The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Parents Day, 1974

Sun Myung Moon
March 24, 1974
Jackson, Mississippi
Translated by Bo Hi Pak

As you know, today is Parents Day. This 15th celebration marks the 14th anniversary of Parents Day. In 1960, the first seven-year course started, and this year, 1974, we are concluding the second seven-year course. By 1981, we will complete the third seven-year course, after a total of 21 years; we are paying the entire universal indemnity for the dispensation and the restoration of the universe and man.

This extraordinary three-year period here in America -- 1972, 1973, and 1974 -- is the preparation for the second seven-year course, and it is the preparation for the worldwide dispensation for the third seven-year course. So, as we successfully complete the special three-year course in this year of 1974, we are preparing for a great leap or take-off toward the universal scale.

Spiritually we are creating a foundation for Jesus Christ to unify the nation of Israel, and further for him to lay a foundation for his ministry to the rest of the world, including the Roman Empire. The only difference between the dispensation of Jesus Christ and the dispensation for our time -- that of the True Parents -- is that Jesus came on the national level and in the present dispensation we are on the worldwide level. So it is historically of critical significance for the dispensation to come to America. Here, we are focusing for a three-year period on America as the center of this world and the universe.

In our world there are two groups; one is the world of Cain, and the other is the world of Abel. The world of Abel is represented by the free world, and the world of Cain is represented by the Communist world. Once we complete this three-year course -- the three-year dispensation from 1972 to 1974 -- then we are going to successfully lay the foundation for worldwide victory on the spiritual level. Then the satanic forces will have to retreat and assume the defensive position.

We are winning the spiritual battle on a worldwide scale and our battle in America is a spiritual one. The satanic sovereignty, represented by the Communist bloc, is externally very active and they are pushing the free world into a defensive position. This is their final desperate effort to control the rest of the world.

Even within Abel, there can be two sides; the spiritual aspect and the physical aspect. These two must be united. Before they can be united, the two must confront one another. We are facing this confrontation in the democratic world, even here in America. We have physical opposition from certain negative elements, because, even within Abel there is a physical part and a spiritual part (represented by us). There is a definite confrontation.

From 1972 to 1978, during this seven year period, we must unite the internal Abel and the external Abel, making unity and becoming one harmonious entity. This is what we must accomplish during this seven-year course. This seven-year ministry in America is restitution, or restoration of the vertical 7,000 year history of God on a horizontal level.

This horizontal seven years pays the indemnity for the entire 7,000 years of the vertical history of God. Last year, on the 1973 tour, I announced to the many, many American audiences that 1977 and 1978 will be the most critical and vital years for America's survival. It is from this understanding that I made that statement.

Now we must logically reach the conclusion that all the external negative forces, who are trying to stop us and put us on the defensive, are doing so in order to deter the spiritual offensive of our movement. We must realize that these forces must bear some relationship to the ungodly ideology of Communism. Even here in America there is a confrontation between the God of the Abel forces and Communism, the tool of the Cain forces.

Even though they might appear as the Jesus People, or Jesus freaks, they organize battle everywhere. Though their actions look mild, they come to the forefront and confront us. And behind their activity there must be a Communist infiltration. Providentially speaking, there must exist such activities. From the New York crusade, throughout the entire crusade here in America, some organized force is following us. Some international power is trying to deter us or destroy us. It has to be that way.

The existing organized Christian churches are now accepting or denying our movement. However, as far as the church institution is concerned, it will not support us. We will not expect the existing churches, as institutions, to accept our position because providentially that is impossible. The Communists, or the Communist world, can be considered to be at the formation level of opposition. The position of the Jewish faith 2,000 years ago in the time of Jesus Christ, has been assumed by the organized church institutions. Therefore, it is they who will oppose us from the position of the growth level.

According to the Divine Principle, as you know, man fell from the growth level. So therefore, Satan could climb up to the growth level. Representing formation and the growth stages there is opposition in the form of Communism, and in the form of the existing churches. However, once we go over this level and lay the foundation of victory, Satan has no room to claim anything.

That is the heavenly sanctuary, and will be a victory claimed by heaven. Satan can control the formation and the growth levels; but the level of perfection God will control. There Satan has no power. Therefore we have to go quickly beyond the formation and growth levels into the realm of perfection.

