The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Who Will Be Responsible For The Providence Of God?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Barrytown, New York
March 23, 1975
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

I'm going to talk on the subject, "Who will be responsible for the providence of God and the world?" Can America take the responsibility'? I do not mean you, but America as a nation; can she take the responsibility? The American government cannot take responsibility for the whole world, nor can the established churches, the president, the professors, scholars, and scientists of this nation. If America cannot take the responsibility for the rest of the world, can any other nation do the job? (No.') What about the Communists? Your answer is "No," to the question, but all the Communists will yell and shout, "Yes!" They're doing that, actually. In what way are they going to unite the world'? They have the ways and means set. Their final target is America and with that purpose ahead, all Communists are united into one. That's what we saw at the time of the UN campaign. Although there are quite a few differences between the Communist nations, they are united in their intention to crush the United States.

What is the fear of the people in the democratic world'? It is, without a doubt, Communism. You are trembling under the threat of Communism, you American people. So the Communists are confident that you will fall prey to them sooner or later. Their strategy is that without warfare, without weapons they will crush America by causing corruption among youth and society, bringing disunity into family lives, and infiltrating them with Communist ideology. More than anything else, they are causing the youth problem, the corruption and decline of Christian churches, rupture in the homes, racial problems; all those things are being caused by Communists behind the scenes. When the Roman Empire declined, it was not caused by an alien power, but by inner rupture. When you lose strength, and disunity arises, at one kick you can crumble. You know and feel too well that it is not what comes from outside which you must fear, but what comes from inside. The corruption of American youth, homes, and Christian churches is coming from inside, from Communism. When the Roman Empire collapsed, there was no such thing as infiltration from other ideologies, but here this is a great threat. You must realize that Communists are working in a very cunning way in this country.

Have you heard of any such thing as the democratic people infiltrating into the Communist nations, developing demonstrations and doing things against their government'? There's not a single person doing that, I'm afraid. People in the democratic world are so fragile that if they live in Communist countries, they are swept up by that ideology. In the Communist world, they move upon one command coming from above and they will advance forward several miles; if they are told to retreat, they will do that, but if they are told to march forward again they will do that. If the American public, for instance, is told to do a certain thing, if public opinion is for it, they will advance forward for a certain period of time; but on the way, many people will fall away. When they are told to retreat, they will come and some will be led astray and be diverted from the main track. When you vacillate like that, before long you will crumble. In the Communist world, things are different. They will advance forward, retreat, and continue to do so, but they will never surrender.

You have seen many such examples in this country. For instance, Congress did not pass the bill to aid Cambodia by sending arms; you discussed the matter, and the majority of Congressmen objected. In the case of Vietnam, several years back you said, "Yes! Let us help Vietnam. " But now you are retreating. If the situation were the other way around, and Cambodia was extending its hands for help to Red China, or Russia, wouldn't those two countries help Cambodia, or other countries'? When they are asked for help, they do it. If any small Communist nation asked for help from Red China or Russia, would they not extend their hands to help? Just imagine the giant nation of America, which has been the leading nation of the Free World; once you volunteered to help underprivileged and weaker nations, but you are now retreating from that stage. Those who have been helped will point at you and revile you. In the case of Vietnam, it would have been far better if you did no( start to help that nation; the damage could not have been bigger. You started to help weaker nations, and then retreated. Now those weaker nations are going to fall prey to Communism.

What has America done for those nations and the world? If you were in God's position, would you have praised America? (No.) In the Free World, in the democratic world, whom can the people trust, besides America, if America betrays them'? Can they trust England? (No.) Or Germany'? (No.) France or Italy? (No.) Who can they rely on or trust'? If I were in God's position, I would scold or punish America, because I know I blessed America for the good of all mankind, not for America alone. The helping hands they once extended are being withdrawn. The natural conclusion is that God will leave the country which betrays its promise and trust. You American young people, do you also think that way'? (Yes!) We are going to awaken this nation, and the people of this nation to that fact. From what Kissinger was doing in other countries and from the way the Congress was acting, I could foretell what was going to happen, and it happened exactly as I expected. Kissinger is in a difficult position now, and the Senate and Congress won't listen to him anymore. He's making the President of this nation a puppet. The people of this country are making him a puppet. What kind of President could be strong enough to lead the people in a time of emergency'? If the President is from the Democratic Party, the Republicans will oppose his decisions, and if he's from the Republican Party, the Democrats will likewise oppose him. They go back and forth continually in the face of an emergency situation. As the President changes, do you think America will develop and improve in any situation'? You must sense the danger in this nation coming right now, at this moment. We must take the responsibility to awaken the people of the United States and the policy-makers of the United States. There is no other group to do the , job.

