The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The Conclusion of the Seven Day Fast at the United Nations Supporting the Human Rights of Japanese Wives of North Korean Repatriates

Sun Myung Moon
October 27, 1974

You have worked hard and accomplished a very difficult job, which I appreciate very much. I imagine that you have been waiting for this hour of midnight of October 27. 1974. Also. I think you must have experienced and learned many things during this fasting period.

Your state of mind of waiting for the final hour to come must be a sincere, a longing, a unique and a valuable one. If you could apply this same mind as you have now waiting and longing for a time of human happiness and, further, for the time of the consummation of God's will, I believe it would be fulfilled in a short period of time.

Also, I believe that during this period of fasting you must have really experienced and clearly felt the degree of importance of "bread", or substance to eat, for each of you. Under these fasting circumstances, you must have learned how much you desire and long for food beyond any concept of distinguishing "good food" from "bad food." If you apply the same mind of longing for something to eat and its importance and value therein, to God's providence and His will, which is the restoration of all mankind to Him you could produce a new prime mover for a new history.

Now, you have beautifully finished the most difficult task of 7 days straight fasting, which previously you must have been worrying whether you could make it or not and even in your dreams you might never have thought of your successful completion. Now your overcoming has proven that you have found within each one of you the individual potential which made you succeed in a most difficult task throughout the 7 day fasting period. If you apply this courage and patience to overcome the most difficult work to all circumstances, I am sure that you will succeed in anything and everything you do. With your experience in this fasting you have become the people who are able to transcend the insecurities and threat of our daily lives. If a group of nearly 700 young people like you are united into one to accomplish your common goal and then march forward, you will direct contemporary human history and create a new history by yourselves.

When our Heavenly Father looks down on your bright, shining and hopeful faces He must feel wonderfully contented with you all. If I ask you, "Let us fast 7 more days" will you continue to finish I more 7-day fast." (Yes!) Such persons like you need no training, and there is no need to ask you to fast anymore. You have already fulfilled by your expressing your willingness to do so. I urge you not to forget through your whole life the experiences you have had with 7 days fasting. If you will pioneer and explore all things and take action God shall guide and protect you all the way in the future and you will obtain confidence and trust on the national level.

From now on I hope that you look forward to the higher dimension and march forward to the ultimate goal with strong will and new zeal. Also I hope that you must be very careful of your health for at least the next 7-day period. Take care of yourselves. Congratulations on your successful completion of a 7-day fast, which is equivalent to God's dispensational time of 7.000 years. Thank you. 

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