The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

America in God's Providence

Sun Myung Moon
October 8, 1974
Sermon on Capitol Hill

Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen, I feel deeply grateful and honored to be here this morning. I want to thank the committee of distinguished Senators and Congressmen who invited me, and thank you, Congressman Chappell, for your gracious introduction. My topic is "America in God's Providence."

Today there are many problems of society, politics and the economy. However, the most important problem is the problem of God. God is determined to fulfill His ideal and His will upon the earth.

What is the providence of God? What is His will? God's will is to transform our world and its people into His world and His people. God wants to be the center of all phases of creation-the center of the individual, the center of the family, of the tribe, the nation and the world. Therefore, this entire world is to be centered upon God. God has been seeking one nation truly centered upon Himself. God must find that God-centered nation before he can transform the rest of the world and make it His own. The United States of America is to be the one nation on the face of the earth that is truly God-centered. This is the answer to prayer.

As you know very well. America's founders who came to this land about 200 years ago came for love of God and for religious freedom. This is the founding spirit of this nation. In this sense, America is unique in all the world. This is the nation with the prestige and pride of claiming the title, "One Nation Under God."

You have already said that America is to be one nation centered upon God. But in order to become one nation under God, the individuals in this nation must be centered upon God, the families must be centered upon God, the society and the nation as a whole must be centered upon God. In other words, every phase of the life of this nation has to be God-centered.

America has accomplished a great deal, and has indeed tried very hard to live up to the responsibility to be one nation under God. The remarkable history of America and the abundant blessings she has received are proof of that.

America is also unique in another sense: People of all the different races, colors and nationalities come to this country to make one great nation together. Once America truly lives up to the motto of "one nation under God," then this will be the nation with the capacity and potential to influence the rest of the world, to bring the whole world together united under God.

I do not believe that God has chosen America to be one nation under God solely for America's sake. On the contrary, this nation has been chosen to be a champion of the people of the whole world. Therefore, all mankind is looking to the American people to be the champions of the world. I believe that God has blessed America in every respect-particularly in abundant wealth-not for America's sake, but for God's sake, so that He can bring His message and His nation to the entire world.

My heart was deeply touched when I first came to America, when I looked at your dollar bill and found the inscription, "In God We Trust." No other money in the world would say that. But you say it, and you entrust that money for the purpose of God.

America must realize that God has blessed this nation to fulfill His ultimate goal, which is the salvation of the entire world, not just for America. So America has a great responsibility. God's blessing never comes without a responsibility. America's responsibility is to get involved with the rest of the world, to bring all nations into that one nation under God.

America embarked on this mission at the end of World War II. God truly has a great expectation for America, when she is involved with the problems of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world, trying to bring them together for the well-being of all mankind.

When America was involved with the rest of the world, that was God's will, and God was indeed with you. However, in recent years America has shifted her priorities, becoming less and less involved, isolating herself from the rest of the world. Then you may ask. "Rev. Moon, why did you come to America? You have plenty of problems in your home country of Korea?" I came to America for the work of God, who does not concentrate His work in one nation. God's work is focused upon the entire world. And today America is the center of this world, and the providence of God first has to be fulfilled right here in this country.

Even though America is isolating herself more and more from the rest of the world, trying to shift the priorities to her own problems, I see that fortunately America has been maintaining a strong tie With the Republic of Korea. These two nations have very significant roles in the dispensation of God. Therefore, these two nations must stay involved; together they are the axis of the providence of God.

I know you have heard many things about me and my movement, particularly about our young people coming to America from different parts of the world. Unification Church members from more than 12 nations are coming to America by the thousands. Why'.' I want to bring the youth of the world to America to start our movement right here, at the heart of God's dispensation.

I know what God is seeking. He is seeking the fulfillment of His ideal, which is perfected man, perfected families, perfected societies, and a perfected nation. God is seeking to fulfill that goal right here in America. What kind of movement am I beginning in this country? This is the movement to return this nation and its people to God.

