The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Let Us Go Over The Boundary Line

Sun Myung Moon
October 6, 1974
Tarrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

My topic is "Let us go over the boundary line." In this world, there are many boundary lines. There is the boundary of sleep. How many hours are you going to sleep? How many hours can you be seated like that? There is a boundary. We divide the days into 24 hours each, so there is a boundary there too. When you choose in the Divine Principle to study the "Principle of Creation;" there is a boundary to that. To go across the boundary, you must gain more strength, but we cannot go with our strength alone. The added strength can come either from your inner self, or from an external source. But without that added power, you cannot cross the boundary.

If there is an evil boundary or limitation, we must try hard to go over that boundary. When we are faced with a boundary of goodness, we must try to widen the boundary so that there are no limitations. We want to accumulate wealth and knowledge, and to broaden the boundaries of both without ceasing. Then there is an element that must come in from an internal or external source which will push you towards the goal, to expand the limitation or boundary of goodness.

As in anything else, in the Providence of God there is a limitation or boundary. As individuals, we have our own limitations and boundaries. In our Family too, there are boundary lines. Centered on a nation, there is also a boundary. In the world, there are roughly two leading ideologies, Communism and democracy. And there is a boundary between them. In the Providence of God, there is a boundary between the people of God, and evil people. How widely you expand the boundary of goodness determines which side wins. God's side knows that the evil side should be diminished until it ceases to exist. But the side of goodness must expand without boundary.

If you want to be good people, do good deeds and leave something good in your past. If you want to do something good for your family, you must transcend the boundary of yourself as an individual. Then how should you handle yourself? If you want to influence your family towards goodness, transcending the boundary of the individual, then invest yourself until you are consumed. If you then transcend the boundary of family to serve the world or society, offering your family as a sacrifice, you expand your family. You must sacrifice yourself and invest your whole being in order to expand your world to the family level; and you must do the same with your family in order to expand your family life. Then how to transcend yourself is the question.

You cannot ask your family to sacrifice itself for you; you must be ready to sacrifice yourself for the family. You must invest all your strength. In order for your family to expand, transcending the boundary of the family, some power must be added to break through the limitation. And when the tribe is going to expand the same applies. To reach the next level of the nation and the world, the same thing must be done.

Then let us think of the things from the viewpoint of God. In order for God to help men attain the goal, He must help individuals to transcend their individual boundaries, help the family cross over the family boundary, and help the nation to cross over the national boundary, to reach out to the end of the world. What kind of determination should God have? God will agonize with you in crossing over each boundary and to expand to broader levels, but the final goal for God to attain is to have you cross over the national boundary to reach the whole world.

Then how would God react if you failed in crossing over the individual boundary; if families fail to cross over the family boundaries? He cannot linger there. What if a nation collapsed before being able to transcend its national boundary? If you were in the position of God, what would you do? Would you linger with individuals and weep for them, without crossing over the individual boundaries to the next level of things? What would you do if you were in the position of God? You must leave them and still go on to the next level.

Then where should we focus our prayer? Do we see things from the standpoint of God? We must think that way. Then you will be entitled to ask God for more strength to help you. Furthermore, when God sees in you a limited power or capacity, while you at the same time want to accomplish limitless things, God will even admire you, or at least be ready to help you. When we think of that, we can really imagine that God would want a single individual, to cross the individual boundary to reach the family level; and for the same person with his family to go over the boundary of the family, and then to the tribal, national and worldwide level.

Why should God be doing that? God is most serious to help this person because He hates to be discouraged by the man of His choice. If the man of His choice fails, He will be agonized as much as the man. Therefore He will seriously help this man cross over the individual boundary, leading his family over the family boundary, and on to the next level, to reach out to the world. Do you understand that point?

There are many leaders in this world, but from the viewpoint of God, He would choose a man who is resolved to cross the individual, national, world, and even cosmic boundary. There is no question about that. Then where does God's hope end? Salvation of the individual? There He would cry out, "Let us cross the boundary of the satanic world!" If there is any person who would dash forward toward the goal, spending his whole life, then God cannot but choose that man. He will see the determination and strength in him, the inexhaustible energy in him, to go over any boundary or obstacle to reach the goal; and God cannot but love this person and help him.

You are here, having left your families and the old world to join this movement. In this movement you are pouring out your full effort to cross over the individual, and family and national boundary; and you will strive hard until you gain the last level. And where are you situated now -- on what level? You have no family yet, no children. And you are not in a leading position for your family or tribe to follow you. You are not a national leader. You are not a world leader with the population of the world under you. But in your youth you are planning for that.

However, can you carry out your mission by dreaming? If you remain dreaming, the unified world cannot come about. The only thing that will make it possible for you to carry out your mission is to invest yourself, and sacrifice yourself. Some of you may think, "After toiling three years or more, I'll be blessed in holy matrimony. Then I will have my family and enjoy family life in the sight of God." Can you do that when there is so much work undone in the sight of God? (No) It is easy for you to answer "No" but you must be serious.

If I am asked the question whether or not I have the power to carry out my mission, my answer is always, "When I am with God, I can carry it out." I must cling to Him, every moment of my life. And in the leader's position, I am going to be almost cruel to drive you out to cross the boundary of the individual as soon as possible. When you build your own family, what can I do for you? Must I put your family in the sacrificial position to save the rest of the world? (Yes!) If you are repulsed and wouldn't do that, I must leave you behind. We are in the battlefield, dashing forward to the goal, and if you collapse at a certain level, I cannot but leave you alone and go with the rest. If in your family, either one of the spouses falls away, would the other go forward leaving him or her alone, or linger with him or her? When there are two things, one of which is more important, you must discard the other.

When you build a ship, you cannot be satisfied with the well-being of the ship's crew, but transcend the boundary, even though you must put them into a sacrificial position. Of course, you must love your crew. But there are many people who would be reluctant to go beyond the boundary. Then you must put them into the position of sacrifice, leave your ship, and go forward. If there are some who follow you and dash forward in your defense, struggling hard to attain the goal, would you like them or like those who are reluctant, to go with you?

