The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Instructions To IOWC Commanders And Team Members

Sun Myung Moon
January 31, 1974
Washington, DC
Translated by Bo Hi Pak

So do not be a subject of criticism, or become a topic in a bad way. You must be a subject of conversation in a good way.

Foreign members, you are going to fulfill this time, and you are going to have a major decisive role for the 1974 Day of Hope tour. Father is relying on you, and on your ability to produce. In one year, we must resolve and really be determined to do our best. We must win. Do you understand me? [YESI] And American members must not be subjected, must not become a second-string team.

You must be polished and in the forefront. Actually you are the hosts and hostesses. Do you understand? [YESI] When the international mobile commander and mobile team arrive in a particular city, a particular state, that commander will take full charge. He will really drive the entire available resources -- American members, foreign members -- regardless, to the successful completion of the campaign. So when the international mobile team arrives, it is almost like a tank unit, a task force arriving, or the cavalry. Do you have confidence? [YESI]

During these campaign periods a report will be submitted by the international mobile team commander once a week, covering activities in the state. And after we have successfully trained you in this fashion here in America, we are going to organize international, truly worldwide mobile teams -- One World Crusade. [APPLAUSE.]

I would like to have ten different IOWC teams; but since we do not have the manpower at this time, we are only increasing to seven teams. However, after April 20, we are going to add three more teams, so that there will be a total of ten teams working in this country.

After this 1974 Day of Hope tour is over, America's 50 states will be divided into ten regions. Each region will consist of five states, and each international mobile team, will be assigned to one of those regions. The IOWC commander will become an area or regional commander. The international mobile team will eventually become like a corps command, while the state will be like a division.

Leadership has to be tested and proven effective to qualify as a leader of five states because the future of the movement in America will depend on the leadership of these ten commanders. This is why worldwide leadership has been mobilized. This is why the national leaders from foreign nations have come to America at this time. So far, in some cases, international mobile team commanders, and state mobile team commanders, didn't get along too well. This is nonsense; and this will be nonexistent in the future.

An international mobile team commander will have absolute authority, because he is responsible to Father. The state commander is responsible to the international mobile team commander who is coming to your state to increase your state mobile team. This will continue until each state eventually has a 70-member mobile team, and local centers increase three times in membership. And the 70-member mobile team will work, having as a goal to bring one person per month per team member into the movement; our brothers and sisters increase one member each month. And I will push these mobile teams until they can really achieve that goal effectively.

Everyone, to become a leader, has to go through this ladder. And also, every member who wants to do something else has to prove himself worthy in the mobile team. This is our true training ground. The international mobile team task forces of 700 members will increase in one year to 8,000 members.

You are going to make this one-year campaign, the 1974 campaign, a dramatic success. You are going to bring the victory this year. And the American host teams shall never be behind them in their record. [YES! -- APPLAUSE] You know, you have no excuse. Brothers and sisters come from all over the world, earning money, paying the bills, and undertaking the campaign. What excuse do you have for not bringing in members? No excuse.

Next year, I would like to send international mobile teams numbering 1,000 members each to Japan. Japan is going to be next year's target. [APPLAUSE.] Think of it, 3,000 to 5,000 members will move into one small nation, and then take a turn in different nations. Then the foreign ministers of different nations will come to our headquarters, begging, "Please, let it be our country next." [APPLAUSE.]

For the world is our stage. Six continents will be our stage; and America is the training ground. [APPLAUSE.] When we mobilize 1,000 international One World Crusade members, for crusades in other nations, then we will assign 300 members, one third of that manpower, to fundraising, economical restoration in America. Then we can earn enough money here in America to support 1,000 workers overseas.

The world really is our stage. We are going to be the ones who restore and bring hope to every corner of the world. The money is there, and I will earn that money. I will reap the harvest. And you will become soldiers, trained soldiers. [APPLAUSE.]

So far, the activity of the international mobile teams has been such that it did not contribute much to increasing the membership of the local centers. But from now on, the international mobile teams will be given the directive not only to do the campaign, but to actually bring a good membership increase to each state, by working with the state.

There are 70 members in each team. So at least in theory, by bringing one person per month, they could be able to increase by 35 members in two week's time. In order to do that, what should they do? They should teach the Principle every day. Therefore, you will be trained; all the international mobile teams will be trained to reach the goal of bringing one member per person in one month. If you achieve this, if you keep to this schedule, then I can fulfill my schedule for 1974, 1975,1976, for the strategy in America.

