The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Day Of Resolution Of Victory

Sun Myung Moon
July 1, 1974
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York
Translated by Won Bok Choi

As you know, today is the day of celebration for victory which was set up last year. The word has great significance, you must know. In God's ideal for the creation of the universe there was no such thing as evil, and the co-existence of evil and good should not have come about. God's ideal world was to begin with goodness and end in goodness, and nothing like evil should exist in between.

In the Principle we know that evil came about because of Satan's will, and that Satan was not the creation of God. Evil came about because man acted in accordance with the will of Satan, which is against God's will. The source of evil is Satan. Satan came into being when the archangel rebelled against God. The archangel was originally in a position of obedience to God. We must realize how adamant an enemy Satan is.

Satan is the one who stopped God from carrying out His will. God was in a position above Adam and Eve, whom He created. Adam and Eve were originally created as temples of God in whom God would abide forever, and they could have been the true ancestor to later generations. It was through Adam and Eve that God's ideal could have been realized for they were in the position of God's children. They were the incarnation of God's ideal. Through Adam and Eve alone the Kingdom of God on earth could have been erected.

If the Principle of Creation had been realized, God would have been our source through Adam and Eve. He would have been the starting point of human goodness. Then men could have been born in God's lineage. If there had been no human Fall, God would have been our internal ancestor, while Adam and Eve would have been our external ancestors; that is, the one on the horizontal base and the other on the vertical base. Then all mankind could have known God and realized His existence; man wouldn't have to "believe in" God, but would have lived with Him. We could have been in a relationship of give and take, as Father and son, and we would realize God's existence and His presence in us, and we could rejoice forever in dancing and singing and in everything joyful.

If your mind is not happy, your body cannot respond to it. On the other hand, if your physical body is not happy, your mind cannot respond to it. Had there been no human fall, God would have been the source of everything good, everything virtuous, everything joyful and everything happy. So you as His object could have responded to Him, and your joy would have been great and varied. Then, as a man, you could rejoice in nature, as God would. Without being taught, you would know how to live, how to act, and how to think. And, above all else, you could have realized the existence of the spiritual world. But now, due to the human Fall, the door is closed to spirit world, and we don't know why and in what manner the spiritual world exists.

Any individual does not just exist as an individual but he exists in the position of an object to the whole universe. Adam represented all male beings, so he could represent all males, and Eve played the role of the female as the representative of all females. Adam could have even intuited the feelings of later generations. He would have known that he was in the position of object to God, and he could even have sensed what was to come in the future, so he would never have complained about what happened to him.

God is transcendent of time and space, so He can feel everything. He is omnipresent and omniscient. If Adam had been in the position of object to that kind of God, he would have been in the position of external God, feeling the same as God. Because God created Adam and Eve as the external God and intended to live in them, He could never have been separated from them. The result should be an ideal kingdom of heaven on earth. Fulfillment of this ideal was barred by Satan.

Any electric mechanism does not work unless it is connected to an electric source. If no electricity came to it, it would never work. Because God is in the position of the generating station, we must be connected with God in order to act right. Because of Satan, our connecting line to God is cut off and we cannot operate properly. Because of this, we must realize how adamant and fierce an enemy Satan is to us. He is the enemy who deprived us of God's love. He is the enemy who has cut off God's love from us. He is the enemy who destroyed God's ideal of creation.

The core of the Christian ideology that we teach is forgiveness. Then why can God not forgive Satan? God is teaching us to forgive people seven times seventy. Because Satan only committed a mistake once, why does God not forgive him? God cannot forgive Satan himself, but only men. Men are struggling hard to separate themselves from Satan. God feels pity for man in his struggle and would forgive men seven times seventy. Because Satan himself was the source of evil, God could not forgive him. Why? It is because he is the enemy of God's love. He deprived God's family of divine love, so God cannot forgive him now. But after all men are restored, and they feel like forgiving Satan, then God might in the future have to forgive Satan.

Because Satan came into being through Adam, it is only through Adam or man that God can separate him, deny him, and at last forgive him. Due to the human fall, Satan is abiding in us, in place of God. Therefore, we are the incarnation of Satan. And you are in the lineage of Satan, instead of God. This is against God's law of creation. This is why in the religious world there have been many martyrs. Even in our primitive religions men were sometimes killed as offerings or sacrifices before God. That was a symbol of shedding the satanic blood.

