The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Those Who Are Left

Sun Myung Moon
August 4, 1974
Tarrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

My topic this morning is "those who are left." What we are doing here will be long remembered in the history of our church and of the world, and we will be left in the memory of the people. We must be remembered by the people and by history. Our goal is to be remembered by the people and remain in their memory.

The United States as a nation wants to be remembered by the people and remain in the memory of human kind. Every individual, every family, nation -- any unit of society wants to be remembered by posterity. The question is "Who are those who will be permanently remembered?" Patriots are remembered by their nations, and holy men and sages are remembered by the whole of mankind. But their ways are different from ours. Very possibly, their names and their fame are ephemeral and not long remembered. For instance, if a sovereignty changes, the patriots who served the previous regime are not highly regarded by the new regime.

We are now living in a democratic nation. There are two big camps in the world. And in the democratic camp they long for God and serve Him, but their way of life is now declining. Even though there are people who serve a lot in the democratic world, those people are the targets of the Communists.

We know there is a vast difference between the people who are remembered now and who are to be remembered in the future. History is the proof that if the sovereignty of one nation passes into the sovereignty of the next one, those who are remembered in the previous one are sometimes thought to be the enemy of the next regime. In the Communistic world especially, those who have served the previous regime are either beaten or killed by the new regime.

Then in the history of mankind we must search for a lasting goal. We must become the people who will be remembered forever. We must have a long-lasting view of life, view of history, and view of God. Truth never changes. Truth is what all people seek. So it must be the standard or goal of all mankind. That which never changes is eternal truth. So this is the goal of every person; therefore, we must desire it and we must desire to have it realized.

So what is the goal which never changes? When you look at the whole universe, there are things, men, and God. We cannot set the standard of the ultimate truth in material things. And in the fallen world we cannot set the standard on men either. We can see people being of impure and low desire. Therefore in the fallen world we cannot locate a single man who can be the standard for all humankind. Now if there is God, what is He like? He never changes. He is liked and loved by everyone. He must be the standard of measurement to define good and evil.

The measurements of weight and distance must be lasting. they must be never changing. they must be ones that people will think highly of, and all people must use that one standard. We think of gold and diamonds as good and valuable because they never change. What makes them important? What makes them precious? It is because they never change.

Seen from this viewpoint, men also are important or precious when they never change. Has there ever been such a man in the history of mankind? Has there ever been a single man whom everybody has wanted and liked? Human history has passed through many ages, and we have seen people close to the standard, or close to perfection, and in each period of history we remember those people as heroes or sages or wise men. If we analyze what they are, we can find a certain standard in them.

Then what is the never-changing, intrinsic nature of man? It is love. Another such thing is desire, human desire. And what comes next? Beauty comes next. Those things never change. Men want to be more handsome or more beautiful than anyone else in the world, and men want to dominate the whole world. They have the ambition to dominate the whole world, and they want to love each other, and especially they want to be loved by others.

Then what is the true love? What is the true beauty? What must be the true desire? If there be any such thing as true love, we want to possess and cherish it. If there be any true desire to be accomplished or realized, we cherish it. And if there be any true standard of beauty, we want to possess it. And of all three, love is the most precious thing. Love, desire, in the good sense, and beauty -- those are the targets of our attainment. And they have an objective nature, because we cannot find those things in ourselves alone.

If ever we can find those in ourselves, it is the time when we want to love others, serve others, and desire things for other people. In the Unification movement, our logic is that when you want to be loved you must love others first. Those who have lived for love of themselves, or desire for themselves, or beauty for themselves, will not prosper but fall away.

From these things, we can come to a safe conclusion. Those who are going to be long remembered are those who loved for the sake of other people, who had desire for the sake of other people, and who search for beauty for the sake of other people. Then what must God be like?

God has the nature to love others for the sake of those people, or to have desire for the sake of those people, and to cherish or look for beauty for the sake of other people. We say that a human being must have an ideal. And we want to live a well-to-do life. We want to live an abundant life with an ideal set somewhere high above us. However materially blessed you may be, if you are without an ideal, that's the end of it.

Why is it so? It is because if we have material abundance yet don't possess an ideal, our abundance will end as our life concludes. However rich a man may be, the millionaires and billionaires, upon their physical death, their wealth will be no more. If the millionaire will use his abundance and material wealth for the sake of mankind, he will be long remembered and remain in the hearts of the people. The material wealth he would leave in the world would be cherished by other people, and his name would be remembered and remain in the hearts of other people.

