The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Human Life

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
December 1, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

"Human Life" is my topic this morning. We are born of parents. First for you to be born, your ancestors existed. Whenever you look into the mirror at yourself, you find yourself either handsome or average-looking, and things like that, and you judge yourself to be such and such. But you don't realize that there are many generations of your ancestors, and you are the fruit of your ancestors' lineage. The Japanese brothers and sisters would want Father to speak in Japanese, which will make it difficult for me. I've so far talked about your being the fruit of your ancestors, not limited to your own self, but you are a totalization of your ancestors' genes. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you find that you resemble your parents perhaps, but when you examine your ancestral lineage, you see that you resemble either one of them or a combination of both of them.

When you think of your own parents, your mother is born of a different lineage from your father, and those two come together into one unity, into oneness, and then you are born from the two, totalized in you. When you think of two tributaries which reach the ocean, you can imagine each of those two have gone different ways. For some of you, your father's lineage has more righteous people in the past, or, for some others, your mother's lineage has more righteous people. On the other hand, for some of you, you have a bad or evil ancestral lineage. When you analyze your ancestral line in light of the Providence of God, you can never say that your ancestors have all headed toward the same goal, directed or set forth by God, and you are not happy because of that. You may immediately think that your ancestors have been estranged from God's dispensation rather than in conformity with it.

In the Principle, we must think of ourselves not apart from God's will in terms of individuals, but we always have to think of ourselves in terms of the Providence of God or His will. Seen from that viewpoint, you can place yourself at the cross junction. Your life on Earth is at most 70 to 100 years, but your record will matter, and your future will count. You are at a junction point connecting your past and future, and thousands of years of the past is connected with you, and what you are doing here on Earth in your life will be connected to your future generations.

When you think of your life as coming from the past, as a stream, the wide stream is narrowing down on you at one point, and what you are and what you have lived here will be extended to all your descendants. When you think of the time of past history, suppose your ancestral past is like a muddy stream, and at the point where you are situated, you must do something about it-cleanse or clear away the muddiness and bequeath it to your descendants. Otherwise your descendants will be ... well, in the swirl of a muddy stream in muddy water. When you think of the past human history as a whole, we can see that it has been muddy water, not clean water. So, how to cleanse the water to be a clear stream, to be handed over to your next generation, is the problem. Before being able to do that, we must find a way to change the course of the muddy stream to flow downward. We must find a way to do that. But it seems to be impossible for any individual to do the job. In order for us to be able to stop the stream from flowing on its way, we must have some power stronger than the current of the stream. If there's any way possible for us to bar the current of the muddy stream, or, if we can find any place or any person who can do the job, we must be ready to spend our whole life or cast our whole life for the job.

We conclude that for fallen man, there's no possibility of doing this task; then who-who at all can do the job? That is the question. If there is someone who can take over the job, take the responsibility of the task, we must be very grateful to that person. We cannot thank the person enough, even though we may risk our lives and do the job at the cost of our lives. There are thousands of past generations who cooperated with each other to make that muddy stream, to be handed over to us. When you imagine that those ancestors of yours have not been annihilated but living somewhere in spirit world looking at you being swept along by the stream, how sad must they be, how grieved must they be in their hearts. You know that your own parents would want you to lead a happy life, without being swept up by unhappiness and misery. If your direct father and mother are like that, you can imagine your grandparents and great-grandparents, and their parents and parents and parents, up to the very origin must also be grievous. All the past ancestors of yours are expecting you to get out of the muddy stream, to be cleansed. Once you go to the spirit world you will feel and see who has done how much of righteousness, and you cannot escape it. When you think of that, you can imagine that you resemble one, at least, of those ancestors very much. From the viewpoint of your ancestors, since you are situated on the cross-junction of human history, they would want you to resemble the best one of all their ancestors, to pay off the debts they have accumulated. It is possible that you, as the fruit of your ancestors, resemble one of the best ones in your ancestral lineage, but very possibly, on the other hand, you resemble the very worst of those people.

So, we must seriously think about whom we resemble among our ancestors. Is it the righteous one, or the evil one? What do you think? Would you like to resemble the very best one, or the worst one? (Best!) Well, of course, it is natural for you to answer in that way, but is that true? Are you really born resembling the best one? That's the question. When you think of yourself, you can very safely define yourself to be good, or close to good. But, when you think of your ancestral background, you cannot safely determine that you are a good fruit.

It is possible that a man outwardly resembles the very best one, and he is handsome and has good qualities. But inwardly, he resembles the very worst one, being the totalization of all the evils committed by his ancestors. What will happen? On the other hand, for someone on the external base he resembles the very worst one, being very ugly, not handsome, but inwardly, he's endowed with righteousness and many good elements in him. But for each one of them, when he or she is situated on the cross-junction, his life would not end with himself. It will be extended to others. Since you are the totalization of the fruit of your ancestral past narrowed down at one point, since you are not confident you are from a good lineage, if you multiply yourself just as you are it will be awful. So, you must at first try to narrow down until you cleanse the muddiness. There's only one path which is righteous. It is absolutely right. Get on the line up to the very origin where you'll find God.

When you extend the line to eternity, at some point you will find the ideal world, or ideal being. The ideal can be erected not by your efforts alone, but with the cooperation of God. In your ancestral past, in what generation did your forefathers work with God, or have they been with God ... in accordance with God's will? Well, you all may think that it would have been far better off if you had good ancestors having worked with God. And you can well imagine that your future descendants will say the same about you. So, we must be very serious to think of ourselves in terms of God's will. We will work on the spirit line to reach God up there and reach the ideal world down here. Men are born to stand up straight like this, but your spiritual posture, well, for your spiritual posture, some are standing like this, some like this, some others like this, still others like this, and very many stand, can I say, standing up-side down, on their heads, something like that. In some cases, many people are such that it would have been much better that they were not born at all. Then, to what category do you belong? Where are you situated? Those whose spiritual posture is like this must try their deadly best to stand up straight. But instead of doing that, he would try to sink deeper and deeper to the dungeon.

There are many members here, and all of you, without exception, would belong to either one of those categories. Therefore, it is very difficult for you to find harmony with each other, since you are from different origins representing either one of those types. Well, even after joining the movement, you find yourself just the same. Your joining the movement is of no accident. You are helped ... you are being helped, or you have been, by the best of your ancestors, and at that moment he knew that, your best ancestors led you into the movement. But, well ... who knows? At some moment, different ancestors of yours can cooperate with you, and you will bring out history more than any forefathers of yours. At that moment you feel like leaving the movement, or feel like drawing yourself to a private place. There are low periods.

Well, suppose our goal is up there. You know very clearly, but sometimes you go backward, sometimes you go a little forward and then you zigzag. Even in one day, you think of many things. So, your spiritual direction is zigzag, going back and forth all the time. If your ancestral lineage is on the whole a good one, then even though you may draw a zigzag line, you are going up, never coming down. You are the fruit of your ancestors, with your ancestors being the cause. So, what they have done in the past, if they are good, will be reflected on you. When you think of those complicated things that make it possible for you to exist, we cannot fully trust a person.