In order to change our satanic lineage into God's lineage, we must live an ascetic life, a life which presents difficulties and hardships. In order for men to be restored, we must go through this course. This is how God restores us. In God's eyes, we are not men of His creation. We are not human beings; we are just satanic beings in the position of His enemies. We are the children of Satan, who is God's enemy. That is the result of the human fall.

God is restoring us to our original state, and every moment of our life we must fight against satanic power. You can imagine how difficult a job it is to restore us to the position of man before the fall. In human life too, if you adopt a child from your friend, you cannot love him as your own children who are your own blood and flesh. How much more it would be with God when He is going to restore men. We are at best in the position of adopted sons and daughters to Him. And we are from satanic lineage, from the lineage of His enemy. How could God love us right away as His own children, as Adam and Eve before the fall?

In the course of restoration, God would try hard to love this man of the fall, He would place him in the position of His object, imagining that he is immaculate, and that he is going to become like Adam or Eve before the fall. Since we are the children of Satan, who is God's enemy, God naturally feels a sense of resentment towards us at first. Would it not be natural for Him? And in order for us to ease God's heart, we must receive any hardships and difficulties coming from Him. If you are found to be utterly obedient to God's will. He will feel like forgiving you. We must win the sympathy of God by going through difficulty as though it were natural to us. When we bear it, God's compassion for us will well up in His heart.

God must put us as the offering and see if we obey Him, and then we can become an acceptable offering and win sympathy from God, He can then love us. All mankind without exception is born out of Satan's lineage, so however many hardships and difficulties you have, you must go through them. Only by going through them and getting over them alone can you win the heart of God. So in the Bible we read that those who persevere to the last will win the love of God.

In human history there have been many rises and falls, with good and evil woven into this process. Through this our sins have been indemnified or cleared away, and human history has been one of restoration. However strong a faith you may have had, if at the end you fail to believe in God, you are destined to go to hell. However hard you may struggle to restore yourself, you cannot do it all by yourself, because your blood is stained by satanic lineage. Only by putting yourself in the position of a sacrifice, a living sacrifice, on the altar of God, can you be saved and restored.

Just imagine, we have our physical body, which externally shows no sign of sin, but through our limbs and every part of our body runs satanic blood. Our eyes have been more accustomed to seeing evil things. How can we restore our eyes to recognize things which are virtuous and good? How are we going to restore our five senses? And how are we going to restore our limbs and every part of our body for the purpose of goodness? Therefore, we must first deny ourselves and love God more than we do anybody else.

In God's sight, your family and your way of life must be denied before God can have His object as pure as before the fall. Therefore you cannot marry in God's sight. If you are married and have your own children, then your family and your surroundings are all elements God would grieve over. From God's point of view, they are not acceptable, and it's against the will of God.

A true religion must teach you to deny yourself and to sacrifice yourself, to drain the satanic blood out of you. Then in utter obedience on the altar of God, you utterly deny yourself and are re-created by God's hands. You may feel that you have cut the satanic bondage and separated yourself from Satan and come back to God, but the next moment you can deny God and rebel against Him. So God, will put you back to the satanic world and test you many times.

You must overcome all these things and show no sign of the fall before you will be restored and recognized by Him. Even though God may chase you away into the satanic world again, you must come back to Him in tears and in repentance. He may clear away His resentments by ill-treating you and sometimes by putting you through more hardships, and you must just cling to God without leaving Him.

You must be like a lamb. When we talk about Jesus we symbolize him as a lamb. This is because he is the representative of the whole of mankind. We are also symbolized by a lamb; we should be obedient to God. The lamb is an animal which is obedient to the call of its master, which even at the moment of death will obey him.

When God had to allow Jesus to be crucified, then at that moment God was teaching mankind how to be obedient to Him even at the moment of death. Can you understand that? Faith is important, and your actions count, but even more virtuous is your heart towards God, pure love of God. You must understand God's heart first of all. Are you in the position where you can be loved by God, and you can be relied on by God? Can God be happy with you? Can He really love you? You must understand that if God is going to love you at all, He has to go through difficulties. It is difficult for God to love you naturally.