So our ultimate goal is this ideal and our acts must be consistent with our ideal. That ideal must be one which never changes. It cannot be changed. And that must be the standard of all other people. The standard is not anything that is forced on you, but nevertheless you must be willing to have it. This is necessary for a certain ideal to be realized. Man necessarily must have an ideal.

An ideal cannot be remembered all by itself. When it is put into practice and is realized by certain men, they are to be remembered in the hearts of the people or the history of the people. Every nation has an ideal set before it as the standard for the people to follow. Every nation has the ideal towards which all the people are headed. If the ideal of a nation should come in parallel with the ideal of God, or with a lasting ideal for all humanity, that nation would be remembered by the people forever. If a nation -- or even though they don't have a nation -- if a people are scattered all over the world with a set ideal, fixed ideal, then sooner or later those people will come together and gain under that ideal.

We can find such an ideology or ideal among the people who believe in a religion. The people who have been able to influence the whole world were the people of religion. As you well know, the Jewish people are an example. The Jewish people, even though they have been long without a nation, had their own ideology and their notion of being the chosen people. Also, they had the confidence that someday in the future, God would call them and use them as His instruments to influence the whole world and gather humankind under their ideology. In Christianity we see the same example; in the Moslem world, too; Buddhism is also an example.

Then out of those religions, which is the closest to God? They have respectively set their goals in God's ideal and have struggled hard, but we must choose from them one religion which fully partakes of God's love and whose members, through the way of sacrifice, will better the world and bring it back to God. That will be the best or most important religion. Cultures and civilizations can perish and be buried into the past, but all the religions have hitherto remained. Out of those religions, the one centered on divine love will be remaining to the end of the world.

Then what must be the central ideology? When we think of love, we must think of love in terms of God. The source of our ideal must come from God, and being derived from God, the relationship between men and God must be one of love, divine love. We can conclude that this last religion must have divine love as the central ideal.

When we say that there is love between God and man, then God's love and man's love must not differ from each other. Those two must become one. And men can become one with God only in divine love. In brief, when we talk about religion and talk about God's love, it is a fact that man longs for God's love, and God longs for man's love. Have you ever experienced God's love? Have you ever sensed that there is such a thing as divine love coming from God? When you closely look into yourselves, can you really find love in you? Sometimes you feel that there is love, and some other times you don't feel that there is love abiding in you. Can the love abiding in you be activated without any object? Then what must be the true love?

True love must come alive when you are happy... when there is goodness. If there is no goodness to be seen, would you like to love? Then what is good at all? When any two beings love each other, there must be lasting love, lasting desire for goodness, and lasting beauty in the love between them. Again I must say that you cannot love all by yourself. What you need is an object to love.

Then what must be your object of love -- man or something else? If there is God at all, we must base the standard of love on Him and put Him in the subject position with us as His objects. And if you cannot recognize God, then fancy one in place of God to be the subject or source of love. If even in your imagination you don't have such an absolute standard of love, as the subject, our love will be vacillating and wavering and will always change. It will never be stable. Seen from this viewpoint, we must have God, and if there is no God we must create one, and put Him in that position. Otherwise, we can never dream of having any set ideal or standard which all mankind can recognize as one.

If there is God, if there truly is God, how happy we must be. For instance, say you have a blueprint and you are ready to build a house, and have even gathered many good materials, then you want to choose the best ones out of those materials to build the house. Even though you have the blueprint, and you have the ideal to build such a house, if there are no materials then you cannot build the house. And vice versa-if you don't have the blueprint, the set ideal, even though you have materials you cannot begin to build a house. So we need God as the ideal, and God needs men. And when we have God, we are the happiest people.

When most people of the world just imagine that there is a God, then how happy we must be if we have God in the truest sense. We can well imagine that God also has His ideal. Then what must God's ideal be? What must God's ambition be? When we probe the thought, we cannot but say that what is important there is love. Without love we cannot get associated with God nor have any relationship with Him. There must be love between God and man; and man in that case must long to see man, and man must always miss God, and that's how love goes. And your desire in that case must be always God -- nothing else.

