The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The World Age And Our Mission

Sun Myung Moon
November 3, 1974
Tarrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

As you well know the world in which we are living is not the world of peace or unity. This world is the result not of God's will but of human will. Due to the human fall we know that we are not living up to the standard set by God. Adam and Eve, who were originally created as children of God who deviated and became separated from Him. Due to the fall of man, husband was separated from wife and wife was separated from husband. This created disharmony in the family. Centered on the fallen parents the children deviated too. Separation occurred between brothers and sisters. If we leave this human world alone, all people will be separated and the world will finally be shattered into pieces.

For fallen men it is something like fighting a battle to become united with each other. To plant into human hearts the idea and goal set by God was a difficult job and only by doing that could we establish human culture and civilization. Men are in search of some lofty goal coming from God. That has been apparent on the human scene. Even in our imagination we have had to fancy that God has set before us a lofty goal and an ideal for us to realize.

If God exists at all, He is unique, absolute, eternal and unchanging; and if we are united with Him in complete oneness, we can achieve the goal. Without finding Him we can never achieve it. Then how can we go back to the lofty ideal of God? We must set the standard for that. We cannot go back to God without separating ourselves from the environment which is separated from Him. The first thing we fallen human beings must do is separate ourselves from the present world order, deny the old world, and encourage ourselves to return to God.

Human beings have endeavored to go back to the standard God set for us at the time of creation and that has determined human history. In world religions, self-denial has been a principle in our path to God. For us to return to God we must sacrifice ourselves for other people. Only by doing that can we find the value of life and the way back to God. Human history is woven from this kind of struggle. We are destined to broaden the scope of our struggle from the individual to the tribal to the worldwide level. In human history the factor which has played the most important role is religion. Through religion alone we can deny the existing order and set up a new standard. Yet in several thousands of years we have not attained the goal.

Roughly, there are two ideologies in the world: democracy and Communism. Presently they are at a stalemate. They have, at the best, enhanced the material world; but when we think of unifying the world under materialism there is a dark side. In material life, one becomes greedier and still greedier to possess more wealth. This is true of people of the past, present and future. Isn't that true of you?

If you go on desiring material wealth on the individual level, the world will be fragmented. Any unity in this world must be forced by some sovereignty or reigning power. Therefore, in this Satanic world true unity is impossible. Spirituality is abstract and vague; we cannot grasp what it is. Then what is the center of spirituality or mentality? Human mentality or spirituality has played the role of mediator to connect man to God, but it has not brought us to full unity with God. Spirituality has been centered on the individual and on the human side.

In human society people have different cultural backgrounds and religious backgrounds. So, people have not been able to look at things from the standpoint of the whole to find out the cause, God. For instance, people in Japan have pursued their own goal -- nationalism. They have not been able to grasp the picture of God's goal. Our problem is to find the original goal set by God. For instance, if Japanese people want to find that kind of standard, they are compelled to search within the scope of their own religion. They cannot transcend it.

From the standpoint of God, we should not set a religious standard within the scope of our own nation's cultural background. There have been many religions which have been established within the scope of national culture, but not many which could transcend the national scope. As you know, there are four great world religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam. They began in the hothouse of their own national culture. Therefore there must come a dead end to those religions. If those religions cannot transcend national scope and culture, they cannot unify the whole world. If God exists, and if He desires this world to be unified, then what would God want to see as our religion?

God's will must be to establish a Godly standard and tradition to create a godly world. When we see that God has not been able to establish such a world, then we must think that God has not been within human society but outside the scope of human endeavor. For mankind to return to the ideal of God, we must deny ourselves and separate ourselves from the established order and culture. If God exists, and if human history is nearing the latter days, there will be chaos and confusion in our environment. This will compel us to go in search of something.

If a nation is a leading nation in the world, it is apt to be in more chaos and confusion than others. When we closely examine the situation in America, we see that America has been built on both a material and spiritual foundation. Up to the present what has it's growth been centered on? Our nation's ideal has been Christianity, and its people have struggled hard towards its goals. People from all European nations were gathered here on this continent to found a new nation. They have somehow been able to be united, but unity between black, white and yellow is still not accomplished.

People refuse to be unified race with race and that creates a great problem. Then what could enable you to overcome this problem. You have been able to be united into one as the Europeans or Westerners, but if you cannot unite black, white and yellow races as one people, then there is no way for mankind to be unified. A material factor cannot play the role of unifying black and white. If a spiritual factor, in this nation, Christianity, cannot realize the goal, there is no other way. If the possibility does not exist in the spirituality of the people of the United States, matters have come to a dead end.

Even though America is on the summit of material accomplishment, if she cannot play the role of uniting the whole world through religion, America's role in God's will has not been fulfilled. Even materially, the United States cannot grow any further. As it stands, America cannot play the role. Though Americans have placed value on the spiritual side, material and spiritual development have come to a dead end. American youth are nonchalant and indifferent about religion. They think religions belong to the older generations and not to them. But they have also been disillusioned in material things and are now even denying materialism.