Since we are sons and daughters of a rebellious nature we must try hard to win His heart and turn it towards us. We must clearly understand what caused Him grief, and we must reverse what we have done and restore the original state within ourselves. Isn't that true?

Our goal in the course of restoration is to work ourselves into a position better than Adam and Eve before the fall. We are in the position to have to liberate God's heart, which has been very grieving over the fall of man. Due to the human fall, His happiness has been under bondage, so we have to liberate Him and release Him from grief, relieve Him. Without knowing this fact, all the Christians or men of any other religion have been always asking God to liberate them and do this and that for them without having the notion of our having to liberate God instead.

The Unification Church was created on this earth with that mission, to liberate God's heart. The most important question or problem is how to relieve His heart by restoring ourselves on the individual level, family level, nationwide level, and worldwide level. What God wants is not the world as it is, not Christianity as it is. He wants the world and Christianity and His people to liberate His heart, knowing the fact that His heart is bound in grief, or by sorrow. How many Christians have there been who thought of that? Has there ever been such a nation of God's choice where people have been thinking of liberating God's heart from sorrow?

There must be a religion where they teach the grief of God and whose people feel such grief, and then teach others how to liberate God's heart. That kind of religion is needed. First of all, one man must be restored to the position of Adam before the fall, without sin, and through him a family without the fall must be erected, and a tribe, nation, and then the whole world. That is what God wants, and without that single man, no other thing will be usable in God's hands in the restoration course.

A son may become rebellious, leave home, but later return and bring billions to his Father but in order for God to be consoled, the son must come back to Him with more piety and obedience, and unless His son does that, His resentment cannot be cleared away.

In a family, too, if a wife loses the love from her husband, she is such a miserable being however many carats are in her diamond ring. If her husband's love is away from her, she cannot restore the love by money, by wealth. But what is more important than the diamond is love.

The Messiah's mission is to restore God's love. Jesus had this mission, and the Lord of the Second Advent will carry out this same mission. The mission of the Unification Church is to restore our love towards God, then restore God's love for us. In our movement we are not advocating liberating ourselves first, but liberating God's heart and winning His love. When you join the movement, at the very beginning, God's sentiment or sense toward you must be like that towards Satan. You are not different from Satan at the beginning. God would want out of you the love which would be more than your love for anyone else, so that His resentment can be cleared away.

We can draw the conclusion that even our Master has been put into a difficult position by God, and he sometimes was rejected by God and put into a more difficult position, but he would go back to God's bosom and just cling to Him in prayer and in love, and then He would accept him. But a little while later He would send him back to satanic hands to go through more tribulations and hardships, and getting over those things he would go back to God. And so many times he has had such things happen to him.

It is good for us to win more membership and have our movement known throughout the nation and throughout the world, and we will be happy, of course, to win the whole world, but more than anything else and before those things, what I have in mind is how to clear away the resentment and grief of God's heart, and then alone we can rejoice with Him. My motto has been, "I must be in the position of the most miserable being in the whole world in place of the whole mankind, so that God's grief and resentment may be cleared away through me." My standard is to become the most miserable person in the world in order to liberate God's heart from grief, and in that situation I must grieve over all things that are evil. That's the only way to win the love of God.

Then what our attitude is before death is always the question. You must prepare yourself to die hundreds and thousands of times for Him, for God. If you are ready to die thousands of times for the sake of God, and you never complain, and you are grateful to become the living sacrifice for Him, or even dying being the sacrifice for Him, then God's heart will be liberated.

I was in the position to have to be grateful to God even though I was denied by my nation and ill-treated by several other nations, and I must go through three satanic regimes to win the heart of the government people and restore them, at least three nations. In that sense, I am the most miserable person and pitiable person in the whole world.

In the face of tribulation I turned off my five senses. I have eyes to see, but I would pretend not to see. I have all the sensations, more than anyone else, but I would just shut off all those senses, never feeling bitterness for what I am going through. So the restoration of your heart towards God is the first problem. Without your restoring your heart towards God, God does not come into a close relationship with you. Only after doing this can you be accepted by God and recognized by Him.