We are gradually moving into God's direct domain where there is only one relationship -- that of father and children. Barriers which have existed in our history between races, nationalities, and geographical localities will break down. We are in the fortunate and privileged position of nearing the completion of the growth stage. We are now almost ready to move into the perfection stage.

But this is the point at which Adam and Eve caused the fall of man. This is the point at which Adam and Eve became self-centered and turned God's truth around until they caused the fall of man. We are now in the very position of Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago. This is where we must not repeat Adam's way of life. We must do better than Adam, so that we can always be on God's side, following the unselfish way of life.

In Adam's time, he was supposed to be thinking first of God, with all his heart and soul. Secondly, he should have thought about his perfected, sinless children who would create the tradition for posterity. Thirdly, he should have considered the family -- one heavenly God-centered family. The foundation of four positions -- that was the only thing that Adam should have been thinking about. For us today, one thing is worse even than the condition of Adam. Adam could fall only through spiritual temptation. But today, in the fallen world, we have spiritual and physical temptation, because this physical world is still under the domain of Satan.

This is not our only mission. We are going to fulfill the Messianic mission. Each one of us as part of the Messiah will fulfill the Messianic mission. As part of the Messianic mission you are in a position to save all your ancestors in the spiritual world, your own relatives, and your own people. This is your mission. Spiritually speaking, you have your own nation, or kingdom, in which you are the center. Can you understand?

Even though you cannot see it, so many people are depending on you now. You are like a pinnacle; of your whole spiritual nation, and your entire ancestry, are depending on your salvation. With you as the center, there are three different areas in your own kingdom: your spiritual realm or nation, your race, and your own family.

When Adam and Eve fell, they destroyed the angelic world and their own generation. Adam lost God's own family. So in order to restore one God-centered family, you have to restore the environment, or the circumstances. The Old Testament era, the New Testament era, and the Completed Testament era -- these three eras have to be restored around you. Otherwise, you cannot really be restored. One era is symbolic, one is physical, and the other is spiritual.

So this is the age in which we are living. Self-centeredness is absolutely against the way of life of the Unification Church. We are going to live a selfless existence. God has been waging guerrilla warfare. An all-out war has not been fought yet; but it is coming. We are pushing toward that event -- a spiritual hot war.

Therefore mobile team activities are like guerrilla warfare: hitting one place, moving to another, attacking another, and moving on. We don't have any home base; from one day to another we move. In the meantime, we are reaping a certain victory, and with a certain strategy we are accomplishing all these things through spiritual guerrilla warfare. In this way we are preparing God's physical foundation. Whatever you gain will remain as God's property. Whoever you bring in will remain as God's people. Thus we are expanding our own territory toward the ultimate showdown.

We have to bring things from the satanic world into God's world. We have to desperately, and yet with he greatest tact and wisdom, restore people and things -- physically, spiritually, materially. The preparation of our environment for the work has been really perfect. God has been working so hard to give you this environment; that is what democracy is all about. This is the foundation on which God's people can move.

You have assured freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of publication, and freedom of religion. The state and religion are separated so that you can go on as heavenly forces without any barrier. God has given you all the territory you could want. God created democracy so that in these final days of the dispensation His people, His soldiers, can freely move. This is the environment God prepared for 2,000 years so that we could work.

This is a transitional period. This is not the ultimate way of life. There is an ultimate, a perfected way of life to come; but this is the transitional path for this time. In the democratic system the sky is the limit. Once we grow in power there is nothing we cannot do. You can elect the sovereign. For example, the President of this nation is elected. Once America is under God's sovereignty, the rest of the world would come under Him in not more than three years.

What is democracy? I want you to know clearly that this is a gift from God. Through democracy He can restore the heavenly sovereignty from satanic sovereignty without shedding blood. This is really the one form of government under which we could do it. Without the democratic system, we could not do it.

God is asking us to live by one method; one way of life-to serve, and to give unselfishly. If you continue in this way for seven years, ten years, or fourteen years, within twenty years the whole world will come under your domain. Once you set the goal, ruthlessly attack that goal, serving in a steadfast manner for seven years. We do have a seven-year course. If we fail in the first seven-year period to practice serving this way, then it will be extended two more times or 21 years. Jacob took 21 years to restore his own family.

Compared to the vast world population, we are a very small minority. However, once you are like me, completely single-minded in dedication, united with the Father, you be become a formidable force, and the work will be accomplished quickly.