God would want me or any other leader to be that way, and I would want you as local leaders to be that way. How would God have his leaders do the job? Would He want to have His leaders relaxed and generous, having people rest, or to drive them out, harshly? It is easy to answer. But you must look at yourself. At what point are you going to collapse? Even at that point, can you cross the boundary? Are you destined to collapse on the boundary of the individual? Family? or where? Even now, some of you are dozing off. If you were really attentive, you could not doze off. You must realize that there is a goal set before us by God, and there are many levels or boundaries to be crossed. You must make an all-out effort to mobilize yourself. When you are on the verge of life or death, and when your families, your tribe, and your nation are on the verge of life or death, what are you going to do? Can you still go on?

Seen from this standpoint, when we evaluate what Jesus did, we can justify his saying, "When you are ready to lose your life, you will gain your life. And when you want to gain your life, you will lose it." With that maxim alive in your hearts, you must be ready to sacrifice yourself in order to go over the boundary of the individual, and then by sacrifice, you must discard your life. Even if you have to die on the way, you will rest on the next level. If you have strong faith that you can attain the world-wide level, then even though you may have to die within the boundary of the family, you will be resurrected in future days to the world-wide level.

In the spirit world, when you are asked by God "Where did you collapse?" your answer could be, "I died a physical death within the boundary of the family, but my eyes were set on the goal; so, I really died at the boundary of the world." You can safely answer that. Can you understand? Even though you die while you are within the individual boundary, if your goal is always set on the world-wide level, you are going to be resurrected on the world-wide level. You can claim that.

That is what Jesus meant when he said that when you are seeking to gain your life, you will lose it. If you die just struggling hard to gain your life, you will never be resurrected. In the spirit world, it is hard for you to overcome and go across the boundary. When you are asked by God on what level you died, you cannot lie to Him. If you say, "I died while I was struggling for my own self," then you remain there forever. So, you must be awakened to the fact that this is what Jesus' words meant.

What should your standard be? You must always charge at the boundary, to widen the scope. No matter how miserable the situation you are in, you must get over it. What would you have me do when you are still lingering on the individual level of things? Would you want me to drive you hard with the whole group to cross over the national boundary? (Yes!) You are greedy. And whom do you expect to help you cross over the national boundary? What about the boundary of the individual, family and tribe? In that case, you will not have accomplished so much, but someone will have helped you, or crossed the boundaries for you in your place. That means someone ahead of you has paved the way for you.

In the Unification Church, we give merit to those who have paved the way, and those who are remembered in Unification history. So, you must realize that there are many senior members, the early members of the Unification Church, who struggled hard under persecution in the opening days of our movement. You must give them merit, put yourself in their position and be sympathetic with them. And in your heart, you must go across the boundaries with them under hardship. Have you ever stopped to think of that? Can you say, "That's their portion of indemnity, but we have nothing to do with what the Korean members have gone through." Can you say that? We must think highly of the tradition made by the senior members.

In Christian history, there have been multitudes of martyrs who lived and died for the great cause of God and we must respect them. Unless we do, we cannot benefit from what they have done. You should always think of their having gone through hardships on your behalf. You must be grateful that by their having gone through difficulty, you don't have to go through the same indemnity course. What they have done you have inherited. God would want us to respect those people, as well as the passed-away saints and sages who have done their part. They wouldn't like to see successors who take them lightly, inheriting what they have done.

Then who is the oldest member in the Unification Church? Of course, I am, because I initiated the movement. Then who has struggled the longest period of time for the will of God? The will of God is the will of the Unification Church. God is the oldest one to have worked for the will of the Unification Church, and there are people who have worked long to accomplish the will of the Unification Church. It is safe to say that God has struggled the hardest and longest for the will of the Unification Church.

Then, as His chosen people, you must be ready to inherit hardships from God, to lighten His burden. And you must inherit what I have gone through, shouldering the burden in my place. It is the Godly method of inheriting things. When you are ready to go through the same difficulties your predecessors have gone through, then God is willing to give whatever they attained to you. Do you understand?

Then centered on the will of God, and the will of the Unification Movement, you must praise God, praise your Master, and praise the senior members. When you deny them, you deny the Unification Movement as a whole. And who are the wise? Not those who always complain and think of things in the dark manner, but those who think of things with hope and zeal and confidence. Up to the present moment, the most serious problem for me was how to cross over the boundary of the Korean nation. I kept asking myself, "Could I sacrifice myself, my family, my tribe and all I have at this point to cross over the boundary of the nation Korea?"

The question still continues, "Can you sacrifice your whole tribe or your relatives for the sake of the salvation of Korea?" and my answer is "Yes." If I were not ready for that, I could not have crossed the boundary of Korea as a nation. Then, after having passed the boundary of Korea, when I was to work in America, where people are gathered from many nationalities and races, I asked myself, "If I am not ready to sacrifice my nation for the Providence of God, can I carry out my mission in leading the people of the world in the United States of America?" My answer was, "Yes." I couldn't speak the language. I have never seen you before. And I am not accustomed to your backgrounds and customs. Still I had zeal and faith.

Are American people for our movement or opposed to our movement and to me? The people of America think, "This man from Korea is here to stir up the whole nation. He is trying to lure away all the youth to his side, and he is going to destroy this nation or turn it upside down." They are threatened by me. "We have been leading well-to-do lives here, and we have been peaceful. Who are you to stir up the people like this?" They say that. Constantly threatening telephone calls and letters come without your knowing. If you received that kind of telephone call or letter, what would your reaction be? You must be indignant and angry toward those people, but most of you would just be afraid.

Often I look into your eyes, your blue eyes, and think, "I have sacrificed myself for this, for you, and I have gone through hardships just because of you. Can you really follow me to the end? Can you be ready to sacrifice yourself for the great cause I am working for? (Yes!) What if the whole world rises against you as in the days of Jesus, and you are going to go through persecution as severe as death. Then what will you do? Will you scatter as Jesus' disciples did? (No!)

Are you better than Peter? (Yes!) Until the very last moment, Peter promised to follow Jesus even at the sacrifice of his life. He answered three times, "I will be with you, I will be with you, I will be with you!" But he lied. How long did his vow last? Then what makes you different from him? I see no difference! Can you show me the difference? If you are armed with the idea of how to go beyond the boundary of individual, family, nation and world, in order to attain the goal of God's will and the will of the Unification Church, and if you are resolved to dash forward to the goal, you may be able to attain it.