Today there are so many difficult problems in our world. America has many problems, as all nation do. We have our problems with young people, juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, crime, and the break down of the family. There are so many problems. But people are seeking answers and solutions without seeking God. I tell you, you will not find answers without God. When we have really instilled God's ideal into everyone's heart, that is the day we will find the answers.

I would like to briefly mention precisely how we can make that one nation under God a reality. All people are seeking happiness, joy, freedom and the fulfillment of peace. All these things have been the goals of man throughout history. Furthermore, we have an innate desire to have these things be everlasting and unchanging. But people are often disappointed, because they cannot find that eternal happiness here on earth.

Everlasting happiness and joy can only come by becoming one with the Source of eternal happiness and joy, which is God. God is not only the Source of life, but He is the Source of happiness, joy, freedom and peace. But I want you to know that happiness, joy, love and ideals cannot come alive until you find someone to have give and take with, someone with whom you can share these goals. By yourself, they will remain dormant and unrealized.

Furthermore, God is Himself seeking that same eternal joy and happiness. God cannot realize these goals by Himself. Even Almighty God needs someone to love and someone to he loved by. And therefore, God created man to be His object.

God's love and joy can never be fulfilled unless he has man. In other words, without you and me, God cannot fulfill His goal. We must realize the great value of man in the sight of God. Without man God cannot fulfill His ideal. Therefore, we are in dispensable, the supreme creatures by whom God can accomplish His goal.

Let me ask you a very simple, naive question: Some years ago when you distinguished ladies and gentlemen were looking for sour future husbands and wives, were you looking for someone inferior to yourself, or somebody superior to yourself? I know the answer. We are all looking for someone most ideal, most perfect and superior to ourselves. This is innate human nature. We are seeking somebody better than ourselves as our object.

Here is another example of human nature: Parents want their children to be better than themselves. Where do these human traits and characteristics come from? We did not create them ourselves. They must come from somewhere else. Since we are resultant beings, they must come from the Cause or Origin, which is God. We act the way we do. and our minds react the way they do, because the Origin acts the same way. We are the reflections of God.

Now let me ask this same question to God: "God, what about Your own children? I understand You created man and woman as Your sons and daughters. Would You like them to be inferior or superior to Yourself?" God will undoubtedly answer, "I want My children to be even better than Myself."

Did you know that we are so important in the sight of God? Almighty God created you and me as His children. And in His love, God wants us to be even better than Himself. We have said that it is human nature to want our love, our ideal and our joy to last forever. How much more so for God! When God invests in a relationship, He wants that relationship to be eternal, not temporary.

So this is most logical, that when God created man as His lasting object, to have give and take with for joy and fulfillment of happiness, God created man to be eternal like Himself to be unique like Himself, and to be absolute, as God is absolute. This is not an easy goal.

There should he no doubt that God created man to live for eternity, not just for 100 years. But today we are not sure about our eternal life. Why? We are separated from that Source of eternal life. Separation has made us ignorant.

So far we now know God exists as the subject of man, whereas man is the object to God. Whenever there is a subject and object, there are two different kinds of relationships we can think of. One is a selfish relationship, and the other is an unselfish relationship. Then which one is the choice of God?

God knows that a selfish relationship will lead only into self-destruction. It will not last forever. As the King of Wisdom, God built His way of life and the pattern of the entire universe upon the base of unselfish relationships.

God created everything in this universe to exist in pairs. All things are made for other things. Thus there will be happiness, joy and everlasting peace. There is no other way these goals can be achieved.

Therefore we must come to another conclusion. God does not exist for Himself. He exists for His children, for you and for me. Do you know why God created man as male and female? They are to give to each other, and live for each other.

What I am trying to illustrate is this: All of today's problems the world problems, national problems, social problems and the problems of each individual-come from one thing. Everyone thinks only of himself. We forget that God created us to serve others, and others to fulfill our own lives.