But you are not strong enough to do that. You cannot even influence one of the 50 states, nor the population of a small city. How can you do the job? If you don't lay the foundation for yourself, God cannot help you out. Only on the foundation you have laid can God help. What happened with the Israelites when they failed to lay the foundation'? Jesus had to bear the cross. Was God willing to do that? Did he lay the foundation for God to work, and then did God allow him to die on the cross'? Was that the way it happened'? No! It was because he didn't quite build the foundation for his mission to be a success that he was crucified. Without that foundation, can you do the job successfully" If you don't build the foundation, can I help you out, can I do the job in place of you'? (No.) Can God do that'? (No.') Then, we cannot afford to lose a moment. God IS Calling You. I'M calling you, and all brothers and sisters must be in an all-out effort to awaken the people of America, and do the job. Who will take the responsibility for that'! We can not offer to take the responsibility and then, after waiting, think we can come back to the scene and do the job. Once we start doing it, if it ends up in failure, it is very difficult for us to restore that.

If no one else can take the responsibility, does that mean God will be a failure'?(No.) Our conclusion is that there must be someone, some group, even though it may be small in numbers, who must stand before the gigantic foe like David before Goliath. It must not be just lip-service, but you must put I . t into practice, at all costs, even though you may have to sacrifice your life. You must be able to carry it out. Look at the world. With American youth do you think you can recover or save America? American young people will scatter and disperse at the gunshot of the enemy. The other day I was told that on the streets of New York, there was a fight taking place between white young men and black young men. The black young men came in a band, united into one like this. But all the white young people ran away. You must know the fact.

Oh, God is a wretched, pitiful God. God has b(-,en looking for the Americans to save the world in the latter days, after having blessed the country so abundantly for 6,000 and more years, and then, what does He find in this country? Just disillusionment. You may say, "Why do we have to cry out for the salvation of this nation, and work so hard, and be faced with difficulties and persecution, while the established churches don't even dream of doing that?" Are we working for power, position, wealth'? (No!) What God wants is not power, position, or wealth, but one man or a group of people who will carry out the will of God, saving the world. God needs Master. Why'? Because I'm a handsome man'? Because I topple any other scholars in the field of scholastic work? Or because of my power'? Because of my wealth? No, in God, those things are nothing. It is because I have the quality of wanting to carry out God's will. Day and night, asleep or awake, I think of God's will having to be realized on this Earth. That's why God needs me. Between you and me the same thing applies. I need you, not because of your wealth, not because of your power, not because of the knowledge you have but because of your zeal and enthusiasm to realize God's will. Though small in quantity, you have the zeal to carry out God's will. I have a shred of hope in you. You sleep for the will of God, you eat for the will of God, and you do things, think of things, and plan things for the will of God. That's why I need you. I want to make you into that kind of person. Are you like that? (Yes.!) If it is true that God, after looking so long for such a group will set eyes on this group, though seemingly miserable and small in number. He will rely on us, He's in need of us! He will even have to leave America and discard the American churches, but He will come looking for you, and He will rely on you.

I visualize a pitiful God, quite grieved. If you are a son of filial piety to Him, when you pray, kneeling down, you cannot but cry out in your prayers. That's what I always feel in my prayer. And in prayer, I cannot afford to ask Him for help. I see many qualities of betrayal in you, in all young people even in our movement. Knowing all those things, would God not be grieved to His heart? He's a pitiful God, so I say to myself, "I cannot leave God, I cannot discard Him, betray Him, I'll never do that!" I have had the experience of being left alone; all my members left while I was in prison. When I came out to the world again, I knelt down before God with the feeling of Elijah talking to God, "I am left alone, all by myself. " Have you ever felt the same way'? In that case, I pledge before God, consoling His heart, saying, "Oh, pitiful God! You are in need of me! Such a humble man, without any qualifications but You are in need of me so badly, because there's no one else who will console Your heart and offer to do the job in place of You." I want you to be the same. In my prayer, if I ask anything of Father I sometimes beg Him to prolong the situation for a little while. Back in Korea, when I made my visit there the other time, I asked and begged one of the high government officials to have the situation extended for at least two or three years, because I had plans for the country and my people. In America, too, we have to do something in three years' time. People may say we are crazy people, to offer to do the Job in three years' time, while the Government, the policy-makers and all the rest of the people failed.