By the time America celebrates the bi-centennial celebration in 1976, this movement will represent the most powerful patriotic organization in America. [APPLAUSE.] If you fulfill this mission on each level -- local, state, regional, and national -- then what we are really doing is initiating another Pilgrim father's movement after America's 200 years of history, her 200-year birthday. In other words, we are bringing new life to the nation, so that the next 200 years will be a golden age for America.

I am working in many different directions. I am contacting many brilliant scholars, professors, and university people, to let them be in a position to witness to our ideology as the most perfect, most advanced, most life-giving ideology of all. This summer, I am going to have a seminar for college students from England, Tokyo, and Germany. It took a lot of money to do this job, last year. Money is important, but the task is more important. Now is the time we have to plant our strength in many areas, particularly in the intellectual, academic field.

If you fulfill your mission, that you are given now, you will see this great historical event, in a matter of a few years. Otherwise, we are all going to experience a tremendous tragedy -- not for ourselves, but for the country and for the world. This morning, I attended the Presidential prayer breakfast at the Hilton, and there were 3,000 people gathered from all parts of the world. I thought, "In a few years, more than 50 percent of these invited guests will be our members." [APPLAUSE.]

Do not think, "I am just a young kid." Do not think, "They are so great. We are nothing." You must think that a certain task that takes them ten years, can be done by us in two years. So we can do five times more than they do. By having faith in God, channeling the power and energy from God, you can draw limitless power from heaven. You can certainly accomplish.

The spirit world is on our side. There are millions and billions of people who are working ceaselessly on our side. They are anxious to help, but they must establish their position, their rapport, and their object for give and take. They do not yet find a clear foundation upon which they can all descend and work. We have to give them a handle to grasp. And we must establish greater, better standards than they did.

The very highest parts of spirit world are occupied by those martyrs. If you are going beyond; risking your own life, even unto death; committing your life; then all the martyrs, the greatest in the spirit world, will come down on your side. If that happens, all kinds of miracles will happen to you. People suddenly will come to you and pledge their help. Then suddenly, a person just hearing your first message, will say, "I want to be a member."

This is the Principle. In order to mobilize the entire spirit world, we have to be better than their quality, or their standard. God would like to help. However, God helped in history so many times, and those people whom He helped gave Him tremendous grief and disappointment. Therefore, we must prove ourselves worthy in the sight of God, so that we can be trusted. Then we will have a limitless source of power.

Our job is to mobilize. But you cannot succeed unless God helps you, unless spirit world helps you. There is a way to channel the limitless source of power. When I say, "One person, one member, one month," you say, "Oh, boy, how can I do that?" Instead of saying that, say, "Well, Father, I will try to being 120 members in one month." [APPLAUSE.]

After the Day of Hope tour is over, ten regions will be established, and ten commanders will be absolutely under my command. I will be visiting one of them practically every day. You never know when I will show up; one day by car, one day by plane; or if I have a helicopter...

And sometimes I will come at 2:00 in the morning, or 3:00 in the morning. I will tell you: I am going to let you have responsibility to fulfill, and by all means, I will show you how you can do it. If you just cannot do it, then there is no reason to live really. It is better to die. America is the training ground.

Unless you prove your worthiness and effectiveness in America, do you think you can be effective if you go to other countries? In America we have the most ideal situation. Let's say only 1,000 people came and spent many days, ate many meals, and then departed without leaving any results behind. How poor and shameful! So, by training and achievement-we will accomplish. [APPLAUSE.]

Those who are assigned as international mobile team commanders will have this tradition and be effective in six months. Then we will change the commanders and mix the teams. We are not going to have the same teams. Let's say the Japanese members are working under the leadership of a German commander, and, within six months, each Japanese brother brought in six members. Then those Japanese members have the privilege or right to say where they want to serve and under which leader.

They can go anywhere they want. So in order to have your complete promotion or freedom, you must bring in six members. Then you will have the privilege to go anywhere you want. In that case, you will be replaced by a new member coming in. The international mobile team is our training school, our on-the-job training.

There is no way to leave or stay behind;... For example, Japanese members want to stay under Japanese leadership; because they can speak the language better, they can share more and so forth; but they are like brides, going into another home, to serve their six months and bring in six members. Then they can go back to their own team.

When you go back to your own team, bring in another six members. If you graduate from that level, then you may go to Belvedere or Barrytown, and the training center. This is the course -- a set course. Our members will start that way. What do I mean by Belvedere? Belvedere is a leadership course.