Have you ever thought that you may die for the Unification Church? You have been constantly thinking that you are going to live for the Unification Church, but not die for the Unification Church. The Christian world is being corrupted. It is perishing because Christians have not sacrificed themselves for the final cause. The Christian people have been threatened by Communism and they are collapsing under the threat.

Even the Christian leaders, are weakened by the threat of Communism. What about you? You have witnessed at Madison Square Garden the protesters assembled outside the Garden. You saw some Communists, Christian ministers, and Christian people opposing me. But what are the Christian people for? They are against me, but they are not against the Communists. They are not strong enough to go against Communism. Am I worse than the Communists in their eyes? Why don't they protest against God? They are weak people. Those Christians are already out of the sight of God. God is leaving them, and they are destined to perish.

Then are we going to build our movement stronger to win the fight against them? (Yes!) What do you mean by your "Yes?" Do you answer only when I ask you the question, or do you always answer yourself, in your mind? When you are resting, when you are sleeping, when you are eating, would your answer still be "Yes?" For people working for the will of God, sleeping is no problem, and eating and resting are no problem. Others forget about the will of God while they eat, sleep, and relax. What kind of people would God love more? It is easy to answer that. But when you are asked if you are like the former people, can you answer a confident "Yes?" Or will you not complain if I drive you too hard?

People are skeptical of the source of our income. I'm confident to give them a retort, saying, "I have earned this money with my own hands. I have not robbed banks to get the money. We have earned the money by being united with each other." Would you prefer to earn $500 a month, or $10,000? The more money you can earn the better. You can even raise $12,000. If you really mean it when you say "Yes," it means you want to have me drive you hard enough to attain the goal.

It is my mission to drive you hard, but it's not an easy job. When I do this, I don't do it blindly. I analyze every fact, and with that data I make decisions. If each one of you can earn that much it is easy for us to raise $1,000,000, or even $1,500,000 a month. Can you believe that? (Yes!) If we are strongly united in oneness with the will of God, you can do it. From next year on, we will mobilize 300 members, and earn $1,000,000 a month. When we mobilize 1,000 members, we can have $3,000,000. Does it sound possible? (Yes!) Yes, it is possible.

Towards the latter part of 1975, I must use $3,000,000 a month. Can you raise that much money? You must be trained for that. For many of you, there is no problem in that if you are only resolved. You know well that I don't use any money for myself. Even though you have raised money in America, I have been using money that I brought from Korea. And many nations donated the money for the American movement. Compared to the sum of money brought into this nation, what you have earned here is less. Did we buy Belvedere and East Garden with the money you raised? I was ready with that money, before you raised it. In every way, America is indebted to me. In Korea, I did not use a penny. We did not dream of using such a vast sum of money for the Korean movement. You must realize that. So, your responsibility is great. The responsibility of America is heavy.

Is there one such leader in the Christian society here? It is my view that I have to sacrifice myself, not to speak of my family and my own church and nation, for the salvation of the world. By my doing that, my motto is, "Cross over every boundary, to reach out to the end of the world." In my lifetime then, the dream which I am going to realize is that we make the whole world into one nation under God. Will it be easy? You have only to follow me, and follow my instructions. As a leader, I am working harder than you, and my agony is great. This cannot be carried out under the leadership of any man, but only under a leader in religion, instructed by God.

What made it possible for so many people from many nations to mingle into the one nation of America was the power of God through Christianity. But the Christian world is now crumbling. We must restore the days of the early forefathers who founded America. America is like two nations in one. There is the Federal Government, and local state governments. There are different laws employed. What if in the future a certain state protested against the Federal Government and tried to win independence? That is possible because of Communists working behind the scenes. They might protest against their having to pay taxes to the Federal Government, while we don't have to pay taxes. They could say that. With Communists working behind the scenes, is it not possible? If one state becomes like that, if two or three become like that, the whole country can be shattered.

Have you ever stopped to think that there could be a new nation born out of corruption on this continent? In that case, the Christian spirit must excel Communist ideology. If both of the ideological blocs are corrupt, then budding from Christianity a new movement of young people must come forward to do the job. Is there any such group? Who else but ourselves? We realize too well that unless in our movement we are united into one, transcending national boundaries, we cannot give hope to the world.

So, we must cross national and racial boundaries. The whole world is just one nation, one people. If our movement is nullified, there is no way for other people to save this nation and world. We must realize that from God's viewpoint too, this group must be protected, preserved and helped to survive all difficulties. This group can save the world by crossing over the boundaries on so many levels. Are you confident to survive all the difficulties and persecutions? What if I put you through more difficulties? I will put you to the test. Do you want that? (Yes!)

In Korea, I trained my members harshly. In the early days of our movement I would have all the members, young and old, male and female, walk a thousand Korean miles. Then I would have them go with barely two hours of sleep of each day for seven years. For them to come to the designated place for our meeting in Seoul, some of them had to walk 15 days. They could cover some distance in buses or trains, but if money was not available or if buses were not available, they would walk. And I ordered them not to carry a penny. They had to beg for their food on the way.

That's the way I trained my people. But when I suggested to Mr. Kamiyama that we assemble at six o'clock, he said, "It's a little too early because it takes so many minutes to come to Belvedere from New York City." Then I would say, "You have a clock! What you have to do is vow to get up early. Then you can doze off, or sleep on the bus." That is the same distance Korean people walked to come to our meeting. What if you are ordered to walk, would you do that? (Yes!) You are not too willing to do that. But you need that kind of training.

After Madison Square Garden some of you may be relaxed saying, "Well, we made the Madison Square Garden crusade a success. Why not rest for a while?" When you start toward a greater goal, would you people do twice as much work, or less than that? Twice as much work, three times as much, or five times as much work as what you have done? (Five) That is what God would want you to do. When I look at you eating, sleeping and resting, I always feel like driving you out to the frontline. And I think that God is feeling exactly the same thing. All problems will be solved if you are ready to think that instead of sleeping, resting, or eating, you must work. When you are told to do that, what would you do? You would escape from me, all of you? (No) Then to survive that work, you must think of how to carry it out. You can put some dry food in your pockets, and you can eat as you walk. I have a theory of sleeping as I walk. That's possible. I can rest while I work. If you are determined to do it, it's possible.