I am the person who has gone through untold difficulties in my spiritual fight and I defeated Satan in that final battle. You don't know all the facts. After winning over myriads of devils, then they would come to their knees under me, and in unity with them I could win the hearts of the sages and saints, all the predecessors who had lived on this earth; and by going through martyrdom and difficulties

I did a portion of God's course. In that way I could win the heart of God. In that sense, I can well claim victory for the Unification Church. In a sense God has not made the Unification Church, but I did. It is because when I had to fight against the myriads of devils in the spirit world, God did not come to rescue me, and He did not help me at all. He would leave me in satanic hands, and after my victory over them alone, then God came to me and blessed me. Can you understand it?

In the beginning Adam rebelled against God on his own, so in the course of restoration a man in the position of Adam must restore himself alone, without help from God. Before my doing this, God was so cold and almost cruel to me, leaving me in satanic hands, never helping me out. From time to time I could go to God with the spoils I had obtained in the battle against Satan, and then alone He would be bless me, praise me and love me.

I am sure there are many here today who don't now what I have gone through. God would promise me a certain thing -- very desirable, and then He would drive me into satanic hands, and then after I overcame Satan alone God would bless me and never in the course has He once helped me. He would put me once on the pinnacle of the thing where there is a happy promise and would just drop me into the valley of death.

In coming before God, if you feel that you deserve God's praise and deserve God's love, you are a failure. After unifying the spirit world by fighting against Satan, then in this world too I would come into the valley of death and win stage by stage and win the first prize and then, going back into a deeper valley, win a higher position. That's what I have been going through. Sometimes God would have one nation representing the whole world beat against me or smite me. Individuals would rebel against me, and organizations, groups, churches, and any society. There have been many such things always coming against me. But I always feel challenged against the rebuffs coming to me because I know that the chastisement is coming from God and that the test is either coming from God or Satan, and by my going over those things alone I can identify myself before God.

If any individual would come to smite me, and I, instead of being smitten, would defeat them and I am left sane and intact, I win. If any family would come against my family and try to injure me, we would just remain intact, and then I would have won that goal, that level of things. And if any church, any tribe, any nation would come against me, I would keep myself intact and defeat them, and then alone I could win that level of victory.

Then God would tell me, "You are qualified to have a family under you, to have this under you, or that under you. So you are qualified to have the nation under you, to have the whole world under you." Can you understand?

Around the personage of Master, who has gone through these difficulties, our movement has developed, and we find ourselves to be a world renowned group. But at first I had to win Korea as a nation, and after a fierce battle and tribulations and persecution in Korea, and after our getting over those things (even in the Christian churches their hearts turned in favor of us, and even the government came to the realization that they cannot go on without our group), then alone I could come over to the United States, and in 1971 to develop our project here. This is how we came up to the year 1972.

What I have done in Korea could clear away the resentment of God, both God and Jesus, and in that way I won the goal which God would have had Jesus win in his lifetime. Having done that much; I could come over to the United States to open the gate to the world here in the leading nation of the world.

Due to the failure of John the Baptist and Jesus I had to redo many things, but my mission was primarily to start on the worldwide level. If Jesus had accomplished his mission at that time… Internally, God has been preparing His people, and externally He prepared the democratic world, and both in the democratic world and even in the Christian world, not to speak of the Communist world, corruption came about, so they are doomed to decline while we are destined to rise. That's God's preparation for us. God has done this. For whom has God done this? (For us)

Since Jesus all Christians have gone through so many difficulties to widen and evangelize the people of the world, so why does God allow the Christians to be corrupted? This is the reason: God has done it in preparation for us.

Even in democracy, even in the world of Christianity, the way that they have been doing things will not do in God's providence, so they are doomed to decay, and then our way will be easier. As soon as I arrived in the United States in the year 1972 I started my move towards the outside world. That means I made my public appearance and spoke to the people. In my speeches I was in a mood to attack Christianity as a whole. When they were helpless without being able to counter-attack, we set up the standard of victory there. Those who are disillusioned by the established churches have been looking for something and they would have their eyes opened and might think that our group and Reverend Moon is the one.

