The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1975

The Boundary Point Of Victory

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
February 23, 1975
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Good morning. "The Boundary Point of Victory" is my topic this morning. Man, without exception, wants to have success in life. Where you work, you want to be a successful person. Students hope to make the top grade in their university. It is a natural human desire to want to attain the top-level of success in any position, especially in one's life in faith. When you talk about being successful or victorious it means you overcome a situation and excel others in your position or in your work. When you are competing with other people you want to beat them so that you will be successful. In other words, you want to overwhelm the other person so that you will defeat that person or topple that person.

According to that principle, we set up the strategy for our fight in the United States these next three years. It is against common sense to dream of winning over people in this vast land of America, where people are already successful.

In an actual battle, what you have to do is to win over the enemy on the front line. We have to set up an overall strategy to reach persons in every field of endeavor in this vast nation. It is wonderful that a small group of people, Unification Movement, aims at victory over this nation. We are all besieged or surrounded by the satanic world, but we have to make a breakthrough, and win the victory. Seen from this viewpoint, common sense says that we are going to be defeated, that we will not be able to overcome. We don't have an overwhelmingly large quantity of weapons or ammunition. In that sense alone, it is more than natural that we are going to be defeated.

But we face the grave reality that we must fight on, whether or not we will win, because this is going to determine our destiny. Being a small group, our side must be determined and courageous, and each one must have his own strategy to fight against the enemy and win over them. If we speak of the number of soldiers here, the opponent will think we are no threat at all. So, each one of us should start guerrilla warfare. The strategy of guerrilla fighters is not the common one. For instance, you want to attack the enemy where there is no stronghold. Those who are going to fight a guerrilla battle are not going to go the normal way. They are going to do things which are against common sense, which seem peculiar at times. Very often you may have to jump down from a very high place, or climb up on the roof, like a circus performer. So, we have to get trained in techniques where other people can never follow or imitate us. The guerrilla fighters' target is not a large group of people but an individual or two, where the vacuum is. As a guerrilla fighter you want to grab the commander in the other army and manipulate his people to come to our side. By applying normal strategies you can never win over the enemy.

More than anything else you have to have a courageous mind to overwhelm the commanders. You must have confidence that you can win over the enemies, though they are larger in number. Without that courage, you cannot fight a guerrilla battle. Being guerrilla fighters, you can never say anything is impossible to carry out. During the battle you must be trained in such a way that you will overcome any situation that might arise. For soldiers trained in guerrilla fighting, there can be no question of impossibility or difficulty. We cannot take into consideration the problems or questions which normal people would have to handle. In our concept, there is no such thing like normal 8 hours sleep, being clad in a gentlemanly way, and things like that. We must erase that kind of idea. Women must sometimes play the role of men, while men play the role of women. Female members may think, "I have bigger breasts, bigger hips, how can I pretend to be a man?" But you can do the job if you are courageous. In many cases, you must study how to make your breasts and hips look smaller. The same thing applies to men: you must know how to make yourselves look like women. In order for you to be able to be guerrilla fighters you must never complain, and you must never think of the word impossible. More than anything else you must be courageous and be willing to do the job instead of being reluctant. "At all costs, I will carry out my mission." This must be your attitude. It only comes through good training.

I'm sure you have the impression that you are going to have a great battle with the Yankee Stadium campaign ahead and so many things to be straightened up after our Madison Square Garden campaign. Sometimes you might think that it is almost impossible. Only those who are trained in guerrilla fighting and who have courage enough for the job will come to the front and say, "I feet more challenged when the job is difficult. " With that determination and courage you can go ahead for months and years without being frustrated. Without that kind of training we are apt to be defeated so what we are going to do is to be trained in guerrilla fighting.

Why'? That's the question. The United States is going to be faced with peril in 10 years time. America is the main target of the Soviet Union, Red China, and North Korea. They're aiming at three areas: corrupting Christians; secondly, corrupting young people of the nation; and the third and last target of theirs is to cause rupture in the family. The Christian population is already in the condition where they can never rise again. If Christianity collapses, it means the leading ideology of this nation is collapsing. In other words, their vertical connection is crumbling. In American families there is already much disunity. In the state of California, the divorce rate is greater than the marriage rate. You have all seen this happening around you. We have already come to the conclusion that no religion nor any type of leadership can prevent it. Family disunity and rupture came about because the leading ideology of this nation, Christianity, crumbled. Even though the Christian ideology may be collapsing on the vertical level and rupture in the family exists on the horizontal level, if the young people of this nation are stable and healthy, so that they can eradicate that corruption and re-animate this nation based on the ideology of Christianity and family unity, there's a way for this nation to be saved. But that is not very probable.