As I said, we are going beyond the growth level. Up to that point, everything is under satanic dominion. Once you go beyond, you free yourself from that dominion, and God will reign over you. Then God's dominion begins. All you have to do is to become absolutely one with God. Then God can really move you as His force, as He wishes. Then victory is quick, and every victory is spontaneous.

During the Day of Hope tour, many people had already received a vision before they saw the newspaper and read of Father's speaking tour; and before they heard our announcement about Father's coming. Many people received, and they came. These people are prepared people in a parallel position with the prophets; the minor and the major prophets of the Old Testament era. They are in the role of the prophets, restoring that role.

As we go aggressively further and further with a determined mind, the job will get easier and easier, because God will mobilize the entire spiritual world to come to our aid. We sons and daughters of God on earth are going to control the spirit world -- not the reverse. You are the master. Everyone in the spirit world is on my side. You are on my side. The Unification Church is on my side.

Then who is against us? The rest of the world. The spirit world and the Unification Church are on our side. Only the rest of the world is not quite yet on our side. They do not possess spirit world, because spirit world is already lost to them. The decision has been made in spirit world that it is on our side. Our opposition cannot claim spirit world. Therefore their ideologies are based on materialism.

Satan was expelled from spirit world. He has no power in the spiritual realm. Therefore, he established his power on earth. Satanic power, in the form of materialism, or Communism, started in 1917. 1917 to 1977 will make a 60-year period. For 60 years Satan has worked to establish his power. The Communists could flourish and have been flourishing for 60 years.

However, since 1957, after a 40-year period, and during the 21-year period of time up to 1977, they are becoming divided. They are now confronting each other within their own ranks. This is the most logical dispensation of God. Even though the communists started so strong, they now have trouble within their own camp.

They are fighting among themselves. Division between Soviet Russia and Red China started in 1957. This division will get worse and worse. They are even preparing for war with each other. Their wickedness will reach the pinnacle, and we will have a chance to win them over by 1977 and 1978.

However, if we fail to lay the foundation here in America, then this victory will be prolonged. That particular moment of the dispensation will pass by. If we are not successful by that time, we will lose the whole foundation of the existing Christian churches.

Here in America, those who are really concerned with America's future -- those who form the moral foundation -- are 40 or more years old. The 20-year period before these citizens reach the age of 60, is our chance to work, to move, and to really turn this nation upside down. These people are the backbone of America. Conscience is alive in them, and their moral standard is high. These people have to be mobilized during this period of time.

If we prolong the dispensation another decade, and another, then we are going to have people who are very hard to deal with, like the strikers of the present. They are almost like animals. They do not care, and their standard is low. If we have to deal with these generations, our work will get much harder.

God has given us the chance to create an atmosphere in which we can truly work and create our own foundation. If we fail, or if our pace is slow, then God has to allow Satan to be active, and to take over. This is not my arbitrary opinion, or my thinking. This is the pattern of history. This is a principle. The satanic world feels the emergency. They feel the crisis, because the heavenly attack is so dramatic.

Your attack is so dramatic in America. The satanic forces are really alarmed, and are working desperately to divert attention from us, so that they can create a stronghold. The new fads, such as streaking, are one phenomenon of this. The strikers are really going to such an extreme to get people's attention, and the attention of the world. They are repeating the action of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Even externally, they are trying to be like Adam and Eve, who were created naked.

We have a God-centered principle, and our action is based on that; so our action is steadfast. Satan is now on the defensive side, and they are acting desperately. We are moving steadfastly. Satan is trying to counter us, so they are doing many desperate things. The further we advance, the brighter hope we see, and the better vision we acquire. Therefore, we have confidence. We can see true, God-centered happiness within the reach of our hand. We can see that. The more we progress, the more we can see clearly. However, the satanic side is becoming more desperate and restless.

1974 is the final, culminating, and most extraordinary year in the entire history of the dispensation, and in the ministry of the True Parents. This is my culminating, final year. Upon the victorious foundation which I laid, you will be princes of battle; you will be queens of battle. In the next seven years you will reap the whole world. In the next seven years, the entire world, especially the United States, will be absolutely open to you. When the first American settlers came in, all they had to do was just go in and stake their claim. You go out and claim the United States.

The restoration of America is absolutely important. For this battle you have been chosen -- selected by God as the champions, the frontline soldiers. This is your great honor, a historical privilege. God is giving you this opportunity to participate, so that upon the occasion of that glorious victory, you can become the true sons and daughters of God and the True Parents. We are the champions for God's nation-building. Do you understand? (Yes.)

