The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1975

On Approaching God

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Barrytown, New York
March 3,1975
Master Speaks
Translated by Col. Han

Those assembled here are core members and long-time members of the Unification Church. Many of you were among the 1800 couples blessed in Korea; you are here to train for a new life and a new mission. In the last conference we decided that without reorganizing ourselves we cannot meet our goals, so many 100-day trainees have come here to improve their ability and efficiency. Let us think about our futures.

All the time we hear about the will of God. The will of God has great meaning for the individual, the family, the clan, and the nation. Let us use our imagination and suppose that this world is made up of the individual, family, and national instincts which were in original man. What would the world be like? God would like too see individuals, families, and countries as He intended them to be. He would like an ideal world. That idea of what God would like the world to be has never been fulfilled throughout human history. Jesus Christ was the only person in history who met God's ideal. How much of what God wanted to accomplish did Jesus fulfill? Jesus could not live the perfect individual life which God wanted him to live, and he could not establish the perfect family which God wanted him to establish. Jesus had great hope in his heart but he could not realize it so his purpose remains unfulfilled.

How many Christians are perfect embodiments of the kind of man God would want? Since there has been no such figure in history of course there could be no perfect family, either. There could be no perfect race, no perfect nation; we have not had anything perfect. If Christians could not do these things, then can God support them and use them to carry out His will? Since He cannot depend on Christians for the fulfillment of His will, He must think that they have to withdraw and that some new group is to do the job. Then what is the Unification Church? God wants a group of churches or a group of people who can inherit what Christian churches have accomplished and work from there for the further fulfillment of God's will. The Unification Church is derived from that need.

Before we can begin to understand the will of God we have to understand God's nature. The vague ideas about God that existing Christian churches now put out are simply not convincing enough. We have to know God more specifically. Christian churches believe that God is absolute and unconditional love. Is this true? Let us imagine: if God's love is unconditional then why will the Christian churches alone be saved and no other religions? God has said that only those people who believe in Christ will be saved. Why did He say that? Whenever we think about this we have to think about the mainstream and also the force which goes somewhat against the mainstream. Among existing political systems, when there is a main party or government party there is also an opposition party. Surely He can have unconditional love towards the opponents of those people who are on God's side. But what about those who are not on God's side? The situation is different. God has those who are closest to Him, some who are further away, and He has servants yet more distant. He cannot treat them all the same. For example, when he gives His heart, when He gives love, He gives the most love to those closest to Him, and less according to the distance from Him.

With your children, the degree of love or the quality of love-whatever you might call it-is different for each one. And when you get married can you love your spouse out of duty? From the very beginning you consider whether you like that person. Or, you think that some day you will come to like him or her. Imagine those people who don't know you, don't care about you, and don't think about you; there's nothing you can do to become closer to them. How can you love those people? We all understand that God is not a vague concept, but He is like a person. He is a personal God, and as a person, there are some who are close to Him, and some who are very close.

Our problem is how to become close to God. There are two ways to come to be liked by God. Some people are liked without any effort on their part. Others like to help God's work very much. Then God can like them and love them. Likewise, while God exists in many different religions, He has certain preferences. Those people that He can like easily He will like under any circumstances. God will also like those people who try their very best to fulfill His will. So a religion is either one that God can love easily, or it is one that can do much to fulfill God's will. It has to be either one or the other. There are Christianity, Buddhism, and other major religions and minor religions. Every one of them must be liked by God. If there is a religion that God cannot like, then it has to be abolished. As soon as a new group appears on Earth, the second best group has to diminish. Unification Church is an entirely new group which is trying its best to become one that God can like. If it succeeds it will win God's favor.

Then why did God create man in the Garden of Eden? God created Adam and Eve so that He could love them. Also, He created man so that He could entrust some of His tasks and works to man. Has He realized his desire'? No. Since Adam and Eve fell, the rest of mankind automatically fell, too. Now He is re-creating fallen man. Re-creation is saving those people who have fallen. So our mission becomes very clear: we must become recreated men and also we must instill God's desire to save fallen man in ourselves. In order to meet these two vital qualifications, we must learn about the heart of God. The heart of God has been introduced here for the first time in man's history. Along with coming to know the "heart of God- in the Unification Church, we are the group which is very anxious to help fulfill the will of God. This is very easy to say, and it is even quite logical. Everyone wants to do these things. Then why can't we do them'?