If you want to become a real leader, then you have to train. But if you become a leader before you get leadership training, you are already proven to be effective in actual battle. Leaders proven effective will be assigned as local center leaders, state commanders, state representatives, and so forth.

So our elevation, our honor, our promotion, will come from achievement -- not from time. So many years in the movement doesn't mean a thing. Thus, nationally, we will have a vitally mobile, highly effective movement going in a few months. This may be the last time that 50 state representatives, state commanders, etc., meet in this fashion. At the next meeting, all I need is ten commanders.

Ten commanders will be responsible. In your own region, bring five state commanders and five state representatives together and have your own meeting. When leaders are away for a week or more, there is some flagging in activities because you are absent from your position, so I am not going to call you too frequently any more. Also, it takes a great deal of money. This is a big country to move around in, but the ten commanders will be mobile anyway, and they are earning much income for the movement, so they can afford to fly.

Let's say there are 120 people gathered together for a meeting, spending $120. It is $14,000 air fare alone. So from this time on, I am going to organize a chain of command, in regional and state localities, which will be strictly observed. The international mobile team commanders are going to have a tremendous responsibility.

You will serve as a model case, which all regional and state commanders, state representatives, and other center directors can follow. It is a great responsibility. In one year, each state will have 700 to 800 members. This is going to be our goal or target. When we have a nationwide body of 40,000 dedicated members then imagine the things we can do -- the sky is the limit! There is nothing we cannot do. [APPLAUSE.]

Also you have to train to go out to individual homes, to one family to create unity, when you go out to teach and preach the Principle. In other words, you are a moving class room. You bring the class room to your students, instead of bringing them into the class room. Of course, at the center, there are the formal, scheduled lectures going on every day.

But every one of you must become a good lecturer. And you are carrying your own class room, and can go out and conduct your class at an individual home, where the students will gather their own relatives and neighbors to hear you. This will be our new method. Those who make a good record, and show actual achievement, will be given greater responsibility.

In two weeks, if you make friends with one family, and you are in a position to be able to teach the Principle in their living room, that demonstrates the capability of bringing in more than one person in a month. When the Day of Hope tour is over, and your team settles in five states, staying in each center one month instead of two weeks, then you really can produce.

Of course, in the national headquarters of America, we will prepare all the material that you need. We have tremendous resources for publicity, and our strength showed during the Day of Hope tour, the Watergate campaign, etc. And in these periods of the Day of Hope tour in 1973 and1974, we are accumulating tremendous resources that will be impressive to the public.

Our publicity campaign demonstrates our strength better than a thousand words. What we showed was strength itself. We must organize, Neil ---that is our job. Use creative ideas, think of new methods -- lending the book -- all kinds of witnessing methods. Then share those experiences which are successful, and those methods can work everywhere.

And also, mobile team commanders, make friends with the local church ministers. In many cases, they may invite you to deliver their Sunday sermon. Mobile team commanders, be flexible. When you are moving to the next position, if one person can be more effectively used in the area where you are, you can leave him behind for a period of time.

Let him finish his task and then rejoin the team. The mobile team commanders may not have every member bringing one new member each month. But the statistics should show a 70 member team brought in 70 members, when averaged out. This is the all important element of our future policy.

Team commanders are highly mobile; every two weeks you have to move. Then you may have advance teams, one or two, advancing to future cities, even 7 cities ahead. Each mobile team will go to four major cities, engaging in four different campaigns, and in some cases five. So you can plan in advance the campaigns of all four cities.

In other words, you are not only dealing with each city as an isolated case. You will know your itinerary, so that you can plan the 4 or 5 city campaign as one package. Even before the international mobile team gets there, the state commander and the state representative should maintain close contact with the international mobile team commander, getting his agreement and direction by telephone. The budget must be either an advance or loan, and everything should be under the strict control of the international mobile commanders.

During the 1973 Day of Hope campaign, we learned a great lesson. In each city we distributed literature, and we conducted an opinion poll. According to the poll, the people are contacted and brought in, not because of new ideas, not because there is a brilliant speaker, but because of friendliness, sincerity, earnestness, service, and kindness. Because of this, we know these things move people. In other words, personal contact is the key, and the more you make personal contact with people, the more successful you are.

In every city to which you go, each person will be assigned around 30 homes. In conjunction with the state commanders and state representatives, IOWC leaders will pick 2,100 homes in cities which you visit. It is almost as though you have serial numbers -- 1 to 2,100 house numbers, our own house numbers. And when the members get there, they will be assigned 30 homes each, so that each person knows where to go.

