The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

The True Pattern Of Family Life

Sun Myung Moon
March 7, 1975
Barrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

Whenever I'm here, you are disturbed, because you cannot study very well. Today, I meant to just peep into the room and leave. Since I'm here, I feel I have to speak. Today my topic will be, "The True Pattern of Family Life."

As I see things, Americans and Europeans don't miss their brothers and sisters; also, they don't seem to miss their parents as Oriental people do. In the Oriental part of the world, when children are sent to school, they are taught to be loyal and faithful to their parents and to their brothers and sisters, and to elderly persons. But I don't see that happening here. When you are in the primary school, you don't seem to learn much about filial piety. Your parents, too, don't seem to be much concerned or drowned in love towards their children.

Perhaps it is the material wealth and abundance in your life that becomes an obstacle in loving your parents and brothers and sisters. You have enough to eat, plenty to use, and you lack nothing here. So, you don't think about your parents and brothers and sisters. But in Korea or in other Asian countries, people have been starving almost to death; they know what starvation means.

Therefore, the parents, whenever they find something to eat, although they are starving themselves save something for their children. Also, children of filial piety, whenever they find good things to eat, immediately think of their parents. They will save those things for their parents, not eat them themselves. In that way, they are emotionally connected together.

You can see many beautiful things between parents and children. Parents would not eat good food, but would keep it for their children. They would want their children to eat the good food. The children, on their own part, would not eat it, but would insist that their parents eat it. That kind of thing goes on between parents and children.

Here you take all the material abundance for granted, and you just go ahead and eat. It is understandable that you don't have to think of your parents or sisters or brothers, when you have plenty to eat and plenty to use. I think that is one of the reasons for your not minding your brothers and sisters and parents.

In Korea, for instance, when you want to buy clothing, your mother has to save some money, a penny at a time maybe, by working for other families or by sewing for other people. Penny by penny, they save the money. Your mother, for instance, would save money to buy good clothing for you, just once in a year or even two or three years.

There are many such beautiful stories. The mothers save the money, penny after penny to buy good clothing for their children. Well, when you wear that clothing, behind the clothing is a beautiful story, and you cannot but remember your mother. Also there's a beautiful, sentimental tie between brothers and sisters. Especially the elder brothers and elder sisters take care of their younger brothers and younger sisters, and they would save money for the younger ones.

So they sacrifice themselves for the sake of the younger ones who need their help and protection. But here in this country, with all the material abundance, you don't feel such a sentiment for your brothers and sisters, or for your parents. You take everything for granted. For instance, you think it's your parents' duty and responsibility to raise their children.

Your parents can easily send you to primary schools and high schools, so you don't know what it is not to be educated in those institutions. But in Korea or in other poor countries, the parents have to go through much difficulty to send their children to school. So, the children know the value of their being educated. However, whenever I tell you things about filial piety towards your parents, I don't see that you're too deeply moved.

In Central Park, New York, I often see elderly people seated on the benches. They look well-nourished and well dressed, but they look so lonely! So lonely! I don't see any grandchildren around them, or any of their own children around them. They just keep sitting there, all through the day; towards the evening they retire to their own apartments, and I imagine they are very lonely there too. They probably toss about in bed all through the night. Perhaps they are used to that, and they wouldn't want their grandchildren around them. Maybe they feel their grandchildren are obstacles. Isn't that true? (No!) No? Then why are they living that kind of life? Are they deserted by their children?

In Korea, the grandparents are always welcome, and the parents also are always welcome in the homes of their children. They can even visit them at any time, even during night, without letting them know about their visit. But here, you have to make a phone call, and let them know, or even get permission to visit the homes of your children.

On the other hand Korean parents can visit their children's home, and if they are absent, they can go to the kitchen, and just eat anything. Or they can go to their bureaus finding anything they want to use for themselves. They can use the money they happen to see in the drawers. Later on, they can tell their children, "I have used so much money from your drawers.''

Yet, they are very comfortable with each other. Can you understand that? (Yes!) You say "yes," but is it natural to you? (No!) So, we see a vast difference between the Oriental way of life, and the Western way of life. But here we advocate that we are going to establish the world in the love of God.