Because man fell, Satan came to exist, and sin too. Another way of explaining this is, if you do away with sin and if you do away with relations with Satan, then you automatically become close to God. What is the number one wish of fallen man? It is to cut his relations with sin and Satan. So we have to know how to disconnect from Satan and do away with sin. Then-as the second step-we can come closer to God. As soon as you can understand God's heart, then, in doing His will or doing His work, you don't have to try, you automatically become like Him. Doing away with our connection to Satan and to sin is the purpose of all religions. But religions don't know that. Have you really done away with Satan? (No!) Are you completely free of sin now? (No!) Why not? Because you did not know. We say "Satan," but we hardly know about Satan. What is Satan? What is sin? Those things are not only very simple matters, but also very complicated ones. There is local sin or what you might call contemporary sin. Then you have historical sin. And also you have the sin of the future. The conclusion is very obvious, but also unavoidable: Do away with our historical sin. We also have to do away with contemporary sin, the sin of this age. We have no hope of completely doing away with sin of the future.

Some people, with a lesser faith, say, "God is omnipotent. Why doesn't He do it Himself?" There's a very good reason why He cannot do that. That's because man caused the fall. Man brought Satan in, not God. God will not do and cannot do what man has to do. God intended an ideal world. But man did not do as God willed. This is why we have sin. For example, if the son commits a murder, and the father goes to the court and says, "Because this is my son, and I'm the father, I'll be responsible for my son's murder," can it be accepted'? No. If the son was the one who committed the murder, then he has to compensate for it. The son has to do it, but he cannot because he's ignorant. So God is here, and the son is here, and Satan is here but no one can do anything because no one knows. Does everybody know that there is Satan? (Yes!) You can say "yes" because you are already in the Unification Church. But those people who do not, will they know God really exists? They don't know God, they don't know Satan. Where do they begin? This is a historical problem. No one in history has known God as He is. Not a single soul on Earth knew God. Likewise, no one has known for sure if Satan exists. Has anybody known that there is God and that there is also Satan, and that these two great powers have been struggling and fighting a fierce battle? No one knew that Satan and God were each struggling to have one individual on their side. No one knew about ideal families. They hardly knew anything. This is the crux of the problem. Those people who do not know much about God, and who know very little about Satan, how can they come to do God's work?

God exists and He created men and angels, even Lucifer. Therefore, He has to in some way find a way to teach them about Himself and about other things. We have just begun to understand the most elemental things. You will have an even harder time to understand how much God has worked and suffered to make one perfect individual on Earth, just one in all these millions of years, and long before that, to make even a sacred man, what we call a "prophet" or a comparatively perfect man. It is not too hard for us to understand that He has had so much trouble in sending even one ordinary prophet and then a man who can give some truth, so that we can also understand that God has worked His way step by step, finding a better man and a better man still, and on and on. It stands to reason also that among religions God has gone through the same step-by-step process. The very primitive religions are like a primary school-and then there's the grammar school, and then high school, college, etc. The proximity to God of religions is increasing. What degree will the Unification Church have fulfilled? Yes, post-graduate school, but the main thing is that we have to be qualified for that Ph.D.

Does God exist? (Yes!) How can we know that God exists? The main problem of existing society centers around this problem. I'd like those people who really know that God exists (and this doesn't mean those who believe God exists) to raise their hands. You have solved the most difficult problem of all, because you know that God exists. Knowing that, you not only understand that He exists, but also you should feel it, this is the main thing. You have to feel by heart, and also by acting you have to know. You won't know until you become one with God and become one with His work, that God really exists. To those who experience things, not many words are necessary. The way in which the Unification Church is different and excels is the fact that you can experience God. Then if someone comes to you and cuts your throat, it really doesn't matter; that cannot alter your knowing. As soon as you experience God, then martyrdom isn't menacing to you in any way.