All literature should be prepared; as soon as you get there, distribute the literature to the homes which you will make personal contact. In two weeks, work very hard, and bring in one third of 30 houses. It is a possible goal. At the very best, you can go for two weeks -- you can be a house guest in those homes. You can stay, almost becoming family members in those homes.

Bring them in to the Day of Hope lecture, and also Divine Principle lectures conducted on your initiative. Once they really taste, really know the Divine Principle, and understand what it is all about, there is nothing better. You have done the best thing for that person; you have really helped him.

The person you brought will go out to invite his friends. Those people will be your second generation, or grandchildren. These grandchildren can be reached and reared by your spiritual son or daughter; who are eager to introduce them to wonderful experiences. This way we can break through and win the hearts of people through the family unit.

Before the international mobile teams move from one city to the next destination, each contact must be clearly turned over to local leaders and members. Local church members are an extension of the mobile team. Therefore, you must have give and take. Think of it -- do it this way for six months, or one year. Ten new people within the year is nothing. Do you understand? [YES!]

Those people over there are the world brothers, who have come from countries other than America. You are Americans. You must be proud to be Americans, and you must keep your chin high. [APPLAUSE.] America will always be proud to be second to none. [APPLAUSE.] You have been proving second to none in every phase of our operation in America.

You have been winning. But in this one battle, this heavenly battle, this is where you must prove you are second to none in our tradition. Also state leaders, any time the international mobile team commander comes, work together and learn their method and tradition. And when they leave, you take over, and prove yourself even better than the international mobile team commanders. In other words, produce more.

Each state will keep their diary, or record. This one book should show the growth of a particular state or center. So each center, too, should keep a diary. And when Father arrives, you should present the diary above anything else. Do you understand leaders? [YES!] Each state, each center, beginning now, have a 1974 diary-365 pages.

Each state headquarters must have a diary, each center must have a diary, and the international mobile team must have a diary. And if your record of a particular month or week is so good that you want to share it with the rest of the world, the rest of the members, then you send it in to national headquarters. The Rising Tide, New Hope News or The Way of the World will publish it.

I want you to strive until something spectacular happens in your area, so that your area news becomes national news. Everybody looks for the Way of the World, desiring to see the spectacular news of the different states. And we are going to have a computer. National headquarters will prepare it, so that mobile team data, state data, and each center's data is readily available.

Then we will know who is at the top, and who is second, third, or runner up, in each area of our activity. Each month, the international mobile team commanders will recommend and report to Father the ten best performers of that particular month. Seven teams are working with 70 members. So I will have at each end of the month, 70 members' names in front of me. I will see the number of lectures, numbers of members brought in, and the amount of money raised. In other words, there are three different areas: lecturing, witnessing, and fundraising. So we are like students in school; we are now enrolled in the heavenly college. [APPLAUSE.]

The real strength of any organization is determined by the organizational pattern, and how well unified and harmonized it is. This is the real strength. Then unity and esprit de corps are the product of that group. Enjoy doing the work; like it. Be really crazy about it. You have to develop this kind of daily life. Just forget everything else.

Your own work is so good, so interesting, and you are so enthusiastic about it, that it will not become a burden. Once we organize this work system, this complete, disciplined system and train ourselves in America we will be prepared to go to other lands. We will just move, get there, and begin. The organization is working, already functioning.

We are going to have a strong worldwide movement. Therefore, we must have a strong worldwide organization. Communism is strongly systematized, but they are doing it at gunpoint, using the gun, the knife. We heavenly soldiers are doing it with bubbling and willing enthusiasm. Nobody is forcing you, except your own will, determination and joy. This is really different. Do you think you are working, and nobody will ever really know how good you are? Don't worry; God will know how good you are. And everything is your witness -- all nature, buildings, streets, are watching you. [APPLAUSE.]

You know, our standard is eternity. Other people are living for 50 or 60 years. But I am pushing you forward because I want you to have abundant eternal life. Therefore, you are accumulating treasure that will never be corrupted. Don't be burdened and troubled by your work, but go and face your daily work with joy and bubbling enthusiasm. God and the entire spirit world are behind you. All kinds of miracles are happening. You will be absolutely guided; the answer will come like this (click), all the time.

By now you know the outline of my 1974 strategy, don't you? [YES!] [APPLAUSE.] You have shown your enthusiastic welcome of my 1974 policy. Do you want me to trust you now? [YES!] Then let me organize seven teams right now.