Which would you think would be appropriate to build the Heavenly Kingdom on earth -- in the way of love that is applied in the Oriental part of the world, or in the Occidental part of the world? (Oriental!) Are you saying "yes" because I'm an Oriental person? (No!)

We are going to build a huge human family under the love of God as the parent. Everybody, without doubt, would think that the Oriental way of thinking alone can be applied to building the Kingdom on Earth. You say "yes," but are" you answering from your heart or not?

For instance, if you female members are married to a man who is living with his parents and grandparents, would you like the idea of your being the daughter-in-law to the parents, and always having to serve them, and the grandparents? (Yes!) Would you prefer to live alone? (No!)

As a bride when you first belong to the family, can you just stand still and have others come to you, to love you and serve you? Can you say to your brothers-in-law, "Come and serve me," and your parents-in-law, "Come and serve me"?

Can you do that? Then, which way would you choose: to live with the parents-in-law or grandparents-in-law, or live with your husband alone? Then you must start living as a servant to the family. Always serving your parents and brothers in the in-law family. Would you prefer to do that? (Yes!) I admire you.

In Korea your whole life will be determined within three years' time. In six months time, you will pass the examination, and then in three months time it will be determined whether you are going to lead a happy life in the family, or an unhappy one. You must pass the test of your parents-in-law, and you must be OK'd by them. You have to pass the test coming from your sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews. Can you pass all those tests and be welcomed by them?

There's no discrimination between those who are uneducated or who are educated there, in the family tie of love. Even though you have earned a doctor's degree, it doesn't count there. You cannot be proud of yourself, saying, "I'm a medical doctor, I'm such-and-such, I have such-and-such a degree, you must serve me, and you must think highly of me." You cannot say that.

Maybe for the first six months you will try your best and get over all of the difficulties and pass the examination. But things are more difficult from then on, and you have your own children, and with the children on your back, you have to work in the kitchen, serving the rest of the family. Also you must love the children of your in-laws; you must love your nephews and nieces more than you do your own children, and take care of them more than you would yours. If there is scarcity, and there are not too many things to eat, and you hide something for your own children, never wanting to give it to the nieces and nephews, what would happen then?

American women, you have your egos, and you are selfish; you are kings and queens of egoism. You are more used to that way of life. You have been living that way. If you are married to a Korean man, for instance, can you continue your way of life in the in-law family?

In eating, too, suppose there's a certain amount to eat and you must feed your grandparents first, your parents, your uncles and aunts, your nieces and nephews, and then it is time for you or your children. As for clothing, too, the same thing applies. I don't think you can even understand the situation. I can see your eyes are wide-open.

Your love-ties tighten even faster when you love each other, and would like to have other people eat first, and other people clothe themselves first. When things are scanty and rare, you feel that kind of thing all the more. Otherwise, you don't feel that.

You don't feel that at all here, but you do when you have only a small amount to eat, when one of your family members is not there yet and you have to wait until he or she comes back to share with each other the edible and nourishing things.

When one of your family members is late in coming back home, all the families will sit up the whole night waiting for him and sitting on the floor. You would have the person sleep in the warmer place. I'm afraid you don't understand the situation.

If you were in the position of God as the parent, as the Father, which way would He like? Well, if it were you, it would be very simple to live with husband and wife alone, with nobody else around. But how would God take it? I'm waiting for your answer. (Awful.) Together? (Yes!)

If you insist on the Western way of life, your parents cannot mix with you like that, living together. If the daughter-in-law wouldn't like to live with her parents-in-law, what would happen? They cannot help but live separately. Can your parents-in-law force you to live together? No. Not here. Then what would God do?

It is a serious question. You have to take it seriously. Seen by Oriental eyes, Western people are merciless or feeling less or emotionless. You do things out of duty, but not out of sentiment and heart and love. I'm sympathetic with you, because it is more than natural that you have become like that, since you are more used to that way of living.