We can never do the job with our power. What we need is unified youth power, like your Puritan fathers who came from the old world to establish a new world under religious freedom on this continent. I said to Father in my prayer, "Please wait three more years, and I will come to America to assemble and mobilize young people to carry out Your will in that country, because You and I both cannot let this nation disintegrate to naught." That is why and how I initiated this movement in this country, and that's the way I assembled you. Do you miss your homes, feeling like going back to your parents'? (No!) Or do you want to go out to the battlefield to fight against evil power'? The racial problem, drug usage and things like that must be crumbled by our own hands. In our right hand we must grasp and get hold of Communists, and in our left hand, we must get hold of drug-using young people. In your minds, you must understand the idea of having to revive the established churches. By your putting your ideals into practice you must occupy God's heart. You must motivate God to do the job through you. Are you like that? You are still far from it, and you are not quite qualified enough for that, I'm afraid. Your prayers and thoughts must be, "Give me another three months. I want to study more, I want to get trained more, I want to strengthen myself." With that in mind, whenever you look at the beautiful scenery around here in Barrytown, you must talk to it saying, "Wait several months, wait several years; you will find me a different person, and I will have accomplished a lot of wonderful things for you and the world. I will not remain stagnant without growing, without changing and becoming different. I will not die like this." You must say that. If on the way, Satan interferes with you, kicks at you or beats on you, saying, "You cannot go the way! " and blocks the way, what would you do'? Like the tank, can you just push him away and go your way'? I love to see a tank smashing everything in the way, even cutting down trees. Do you have that kind of power'? Do your feet have that power'? You must be so confident as that.

I'm hearing very much negative news. NBC is working against our movement by way of a TV production; the FBI is working against us, the CIA is barring our way, and some Congressmen and Senators are doing the same. If you are scared at every moment by news, can I work through you'? I want to have my belly (symbol for courage) so big as to weigh several hundred pounds. When I'm exposed to the wind, because of the weight I cannot fall down. And in the face of cars coming against me and hitting me, I will not collapse. In the face of difficulties and hardships, you must be thinking of the gale to come. If you run faster, you are exposed to more wind. Would you rather remain at home, snuggled in the house, without minding about the battle when there's wind to come? You can expect persecutions coming, but without persecution there's no challenge, no value. You must know and feel that you are born for that purpose. Like David, you must throw stones at Goliath and kill him. With that small fist of yours, so delicately shaped, can you do that? That small fist, when trained in karate, will hit a brick or anything, and the object will be broken, not your fist. In that case, your spirit hits it hard, you are confident that it will break, and it does. When you hit and it doesn't break, don't think that the item is too strong for your hand, but that your will-power is too weak, your faith and training are too weak. You complain that people don't come, while you have witnessed so hard. But it is not that. Without power enough to hit people's hearts, they cannot come. Until you get trained to break through the hearts of the people, you must train yourself again and again until you attain the goal. Don't be discouraged. If you are discouraged, you are going to be worthless as the instrument of God.

Before taking responsibility for the whole nation, you must have the confidence to win over the enemy in the battle for one state, at least. What I need is just 50 people for all 50 states, to save America. The rest of you can go away; we are too many in number. If you are really confident to take responsibility for your whole state, if other people come there, you would just think of them as onlookers. You can say, "Come! You are coming to our state to learn something from me, and that's OK." Once you are born to be a man, you must have that kind of courage. Especially the mate members, you have that kind of ambition, don't you'? (Yes!) You women members, if you don't want to remain bystanders, what would you do'? Just kick the males members away and do the job in place of them'? Can you wield your hands and say,

Believe me, I will do the job!" Even when I compare the voices, male voices and female voices, yours are weaker! If thundering and roaring voices come from the male side you will be scared and shrink back. (Women: No!) The secret is for the female members to ride on the shoulders of the men, be carried by them, and reach the same goal. Men, if you are defeated by women, will you feel good'? (No!) God wouldn't like His sons to be defeated by women. Men must keep the dignity of being men. With this in mind, you must be courageous. Feel as though the whole Earth will shake because with one act, with gnashed teeth, you will do the job. [Mrs. Choi: "I told him to encourage the women, too, and he said, well, the same to you."