Instead, young people are being corrupted themselves by the use of LSD, heroin, and other drugs. According to a reliable source, Red China manufactures opium for export to other countries. They smuggled the opium into Vietnam, where American soldiers were fighting against Viet Cong. When the soldiers were discharged, they brought back drugs. Sold in the United States, the opium would have earned 10 times what they paid for it. At this point, we must be reminded of what happened when England exported opium to China to corrupt the Chinese youth. Now, Red China is using the same strategy to corrupt Western youth, including British youth, of course. American youth are involved in that strategy. They are being influenced. If you become an opium user, however hard you may struggle you cannot get rid of the habit. When you are a drug-user, you need money for that. You'll do anything to get the money, even steal. As you well know, you cannot walk on the street of New York after midnight, and this is a horrible fact. Compared to that, Korea is like a Kingdom of Heaven. We don't have that kind of anxiety. The other day I learned that almost 92% of the Unification Church members had been drug-users before they joined our movement. We can imagine that almost all young people including high school students, use drugs. In Germany you know, they killed 6 million Jewish people. But young people are being killed in larger quantities by drugs. It's a fearful fact. With time, they can almost kill all the youth. If we let it go on as it is, it will spread out to every person, it will corrupt the whole nation. The Communists working underground in this nation, are they using the drugs'? No, they forbid then- youth to use drugs. It is their weapon, it is Satan's weapon to use drugs to corrupt the young people of the free world. In America, the Mafia uses the same tactic.

America is proud of its traditions and its wealth and abundance in every way of life, but in ten years you will be corrupt if you go on like this. I made my first trip to the United States in 1965, but when I compare the country at that time to what it is like now the difference is so vast that it may be compared to Heaven and Earth. Like a tide it will ebb away and come surging in again. In other words, America once was leading the whole world, now you are being influenced or led by other nations. You have been a failure; you have been helpless in the UN and in the fight against Communist nations. There are more Communists than there are people from the U.S. working in the United Nation ' s. Most Americans at the United Nations are guards, secretaries and things like that, but the major jobs are occupied by Communists. What we must be most fearful of is that the Communists are going to work throughout this nation through the labor unions. Behind the scenes there are already Communist hands working.

When you think of the future of America, how many Senators and Congressmen are really serious about America's problems and are courageous enough or confident enough to take the responsibility on their shoulders? The policy-makers of this nation are in the position to prevent the rock from crumbling. Instead they float along on the current, and then they scream about changing the policy. That is impossible. They're flowing away on the tide of the time and in doing that they will just get nowhere. They can never come back to save this nation. That's the situation. There are not many such Senators and Congressmen who can stop this corruption from undermining the nation. I have so far met many Senators and Congressmen, but I've never found a single man who was really patriotic in such a way that he would think about the future of this nation without considering the opposition in power. On the contrary, each was thinking of how to remain in his position longer. Some of them, of course, are patriotic and think this nation is faced with peril. They are anxious to save this nation, but they think, "Well, I'm the only person who thinks like this; how can one person save this nation?" So they give up. Before it is too late, those who are really anxious about this nation must be mobilized and rise in a common effort to save this nation. The youth of this nation must gather the strength to do that. If God had been leading the country towards corruption, we must even change God's mind and set the goal for Him.

Who can do the job? If God is with us, whom would He use as His instrument? American youth have been corrupted, they cannot do the job. If we are going to invest young manpower from other nations, an army, it would be natural to think, they are not willing to sacrifice themselves to save America. No such group except the Unification Movement could really do the job. Our first job is to stop this nation from being corrupted, to mend the dock so that it will not be broken. American members must remember that while Asiatic and European members are over here to work for this nation, their own countries are being weakened. American members must be strongly determined to send back the young people to Japan, Germany and elsewhere; you must be resolved to stand on your own to work for this nation. The Communists know too well that if we use young people from Japan and many European nations here, it means our movement will stop Communists from undermining this nation. So they are desperate to defeat this army of ours, so the American members must be determined to stand on your own and fight against the Communist power. If you as one individual are capable of fighting against hundreds and thousands of Communists, it is possible for you to win over them.