What kind of persons would God love most? Would He like better those who are ready to work without sleeping, resting, or eating all through their lives or persons who cannot do that? Which would you prefer to have as members under you? I'm sure you fall asleep by midnight or at least between 12 and 2 o'clock in the morning; but I sit awake in meditation, and I sometimes strongly feel like going to you, to wake you up and drive you out. You often say I'm a superman, but there is no such thing. Your spiritual posture is what you can count on. In order for me to have you do that, I myself must be ahead of you, doing more work. And as a leader, you must be like that. I am not going to be indebted to you. You are young people, while I'm over 50. I'm on the descent, while you are ascending in life. Then can you say you cannot follow me? I often forget my age and think of myself as being younger than you, with more energy, and more zeal. It's what I'm struggling for.

After hearing me, what do you think? You are worried to think of what you have to go through. Is that right? If you are not ready for that, I warn you to pack up your things and depart from me now, not later. Do you want to leave me? (No!) Even though you may leave me, there is nowhere for you to go. You are destined to come back. Frankly speaking, if I had found any other way possible, I would have left this movement long before now. I have had to work hard under persecution and hardship with people calling me names.

After Madison Square Garden, when I think it over, it is not a great gain I have acquired. I have spent so much money for that and what is the real outcome? What is the result? What have we done it for? I'm sure, I'm very sure that it will bear the fruit of goodness because I have done this not for myself, not for my family, not for my nation, but for the whole world and for the will of God. So, I have faith to be lifted up. Even though I may have to die on the way to restore this nation, history will remember me and all Americans will praise me. I know that. God will also praise me. When there is much work to do, and when there are enemies of our Father, God, that is the way we must go.

Then let us come to the conclusion. Our subject is "Let us cross over the boundary." There is a boundary for women to cross over. There may be "old maids" here over the age of 30, but you must not think of getting married, because there are a great many things to do. By the way I talk, you will see no hope of getting married in a few years, and some of you may have to leave this movement and say goodbye to me. You may think, "Master is cruel! He is married and enjoys his married life. That is why he doesn't understand my situation!" I have my family over here, but sometimes I wish they had not come with me, because they can be a nuisance to my work. Also there are many letters and phone calls threatening to destroy them. A man, to carry out a great mission, should prefer to be alone.

But the Divine Principle says that a man and a woman are created to be together in marriage. Sometimes I feel Divine Principle has been enemy to the work. That is for me a kind of cross. I cannot deny the cross, but bear it. That is my attitude. So, you are in the fine state of your life, without burden. Among the men members, too, there are many who are over the age of 30. They think, "After three years, he said. It was several years ago that he said that. So, by the end of the second seven year course he's going to wed us in holy matrimony..." You are attentive to the lord coming from the air. But if your matrimony will be an obstacle for the work of this movement, we can postpone it seven years longer. You don't look happy. Then I must shout at you, "Cross over the boundary of bachelorship and single life." That means, you don't have to feel lonely. You don't have to feel you must be married in a certain period of time. You must transcend. Would you prefer to marry on the battlefield while you are fighting, or after you have won the victory and the peaceful world is here? Would you prefer to be married when you are the citizens of the Kingdom of God?

In our movement, we talk about three seven-year courses, and the completion of the second seven-year course is something like the completion of the growth stage. In Principle, we must be blessed in marriage when we attain perfection. So, it is preferable to be married after three seven-year courses. When I look at the women's faces, they are calculating in their minds with their faces all in frowns. But unless you are all willing to receive this idea, God cannot bless you earlier than that. Are you ready to go through seven more years before you get married? Then God will nod his head and say, "You have done well, so I will quicken the time from seven years to seven months and I will bless you." God can say that. There has been no such group as ours in the whole history of mankind. That's the point of which we are proud.

Have you heard that in Korea, after the blessing of 777 couples, I drove out all the women to the battlefield for three years, beginning with 1970? All the couples were separated. Then what happened to the children? They could not bring them to the battlefield. So they had to send their children to their parents or relatives. If that was not the situation, they sent their children to an orphanage. When I ordered that, how agonized my heart was. But when things so important lie ahead of us, it cannot be helped. We must sacrifice ourselves as individuals, our homes -- including the children -- our tribe, and our nation, for the world. It is the Principle.

I'm ordering you to do only what I've already gone through myself. In my history, there have been many miserable things. You must realize that there are senior members who have gone through such difficulties that, even after their marriage, they have had to be parted from each other, leaving their children in orphanages. And when you think of that, what you are going through is just nothing compared to that. By your going through those kinds of difficulties, you will have paid your indemnity toll by the soonest possible date.

In Korea, the Communist power is prevailing. Korea needs me more than ever. Why did I leave my country to work here? Because America is the leading nation of the free world, and what I accomplish as a result of my work here will be inherited by other nations, too. This is a short-cut to reach the goal. After I have laid a solid foundation for the American members to work on their own I will leave this country. I will not be here forever. Then where am I bound? Where do you think I'm going after that? You must be aware of the fact that you are paving the way. But you are happier people than I am. How long have you been in the movement?

You have been leading a hippie life, using drugs or intoxicated in worldly joy. But from the early days of my life, I began to think of God and His will alone. I know well enough what kind of people Koreans are, and what kind of people Japanese are. Now I'm analyzing and studying Americans. Which people are more qualified than others? That is what I am determining. Sometimes I think, in dashing on the battlefield towards the end of the world, that it might be easier to use Korean people instead of Japanese or Americans.

The road is bumpy and the Koreans are well-trained under hardships. What do you think? You would say, "American people will take the job." (Yes!) Then you must be ready to leave good food and luxurious mansions and go to live on the southern tip of Africa in a primitive society. Can you do that? Then you must do away with your cars. Are you ready to do that? What if you are ordered to walk across the continent of Africa? What if you I ask you white people to marry the black people? (Yes) The women members "yes" was weak. Is there any racial boundary in the sight of God! (No!!) Are there any white or black people?