They are in the situation where they have to abandon both the spiritual side and material side of things. Then what will become of America? For young people there is no standard -- on the individual, family, national or worldwide level. They have no bearing, no place to stand. Their way of thinking is "Come what may," and "I don't care." I'm sorry to have to say this but they are below the standard even of animals. In terms of children and parents, even in the animal world, the parental animals take care of their young, but in human society even that kind of emotion is lacking. In materialism children are the product of nature and parents don't take responsibility for them. Drug addicts live ephemeral lives, moment to moment. They have no future, and they have no hope in the future.

Then who can give these people the ideal and goal for which they will struggle hard? They have to have some kind of spiritual goal rather than a material one. All other philosophies and "isms" have been tested; something new, some religion of higher dimension must emerge. There is no other way possible for us to save America and humanity than to have God return to human society. There must rise a group or movement where God's power is poured out in a new way. We are now in the age where we must abandon all the past things. If God exists, He would want us to abandon everything in an absolute way.

In the past husbands and wives somehow managed to live together in considerable unity, but family life is now disintegrating. Then who can create unity in the family in America? Man cannot do the job. For instance, a trend among American youth is men for men and women for women. They don't want to live with the opposite sex. They even deny marriage saying that marriage is a living hell where you are forced to be united with each other. That's human bondage. They are even afraid of the idea of being married. Then who can solve the problem? If they continue like this, there may be in the future a war between male and female. That is possible, because of growing animosity between the sexes.

If children discard their parents, then parents will discard their children. A husband will discard his wife and the wife will discard her husband. In this state of disunity, you as an individual will be left alone. When you are separated from each other, you will be left alone, creating the world of disunity. Hippies, when they deny the existing order, never think that they could be responsible for the world. Then what is their desire? They only know that this world can't go anywhere. Their minds are drifting, and their ardent desire is to make a great leap to reach their goal.

Those who have had the experience of being hippies raise up your hands. I know that there are many. You have denied reality, but in fact even vaguely you have been desiring something. Isn't that true? Even in disillusionment you hoped for something. With that hope inherent in you there can be revolution or struggle for something higher. If you abandoned and denied everything without hope and then were given new hope and new light, you can rid yourselves of misery and be overjoyed. The wider the gap between your old self and your new self, the greater power you will have. With those who have lost all and are given back everything, and more, there can be great power of revolution. If there is an ideology in which we can be united, finding a new value of life on the individual, family, national and worldwide level, and if we can even be united with God, how wonderful it must be. If that is possible then we will enter into worldwide revolution. This is the age of worldwide revolution, the world age.

We have a mission to accomplish to create a unified world. In doing that we will create a new epoch of human history. If there is any such group with such a purpose, what kind of group must it be? If there is any such group whose ideal is that lofty, it will be more than possible to unite individuals, families, nations and east and west. There can be unity between occidentals and Orientals. White people can become one with the black and yellow. Black can be united with white and yellow. Yellow can be united with black and white. They can do that not unwillingly or reluctantly, but with great willingness. When there is no possibility among individuals to be united we cannot dream of uniting the whole world. I wonder if it is possible in the unification movement. Everybody answer me. (Yes.) If you really know the greatness of this ideology, you will not think of marrying a spouse from your own nationality. You will want your marriage to help bring the world into oneness. Then it will be monotonous for a white to marry a white, and wonderful for a white to marry a yellow or black. Interracial marriage will make you people of higher dimension and wider understanding. In that way, the world will sooner become one.

My topic this morning is the world age and our mission. There may be many levels in our mission of the unification of individuals, nations and the world. But without our being able to have interracial marriage, without our being able to put that as the first item, we cannot really accomplish any level of our mission. How can you be happy even though you are wed to another race? White brothers have you ever stopped to think that you were born for a black sister and that you may marry someone from the black race? You do not answer. If you cannot answer that in the affirmative it means that you are not qualified or competent to accomplish the will of God in yourself.

There is only one in love. If the absolute God is to have love that love must be absolute and one. That absolute God, if asked the question, will not answer you that He is the God only of the white race. If in any religion people cannot transcend the racial boundary, that religion cannot become the world religion. If even in Christianity people cannot think highly of races other than the white race, it is doomed to decline. Isn't it true? Christianity is already on the way to decline. If God exists, such a religion is compelled to decline. You must think deeply. If you, hearing me this morning, are resolved that you can marry transcending racial boundaries, then from this moment we can create the heavenly kingdom on earth. Are you that way? (Yes!) If you are resolved, raise your hands.

Two-thirds of the number here are Japanese -- mostly women. The American government is on the verge of exporting them back to their country. The American members in the Unification Church could not say that they would be happy if the Japanese brothers and sisters were gone. What I have in mind is that there is nothing impossible within our movement, however harsh the government may be. I can turn things upside down in a moment. I can solve the problem in three days; because if you marry each other the issue will be closed. If the Japanese brothers and sisters marry Americans the problem will be solved. Suppose they decided to deport the Japanese within three days and on the second day we hold a marriage. Everything will be solved. Then the American newspapers will carry the news that the Unification Church's immigration problem is solved in this way. Isn't that possible? If you think it is impossible, raise your hands. I am not being humorous; we must be serious about this problem.