But which of the two -- the Oriental or Occidental -- is closer to the way of life of God? (Oriental!) Then does it mean that Western people are farther from God? (Yes.) Also they are more materialistic. Then the materialistic people of the Western world must be taught by the Oriental way of life, in order to get close to God. The spiritual way or mental way, what is it like? Because your spirituality is closer to God's, then you think of other people. In feeling sentiment, you are closer to the source of love. That's what we call spiritual or mental, instead of materialistic.

Roughly divided, when we look at the world, there are two attitudes toward life. One is more spiritually inclined, and the other more materialistically oriented. However, in the Western world, people are more or less tired of the materialistic way of life, while in the Eastern world people are the other way around -- more or less tired of the spiritual way of life.

So, people in the East have the tendency to seek after Western things while the Westerners are looking for Eastern things. So, in the Orient, people are faced with the danger of losing what they used to have. And in the Occidental part of the world, people are apt to forget about the importance and value of material wealth. If we add up what is materialistic, and what is spiritual, it will be wonderful to have it as our ideology, to steer our way on the road of life.

In light of the Divine Principle, how would you define God? What is God like? Well, would you choose material or love? (Love!) Would you prefer life to love, or love to life? (Love!) What would love mean without your life?

[But life doesn't have any meaning without love - Mrs. Choi]

Even though you have sensations, being alive, but just existing without knowing love, would you call it life? (No.) Without joy or love, life has no significance. Joy and happiness is what you want, and both of them are derived only from love. So you think more highly of love than the value of one's life.

In the fallen world, what we cannot find is love. There's material abundance; there's your life, you are all alive, but you are unhappy because there's no love. So, love is more than life. Then where does love start? What is the source of love? (God!) You just vaguely answer "God," but do you really grasp it? Do you really feel it? (Yes!)

Then let's talk about the history of love. Where does it start? (With God.) Yes, it starts from God. And then? Would the love come to the male being through the female, or female being through the male? Which is the right order? That's the question. If love started from God, from where would it flow and how would it reach you? "Male to female!" You must make it clear. Which is right?

We must clarify the order of love, order of innocence and heart. Without knowing this the order of society will be confused and remain in chaos. The female members say that "We are the instrument of love, and love will flow to the male members through females." The answer is the other way around, if I ask the same question to the male members.

Which is true? (Male.) Without being able to clarify this, the order of love will be either upside down, or in chaos. Let us make it clear, right here. Which is right, through the woman, or through the man? (Women!) Why through the woman? This is a good answer; God made man first.

God created man first. When He created man, He created him out of his love. So, His love poured down upon man's person when He created man. Do you have any objections? Female members? (No!) Can American women, who are used to lady-firstism, claim that love must be through woman, and woman must be the source of love? Next to God?

The source of love is of course God, and from God it flows down through man, to reach woman. That's the order of love. Then some of you could ask back, "Well, how do you know if God created man first or woman first? Well, then, that's the story made by a man.''

Let's expound on it from this point. Man resembles the whole universe. When he says "man," that includes both male and female. Man symbolizes Heaven, while woman symbolizes Earth. Then, what is the proof of that? Do we have to believe it because Master says it? (Yes!)

The order of love is defined from the way you love each other, male and female. Man looks down on woman, and woman looks up at man, isn't that true? That's the way God created man. Man above, woman below. Then why is God first? Heaven first? Heaven is above because Heaven resembles God more than the earth does.

Well, let me ask you women members. Would you want to be held by man, or hold man? Which one? (Hold man.) If I'm not wrong, woman likes to be held by a man. Isn't that true? (Yes.) By being held, you will be lifted up, becoming higher and higher.

[Mrs. Choi: Father says all women like to be carried on the back of the men. Well, we people in Korea like to carry the younger ones on our backs.]

Would man want to be carried on the back of a woman? (No!) When a woman wants to be carried by a man on his back, it means in that case that man plays the role of a ladder, and you step on the rungs of the ladder to become higher and higher. That means the man is in the central position. I've spoken of things in symbolic terms, but can you feel it? Do you really feel that what I'm saying is true? (Yes!)

The structure of your body also tells which is which. Men are broader on their shoulders -- the higher part -- but women have their lower part broader. Can you object to my opinion? (No.) Then what is the source of love? The source of love being God, it flows down through whom? (Man.) Well, since man is in the subjective position, it is woman who always misses the male.