There are various types of persons in the world. We are conceived of various elements but we must know how to put them in order and arrange ourselves to be in a good condition. God will be thinking of the same thing and would help you if you are ready. When you analyze the past history of mankind, the very fall or evil came about when men thought about things centered on themselves. Selfish desire brought about that kind of condition. Man could not have fallen if he was unselfish and sacrificial, and thought of the larger whole instead of himself. But the worst thing happened, and man began to think of himself and deny others. Therefore, in the process of restoration we must be able to go the reverse way, going backward rather than the worldly way we are used to.

When we talk about death in terms of the Divine Principle, we use the word "indemnity." And by going through indemnity, we must go the reverse way. Is it true? (Yes!) When you closely examine yourselves, can you say you are happy, or are you unhappy? (Happy!) Are you really happy? Is there any such thing as real happiness in the world? No. If you truly realize that you are the fruit of your ancestors, and your mission is to pay off the debts accumulated by your ancestors, you cannot have even a moment of your life in easiness and happiness.

If you think of your being happy, with the notion of all the ancestral past and the debts you have to pay off, something is wrong with you, you are not normal. But you cannot be ready to lead your life in unhappiness all the way. There must be something done by you. If you surrender yourself to unhappiness, you are abnormal too, you are not yourself, you are beside yourself. You cannot tell yourself you are born unhappy so you are going to lead an unhappy life. You cannot say that. If you keep telling yourself that there is a way for you to go beyond unhappiness and that you can build the world into a happy one, and if you are mission-sensitive like that, what kind of path are you going to make? What is your conclusion? Would you be ready to go on the miserable way, to cleanse away the debts, pay off the debts, or would you rather go an easy way? If there is a way possible for you to go by which you can pay off your debts, which way would you prefer to have? "Hard and quicker way," he said. Oh, you are not ready to die for the cause? The hard way will be enough? (No!) It is the hardest way to steer and there you cannot afford to die! These are not just empty words, it is truth. If you are so heavily saddled with the burden of your past, and you have no moment at ease, then have you ever stopped to think of the seriousness of the situation, struggling hard to win over it, and triumph there? If there's any way possible through which you will never die, but obtain the goal, you would take that way, wouldn't you? If that is the way of the ladder not only straight up like this, but you may have to climb up a ladder placed like this, it is better than the way of death. Isn't it true? And you are compelled to climb up the ladder, so what would you do? (Climb.)

Sometimes you would think, "Well, I would rather die than have to climb that kind of ladder!" Even in competition you can picture your life in the Principle, as being in the Providence of God. On the other hand, girls above the age of 30 may think, "Oh, I'm over 30, and what I need is my own mate!" And the same will happen with the boys. The boys of over 30 will think, "Well, this is the time for me to have my mate!" And you are most serious for that. Aren't you? No? Isn't that true? This is far from God's expectation. When you are entertaining that kind of notion, you will be burdened and when you are climbing up the ladder, some power will pull you back. For the girls: May I ask you a question? After you are married here, would you want to lead a bitter life, having to pay off debts all the way through? Or, do you want to remain in a happy home, having nothing to do with those things? Well, answer me. I would expect more than 98 per cent of the girls would answer that they want to lead a happy life. They are born like that! Then I'm very sympathetic with the men-they have to lead these women.

Even in the Garden of Eden, female folks were the problem ... the female was the problem, and the same thing will happen in the way of restoration, I'm afraid. When we think of that, we come to the conclusion that, if we are headed for the true way, we must have nothing to do with women! Well, in the oriental countries, we have that kind of notion. When we are faced with serious problems, you must try to have nothing to do with women! In the Oriental countries, suppose the head of the family, the man, has a serious problem to discuss; he will do that with his sons, not with his wife. He can tell his wife to leave the room, because he has serious things to discuss with his son. It is etiquette, and it is common sense that the wives will leave the room without being hurt. Well, is that common in American homes, in the Western world? (No!) The wives will get furious! Angry. Suppose you, as a man, have a serious problem and you are going to do something great for the nation, or at least for a bigger whole than your own family. If you discuss the matter with your wife, nine out of ten, I suppose, will either reject it, or will have a feeble mind so that she would try to stop her husband from doing that, or, later on, she will reveal the secret, betray the secret.

You females are more like that. Up to the present moment in the history of restoration, women have not been dealt with too seriously. Well, that's what you find in the Bible. Up to now, men have directed the world, but at the cross- unction, in the latter days, they are destined to meet women and get their cooperation to accomplish the mission of restoration. If women had the responsibility of manipulating the world, what would have happened? Just imagine! Peaceful world. If women have lived exclusively for women, maybe they would have been at peace, without having to fight, but, if there's one man appearing in their midst, there'll be wars, fighting. Well, you may think that men initiated fighting ... fights and wars. But, it is inevitable because of the evil world, men were all brave to fight against the evil power. They were destined to do the job. How can the world be changed without fights on the part of men? Even in the Unification Movement, the same thing applies.

Suppose you are blessed in the Holy Marriage. After the marriage, the women are apt to think of the happiness in the home, rather than, you know, living or having your husband to work for the greater cause. It's possible for your husband to be sacrificed but you are not willing to have him be sacrificed. Isn't that true? If you are truly the members of the Unification Church, you must be different. My logic is that, up to the present, men have been in the vanguard of the women. But now ... from now on, the women must stand in the vanguard of men, leading them-almost leading them ... putting them in the rear. By comparison, I would rather have my female members fight in the war against Communism where, in the Communistic world, they would have their male folks to fight against our female folks, and I must have my female members win over the male soldiers of Communism. What about it?

I As you may know, in North Korea, Kim 11 Sung is training his women to be stronger than the South Korean men soldiers. North Korea represents the evil side, while South Korea represents the Godly side. And in both countries, they train women to be strong soldiers. If and when the Communists would send their soldiers to fight against our movement, and fire the artillery and things like that, would we just sit with folded hands to be killed and annihilated? (No!) Then what would you do? (Fight.) Can you, especially you women, kill the Communists? (Yes!) It is not an easy task at all. In light of the Divine Principle, you should not kill even your enemy. You must love your enemy. And in face of death, you are about to be killed, what would you do? That's the great problem. There's only one way possible-to win over Communism without having to kill them or be killed. That is, to put more strength on our side and we will train ourselves to be more efficient soldiers, and stronger by far than the Communist power.

Then, they cannot even dream of attacking us. It is typical of evil to attack you when you are weak. Satan will appear when you are weak, around the nation of God's choice. And when there is a group which honors God, God has always been helping that group to be stronger than the evil side. Suppose there are people depending on your arms having to carry them. If it is allowed, what would you prefer to do? (To carry them.) Carry, or climb up without those people? (Carry!) If the ladder is so weak, that if you are going to carry two persons, one on either side, it will crash down. What would you do? (Carry them.) Still carry them? All by yourself and after you attained the goal ... let other people climb up?