Bo Hi Pak

State leaders, you pledged to send a certain number of people to the mobile teams. Would you give us the paper, so that we will have the names? Then we can make team assignments.

Neil Salonen

Does everyone understand that? Every state, write across the top of the paper your state name, the number pledged, and then the names of the individuals. Do it on a full sized sheet of paper, 8 by 11. Indicate the age of that person, and male or female.

This evening on the news, we made all three national networks, nationwide coverage. [CHEERING.] They gave tremendous coverage in the early part of the news program, and spoke really in a very sympathetic way. In addition, we made three more channels on local coverage, so we completely dominated the news this evening at 6:00 and 7:00, and I'm quite sure it will be on at 10:00 and 11:00 again, although you can never be sure until that time.

That rally made a tremendous impact, and this is most important in terms of the swelling movement from Reverend Moon. It started from his Watergate Declaration at the end of November, the 40-day period of prayer and fasting, and our demonstrations in all 50 states, and finally culminated with our huge rally on the 21st and the 31st. This is building up to the time when the President of the United States is going to have to recognize Reverend Moon as his only real source of support in America. [CHEERING!]

Bo Hi Pak

All seven international mobile teams have been organized. We would like to have seven commanders come forward.


Their new commander, Mr. Sudo, next to Perry [Cordill] is almost half his size. However, our brother Sudo was the One World Crusade national commander in Japan. In other words, he directed all 57 One World Crusade teams in Japan. You know, there is an old saying in Korea: "the hottest pepper is the small hot pepper."

We have now International One World Crusade teams numbered from one to seven; and these numbers, according to Father's instructions, will be in this sequence: Paul Werner -- team number one, Reiner Vincenz -- team number two, Perry Cordill -- team number three, Mr. Sudo -- team number four, Martin Porter -- team number five, our leader from Holland, Teddy -- team number six, our brother Joseph Sheftick -- team number seven.

This sequence was decided as the team was born; this is the sequence in which Father organized the teams. There is no other reason, except each team was born in that order. That's why Mr. Sudo is number four. However, team number one, two, three, have been the teams working for the 1973 tour, so they are old timers.

Now, each team commander, from team number one to seven, come up here and spend a few moments. Really boast and proudly present your team, and pledge to Father that you are going to bring the victory.

Paul Werner: Team number one, get up please.

Bo Hi Pak

Less than five minutes...

Paul Werner

I've got only one sentence -- that's all. We thank Father very much for the opportunity in the past to work for you and with you. It was quite an experience. Anyway, we have learned very much, and we will do our very best in the future. Thank you very much. [APPLAUSE, MONSEI'S.]

Bo Hi Pak

While the commander is speaking, that commander's team should stand up, so that everybody can see.

Reiner Vincenz

Father, we want to thank you for this big challenge that we went with this team all over America. Our team is not here at the moment, so I have to speak for them alone. They are in Los Angeles. We want really to fulfill all what we have heard today, to fulfill our promise. I really want to pledge that to our Master. [APPLAUSE.]

Perry Cordill

This honor is an honor that is recorded in heaven. Therefore, I take this very, very seriously. Where is my team? Are you all up there? [YES!] Okay, I'm going to let them speak for me. Do you want to claim victory for our True Parents in this next venture that we're going into? [YES!] That's what they'll do then. Father. [APPLAUSE.]

Ken Sudo

Is the team over there? Okay. I am very grateful for Father's direction. I cannot speak English very well, but my heart is strongest in... [APPLAUSE.] I hope our team can be most faithful and most heartistic, and that we can give back the greatest joy to heavenly Father and the True Parents. [APPLAUSE.] Our members, okay? [YES!] Okay. [MONSEIS.]

Martin Porter

Team number five, can you raise your hands up? We are a very, I hope, very special team. We have seven different nationalities in our team, so we are going to really show how many nations can work successfully for our True Parents. Can we ask that? Will you all then pledge the great victory for the True Parents? [YES!] We will be a very victorious team. Father. [APPLAUSE.]

Teddy Verheyen

I have been very inspired this afternoon with our Father's speaking. It was really wonderful. I have Pauline as a wife; I am married, you know. But I could not get her down here. We are going to have so much faith, that there will be no mountains left in the United States. [APPLAUSE.] ... as it is in Holland. May I ask team number six to pledge to our Father, victory in the United States and in the world? [MONSEI'S, APPLAUSE.]