If we are resolved, any kind of revolution is possible. We can change the world in an instant. If we are strong enough to be resolved in that way, when our group becomes larger and larger what will happen to the world? If such people are multiplied from individual to family, family to nation and nation to the world, then unity of the world can come about quickly, without difficulty. If we fulfill this in our lifetime, what we have done will be long remembered by our descendants, and they will call us great. Then those who will look up to us and minister to us will make themselves great by doing that.

Even though we are without material wealth, if we have a spiritually abundant way of life it is going to be easy for us to create oneness in any unity of society and finally the whole world. Our eyes would long to see that kind of world; our mouths would long to speak among the people of that world, and every other sense would want to be used among people of that world. If all the five senses desire this, even though you are placed in a remote corner of the world, and are ordered not to move from there, would you still be compelled to move about from place to place throughout the universe. If you are this kind of person, all the problems have already been solved. If you have that kind of philosophy and I sent you to the southern tip of Africa as a seed to be planted there, it would take time for you to grow, but you would be an ancestor of the world in God's will. Then it is no problem to unify the whole world.

There are 138 nations in the U.N. But if we created 138 persons resolved to die in the soil of a certain country, and you are planted as a seed there, then your life will spring up to multiply generation after generation. We have too many here, more than 138. Don't you see in me the example? I am just an individual, a single person, yet I am a big issue in the U.S. People are almost afraid to think of me, Reverend Moon. There is almost no one who has not heard my name. I have made this possible -- I initiated my speech in Carnegie Hall on October 1st of 1973. Since then, one year and one month have elapsed. When you think of that, to unify the whole world will be of no problem. If you are as determined, powerful, and qualified as I am, then when you are placed in one of those nations, you can revolutionize it and turn the whole world upside down. Even for the women members it will be possible. Are you confident of that? You Japanese small girls, are you confident? (Yes!) Then the American girls of bigger stature, what about you! (Yes!) I expect a bigger and louder yes from you. What about the American men? (Yes!!)

Among the new members there must be people who complain and say, "There's too much to do here and it is too hard. I cannot go on." It is only too natural that things are difficult. What we are going to do is like fighting a battle because we are going to accomplish such great things. We must become the second creators of the world. Without confidence that you can overcome, you cannot create a new world. You must think it is natural that our battle is going to be severe, and that by overcoming alone you can create the new world. The subjectivity can be created in you.

Upon coming to the United States my determination was to create a new world on this continent. I can solve all the difficult problems existing in the United States and I will create a new nation. Leave the youth in my hands and I will do this. Your problem is Communism. Let me have the Communists and I will create them as new people. Leave Christianity in my hands and I will resurrect it and make it new. Now the Communists are against me and even the existing churches are against me. In spite of them I must advance forward, not retreat. Would you want me to retreat? What are you doing? Advancing or retreating? If you are penniless you must create money. If you have no garment you must create one. If you don't have people you must produce manpower. If you are really determined to buy a whole town, if you cannot carry it out in a certain period of time, you will buy it in your lifetime; if you cannot buy it in your lifetime your descendants can do it. When we say we are going to it, we will do it.

We are not concerned about America alone. Our work must cover the whole world. We must do things on the worldwide level. Are you confident to do that? Then I don't need to talk any longer. In the topic of the world age and our mission we have placed interracial marriage as the item of first priority. If we solve that problem and are resolved, then other problems will be of no consequence. The whole world will be our garden, where we can move about freely from place to place. After several generations your descendants will have black, white and yellow as their ancestors. If there is a mixed ancestral tree, you can give birth to a black, white or yellow child. Then you have 3 blood lineages in your family. God, being the lover of all humanity, will not love only one of those children, but all of them. Whenever I look at you I always wonder, if I wed that white man to that black girl, what kind of children will be born? I am speculating about that. Would you want me to speculate about it or not? If you want to have a black, white and yellow baby in your family does that mean that you would want your children to entertain the same idea? Can you do the same when you are back in Japan? It is only possible in America.

I have been studying quite a bit and I have found that American men would like to marry Japanese women because they are serving, gracious and sacrificial. If, then, all those families were ideal and wonderful, then relatives of the men of those families may envy them, wanting their sons to marry Japanese women also. Then we can invite many Japanese women to live in the United States permanently. If we do this then what will happen to the American girls? They will protest, but nobody in the world will be sympathetic with you. You will have lost your men because you have not been as serving, sacrificial and graceful as the Japanese girls. So, the way for you to fight is to become more that way. If you are robbed of all the men in the U.S. what will you do? You can go to Japan to marry their men.