I've talked about happiness and unhappiness. But before that, I would want to ask you, what is our average age here? Well, male members? What is the average age? (23.) Ah! And what is the average length of life! It is not that much here. Sixty-five? Seventy? (73.) One third of the day is spent in sleeping, so the next forty years will be lived. You are awake during the day, but you are working only half the day, maybe, in concentrated work, so, you have the next twenty years to work. Well, are you happy while you work? (Yes!) If it is hard work and you are forced to work, are you still happy? When you work, would you be gay and hilarious? You want to have hours of recess or rest between work. Maybe three hours a day. Sometimes you are sick. So, you have to subtract two hours.... If you subtract two hours of rest that's two-eighths of the day.

We sometimes get low, we struggle with it, quarrel with each other and we get sick. So, I should say that we are only working in concentrated effort for the next ten years, or less. How many minutes or seconds of real happiness do you enjoy in a day? When you just feel like dancing, and singing, and smiling, laughing-how many minutes? How many seconds? Well, there are even less than two years of real happiness you will have tasted all through your life. All through your life span would you imagine that you have two years of that utmost joy and happiness? Or even less? When you think of that, life is just like a shadow, fleeting away so quick.

Suppose in your life and your homes, you cannot quite trust your husband or you cannot quite trust your wife, so there are always quarrels, and your children do not have filial piety. You have to worry about them, then how many hours are left for you to be joyous? I should say that there are less than two years of life for you to really enjoy. On the other hand, all the rest of your life will be filled with sadness, fights, greed, and things like that. Because of that, men have struggled to get out of this life, or to spend this life seeking for real happiness in the other world, in the spirit world, and, in doing that, men have enjoyed great happiness. The more we find the value of doing that, the more happiness we can enjoy in earthly life, too. If you find any way possible for us to be really happy all through eternity, at the risk of even those two years, would you rather sacrifice those two years and exchange them for eternal happiness? Compared to the greatness we are going to enjoy as a reward after this life of struggle the two years of sacrifice will be of no matter at all. We find ourselves being drawn to the dungeon of life by enjoying the few years in our lives, and meanwhile there's another way open to us to find eternal happiness if we sacrifice these two years of happiness on the Earth. By comparison the other thing is by far the greater.

So, are you sure of God's existence? (Yes!) Which is it: is it because I have been teaching you that there is God and you trust me, you almost believe my sayings in such a way that you are compelled to believe in God? Or, have you experienced God's existence in your life, and you feel the abode or dwelling of God in your own self? That you recognize Him? (Yes!) You have experienced God? If it is true, hold up your hand. What if I publicly declared to you: There's no such thing as God! Go away, and enjoy your own life! What would you do? (We're not leaving!) Are you confident of that? (Yes!)

We all know what it is like in the fallen world. If you think there is anything like happiness in a fallen affair, it is entirely wrong. If you really recognize the human fall, it is an abnormal state and you cannot be content in that state. Suppose there is a damaged machine or a cart pulling barely ahead, but you know, you are aware that it is destined to stop somewhere, and you are going to get into difficulty, can you sit still there? I see that you really recognize that you are in the stage of having fallen, so it is either insane or abnormal to think that you can enjoy happy life here. So our destiny is to have to get away from the present state, to grasp something of a higher dimension, for our eternal life. Would you rather remain in the fallen world, or try to escape from it? (Escape!!!) When you will have barely attained the goal going beyond the level of the Fall, would you want to go back to the previous world? (No!!!) If you are like that, you are idiots.

Before long, Christmas will be here. Once you left your home, which you thought was beautiful, because there you found something here better than that. Then what has your life here been? You have been out on the streets selling candles, peanuts, witnessing to people, and being rejected while you have to pray for them, and when you look at your own selves you are clad in rags with almost worn-out shoes, and all wrinkled dresses and suits, and your old friends are looking at you, and they find you to be miserable now. How do you find yourself, and what is your feeling? You long for your past lives? (No!!!) You are home-sick for your past? (No!!!) You say no with your lip, but deep in your mind, are homesick. You are at least thinking of something else than what you ought to think. It is permissible to think, just to think of that, maybe, but if you put it into practice, it is wrong.

If you have attended here only a short time and then if you go back to the old world, you are apt to be swallowed up again. You must have a good bearing here, you know, solidly settled here, and then by the order coming from above you can go back to your place, restore your family, relatives, and bring them back to this world; and it's permissible. The best thing is that, if you save the whole nation, your family is included. Your relatives and friends are already included there. Our conclusion is that it'll be far faster for us to save the nation, with its population of 2 1 0 million, and then the rest of your friends and families and relatives will be included, but if on the other hand, if you try to rescue those people, save those people and be rejected and be faced with difficulties, that will prolong our restoration. Do you follow?

In your past ancestral lines, your forefathers, most of them I should say, were always thinking of their own home. Only a few of them have been thinking about their countries or have thought of the salvation of the world. It has been very difficult and almost impossible for those people to do things or think of things in terms of saving the enemy. There are many levels of people who have lived on this earth. Some thought of their families exclusively, some thought of their nation at best, some thought of the world, some thought even of the salvation of their enemies; and, from God's sight, who would be the greater, who would be a great person or saint out of those people? When you think of a larger home, you become greater. And Jesus belongs to the last category, having loved even the enemy. God's goal of salvation is that, having to save even Communists. We must have the same goal. Centered on the Godly side, we must save the ungodly world of Communism, too. Step by step, we must go on, until we can include the whole world in the salvation, from the individual to the family, the nation, the world, and including even the enemy. On the crossing junction of every level we have to pay the indemnity due ... due and proportionate to the greatness of the mission. Who would do the job? Who is ready to do the task? We must at the end be able to save the enemy. These are historical front-lines.

After you will have attained the family level of restoration, would you want to go back to the individual level of things; after you will have attained the goal of national level, would you long to go back to the family level? After you will have attained the goal of world-wide level, would you long to go back to the national level of things? Can you do that? (No.) In our movement the idea is for us not to look back. When you will have attained the next goal, you will never look back or long for the previous stage of things. Just head for the goal, and go up and up, until you will have attained the last goal, you cannot look back. When you are settled safely here, with all the right bearings then you can go back and take care of our other affairs. In the latter days we in the fallen world are destined to go back. We cannot sit still just repeating the same thing all over, but we have to do something and a way is to go back to the original state before the Fall. One of the reasons it is good for us to go back to the original state from the fallen world now in the latter days is that there is chaos, uncertainty, confusion, and all sorts of evil prevailing in the world, making it impossible, almost impossible for us to go back.