Then what is the ideal couple, the ideal husband and wife? After the wedding the newlywed bride and bridegroom go on their honeymoon. Everything is most romantic. They confess their love to each other, saying, "I love you so much. You are more than my life. I was born solely for you. Even unto my death, I love These are all most unselfish sentiments. But the problem comes when those pledges don't last more than three days! But if they really carried out that first night's pledge, giving themselves for each other, then they should be the ideal couple in the sight of God.

I want to declare that this is the fundamental truth of the universe: God created everyone to serve others. And living this way of life is the only way we can bring the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Every relationship must be based on giving. For example, parents and children must serve each other. Children must live for their parents, and parents live for their children. Students and teachers must serve each other. Employers and employees must mutually benefit each other. The family and the society must serve each other, just as the society and the nation as a whole must work together. All these relationships are based on unselfishness. This is God's way.

When I came to America, I learned of the great admiration of the American people for Abraham Lincoln. Why does America respect him as a great patriot'? The fundamental truth is very simple. He lived God's way of life. His life has been one of giving and self-sacrifice for the sake of his own people, and his own nation. He gave himself for others. A patriot is one who gives himself for the well-being of his fellow man and for his own country.

From this formula we know who is the Saint of all saints in history. Jesus Christ lived the absolute way of God. He was born for the purpose of the salvation of man. He lived his life for others. And he gave up his life for the sake of his people, even for his enemies. He truly set the supreme example of the way of life of God.

The Kingdom of God, God's nation and the spiritual heaven all work under this one fundamental principle of selflessness. Besides this earthly world, we have another world to live in, which is our true home. I have the privilege of knowing that other world. And I discovered that that world exists only in the principle of God, in the way of selflessness, where people are truly giving to each other.

It is God's will for every man and woman to enter into that Kingdom. But in order for us to deserve that Kingdom, we must live God's way of life right here on earth. This is our golden opportunity. Therefore, all the good religions throughout history have been God's tools to lead all mankind into one common way of life of love and sacrifice.

So when we see that the teachings of the different religions -- whether from East or West -- are consistent in this respect, promoting sacrifice, love and selflessness, then we can see that God has been teaching man this one principle throughout history.

Actually, each of us determines whether we will live in heaven or hell by the quality of life we live here on earth, by whether we live a selfish or unselfish life. Finally, I would like to briefly explain why God has to base His way of life on selflessness. Let me ask you another simple question. Suppose someone truly loves you absolutely, 100 percent. You are filled with joy at the knowledge that somebody truly loves you. In return, you want to love that person. Would you want to return 40 or 50 percent of his love, or would you like to even out love him, giving him more love than he gives you? Which way would your mind work?

This is another aspect of human nature. When you know someone loves you, you want to return more love than that per son gives you. This is natural. For example, when I love Mr. Pak, my interpreter, with 100 percent unselfish love, then he will try his best to return 100 percent. Then 1 can give more than 110 percent, and he will come back with 120 percent. This creates the circuit of circular motion of the give and take of love. And circular motion alone can be sustained for eternity. So that means that the give and take of love brings eternity. It will never end, because it makes a circular motion. Furthermore, that give and lake will bring prosperity. Love is never lost. The love you give will be returned, premium plus interest. You can never lose.

There is another important principle. Those persons who serve others eventually become the center of their family, their society, their nation and their world. In other words, when you serve someone in love, then that will bring you the central position. Let's say there are five members in your family. The one who loves the other four members more than anybody else shall become the master of that family, emerging as the central figure. That person becomes like God. God is totally self-giving. And when you follow God's way of life of selfless giving, you become like God. Just as God is the center of the universe, you will become a central figure, too.

You know, people hate the word "domination." But actually, in our human nature we are subconsciously seeking this dominion of love. We seek to belong to those who love us, not to be isolated. But because all domination we have known is selfish, we hate it. But we are longing for the selfless dominion of God.