The Immigration Office is planning to send back the Unification Church members from other countries. Very possibly the Communists are behind this. They had all along been planning to influence the Immigration Office to drive these people out of the country. We just sent 360 of our young people to other countries. The Communist leadership is claiming credit for this to gain fame and confidence; they are becoming strongly united because of that. They think they have driven our youth out of this country, and they say their next target is to drive Reverend Moon out of this nation. They know that if it had not been for the strong work of Reverend Moon in this country by using dynamic young people, they could have laid a good foundation here, but their foundation is being crumbled by these strong young people. Their first target is to drive Reverend Moon out of the country. Being very cunning, they are going to send their young people into our movement, pretending that they are strong members. You must be well armed with the Divine Principle and other ideologies stemming from the Divine Principle, so that you can persuade the young people away from the Communist line, and then we can win over the stronghold of Communism. You must be determined to become such a stronghold that you as an individual can excel or win over Communism and take responsibility for the future of this nation.

We know that the mass communications world is occupied by Communists. It is not an easy job for us to be able to reverse that to reverse the order of society. Individual members of ours must be able to singly fight against them and win over them, to topple them in every possible way. You have to have a strong sense of purpose, so that they will be convinced. You must be able to establish ideal homes which the Communists can never imitate. You must be strong and absolutely positive that you have power over young people, so that you can eradicate the habits of drug-users very easily, by applying your own experiences. If you are responsible over a village, for instance, you must be able to play the role of the central figure in that village, and lead the young people there.

We must be able to realize our ideal, what we have done with young people and the family, society, church, and the government, and bring all those in one line. If we connect all those in one line, which means have them united with our movement in such a way that no other power can stir them up or put them asunder, then people will know that our movement will shake the whole United States and the rest of the world. So far, we have put our efforts into expanding our movement. We have blessed many couples in the holy matrimony, and this is another stronghold. The members in this church must become one with the blessed couples as the core, and this church as a whole must be connected with other families in the society, and other churches and the government, and we must be able to open up the channels to reach out to the White House.

If you have used drugs yourselves and you are now in the movement, you know the dynamic power of the Divine Principle. If you are determined and confident to save the young people who are having the same experience now, would you not go out to them and reverse them, change them into what you are now, and by doing that, change the whole nation? If you are capable of doing that, people in the outside world will rely on you, looking on us as a dynamic group who can really take over responsibility for this nation. Once you move you can stir up tens and hundreds of young people. That's the kind of confidence you must have. When you think of the big job ahead of you, can you ever say that you are exhausted or tired? You must realize that your being frustrated will influence other members of our group and in that way it will ripple and spread out, so your being frustrated or complaining is powerful. You must realize the fact that you are the material and you are the motivating power to save American youth. You yourself have had to make the breakthrough, and you had to overcome many obstacles to join this movement. So you must be strong enough to do the job of saving other people.

Where is the boundary of Satan? We must be able to re-animate the people of this nation, and at that point, we are going to please God, so our point of victory must be there. It is something like dragging a rope. You are pulling on this end, and whoever is on the other side will be dragged to the winning side as in a tug of war. On the other end will be presidents of famous companies and many famous political figures; behind each of them thousands of people will be connected. If you can pull to our side a college dean or university president, then behind them will be many more people of that level. You must fancy you have anchors to cast, or hooks to cast, so that you can be fishers of men. You will wind the winch and those on the other end of the rope will be dragged to your side. But the main thing is that you must be so strong as to never waver or vacillate. If you are to be the winch, both your hands must be used, both your legs, and if you have one rope, you must use your teeth to bite on it.

That is the boundary point of our victory. It is right here in front of us. There are many weak members here who can be persuaded and undermined by the opposition. When you are active, you seem to be strong, but at times you are defeated. Deep in your heart, you compare yourselves to your old friends. Suppose you meet one of your old friends on the street and he looks nice and well-clad, as though he has been successful in his worldly career, and you are clad in rags and you look miserable, you lose courage at the moment. You are now selling peanuts, candy, or flowers on the street. In the past you had never dreamed of what you are doing now. Some of you may think, "There's not much difference is there between beggars and ourselves?" But Heaven knows. Wait until ten years later, and we will be far excelling those people. If we endure for ten more years, we will soar up and be conspicuous in the human scene, while other people will decline and be corrupted. In other words, we will win the game, and they will be defeated. You must be confident of that. I've had the same experience myself. I have been persecuted, I have been called names, and sometimes people would spit in my face. I've endured all those things. But at that time I deeply resolved to make them see my success in ten years' time, if not ten years, 20 years' time. "Just wait and see," I would scream and shout in my mind.