In what relationship with God would you want to be? You want to be in the closest relationship to Him. What must that be? First of all, He is in the position of subject, and we are in the position of His objects. In the subject and object relationship we want to put ourselves in the position of the best one for Him and be closest to Him. What must that be? The closest relationship between God and man is similar to the case of men, that of father and son. In the closest relationship of father and son, the son wants to abide in the heart of God, and God would long to abide in the heart of man as His son. So we possess the other in exchange, in turns. God would possess us, and we would possess Him. When father dwells in the son and the son in father, father's way of thinking, saying things, and acting out things must be for the sake of the son, and vice versa.

Then what kind of relationship comes next? The relationship between husband and wife. That comes next. In the ultimate sense, God is our Father, and at the same time He is our husband, with all mankind being His bride. How would that come about? Let's look back into human history. In the Garden of Eden, if Adam and Eve had reached maturity and had been blessed in holy matrimony by God, then those two put together, could have been in the position of the object to God as the subject. So, those two would have been in the position of the bride to God as the husband. So sometimes male and female alike miss God as though a wife would miss her husband, the subject.

When a man and wife are really one in good harmony and unity, and then they resemble God's duality, they are in the position of the object to God as the subject, and they are in the position of the bride to God, as the husband. When a man and wife love each other, they come into oneness, and those two put together resemble God's duality. They together are placed in the position of the object. When they are put together, in the position of object, which is minus, and when minus is created, naturally the plus is created too.

The love between husband and wife is love on the horizontal level, and their continued love towards God is on the vertical level. All through human history, in all the religions, men relate to God on the vertical level. In human society, when couples love each other, or brothers love each other, then all these loves come on the horizontal base. Unless you can draw a horizontal line, you cannot have the vertical line right. What God is working for in human society is to draw the horizontal line on which love is based.

Roughly divided, there are males and females in human society. If a man's love for God is greater than the woman's love for God, then they cannot meet each other to become one. You must strive hard to reach that point and come together into oneness. Unless you do that, you cannot meet God, because you don't resemble God. On the right side there is the bridegroom; on the left, the bride. The Messiah is in the position of the bridegroom. So if on the horizontal level in your lifetime you don't become one with the Messiah or one with your mate, you cannot resemble God; you cannot meet God. God cannot work on you or through you.

When the Messiah comes to humanity, even on the horizontal level, he sets the standard for other people to observe. Then we can have the standard of love through him. And those who are in the position of minus are naturally coming towards the position of plus or the subject's love. For instance, there is a man and a woman. When they look at each other, they feel something in common and they are each drawn by the love of the other, and they want each other. Love just wells up in their bosoms.

In love, there is nothing like high or low positions. When you are in love with each other, however high a position the man is in, either he wants to come down to meet her, or she wants to come up to meet him, to become one. There is no such notion as high or low. They are naturally drawn together as a magnet, and their love is controlled on the horizontal level.

Why are men of bigger stature than women? It is because they are in the subjective position and they symbolize highness. Then why are women folks smaller than men? Average women are smaller than men. When a woman is bigger than a man, then it's not the way it should be. Can you, by way of revolution, make yourselves bigger than men? You claim equality between male and female, but your physical size cannot be revolutionized. In the Communist world, however wisely they may apply dialectic methods, they cannot make women bigger than men and men smaller than women. Lenin failed to do that. Even Stalin could not do that. That's something that can never be revolutionized. Something that can never be changed or revolutionized is the standard or ideal.

In love alone, men who are in the position of height can come lower; they choose to come low to meet the women. And women struggle hard to rise to that standard to meet man. Don't you think so? In love-making, if a woman wants to kiss a man, she would do this way, and when a man wants to lower himself to have his mouth meet that of the woman -- that's the way, how any two become one. The one who is higher will come down; the one who is lower will come up to meet together into oneness and harmony. That's the intrinsic nature of love. Love would have two persons become one, meeting at one point.

It is the Principle of Creation that unless plus and minus become one, God cannot operate. So when He sends the Messiah, we in the position of the bride, must become one with him.

If there are couples in the world, and they love each other, there must be a difference between the ardor of love and the truth of the love. In the reality of love, if any two love each other so dearly that they become entirely one in harmony and divine ecstasy, then God as the Father would want to abide in that family -- nowhere else. Wouldn't that be true? (Yes) Have you ever built such a family? (No)

What we are going to do in our movement is to put the vertical love and the horizontal love together in ultimate harmony and oneness. As I said before, all religions have taught the people to have vertical love for God, and on the horizontal level they teach people to love each other. But what we are going to do here is to love each other as brothers and sisters, and ultimately we are going to be blessed in matrimony. Then our love on the horizontal base must become one with God on the vertical base. Then every single individual can have the vertical love and the horizontal love. Every family, nation, and the whole world will have both the vertical love with God and horizontal love with humanity. But the central unit in which we can receive God's love is the true family.