We must be able to do what others cannot do. The Communists cannot do it. No other group of people can do it. Only the greatest religion can create people who can carry out the plan. Only when we are centered upon God and His will can we do it. We now see that there are many kinds of boundaries in America. There is a boundary between white and black people, and we must annihilate it. We must have our young people cross the boundary of corruption. Family dispute, divorce, is another boundary we must transcend. There is a boundary between God-loving ideologies and Communism, and we must transcend the Communistic bloc. We know that in the Christian world there is corruption, and we must go beyond the boundary between our group and the Christian world, and win them to the new ideology.

To accomplish that, what can we do? We must think things, say things, and act out things in a way different from them. In comparison to what they do, you must be far ahead of them. If they sleep eight hours a day, what should we do? Sleep more than that, equal hours, or less hours? (Less!) When they sleep eight hours, we must prefer to sleep six hours, and when they sleep six hours we must choose to sleep four hours, two hours, or even less. Even those two hours, you don't have to lie in the bed to sleep, but you can sleep while doing something else. You walk to and from the Belvedere Training Center, and while you walk, or in the bus, you can sleep. Then there will be no reason for you to have two hours' sleep in bed. You must study how to sleep, so that you erase from your thoughts that you have slept only two or three hours. Don't ever calculate the number of hours you have slept. Just forget about how many hours you have slept. You can do that by training yourself. If you are so crazy as to think of things in that manner, would God help you or not? (Yes!)

And then, if any group or any person would smite those people who are good in the sight of God, God will leave them. They will be punished. Those who persecuted me have either died or been destroyed. The Korean Christians opposed me, as the Christian world of the chosen nation. That is why decline comes so quickly in the Christian world. It is the Principle that those who come against me will be doomed to decline. If America is going to keep opposing me, it will perish. If the Korean Government received me and the ideology of the Unification Church at the time of liberation, there would not have been the boundary of the 38th Parallel between North and South. The country was severed in two, and for some time even the Government persecuted me. But now, even though it is late, they begin to feel that they need our movement. It is very difficult for those who opposed our movement to come to our side, to be in our favor. If America goes on opposing me, it will not be easy for her to come to my side later on. In order to prevent that, we must work hard.

People here cannot quite define what I am. Some think that I am the puppet of the KCIA, and that the Korean Government is using me. They will know that I have nothing to do with those groups. I am not born for one nation. I am not going to be indebted either to Korea, to Japan, or America. Up to the present, I have done my job with my own strength. In establishing the factory, I worked harder than any other member. It would take me three hours, back and forth, to visit the factory, but on some days I visited even three times. If I concentrate my efforts, focus my attention and mobilize my being to one job, then God cannot but help me. In the beginning, I thought that I was going to need a large sum of money so I had to establish the factory; and if I didn't struggle harder than any other member working there, I would think I was a thief to use the money.

Some newspapers say, "Reverend Moon lives in a stylish house, while his members stay poor." But I have gone through more difficulties than you are now going through, and what I eat is barely enough to sustain my life. I am stingy about using money for myself and my family, because I know God. God is like that. I am a spendthrift for the livelihood of my family. Sometimes we must prepare rich food because we have many guests visiting our home. Those VIP's and other guests coming to our movement want to see me. I would have them stay at Belvedere, but in their hearts they feel a little lonely or dissatisfied, I know. Therefore, I invite them one or two times to dinner and have a conversation with them. Then they are happy.

In this rather materialistic country, I thought that we must have something to show. That is why I bought the estate. And in the future, when I invite to my home Senators and Congressmen and many VIP's from many nations, I feel I must show them other than the miserable side of life. That is also why I bought a luxurious car. Not for myself. In my every-day life, if possible, I choose not to ride in that luxurious car. When I do, I do it for the dignity of the Unification Church, and usually when I take many people with me. Even now, when I use money, I choose to use the money I brought from Korea, not the money raised here in America. That way I am not ashamed at all. Wherever I live is the world headquarters; and for the dignity of Heaven and the dignity of our movement, I do what I do now.

Also, only after I am settled can you be settled. Things have an order. So I have nothing to strike my conscience. Why do Americans revile me? If I used a vast sum of money after I have lived for many years in this country, there is much for them to doubt. But they know that I came here only two years or so ago. I received permanent residency in this country in April of last year. So the record shows that there has been no time for me to earn that sum of money in this country. All the members joined our movement penniless. People can imagine that, by our inviting so many members here from many nations, money could come in. Then they must understand that I've done nothing wrong to draw the money if I have used it for the good of the Unification Church.

If people study us, their statistics will show that before joining this movement, many of our young people were "hippies" and drug users, and that I converted them from these things. Those who have had the experience of using drugs, raise your hand. There are many of you. Are you grateful to me and to this movement, or dissatisfied and complaining? Do you think America needs me? (Yes!) Do American "hippies" need the Unification Movement? (Yes!)

And in face of opposition, what would you do? (Fight!) You must struggle hard enough to defeat opposition and restore this nation in your lifetime. The more opposition power there is, the more struggles you must go through to defeat them. The opposition comes as a limitation or boundary, and we must cross over the boundary. If we dash against the wall, will we break through the wall, or will we be broken? (Break through) What if they come in groups or in mobs, to fight against us?

If American people are determined to kill us, what would you do? (Fight) If you are killed, how can you fight? Yes, you must think of that. Before anything else, we must be well equipped not to be killed or sacrificed by the evil power. In other words, we must increase our membership. We have the tradition with us here through which we can fight evil power; and if we can break through and open the gate to the Christian world, then we will easily absorb them. Place the democratic world under our custody, and we can absorb and restore them. If the American nation is on our side, working with us, the rest of the world will be no problem.

We have no weapons, we have no scientific equipment; but we have power coming from above to fight against our enemies and defeat them. We must win America to our side, to work and fight with us. If we cannot accomplish our mission in our lifetime, then even though we pass away to the world of spirit, we must fight on and on. If you leave the mission unaccomplished, your descendants will have to inherit it and go through the same thing. Seen from that viewpoint, our battle in America is an unavoidably important one, and we have to fight it to the end and be victorious.