The world is not running in a random fashion. Everything is moving precisely according to the Principle, and history will move this way. We are in the most extraordinary, final few miles. Can you feel it? So you feel confident of this? (Yes.)

Now I will give you the secret of victory. So far, in this universe, no central parents have existed. We have only had false parents, who brought the elements of distrust and betrayal day in and day out. Therefore, there have been no true brothers and sisters, and no true husband and wife. True parents were not there, and true, sinless children were not there.

In other words, the heavenly family was lost. That family is the center of the universe, representing the entire universe, all people, and the world. Really, this one, God-centered family is the axis or central point of the entire universe. Even God is looking for that central point, all of human history is aiming toward that central point, and all mankind is looking for that central rallying point. This one central point, or God-centered family, is the one point in which God and men become one, and the history of the past, present, and future are united in one.

Who is going to have the role of that central point? Adam and Eve, the true parents, were that central point of the universe. You have a weapon the satanic world does not have. Starting from the beginning you have true brothers and sisters. Up to your blessing, you have a brother-sister relationship. You are the one who is to establish the tradition of how to live as brother and sister -- and you will demonstrate this to your posterity.

In your international mobile team activities where people of so many different nationalities participate, there are many difficulties, including language and cultural barriers. I purposefully put you in that position, in which you can truly set the pattern. This is the stage where you can establish tradition.

Every day you are writing your own testimony, which will be read by millions of followers and your own posterity. So this is your opportunity. Unless you have this kind of environment, you will have nothing to write about and nothing to talk about. Therefore, set the tradition and pattern. You cannot change the eternal tradition.

People of all races -- black, white, and yellow -- and all cultural backgrounds, whatever the language you speak, go and transcend these things and become truly trusted brothers and sisters. We will set the tradition of true brothers and sisters which Adam and Eve failed to set in the Garden of Eden. They were supposed to be a God-centered brother and sister, representing true brothers and sisters. They were supposed to set that tradition. They failed. Now God is asking you to set that tradition. Do you understand? (Yes.)

What then is the basic philosophy, or basic principle in creating this tradition? It is service, selfless service. Upon that tradition, when you bring your own offspring, sons and daughters, into the world, they are free. They are automatically citizens of the kingdom of heaven, on earth, and in heaven.

True brothers and sisters must exist before you receive the blessing as a heavenly couple. In our standard of marriage there is no such thing as racial barriers, or language barriers. We will all transcend those barriers. Only true, trusted brotherhood and sisterhood -- this alone is the standard. That is the tradition we are now setting, and it has to be set. It is not quite done yet; we are doing it.

You are actually writing the constitution of what the family and brothers and sisters should like. All the people coming after us will live by that constitution. You will be united with your partner, and you will receive the blessing as the husband and wife, or one ideal couple. Then you will be given the power to give birth to sinless children. Such a couple is truly one with God, in absolute oneness with God, so that satanic infiltration is absolutely impossible.

In a way, the principle is simple: because a man and woman united with Satan, they brought satanic children into this world. If you go the opposite way, you become completely one with God, and can bring God's own offspring into the world. That does not mean you are going to give birth to children with entirely different physical makeup, such as children with three eyes or two noses -- not at all.

We are talking about internal makeup. What is the difference? The appearance will be just the same. The important difference is this: Adam and Eve had the capacity to betray; and they were unpredictable. But we can be predictable people. God can know that this son and this daughter will stay with Him for eternity, in steadfast, untiring faith.

If you become like that -- if you have absolute faith and unity with God there, then the satanic world will automatically surrender. What is Satan? He is a fallen angel. Angels were supposed to be dominated by man. Men have the power to dominate the angelic world. Therefore, when the angels know that you are truly becoming one with God, becoming true sons and daughters, they will surrender.

This is the method. If separation still exists between you and God, you will be victimized by Satan, because he knows you have no source of power. The source of power is not connected. Once you truly become one with God, the power is there. You are connected with the formidable power of the Father. Wherever you go, you represent the Father. Therefore, when you sit down, everyone will spiritually bow to you. This is a principle.

Be single-minded, always thinking, always making an effort to become that kind of personality. Create absolute faith in your heart. Then Satan has no way to turn you around. That is the secret of how to overcome Satan. Do you know that secret now? (Yes.)