There is moral corruption and the threat of Communism, and the free sex problem. Now history has even witnessed streaking. You are situated here, but in a small way, you have to go through all those things. History has never seen such an age in which all those things are mingled together. A bit of everything of evil is there. But, from God's side, He will pour out all righteous things, showing a hopeful and promising way of life. Unhappiness, destruction and misery, and all those evil things will be here, but from God's sight, in proportion to those, He will give you brighter and happier things. Tens and thousands of generations have committed sins, and all those things are totalized and bearing fruit here. At the time of harvest in the latter days, those evil things must be harvested, too, but in proportion to that, God will work to help people cleanse the wound, and win over evil. In human history, we have been in the most miserable world, in a way. But on the other hand, if we will have paid the toll of indemnity to win over those situations, a new world is promised before us-a new world of higher dimensions, filled with happiness. Even in America, which all the rest of the world has been thinking of as an ideal world, a God loving world, there are corruptions prevailing, and even the citizens of the United States are aware of the fact that they are living in the dungeon of life, in sin here in the United States.

The situation here is more dreadful than in Korea. In Korea, a woman can walk on the street at midnight and nothing will happen. They are safe. But here, on the streets of New York, if a woman would walk all by herself, something dreadful can happen, something awful can happen. It is because America has been the leading nation of the world, and a bit of everything has been prevailing here including good things, but in the last days, at the turning point of God's Providence, God has displayed everything evil in this nation in order that it might be restored by going through indemnity and so that what is done here, according to the Providence of God will be spreading out to every comer of the world. That's God's dispensation.

So far, we have been working on the streets of New York, and we have won great numbers of people to our side. But later on, sooner or later, we will have to witness in the Harlem section and then all the Negro people must be brought into the movement. At the end, we must infiltrate into the Communistic ranks too, to win their hearts and bring them back to God's bosom. Just think of that: our enemy, the Communist's target also is the United States. Have you been aware of that? (Yes.) International gangsters and gamblers-all those people are assembled in this nation. It is nothing strange that you have Mafia people in America. This is the world-wide display of evil power. It is Lord God's desire and the desire of mankind to change this world into a better place to live in, and a bit of everything is displayed in this nation, in this leading nation of the world as the stage of God's restoration. God's intention is to have His people working here to overturn every level of thing-individuals, families, and the nation of the United States to His side. By doing that and by using America, He will turn all the rest of the world to His side, including the enemies and evil powers of Communism and gangsters and all those societies and communities. What, anyway, does the Unification Church stand for? In America, there are many nationalities mingled. There's no other place in the whole world other than America where people from all nationalities and races are mingled. You are here, but you are not now yourselves alone on the individual level, but you represent your family, your nation, and your race. You must be conscious of that.

As you well know, human history on the vertical line must be indemnified and straightened out on the horizontal level in our age. In restoring all the vertical things on the horizontal level, we cannot go to the right side alone, but we must go back to the left side rather than bring back all those things to the right way. Since we are placed in the fallen world, our indemnity to pay is that when we want to attain this much, we must go backwards. When you want to attain the level of family, you must go backward to win things in the fallen world on the family level, and then alone can we attain the family level of restoration. When you want to -attain the level of national salvation, you must go backward to win the hearts of the nation, then alone you will have gained or obtained the goal and so on. The longer distance we want to cover, the longer distance backward we want to cover, and then restore them to attain that much distance. Our strategy is to go back and cover the same distance on the left side to, so far as to be able to attain the same distance on the right side. That means we want to live in the Unification Family exclusively for our own happiness, but there is none allowed. We must be scattered to the front-line to win the hearts and souls of the nation.

Jesus was the only son of God. He's entitled to live in God's bosom up there, but he was sent to the dungeon of life in the fallen world, and after he would have received the whole mankind alone, he could have gone back to God's bosom to enjoy eternal life there. But his mission was not fully accomplished in his lifetime, and where he is now situated is Paradise, not Heaven. After the sacrificial lives of Christians for 2,000 years longer, he must come back to save and accomplish his mission, left unaccomplished in his former life. It is not any easy job for him to come back. After having prepared the people to receive him alone, he can come back. In that way, God has spent 2,000 years. Now that evil power is prevailing on the world-wide level, the Lord of the Second Coming will be here with the mission on the world-wide level. If the evil power is not on the world-wide level, the level on which he comes will be different. So, what are our lives in the Unification Church like? What must they be like? What should we be doing here?

You American members, even though you are Americans, you should not be like the American youth of this day, today; you must live an entirely different life. In the outside world, American youth are enjoying free sex and all this corrupted way of life, but it is never allowed here in the Family, in our church. In the outside world, American youth say that they must have their own freedom. But in the Unification Church, there's no freedom in that sense. You must move upon the command coming from above, because that is the only standard. In the outside world, the American young people are using their money for the enjoyment of the fleshly life, but if you have money here, you must think of the money not being your own, and the money must be used for the greater purpose, as directed by the central figure. Our shelter, food, clothing and everything we are using is for the benefit of the nation.

Our families in the Unification Movement are different from the ordinary families in the outside world. Our families are the instruments, the bridges to connect the world with our ideology and save it at the sacrifice of the smaller things. What makes our Church different from the established churches is that in our Church all the members are ready to sacrifice themselves and the Church as a whole for the benefit and salvation of the whole nation and world. In the outside world, all the Americans are coming to their knees in face of the threat of Communism. But here, in our movement, all members are marching forward to fight against Communism and win their hearts, even to God's side. Our goal is the world, not anything smaller than that, and sooner or later we are going to fight against and win over the satanic world as a whole at the risk of our own lives, while in the outside world, people would want to save their lives, and keep material things to themselves. Well, we must have strength and immovable faith in the success we are going to have, even though evil power in the past, present and future will be totalized, centering in on us, and fighting against us. So again I must say, America is the nation in which all the past evils and present evils will be totalized and we must be well aware of the fact.

America must be re-awakened to the fact that what they must be fearful of is not an enemy coming from outside but one in their own midst. They have also foreseen the threat coming from Communism, the external enemy. But in their midst, the internal enemy of Satan is going to bring rupture in their homes. Now your homes are situated in the places where the fall of Adam and Eve appear, the illicit love relationship which divided and separated human ancestors from the person of God. The situation continues today all over America in every home. That is a great problem. If there is not found any group which can eradicate all that disharmony in the homes, caused by Satan, and fight against and win over Communistic power, God cannot work for the salvation of the world. All evil things and good things are resurrected and they are prevalent in this age, on this stage of America, and we, from God's side, must restore all these things by paying the toll of indemnity. America is almost hopeless to eradicate all the corruption and disunity, disharmony, and immorality prevailing throughout its society. America is a Christian nation, but Christianity cannot eradicate all the evil, so the established Christianity cannot do anything, it is powerless. A new power, out of the religion of Christianity must emerge to do the job. Then, whenever we look around we are the only group which can do that.