I took every rebuff as a challenge and because of the opposition coming from those people I had more courage to fight against them and win over them. I would sometimes feel like retreating, but because of the enemy, because of the opposition, I could never retire. More than anything else, the vow I took before God is always with me. When I took my oath before God, He was confident I could do the job. I took the vow when I was at the zenith of my zeal and enthusiasm.

I know God is there, helping me out, but even without God's help, I'm confident I'm going to carry out my mission. When I'm hungry I think of a situation in which I could be more hungry, and I can endure the hunger. When my dignity is offended, I imagine an occasion where I'm more offended and degraded. If what others can do in ten years' time can be realized by me in five years' time, I am resolved to double my efforts. I'm ready to have twice as many obstacles and twice as hard situations to go through. If you're going to shorten the period into one-fourth of what usually is imagined, then you must triple, quadruple the effort, that's all. In face of any difficulties, you must be able to say, "Come what may, I can have my courage doubled and tripled in face of more difficulties. " Youth is a dynamic power. If you have friends opposing you, you can cut the friendship away, and come and fight here. If your family's against you, you can cut them off; and if your relatives, neighbors, society, and nation are against you, you can cut them all off, and do the divine job.

My goal is to reach the boundary point where I can be triumphant, to the point where even God cannot follow me. That's my goal. Then the question comes, where to put our goal. Every moment of our lives, this is the question. For instance, we are supposed to be here by six o'clock. You may have thought -0-o-h-h-h I have to wake up at three o'clock and have the pledge ceremony at four, and it means I have to come here by five o'clock. How can I arrive so early?" Those who entertained that kind of thought would easily doze off here, because you feel like dozing off, thinking that you are here one hour earlier. If those people are situated where they have to fight through a fierce battle without sleep, it would mean defeat for them. So, right at this point, right here, there's the point where you will succeed or not. Victory means that you have more power over other people.

Every moment of our lives, where there's any event, you will determine for yourself whether you are going to be victorious or defeated. Whenever there's a new event in your nation, you must be resolved to participate in it and topple other people in doing the job. You must be able to win over other people, to be patient, and to be confident. You must throw away the old way of thinking: "Well, God is there, and if I pray hard, He will help me. " Never would that happen. You must do your utmost best; for the part you cannot carry out, you can pray before God and God will help you. That's the way I pray before God. For instance, when I had to match 1,800 couples in such a short period of time, it was no easy job, but I was resolved to do it, though I might not be able to sleep. If I had to get sick because of my sleepless days, then I would say that it is my wish. Then the disease will be fearful of me, and it will never come close to me. After so many sleepless nights, my brain becomes brighter and brighter, and whatever I think is so clear. I can have insight to pierce through the future. In that way, I can do my utmost, which is what other people never do.

From this viewpoint, can you really be resolved to take responsibility for this nation? (Yes!) You must beat against the nation, until the nation resounds and echoes to the call. Stir up the nation so that you rouse the Christians. I don't mean you should buy pistols and just shoot every enemy of yours. Not that. But shoot the hearts of the people with love.

I The question is, where is the boundary point of our victory? Not far ahead of us, but right here at the present. If you are defeated every moment right now then there's no hope for you to gain victory in the future. What are you like, now? Are you confident? (Yes!) If you are as confident as that, and if a man of that confidence and a woman of that confidence were to be matched together in holy matrimony, they would have no equal as a family. When you are blessed in holy matrimony, you shouldn't think that your happiness as a family will be everything. For instance, in one couple I matched the man did not look so happy, but the woman was so happy that she would just scream, shout, and run about. This made the man come to dislike her more. It is the woman's way of life to feel happy deep in her heart after actually making her husband happy. Your job is to make your spouse happier than you, without his or her being conscious of it and then you can express your happiness. You may think, " Since I'm married, I have to be well dressed. I have to use earrings, rings, necklaces, and new clothes to decorate myself." Before you do that, you must be able to have your spouse glitter and shine; that's the way you should help each other.

