The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

God's Day Address

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1974
Translated by Won Pok Choi

As you well know, today is the seventh anniversary of God's Day. On birthdays, there have been many celebrations, both on the individual level and the national level. But for God, there has been no such day to celebrate since the fall of the first human ancestors. We have been taught by the Divine Principle that God could not celebrate His day because His children fell, and they could not attain maturity at which point He could have blessed them in holy matrimony.

There have been a large number of people -- Christians as well as other religious persons in history -- but there has never been anyone who ever thought of setting up God's Day. You could never imagine how God has been envious of other people celebrating national holidays and national founders' days.

We have never known on which day of the year God created the first human couple. Has there ever been anyone who celebrated the birthdays of Adam and Eve? If it had not been for the fall of the first human ancestors, they could have been blessed in marriage, centered on the love of God. But were a perfect Adam and Eve blessed in marriage? God could have been joyful only on the day on which He could bring Adam and Eve together in holy matrimony after their perfection, having never fallen; but God never saw such a day.

In the early days of our movement, we did not even celebrate our own birthdays. Many married couples have come into the movement, and as soon as they know the significance of what real celebration means, they cannot even celebrate their wedding anniversaries. They do not even celebrate their children's' birthdays.

On the contrary, on those days they fasted instead of celebrating. But in the Western world, our members do not know this fact. During the first three years of our movement. Master himself did not celebrate his birthday, but fasted on those days. Only after restoring certain days to celebrate based on their significance in God's eyes did we begin to celebrate our own anniversary days.

In the first three years of our movement when any one of our members would propose to celebrate Master's birthday, he would ask for the money and use it for the other purposes, such as expanding the churches. After all, the human fall brought untold sadness to God, so we are not entitled to celebrate any anniversaries.

Only after we make God joyous, that is only after the restoration of at least a single person can we celebrate those days. Before celebrating your birthday, you must reevaluate your past life, whereby you will find that you have never made God joyous or happy. Instead, you have been making Him sad, and have driven Him to despair.

Without your being aware of the fact, I have satisfied many conditions in order to set up the days of celebration. Before we could be permitted to celebrate our birthdays, I had to secure individual restoration on the substantial level and on the level of heart. First, I declared the day of the restoration of our heart, and then the restoration of our substantial body. After having declared those days, both on the spiritual and physical levels, we have a foothold for God to work on and to be joyous with us. After doing those things I could locate Mother.

Due to the human fall, we have sunk quite low, but during the course of restoration we will drag ourselves up and up to the position where we can restore our family. Also because of the fall all human beings have had to begin below the formation stage, go through the growth stage and reach the perfection stage.

Then we can be blessed in holy marriage. As you well know, man fell before reaching the perfection stage of the growth period so we have to repeat our mission through the growth stage, and then by going through the perfection stage we can reach the final stage of perfection where we can meet God and live with Him in His love.

It is a principle of re-creation or restoration that we start from the point where we fell, and then go the reverse way to reach the original point. If we find ourselves in the growth stage, before going through the perfection stage we have to conditionally go through the formation and growth stage of restoration.

The formation stage represents the Old Testament Age and the growth stage represents the New Testament Age. So we have to set up the condition of having accomplished what was left unaccomplished in those days, in the Old Testament Age and in the New Testament Age. After doing that alone, we are qualified to be blessed.

We have to restore what was left undone, or what our predecessors failed to do in Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham's family, Moses' and Jacob's, and Jesus' family. After doing that, we will find ourselves restored through the formation stage and growth stage. Then alone, we can expect to be blessed.

In order for us to restore all those things left unaccomplished by our predecessors, we must put ourselves in the position they were in. In those positions, we must restore what was left unaccomplished by those people in order to be restored to that point. In the days of Jesus, the people of Jewish faith and the nation of the Israelites as a whole were disobedient to the Messiah, causing the failure of his mission.

Likewise, when we put ourselves in that position, we must obtain cooperation from the Christian world. If the Christian world had cooperated with us, we could have won the victory long before. Because of their disobedience and non-cooperation with us, we had to restart from the beginning. What I am saying now will not be found in your Divine Principle book.