We have desire, which is not always bad. And where would you like that human desire to be planted? That's your family. In the soil of the family you must plant divine love. That love, if it is divine love, will be strong enough to unite both of you into an unchanging oneness. As I said before, it can never be revolutionized. Then that family can play the role of the central family, being the example to others. It can be the central example for all other people, and it can go through eternity as the standard. In that way alone we can have God abide in our family. That's the ultimate ideal of our goal of humanity.

If the United States perishes in the sight of God, and you are scattered all over the world, like the Jewish people, then you will still be saved if you have that ideal. You will continue to live and you will get together sooner or later. God will do that. If you are with your family, and if you are already blessed in the holy matrimony, so much the better. Then even in the outside world all the nations around you will perish. Your family will continue to exist. That's true. Such a family is the core of the standard of love. So even though you have to discard your clan, tribe, or nation, you must keep your family sane and intact. Isn't that true? (Yes) So God's program or God's plan for mankind is to build a true family.

Then what must God's ideal be? I must repeatedly say that God's ideal is first to build a true home. Then what must the material be to build a true home? Those are true children, and a man and a woman. Isn't that true? God would need a true man first, and his bride, a true woman. And out of them He wants to see multiplication, resulting in wholesome descendants.

In our movement we have this as our goal. It is a most wonderful thing. Before our being able to build such a true home, we must build our own characters. And when our characters or personalities are perfected, then alone we can really build a true home. Then our ultimate ideal is nowhere else than in our own family. Our ideal is not in the nation, in the world, but in ourselves and in our families first. Even though our nations or societies, or our organization may have to perish, we must keep our home intact. This is because the home is the nuclear part of the whole. If the nuclear part is sane and intact, and other outer things can be created. But if the core of the thing, if the nuclear point is dissolved, everything else can naturally be dissolved. There will be nothing left.

If the core unit in the society of the United States is crumbling and is faced with rupture, then it means that the nation will crumble. If in a society husband and wife are something less than friends, and if the relationship between the father and son must be less than that of relatives or neighbors, then they are doomed to perish. If you bring about rupture in your homes, then that is the most evil thing that can come about in society, because it can ruin the core. Satan is very acute and alert to have us do that; whenever there is a crack between us, he will invade. We must always remember that love is not for yourself, but for your object.

So your being, your existence is for the sake of other people, not for yourself. And other people's existence will be for you. In my previous speaking tour, the core of my speech was that. I think individualistic ideas prevailing in the United States are derived from Satan. If you remain an individual, that point has no association or relationship with other points, and you cannot play the role of the nucleus. But if you put yourself in the position to build a home, in that society, you are the nuclear point. The emphasis on individuality and subjectivity is valuable only when you put yourself in the subjective position with others around you as the object. And you yourself in turn must have someone in the subjective position.

In the current world, the Christian population is expected to play the role of central figure, but even in the Christian society corruption has come about, and it is faced with decline. There is no hope left there. So in our ideology we think highly of our home and family. Even though you may have to die some day, your hope, your desire is to build a divine love in the home. We are born to come to love each other between male and female. We are created to marry. So if you are going to marry and your marriage is based on divine love, how wonderful it must be.

So in the Unification Church, the idea of being blessed is the most precious thing of all. Here we have many male members. Would there be anyone who would not want to marry here? If there is any such one, hold up your hands, and I will kill you. (Laughter) There is no meaning of your existence, then. The same applies to the women. Just imagine. Suppose there is only one woman left in the whole world, others having been killed, and there are ten thousand men left. Then would the men fight each other to win material wealth, win territory, or win the kingdom? No. Their goal must be to win that woman. No material abundance is needed. No nation, no land is necessary to them. Then wouldn't you be desperate in fighting the battle to win that woman? (Yes) Then that means the rest of the 9,999 you will have been killed, and will be lifeless. It is a serious matter, and a difficult one.

Then you must think of the blessedness of your being able to have one female, in your marriage. If you have that kind of notion and think of your wife as the only female in the whole world, you cannot but love her. There is nothing to laugh at. God is in that kind of battle, too. God has wanted to locate a bride. He wanted to locate His object, and in human society, if the Messiah comes, his first goal will be to locate his bride. Since that is where the providence begins, finding a bride is his goal.