When I first came to America at the command of God, to fight in this country to win the people, I did not think it was going to be an easy job. In my plan, I have to let my name be known and to reach out to the people in three years' time. There are rumors spreading among the people. Some say Reverend Moon is a good person. Others say he is bad. What do you think of me? If you say "good', and other Americans say "bad," what if your voices are drowned? Unless we have more people, our voices cannot drown the others. Membership is the problem from now on. If with this ideology we armed the American army, then would the Communist troops excel over the American army? (No!) It would be no problem for the American army to eclipse the power of the Communist side. But as it now stands, can American youth save this nation? Can the American army save this nation? Can American Senators and Congressmen save this nation, using all they have? (No!) We can diminish and eradicate the problems of adolescent crime, racial problems, family disputes, drug abuse and Communist threat, only by our ideology. Why, then, do people persecute us? We must fight on as warriors.

They will soon know that I no have no ambition other than to carry out God's will. I am doing what I am doing for the sake of mankind. Sooner or later, they will know that, and they will know what is good and what is evil. In history we will be conspicuous. Heaven will be on our side and all conscientious men will be on our side. They will recognize our movement and me. In proportion to the distance we will have covered, we will be known and recognized by others. Evil powers will decline as time goes by.

In three years' time, I have become famous. In New York all the citizens know me, if not all of the American population. In three years' time, I have to let people know my name. Some may think I am evil, some may think I am good, but my mission is to let people know the message and my name. In Jerusalem a great stir came about when Jesus appeared on the scene. At least I have stirred up this nation.

People will witness the light of life emanating from your eyes. They will see that you are well-trimmed and full of energy and zeal to carry out the mission. You are poorly clad, but not ashamed. You are luxuriously clad, but are not proud. As Westerners learn to sit on the floor with folded legs, almost torture for most of you, people will ask how you can do that, and it will remain a puzzle.

Someone may say, "Here I am. As a great leader of this nation, why don't they follow me? And why should the young people follow Reverend Moon, an oriental man?" They will say, "We know he cannot speak the language." They will study more and more, until the riddle is solved. Then they will finally find that from the outside they cannot understand this group, so they will come inside. While they are skeptical about our movement, cocking their heads to one side, we will expand. Including the years we have passed here, after seven years' what will happen?

The day after tomorrow, I am going to talk before a larger group of Senators and Congressmen. So, I must break through the boundary at the top level. If they do not listen to me, if they are not receptive to what I say, I am going to create Senators and Congressmen from our side. That is what I am planning. America is not for Senators and Congressmen, but Senators and Congressmen are for America. That is God's way of thinking. And America is supposed to be on God's side. What God is hoping for is to have Senators and Congressmen on the side of God.

In the future, I must stop the mass media from saying ill things of us. With what am I going to do that? I must create a newspaper. With articles in our daily newspaper, we are going to protest! The mass media can either destroy the world, or lift it up and elevate the world. Some of the newspapers are being used by a Communist power. Then I say now, "Let what may, come now. But wait a little while, and I will attack you!" Before long, I will make a newspaper larger than the New York Times. In Japan, they were instructed to make a daily newspaper in a year's time. I must make them out-sell the Communist-controlled papers. They have difficulties concerning how to distribute the newspaper, how to get more subscriptions. But our organization is vaster and stronger than theirs, and upon the command from Father, you can get the paper even to the remote villages. At that time, I am going to make you sell our newspaper instead of peanuts.

In the soonest possible future, I am going to make a daily newspaper in New York. You have been filled with resentment, having been faced with bad reports about us in the newspapers, and we have to clear away the resentment by making our own newspaper, rebutting the attacks. We must lay the foundation for that. Through the newspaper, we will draw people to our side and attack the people who are against us.

The next project is for us to establish a university. We will set a world record of having established a university of great prestige in the shortest possible time. I am going to carry this out. If you are ready with the attitude, mind and zeal to help me, I can do that.

When I assemble scholars for the Unified Science Conference I am going to meet and examine the scientists and all the professors, including the Nobel Prize winners, to use in later days. So far, for the London Conference this fall 120 scholars, professors and Nobel Prize Winners have applied. There are 22 to 24 Nobel Prize winners among them. Next year, to the Unified Science Conference in New York, 600 to 1,000 scientists will be invited. It is going to be a historical meeting.

On that occasion, I am going to give them an official speech. At the first and second conference I spoke at the end. This time, I am going to speak at the opening of the meeting. This time, the coordinators invited me to speak before anyone else. They began to realize that no one but Reverend Moon would spend such a large sum of money for that kind of conference. Soon then, the top minds of the world will know me, and America as a whole will know me. In these ways my name will be known in every corner of the world.

Why am I doing this? In future days, when I establish a university, if I pay professors a little more than they are paid in other schools, they will come. We can work in such a way so that as soon as we open our school, we can fill it up from the freshman to senior class in a year's time. How can we do it? We will bring our members from the college campuses all over the country, and even from other countries -- from all over the world. Some are freshmen, some are sophomores, some are juniors, some seniors.

In this way, we can fill up the whole school. In a year's period, we have educated 120 European university students, besides our members, 120 from Japan, and 700 Korean residents, too, in Japan. They are now more or less on our side. We are doing all these things for one purpose: so that people will know us and positive rumors will spread. Then the university established by the Unification Church will bring brilliant young people from all over the world. All the other universities will see this, including of course, professors.

Why am I going to do this? If we invite brilliant students to study at our university, giving them scholarships, we can draw them very easily. When 120 students were invited from Japan, they came from 52 universities. Now they will be working and propagating to invite brilliant students from their schools. We can select only good students. Without your knowledge, I am doing this already. When we establish our university, we are going to educate brilliant young people who will work in every field of life, and work for many nations. Do you want me to guide you in realizing these things? (Yes!) What I need is money.

