better and more work than what you have done. That was my goal -- that was my plan.

What I want to do upon leaving is have you Japanese members leave every piece of clothing and every belonging you have bought here behind, and just go back in the clothing you wore when you came. If I can, I will buy new suits and new clothing, but I will not let you use what you have bought here in this nation.

I have even thought of that kind of thing. Do you know what I feel? Do you understand what I mean? I don't want to be indebted to America and the American movement. I am using my own money to activate this movement in every project. We want to leave some sure tradition wherever we go.

So, history will have witnessed Rev. Moon and his people having set up such a record in the face of difficulties and persecution without the aid of the people of the nation, leaving such a wonderful example to the nation before leaving for their own nation. It is necessary for us to build such a tradition in this nation because that is what this nation is lacking. Then all the population of this nation will follow our example in later days. Do you understand?

You Japanese members must remember that in your country all the members are out on the street selling ginseng tea to raise the money for our activities. Three million dollars worth of ginseng tea every month is the goal. When you think of that you cannot be lukewarm in your heart when you do things everyday. What I wish must be your wish, what I plan must be your plan.

When you think of dignity in the worldly sense, you cannot win the game. You must be blind to the worldly way of life and just steer on, opening the channel to everyone, without leaving any single person that you did not approach. That's what I want you to do. If ten leaders of the ten churches in New York should bring forty members each it means that they will bring 400 members.

Our goal should be more than that but as it now stands you are bringing l/20th of the number. We must deepen our faith fast, and with gnashing teeth, go ahead to accomplish our mission. You must be examples to the American members. Mr. Kamiyama is lucky not to be here. If he were here, I would have scolded him. If you do not accomplish the goal and you abandon it, I will leave it and entrust it to the Los Angeles members.

You see I always have the second lines to carry out the job. Even though you may fail, I will never fail. You must never forget that I am always preparing people in the second line so that what I am thinking of is accomplished, if the first line fails. I am always thinking I should do this. I always encourage Paul Werner to defeat Mr. Kamiyama. That means to have Germany defeat Japan.

Even though you may fail, I have the people on the second line, as I said before. Do you feel it's true or not? Would you have New York be replaced by Los Angeles in the mission? (No!) My original plan was to leave America for Korea yesterday, but there are many things to be straightened up and I must drive the peg in deep, strait, and solid.

What I am planning is to have a public speaking appearance in Korea because I have done that already in other countries, and I must do that in Korea, too. Even though my return will be late, in case I do not come back, I want you to be totally determined to carry out your job as I have entrusted it to you this morning. Can you promise me? Hold up your hands.

Can I trust you? (Yes!) Then I am reassured. 292 more Japanese members will be assembled in New York for this campaign and I want you to be really strongly determined to carry out and meet the goal with the people who are coming. You are to set up the tradition for the American people to follow, and I want you to be able to do that, and I will trust you.

Would you want that? If I want the Japanese members to carry out that much then what will the American members do? Just follow them from a distance or chase them and go ahead of them? (Go ahead of them!) Even though you may have to go through many times more difficulty than the Japanese brothers and sisters the American members have no room to complain.

Will you complain? (No!) Don't you feel compassion for those short little Japanese brothers and sisters working so hard? (Yes!) Back in their own country before coming here, they had worked hard, and now we invited them here and we have been putting them under such hardship. If you American members feel like allowing them to rest for a while as you take up the job, then you can do twice as much work as they can.

Are you going to be that responsible? If you are determined to do that, hold up your hands. This is the mission assigned to us. Are you assigned to the Yankee Stadium campaign or not? Then what are you going to do? In the Japanese way you must cut your belly in case you become a failure. This is no easy job of course.

Every tomorrow must be better than today. You must orient yourself to the fact we are facing... If we are going to be triumphant in the Yankee Stadium campaign, the success in the Washington, D.C. campaign will come automatically. You don't have to worry about that. There is no question about that.

In the providential history, always the second project or the second person of a certain mission is more important and more difficult. Only by being united like a bullet, to explode at the right place can you make it a success. I will give you the reason for my having to make this strategy. The more important the matter is, the faster we must carry it out, or else many obstacles will rise up.

Statistically, people know, especially the existing churches know that we do not have a great number of people in our movement. The FBI knows the statistics. When we made a leap from Lincoln Center to Madison Square Garden, they did not believe that we could carry out the goal. They think it was a miracle that we realized that goal.