By this day last year, I had done a certain number of things to be able to set up the day of celebration of victory. Why could I set up this kind of day last year? It is because there came into being the focus point where I had to concentrate my efforts, and then it was done. With that much done I was entitled to set up the day, by relieving God's heart and clearing away His resentment to a certain extent.

My belief and declaration is, since I have cleared away the resentment of God to a certain extent, that a certain degree of external victory should be claimed; and that's why I set up the day of victory, the day of celebration of the victory. After the day of victory last year up to the present moment, I was able to pave another way broader and smoother, and I at last won the heart of the President of the United States, so that we now have a good relationship.

Christianity in the United States represents all Christians in the world, so when we work here to win the hearts of the Christian people in this country, it means we are coping with Christians all over the world. This is true for whatever level we are on. For instance, we go over things on the individual level and win the heart of God; after my having done this, the heart of God is there abiding on that level. And after winning the family level, I, at the same time, win the heart of God on that level. I have gone through the national level, and I'm now working on the worldwide level.

We are transcendent of national boundaries; and we are cosmopolitan in our composition, forming another nation, another tribe under God. We don't have a foothold geographically, but we are a different species of men forming another tribe, a new tribe under God.

On this continent, when the nation was formed and founded, people gathered here from all corners of the earth; they lived together as a nation transcending national boundaries, and they have formed the Christian world. But now that the Christian world is being corrupted, we are the new pioneers of the new world being formed under God's love, and if we can clear away the resentment of God and win the heart of God and plant His heart among ourselves and form a nation, a spiritual nation, then we can win the ultimate victory.

More than the Christian world in this United States, we win the heart of God, and we have Him abiding in us. Then we aroused the attention of the Christian people in this nation, and through the years 1973 and 1974 the established Christian churches have come against us. But God would charge us to dash forward onto the battlefield to defeat them. God would have us overcome those people, and this is the first time in human history that this kind of thing has ever happened. We are advancing forward with the battle cry from God; at the time of Jesus, if Judaism would have been in accordance with God's will, Jesus could not have failed. And if the chosen nation of Israel were cooperating with Jesus, they could not have failed. But since they all failed, it is our job to do what they left unaccomplished.

Korea and the United States are in the position of Israel and Egypt in Jesus' day. Christianity is in the position of the Judaism of 2,000 years ago, and the democratic world is in the position of the chose nation of Jesus' time. Our situation is like Jesus'. The Christian situation is like Judaism's. Do you understand me? We are in the position of Jesus, while the Christian world is in the position of Judaism at the time of Jesus.

What has never happened in human history is happening here. A man, Mr. Moon, born in Korea, will accomplish his mission of restoring the whole world, and he is now in the United States and counter-attacking the Christian world, which God has supported until this moment. Out of their corruption, a new life is springing. People will soon realize that Reverend Moon's being here and working here will change the history of America and of the whole world. It is the first time in America's history that a foreigner is working to change this nation and the rest of the world.

I have set up the record of having received so many proclamations from the governors and mayors of the United States. It is a historical event. And it has been done in God's will, and that's what made me famous. From now on, we work from the top level. You can imagine what will become of us after five years, if we go on like this. Untold changes will take effect.

Internally, we will solidify ourselves and then win the Christian world, and then the whole nation will understand our ideology. When I made a brief visit back to Korea in May and April, in Korea on the first of May -- I set up the Day Of Victory Over Resentment on May 1st. Up to the present moment, due to the human fall, human history had to go in a reverse way, but we are now at the crossroad, and our way is destined to rise, while the other way, the satanic way, is doomed to fall.

On the internal level, we won the heart of God abiding in us, and on the external level we are winning the hearts of the people of the United States, which signifies our winning the hearts of the people of the democratic world. Before long great changes will come about; and we will clear away God's resentment. We expect many people will come into our movement very soon. I know that. Even without my being here, working here, that will be done. And if I leave this country, how you handle these people is your chief concern.