When we recreated the exact circumstances which existed in the days of Jesus, it meant that in the early days of our movement, all the established churches objected to our movement, and at least twelve people as the twelve disciples of Jesus had to fall away and rebel against me. Many families had been against me and, with the cooperation of the Christian world and even with the government, they wanted to destroy me. We had recreated exactly what happened in Jesus' days, and even the number of those who rejected me was the same as the number found in Jesus' day. In Korea established church ministers as well as laymen wanted to destroy our movement.

Seven years prior to 1960 is the point where that persecution started. We had to break through many difficulties until we reached the year 1960, when we set up Parent's Day. When I set up Parent's Day, it was not done upon our reaching the last stage of perfection period, but barely beyond the last stage of the growth period. From the True Parents on true children could be multiplied.

In the satanic world, the multiplication of the world population has created so many nations as the footholds of Satan. In our world, during the last stage of the growth period, we had to bless a certain number of people from a certain number of nations. It was not until the year 1969 that we blessed 43 couples outside of Korea based on the 430 families blessed in Korea in 1967.

On that foundation we established the spiritual territory of our movement by including ten nationalities in the marriages. Just as the chosen nation of the Israelites could have come into the blessed land of Canaan after 430 years, in Korea that number corresponded to the number of years of our history on the worldwide level.

So I blessed 430 couples, corresponding to the same number. Like the exodus of the Israeli people, around the year 1970 we made a great movement of transmigration from one place to another. With that done I called couples from ten nations, and they had to travel all the way from their nation to Korea to be blessed. That was in the year 1970.

I had to at least restore the number 10 by calling those to be blessed from ten nations. Ten is the number reached after going through the three subdivided stages of the three periods. The number ten corresponds to the number twelve. The numbers ten and twelve have the same significance.

After setting up Parents' Day, where we were barely beyond the last stage of the growth period, I had to go through all the difficulties and hardships of recreating what took place in past biblical history, and from then on our first seven-year period started in which we had to indemnify many other things.

In those seven years, I had to restore what had taken place in 7,000 years of human history, especially matters related to family relationships. We can imagine that there have been many types of families where disunity and rupture occurred with rebellion against each other among family members. There were many matters and particulars in our family life, among the couples, between the parents and the children, between the family and clans, and things like that, which had to be restored centered upon my family.

The True Parents had to shoulder the responsibility of having to restore all those things left undone or failed in by the predecessors. There were many entangled matters to be solved in those seven years. Do you understand what I mean? I don't think you really understand. I have done this without your being aware of the fact.

During the seven years, I had to set up the Parents' Day, Children's' Day, and then the Day of All Things. Even though there are Parents, without children we don't have a foothold as a family, but even with those two present if we don't restore all things, we cannot really function. By setting up those three days (Parents' Day, Children's' Day, and Day of All Things) we could restore the day on which God had His children, who by being blessed in holy matrimony become parents. God could then freely work with parents and children who were multiplied from the original parents as well as the whole world under His dominion of love.

After having set up Parents' Day, Children's' Day, and Day of All Things, we returned all those things to God so that God or True Parents can freely make use of all those things. Isn't that true? [YES!] Has that been done? We must make it possible, transcending national boundaries. If and when the command comes from God or our True Parents, for instance when you are told to sell the German headquarters and move to another nation, you have to do it right away. You must be able to do that right away. Do you understand? [YES!]

Centering on God, we are the people transcending national boundaries, transcending private ownership, and transcending any group consciousness. You must know this clearly. You must know the fact that I set up those three days within three years' time: Parents' Day in the first year, Children's' Day in the second year, and Day of All Things or World Day, in the third.

Until then, God could not freely possess or make use of the Parents. But by setting up Parents' Day, God could freely work through the Parents. After setting up Children's' Day, God had a foundation on which He could make use of and find children all over the world, and finally all things in the world. Be it Parents' Day, Children's' Day, or Day of All Things, unless you are in a position to leave everything in God's hands, you cannot, you are not qualified to celebrate those days in the real sense.