Anything can happen in a revolution. Japanese men of small stature will marry tall American girls. But American girls cannot complain because they are the only men available. You will be forced to marry Japanese men. Then however big in physical structure you may be, American women must become smaller than the Japanese men, being humble before them. In proportion there are fewer American girls wanting to marry Japanese men than there are Japanese women wanting to marry American boys. I am thinking of wedding you people by the end of next year. So, what I have in mind is to wed the Japanese girls to American men and Japanese men to American girls. What do you think about that? There is nothing to laugh about. I mean what I say. You must be well aware that you are in a transitional period and we are going to create a new epoch of human history.

You must realize the blessedness and greatness in participating in this work. If the immigration bureau does not chase us out, we may not do it, but if they do we will do it. If you are summoned to the immigration bureau to be deported, then I will come and wed you right there. If we do that, the whole world will be appalled and say, "We must surrender before these people. We cannot defeat them. No one but Reverend Moon has done this in the whole of human history!" This will be something ever-shining in human history, so that we won't need to fight. Then your wedding pictures will be the decoration of human history. Aren't you very eager for that? If you are really eager, raise your hands. Those who did not raise your hands now hold them up. If you are unwilling to do that you can have nothing to do with me. Go your way. Other people cannot do this. Those who want me to be the mediator when you marry, raise your hands.

The third seven-year course which we are entering, is the period of the world age. With what are we going to initiate this age? We must initiate the age with the most valuable thing. What is that? To youth, marriage is the most precious thing. If a white girl married to a black man gives birth to a black child and really loves the baby, then she loves the whole black race. If you failed in this, everything you have said and done until now will be only lip service. If a black woman gives birth to a white child and can really love him, then the racial boundary will be erased. There is no other way it can possibly be done. If any of the religions of the world cannot do this, then world unity cannot come about. If we do this there will be more people opposing our movement, mostly from the white race. Then I will unite yellow power and black power and fight against them.

Reverend Moon is famous in the Asiatic part of the world. The black people have not known me so far, but when they know our ideology, they will turn to our side at an instant. What proportion of white people live on the earth? God would not allow the white race, about one-fifth of the world population, to tread down upon the other people. If the white race goes on discriminating against the colored races, and the yellow and black join forces against them, the world will be changed. If that happens great misery will come about in human society. That is why God chose me and had me come to the continent of America to change the hearts of people.

Let me ask you a question. If I am allowed to recreate or give rebirth to Christianity, can I change the whole world? (Yes!) Would you think it possible that I can turn the United States upside down if the Communists of this nation are left in my hands? Do you think I can carry out the project of intermarriage between the races? (Yes!) Then it will become a world issue. You have been seeing me, following me and analyzing me, but have you ever thought that I am the man who can do the most difficult job in the world? For the women members, have you ever felt the blessedness of having met such a man? Your only regret may be that you cannot marry me. But don't worry; I am going to teach you how to raise your own men to be as great or even greater than I am. That's not impossible. Why?

It is because my power and your power added to mine will work for that. Then you can create a person greater than I am. Even though you may be 0.8 our two powers added up will be 1.8, and your future husband will be qualified as 1.8 -- while I am just 1. Be confident; only believe in me and I will make it possible. I still have a long way to go to save the last of the world's population. My life will be spent in that way, but you and your husbands will live in a world which will already have been erected as the kingdom of God. Your husband then can be greater than I am. You will say that Father brought up a weighty topic this morning, but the conclusion is that we have to have interracial marriage. It is the most difficult and the greatest problem of all.

Through this strategy all things will be liberated. Resembling God you are going to create everything -- the ideal husband, ideal wife and ideal self. In that case there will be happiness everywhere. You are going to be the persons to create the ideal. If the most beautiful girl is wedded to a man of bad humor and she goes on leading an ideal life, then that is the ideal. Where we can live an ideal life while other people cannot under the same circumstances, then that is the ideal. The ideal world is the place where there is no discrimination between high and low. Everybody can love one another. You must have thought of the ideal mate as someone higher than you. In that case you will have known something higher but not necessarily deeper. A person who is high may be conspicuous and always in the light, but if you want something deep you must travel into the darkness deeper and deeper.

If you go through the dungeon of life and come into the light again, you create the ideal. Before meeting Mother I had thought of many such things. I had fancied marrying an American girl so plump as to need four chairs to sit on. If by my doing that alone I could unify the world, I would have done that. I thought of marrying a black woman. If a black woman the size of a fat horse said she loved me, what should I do? If she is perfectly healthy I could find beauty in her, but if she were crippled, one eyed and her limbs were not functioning, what could I do? With all those disadvantages she would complain against me every moment of her life. But I would honestly say, "Yes I would marry her if that is really God's will and if that way alone I could accomplish God's will." If it were God's idea for me to marry a harlot I would do that. I did not answer God with empty words. Restoration might have to start from the very dungeon of life -- from the prostitutes. I imagined that I had to go through great persecutions from women. I was confident to serve such a woman in a way that she would be compelled to be touched.