At every meal, let one cycle of the Divine Principle keep going through your mind: "Father, I will absolutely stay with you. I will never betray you. I will never disappoint you. I am with you now. And I also have hope, that I am going to be blessed with a certain absolute partner. Then I will become united with another to create a God-centered family. I will give birth to your own offspring, your own sinless sons and daughters. They will bring your kingdom upon the face of the earth, and I will become a proud, God-centered, good parent.''

While you are having one bowl of rice, the whole cycle of the Principle will go through your mind. Every day, every moment, that mind, that faith, that beauty, that love -- really creates the beautiful entity that you are. Then you are really shining and glowing like the sun, and elevated into heaven. That is heaven, and you are creating heaven right now, in your own self.

The basic unit of the kingdom of heaven is the family. In order to have this family, you must create a certain atmosphere within your nation, your environment, your own dwelling. We have to create this atmosphere. Otherwise, Satan always infiltrates through the nation. This is why our physical and external goal is to acquire certain physical territory that only God can control. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Mankind, throughout history, has been blind, not knowing why they lived, where they came from, or where they are going. They did not know the purpose or goal of history. They have not known what time it is according to God's timetable. And they have not known what the future will be. Why? Because they have not had one central point -- true parents as their true ancestors. They did not have that.

You now know the central point of this universe, the True Parents. From this central point, as an axis or starting point, you can relate to past history, the present, and the future. Because you have one central point, you can not only understand, but you are given the power to win the past, present, and future, with yourself as the central point. You inherit the tradition, the free way of life, because you have met the True Parents.

So since you have True Parents, you have models to imitate. The True Parents are in the position of models of perfection. Therefore you can imitate their way of life. So in the meantime, you are in the process of inheriting the tradition and the true way of life. So you are receiving and sharing the same perfection as the True Parents.

Look up to Father saying, "Everything that he does, I am going to do. I am even going to look like him, walk like him, and smile like him." Most important is what is inside. There is no doubt that within him is the presence of the reality of God. There cannot be even the slightest degree of skepticism.

Do not think of' 'myself.'' Only the Principle is in front of you. It is better than Adam and Eve. By giving yourself up for the purpose of the True Parents, and for heaven, you are receiving a much greater blessing. And upon your own foundation and example, God will give you your own happy family. Upon the foundation of that family, dedicated in service to the greater society, that society will be given to you. You are giving yourself up and inheriting, as yours, the nation and the entire world. This is how you are emerging into a central figure.

Since we do have the central point, we can inherit the tradition of the perfection of man and of the family. To that extent it is possible. But further expansion to the national level is not yet possible. The model of perfection is available only on the individual, family, and tribal level.

If there were no fall of man, then the nation would be God's nation, and the world would be God's world. Therefore, we are going to have that tradition too. Everything is becoming our inheritance. Once we have formed one central, God-centered family, then everything else will come to that family automatically. That family was not formed initially.

While I am here upon the face of the earth, my ultimate goal is to give you the tradition of the model of national perfection. We are creating this tradition so that you can inherit it. If I am lifted up into the spirit world without accomplishing that goal, there will be a serious problem remaining here on earth. That is true according to the Principle, isn't it? (Yes.)

Therefore, the third seven-year course, starting from 1975, is going to be vitally important. During this seven-year period, we must achieve the goal of perfection on the national level. Therefore, can you be idle? (No) God has not rested for the last 6,000 years. Now God is asking us to fulfill everything, creating the right atmosphere, in the next seven years. God is asking and you can do it. I have prepared everything. All you have to do is go and reap the harvest. How can you say, "Let me take care of my concerns first," or "let me take a rest, and then continue"?

You are directly under the True Parents, and directly under their strategy. You are moving, campaigning, and crusading around the world. It is very important that, from different cultural and national backgrounds, you are coming here to participate in this movement and crusade. You are receiving a blessing, not only for yourself, but for your own people. You are serving as a bridge for their blessing. The heavenly blessing goes across your bridge and reaches your own people, your own clan, and your own tribe.

If you come to this important position and fail your mission, then it is something like Jesus Christ who came to his own people. His own people did not receive him, and let him fail. Each one of you is in the position of Jesus Christ. However, 2,000 years ago, Jesus had only one source of spiritual guidance, from Heavenly Father. You now have not only the Father to guide you, but you have the guidance of the True Parents as well. You are in a doubly fortunate position. If you fail, there is no excuse.