The human fall meant the fall of the parents. Together with the parents, the children multiplied by them were automatically in the fallen dominion. And then all things belonged to those people, groaning in travail. If all those three days can be set up in one instant, it would have been much better.

But I had to go the reverse way and set up Parents' Day first, then Children's' Day, and then the Day of All Things. I had to go the reverse way. So in the providential course of restoration, God had to obtain all things first, then the children, and then the parents. So in the Old Testament Age, people had to reach God through offering of things.

By sacrificing the things on the altar they could reach God in the Old Testament Age, while in the New Testament Age they had to offer children to God. By doing that, they could next save the parents. So in the New Testament Age, Jesus came as the son of God, and he had to save all of mankind. By doing that, he could set up the standard of his being the True Parent.

Conversely speaking, after the Old Testament Age comes the New Testament Age, and then the Completed Testament Age. Parents' Day was set up first, because by saving the parents, or restoring the parents to the original position true children can come about. And with the coming of the True Parents and true children, men can have true dominion over all things. [The terminology "True Parents" denotes the children under them.]

Due to the human fall, when we restore our children, we will have our internal children and external children. Between the years 1961 and 1963, Ye-Jin, Master's eldest daughter, and Hyo-Jin, his eldest son, were given birth. It has great significance in the course of restoration. When there are children under the True Parents, and all things are joined together, we can really celebrate all those things in the providential significance.

After the completion of the first seven-year course, from 1968 on, steady development or progress in our movement really came about. In that year, we established God's Day, which meant that we reached the perfection stage of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

After the fall of the first human ancestors at the very last stage of growth and all through the 7,000 years of human history, great multiplication came about on the earth. But since our movement started, during just the first seven-year course, we had to indemnify what was left undone in those 7,000 years.

Then we could reach the position of perfection, where we can really start our mission. This is where Adam and Eve could have started without the fall. All these things took place within the level of our church, not in the outside world. In other words, we have accomplished our mission on the internal, or spiritual level, but not on the external, or physical, level.

If we put the Parents in the position of the internal level, the children are in the position of the external level. The second seven-year course corresponds to the children. That is, compared to the first seven-year course, it is on the external level. We are now in the last year of the second seven-year course.

The blessed couples in the Unification Church movement must fight against the satanic force, with the core family of Master on the inside. During three years of the second seven-year course, 1971, 1972, and 1973, I drove out all the Korean blessed wives to the frontline. What was accomplished by those people back in Korea was passed on to you. On a broader external base I had to bequeath those people on the worldwide level, bringing them into this nation.

What I have so far done in this nation, after bringing those people from the year 1972, corresponds to what the Jewish people could have done in cooperation with the Israelite nation: marching forward to the Roman Empire to witness to the people and absorb them into God's bosom, without having to be victimized. In those days, the disharmony between the Jewish people and the Israelite nation caused untold difficulties and hardships, and many Christians were martyred.

But after so many years of God's providence and toil, we are now entering the age where we may be persecuted, but not martyred. In a way, you are in the position of the Christians in the Roman Empire who had worshipped God underground, and after so much persecution were at last martyred. But now the way has been paved by me, and you are not in the position to be persecuted.

As long as you work hard and reach the people, you are received by them and almost welcomed with extended hands. You must know the blessedness of what you are facing. You must become warriors of valor and courage by putting yourself in the position of those people. You must put yourself in the position of the resurrected bodies of those martyred in the Roman Empire.

You cannot afford to become lax and exhausted. If you truly realize your position as the resurrection of those martyrs of the Roman Empire, then you cannot afford to lose a minute. You must welcome whatever may come and fight through until you win the victory for those people, and for God, and the True Parents.

Unlike those martyred in the Roman Empire, you have your Parents' Day, Children's' Day, Day of All Things, and even God's Day. If you cling fast to those days, even though you may have to die on the course, you are destined for heaven. You are in the dominion where Satan cannot accuse you of having to be his victim.

If you are asked the question, "With what authority can you claim your citizenship in the kingdom of heaven?" you can answer, "I have observed Parents' Day, Children's' Day, Day of All Things, and God's Day while in life." After having celebrated those days, you are no longer vulnerable to the invasion of Satan. You can tell Satan, "You don't have those days; you are not entitled to celebrate those days; you are already removed to outside of God's territory, so you have no claim over me." This is the secret of entering the kingdom of heaven.