Joseph Sheftick

This is going to be a new experience for me. Number seven (I like to move around when I talk). Number seven is a very special number for me. I was born on October 7 physically, 16 minutes after 7 on Seventh Street on Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn. I was born in the Principle of October 7th, 1968, my birthday gift from the True Parents.

I really love that number. It means a lot to me. When we had the first teams, the first ten teams, I was sort of hoping inwardly that I would have number seven. And now it looks like my hope has been answered. There is a quote in the Bible that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Since it is a book of truth, and since this is the day of fulfillment, team number 7, born last, shall be first, and the first -- well, I hope they stay pretty close to team number 7. [APPLAUSE.]

We pledge to fulfill all that Father has asked of us, and we're going to try to go one step further to set a pattern for America and for Americans. I think I have a lot of Americans on the team, so maybe we can be the first to stand proud before our True Parents, having accomplished all that he's asked. And I thank Father for this privilege of serving him. [APPLAUSE, MONSEI'S.]

Bo Hi Pak

Thank you. While team number seven commander, brother Joe is here, I would like to show you how quickly the miracle becomes true. You know, he just said the last team becomes team number one, as the Bible says. Now Father said, "Grant that miracle immediately." That team over there, team number seven, are so anxious to go to work immediately.

I would like to have a little miracle. I would like to announce to you -- number seven team is now promoted to number two. So that means you are going to Burlington, Vermont, and your campaign comes up very quickly; after Portland, the campaign comes to Burlington, and you expressed that you can do a good job. I'm sure you can do a good job.

Okay, a big hand. Now, the reason that number two team -- Reiner Vincenz's team -- will become number seven: not because there is anything wrong with Reiner's team, but because they are still in Los Angeles. Father ordered them to be there another ten days before they move to the East coast. So Father would like to give team number seven, Reiner's team, a little chance to fundraise and move toward the east coast; and you are lucky, because you have now a perfection number -- number seven.

Team number one goes to Portland, Maine, the February 15-16 campaign. Team number two, Joseph Sheftick, Burlington, Vermont, February 17 and 18. Team number three, Manchester, New Hampshire, February 19 and 20. Team number four, Providence, Rhode Island, February 21 and 22. Team number five, Hartford, Connecticut, February 23 and 24. Team number six, Trenton, New Jersey, February 25 and 26. And team number seven, Wilmington, Delaware, February 27 and 28.

This is the initial destination; this is where you are heading as soon as you get organized and logistically prepared. It is like an army. You have to prepare, and plan, operation plans, logistic plans -- everything. Then this is your first destination. From there on, you move on to seven cities, until the 32-city tour is over.

Team number three will be assigned to Anchorage, Alaska, too. (You need a snowmobile.) And team number four is assigned to Honolulu, Hawaii. What a lucky commander. Team number four needs amphibious operations, a small boat to land. Mr. Sudo, team number four, will be very lucky. In this Honolulu-Anchorage campaign, we have to fly. If you want to swim, you can do so. However, Father's desire is to have all seven teams raise funds; enough funds so that these two teams can fly. This is a sort of joint operation. Probably, if we raise enough money, then instead of flying one team, we will charter probably a Boeing 747. Everybody, all teams will go there.


Time has passed. This is a historical day. Today is a very momentous day -- the last day of January. We planned to have our leadership meeting. However, you have so many things to discuss within yourselves, with headquarters members, and all the teams. So now you can give all your support to newly organized teams.

Because of this we will not plan another leadership meeting this evening. Go ahead, have a meal, and take care of your business with national headquarters. Mr. Salonen will have instructions. And then we will get together at another time, the proper time. Father will give you the 1974 campaign direction, as all the international teams will go to their respective places and start their work, particularly those 32 states where Father is going to appear in 1974. We now have experience; we now have know-how, so we truly want to have a great victory for Father in the 32 states to which we are going.

Tomorrow, Father and Mother will leave for Europe. The big conference is scheduled in Europe, in London, on the morning of the 2nd of February, and the 3rd. Father will leave from London for Tokyo, Japan on the 4th of February. After this brief European and Asian tour, I will come back quickly to Belvedere, and really direct this campaign for the 32-state Day of Hope tour.

I'll be meeting you in Portland, Maine, as the first starting point for 1974. This time, during the month of January, we brothers and sisters gathered twice in this strength. We already gathered once for the big demonstration on Capitol Hill on the 21st. And when we gathered this time, we fulfilled many purposes.