As I said before, in order for us to attain a certain goal, we must go backward to cover the same distance. So our way, now, is to go back to the evil world, to fight against them and win them to God's side. Whatever triumph and victory we will attain there will be long remembered and recognized by God and will endure forever. If we really know the truth, then we will do the job at the cost of our lives, and we will never hold ourselves back. Our unchecked audacity and courage is needed now. The currents are flowing down like this in America, and how to reverse it is the problem. How to go against those currents. We must flow backward, upward. It is natural for water to flow down to lower and still lower places, so what we are going to do is to fill up a high ditch, so that the current will flow backward. So, we must increase our membership. From individuals to homes and nations, and if we are so strong as to have so many members that the other party, the enemy, will be drowned and defeated by us, than it is the way we are going to stop the current and have it flow backward. We are in the midst of that kind of battle. Up to the year 1974, what I have done has been towards that goal, and we did get a greater membership and we became famous nation-wide. What we voice here will resound all over the country. In that way, our presence will be felt all over this nation. We are going to influence the whole nation this way.

On the external base, we have to expel or absorb Communism, and on the internal base, we have to eradicate the corruption undermining the youth of America and change them into the way of life of God's intention. I'm planning a strategy now to have our university graduates evangelize college students and university students. College campuses are also the target of Communists. Satan is aiming at the corruption of the university youth, too. The mission of the Unification Church is to have all those levels of people changed into the world of God's creation. In the Unification Church, we must be awakened to the fact that we are not living the limited life-span of sixty years or seventy or 100 at most, but our life is a totalization of the past. Our life is for eternity, and we must be aware of this fact. On each one of you as an individual lies that burden of the past and the future, and it has to be paid off in our own generation. You are in the position to resurrect yourself and resurrect others. In the past, any sages and saints and martyrs and patriots have tried their best: some failed and some gained a little bit of ground. But, with so many things left unaccomplished, we must accomplish our job in our own age to pay off our debts and rebuild the world for the later generation, and our burden or responsibility is so great. We can anticipate and expect many difficulties and hardships coming our way, but we must feel challenged and win over them and obtain the victory. Suppose we are in an all-out battle and a final one against Satan, and all the rest of the members have been killed except you. All by yourself you are left alone, in the sight of God, and you must put yourself in the position of the central figure, and you will make the Kingdom of God on earth. You must be that constant. You must be aware of the resurrected truth of millions and tens of millions of sages totalized in you. That is our human life, for each one of us. The courageous soldiers, warriors in the Unification Movement must lead that kind of life. Human life, totalized with the past tasks unaccomplished, totalized in you.

Do you follow me? (Yes!) Then what must be our Master's mission? He is also a human being, and he has had temptations to win over like Jesus did, and in the midst and in the face of so many difficulties and hardships and persecutions, he had to pay the toll of indemnity to win the position as the Messiah, first of all, on the individual level. On the family level, too, the same thing happens. He's forbidden to create a family in which things against God's Will can happen. If his family is found to have satanic elements, he is courageous enough to cut it apart. Now that he has restored himself on the individual level, if he finds his family to be apart from God's Will, he's in the position of God there, to have to clash or drive out the family elements from the Garden of Eden. Even in my imagination I am so fixed and almost cruel to able to cut off with Mother and my children. For instance, Ye Jin might commit some mistake. I can't be more cruel than to cut her off. I have been like that in the past, and I am, still, like that. And I will be in the future the same. How much more would I be so with members of the Unification Church Family. If all of you, without exception, would fall away, betray me, I would still stay. Both on the internal level and the external level, how many temptations and threats and attacks come to me ... I would rather choose to collapse or die on the way to fight, rather than remain still and defeated. Come what may come is my attitude. On the individual level, family level, and church level, and on the societal and national levels-how many hardships and persecutions and temptations may come to me-I'm obliged to, and I'm confident to win over them, and erect the Kingdom, at all costs. On the practical level, what we have to do from now on is to eradicate racial discrimination; we must imagine that we will be able to live in the same compound, in the same family, black people, yellow people, and white people together, as brothers and sisters-that's our goal and the ideal.

It is no easy job, of course. And you will say, "You don't have to do that ... why do you have to do that? Why do you have to come from Korea to this nation, which is enjoying comparative peace, and stir up the whole nation like this?" And my answer to that is that I am coming here to do the job, and I will carry it out because it's the command coming from God. Even on the individual level, I'm fighting the world-wide battle. On the home or family level, I'm having my family fight a world-wide level battle; even on the national level, I'm having the nation to fight the battle on the world-wide level. That's what I'm doing and will be doing. Then, if America would go against me, what shall I do? If the whole world would come against me, what will I do? Even at the cost of my whole life, I'll never cease to battle against the evil power, even in the spirit world. Even at the end of the world, God's battle-cry will have to be that I must go back to the same road. What shall I do? Then I will find that the same way will be difficult to go, so I will go on a round-about way to have the surprise-attack from there. There is no way for us to reindemnify on the same level, so I will make a roundabout way. I am obliged, I am ready, to do my job, to accomplish it to the end of my life.

What I am doing is not done for my own sake, but for the sake of the whole world, so you are safe to follow my instructions, and you will have arrived at the goal of God's intention. The victory you will have won on the front line will be connected to and left to the rest of the people of the nation and the world. For instance, in World War 11, the victory in the battle of Normandy by the Mexican soldiers was inherited by the whole population of the United States to enjoy.



Then the victory I will have gained at the end will be connected with God, spirit world. and the earthly world too as its corresponding base. Do you know what I mean? (Yes.)

So your life, as a human life, will not be just for yourselves, but for the sake of the whole world, and spirit world, and God. We are now in the all-out battle, in cooperation with each other, with myself as the subject and yourselves as the object. On that battlefield, there is no such thing as freedom claimed by you. No freedom is recognized on the part of the forces. Victory is the only goal for you. That is the attitude of living in the Unification Church. We have the iron rule that we have got to win the victory at all costs. Even though you may have to be killed on the way, die on the way, you must end your life on the ascent, not on the descent. What you are doing is something like the marathon race in the world Olympics. Myriads of spirit men and God are cheering at you and watching over what you are doing. If you are on the race track, can you rest on the way? (No.) On the way, can you come off the track and buy something and eat and enjoy it? Your only goal, your only purpose is to have the goal first, and when you get to the goal and have the victory and win the victory, you can sleep and rest and enjoy your life. And if you want to drink, even though you may not want to drink, people will force you to drink.

If you think of things that seriously, can you afford to have a Christmas vacation? No. I myself am in the vanguard of you, in the front line.

Down here is the world population of the past, and we are situated on the peak of the pyramid, with a life span of barely 60. If we win the victory up there, God will be our master. If we fail there, Satan will continue to be our master. On the vertical line, everyone starts from the bottom, beginning from the individual level, going through the family level, national level, worldwide level, and cosmic level. What you want is to have all those things accomplished in your lifetime, in one generation. Then who will do the job? I am always in your vanguard ahead of you.

I must go beyond the failure of Adam, the failure of Abraham, the failure of Moses, the failures of Jacob, Moses, and John the Baptist, and Jesus. In order for us to be able to go beyond those levels, we must know what goes on at all those levels, and not only know what it is, but put all those things into practice until we accomplish the mission on those levels. All through human history, God's wish was for a man to be able to go over the levels of those things, by accomplishing what was left unaccomplished by the predecessors.