Just as in our movement as a whole there are Parents' Day, Children's' Day, Day of All Things, and God's Day, in your own family, too, centering on you as the parents, you must have your own Parents' Day, Children's' Day, Day of All Things, and God's Day to celebrate. Have you ever had such days in your own family? [NO!] You don't have all of these. So your utmost desire should be how to perfect yourself at the earliest possible date, so that you can be true parents yourselves, have true children of your own, and true things, and God abiding in your family. By doing that alone, you can go beyond the level where Jesus failed.

At the time of his crucifixion, Jesus lost all his disciples; even his three chief disciples fled, leaving him. However, even though you may have to die, every one of you should have at least three spiritual children of your own who would be ready and willing to die with you. That is what the spiritual children mean.

Unless you have three, at least three spiritual children, you are not entitled to heaven, and you are not entitled to the blessing. After having witnessed to and brought at least 12 spiritual children of your own, then you can choose three chief ones. These are not man-made words; this is the formula coming from God.

I must repeatedly say that in your own family, you must have your own Parents' Day with you as the core, the parents; Children's' Day to be celebrated by your own family; Day of All Things to be celebrated by your own family; and God's Day too. Then you will have your own God: with you as the parents, with your children as the true children, and with your Day of All Things to be celebrated in the truest sense.

We cannot go backward; in your time, there must be God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's' Day and Day of All Things, in this order, celebrated at once. You must be able to celebrate them at once. For me it took seven years, but in your family you can do them all at once. On the level of your family, you as the parents have your own children, and you have your own positions.

You must dedicate all those three things put together, to God as His belongings. And then you will be endowed with those things all over again, from Him. Before you are yourselves, you are the sons and daughters of God. Before your things belong to you, they belong under God's position. So you must first return all those things to God, and be given those things anew.

If we really understand this principle, when we reach out to every corner of the world, restore all its children, and all its things (in the mood and that attitude to return all those things after having restored them) would God not help us make it possible on the quickest possible date? We want to hasten the coming of that day, don't we?

Before being able to do that, we must at all costs have a national foundation, having restored our nation as a unit. We have been celebrating our Parents' Days, Children's' Days, Days of All Things, for so many years. But we are doing these things within our church, not in the outside world, without the cooperation of the government and nation as a whole.

Before long, the day will come on which people and families will come and beg us to have them registered in our movement as heavenly families, and let them celebrate Parents' Day, Children's Day, World Day, and God's Day. We will have to make that day come with our own hands. Then alone can we call that group of people our people, or that nation our nation.

Then we can enjoy our own clan, family, and parenthood towards our children. At that time, God is our God. Have we done so? [NO!] I am busy. I have to hasten the coming of the time when you will be welcomed by every soul, wherever you go and whomever you visit.

I have enjoyed all those days, centering on myself. Should I have to die right at this moment, I am destined for the kingdom of heaven. You must realize that if you cannot experience those days in this life, after passing away to the next world you will have to come back, and through the process of resurrection you will work through the minds of the people who have physical bodies. And it may take thousands of years for you to reach that standard, restoring yourself.

Even though I may have to die now, if I find just one man who can really understand all these things, and if I leave my blessing to him and leave this world, my lineage will be multiplied with the multiplication of those external families, and we can some day cover the whole world under the divine ideology. It will take so much time. Then what will happen? Until we move out of satanic bondage, you must go on and on until you have won the last soul on the earth. The Christians have to follow Jesus, and likewise you must follow the way that I trod.

Up to the present moment, the Christians have been moving from place to place without any core family to cling to. But you have core family, the True Family. And you cling to them, and become engrafted to them, they will be multiplied, thus multiplying the citizens of the kingdom. Without me, you have to do all those things in the slow process of time.

Would you prefer to do that, or would you follow my command with utter obedience while I am in this life? [FOLLOW YOU!] If you really understand all I have said so far, you cannot afford to lose any moment of time in your life, because you will be so busy in carrying out all those things in the short lifetime given to you.