First of all, we truly made the national headlines, as our President Neil Salonen reported; we made national impact. Our presence in Washington was felt by all nations, practically all over the world. So this is one purpose, and a great purpose which has been met. Secondly, by having this assembly, we have organized seven historical teams for IOWC.

This is another important thing. Also, this is the occasion on which Father can meet all the state commanders, or state representatives, in one room, so that we spent a very meaningful day. I am sure you are really determined to fulfill the pledge that we just made to Father. This was a very meaningful month, a meaningful January.

From February 1, we will renew our pledge and, respectively, when you go on to your responsibilities, really do the best you can in the sight of God.

I am going to have a busy schedule. I have to spend each second, split second, for different purposes. This is a very tight, busy schedule. You also have a very busy schedule. And while we are moving in such a busy schedule, our full impact will be felt. In the meantime, this nation, and all nations will become alive with the joy and worthiness that we are committing ourselves to, for a great victory for 1974. I will see you all when I come back, and what I expect is that I will see you with many other strange faces which I have never met before. Then I can meet many, many new brothers and sisters, new members, next time. [APPLAUSE.]

As you know, I wanted to have ten IOWC teams to organize on this occasion; however, we only managed to organize seven teams. My goal is ten. Within two months, these three more teams must be born, and on this we have to work. We must really bring abundant membership so that we can make not only ten, but many more international teams who can truly be a task force for heaven.

Shall we pray.

Master's Prayer

Bo Hi Pak

Everybody stand. Father will lead a cheer for the Unification Church, victory of the Unification Church.

Tong-il...Monsei, monsei, monsei.

I would like to lead the three cheers for the heavenly True Parents. True Parents, monsei, monsei, monsei.

Neil Salonen

I'm going to announce what the schedule is going to be for the next couple of hours, and after that teams are free to go whenever they can make their own arrangements. Please check in with the desk, or check out with the desk, our desk down in the lobby to give back your keys, check for messages, mail, literature, etc.

We've prepared a number of things as we always do for these conferences in the event that there's an opportunity to make a substantial report. At this hour, I don't think it's worthwhile. A lot of it can come out in the Director's Newsletter. I'd like to announce one particular thing: our movement has earned a great deal of money in the past year and spent a great deal of money.

We spent money that we earned with our sweat, blood, and tears this year. I know a number of centers still have remaining debts as a result of the campaign, so to underscore what Father said clearly, and this will come out in the transcript -- we will bring it to your attention. These campaigns, he strongly feels, should end with no debts left behind, so that the only responsibility of the state is to quickly cultivate the contacts that were made and bring them in as members.

There is a lot of business. We have the first meeting, the first meeting of the new campaign, on the 15th of February. So I think the rest of the evening should be devoted to the headquarters staff, meeting with those seven teams, or rather the commanders of those seven teams, and the leaders of the states that they will be visiting.

If we could break down into those seven groups, we have maps and literature and other instructions. I'm sure every commander will want to meet individually with the state representatives and mobile unit commanders that he will be taking the campaign to. The rest of you are free to see any of the headquarters staff in the lobby. We'll answer any questions possible. I'd rather just communicate the rest of the financial and membership information through something like the Directors' Newsletter, rather than take the time at this point.

One thing I'd like to say -- we don't want this campaign to just be a continuation of the 1973 Day of Hope tour. That tour is finished. We want to begin the third and final tour of America, as the perfection stage. So beginning February 15, we want to think and pray and feel in an entirely new way.

The topic of Father's speech is going to be 'The New Future of Christianity" and he's going to emphasize primarily what he spoke of in his third night's speech, particularly about the coming of the Messiah and the need for people to prepare. I wouldn't be surprised at all how much more powerful he makes that speech than even the ones that he made this past year, because he's going to condense the main points, and really put everything into one speech in each city. So in addition to feeling in a new way, we want new literature. Two things that have been designed -- I think you'd just like to see them -- one is the poster, the New Future of Christianity.

Clearly we have noticed a tremendous upsurge in attendance at the banquets and at the speeches. Of course, it was due to many things, but in particular, at the banquets, as the Watergate Declaration began to become more popular and well known all of our expectations changed. Up until that time, we knew that if a certain number of people accepted, then there was a certain percentage that we could expect to come.

But in the last couple of cities -- certainly in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and in Seattle and Denver -- a much higher percentage of the people who had accepted and said they would come, actually came. And each time we'd experience that, we thought it was the only time, so we still went with the proven percentages in the next couple of banquets; but they didn't prove right.