Everyone seeks God's dominion, or God's domination, because His domination is unselfish and loving. Therefore, we want to be closer to God, and get involved with Him. We want to be controlled absolutely by God. That is the source of happiness. This is the true ideal relationship of the universe which God initially intended.

Then we come to the third fundamental principle. Why do we live? What makes our life fulfilled'? It is love and our ideal that fulfills our life. But most people do not realize that that love and ideal cannot be self-generated. That is; we cannot realize their fulfillment if we are alone.

Our love and ideal can only be fulfilled by our object-by others. Only others can stimulate us, complement us, or reciprocate our love and ideal. That is the only way our joy, our love and our ideal can be fulfilled. There is no other way.

Therefore, as the King of Wisdom, God created man and the entire universe upon that giving way of life, because that is the only way our lives can he fulfilled. Then what is the blueprint of the Kingdom of God here on earth? We must practice to an absolute degree the way of life of God. A man exists for his wife. A woman exists for her husband. And parents exist for their children and family. The family exists for the society. The society exists for the nation. The nation exists for the world, and the world exists for God. And Almighty God lives solely for you and for me. Therefore, we must live this one grand circle of giving, serving and self-sacrifice. This is the one royal way to gel Io God. Thus, God becomes ours.

It is difficult, hut this is the truth. Selflessness is the key. I belong to my family. My family belongs to the society. That society belongs to the nation, the nation to the world, and the world to God. And Almighty God belongs to you. Somebody must begin this movement here on earth. Because without knowing it, nobody can achieve the ultimate goal of the Kingdom of God and live in God's dwelling place. Somebody must begin.

During my speaking tour I have visited many cities. Many times I have heard my critics saying. "Rev. Moon, you really have a good idea. But it is too idealistic. I don't see how those principles can work, I feel sorry for you. Many people have tried in the past, but nothing has ever My answer to the critics is this: I am not going to do that grand job. God is doing it. I allow myself to be used by God. And I urn asking the Americans and my fellow man throughout the world to allow themselves to be the instruments of God, to open themselves so that God can come in to teach His way of life, so that we can live for Him.

On October 1, 1973, 1 began my speaking tour at Carnegie Hall in New York. Today, one year and eight days later, I have this great honor and opportunity to come to this important gathering. In a little over one year, what I am doing has been discussed by many good Americans, pro and con. In a way, I am emerging as a controversial figure here in this country. Do you think I am doing it myself"? No. Someone greater than myself is pushing me and this movement to create this awakening.

During this year I have really felt to the bone that God loves America. America must not fail God now. And I have thought that if this great nation-starting from Congress and the White House, and all the leadership of the nation and of the stales-was equipped with the truth and united in living the true and absolute degree of the way of life of God, then what would happen to this nation and to the world? The dynamic energy for the solution of all of man's problems would come from this God-centered nation. America today must find that answer through that one fundamental force. God wants to fulfill His ideal here in this country.

He wants to see individuals live up to His ideal. He wants to see His American families live up to His standard. He wants His society and this one nation of America to live up to His standard. I know this is God's hope and God's dream.

This is not my idea. This is not a theory. This is the principle of God. Whether we like it or not, we must live His way of life. This is the only way, the only alternative we have. Once we awaken to God's way of life and return to Him, to the absolute degree that He expects of us, then we shall truly see that all the problems of this country will dissolve. Great joy and happiness will blossom in this land, and through this nation the rest of the world will have hope.

Indeed, our goal is to build the Kingdom of God here upon the face of the earth. In this Kingdom, God's ideal-the true fulfillment of the happiness and joy of man shall live forever. That is the kind of world God is going la re-create. That is God's will. God's providence. And the responsibility of America is to respond to God, so that we shall make His way of life our own.

I truly thank you for your most patient and attentive listening. And I am greatly honored to come here to speak to this distinguished audience of members of the Senate and the House. And finally, God bless each one of you, the great work you are doing for the rest of the world. And above all, may God bless America. 

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