The order of love, the history of love is that the love comes from God through man, to reach a woman. Then what is the history of love? The history of love is the history of creation or recreation. Out of love God created man, and out of your love, you create or recreate.

You imitate the creation of man giving birth to your own children. When you look at your own children, you feel that God really created man through love. When you resemble God in loving each other, there is constant, incessant creation coming about. Isn't that true? (Yes.)

In America, love between the same sexes -- homosexuality -- is prevailing. It is a most unnatural love. At the time of creation, did Adam have any other man to love? Did Eve have any other woman to love? (No!) Then it is in the Principle that woman must love a man, and man must love a woman.

Homosexuality is unnatural, against God's law of creation. Homosexuals are growing in number, they bring the question of Homosexual rights even to the Congress. Then can we leave things as they are? (No!) Or do something about it? What shall we do with this problem? We will try to persuade and convince those people. But if they don't listen to me, or listen to us, what would we do? Shall we beat on them? (No.)

If after knowing the evil of homosexuality there's any one of you who still wants to be homosexual, hold up your hand. No one? If with this knowledge, you still would want the old way of life in homosexuality, you are less than dogs! Even the animals wouldn't do that. Would the male dog do that with another male? It is far less than an animal. You must know very clearly about this problem. When you go to other countries or the local states, you must educate your people with the same ideas.

This is the history of love, the order of love. The source of love was God, and the love flowed down to Adam, and then through Adam, it reached Eve, and out of their mutual love came their children. Men have the tendency to want to resemble God, and if you resemble God, you want to live His way.

We have not yet solved whether or not you would want to have a boy baby or a girl baby. Which would you want? Well, what would you have your firstborn be? (Boy.) That's the order of creation, that's why. Then what makes you want to have a boy as your firstborn? At the time of creation, God created a male being first, that's why. I don't understand American women. They don't mind if they have a girl or a boy. Answer me clearly: would you want to have a boy first or a girl? (Boy.)

Father has just come out of the hospital today, with a boy baby. [Kwon Jin Moon] In the hospital we saw many fathers who were so happy that they had girls! This is what I thought: in America, parents are more or less ill-treated by their sons when the sons get married, so they are apt to go to their daughters to live in their old age. Is that true, can that be true?

That's not the law of creation. Well, the law of creation says that when you die, you'd rather die with your sons protecting you. Would God, in creating human beings have wanted to live together with a male all throughout eternity, or female... if there's only one of them? Which of the two would God have thought of first? (Man.) So it is more than logical to think that God thought of a male -- His son -- then next His daughter. So, if you resemble Him as the parents, you would like to have your firstborn to be a son, instead of a girl.

Once you are married, it is natural for a woman to follow her husband. A Miss Kim, when married to a Mr. Park, would instantly become Mrs. Park. Don't you feel hurt, women? (No.) Why aren't you hurt?

Because you don't lose anything. You are gaining their family's heritage, what your husband has will be yours. His authority, power, everything will be yours. Suppose there's an uneducated, lowly girl married to the President of the country. Then she instantly becomes the President's wife. In that case, you don't get hurt.

In the Oriental countries, parents would like to have the first born be a son, without exception. Even from that standpoint, the way of thinking of the Oriental people is better and closer to God. Would you have any objections? (No!) That is because it's logical.

Then when you have family life, would you want to have a son first? (Yes!) What if you have a girl first. Would you cry? (Yes.) Then you can tell yourselves, "We are in the course of the Providence of Restoration, and in the course of restoration, men will be saved through women, so, we gave birth to the woman first!" The reverse order.

When you have children, you are in the position of the parents, which means you are in the position of God to the children, to His children. So you must, in raising your children, be like God, caring for your children, and loving them as God would. In the ultimate sense, you must raise your sons and daughters to be like God, to be as perfect as God Himself.

Then what would a man who resembles God be like? Well, God is not only the symbol of power, authority, and things like that, but God is, before anything, the source of love. So, you must raise your children to be the source of love to others.