As far as women are concerned, they win over men by way of obedience, I think. You can be obedient to men here in this movement but not to the men outside. I hate the idea of your being defeated by worldly men; if you come back to me, I will never marry you to any man in this movement. The male members will say, "I'm confident to win over Satan in any of the countries I'm assigned." And the women will say the same. Are you confident? I can never be defeated by you. But if you were in a race would you not run past your teacher or any master, or anything? Both Master and you will like the idea, because if you do that, our victory will come sooner. If you are running on the track, and Master is right there, you just close your eyes and run past him! You must have the idea that you don't need any itinerary workers or any supervisors coming to look at what you are doing. On your own, you can do anything.

We are planning to send you money to support the movement in your countries for the time being at least, but the missionaries must not be waiting for the money to come every month, wondering why it isn't here, and things like that. Sometimes it can come later than expected, or be lost; anything can happen. In that case, you must be able to earn your own money with full confidence. You must initiate your movement in those countries, pledging before God that if you can go on your own, you will not accept the money, or you will even pay back the money you have received from headquarters. I like that kind of person. I am here, talking to you all the time on this kind of thing because I want you to be courageous, full of energy and strength.

Today's topic was "Who will take the responsibility for God's Providence?" The answer is clear-ME!! You must ask God in your prayers, "Leave America in my hands! Leave Asia in my hands! You must prolong my life. I cannot carry out the whole job if I live to be 80. So, I want to live to be 90, to be able to carry it out." God cannot but say 1. yes" to you, because God will lose if He takes you away from this world earlier than you want to go. You must decide what to take responsibility for. If any one of you wants to take responsibility for all of Asia, would God leave it in your hands? No, just one country at a time; you must conquer one by one. Everything begins from one. When you witness to one person, you must say in you hearts, "I'm reaching out to the end of Asia through you." If you bring in one whole family, you will say to yourself, "I'm going to the end of Asia through this family. " You'll say the same when you have restored a nation, "I will reach out to the end of the world through this nation.

You must entertain that kind of hope.

With a small South American nation ahead of you, you will say, "Oh, what can I do for this nation? Can I carry out the mission here?" If you are scared, you will be holding back, and you will always beg for God's help. There are secrets for your asking help from God. If you ask Him to give you more difficulties, to go through more 'Indemnity so that that nation is going to be restored at the soonest possible date, if you beg for that, God will be pleased with the idea. God, I know, is that kind of God. With that in mind, do you worry about your assignment as missionaries? (No!) "Even though I'm a woman, I will not only conquer one nation in Africa, but the whole continent of Africa, the whole continent of South America, the whole continent of Asia." You must be able to say that. If in the face of persecution you shrink back and are scared, then you have no face to lift up before God. You must think, "All Asia is too small for me. I wish I had a bigger continent; I'm confident to conquer the whole world." You must have a gigantic ambition, but in carrying out small things, you must be painstaking so as to be able to analyze the whole situation and digest it.

Just think; who and how many people rule the whole world? Just several. You must have the idea that you can conquer the whole world in cooperation with Father, and it is just a matter of time. When I first came to America, what do you think I was thinking? Was I scared of this gigantic nation where the government is strong, the CIA and FBI are strong, and I don't speak the language? I have become quite a famous person in this nation. Have you read the latest issue of Time Magazine? In advertising the circulation and capacity of the magazine, they said, "We deal with articles only about persons like Kissinger, so-and-so, so-and-so, and Reverend Sun Myung Moon. At that moment, I said, "My plan was a hit. " If you are miniature Reverend Moons, if we have 100,000 members or a million members, we will change America in no time.

Those women who were blessed in the holy matrimony this time, if it were not I who wedded you, you may have thought, "I could have married the future President of this nation!" Your ambition is so high as that, I know. Women of such gigantic ambitions cannot be handled by other persons, even your parents. That's why I assembled you here and married you, disposed of you! No person other than myself can do the job.