If you are asked the question, "What is the perfection of the principle of the purpose of creation?" you can well answer: "The four position foundation." If you are asked: "What is the ideal of creation?" you can immediately answer: "The four position foundation". It is easy to answer, but what does it really mean? It means that God, the parents, children, and all things are one, and that in that harmony and oneness Satan is not there; evil forces are not entitled to invade your dominion.

We must establish the foundation on the national level, at least, or else there will be satanic invasion all the way through, and our families will not be stable in the providence of God. Satan has a claim over you. Were it not for the human fall and the invasion of Satan, God would be yours, and you yourself with your children and all things put together in the four positions could have been so strong that Satan could never invade your family. If the first man and woman had reached maturity and been blessed in holy matrimony; then right at the point that could have formed the solid foundation of four positions, where Satan could not invade.

But now, as the Unification movement in America, the American people can persecute us and object to our movement. Isn't that true? We are still exposed to the liability of satanic invasion, unless we win the foundation on the nationwide level. That means we have to win the whole population of the United States to our movement; and with the government on our side, we can just do everything. Our Parents' Day will not be invaded again, neither our Children's' Day, or Day of All Things. Then man and God can never be faced with satanic invasion again. We have to make the day come.

With the death of Jesus Christ, God lost the Jewish faith and the chosen nation of the Israelites. Likewise, centering upon the Unification Church movement, we must set up a nation under God. If we die without realizing that national base while on earth, then it means you are going to stay somewhere in Paradise, at the best, without being able to enter the kingdom of God.

Do you really follow me? [YES!] With that in mind, we must think of one day as a thousand, and use one day as a thousand days. I am not just saying this with lip service: I have actualized it; I have experienced all those things; and I have carried them out on my own power.

From the year 1960, which was the year of great significance in the providence of God, the outside world has been faced with doom. They are becoming corrupted and they are going down, while we are going up. There was a junction in that year. Ever since, we have been on the rise, while the outside world is falling down.

From 1972 until now, very important presidents were either assassinated, or died in accidents; this is no coincidence at all. If they are arrogant enough to want hegemony over the world, they will be ruined in God's power. I had the proclamation on the Watergate issue placed in so many newspapers. I wrote letters to every one of the senators and congressmen -- my personal letters to them. Some will make light of my letters; some will take them seriously and will then send me answers. It is a historical fact that we have opened up the channel to reach the White House within these two years.

American history will have to record my name when the history of the Watergate is written. Like it or not, the later generations will talk about me and what I have done at this stage. I have in mind to publish the record of what we have done on the Watergate issue. I might call it "the Watergate Treasure house" or something like that.

We will write many essays and print in book form and give it to every library all over the world. From the point when I made the proclamation on the Watergate issue, President Nixon has been going up and up, rising instead of falling. Public polls indicate about a 7 percent rise of those in favor of President Nixon. If that percentage reaches 21 percent, he cannot fall again; he will be lifted up.

While we celebrate God's Day here, all the rest of our families are in the frontline working for that, holding demonstrations, writing letters to people, and things like that. We must join in prayer that their project may be a success. Wherever you are, you must remember them, and you must spiritually join in their campaign. Even some of the members within our family don't know what I'm planning and doing behind the scenes.

Why do I have to do all these things? I have to go in accordance with God's will; and what I do must be woven into God's project. The nation of America represents the archangel, and Master alone, in Adam's position, can save those in the archangel position. All the rest of the world is in the archangel position in the external sense, so only Master can save the rest of the world.

As for Jacob, during the first two seven-year courses, that is for 14 years of time, he had to go through drudgery in an unknown land. Upon entering the third seven-year course, he had to restore all worldly possessions, restore himself, and go back to his original home. During our third seven-year course, I am planning to get hold of worldly wealth. We are in need of money, aren't we? [YES!] To what extent? [ALL!] Do you mean all the possessions the American people have? [THE WORLD'S!]

In the Arabic nations, the oil issue is a great thing. Just imagine that the population of the world is Divine Principle members except those in the Arab nations. What can we do? We will work hand in hand, and if they are not willing to sell us the oil, we will blockade them and not export food to those nations for several years. Then what will happen?