The sovereignty of heaven will be erected in a certain way. A certain tradition will be learned. You will see the system, the way of life, and the disciplines of that kingdom. You will inherit that tradition, and learn to live each day the heavenly way of life, in true happiness. We need a kingdom; and we do not have that kingdom.

You came to America to find the land of opportunity. We have come for the opportunity to build the kingdom of God. I am, in a way, disappointed that America has only 50 states. I wanted to work with 70 states. Every two days the tour is moving to a different state. Each state is in the position of a nation, because it has its own state government, its own constitution and law. Even though the federal government exists, each state still preserves some state rights.

If we can turn three states of the United States around or if we can turn seven states of the United States to our side, then the whole United States of America will turn. Let's say there are 500 sons and daughters like you in each state. Then we could influence the government. You could determine who became Senators and who the Congressmen would be. From the physical point of view, you can gain no faster success than in this way.

A little over a year and a half has passed since Father arrived in this country and started a real explosion of the bombshell of spirit and truth. Within that short time, you can see with your own eyes how much the world has changed, how much America has changed, and how much America is talking about Reverend Moon now. Korean people will follow suit when Father brings back to Korea all the proclamations you have gathered from the different states of the United States. He will rent the big citizens hall, and we will have a big exposition, the heavenly "Expo '74".

These are beautiful give and take tactics. America has so much to give to others. Therefore a victory in America is not just a victory for America. This is also a victory for Korea. In winning America, Korea is already won. Because of America, we can influence nations around the world. Then because of other nations, there will be a final victory here in America: this is the strategy of give and take.

Suppose we have a heavenly force of 7,000, and the 7,000 are moving from state to state. If 7,000 from America move among seven different nations around the world, then those nations will be completely overwhelmed. They will collapse in spirit, like the walls of Jericho. Actually, the world is small, it could be in the palm of your hand. The world will not be moved by tremendous numbers of people. A few people will be able to move it.

I am not a day dreamer. I am a master tactician or strategist. When I plan, I execute the plan and when I execute a certain battle plan, I will always come out with a better result than any other tactician in history. The Korean government learned many tactics from me. And America is going to be learning much from my strategies. I am not trying to reveal strategies, but they are finding out about them somehow, and are learning much from me. They are imitating me and coming under my influence. Actually, that's all right.

You are an extraordinary, worldwide event. What you do is world news, and will be historically documented. When you are busy with your daily schedule, sometimes you are fatigued, and you feel tired and depressed. You say, "I've been doing this since last year, and there seems to be no change. I am just going on the same way, endlessly. Where will this end?''

You have no vision because you are engaging in a limited area of activity. Sometimes you must broaden your vision realizing how much we really are changing the world, and how much the world has already yielded. You must realize that you yourself have become a different person compared to who you were a year ago.

I don't think you realize it, but you are getting wiser, you are gaining expertise, and you are becoming a more confident and experienced person in dealing with people. Now when you go into the streets and meet a person, you know whether that person is a good person or not, and whether or not he is receptive. You can quickly discern whether that person will give a contribution, or whether talking with him is just a waste of time. Because of this, you can move quickly.

When you graduate from high school, you are a certain person. And when you graduate from college or the university, you are the same person. What is the difference? The difference is inner. Your inner characteristics, your personality, and your ability are different. The area of your expertise has changed. Real, important values are invisible, so that we can often get discouraged. You must realize that you are gaining great and true treasure, experience and expertise.

If you want to become a great leader, you must have one of three qualifications. First, you must be a good speaker. You must express yourself well. Second, you must be a good public relations man, presenting a good image to the public. You must be a good diplomat. Third, you must make money for the restoration work. Money is like fuel, and without fuel you cannot go anywhere.

Economic strength is needed. If you want to become a true leader, you have to have all three of these qualifications. If one of them is lacking, then you are not a complete leader. You must have a good ability to speak, to be diplomatic and to raise funds to launch your mission. I was trained for leadership from childhood. I can relate to all kinds of people. I can speak with the spirit world. I can project myself into the future and can relate to people there. I do not need to prepare before speaking because I have a wealth of experiences.

When I look at the many different personalities gathered here, I can look at a particular individual and know you are parallel to a certain type of person. Then I recall a particular experience I have had in dealing with that type of person. That experience comes alive, and works in my dealing with you.