Have you ever imagined yourself becoming a martyr, and being confident in that situation? We have to have that kind of confidence. When Master set his foot on this continent, in America, that idea of martyrdom was a common thing to him. But he didn't think seriously about it. Rather, he had confidence. "Who can exceed this confidence of mine?" he thought. Master is really a formidable person, that is, a man to be feared. Also, there's nothing that he fears. If there's anything to fear, it is God. God is to be feared. The most fearful thing for us is the possibility that we may lose God. Nothing else matters. So long as God is with us we can pierce right through the heart of the enemy, Satan. To those who have that confidence and that determination, everything is possible. I hesitate to say this, but can I trust you as I can trust my God? You have to trust God, that's the safest thing. So we must understand that even if we promise God, "I would like to be responsible, and I shall be responsible," if God cannot trust a person, then God cannot say "Yes. " If there is any small thing-or one large thing-you want, have all the Unification Church get together and say "Forget about God's will just one moment, and let's do this, because this is what everybody wants. " If you do that Father wouldn't budge. He will not go along with you if you forget about His will. He will kick you out and start all over again. This is to give you a glimpse of how serious Father has been in all the things he has done so far.

If there is only one way open to fulfill the will of God, and if it means doing some impossible thing, he would have no other choice but to do it. My own father and mother can never block my way. So we have to understand that, if you want something really badly so much so that you think Father will approve, you are mistaken. The Unification Church started in a very serious and severe situation when we knew only that God exists, and that the God we know is the historical God. The God that is with us now is the same God that will be with us in the future. We have to know what God is now, the God that exists in this country, in this era. We also have to know God's overall plan to a certain extent. Before we know that, we cannot really progress successfully.

To know about God, we have to know His history. In order to understand God we have to understand what kind of life He has led so far. Then we have to study what He is doing now. Where can we find that material? Can you go to the best and biggest library in the world to find that out? Can you find it even in the Bible? We have to find out whether God was a happy God, whether God has been consistently sad, or if God is a contented God. We have to find out the true feelings and deeds of God. If God is an unhappy and sad God, but a group of Christians is saying, "God is an Almighty and happy God," how would you feel toward them? You'd be very indignant. We have to understand why God has been unhappy. We have to go a little deeper. We have to find out when God became very unhappy. Did His sadness start a long time ago, or recently'? If He's a sad God now, does that mean He used to be happy'? If so, then what made this happy God into an unhappy God? To know that is the crux of the problem. This is what you are studying and reading-the history of restoration, the principle of restoration.

You have begun to know that all this time, throughout the Old Testament Age, God has been a frustrated and very sad God. This was also true in the New Testament Age. Now, at the fulfillment of the New Testament Age, God is still working. You have to be able to imagine and understand the situation of Adam and Eve when the fall took place. You must experience the same sadness God experienced from the fall and also the joy that comes after you have overcome that fall. Then we can compare the sad stage that God once felt, and the happy stage in which we have passed that test. In Noah's family, and at the time of Abraham, we must feel the same thing. We must be able to feel the situation of Jacob and Esau, of Moses. How did Master find out about those things'? Did he just speculate and understand? No. He had to put himself into that very situation and experience it on his own, only this time he had to succeed. Then he wins the victory, and he gains the knowledge. Then he talked to God and consoled Him; of course this was the first time in history that such a thing occurred. No one in this whole Earth and in the long history of man, absolutely no one except Master understands God's sadness. Knowing is not enough. You must experience the same sadness if you want to become a friend to God, and then certainly God will come close to you, Once we understand that, we also understand the enemy Satan, and we become so furious that we are going to fight no matter what the cost is. When we practice that, God will really be a consoled and happy God. That's why even in Korea the members have much awe of Master, which is quite similar to being fearful. Japan and American members have the same feeling of awe and fear towards Master. Just one man from the Orient comes here, and the mass media make a fuss over him. Why? Because they fear Master. This organization is feared. Imagine how much confidence Master has. Every muscle of his body is tense because of his hard prayer.