Then however high men folks may be, even the Messiah will fail if he cannot locate his bride. So you women folks can be proud of being women. All through human history, it has been men who fought, and the men who were killed in the battle, and there have not been many victims of war among the women.

Then what must be the motivation of every war? The ultimate motivation of war is love. Sometimes a war is caused by the event of one man killing another man of another nation -- something like that. They take things this way: if you have killed this man who belongs to this nation, it means you hate this nation as a whole and hate the king or the present ruler. If you want to have a certain nation perish, would you rather have the people be ruined, or the king?

In the Communistic world, when they hate the United States, or when their target is to ruin this nation, they want to ruin the President first. They want to kidnap one of the members of the President's family. Their target is the family of the President, the family of the highest sovereignty because they know that to the President the most precious people are his family. If any foreigner hates the President and kills one of his family members, then it is likely that war will arise between the two nations. In the ultimate sense, love or hatred, or hatred without love will cause the war.

In any one nation, the people are in the position of brothers and sisters, and they are in the position of children towards the ruling personage. And when the opposing power comes to fight against this nation and ruin the nation, it means the enemy wants to crush the love relationship between the people and the government. When the satanic people hate the Unification Church, before they hate you members, they would hate me first, more than you. Isn't it true? (Yes) On the contrary, if you are called names by the people and rejected by the people on the street, would I not be indignant? Vertical love is stronger, and my indignation will be severe in that case. If in the established churches the ministers hate me, some of them I know must be praying that I will be killed. However in your mind, there is prayer that I live long.

In the outside world satanic minds are praying that our family will rupture, and that my wife will always nag me and fight against me, and that she would want to pluck out my eyes, or something like that. They would pray for that. If they find that there is no hope of that happening between Father and Mother, then they would want the same thing to happen to the children. They want to have our children disharmonized with each other. Then we must understand and have the feeling of living and protecting Father's family. In the face of the enemy power, we want to have the core family of our Father to be intact from satanic invasion and to be highly regarded. Also we want to follow the example and have Satan envy us. Isn't it true? (Yes)

Then in what way can we build that kind of family? Can that kind of family come into existence just by itself? If you think freedom is the first thing -- in the American homes there is freedom, and every individual can think as he pleases, act as he pleases -- what is wrong with it? In American families you are allowed to go dating when you are 15 or even less than 15 even. Would that do? In the heavenly law, that is forbidden. I will tell you not to do this, and not to do that. Then when you know that we are living in the satanic world, do you expect our father to tell you not to do things or to do things in the worldly way? Would you expect more things to be told you not to do? (Yes) Do you have a clear idea of this? (Yes)

In some cases, I am 100 percent negative towards the worldly way, and you will be told not to do this, that, and everything. Will you be satisfied? (Yes) Can you understand? (Yes) Sometimes I will have you not look at things, close your eyes, close your ears, have your ears not function towards worldly things, stuff your nostrils, and shut your mouth. And what will happen? It means I might have you die first. Be ready to lose your life, and then you will say, "Oh, how awful must it be." Our ideal will start to be realized when you are told not to do things, before your being told to do certain things. Isn't that true? (Yes) With that knowledge, you can define a religion to be the highest or the most important or desirable when in that religion you are told not to do worldly things.

I want you to have the clear notion of what I said. So let's come back to the mainstream of thought, our topic -- who will be left, who will remain in the hearts of people. Good people, in a word, will remain. Those who will be left, who will be remembered are those who have lived sacrificial lives for the sake of other people. In a sense, those people have been doing things not as they would like to do, but as other people would like to have them do.

Who is a patriot? A patriot is the one who has lived his life for the sake of the nation. He did not lead his life in a way that pleased him self but pleased the people of his nation. The patriots, without exception, have chosen the way which other people would not go, and have taken the responsibility for the hardest things which other people would not do. He would even sacrifice himself for that. He is ready to die for the nation, and he is the loyal subject to the kingdom, or patriot to the nation. If a man would choose to die for the nation, he is a patriot. If a subject would choose to die for the king, he is a loyal subject.

Is that true? (Yes) Then true patriots would obey their government and obey their presidents. And the true, loyal subjects would obey their king, and would even throw away their lives for him. They think that they are born for the nation, they are born for the king, and those people will long remain in the hearts of the people, including the presidents and the kings. In that sense, they have been slave of slaves towards the people and the king, or president.