If you find someone very sorrowful and distressed, then you go back to your wealth of experiences and pick out an experience in which you also felt that rock-bottom sorrow and distress. Make that experience alive in your own heart. Then you become a real friend of that sorrowful person. You can encourage them.

I want you to have all kinds of experiences. More than anything else, I want you to taste rejection. God has been experiencing rejection for so many years. When you go out fundraise, do not expect that every person you ask to give money. In some cases, your hand may be slapped, and people may almost spit at you. Sometimes you may even be slapped in the face. Sometimes you may be knocked to the ground, with a bleeding nose. That is tragic, because you are not acting selfishly. But the tragic experiences, in the future, will be a brilliant part of your history in the record of your accomplishment.

After you experience suffering, and are working with thousands of people, you know something about each one. You can speak from the real depths of your experience; then people will respect, adore, and follow you. Therefore, every day you are gathering your own treasure. Though it is invisible, you are gathering your own bag of treasure; and it is getting heavier and larger every day.

Suppose some people cannot speak English, and are trying to explain something about the Divine Principle, our movement, and about the True Parents. To do this they are using hands, hair, foot and body -- everything as language. Suppose they still couldn't get our message across; and you finally burst into tears. At that very moment, you must know that the entire spirit world is very sorry that they couldn't help you more. You are in a position to receive the sympathy of the entire spirit world. From then on, the whole spirit world is following you and trying to prepare you to do better.

When you go to your own country and become a leader of many people, you can share these kinds of experiences. In sharing these experiences you will create your own power to move people. Therefore, persecution is not necessarily bad; rejection is not necessarily bad. The important thing is how you utilize a dramatic opportunity to gain a wealth of historical experiences to develop your own leadership ability. Do you understand? (Yes.) I do the same, utilizing the same tactics and the same principle.

I have been trained how to speak. I know diplomacy, or how to deal with people. This is why, when I came to America, the first thing I did was engage in my own diplomacy. I visited the important leaders in America whom I need. I went out and sought them. Some Congressmen and Senators thought it strange that Reverend Moon from Korea came immediately, almost every day, to Capitol Hill.

It was as if I worked on Capitol Hill. However, I did that for a purpose. Now there is the Watergate declaration, and they are hearing about Reverend Moon a second time. "Who? Reverend Moon? Yes, I met him. He is very special person." Each time their awareness grows, even though they were impressed the first time.

Later, and when we advance further, they will take great pride in Reverend Moon's visiting them that first time. There are even people now who regret that they did not give me an appointment when I first called. Wait and see. It will be more like this in the coming days. I am the subject of controversy now in a good way, and this will bring reserve power. You will see later on what the results will be.

This is a prophetic statement. Some day, in the near future, when I walk into the Congressman's, or the Senator's offices without notice or appointment, the aides will jump out of their seats, and go to get the Senator. They will get their Senator or Congressman, saying he must see Reverend Moon. This initial effort was well rewarded when I began the Day of Hope tour.

As you know, they have sent many telegrams and congratulatory messages. In doing this, they are lending us the entire weight of their names. They know that this is for their own benefit. Now we have come so far so quickly. The Day of Hope tour is making an important declaration around the country in the shortest possible time. This will lift our movement up to the pinnacle

When you go get the proclamations in your various cities and you meet the Mayors, it is easy, because your foundation has been laid. All you have to do is show other proclamations, other letters, and say what other people have done to honor Father.

Last night at the banquet there was a representative from the Mayor and the Governor, Mr. Dale from the Governor's office, and Mr. Dixon from the Mayor's office. Both representatives came. We were in a small room trying to line up to be seated at the head table. At that time Mr. Dixon mentioned to the state representative that he was almost trembling he was so nervous.

He was so worried that he might not perform his duty very well, because, he said, "I'm with the high cotton." In their local way of speaking the phrase "highest cotton" (highest quality cotton,) signifies the best quality or top people. Because he had never been with such people before, he was nervous.

The time will come, without my seeking it, that my words will almost serve as law. If I ask a certain thing, it will be done. If I don't want something, it will not be done. If I recommend a certain ambassador for a certain country, and then visit that country and that ambassador's office, he will greet me with the red carpet treatment. There may not be trumpets of angels, but something different to serve that purpose. When I visit, they will ask, "May we have more Unification Church leaders in this country? We really need them. How many can you send?" I will decide on the spot.