If we have 100,000 members, all the problems will be solved. In that case, we can mobilize 30,000 MFT members to work in America. If I scatter those 30,000 young men all over the country, you can really imagine their success. If I instruct you to sell flowers, people will see flower sellers everywhere. They will even go demonstrating with the flowers in their hands. Then florists will have to demonstrate, because they cannot sell their own flowers. When we are all out selling peanuts, the peanut sellers will be faced with bankruptcy. Wherever we go, whatever we do, it will arouse the attention of the whole nation. When we mobilize 30,000 members, we will be able to raise one hundred million dollars in a month. How can we use that much money? That is nothing to laugh at.

We are going to buy the Empire State Building, the Ford automotive factory, and Pan-American Airlines. They are what we need. If we possess those things, the whole nation, America, will profit. If we own the Ford Company, we will have our people sell the products of the Ford Company. Then people will reject cars from other countries and buy only American-made cars. No car from Germany will be sold. Then America will profit. If we own the Pan-American airlines, we can always fill the airplanes with passengers. We will apply the peanut-selling technique to get the passengers on our planes. No one else can compete with us, and every government will know that our young people will work so hard all over the world, that unless they win our favor, they cannot go on. Finally they will find they need Reverend Moon. Because they know that without Reverend Moon, they cannot go on. There is no doubt about that. Once I have spoken, I will bring it to pass.

If you had remained in the outside world, you could not dream of being a success after ten year's struggle. But here, you can win victory after three years or even less. Our interest should be always in crossing the limitation or boundary. The Christian world is against us. The Communist world is against us. And mass media is against us. But we can easily transcend those boundaries. First you must have confidence. If you cannot have confidence in the plan, you cannot carry it out. In Korea, our group has done what the government itself has not been able to do. And how would you carry out your mission here? Would you do the same, or more? (More!) Then let's do it!

You must have the confidence that there can be no such thing as a boundary or limitation before us. In the training center, when you study the Divine Principle or Unification Thought or Victory Over Communism ideology, you must not feel any boundary there. Going beyond the boundary, you must break the record. And after having passed the examination on those things, you must be able to witness and bring members into the family, and raise a definite sum of money in due time. You must constantly have in mind that you are going to be the future leaders of the world. Furthermore, you must think that you are the warriors to exterminate evil power and to liberate God. You are the courageous warriors, fighting for the cause of God, so you must have confidence and courage.

I want you to ask yourselves, "On what boundary am I going to die? Am I going to die on the battlefield, or in retreat while relaxing?" You must realize that we are now situated at the point of the fiercest battle in the world, and in the Providence of God. In three years' time, if America loses the base from which to fight against Communist power, the nation is doomed to decline. The highest officials of the United States Government don't realize that, while we do. The threat of Communists and other evil powers is becoming fiercer and fiercer, and from that, I can gather that the final battle with Communism is at hand.

We can imagine that on the way, our comrades may collapse and die, but we must leave them in death on the battlefield. We expect and anticipate fierce battles ahead of us. Didn't you think it was strange that the Communists protested against us when a religious man like Reverend Moon was speaking at Madison Square Garden? Why do they do that? Because they know only too well that if this groups grows to represent thousands and more thousands, then they are going to be weakened and run over.

The top government officials must know Reverend Moon first, and more than the Communists do; but the Communists realize the importance of my job, and the threat of my mission to them, not the government officials. When 650 young people went through fast and prayer on the Capitol steps, they were awakened to the fact that we are a strong group; but some of them were skeptical and even felt threatened, thinking that this group might turn the government upside down. Reverend Moon's aim is not to become the president of the nation. My mission is to carry out God's will for mankind.

You must try to lose your life in order to gain it, but prefer to die. And what should you die for? You must be so resolved to have victory in three years' time. After three years, when I have laid the foundation here, I will leave this country with all my family. If this nation is restored, so much the better; but if America rejects me, I will discard this nation and leave. We have only three years left. If you cannot go ahead, I must stand in the vanguard and carry out the job. Standing in the vanguard, to carry out our mission I am resolved to lose my life. And would you have me stand in the vanguard, or would you go dashing forward ahead of me?

If I am sacrificed, the horror will be great. But you do not know the clear picture of God's plan and Providence on earth. We must realize that we are at the danger point where Master could be sacrificed if you don't act strongly and protect him. So you must become completely serious in contemplating this. Do you understand? (Yes!) We have three years' time. It is going to be the culmination of my life in the fight.

After three years, the foundation will have been laid. Behind the scenes I am laying the groundwork and paving the way in every direction possible. Starting from the year 1972, I am going to work for seven years in this country. After that time, America will go through a grave crisis. If people do not receive our ideology, they will realize after I have left, that what I was doing was for this nation.

Do you love your country? (Yes!) I want you Americans to love your country more that I do. Then, if I am resolved to lose my life for this cause, how would you act? You know that the city of New York is the most dangerous place. You are now doing things at the risk of your life. If you are really the patriots of your nation, caring for the future of this nation, you must stand ahead of me, protecting me. Unless you can do that, you can never be relaxed.

If yesterday you left the center for peanut selling at 9 o'clock, and returned from peanut selling at 9 o'clock in the evening, then you must try to come back later than that, even a few minutes later than that, today. You must become more and more successful. If you have been witnessing to people for three hours, you must do more than three hours tomorrow; if you have been doing six hours, more than six hours. And if you have witnessed to 100 people today, you must witness to more people tomorrow. Those are the boundaries you must cross over; and we have still more boundaries, more limitations, and more obstacles. So, after having gone past all those obstacles and boundaries, we still meet at the goal with victory. If in three year's time my aim and purpose are attained, then the rest of the world will be no problem. But it is not as easy as it may sound.

I left Korea with the resolution that I was going to fight a hard battle. The three years that are left ahead of us will be easier. During those three years we must concentrate our whole effort on the purpose, and invest our whole being and mobilize all we have. You don't know, but I feel and anticipate what is coming in the future. So I am desperate for us to carry out our mission here in this United States in three years' time. Our job is to cross over all the boundaries obstacles and limitations now.

Would you rather choose what is easy, or what is difficult? (Difficult!) Why? It is because a certain point in the Providence of God will not always be there. If you let it go, it will never come back. Men are always there, money can be always there, but not the time. The time will slip past. So, even without money, even without enough manpower, if we cling to God and ask for help, letting him work with us and through us, then we can carry out our mission, even in misery and hardship. If we are ready to lose our lives, and if we are doing things at the cost of our lives, we are sure to attain the goal. Up to the year 1977, or at the latest 1978, we must carry this out day and night. I am completely serious about what I have told you.