Your mind must be so broad as to accommodate anything. For instance, when I was imprisoned with handcuffs on my arms, I would wave at my members coming to see me, I remember still. You have seen me many times. When I spoke, in several of the auditoriums, the voice of opposition came from the audience. Was I scared? (No!) I felt more challenged at that moment, and in the case of the Berkeley campus auditorium, I used my own tactic and they were conquered. I was considering all their tactics, and I knew that if I prolonged it, and then stopped it from coming in ten minutes, then they could be handled. Then there came a voice but it was somewhat withdrawn, and the voice was screaming in a small, shrill tone, and I said, "Come what may! This is making this evening unforgettable. " If I laugh louder than they do, my voice will drown theirs. When I used that tactic; the whole audience was on my side, clapping and applauding me. They are already defeated at that moment. I'm always on the defensive; before my speech I always plan how to fight back against opponents. And I sometimes feel thrilled. It's your way of thinking that matters.

There are many, many ways for you to witness to the people. You don't always have to give lectures to the people. For instance, sometimes you can blow a trumpet on the street, or just initiate a quarrel in the comer of a park. People will observe very naturally, and then you can become a dynamic speaker. If there is anyone opposing you, pick up the topic right there, and talk about that man, whether or not he is good or evil. You can initiate your talk in many ways. If you keep waiting and waiting for people to come, with folded hands, no one will come. It would be far better for you to go out fishing on the Hudson River. You will catch many fish, and people will assemble around you, being anxious to know how many fish you have caught. And then you can initiate the conversation. If you are a woman, get big fish hooks and look as though you are at a loss what to do. You call a male passer-by to help you, and the conversation starts. You can give the pole to him, and after a while say, "I'm anxious to do that," and get it back, and give it to him again, so you will talk back and forth, and smile and laugh, and you'll become friends. By the time the day concludes, you can invite him to dinner at your own home and give him a lecture. If you are a good rider on a motorcycle, why don't you brag about it in front of the motorcycle shop. Customers will come and talk about how to handle the motorcycle, and you'll be so boastful as to say you go at the speed of 150 miles an hour. At first they will not believe you, and you can say, "Just wait and see!" There the conversation starts, and you'll make friends. To attract people's attention, suppose you go out to any restaurant and order many rich dishes, then use your fingers to eat. It will attract many people's attention. In using knives and forks, you can make a clashing noise and after dinner, if there's a platform, you will go up to the platform, and people will notice you. Then you can smile a broad daylight smile, saying, "I used a certain tactic on you. " "As I came into the restaurant," you can say, "I thought up a plan, and I knew that I was -going to attract your attention like this, and I'm successful!" Then instead of being angry at you, the audience in the restaurant will giggle and be happy. And you become suddenly decent, proper, and all that, make a bow, and begin your speech. By the time you end your speech, they will feel like having more from you. Your topic can be social matters, moral problems, adolescent problems, drug usage problems. All those things. You'll glance at a plump lady like this and, pretending not to have noticed, talk about your experience of having met a woman weighing so many pounds who walked zigzag like this. Thinking that that woman is far bigger than she herself, maybe that person will be pleased. You can cast jokes on a certain person if you want that person, specifically.

If you want to meet with the principal of a certain school, why do you have ~o visit him in the office, in a very polite manner, where it is difficult for you to approach him? Why don't you wait for him at the gate and just dash to him and say, "Hello! How do you do? I'm certain I have met you somewhere.... Don't you remember me? Maybe I was one of your pupils in my elementary school days?" Before long, you can be acquainted with that person very easily. If you use that tactic for a good purpose, it's permitted. I did the same so many times in my childhood days. On my way to school, I would hide my school hat inside my pockets and just talk to the people on the way, throwing jokes and things like that. They would think I was their age, and conversations could easily start. Even though one of your class-mates is around he wouldn't recognize you because you are such a good actor or actress. He will suddenly realize that it is you and then think, "Oh, he's such a serious-looking young man in the class, I didn't dream of his being right there. My friends didn't dare to speak to me, and they would talk among themselves, and the next day when I came to class, they would innocently ask me if I was on the street yesterday at a certain hour. I would shake my head and say, "No, you must be mistaken. I'm told that quite a few people resemble me. Maybe my face is ordinary so that there are many people resembling me." I sometimes deliberately acted like that so even my classmates could not recognize me. I'm good at everything. Moneymaking, winning friends, and occupying their hearts.