Also, sons and daughters living solely for the sake of their parents, remain as the sons and daughters of filial piety. If you are really children of filial piety towards your parents, it means that however harsh your parents may be towards you, and even though you are driven on the way of death for the sake of your parents, you would obey them. Suppose they are parents who would sell their children to their enemies. There are not such parents in the world but even so, if the children would obey such parents, thinking that "There must be some reason for my parents having to do this," then they are the true sons and daughters of filial piety. Then they are in the place of slave of slaves, or servant of servants, and they are just fools, in a way. But still, that's what makes you sons of piety. Your loyalty to your parents is just blind and foolish maybe -- it may look so, but it's the true way of serving your parents.

In the Oriental ideology we are taught to be loyal to kingship, have filial piety towards our parents, and be loyal and faithful to our mates. Especially women must be chaste and faithful to their husbands. This is natural, because in the Garden of Eden, it was woman who fell first, and initiated the human fall. It is fortunate that in the Oriental part of the world that kind of loyalty is regarded highly. Otherwise, the Western world could not be redirected in the latter days when it is being corrupted.

Then what must the holy men be like in God's eyes? In order to prove a certain one to be loyal or a son of filial piety, God will assign you to go through difficulties and hardships. Do you think God was sympathetic with Jesus Christ? (Yes). Think of God just leaving Jesus alone when he desperately prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. And when he was on the cross, being crucified, God seemed to have turned away His face. He was compelled to call to God, crying out, "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?" But at the end he received the cross as the sacrifice for the sake of mankind, even for the salvation of mankind, on the spiritual level. That was what makes him great. If God is a God of mercy, why did He let His people, the chosen people go through the difficulties in gratefulness? God was ready to praise them and compensate them twice, tripled or more for their suffering.

If you have a treasure of untold value, to whom would you like to leave it? If the treasure is buried somewhere across the enemy line and you are going to go through untold difficulties and hardships in order for you to get the treasure; and when you have won the goal, the treasure will be yours. You are entitled to that only after going through the difficulties of reaching it. Isn't that true? (Yes)

When you are given hardships and tribulation, you can expect more blessedness beyond that. So, if you are ready to receive or go through any such difficulties and be ready to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the public, for the sake of the things bigger than what you have now, you must go through the difficulties with gratitude. Then after you have gotten over the difficulties, the treasure you will be given will be greater than the difficulties you have gone through.

If you have a great man, the greatest man in the whole world, and if you want to come close to him, and if you want to be one with him, then in proportion to his greatness there will be more difficulties for you. You must expect that. Isn't that true? (Yes) Suppose there is a great entourage around him, and if you are more loyal in your service towards the central figure than those around him, then he will receive you.

Suppose there is a rich man. If you pour out your whole being and mobilize your whole effort to win wealth; and if your strife is more than a millionaire's, then the wealth will be yours. Is it true? (Yes) It means that when you are ready to go through more difficulties than the rich man has gone through, then the wealth is yours, and you will attain the goal. Did I make myself understood? (Yes) After studying, examining, experiencing, I found out the knack of the thing, and this is the core of my teaching.

I look for someone who will put me in the hardest position, and I am almost sure that that very person will in later days give me blessings. So my definition is that if your parents are going to give you more difficulties than other parents give their children then you must think of your parents as greater than the others. This is because you are sure that your parents are doing those things for the sake of you, their child.

Man, without exception, is endowed with power to analyze and recognize whether or not a certain person is doing something for you or for himself. You have that kind of wisdom inherent in you. You can judge. With that wisdom and with that knowledge, if you find that person is doing harsh things to you, for the your sake and for the sake of the whole, then you can safely follow him, and you will be blessed with more things than you expect. I hope you have a clear picture of what I am saying.

I want you to look for a group, look for a man leading the group, who will tell you not to do this and that and will tell you to do more difficult things and who will have you make impossible things possible. And then you can safely define that that group and that person are the right person and the right group. In that case, that group does not exist for the sake of the group, but for the sake of the people in the group and the whole of mankind.

My ideal of what our group is going to be is that. So I am always telling you not to do this, not to do that, and I hate to see you repeat the old things. And in the second place, I will tell you the things which seemingly are impossible. Why is it so? Why do I do that? It is because I want to make you into persons, whom God loves, and the whole mankind will love, and that history would long remember. In other words, I want you to be people unchangeable, who never change. I want you to become people who will be loved by every person around you. Then every man's desire will be to possess you, to reach you, and you will be liked by them and loved by them. Then that kind of person can be defined to be a good person. Then history can change, and history can perish; the world may perish, but this man will remain, and this man will transcend time and space and he will be remembered by people all over the world, of past, present, and future.