Mr. Kamiyana wanted to do a tremendous job, and the goal for him is to win 3,000 members by the end of April. He must think, "Oh, Father is commanding me to do an almost impossible job." But now what counts is your attitude and confidence, rather than deed. Even though at the end you may not be able to carry out the job, your attitude of mind and spirit is the problem. As the responsible person, if you don't want to get entangled in the conditions and get stuck there, there is one way possible. Smite your own self all the harder. If you have been sleeping six hours a day reduce it to four. If you have been making one long trip of New York City a day, you must try to make two rounds, go to the very end of your mission. If you lack in sleeping, you can sleep as you walk, you can sleep as you put on your clothes, you can sleep even as you eat.

Then God will know that you cannot do more. Unless you have done that much, you cannot say it is impossible, or I cannot do it. You can double or triple what you have been so far doing. That is the question. If you do your daily best, then you cannot do more, then God may have you entitled to the victory, even at one-sixth of what you have done, even though you have brought six members instead of 3,000.

You have learned about indemnity. When you are told to save the whole world, you must believe that you are able to save the world. That is the first thing. Be ready to work all through 24 hours, all through the week without sleeping. Then you will collapse, I know. Then alone God will tell you to rest. There is a limit to our work, too. If you are told by God to rest, then you can go ahead and rest 24 hours.

The road of indemnity is that hard. Go to the very limit where no other people can attain. So you must go a step ahead, forward of others. Then you will gain the victory. If our attitude and your spirit is like that, you will have paid the indemnity. Do you follow me? (Yes) You keep saying the restoration through indemnity, but unless we situate ourselves on the highest point or the most advanced point, no other people can imitate or reach, then alone you will have paid the indemnity and be recognized by God. If on the verge of death, you must whisper to yourself, restoration through indemnity, restoration through indemnity. When you shed tears for the cause you can call it the indemnity toll. There are always ups and downs, and when you cross over the very peak, the way from then on will be easier and other people will be there. And if you have gone through the highest peaks, then what you are going to do will be nothing compared to what you have already gone through.

Our Seattle campaign was the sixth one, and I thought it was the peak to cross over, and I was a little anxious about whether or not my speech would be a success. Before that, in between Chicago and Seattle I had to go to London for the Science Conference. There I had to do many other things. In that lapse of time, there could be difficult things prepared ahead of us. So I was worried about our Seattle campaign. While in London I could not plan or think about the Seattle campaign. If my mind is absent from the project, I know that Satan is easily invading in that place. The moment came and I was already in the car heading for the speech hall. I should have been all serious to think about what I was going to talk to the people at the moment, but as soon as I would get into the car I would fall asleep. Even before leaving the church for the speech hall I wanted to repeat or think about my speech, I wanted to pray before God about what to speak to the people, and I would turn off the lamp and I would kneel before God and I would fall asleep. It happened. So I was not at all prepared for that speech. Until the moment I stepped on the platform my brain was hazy, and I was not ready to give the speech. What could I do at that moment? I knew too well that if I as a man were to struggle hard to give the speech I would fail to do so. Then I was desperate to cling to God. I wanted to prepare my heart in conformity to God, so God would speak through me. But I have had that kind of experience many many times so I knew how to control myself at every moment. If the center point or the focus is not stable, then the speech is apt to be out of center. To go beyond, to go over ten minutes to win the battle in my speech was my goal. The interpreter would not know the situation. Not any common people would detect it. Outside the hall there were demonstrators. The Communists were demonstrating. In the back something exploded, a firecracker Satan brought in to scare the people. When my mood has been like that, I would think that something strange, something unusual would happen. And it did. I always feel the heaviness of the atmosphere whenever I am in a bad mood. Even the atmosphere itself, the air itself, will be heavy on my shoulders. While the whole spirit world is as serious as that, I myself must be as serious as that. This is an iron rule we must go through. Do you realize that? (Yes.) Have you been feeling that kind of thing? (Yes.)

As I said before, I am in your vanguard paying the toll of indemnity for you, paving the way for you. With all these experiences, we must be well prepared to grow successfully through the third seven-year course, or else we will be retreating. We will have to cross over the peak of the three years ahead. In the meantime, we are still erecting the bases for the world-wide mission. These are not empty words, and we are dashing forward to the final goal. In the final all-out battle, I expect some members I have so far trusted to fall way, some white members, some yellow members, some black members will fall away. The tendency is always here, and I am thinking of personnel shifts. In the midst of our battle, in my life, in one generation, I must go through every level for my own restoration. Then on the horizontal level I must go all lengths. I must restore through indemnity all that is undone on the horizontal level, the vertical level accomplished on the horizontal level. I must go, as I explained before, over the reverse distance to go through indemnity, then I must bless the couples there.

You must go through all those things in compressed form within three years time, where you will have your public ministry, or even contract it to seven months. That is what I have gone through, and you can go through the same things, and then alone you can be blessed in marriage.

But direction is always important. If God is headed for that direction and I am going this way, I cannot accomplish my mission. My direction is destined to go parallel to God's direction. Wherever you are situated, you must start from there to draw the parallel line to head in the same direction. Even in your short period of your life in the movement, you have to go through all the three stages in contracted form. If I have done the same, why can't you be prepared to die for this cause? In your desperate efforts you can attain the goal. Without my being with you, you could not have thought or dreamed of your being able to pay the toll to be restored.

In order for you to be blessed in the marriage, you must go through the way of principle. That is the law. Then how can I give you the blessing? I am doing that from the position of the True Parents. For the True Parents, they should not have anything to go through as their own indemnity. Before the True Parents, you are conditionally entitled to become true children to them, and then with that condition set up alone, you can be blessed and come to the True Parents as their true children.

So our conclusion is that your future life and mine will be the same, destined to the same goal. Until you are restored through indemnity, through paying off the indemnity, you are situated in the most miserable condition. Maybe you are the most miserable ones in the whole world. But after going through the toll-gate by paying the indemnity, you will be the happiest ones in the whole world? Do you know what I mean? (Yes.) You know too well that what I have gone through in the past was the most miserable and unhappy one. I am now entering the new age with bright promise and everything of value and happiness. In the past my life was so bitter as to almost envy even beggars. In the prison camp I would long for life at home. Even in the sick bed where I could see my parents and minister to them. In the prison cell I would get a type of small card and would just treasure it almost as a jewel, a treasure in my life. If I picked up a small needle, I could never forget how happy I was to get it. I can never forget the moment when I got a bowl full of rice, and I was fascinated and joyous over that. Only when you are in the dungeon of life where you long for the meekest thing which you would reject in the everyday life in the normal case, then alone would you really know the blessedness of being able to have those things. In that miserable situation, I found no one around me sympathetic to me. Their attitude was to destroy me or hate me. With people all around hating you, it is like a stone wall, and you are in the dark cell, then there is only one opening, reaching to heaven, and there is always God helping you out.