The Satan that you will be confronting is the very same Satan that attacked Father many years ago. The sadness that you feel should be exactly the same sadness Father experienced years ago. Just how much we have to fight spiritually, only those few people who have fought spiritually can understand. You have to understand he had to go through many, many trials and errors before he finally found out the secret of how to fight the battle spiritually. He won a complete victory against these spiritual enemies and this is the basis on which he could launch the all-out attack physically. The spiritual world has already been won. Master is the ruler over all spiritual things. Compared to that, working in the physical world is easy. But don't believe me just on my record. You just ask anybody! Ask them if this is true or not. They can witness to Father because he has already made a foundation here. You must treasure this opportunity very, very deeply because now you have an opportunity to experience the same pains and joys Father had to go through. Therefore, when you go to spirit world next time, or even after you meet Master, then you are in a better position to understand Father, and therefore love him more.

It doesn't matter to me if 20 million people come against me, as long as I'm right and God is with me. Even if I'm beaten, even if I'm attacked, those people who beat me or who attack me will lose, and those who are at first beaten will be the winners, because God is the ultimate judge. Those who oppose Master and those who say bad things about him, just watch and see if they ever become greater. They will always diminish or be destroyed. Once He damns someone, then He's dead-right there. I don't damn anybody because I'm also responsible to save even such people. God is the same way, that's why I am that way. When you confront some of the opposition, are you going to flee, or are you going to stand up and fight? (Fight!)

Just as I have come to this hostile country, you have to go to a country where you will not be welcome. This is the best opportunity to understand the historical God, and the feeling that God has for that nation. Although that country may not be worthy of God's doing anything, still, if I do it for them, then God can certainly extend some of His blessings to that country. You have to be confident about what He will do. Those people who are going to foreign countries as missionaries, and those who remain here as 100-day trainees to later work within this country have the same mission. If you are fighting a war, which war is worthier to fight in-the war within the border, or beyond the border which is very long and wide? In fighting a war, the fiercer the war the better, because if you meet the challenge, survive and win over it, then your value will be so much greater. If one withstands a fierce battle in a particular country, he will be considered the patriot of all patriots, and he will be the one benefactor of all benefactors which that country will ever have.

Once you go out to the field, it is not going to be like our family household. First you have to experience the difficulty of language. You will automatically know how much difficulty I had to experience when I came to this country. And then you will feel the need of money very badly. You might even complain to God, "If only I had enough money then I could even buy the government of this country!" You have to earn the money the hard way, so Satan cannot come and say anything against you. I am determined not to be indebted to the country or to you. For my own household expenses, I will never spend any money that has been raised by America. America owed that to me, I owe not a cent to America. When we have the same feeling, the same determination when we go to other countries, and really work for our money, God will be right behind us, and you will feel that. Self-support is the main idea. In a few months you'll be receiving some money sent from the mainland. You have to pray to God, "God, this money is the result of the sweat and hard work of those remaining behind. So let me not use this money in a senseless way. " And you really must feel the value of that, and strive to be self-sufficient. Don't spend what is sent to you, but instead, add a few cents or a few dollars of your own money. Then our followers, our sons and daughters, will take after that pattern and they will be self-supporting. If someone is going to do something by getting help, and he already has this in his mind, he will never succeed.

It is important to understand the historical, true God. But now, what God wants and what Father wants are people who meet today's need, who are in such a position that Father can like them now, today. We have to qualify for the present day, not the past. To understand the past is good, because that will make our present will stronger, but we have to meet the present need and also extend that to the future. In the future God will encompass all the globe, and He is going to save every one of His children. Has there ever been a dispatching of evangelists to 130 countries at one time? One person telephoned Master and said, "Why do you leave me in this country? Everybody's leaving, going to other countries. I don't know for sure if I am qualified, but why do you leave me here?" Father said, "Do you really want to go?" And he said, "Yes!" Then Father asked twice more, "Are you really sure?" and he answered, "Absolutely sure! " Father is looking forward to what that person is going to do in the future.