In that way I want you to follow me, but also I want you to be ready to do or want to do more than what I told you. If you do the things only reluctantly, that's not too acceptable. If you complain all the way along, if you frown, that's not acceptable. What kind of persons would you prefer to be -- the kind who do things complainingly and frowningly and reluctantly, or the other way around? Then I want you to be ready to go through more difficulties than what I have gone through. Would that be all right? (Yes) One word is enough to prove that. If you are told to kill yourself or die for the sake of the great cause we are carrying out, and you will be ready to die, then you will be blessed.

I am a man of such a disposition as to hate to listen to others. When I am told to do things by others, I will never do that. I want to always initiate things and do them in my own way. But I want to show God I am utterly obedient. I have never dreamed of disobeying Him. Because even logically, I was sure that after this difficulty was gone over, more blessings would be coming. I would always imagine that God has been so many times betrayed by the people. He designated people for something, and they left those things unaccomplished. Those things put together and totalized were on my shoulders, and the Heavenly Father wanted me to carry them out. I was obliged to do that and I was ready and most willing... I am still like that, and when I am told by my Heavenly Father to do such and such a thing, I am utterly obedient to Him, and I don't complain; I do not object.

Still now God is ordering me to do almost impossible things. But I would never think it to be impossible. I would be ready to die when I could not carry it out. Unto my death I will do it. Sometimes I am almost physically exhausted and heavy fatigue falls, but still I think, "I am still alive, and I can do more." Even though on the way I have to die and collapse, then I will die with the notion of carrying that out. That has been and it still is my way of thinking and my way of doing things, and because of that, God chose me and is using me.

I know that in the satanic world God was compelled to load my shoulders heavily with impossible things; but inwardly He has always been preparing someone to help me out. Stage by stage, I would go over one level of things after another by going through untold difficulties. But I found God was always there, ready to embrace me, and that is God's way. I am applying God's way to you, and I'm sure in that way you are going to be educated and are going to build a divine personality. Then you can win the goal of God, which He set before us.

I have studied... examples of the men in history, and I have learned things from men of failure and men of success. I now apply the methods of being successful in carrying out God's providence, and since I know now it is God's way, I am again saying that I am going to apply this to you. Let's come to the conclusion.

Don't complain when I criticize you. Before complaining, with your mouth shut tight, just move to put it into practice. Don't even frown, or don't even show your complaint in your facial expression, but in silence just try to carry it out, and be sure that God is waiting there to bless you with more things. Even though you are heavily laden with the cross and untold hardships, don't complain, and try to get over this or go through it. Even in the fallen world, even evil people will want to praise you and help you when you are that way. How much more so would God be, the Heavenly Father?

When you are carrying the cross, you must know that it is the condition on which God would like to give you more blessing. If you really know that and feel that with your heart, everything else is not a question. If you tread on the way of life with this ideal, you will long be remembered by the people, and you will remain in human history. In that case, you are the truest man, because you have never changed while other people have been apt to change. You will have never discarded God when other people could have cursed God. And you have been loyal to God's cause while other people could have left it. By doing that I want you to be the center of love and harmony; the center of beauty; and the center of good desire. Do you understand what I mean? (Yes)

So I am always instructing Mr. Kim to push you hard; because sooner or later in the frontline when you work you will be faced with those things. By having him do that to you, you will get trained. And you will get immunized and you will be strong enough to go through all those difficulties, and then I will bless you with more things. Then I will sign the proclamation that you are good. I want every one of you to be like that.

While you are snugly seated here, some of your brothers and sisters are out on the streets on this rainy day; while you people have gone on weekend trips and have gone to places of recreation; but they are still working hard for the sake of the greater cause. You must remember that.

Yesterday towards midnight I came here and found that the fundraising team was having their dinner, a late dinner. So I dared not come in lest I disturb them, and I went back home. In my heart strong and ardent love was welling up towards them. That is the kind of love that God wants to love you with. It is not the worldly way of loving. That's how the Unification members should be, and in preparation for the coming difficulties I want you to get trained with more difficulties. I have gone through the same things, and I have not perished. I am here still, intact and wholesome; so you will be. Let's pray.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 09.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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