I want you to be determined to keep wide awake to the facts, and invest your whole being for the cause, winning victory over all evil powers in three years' time. We have New York members here. Your responsibility is important and heavy. You have worked well to make the Madison Square Garden success. The New Yorkers will think, "After the Madison Square Garden success, what are the New York Unification Church members doing now?" And not only the New Yorkers, but all the people of the United States will look at you. If, with the success at the Madison Square Garden alone we cannot extend our movement with more power, we are doomed to decline.

We have to make 3,000 members in the nearest possible future. If I were you, I would make 3,000 members in a month's time. I am so anxious to get that many members I would do it in a month's time. If you think you may be killed if you cannot carry out the mission, you will force yourself to carry it out at all costs. Then each of you has to bring in 10 members in a month. If three hundred members win one member each, it will make 600, including your existing members. If after a month those 600 people bring in one member each there will be 1200; 600 new members and 600 older members. And will you stop there, bringing in one member a month, and be contented? Or, if all mankind is on the verge of life or death, including the Providence of God, then can you not be so serious as to go on at all costs?

So let us be united into oneness, and under the command of our Master we will go forward to attain the goal of 2,400 in three months' time. Even three thousand members will be easily won. If you are resolved to drive yourselves hard enough, the members will bear the fruit. If not, I cannot send our people to Japan and elsewhere next year. Accordingly, the Providence in Japan will be postponed.

The mayor of Tokyo is pro-communist. We have to stop him from being elected next time. That is the mission of the Japanese members. The election is going to be in June next year. It is very urgent, so we must plan on it. You must be able to mobilize all members in Japan, and win in that campaign. So the Communists in Japan and the Victory Over Communism group in our church are the fiercest enemies. If Japan is going to be communized and revolutionized by violence, then the fate and destiny of all Asiatic nations will be the same. In the long run it can influence the American nation and all the Western nations. If Japan is going to be threatened and then occupied by the Soviet Union, then before long, the Soviet Union will make the Japanese people stand in the vanguard of the battlefield, to fight against other Asiatic nations, as it did some years ago in the Second World War.

We are now driven by the intensity of the political situation in the world. Someone must do something at this very moment to stop dire things from happening, and we are the only group to do it. What we are doing in our campaign in America will influence Japan and other oriental nations, too. So you must be awakened to fight hard to win victory here. If Japan repels Communism and wins over it then all the Asiatic countries will be on our side. If other people, including your government, are at a loss to repel Communism, and we as a group do the job, then the Government cannot but rely on our movement. Then we can direct the Asiatic world, and finally the whole world.

We are going to submit a list of names of the members who are going to Japan next year. They have to go through visa formalities. The urgent thing is to have more members. By the first of November, all the Japanese members will return to New York, because even by forcing them, I will make them carry out the mission. I am going to do that for Japan. To increase the membership to 1,000 will be no problem, and I want the New York members to carry it out. As you know, we need 2,000 more members for vast projects like Madison Square Garden, and by next year, we will need 3,000 members working for another goal, greater than what we have had. If we keep 2,000 members working in New York, New York will be stirred up. If we are going to arouse questions or problems at all, we are going to do that for the good of the city and the nation.

Our job is to let the people know that we are fighting against Communism which is the evil power desiring to overthrow this nation; and after winning them over, we are going to save the world and restore it to God, to carry out His Providence. If the Japanese members assembled in the city of New York will carry out this job, then you will have accomplished your mission in this country and you are entitled to go back to your nation and work. If you are all alive in the spirit of God, accomplishment of the mission will be no problem. God is more anxious to have the mission accomplished by you than I myself. And if you are more anxious than God and myself to carry out your mission, then all will be solved.

You are smaller in physical build and you are less handsome than the Americans, so the only way for you to win the heart of God and the heart of the people is for you to work hard and accomplish your mission. Then you will be treasured and praised by the people. With smaller statures than the American members, you must work hard while they are still in slumber. These American members are not quite awakened to the importance of their mission. If they should tackle it with an all-out effort, you are doomed to be defeated by them.

They are bigger in stature, more forceful, and in better health. So while they are still in slumber, you must work hard, gain fame, be praised by the people, and be remembered in the history of our movement. Leaders, you must drive them harshly enough to win the goal, with no sympathy. You will be working for several months at the longest, so you can even go through this period with fasting and prayer. It will be no problem.

Mr. Kamiyama is sure now that he is going to have all the Japanese members back in New York. At that time, Father will allow him to use the Japanese language, and you will be working centered on the Japanese members. So, American members should learn the Japanese language in order to understand them. If by doing that we can realize the goal, we must do that. Then all the American members, larger in stature and thinking themselves to be more courageous, will be defeated. If, with a membership of 300, the Japanese members win 3,000 members in time, then how many will the American members bring in? More? Less? (More!!!)

How many American members do we have here? With such a resolution, we will start today. Today is the first of October, a most important month. In the history of the Unification Church, the month of October has always been the month of victory and new beginning. So, you must live up to the value of the meaning of the month. With a new resolution, with a clear goal ahead of us, I want you to dash forward until you attain the goal. Are you resolved to advance forward with new resolution? (Yes!) Then, I will put you in good competition, between Japanese and American members.

Before leaving this nation, let us break the record as soon as possible and leave this country. After you have gained the goal, I will constantly nudge and push the American members to accelerate their efforts to win more members, without being defeated by the Japanese. Then the American members cannot complain. They promised not to be defeated and not to be beaten by the Japanese members. After all the Japanese members leave, I will be alone working here. Even though our plan is to send a thousand members to Japan, all the Westerners will sooner or later have to leave this country to help them in order to make the project in their country a success. So they will be leaving sooner or later. But if some of you Japanese members are reluctant to leave this country, because you like this place to work, then I will drive you out of the country. You will be punished, or scolded.

Let us make a new start today. Before us there is no such thing as boundary, and no boundary can prevent us. That is our goal. Do you understand? (Yes!) I trust you.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 10.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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