We have to know inside and out-every detail of God's will. Just imagine when we see each other how much each one has changed from the old style of life to the new style, after knowing God. That's what is needed in this country and in the whole world. God will need every one of these new reborn persons. I want you to believe one thing: If I am making you suffer, it is so that you and I and God can become closer. We have to be very grateful, no matter what the difficulty is, because God wants it this way. Such an immense foundation has been laid by God and Father. One of my many experiences in prison, when life was hardest, there was Father right beside me; he embraced me, slept with me all throughout the night, and to remember this is the greatest treasure of all. I know that same God and same Father who did that to me will do it to you. If you expect the worst, win over it, and go, only good results will be waiting for you. Now you know what God is like.

One of the reasons to support the existence of Satan is that when you really want someone badly and you go to witness to him, if you make an appointment almost always at that time something happens to him. Have you ever experienced that? (Yes!) So that in itself is one single proof that Satan exists. And we also know that morning, noon, and night-24 hours a day-Satan is working. So we have to determine in our minds that We are going to work 24 hours and more each day. Then that can serve as a condition God can work through for God to cooperate with you. But we cannot liquidate Satan until we commit ourselves more than Satan. You have to pray to God, "I am going to work this much, so these 8 hours I'm sleeping, please, God, protect me while I'm sleeping. " So, even though I'm sleeping, since I am in the midst of Father's enclosure, Father's protection, I am safe. After we rise up from sleeping, then we have to thank God, and at the same time we have to say, "Sorry Father, I slept." The less sleep you have the less sorry you feel, the less ashamed you feel. You can really shorten your sleep time. When we oversleep, then we have to repent to Father and beg His pardon. While we are fighting wars, can we sleep in the daytime? That's the kind of war we are fighting. Do your very best to fight fiercely against evil and Satan. Have nothing to do with sin! If you remember that, then without your knowing it, you are gradually emerging into the heart of God. As soon as you chase out Satan, chase out evil, chase out sins, then so much of God will move into you, and gradually occupy all of you.

Keep in your minds a few more things that may be helpful. Jesus died, but he left a spiritual foundation, so Christianity has widened and widened. Why was that so'? Because Christians were persecuted. They persevered, they tolerated injustices. Perseverance is the main thing of all. We can learn this lesson in great detail from the life of Jesus. When Jesus was about to be crucified, he knew that he was to have been the king of all kings. But, still he prayed very deeply, "Let this cup pass from me, nevertheless not as I will, but as Thou wilt." He yielded his wishes to the wish of God. And he persevered. If Jesus had protested to God, "You promised me that I would be king, and now you forsake me," if he had spoken one word of complaint toward God, then everything would have been broken, and there would have been no spiritual foundation. When Jesus prayed as he did, God really felt pity for him, and He commended Jesus for his perseverance. Even after he died, Satan tried to anialate him. That, God did not forgive. After that, all the opposition was completely turned the other way around by God. Those who were persecuted, were given the blessing. Imagine God's feelings-it's very hard for Him to persevere when He sees His representatives treated very badly. But God persevered, because by persevering He can be an omnipotent God. Even Satan, looking and watching, sees Father persevere, falls to Him and says, "You really are God." Perseverance can be the secret way to repel or even to prevent hardship from coming. When it becomes apparent that you're going to fail, but you persevere, then there is a way for you to win! God has been using this tactic, and we ought to adopt it and make it part of ourselves.

Jesus did two things on the cross. The first was to persevere. And the second was that he prayed for his enemy. He felt towards even those who opposed him, "You need me. You don't know now that you need me, but in the future you will know that you need me." This also shows very eloquently that God did not create man for Himself. Just imagine: Satan tried to expel someone who was going to love him.