In our ideology, when you are made into couples, you must become one. Then with the magnetic power of love operating in your family, you can attract other families and end the disunity in other families. You will win more and more families to our side. An ideal couple cannot be found when you enjoy material wealth, when you drive luxurious cars, eat nutritious food, wear glittering clothes and things like that. But when you live in poor conditions where you go through miseries and difficulties and still your family shines, then people will know that you have an ideal family life. In the corrupted world, where families are disunited, your family must become the norm for corrupted families. Your family must be able to play the role of a lighthouse in the corruption and darkness of the outside world. You must never complain about your spouse, saying, "Oh, she's an Oriental girl, she's shorter, she's not beautiful, she's not smart," because God chose her. However ugly he or she may be, whatever defects he or she may have, in God's eyes he or she has a certain place. In your life, when you move about from place to place to live, there are not too many places where things are tidy and clean. When you're going to live in such dirty and ugly places, it is to your advantage to have an ugly girl-friend rather than a beautiful, tidy, girl who might not like the place. That's more practical.

The boundary point of triumph or victory is right there, in the family. If there's disunity, the family will be shattered into pieces; then you cannot influence the people around you. Next comes our church, as a whole. Our church is a unified family with couples of various types. Those who think it is easy to unite them are deceiving themselves. It is no easy job. You have different faces, you are of different dispositions and different backgrounds. We have Orientals and Occidentals, Negroes, and whites and yellows. There are vast differences between them. What is the secret to handle these groups ? Money? Authority or power? Then what?

Love. What is love? Is love something with which you just stand here and call other people to come to your side? Love is the positive power to influence other people without your having to say anything to them. We are not here for knowledge, power or position. We are here to erect the world of God's will, which is the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth, and we are going to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and make other people like us. You are going to become parents to other people. Our motto in the Unification movement is "To have Father's heart, go forth in a servant's shoes, and to shed tears for all mankind, blood for Heaven, and sweat for Earth. " What does that really mean? It means you have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of other people. What do we mean by "sacrifice yourself"? We can break it down into three points: You must work more than anyone else. In eating food and clothing yourself, you must use humbler things than other people. And third, as for shelter, you must live in a humbler place than any other man. If you behave like that, no one else could complain against you. Then all others will come to you and you will have heart-to-heart oneness. Other people around you will want to have you live in a better place, eat better things, and clothe yourselves better.

In our movement, many races and many nationalities are being melted together into strong oneness. If we are successful in this it means that we are going to be successful in making the world like that. The boundary point of our success or victory is the church. If we are successful in what we are doing, then we are going to be successful in doing the same thing in the outside world. If you have created oneness between your mind and body on the individual level, and husband and wife have unity on the family level, and then we make unity on the church level, and societal, national, and world-wide levels, there will be no human being on the face of the Earth who would object to our movement. If you can play the role of a central figure in our church, you are going to be one in society. Then you can influence the nation. In our movement, the first three stages are most important: individual, family, and church. If you cannot make those three into one, you can never be successful. In other families, even in the religious world, there are couples from many different religions. A husband may be Catholic and have a Methodist wife. That's wrong. It will be difficult for them to unite. Either one of them must give in to have one faith in the family.