They are living in half-desert area; they cannot raise vegetables and other crops. We can defeat them. We can claim the oil, because the oil is under God's dominion, not under the dominion of those Arabs alone. Everything is our Father's; everything is God's; so how can we use it? If they go on like that for a little while longer, they will be entirely isolated from the rest of the world.

They are going to put themselves into a difficult position by that time. If the United States is really strong, along with the United Nations, and they make a resolution not to export food to those nations, the problem will be resolved right away. Being the leading nation in the democratic world, the United States could have done that, but she has not been able to do that, and it means the mission is unfulfilled.

Many years ago I predicted what was going to happen in Japan, in Korea, and in the rest of the world; everything I said came true. So you must be very serious; you are not here just to look at me. You are not bystanders watching other people doing other things. We are liberators. We are going to liberate the kingdom of heaven. We are to erect the kingdom of heaven on earth and that kingdom will gain hegemony.

We must have God rule over the world. Under a theocracy you will be loyal subjects in the kingdom of heaven. You are not here just to eat and sleep and rest and chat. This is different from a worldly career; and don't you ever dream of being successful in the worldly sense right here. Before being able to be successful in a worldly career, or even successful in our movement, you must think of how to liberate God and have Him enjoy His Sabbath.

As you well know, today is God's Day. If we set up God's Day, we must be able to make God happy. Are we making God happy? Is God enjoying Himself? No, God is sorrowful. It is true. Up to the present, no Christians have thought of that. For God's part, would He like the established church ministers, or our group?

Well, however ugly you may look, however disqualified you are, God has to love you more than those people. You are not quite putting everything into practice, but you can at least plan, and you are struggling hard to attain the goal. If you pray hard for what you are going to do, and if you are going to put everything you have learned into practice, then God will be with you.

Since we are not making God a happy God, can He for His part let us enjoy the day in just relaxation? What is God's desire? God's desire is to drive you hard, until we restore at least one nation under God and return it to Him. Then from that moment on, God would like to take Sabbath with you and enjoy with you.

Without even knowing the fact, the American people have won almost two-thirds of the world's wealth during 200 years. But we know all these things, and we have to restore all the wealth from all over the world in a few years. We are people of great ambition, and God will take delight in what we are doing.

There are many great leaders in the world, and there are even many religious leaders who claim to be Messiahs all over the world -- so many people are coming out. But there is no one who is my equal, because I am mobilizing these young people for the goal of erecting the kingdom of God. Is there anyone equal to Master? [NO!]

I have said many things, but have I ever said things without making them reality? [NO!] I have to untangle all entangled matters and mend them. By doing that, I am carrying out the project under the providence of God. So sooner or later, all the great or seemingly great religious leaders of the world must come before me.

There are hundreds of thousands of such people, but if they really communicate with the spirit world, they could have come long before to listen to me. If you go on like this, without accomplishing what was allocated to you, before long all those spiritually communicating people will take up the job in your place. Would you like to have that happen to you? [NO!] If you would hate to have them come and take your place, then you have no time to rest.

Before leaving Korea the year before last, I predicted that such people would come, and according to my expectation, an older woman who communicates with the spirit world came. She would analyze and read every mind and their ancestral lineage would be exposed; and what they are doing, what they are thinking, and what they are going to do would be exposed. Those who have been arrogant would become humbled and obedient, or fall away.

There were quite a few members who were more or less critical of what I was doing, complaining all the way, and barely following me. They would shrink back into one comer, multiplying their grudges, and things like that. Then all of a sudden this woman would appear exposing their minds before the people, and they would have to obey the old woman. They didn't realize that out of love I endured and overlooked what they were thinking and doing behind me. The same thing will happen here. All of a sudden, spiritually attuned people will appear and criticize you in the light of God.

If you really realize that you are not obedient enough, not loyal enough to God, you cannot afford to lose time in complaining. Even blind, utter obedience is needed before God and the True Parents. Then I don't need to talk so long before you. From the stage I can easily look at you: some of you doze off, some are exhausted, and stay here without listening to me.