If your children become perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect, then what will they do; what will they know to do? They will transmit the parents' love toward their children. There are three kinds of love: parental love, conjugal love, and children's love. There are no other kinds of love. Can you understand? (Yes.)

As the central point, you must be able to love your parents above, love your spouse on the horizontal level, and love your children below you. Also, you must love mankind as though they were your brothers and sisters. Since the source of all three kinds of love is God, you can reach God through any type of love: parental love, conjugal love, or children's love.

Why should all three kinds of love be united into one? Because by having three stages, we must be able to build the four-position foundation. We have three levels of love, but to connect those things, we will need four-positions. If you divide them vertically into two, how many will be on both sides? All separated, we will have six. So, six is the satanic number, symbolizing separation. There's no unity in that.

When all those bases are separated, that would be satanic. The six of them don't tend to unite into one, but to separate from each other. So, in the Bible we read that number six is a satanic number. When all those are united into one, they form the base of four- positions. When all six are united into one, and meet at the central point, the central point being God, they make the number seven.

When you are united like that, there is a continuous source of love flowing down. In that case, you miss your loved ones. And the source of your love is your home. Isn't that true? What do you miss all the time when you are away from home? Home, nation, or world? (Home!)

Why do you miss home? Because that is the fundamental core of the whole universe, the fundamental unit of the whole universe. And at the core there is God. And because of that, you miss your home. God's love flows down through the base of four-positions, through the members of the home.

The source of love coming from God will be multiplied through parents first. If you separate yourself from your parents, it means you are cutting yourself off from God. Once you are married, can you be separated from each other? It means you separate East from West. You separate male from female, while they are created to become one.

Well, can you separate plus elements and minus elements in electric current? Being the parents, can you separate yourselves from your children? Separated, you will become satanic. United, you will become divine. Those three levels must be existing together, so if you separate from your parents and your spouses and your children, that's a satanic act.

Evil history started where Adam and Eve separated from each other. What is evil, and what is sin, and what is the enemy to mankind? Separation, rather than unity. Unity and harmony are good. Disharmony and division are evil. Is it true? (Yes!)

From this law of creation, when we see that in American society, the parents are apt to be separated from their children, would God leave it alone? Would the American homes be prosperous this way? That's why, in American homes, the parents are unhappy and every member of the family is unhappy. It serves you right, when you are unhappy, because you have entertained that kind of idea. You deserve unhappiness. You deserve to have misery.

The source of happiness is the family, and the family must have three levels of love: parental love, conjugal love, and children's love. All the children must be able to love their parents, and the parents between themselves must have conjugal love, and the children again have the love toward their grandchildren.

Only with those three levels of love existing in the family will you have real happiness. That being the Principle, that being the fundamental base of love, only by our living that kind of love in our families are we entitled to Heaven after we die. Without living that kind of life on Earth, are we entitled to go to Heaven? (No!) You have the privilege to go to your parents in love. With love, you are entitled to reach your parents, and your grandparents without reservation. That, in return, signifies that you are qualified to reach God and divine love.

You are entitled to go even to the King. Because in the family, your parents are in the position of king and queen. Adam, at first, was in the position of the king to future mankind. Is it right? (Yes!) God is the King of the whole universe. So with the love of the parents, you can reach your parents freely. Likewise, you can reach God freely in the divine love endowed at the time of creation.

God is above us, being the source. He is on the vertical line, and as we expand to the three levels of love we can easily reach God. Inside of God, the one who is most qualified to contact the President of the country is the one who loves the country most. A patriot is the most qualified one to reach the President freely.

Likewise, those who love can reach God first of all. In divine love, can we reach God freely, or not? (Yes.) It's more than logical, and that is our view of love. If we have love towards our family, we can freely reach Him and occupy His home. This comes from the base of four-positions. Our having been able to find the theory of the four-position base enables us to solve any other problem existing in the whole world. This is the core of all theories. Do you think so? (Yes.)

Then if you are asked the question, ' 'Why do I live, why do you live?'' you can answer that you are living for the sake of your brothers and sisters on the horizontal level; you are living for the sake of your parents, in vertical love; you are living for your spouse and for your parents. In the love of God, this is the only way to reach God, in love. That is the purpose of life.