In America, the Unification Church is the group in question. If we are strongly united into one, then people will be interested in our movement. In our Church, there will be no blacks, no yellows, no whites. A black member must think that he represents all the Negro race on the Earth, and a white member must think that he or she represents the whole race of the whites, and the yellow member should in the same way think that he or she represents the whole yellow race. You must think that our church is the extended form of Adam's family: Adam and Eve and their three children and their spouses, eight. Noah's family also had eight members. In Noah's family, Shem represented the yellow race, Ham represented the black race, and Japheth represented the white race. It is in accordance with the Principle that the third son was more blessed than the others. But it was not for the sake of the third son alone that God blessed him. It was for the sake of the two other sons that God blessed the third one, and he was in the position to help his two brothers. Likewise, if the white race forgets about their mission of helping underprivileged people of other races, their blessing will be taken away. In order for you to return to God, you must be reconciled with those races. After being united into one, you can go back to God and to our Parents.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve fell when they went against God's will. In Adam's family, Abel and Cain failed to carry out their mission when they were not able to unite and in Noah's family, too, when the three brothers were not united they went against God's will. In the course of restoration, we must be able to become one with all the races, with brothers and sisters in any group. There are three levels on the vertical line, and three on the horizontal level, too. If we are going to make a team of three in the Unification movement, I would have one black, one yellow, one white brother or sister be united into one, as a team on the horizontal level. If you are really united into one among black, white and yellow, and if you can say before God, "Here we are, completely united into one, we are beautiful, one team of brothers and sisters. Would you please accept us?" then God will be glad, and abide in you, and will be able to erect the Kingdom of God. If there is a God at all, God would want to have the whole world like that, consisting of families where all races are united into one. That is why I'm in the United States: all races and people from all nationalities are here. With that realized, all other problems will be solved: the problem of God, the relationship between God and Satan, the problem of the brotherhood of the world, and the problem of family life.

The passed-away saints, sages, and martyrs -all those people struggled hard for this one goal, and we are realizing it in our own age, right here in our movement. We can well imagine that there are going to be obstacles and difficulties ahead of us, but we must be able to overcome those. The secret to overcoming the situation is, first, to understand each other; and secondly, to be patient until we attain the goal. In the core of our family life, husband and wife are united into one, despite many obstacles and difficulties. It is the symbol of our being able to unite the whole clan, society, nation, and the world. So you must concentrate your efforts on making your home a unified one, a beautiful stronghold of unity in love.

The Communist target is to cause rupture in this nation by fights between whites and the black people. They use the dialectic method to prove that the capitalistic society in which there are classes like this will collapse. But we will defend our ideal and prove to them that the world of love is possible because, in our movement, we are going to unite into one all races, all nationalities, and we are going to expand it to the world-wide scale. In the logic of Communism, there will be constant struggles as long as there are classes of people. But in our ideology, there are no class differences-only the relationship of parents and children, and there'll be no discrimination between parents and children. In order to fight against Communism, we must have the ideology which says that all human beings are one huge family under God as our parent, and they cannot shatter that ideology because it is already united into one with divine love as the binding force. Before your being blacks, whites and yellows, you are brothers and sisters under one common Parent. If we realize that ideology in our movement, then, before long, people will envy us and be interested in our movement. Our movement will become the norm to re-create the Christian society. By expanding our movement, we can be associated or connected with people in every field of life. If we can influence them and have them practice the same ideology in handling the people below them, then we can change the whole world.

Let us come to the conclusion now. Can we be victors on the individual level? Can we establish the norm on the family level? Can we establish it on the church level? Can we establish it and be recognized by the people on the societal level? If so, you are going to be recognized by the people of the whole world, and by God too. Starting from the individual level through the levels of the family, nation and the world, if you are resolved to do the job without losing a moment at the present, right where you are, then you are going to be victors at every point. It is more difficult to have such a victory on the family level than on the individual level. It is more difficult to have victory on the church level than to have it on the family level. Society is more difficult than the church. You must not stop at the individual level, family level, or church level and be contented there. At every moment you must be thinking of the salvation of the whole world. Satan will test you on the individual level first, then on the family level, the church level, and the societal level. Satan tempted me on the individual level, family level, church level, and the national level in Korea. If any single member does something wrong it dreadfully influences me, and the outside world will revile me. If any one family or church does any wrong, the same thing happens. All are linked together. Can you stand on your own on the individual level, to be responsible for the nation of America? (Yes!) What about on the family level? (Yes!) It is not so simple as it may sound. It means that to be successful on the family level, you must double or triple your effort. Are you confident to make the church a success? (Yes!) Are you confident of remaking this society or re-creating the nation? (Yes!) In order for you to be able to influence society, you must be successful beforehand on the family level. To make your church a success, you must be able to make yourself a success on the family level. If you want to make your family a success, you must be able to make yourself a success on the individual level.

Every moment of our lives, every motion of ours, every expression of ours, every utterance of ours, that very moment is the boundary point of our victory. You must always remember that we are in the battlefield. We are a husband and wife ready for the battle in the unit of our family; our church is ready for the battle, our nation is ready for the battle, until we win the whole world. We are always in the battlefield. In order for us to be triumphant in battle we must more than anything else be united into one.

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