I know too well that God in finding His son would look for Him not in the midst of happy people, but in the midst of the tortured and miserable people, where He could find one in miserable circumstances and looking up to heaven alone to be rescued. Then alone in that situation you can meet God face to face, one to one. Even in that situation you cannot be completely restored if you are not in the position to completely console God instead of being consoled by Him. If in that situation you call to God, shout to Him, calling for rescue, calling, "Father, God, help me! save me!" you are a failure. You must be able to say to God at that moment, I know too well that you have trodden a more thorny way than myself here so I have tasted a bit of what you have gone through. I am thankful and grateful to meet you here and be one with you. In that way I consoled God's heart. If you are in that situation, then God will be yours, and the omnipotent God will work for you.

Jesus on the cross said all is finished, but until God can say that all is finished, you are not an ultimate success. We must pull ourselves up and drag ourselves to that point where we can even console God's heart without tending to our own business. If God has been such as He wanted to be consoled by His son who is already in darkness and persecution and misery, He this time would want you to be able to console the Master in His place. You should be able to console my heart, saying I am under persecution and hardship. Everything is here, but I am grateful that I am tasting a bit of everything you have already gone through. Even though I may have to die here, I am grateful and I am glad. In that case, if you die at that point, even in the spirit world you will meet me and you will get blessed by me. In that case, I cannot wish you could do more for me, and God will do the same. If you are out there, placing yourself at that point, God will work for you, and if not 1, God will replace me and help you out Himself. Do you follow me?

This human life of ours is on the road or path of restoration through indemnity. When you are asked the question by me, have you ever passed the stage of servant of servants in the course of restoration through indemnity, you must be able to answer in the affirmative. God has spent 2,000 years or more to have Jacob situated in that position, and Jacob had to go through the stage of servant of servants, and after that alone, God chose that man. And would that same God not expect us to do the same? Can you answer me yes? (Yes.) Until Jacob, God Himself had gone through the stage of servant of servants, in the shoes of the same person, and after that, up to the time of Jesus, by having His people go through the stage of servanthood, then God Himself had trodden the way of the servant until He chose Jesus Christ or sent Jesus Christ. Then after that, would the same God not ask the people if they had gone through the stage of servant?

After Jesus Christ, up to the present age, God has trodden the way of adopted sonship as the example for people to follow. Would God not ask us if we have not trodden the way and paved the way as adopted sons to God? Are you confident to be able to answer with yes? Have you done that?

The next level is being true sons and daughters to God. It is something like your having been resurrected as Jesus was resurrected after death, like being reborn. Even though you have gone through the stages of servant of servants, servanthood, and adopted sonship and daughtership, then what you have to do from now on to be the true sons and daughters is to be able to win over Satan and command Satan and control him. Jesus' mission was to take back all the lost children of God from the satanic world and annihilate the satanic sovereignty to make the whole world into God's kingdom on earth. But by dying on the cross he could accomplish only spiritual salvation, leaving physical salvation on the earth unaccomplished. The Kingdom of God on earth is not here by the efforts of Jesus. So as the true sons and daughters, if you are entitled to that title, you must be able to annihilate the Satanic power from all over the world and erect God's Kingdom by taking back and restoring all the lost children of God into the citizens of the Kingdom of God. Unless you do that, you cannot be entitled to true sonship of God. Are you confident of that? (Yes.)

In the Garden of Eden before the fall, the archangel was supposed to minister to Adam and Eve. So for you to restore yourself to the original status before the human fall, you must be able to control all the rest of mankind in the satanic world and over Satan himself, by having him minister to you. Unless you do that, you are not entitled to the sonship and daughtership of God. Are you like that? (Not yet.) But your goal is that. So on the way in the battlefield, you must accept the firm goal for that purpose.

If you are not quite restored to that point, if you find other people like the true son and daughter of God, you must be able to follow him or her at least, or cooperate with him or her. Sooner or later, we have to go through our low stages to be restored as sons or daughters. So that is what we have left in human life. Have you ever been in the stage of servant of servants, being sacrificial in the way of serving others? Have you ever done that to the fullest extent? (No.) Have you ever been doing the same thing on the level of servant? If you are kicked at even harshly on the way, have you done your job without complaint. Even though you are pierced with a spear, have you obeyed the command in the position of a servant? If you are certain to be killed, would you have obeyed the command as the servant? Have you ever done that? (No.)

Jesus came as the son of God, but not having been able to accomplish the whole mission, he is situated now in Paradise, which is the realm for the adopted sons, not the children of God. Paradise was not the heaven of God's intention. It is only the waiting lounge until Heaven is opened. In order for you to be entitled to and qualified for heaven, you must excel in or be greater than Jesus Christ. Even though you are put on the cross you must win over it and go through it to be resurrected again to work towards the goal. If you really know that I have paved the way for you to be the true sons and daughters, have you been complacent and satisfied, and grateful all the way through, without a word of complaint? Have you been doing that in following me?

Even though you cannot do the job, the law of indemnity will be left to do. So sooner or later, even in the spirit world, you have to go through it. I will give you talks after talks and recreate you with words, and then you will go up like this in leaps. But the next moment you don't hear me, and therefore several days you go down like this again. The result is that you cannot restore yourselves through indemnity by yourselves, without my help.

But my desire and God's is to find even one out of the vast number of Unification Church members on the same level as myself. And God will connect my mission with his and with other such persons'. Even in the earliest members who have gone through so many difficulties with me, they are not many, or very few are like that, who have that standard. Well, being ignorant of the fact they can claim their age in the movement, saying, "I have been in the movement 20 years or more." That's nothing for you to be proud of-the years you have spent in the movement.

Suppose I have gone through three stages of seven stages, but it is narrowing down through you, and you have to go through every stage in contracted form. Even though you are ordered to go through the stage of servant of servants all through your life, you are compelled to do it. In the stage of the servant, in the stage of adopted sonship, you have to do the same. Then where are the true sons supposed to be born? Only after going through the stage of the world-wide level can it come about. Only after going though the level of world, can you reach the level of God. At the cost of our lives, we have got to restore the whole world. Unless we do that, we cannot go to the level of God where we can meet Him and enjoy our lives with him. So we want to shorten the period, and we must expect more hardships ahead of us, in order to have the day come faster.

After winning the level of the nation of America, we will enter the world-wide level of providence and then will be ready to meet God after going through the world-wide level. After we will have restored a nation by paying the indemnity, in the world-wide campaign we are going to have to pay the indemnity on the individual level, family level, or national level. What we will have to pay is the indemnity on the world-wide level of things. That is the past of our human life in the Unification Movement, where everybody must have gone through the same things, the same formula.

America is an independent nation on the level of Cain. But we are the people to be independent as a nation or as a tribe on the Abel level. The founding ideology of America being Christianity, this nation has been placed in the leading position to the rest of the world. But after accomplishing our mission, we are going to be in the position of the leading tribe, leading nation, not only of the world, but of the cosmos, including the spirit world.