Without our being able to do that, we cannot love any other human being. We cannot even love our nation. To have that expanded to a larger scope, is to love the nation and mankind. If you can love others as you love your own brothers and sisters, other parents as though you would your own parents, other grandparents as though you would your own grandparents, then you can love God.

Home life is the only place where you can be educated in that kind of love. Can you follow me? Then what is the Heavenly Kingdom like? Heavenly Kingdom is the place where love abounds in such a way that you would love everybody else like you would your own family members. Then is it against God's law, or according to God's law, when you don't marry? (Against.)

Why do you cry when you lose your children? Why do you cry when you lose your parents? Why do you cry when you lose your brothers and sisters? Why do you do that? It is because the home base is the foundation of divine love, and if you lose one of your family members, you lose the opportunity to love that person. So the lost love would chase you out. You don't have a complete love. You lose the qualification to love with a whole-sided love. That's why you are being chased out; that makes you cry, makes you sad.

Every member of your family can be likened to one of your cells. When you are pinched, you feel hurt. You don't frown, you cry. Then why would you want to get married, and want to have children? That is because you want to pass the exam and be a person created by love. If you pass the principles of love, you can have the earthly Kingdom of God, and the spiritual Kingdom of God. And you can even possess God. God will belong to you.

Then is it natural for any human being to want to marry? (Yes!) If a woman loves her husband more than she would her own self, she has the qualification to have God, and participate in God's love. And if a man loves his wife more than he would his own self, he has the qualification to love God, and possess God, and participate in God's love.

If you are the same with your brothers and sisters, and with your parents, you have the qualification to belong to God and to possess God. This is why Jesus said, if you love your brothers and sisters more than you do your own self, there can be no greater love than this. The greater love must be God's love. Well, would your logic tell you that it's true? (Yes!) Is that true or not? (Yes!)

If that is the truth, would you put it into practice, or not? (Yes!) If you don't put it into practice while you know the truth of it, you will be cut off from the love of God. The power of the universe will drive you out. Then you don't belong to the universe anymore, or to the category of divine love anymore. That's why you become sad.

If you are harmonized and unite with that power of love, you'll become happy, and you will all smile and laugh. In light of this principle, would you say that the Korean family system, the Oriental family system, is closer to God's ideal, or the Western one? (Oriental!) What if we mix both of them? (Great.) In what way can we mix them? (Marriage.) When we see things in light of the Principle, we must take one of them, and have the other one follow.

Then, is it right for us to construct the family system of the Western world, or not? For parents, grandparents and children to be separated is not the way it should be. By being in accordance with God's law in love, we can enter the Kingdom of God.

By now, you must have a clear picture of what it is to have a solid foundation of four-positions. The four-position base is the foundation where love is solidified by being united into one in harmony under God's love. What is the ideal of creation? The ideal of creation is to establish the foundation of four-positions, in divine love. If in exams you are given the question, "What is the four-position base?" your answer must be "unity in love, on three levels." And then you have the qualification to reach God's love.

You must not have a vague idea of what it is, but you must have a clear notion of what the four-position base is. Then have you started your life in that kind of base in your family? Up to the present moment, there has been no such thing as true parents in your own physical homes, nor true children in your own physical homes. This makes it impossible for God to play the role of the true God.

God is a God of grief, a God of sorrow. You have been burdening Him. You have not been liberated in the love of God. There are national boundaries separating people from people, and race from race, and there are ruptures and disunity even in the home. In the Principle, we must be able to unite home life on that four-position foundation, to reach God in divine love, and from there, as a core unit, we must start all over again, to organize tribe, nation, and world.

Without having the True Parents among us, we cannot give birth to true children, and everything starts from there. That's why God sent the messiah to human society. It is to make it possible for mankind to build the true home, in order for God to become the true God, exercising His power.

When can God become the real God? It is only when man has the True Parents in human society, and through them the true world can be built, where divine love abides. Through the immediate children of the True Parents, we the false children, must be engrafted, to make the whole human family. That's why fallen men need the messiah as the savior.