I was determined not to marry a woman of high education. I pictured an innocent girl perhaps without a full education -- pure, innocent, honest and sincere. After my sincere answers to the tests coming from God I was allowed to have a wonderful wife such as she is. Because of that, the ugliest woman in the spirit world cannot object saying that your standard of love is only for beautiful woman. They cannot say that because I have gone through all the tests and passed them. By my doing that, people even in the spirit world cannot complain against me. That is why God allowed me to have a more beautiful woman than I expected. Some of you may say that Mother is not the most beautiful woman in the world, but I have decided that she is.

I said these things because I have something in mind for you and I must let you know that without your passing the tests from God, you cannot be situated where you ought to be. By the end of next year you must put yourself in better order so that you can enter into the new seven-year course prepared. The Japanese brothers and sisters here to work for this nation must love this nation more than the American brothers and sisters do, because this is the land of your future husbands and wives. If you are not going to love this nation more than the Americans do, you cannot create an ideal world here. Japanese members, have you loved America more than the Americans? If you are confident of that, you are wonderful. If that is true and if the Americans would ill-treat you, then America is doomed to peril and before long you will have control over this nation.

If your family life is ideal with God abiding in your family, then the tribe, nation and world will be similar, because they are expansions of the family. Then we can conclude that the whole world will be ours. Isn't it true? Let us show to the world the most wonderful families. People will see wonderful churches in our group which they can never find elsewhere. Let us form a tribe or nation to which there will be no equal in the world. With that kind of tribe we will form the nation which people will see. People must delight in this and copy or imitate what is good. This is natural. Up to the present, Japanese people are thought to be the best in imitating others. That is recognized worldwide. In that way you are prepared to be really receptive and to imitate me in the best way possible in our movement. Starting with imitating others, if you Japanese members will end up imitating my way of life in the Divine Principle movement, then you will be masters of all. If you can imitate God and put His way of life into practice, then at the end you are going to be the masters of the world. It is for this reason that God has chosen Japan for the Eve nation. She will be the example for the rest of the nations.

If a woman is married to a man, she is supposed to imitate the man, that is, live his family's way of life. That is the way for a woman to go. But things have been different with American women. No two masters are allowed in a family. If the husband and wife are equally strong or hard, disharmony and separation will come. If the man is ahead of the woman, the woman must be behind him. That is what the principle of creation teaches us. Human history has been woven by men. They fought the wars and created the traditions. There is no principle for a woman to become the messiah. I once heard a woman proclaiming that the messiah must be a woman, but if a woman is a messiah, what will you do? The messiah must be a male being. Even God relies more on men.

We must put things in their original order. Male is in the subject position as spirituality is in the subject position to materialism. God is in the subject position while man is in the object position. Finally, men of religion must through government reign over the people. But separation between religion and politics came about. The Renaissance between the 14th and 16th centuries created humanism, and out of humanism came materialism. Humanistic materialism then took the subject position. We must reverse the order. In our movement we have the mission of creating the new order in which God is the subject and man is the object, and in which spirituality is the subject and materialism is the object. By doing that we will have a spiritual renaissance. The renaissance must take place on the individual, family, national and worldwide level. That is our mission. We are entering upon the age of the world in which I must think of international and interracial marriages. We are going to create new religion, new politics, new culture, new economics and new everything. I am preparing for that. I have many things to do which you are not aware of. As time goes by I will put them into practice, and at a certain point we can move the whole nation. It will come at any moment.

In a way we have attacked the United Nations through our fast and demonstration. We have attacked America herself. We have attacked Communism. We have even come into collision with Christianity. We are now pioneering into the academic world with professors and students on the college campuses. We are going to attack the youth of the world. In our unified front there will be many fierce battles but we are destined not to retreat. In Korea our members have planned to have the Olympics for religious people. We will have gatherings of artistic religious people. We already have the Korean Folk Ballet and New Hope Singers International. But more and different kinds of groups will be established. Before long I am going to create a basketball team and football team stronger than any other. What we need now is a place to train those people at the earliest possible time. What must that place be? It will be the university we establish. What I am contemplating is how to establish a university which can develop the highest standard in the shortest possible time. I am thinking of bringing as many as several thousand students initially so that I can make the university strong from the beginning. IOWC's should begin CARP on every university campus in every state. When the time comes I will command every CARP leader to send students. We can receive 10,000 students at one time. We can call our CARP members from all over the world. In our university we will train our students to be the best in every field.

In order to create the university in the shortest possible time we must find world renowned educators in every possible field. I thought of America as the best place to begin the university. In America, New York state is the best place. That is why I am buying more land in this vicinity. I will create many champions to build a new civilization. With our people we can finish a full four years' course in two years time. If we are determined to do that, our university will be the strongest and the most wonderful one in the world. We will be champions both in intellect and physical strength. Would that be possible for us or not? Even in the athletic fields I am going to be the coach. Once I try something I will make the best of it. So in gymnastics I will drive you hard to do the job. If others train people to be the champions in 24 hours, I will do it in one-third of that time. If we established that kind of university we can sweep the world in every field.