We have to eventually move the financial power. We must raise funds, not for my purpose or your purpose, but for our purpose -- for God's purpose. We bought East Garden and Belvedere, and now the Barrytown training center. Each international team is going around barehanded, yet they are bringing such a formidable result. How? This is the economic power that you have.

I am setting the pattern of sacrifice, so no one can accuse me. I have critics from time to time. Initially, when I came to America, many people said to me, "Father, you cannot do things that way. This is America. You are doing it the Korean or Oriental way.'' I said, "Wait and see. I am not doing it the Korean or Oriental way, but the heavenly way.''

I am now re-creating each one of you. I am thinking of each of you as a leader. Therefore I want you to be capable of speaking; to be able to present yourself and present the Divine Principle. Second, you must become a good diplomat. You can be a heavenly diplomat, ambassador of God, and ambassador of the True Parents. Thirdly, you must be capable of winning economic power, so that we have fuel for the things we do. This is the training course, and purpose of the training. Then what should you do? The very thing you are doing. This is the best training course we could devise.

So these activities -- the Day of Hope tour, and the international IOWC teams -- these form the best heavenly college, or university there is. You can learn three things in the shortest possible time. You have to deal with many people each day. You are asking for contributions, so you have to really talk yourself out, being really convincing. Otherwise, people will not contribute.

Second, in order to bring them, you have to be really persuasive as to why they must come to the lecture. You have to present yourself well. You must speak well, and approach a person diplomatically. If you do, then you gain their confidence. Three levels of training are combined in one action.

If you are well-trained in this way and sent to a new city, within six months you can easily win 20 members. Suppose you have 20 members, and all 20 people go to the bank, with the goal of buying a house and establishing your own center. Let's say you take out a $50,000 loan from the bank. The bank is initially very skeptical, because you don't have any assets.

But, within one month, suppose you pay back the $50,000 loan. Each person can earn $100 a day. Twenty can earn $2,000 in one day. In one month they can earn $60,000. Then you can pay back the $50,000 in one month. The next time you walk into the bank, saying, "Mr. President, I need $100,000" he will say, "Yes, please sign."

Then suppose you repay the $100,000 in two months. The next time you walk in, you say, "Mr. President, I need $200,000." He will say, "Yes, please sign." In three months' time you pay back the entire $200,000. Later on you may go to the bank and say,' 'I need $400,000.'' There will be no problem. So within one year, you have created real financial power.

You can move half a million dollars easily. Then go to a millionaire in that town and, on a one-to-one basis, strike up a partnership, saying, "All right, you and I will do business." It is possible. In our movement this is not a dream. It is not a fairy tale. It is possible in our way of life, because we base all these activities on a selfless purpose.

When you set up a tradition like this, and you are dealing with several different banks, you can really move a million dollars without any problem. People will say, "That young man was unknown, a very simple, and inexperienced young man one year ago. In a year's time, he has grown into such a powerful person. He even looks different. He is taller, handsomer, and more confident. His eyes are shining. He is striking up partnerships only with the town's millionaires!" You will acquire that reputation. Don't you want to do this? (Yes.)

In the same way I came to America bare-handed. However, when I moved in, things started happening, not only here in America, but all over the world. God will be with you. He is always with you. Therefore, as long as you are with Him, then in His name nothing is impossible. I have a noble goal and concept in training our leadership, not only in the field but in the classroom. I am going to create colleges and universities, where all will be trained, to become worldwide leaders, going out to the rest of the world, to lead all men into our way of life.

This is your mission. First of all, I want you to realize that you are summoned as a champion of God for a historical messianic mission. Second, I want you to know that you are to inherit this tradition and pass that tradition to your posterity.

There are about 110 people participating in the celebration of Parents Day, 1974.1 want you to feel that you are privileged. You are chosen within our own ranks of the Unification Church International, around the world. Only 110 are chosen to be with the True Parents this morning for Parents Day. This is significant for your entire life.

We are representatives of the Unification Church International all over the world. We are chosen as representatives and as champions. We must pledge not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the world. We must protect the standard of dignity for the Unification Church members around the world, and for God, as His representatives. We must live with dignity as the sons and daughters of God.

Can you do that? (Yes.) I believe you. Can you pledge this: "I will never get tired. I will never let our heavenly Father be disappointed." (Yes.) I believe you. Can you say, "I will inherit 100 percent the traditions set by the True Parents. Then I will consummate those traditions within myself and give them to my own descendants." Will you do that? (Yes.) I believe you.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 07.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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