You must be so trained as to be able to handle them, so I am going to put you through very hard training. Can you endure such hard training? (Yes)

I know you have been well trained, seeing that you can even sit on the floor like this, while you are more accustomed to sitting on chairs. You must practice crawling and standing upside down, and all sorts of things. If I tell you to look up at the sky and walk, you must obey me. You must make yourself different from other people. The United States is the only place where we can train people from all over the world like this. This place is the best suited. It took God 6,000 years to provide for us the democratic world, where we can work more easily. But the democratic world will pass away. It will not last long.

The problems surrounding Nixon's administration are one of the signs. When the world is being corrupted and decaying, in the sea of the world we will cast our anchor. Then God will get hold of one end of the rope and will lead us somewhere. After some tribulation in the United States when the clear weather comes, God will drive us to goals in the mild wind. As the current or tide goes, we will ride on the tide to the final goal.

The people of the United States may get hurt by what I am saying, but what I am saying will be realized. However great are the people working in the Senate and the House of Representatives, they will need me sooner or later.

To ordinary eyes it must be very strange that even American boys and girls applaud me when I say this. You applauded because you are confident that I can carry out the job. You know you can recognize what I have done in three years. And what I've done in three years in the United States is an unbelievable record. It has not been quite three years, but barely one year and eight months. Seeing what I have done in these few months, you can well imagine what I can do in the future.

In Korea the government at first rejected me and then was fearful of me, and then accepted me. In Japan the same thing happened. At first in the United States the government did not like me. They rebelled against me. But they are in fear of me more or less now. It is because we are doing extraordinary things, and they will in the future accept us and recognize us. It is of great significance that we set up the day of celebration for victory this day last year, and again set up the day of victory over resentment in Korea. It can be adopted by our movement here too.

When I set up the day of victory over resentment in Korea I brought it back here and granted it to you. By setting up those days, we have been elevated to a certain level in spiritual significance. But in the outside world they will never realize that, and even in our movement you people cannot quite understand what it really means. But now that I have explained it, you must know and accept and realize all those things and be rejoicing with me. I am quite a success in the United States, too. Isn't that right?

But this has not been done by me alone; God did it for me, or God did it in cooperation with me. We have won the hearts of the people of the United States, but we must win the hearts of the government officials, so the heart of the whole country must be with us. After your winning 500 members in each state, you will see what I am going to do. Then without a doubt, I can move the Senate and the House of Representatives and all the people of the United States. Thank you.

You must be desperate in keeping pace with me. When I make big strides, can you walk that way? (Yes) If because of the high-heeled shoes you wear you cannot walk in big strides, you must take them off and walk or run barefooted. Americans would like to take off their clothing and the streakers -- you know what the streakers do. But in a way, we must become heavenly streakers... (laughter, applause) whenever needed.

We must go beyond person to person witnessing and go to groups. We must witness by groups. I am buying many boats for certain purposes. I bought two yachts. Whenever I begin to do a new thing, you don't understand what I'm going to do with those things, but I will do this and that and then you will see my putting all those together to work for a certain purpose. Do you realize that I am versatile, gifted in many ways? (Yes)

If I am in the business world, I could have been a millionaire. I have a special measure to recognize things. I have foreknowledge of whether I'm going to win or not, to be a success or failure. By merely looking at you, I know what you are thinking of and what kind of dispositions you have, each one of you. I can look at America as a whole and the destiny of the nation. Can you believe it? (Yes) If you cannot believe it, try to believe me. Sooner or later it will be too late for you to believe me.

Without your even knowing me that deeply, just look at the fact that in Korea and Japan, by believing in me, they had attained the goal to a certain level, and you can follow their example. The fact of our having set up the day of celebration for the victory, and the day of the victory over resentment is of great significance in the history of the providence of God, and we must put the ideal behind them into practice.

From now on, what you struggle to attain will be yours, not for indemnity. Do you understand me? (Yes) The terminology we are using here cannot be understood by outside people. Newcomers won't understand what we are saying. So we cannot succeed in this movement without the knowledge of the Divine Principle.

With the victory we have so far won, we have to dash forward with even more zeal and energy, and then we can pave a broader and smoother way from this point on. Are you confident to do that? If you are really confident, will you please hold up your hands and pledge before God? Thank you. Shall we pray? (Master's prays)

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 09.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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