If you go to your mission field and wait and wait for people to come and say to yourself, "I'm a good lecturer, but there are no people to whom I can lecture, what am I going to do?" Instead of sitting there, if I were you I would go out to the street, and finding a fat dog, I would sit on his back. The owner of the dog will come to quarrel with you, and you can say, "Oh! Is it your dog? I'm sorry I have done this, I just tried to sit on his back because it looks so plump, and I was tempted to do it. I wanted to know how fast the dog can run." Looking at the man, you can say, "Oh! You look so smart, and so bright. The dog resembles the owner: no wonder the dog is so speedy and clever! " There are many, many other ways to witness to people and contact them. If you want to get hold of a person you check on what road he's going in the car, and every day, you go the same way, coming closer to his car with yours, almost to the point of collision; he cannot but notice your car and you. If he calls you names, you can just bow down before him, apologizing again and again and conversation can be started in that way. It's better to do that, rather than sitting in your own room, waiting for people to come.

Can you visualize many ways to talk to the people, now? Don't stay at home, waiting for people! I hate the idea. You are born to be a man, born to be a woman. How can you come to be like that? You must have confidence and courage. Life is a drama, and you must act out your role. Read some novels. They are fabricated stories describing real life. Why don't you imitate the characters in them, becoming heroes and heroines? You must know the tactic of casually doing this and that. You must study and your tactics will improve. If you are hungry, and you don't have any money to buy bread, you can stop by the baker's place and after looking and looking at the bread, you will scream, "Oh! This looks quite different from ordinary bread! Oh! What a delightful smell! Can I taste a bit of this?" You can go ahead and eat it! You have every right to do that if you are hungry. Then the person will have no idea that you don't have a penny, and then he will say, "Go ahead and eat as much as you like." And you can say "Thank you!" And after eating, you thank him again and leave. You cannot be blamed because you ate with the permission of the shopkeeper. But if he insists on your having to pay, you grope in your pocket, and say you don't happen to have a penny, "I can pay it back a few days later. " After earning the money, you can pay it back. The person will come to like you, and love you, and whenever you stop by the place he will let you eat freely. When God's sons and daughters are penniless like that, you have every right to do that, because without using that kind of tactic when you are broke and without friends in that country, you cannot occupy or conquer the people to God's side. I have an endless supply of such stories. All through my life I've experienced many such things, when I was helpless in the satanic world. I have used many such tactics, with permission from God.

Unlike other religious leaders, instead of meditating and meditating, I'm an activist, always acting and putting my theory into practice, even moving God. You have a strange person as your leader. Isn't it funny? You are crazy, too, to follow me, an Oriental man, talking and talking to you all through the morning, without your breakfast, without your lunch, still you are absorbed and intoxicated by my talk. I'm not only strange to you, but to later generations and to the outside people, also. In that sense, good or bad, I'm a cosmopolitan man. If what I'm saying to you is the truth, and the eternal truth that can be applied to later generations, too, people in the future will admire what I have done here. Without realizing the greatness of this man, you may even think, "There's not much difference between myself and Master. " But later on, you will gradually find the greatness of this person. What is taking place right at this moment, at this spot, is a historical event. You must realize that. Realizing that, you want to become history-makers, and you will ask God and Master to give you the responsibility for all things, and if you are confident to carry it out, Father will say, "Yes" with satisfaction.

The conclusion is that Master is the person who can motivate even God, moving God. That's the greatest of all events. If it is true and workable for you, too, wouldn't you want to try it? Even though one of your eyeballs is plucked out, wouldn't you rather do that? Even though one of your arms is severed, would you still want to do that? Without one leg? If you are blessed people, happy people, what you must do is to share the happiness with other people. We must go out to the end of the world, going through America and other countries, to share our happiness, as the distributors of happiness. Our responsibility is to go out to the place of our assignment not to take away happiness and blessedness from them, but to share with them and distribute the happiness we have. So we must march forward with divine dignity. That is what God would want you to do. I want you to do the same. If you are like that, there's no doubt that God will place all those responsibilities on your shoulders, even very willingly.

You must be confident that you will see the fall of the individuals who have been opposing you, the fall of the community which has been opposing you, the fall of the nation that has been opposing you. If the whole world has been opposing you, you will see the world fall before your own eyes in your lifetime, and you can change the world. It is because God is there working with you, through you. And God is ready to quicken the day to come. The visitation of the day will not be long, so you will see it in your lifetime. Looking at the world, now crumbling so fast, with almost no great noise, you will see that coming. There's no other group but ours that can save the whole world, and even liberate God. We want to take the responsibility for the salvation of the whole world, tackle every difficult problem and issue, and we want to pay more indemnity by way of taking on and doing more difficult jobs than other people. 1 want you to be a very willing person to take over this mission. If you are resolved and determined to do that, hold up your hand.

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