In fact, those people are not qualified for this place. Even though it may be a humble place, before long senators and congressmen will come to visit Master right here. This is not the place for those who doze off while Master talks so seriously. On the spiritual level, it would have been better for them not to be here, because they are liable for judgment by doing that.

This is a serious place; you must be fearful lest you commit mistakes. There are an untold number of spirit men whose attention is focused on this very place; there are martyrs, there are people who have lived a life of godliness. And they are now in spirit world focusing their attention on what we are doing here.

On the physical level, you understand only by the explanations I give. But on the spiritual level they understand without even being talked to. If you are really thankful for what you are receiving from Master, you cannot doze off. With all these things in mind, you must be really serious in what you are doing in the year 1974. I will push you harder.

After my speaking tour this time, I will make a trip through the European nations, back to Korea, and then I will return. Would you want to have me only in the United States? What about other nations? Just think: in the future, if we have our missionaries in 70 nations, if I visit all those nations and stay three months in each place, it means I have to come back after how many years?

After 17 years. Once I leave the United States, when I come back, it will be after 17 years. If I don't visit them, they have the right to object, "If you stay in the United States three years, why don't you stay at least three months in our nation?" They have the right to say that. What if they say, "Come to my nation, because we will welcome you with extended hands.

While in America, you worked for those three years, and people objected, complained, called you names, and persecuted you. Then they demonstrated against you." What can I do if they welcome me in those nations? I am not in favor of the United States alone. I can't be like that. I must go wherever I am invited.

By the time I have to visit 120 nations, I will have to work hard to convince them that they have to let me go at the earliest possible time. In that way alone can I get rid of their accusation? If they are prepared to receive me in that nation, with the ground better prepared than in the United States, I cannot but go to them.

Back in Korea, while I was in the nation with them, the members did not miss me so badly. But I brought all my children here, and now the Koreans are weeping, sobbing, crying, and missing me. While you are hilariously joyful here, in Korea they say they feel like they are in a desert.

Before being able to celebrate God's Day, we must think of how to make God happy. And in order to make God happy, we must liberate His heart, and even make Him follow us, taking a Sabbath in relaxation. Can you do that, and are you resolved to do that? [YES!] You can barely answer; you mobilize your whole energy, it does not come out of your own heart.

Now you have learned that in order for us to enjoy the kingdom of God, we must be able to make God a joyous God, and before doing that, we must be able to have our own celebration of Parents' Day (in our own family), Children's' Day, Day of All Things, and God's Day on the family level. And with those things celebrated on the family level, you can pave the way for the rest of the world to follow and observe the same thing. And then only after living that kind of life on earth are you entitled to live in the kingdom of God.

We must be able to celebrate all those days on every level; in the scope of your own family you must be able to celebrate all those days; on the church level, you must be able to make your whole church celebrate those days; then on the national level, you must be able to have the whole nation celebrate those days. After going through all those three stages you are really entitled to the kingdom.

Where are we situated now, on what level? We are celebrating those days only on the church level, the Unification Church. But you are not blessed in marriage yet; after your being blessed in marriage, you must be able to celebrate those days on your family level. By going through the clan level, you must reach out to make it a national one.

So in the future, when we will have accomplished everything, wherever you go, whatever group you will meet, in whatever unit of society, you can celebrate these days. Before long, when we have church celebrations like this one, those from model families will be invited to celebrate the occasion. And when we celebrate it on the national level, exemplary churches will be invited or church leaders who will represent all the rest of you and your families. Not until that time can we really celebrate those days and make God a joyous God. That is going to be the kingdom of God on earth.

If after living in the earthly kingdom of God you pass away to the next world as a family unit, you are entitled to citizenship in the kingdom of heaven on the other side. Do you see clearly what I mean? For most of you, it is the first time you hear of such things. Now you have the rough picture of what kind of work we are going to do, and where we are headed.

Knowing all the particulars alone, you can make your heart really feel like celebrating these days in the truest sense. Do you understand me? [YES!] If you truly realize all these things, now you are qualified for this occasion, for this celebration of God's Day this year.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 07.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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