When he killed him, then he could no longer remain in that place, and had to leave. We often see this in society. When an unjust, bad man comes around to try to overrun the town and do a lot of bad things, there are people who won't stand idly by and just watch. They stand up and try to expel this bad person. Also imagine that one good man is persecuted very much by this bad man, but he won't say anything. He won't fight, rather he perseveres. Later the people gradually understand that he was right, then everybody will come to his side. So Satan and sin will no longer be able to remain where they are. They will have to withdraw, to retreat. Even to those people who tried to kill me, when I love them, when I pray for them, I am showing them the heart of God, the heart of the True Parents. That's the love of any parents. Parents are like that; no matter how bad their sons and daughters are, they still pray for them. God has been persevering, not only one time, but several thousand times. He will keep on persevering. We have to learn that, and follow that pattern. Why should I come to this strange country and be criticized this way and that way, and have to persevere? I have to, because Father told me to. Even though this age may not understand me, in generations to come, God will surely work through someone who will know about me. Then through him God will work, so that everybody will one day understand. Then they will all come. Throughout history, we have witnessed that righteous men are persecuted, but all of them came to be praised later. Even though I die, I have to grasp this race or nation and this world, and that's the reason why we have to do this.

This is not mere talk, as you know. Sometimes you will become very hungry, and you won't have a penny in your pocket. OK, you say, "Today I fast." OK, second day, you say, "I fast today too. - You al I did a seven-day fast, so you can survive. But if you hadn't done that, then after the second day, almost everyone would be knocked out. You have to experience hunger and also the continuance of hunger. You have to always be prepared for that. The more you persevere, the more you go through difficulty, later you will realize that you are going, deeper and deeper into God's heart. Watch if this is true. When you go hungry for a certain number of days, then God will come to you and feed you. Master has had numerous experiences of being fed. For hours and days he did without food and would be nearly exhausted; he would go up a very steep hill and come down, when he came to a certain place, without his expecting it there would be a man waiting with a fully-prepared supper for him. Then he asked, "How come? How did you know?" The man said, "In last night's dream, a sister appeared to me and said, 'Tomorrow there will be a passer-by coming, so you ought to prepare for him.' " So he'd been waiting for the arrival of Master! He not only ate enough himself but there was even enough food to give out to those around him. But if you cannot go over that hill, and if you stop short of that hill, then you wouldn't have met that feast. There may come a time when God will be really serious and say, "If you had persevered a little bit longer, I was going to give you a lot of blessings. You could not persevere, so you're losing 1,000 years of preparation. "

So it's not "Where I am at." It's "What I am going to confront in times to come. " That's our focus all the time. The rule works this way: we may go to a certain country and work and work and work really hard, and get no response. But when you work a little bit harder than anybody ever worked in that country, then God will immediately start helping you, all at once. Always expect to meet God at the most difficult place where no one has ever been. You want to meet God there. Expect that position and march forward. Actually, as a matter of principle I shouldn't give you any money. You should take every cent that you have out of your pocket and leave everything here, and then go. If you have money, you are going to depend on it, but we should depend on God. Two thousand years ago in Jesus' time-it was the same way. He said, "Don't take any money. Just go. " Even though you have money, just think that this is money that you're going to transmit to somebody else. If you're carrying the money for someone else, it's all right.

At one time, Father remembers, he really wanted one small room of his own, that was his whole desire. He wished very fervently, "If I had one small room, I will never change that with any palace. " Then he wanted very badly to own one small piece of land. He wanted to pray on land that could be claimed as God's land. But now, look at me. I don't want anything, but it just comes to me! I have houses everywhere, I have land everywhere. As far as I'm concerned, I don't think it's my house, my land. I am going to leave that for eternity, for generations and millions of generations to come. Buildings like this, land like this, we have all worked hard for. I'm going to be proud of this for a million years to come. Now, do you really want money? (No!) Do you really need money? (No!) Do you really need a house? (No!) Do you really need the land? (No!) More than anything, you need God. If He needs the land, and if He needs the house, for that reason alone, it shall be given.

It's all up here in our minds how close we are to God. What is precious is not property or rare jewels. The tears that you can share with God are what's precious. Look at ourselves: God has more able people than us, but when I become helpless, the stronger your feeling of inadequacy and inability. Yet if God selected me to this position, just pity God for a few moments. Then we cannot meet God without tears. Whenever there is such a heart and feeling, God will be with you. This is mistake-proof. When we become like that, God is always there. If God doesn't come there, then God doesn't exist. We might as well forget about God. Let that be a very basic element of your life.