How much do you need a messiah? (A lot!) Absolutely! You said you need a messiah. But, is that all? Would you need the messiah alone? (No!) With the messiah alone around you, can you expect him to erect the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth? No embodiment of true love of God will be there.

Would the messiah want a bride or not? (Yes!) Why? Because it is in accordance with the Principle of Creation, and they both will play the role of the True Parents. The True Parents alone can give birth to true children. From their own home, they can build the four-position foundation.

In our Unification movement we have discovered a wonderful phrase. What is that? (True Parents.) True Parents. That is the greatest of all the phrases existing in the world. Wonderful, loving, and deep. Is that right? (Yes!!)

Under common parents, we are all brothers and sisters. And we want to dash forward to meet immediate children of the True Parents and be one with them. By doing that alone, we can build the earthly Kingdom of God, and participate in it as the citizens of the Kingdom. Is it true? (Yes!) It is difficult for us even to become citizens in the United States. How much more difficult must it be to become a citizen of the earthly Kingdom of God.

In order for you to become a citizen of the United States, you have to go through certain formalities, and you must take the pledge that you will not do anything against the law of the United States. You are going to be a law-abiding citizen of the United States.

You must do the same things, even more difficult things than that, to become a citizen of the earthly Kingdom of God. If you become a citizen of the United States, would you want to be discharged from the army when there's war against this nation? (No.) If you are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and you are a member of the huge human family under the True Parents, and if the True Parents are in difficulty and there are enemies coming against them, would you sit still with folded hands? (No!)

Would you say, "I would rather live outside, without having to bother with the war and battles here?'' (No!) You must be able to say, "Come what may, and however fierce the battle may be I will dash forward to the frontline to win over the enemy, and win the victory at all costs." Would you say that? (Yes!)

I know what it is to erect the Kingdom of God on Earth. I actually feel that if I shout at the top of my voice, my voice will stir up Heaven and Earth, and the whole axis of the Earth will be shaken by my voice.

Wherever I go, there are questions and problems popping up. The gospel of gospels to you is that you have the True Children among you, and you can be united with them, to become the children of the True Parents.

By having common parents, you can unite the whole human race into one. Just think of that, meditate over what we have. With this truth, don't you feel that you even as individuals can unite the whole world? (Yes!) Even without Father? (No!)

You can if you are really armed with the truth, or even though it may not be the truth. If it is true, it is still more than logical, and with logic, you can create the world. Can't you? (Yes!) And I tell you, it's the truth, and with that truth, can't you do that? (Yes!) I am expecting a stronger "yes." (YES!) I want your "yes" to shake the whole of the United States. (YES!!) Then I can trust you. I'm convinced.

Well, now do you have the clear picture of how to reach the Kingdom of God? (Yes!) If you love the True Parents more than you love yourself, love the children of the True Parents more than you love your own children, and in turn, the True Parents love God, and put God's ideal into practice, then under common parents you can realize the Kingdom of God on Earth.

After having lived in the Kingdom of God, in your physical life, you are entitled to live in the spiritual Kingdom of God. Isn't that true? (Yes!) In light of the Principle that is true, isn't it?

If you are happy to see the True Parents, if you miss them always and by living with them you can be educated and enlightened by them, then you are entitled to live in the Heavenly Kingdom. If the True Parents are headed for the Heavenly Kingdom both on earth and the spirit world, then all you have to do is to follow them, isn't that true?

To follow them means to work for them, and work in place of them. Then the whole world will belong to you. And you will be blessed with the four-positions, the position of the whole world. With all this knowledge, if you idle away your time, just dozing off, feeling like taking naps you are not fit human beings.

You now have a clear picture of what it is? (Yes!) Americans are proud of their heritage of observing the law to the utmost. Isn't that true? (Yes!) If you are proud of being law-abiding citizens, what would you think about the law of God? (Great.)

Can you become more qualified law-abiding citizens in the Kingdom of God? (Yes!) I can trust you. Are you already like that, or are you on the way, or do you intend to do that? (On the way!) Then I've said all I have to. I want you to be qualified to possess God, possess His Kingdom, and possess the whole universe.

Shall we pray?

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 04.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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