A number of times, when we went out for an interview, people would say, "Well, Reverend Moon's group, who is perhaps best known for their Watergate Declaration, which has appeared in so and so and so and so..." The Watergate Declaration, as I told you on the 21st, was general news, was national news, so it was covered everywhere by the big-time reporters.

The Day of Hope tour, however important it is, was usually covered by the religious editors and the religious reporters, so it was made very significant in religious circles. But more than any other single thing, the Watergate Declaration has launched our movement into national prominence, it's a heavy responsibility; it means the eyes of the entire country are on us, and not all of them are favorable.

Therefore, each one of us has to feel clearly like we're representing our True Parents in all of our actions. We're not acting anonymously any more. Whatever we do -- in our business dealings, in our financial dealings, all the statements that we make, the way we carry out our rallies -- in every case, we must uphold the heavenly dignity, because people will be looking for things to use against us. I don't want to paint a black picture; there are also many, many people who will be looking for things to use for us. So in the process, we're going to be manufacturing many of those things.

This is the year that our movement is going to be crucially watched -- from the White House, and everywhere. It's a critical year. When we fill Madison Square Garden on September 18, every political candidate in America who's going to be running for election two months after that, is going to be very interested in having a good relationship with the Unification Church. [APPLAUSE.]

Now, we spend hours and hours and go through anything in order to see these people, but it will be different then. I think that instead, we can stay home and answer the phone, and just schedule appointments for when they come. I was with Father two years ago when he first went to meet Senators and Congressmen, and it was very heartbreaking at that time; sometimes they would be kept waiting in the outer office an hour; sometimes after an hour, they'd come out and say we'd have to come back another day.

I thought, "What are we doing here to begin with? Why aren't they coming to us?" He said, "You wait a year, two years, and they will." That's exactly what's happening. All of us have had our faith confirmed in so many ways in the last year, and I know everyone's really inspired; and I know that they're also tired. So at this time, let's break down with the seven teams.

Would you like to meet with your teams first, or would you rather meet with the representatives from the states first, or do them both together? Okay, it's five after nine. At 9:30, let's reassemble here for a meeting with the seven commanders and the representatives and mobile unit commanders from the 32 cities that will be visited.

If the commanders are not free at that time, we'll still pass out a little information and hold the meeting together until they join us. In between now and then, let the seven commanders meet with their teams, and in addition, anyone else who has questions for someone on the headquarters staff, please come forward, or see us in the lobby.

Is there any other general business that I might be overlooking that someone can think of? Breakfast will be here at 7:00 for those who are remaining. Otherwise, you can leave at any time. Tomorrow is the first of the month. For those of you who are still here, we'll have a pledge service at 5:00 down here. Keith Cooperrider will lead it here. Then in the other hotels -- find one room to come together, or else have the service in your individual rooms.

That's the only thing I can suggest. Is there one person in charge of each of those hotels? Either you can come here at 5:00, or you'll have to do it as you can individually arrange in the hotel. During the team meetings, Mr. Tully will go to the teams and give them forms; there's one more form they have to fill out. In addition, will all of the other foreign members who are not on one of the teams for any reason, please meet with him, I think right down here immediately at the conclusion of this meeting.

There's one more matter of business. I would like to meet with the seven international leaders and the leaders from the European countries for just one minute immediately at the conclusion of this meeting.

There's a lot more to be communicated. Certainly we're in expectation in the very near future that Father could meet with the President. In between now and that time, we're going to be putting a lot of effort into creating the right impact and the right relationship. And it's important for all of us to be surrounding that purpose with prayer.

Since we won't all be together again, and perhaps not ever again, or at least not until one of the big crusades in the fall, we were going to organize a prayer vigil all night. Some individual teams may do that, but this evening right now, I would like to pray in unison for that one purpose. And I'd like all of the state commanders and all of the separate units to continue to maintain that prayer every evening until you hear word of what's been accomplished in that meeting.

It's a most significant meeting. It's not possible to arrange an all-night prayer vigil here tonight. Many teams will be leaving, etc. So let's pray together now in unison. At the end of that time, I will close, and then we'll break up into our individual meetings. This is for one purpose.

Okay, we've been cheering, and yelling and screaming all day, but let's end our conference with three cheers of 'monsei' and quickly disperse to go about your meetings. For the Unification Church, the only hope of America, the only hope of the world.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 07.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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