Why are you eager to establish such a university in the soonest possible future? Because you will be students there. Plan on that! Should we begin in a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? Which would you choose? Then shall we begin today? (Yes.) We have many problems. We have no site, no money, and no manpower. We can begin after solving all those problems. The short cut would be having our girls marry the heirs of the General Motors company. I am thinking of marrying our women to the most renowned presidents of universities. Then the problems will be solved right away. Then we can make money right away, and restore men right away. Then there will be no difficulty in establishing such a school. If those two ideas are impossible, though, what shall we do?

Some will say we can wait until God does something. That's a wonderful idea and I would like to do the same. If you wait with folded arms, until God does something what will happen? If God alone could do such things He would have done them long ago. God, rather, waits until men do something. But there has been no one who even attempted to do such things. Our group is the only such group and God will rely on us. But what shall we do with only a handful of people?

The answer is apparent. There is no other way possible than for me to command you to go out to bring in money and capable men. Don't rob people of money. Don't force people to give you donations, but let them be moved and willing to give. It is very difficult, but in proportion to the difficulty it is valuable and worth doing. Can you do it? (Yes.) Some of you frowned. Are you really confident? If you have a small piece of something to eat, to make it go around to many people you must cut it into tiny portions. If I am going to do such a vast project with such a small number of people, I have to allocate enough work for 100 people to one person. Don't you think so? (Yes!) When you say yes I can see that some of you have confidence. But some of you laugh and are without confidence. What about you Japanese members. Do you have confidence?

I say to myself that it is wonderful that we have so many youth in our movement. I have gone through torture in the prison camps, I have been severely hungry. But through those experiences I learned that people under the age of 30 can restore their health quickly. After two weeks recuperation you can become healthy again. However ragged the clothing you have been clad in, if I buy wonderful clothes for you, you will be handsome gentlemen. So I rely on those under the age of 30. You are like the flour dough molded by being beaten upon. I want to try to pull it apart and still if it were cut in two, it would expand. Would you want to be dough which is expanded and so elastic as to become longer and longer, never being cut, or would you be cut right away? In making the dough we must apply pressure. If I put you in a small bowl and push you hard, wherever there is a crack you will try to escape; but when I lift the dough up you will have to cling to the lump. Then what am I going to do with that dough? I will make money using it. I will make manpower using it. What am I going to do with the money and manpower? I am going to establish the university where I can educate people. Education is a great thing.

I have bought 574 acres of land within barely more than one year. If I have been able to buy that much land starting from a penniless situation, then from now on we have to buy five times as much land as that in a year's time. You will say, "Oh he is going to drive us five times as hard." Then if you feel like escaping why don't you leave now? Are you going to remain here?(Yes.) From now on I will trust you. I am going to put the pressure on you. From the year 1975, a fiercer battle is ahead of us. At the end of the second seven-year course we must think that 6,000 biblical years have passed. But however hard we may have struggled we have not been able to enter a worldwide scope. From the beginning of the third seven-year course we must make our movement a worldwide one. Which will be stronger -- the power of pressure I'm going to apply to you or your power to lift that pressure up? We have to make it possible. I am confident of that. If you are going to be educated in our university and become great leaders of the world, it will be easy for us to change the world. You are the age of university students. How wonderful it will be if you are determined to establish your own university and invite your own professors, studying under them to become great leaders. Upon your graduation from the university, you will be proud of the diplomas you receive. You will be sent to many nations to become the leaders there, not sent to small jobs. If we can create leaders and send them out to the rest of the world there is nothing greater.

As you know we have prepared solid ground for many professors to be invited to our university. Through the Unified Science Conference, many Nobel Prize winners and many other famous professors will be connected with us. At the London Conference this year some 24 Nobel Prize winners and 120 professors are invited to the conference. Our goal for next year will be somewhere between 70 to 100 Nobel Prize winners and 360 professors. Meanwhile, the fame of Reverend Moon is spreading to every corner of the earth. Reverend Moon has been an obscure figure until now but I will soon be on the world scene. A famous rumor about me is that I am a billionaire or multi-millionaire. I don't have a penny in my pocket but I have the ability to create money. By next year I am going to mobilize 1,000 members and the following year 10,000 members for fund raising. If one person can make $3,000 per month, after a year we will have 360 million. So we can buy everything, including the Empire state building. It is not impossible. Then we can create the best university. We can establish a national and international world bank with branches in every nation. Then we will send out our own members to each of the branches. We will have the strongest bankers' organization and higher deposit rates than any other bank in the world.

Next year we are going to send our missionaries to at least 120 nations. Three will be sent to each nation -- one Japanese, one American and one German. Later I will send a Korean. Why will the Koreans come later? Because we have to make a solid financial foundation first. We can have money sent to a country from Japan, America and Germany. Then our money can be concentrated in one place if it is needed. A few years later I will hold the hegemony of the financial world. How? Because we will have the strongest market organization in the whole world. If the Unification members are ordered to buy only cars from Ford Motor Company, then we will have a contract with the president of the company. I can control the Ford Company and then we can buy cars at the lowest cost. If we shift from Ford to another company, they will more than welcome us. There will be a fight between the companies over us. We are going to start this from our fund raising campaigns. I have a clear vision of what the world economy will be like. I know clearly which product will have a broad market. If I tell you, you won't believe it, but wait and see. Seven years from now these things will come true.