Questions and Answers

Question: How will the new missionaries be organized?

Answer: The plan is that initially three missionaries will work together in one country. But after 6 months, I'm going to separate you, and send you one by one to different regions. Each missionary will take turns, for two month periods, in leading the group. When we think back to only a few years ago-30 years ago-during the Second World War, the Germans, Japanese, and Americans, were enemies. I'm expecting that these onetime enemies will become the closest three individuals in history. That will, in itself, signify that the world will come to unity eventually. Becoming one with a German is like becoming one with Europe; to become one with a Japanese member is to become one with Asia. We ought to be able to lead these three countries before we can lead other countries. If we can mobilize the wealth of Germany anywhere in the world, and likewise that of Japan, then we can mobilize any part of the world. After the Second World War, the only two countries that profited were Germany and Japan. America had been blessed before so it didn't show, but the other two countries were really blessed. These three countries God prepared for today. As long as these three countries become one, America will never perish. Democracy and the existing churches cannot accomplish this. The Unification Church is going to fulfill this role. Three minds are better than one, so after six months the three will decide who goes to which region after they separate; three regions form a trinity.

There are three goals. First, Master is interested in the future economy of that country. Second, Master is interested in the future mass media. Third is that we lay the foundation of the Unification Church worldwide. There will be a university of our Church in each country. The economy, the universities, our foundations, and mass communications will be the three elements necessary to move the world. Each nation will have an agent for our own newspaper that's being published in Japan. You're going to be the branch chief of each country. You're going to gather all the material pertinent to that country and send it to the newspaper headquarters. You will know everything about the country. As soon as Father finds some talented young man, he's going to especially select him and send him to a specific country for a specific purpose. Japan has people who can go to a country and start a newspaper in that country. The New York Times is not going to enjoy its position for long. We can be a chain equivalent to UPI or AP. We have to take care of our own media to defend against Communism. In the near future, people will automatically follow the Unification Church. Pretty soon, they will give us millions of dollars; that can be a very strong force. The FBI somehow found out Master is going to buy the Empire State Building. They expressed concern about that. In this country the highest bidder will get it, and then we can use the Empire State Building as the headquarters of a world bank, Unified Science, world universities. Father already has complete plans. Very soon, Father will have shiploads of ginseng tea coming to the United States. You have to have some knowledge about ginseng tea before you go. It really works. If you take it, that makes you healthy. No question about that.

In the history of the Unification Church, if you're a woman you are going to be mother, if you're a man you're going to be father of that country. After many, many years pass, all the kings' names cannot be memorized, but your name will be remembered. Any other questions?

Question: After 6 months, we'll go to a new country?

Answer: No, the same country, which will be divided into three regions.

Question.- How should we work in parts of the world that are not Christian?

Answer: In that particular area of the world, rather than just straightforward Unification Church theology, it would be good if you begin with Catholic-type social work, or better still, economic activity. This is a common world language, so you can try to make money. First, employ the natives, and start off from there. Give them a salary. Then you have to make money. That may be a long-term project. Especially those people who go to the Arab areas, it will be somewhat different. The best thing is to open up a branch office of the ginseng tea sales company.

Question: Is it better to go without taking any money?

Answer: Do I understand correctly that you want to go all by yourself, without financial support from here? That's a good spirit, we all ought to have that. Nevertheless, Father will give you money which you can deposit in the bank and use for future purposes. You will witness better because of his giving the money.

Question: When will we leave?

Answer: Approximately the end of March or April. This is the end of the second seven-year course, and the beginning of the third seven-year course. So, at the latest, within April we have to leave to begin the worldwide dispensation. The third seven-year course is for the world. We time it so we all go out in the beginning of that period.

Question: Father, could you explain the significance of the birth of Kwon-jin in America?

Answer: It's good for America; because he was born in America, he becomes an American citizen. One is American and one is Korean, so it becomes an inseparable tie between Americans and Koreans, one inseparable unity. If the Americans try to expel Father from this country, they can't because he has a son who is an American citizen. By law, he has a duty in this country to nourish him for 18 years.

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