After Madison Square Garden, Father became famous all at once. Towards Yankee Stadium, we are going to cover ten times as many people. The general public is thinking, very easily, that we are apt to fail. "Let's wait and see," they will say -- the established church members and FBI. "It is natural that they are going to fail." When we make it a success, they will be horrified and frightened again, but they will again say, "Let's wait and see if they do anything. They will surely be a failure in the Washington, D.C. campaign."

Do you remember how many Catholics and Protestants were killed during the Reformation? That kind of thing is still going on; there is still a battle between Catholicism and Protestantism in Ireland. Would people with that kind of strong fervor about their own denomination leave us alone if we are feeble and weak in our power?

Everywhere, all around, there are established church members watching us. They don't remain still, but protest against us. When they come to attack us but it will be too late. We must be prepared for that. Before it's too late we will do this in no time, in less than three years. Before they organize all the opposing powers in so many countries, they must make contact and get organized -- they will find that we already have the flag of victory in our hands, and by that time they cannot do anything against us.

By the time they come opposing us with full power, I will no longer be in the United States, but working across the whole planet, visiting other countries. The personage of Rev. Moon is their target. Would they want to reject Neil Salonen and people like him, or Rev. Moon? (Rev. Moon!) Those people are not worth fighting against, so they will look for Rev. Moon and he will not be in America.

Then the American public will not feel like opposing our movement anymore. With the films about the Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, and Washington Monument campaigns, we can witness to the people everywhere by carrying those films and showing them. By that time, Father's name will be known worldwide. Then I can freely meet the kings and presidents of any nation.

By that time, who knows, while an American President might oppose me, some kings and presidents of other nations may be on my side. If all the white people reject me, and if all the black people and yellow people are on my side fighting for me, what will happen? Our battle will be a success anyway, so I won't have to fight.

I don't want to have it happen of course, but from the information I gather from all sources it is very possible that kind of thing could happen; so my strategy is to have these projects done successfully by the soonest possible date. That's our strategy -- to give them no time to reject us.

We must urgently and quickly develop a strategy, because they need time to cooperate to prepare against us, if the white people are going to be united in their efforts to reject us. The more we love America, the more intensely we must develop such a strategy; so that they cannot defeat us. By the time they understand what is going on we will absorb the people on the evil side. Then they will be grateful to us.

Do you understand what I mean? (Yes!) These two projects will be carried out from 1975 in preparation and through 1976 until 1977 when they will be accomplished. It is wonderful that we have your bicentennial celebration in the year 1976. That is the turning point of the fate of America. If at that point the American people are on our side helping us fight against evil, America will survive and flourish. Otherwise America will decline and perish.

What America lacks and what America needs badly now is an outstanding spiritual leader, a spiritual hero. You have military power, material abundance and ability in every field of life, but what you have lacking is spiritual drive in this country. The government, FBI and CIA recognize that as the primary lack.

If we have that as our position and drive the people towards that goal we cannot help but be winners. Does anyone have hope in the established churches? Do they have hope in Billy Graham? They know that all those people are on the decline. On the other hand, here I am, Rev. Moon, on the scene of America carrying the cannonball to be exploded to change this nation, a spiritual atomic bomb.

The time is sure to come in several years when I will hear people begging me to come back to America to work for this nation. Do you think it is possible or not? (Yes!) Since this nation is a mixture of all the nationalities, if there is a rupture, there is no other power than the Christian ideology of love which can unite them again.

But Christianity is being corrupted, and there must come into being a group that will emerge with the original intention of God to unify the world. The people will have to rely on that group and that group alone will have to accomplish the mission of making unity possible in this nation and elsewhere too. If a rupture comes about in this nation due to racial and national discrimination, then that will be the end of America as a nation.

Up to the present, the Christian ideal alone could amalgamate and cement all the people into oneness. But the Christian ideology itself is being shattered and who can do the job? They will sooner or later realize that only something other than what Christian denominations have been doing, can save this nation. Seen from that viewpoint they will find that the Unification Movement is equipped with everything of that sort.

Don't you think so? (Yes!) So the urgent and speedy strategy is the best of all the strategies. You must bear that in mind. Whether we will make it a success or not will solely depend on the attitude with which we are carrying out our mission. What shall we do? Are you confident? (Yes!) If you really are determined to do that and you are confident to carry it out, hold up your hands in pledge before God.

If you can carry it out this time, by 1980 there will be smooth channels open to reach out to the end of the world. That is going to be our victory. At that time, if we go ahead with this speed, by the time we will have gone through the third seven-year course we will not have to fight anymore. That is the cosmic mission assigned to me and you by God. You must realize that.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 07.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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