Some of you may fall away because it is too difficult to carry out your mission in this movement. You may go away and try your best at a job above the level of most people but some years later when you look at us you will find that your success cannot compete with ours. You want to be successful in your worldly career too. Isn't that true? (Yes!) If success is what you want you must cling to me and not let me go. You have witnesses that when I say things I will carry them out. What I said in Korea was accomplished -- everything! The eldest members of our movement are made or being made the presidents of companies. I have bought houses for them and I will buy more for more people. Those who fell away and now see how successful we have been are envious. Who knows? Some among you will fall away and later find yourselves in the same situation as those who have fallen away in the past.

I am thinking of making money, creating wealth to be used for God's purpose. You may think it is luxurious for me to ride in the Lincoln limousine, but before long I can easily make Fords for you at the lowest cost. I am not saying unfounded things. I am saying things on a firm foundation. I am going to choose the strongest members among you. If I choose the strongest members to be used at a later date for a special purpose, will the test be easy? Your eyeballs will fall out, your mouths will be distorted and your noses will be blown away. It will be difficult to be selected. I have a keen perception of people and my evaluation of you is more than accurate. In seven years' time I have made Mr. Kuboki the most famous person among the Japanese youth. Do you believe in my ability? Do you know this in your heart? Then I am reassured.

If you want to be successful, I will make you into successful persons. But my way of making such persons is unique. If you are going to win the highest place, you must go down to the bottom and start from there. If you are not situated low enough, then you must dig a hole to go to the very dungeon and soar up to touch heaven. Then everything in between will belong to you. If you really want that kind of success, don't complain. You must be as obedient as a prisoner in jail. Would you choose to do that? We think this way because we want to shorten the time. Since the year 1972 we have had so many speaking tours that I have had little opportunity to command you to do such things. Since the City of New York is the representative city of the United States, those who are working there must represent all United States members. Therefore I rely on you to accomplish what we want. We have precisely 366 members in New York. By using those 366 members how can we serve the whole city of New York in an even more ardent way than we did in the Madison Square Garden Project? I have already ordered you to bring at least 3,000 members within a few months. I called all the Japanese members to New York City to concentrate on our work here. Are you confident?

You will remember that in the past the Japanese regime oppressed the Korean people and tortured them. Some Korean patriots were martyred. I am clearing away the resentment of a nation by using you Japanese members. If you are only willing to receive and accomplish the mission then you have done something more than great. Therefore I am going to be a harsh and even cruel person to you. Will that be all right? I will be relentless. Is that all right? I am sometimes sympathetic towards Mr. Kamiyama but I have a reason to give orders to him. When I ask him to make a certain amount of money, from a point of pennilessness, he answers "Yes!" In order for me to be able to ask that I cannot be too sympathetic with him. I must seem cruel to him, pushing him harder and harder. In that case he must be willing to receive orders from me. From that point you will be successful.

Don't you feel sick when you are told such difficult things? But it cannot be helped! I am forced to do this because within a certain interval of time, in the timetable of God, we have to accomplish a certain amount of work. If we do not, all we have done will be nullified. What we have accomplished will collapse. I want you to test me. You can say to yourself, "If Father really needs that much money let's make the money, pour it out to him. Then we can see what he does with it. If he needs manpower let us give it to him and see if he uses it in the right way." You can compete with me and even test me. Now is the time to begin.

You may say, "What a harsh man he is and how miserable for us to have met him." I was invited to America but I have not been able to sightsee or tour the country. I have pushed myself harder and harder. There seems to be no end to it. I don't have the freedom even to die, because I know that if I die at this point I am destined for Hell. This is the truth! If there were any place for me to escape, I would have done so long ago. But I am being pushed harder and harder by the power above. I am the person with the heavy burden of the restoration of the whole world. I have no teacher as you do. I have no friends as you do. I have no one to consult with. I am not supposed to do that.

Without the understanding of others, I have to carry out the mission of living up to the standard of God's will. There is a timetable or schedule set by God and I have to meet His standard. Have you ever had a sense of such responsibility? Have you ever established God's standard on the individual, family or national level? You can never imagine what difficulties I am going through. I have to meet the standard in a certain interval of time. I have to decide what is good, what is bad and whom to use or not to use, when to do and when not to do things. It is the most difficult position a man can imagine. There have been many world leaders in the past, but of all of them, I am shouldering the most difficult job. In that sense I am the loneliest person in the world. But knowing that God is in a more difficult situation than I am, I can bear it.

Compared to what I am going through you are in a happier position. You don't have to go through the same difficulties. You can imagine how much zeal I would give to the master if I were placed in a members' situation, if I am able to work this much as the leader. I often think if I were a member I would minister to the master, follow him, and accomplish my mission. You have only to follow me. You have to dash on one road headed for the goal. But my strategy is three-sided. I must control the spiritual world and connect the physical world to it. It is no simple thing. If I am not able to bring those two into complete oneness, I cannot restore the whole world. There is still more. I have to connect the Unified Family [Unification Church] with my family, the nation to our church and the world to our restored nation.

Very possibly you are tempted to go your own way . Even my children are in surroundings where people long for individual freedom. They are apt to be misled. I am anticipating problems in educating my own children -- more problems than if I had not brought them here. But as for you, you have just to follow me as the example and follow the example of my family. The most piteous person is no one else but myself. And in a way the most piteous family is no other than my own. Compared to the world, people of the Unification family are more pitiful than they. But it cannot be helped, because God is more pitiful than I. We must go through miserable conditions as long as God is miserable. Until the day comes when we can liberate God we must go through difficulties. If possible, we will shorten the period by working more through more difficulties.

At the threshold of the new age, the age of the world, our mission is great. We must realize that we are the only group who can accomplish the job. Unless we succeed, God will be miserable, the past saints and martyrs will remain in misery and our future descendants will be living in Hell. So we must feel the urgency of carrying out our mission. Whether or not I will be able to lift our movement to the world standard in three years will determine whether or not our plan will be successful. The champions we have in this period are you. So I want you to really accomplish the mission in that set time. Members may fall away in that period, but I am going to push you harder and harder. You must be resolved and prepared for that. You may fall away, be frustrated and collapse. But I cannot do that. I must go on.

We can imagine that when members fall away, they fall away during the most difficult part of our work. So you must be determined and prepared not to fall away. Imagine that you are always in a difficult position. You must visualize how to fight during the time of worst difficulty. In that way alone you can carry out your job. In the providential history under the will of God, 1972 through 1977 or 1978, the seven most crucial years, you must try your best to accomplish your mission. If during that period you are not able to establish the standard or tradition, I will no longer stay in the United States. I will shift the work to another place and the providence of God will go in a different direction.

Then the missions of the nations playing the important roles now -- the Adam and Eve roles -- will be shifted. In Jesus' days, when the Jewish peoples failed to minister to him, the direction of his mission shifted to other people. The same thing can happen today. I have already ordered some people to prepare the way in case we have to shift the national roles. You must realize that we are now in the final battle. Whether or not Korea, Japan and America really accomplish will determine whether or not the heavenly providence will be shifted to other countries. In the history of the Unification Movement those crucial years may be the hardest ones, and I may keep getting angry with you. I am really serious, because if I fail to accomplish with those nations having most significant missions, human history will be changed for the worse. The tradition of human history under God's providence will collapse. The present world will perish.

But I see you are not as serious as I am. If you wait and see what happens it will be too late. So even if I have to beat you, I must push you on the way. The better thing is for you to succeed before having to be beaten. The women must be ready to act as men, and the men must be ready to act like tanks on the battlefield. If you are resolved to do that and if you think you can do even more than that, then you can never complain. If you complain at all, complain at my not giving you more to do. I must say repeatedly that we are entering the age of the world -- the age of the cosmos.

We must be grateful that we have life in this period and that we are given the mission to work with the True Parents and God. You must live with that idea. I do not want to prolong the period but shorten it. I am determined to shorten the period and so are you. Therefore you must expect more hardships to come. However hard your work may be in the future, you must be ready to accomplish it. Women may not have time to dress themselves with good clothing and make up. But even though you may look like men from the labor camp, you must go on, because there is not always time. Do you understand?

Today is November 3rd. By April of next year we are going to cross over the greatest peak. April was the month in which the holy matrimony was held, beginning a new epoch. By April we must make 8,000 members or more. By the year 1977 or 1978 we must have 30,000 members. It should be no problem. With 600 strong members we can cause Senators of our choice to be elected. Then we can guide America. Does it sound possible? If you bring those Senators into the movement you can marry them. I would always have my goal set, knowing that if you idle away your time, you cannot attain the goal. We must have 8,000 people by the end of April. If on the East Coast you can bring 8,000 members the same can be done by the members on the West coast. Then from east and west we will apply pressure in the middle of America.

When I have finished my eight city tour I will fly to Korea from the West coast. I promised Mr. Kamiyama and the mobile team commanders who have done well that they will be taken to Korea also. But before they go to Korea with me they have to meet a certain standard. When I go back to Korea I will declare the beginning of the third seven-year course. So we are now in the critical period. I want Mr. Kamiyama to meet the goal within two months' time.

We are slowly stirring up the world like ripples in the water. The ripples are destined to expand. Soon we can turn the world. You must be stronger than I am. I want you to become really strong. Have you already become strong? (Yes!) If that is true then from now on will you be able to accomplish the worldwide mission. I want Mr. Kamiyama to be really hard on the New York members, never letting them sleep or eat good food, never letting them rest. But dash on the way; and if you can accomplish your mission, God will help you and he will never leave you alone. He has to help you. Therefore, win the goal in the soonest possible time, bringing victory to God.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 09.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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