After perfection, as the Principle teaches us, there will be no fall at all. So, in the perfected world, we will enjoy happiness through eternity. In our human life on this earth, we have to go through indemnity. After passing the level of the world, we will meet God and enjoy eternal life there. Would you prefer to have the goal on the way, without having to pay the toll of indemnity? But now there is no such way possible for us to go over the boundary. You know, you want to pay as small amount of indemnity as possible. But then what you get on the other side will be in proportion to what you have paid. The larger the amount you have paid the larger the happiness you will be granted. In proportion to what you have paid you will enjoy in later days. So you must be ready to pay the largest amount of the toll of indemnity. Then you will never lose. You must be able to do greater things than Jesus himself. Is it true? (Yes.)

You must be so confident as to do the job while on earth. But if you cannot accomplish your mission on the stage of servant of servants, you must be resolved to be born again, to be resurrected, to accomplish the next level of things. If you die there, you must be determined to be resurrected to accomplish what was left unaccomplished to the end.

Then even Satan will give you up, because he knows that if he kills you on the stage of servant of servants, you will get resurrected to carry out the next level of restoration. If you are killed there, you will still want to get resurrected to carry out the remaining jobs.

So, even Satan will give up killing you. Even God cannot but recognize that. If God can recognize your potential, in that way Satan cannot torture you anymore. For you in that case there is nothing but victory ahead. You will be blessed by God, and you will inherit what has been accumulated by your predecessors. Sooner or later you are going to die. And if you are going to die at all, why not pay off the indemnity toll for the servant of servant stage, servant stage, adopted sonship, and true sonship all together, if it were permissible. If it is allowed, you want to die as the true sons and daughters to God. To do that, you must deny yourself first and abandon your life for the cause and you will live. That's why Jesus said, if you want to lose your life you will gain it, and if you want to gain your life you will lose it.

In order to have your life resurrected, you must pay your life for the resurrection. In order for you to gain eternal love, you must sacrifice your ephemeral, temporal love of the world.

You must be able to discard your own nation on the worldly level. In a word, in brief, our human life in the providence of God is to lose the best and love the most in our lives, and to gain the most and gain the best in the future life. That is the human life on our level. Then can you attain it? (Yes.) If you are destined to lose the worldly life, then would you not be prepared to lose it at once. The sooner the better? Rather than putting our energy, our manpower a small amount at a time, if we go into the battlefield with all our efforts, with all the members mobilized all over the nation and over the world, would success not come sooner than expected? (Yes.) Well, there are a vast number of our members all over the world, but what God is seeking is the place where the concentrated efforts are being made so that the compressed form of indemnity is paid there. Then, where can that be? Where? (New York.) It is somewhere, at least, and you want it in New York. New York is the very place, the contracted fork of the whole nation of America, and the central figure of our Master from Korea is here, and Mr. Kamiyama from the Eve nation of Japan is here, and all the cooperation of the American members who are in the position of the archangel are fighting together. America needs Japan. All the staff members of the American movement may have thought they could be better without Mr. Kamiyama, they would want him to leave. Some may have thought that.

Staff members in Washington headquarters would shake their heads like this to think, I would want to have Mr. Kamiyama leave this country. I am thinking of moving the whole headquarters to New York. Then I may have to place the headquarters members under Mr. Kamiyama. He said I may have to, until -the American members feel humble.

There is a reason for me to put Mr. Kamiyama in that position. The very name of this person is, Kamiyama, which in Japanese means God's Mountain. Symbolically, it is very meaningful. His name comes in conformity with God and with God's will. Mr. Kamiyama as a person has the qualification. He's born with the zeal and heart towards God. If you look into his eyes you will see it. He is a man of iron will. He will never be defeated by anyone. Not only that, when he drives you harshly on the road he inwardly weeps. He sheds tears. That is why I brought Mr. Kamiyama from Japan.

Kamiyama being the representative person in the providence of God, the thing that happened as soon as he arrived in this country was not exactly persecution, but kicking at by the American members. But he must know, and I think he may have realized that I myself have been faced with the same, in the beginning when I revealed my strategy here. All the staff members in headquarters wouldn't believe me. They thought, "Father, doesn't know the situation in America. He cannot carry it out." They would say to themselves, "We must wait and see. We will be watching what he is going to do."

July 1, 1973, when I addressed the celebration of victory day, the people came to recognize my capability. On the day of victory, our capability was recognized. From then beginning with my Carnegie Hall speech, until now when I am going to conclude my speaking this year, it is going to be barely one year and two months. We have elevated ourselves to that standard.

When Mr. Kamiyama first arrived in New York, for the first few months I am sure he would just want to go back to Japan. I told him to wait, and he will see the days in which those, who thought ill of you will come to kneel before you. I will make it happen. That is what is happening now. I ordered him to fill up Carnegie Hall and then fill up Madison Square Garden. And he has accomplished his job through his ability.

I still remember that Carnegie Hall was fairly full of people. But he thought his expectation was betrayed, and it was not quite full of people. And he came to me and cried at the top of his voice. I still remember that. And then at that moment I decided in my mind that he can win the goal next time. He can fill up Madison Square Garden, I knew that. I was confident. And that happened, it was realized. I was determined to see him dance and laugh before me after Madison Square Garden, but he did not do that. Maybe he did that in his own room.

Well, from Carnegie Hall to Madison Square Garden, the formation stage and the growth stage have been covered by the cooperation of Korea and Japan. For the final stage, we can leave everything in the hands of the American members alone. They are convinced to win the triumph there. That is the way of restoration through indemnity.

These stages are four levels: first, Carnegie Hall, second, Madison Square Garden, third Yankee Stadium, and fourth and last, Washington Monument, a rally in front of the Washington Monument with a half million people attending. Then Father will have erected the world-wide level. Then what we will have acquired in America will have been connected to the end of the world.

Early next year, 360 international mobile team members will be sent to the Oriental countries and Europe as the extension of the Day of Hope tour. Maybe on the final day, Father will appear himself on the stage to talk. And then in Celebration of Life they will prepare for my coming on the third and last day. They will prepare to pave the way for me to appear before the nation. Then by their doing a job ahead of me by the time I talk to the people, I will touch the hearts of the people very easily. So we are at the top junction, from which we are going beyond the level of nation to the level of world. On that level, we are paying the indemnity on the world-wide level to enjoy life through eternity in the will of God. So you must be grateful for what you are going to do, what you will be compelled to do.

After the third seven-year course of ours, after the year 198 1, you can picture what the world would be like, all changed by our own hands. Are you confident to win the battle? (Yes.) It is a wonderful life we are going to lead from now on, and you must know the blessedness of your having been born in this age to do this job. You are greater than those who were born in Israel 2,000 years ago as the chosen nation.

Be determined to be a bullet to pierce through all those people at one shot, zigzag piercing through all those millions of people.

That's something like, if I may name it, an eternal bullet. You are floating in the air. There is no heavy layer of atmosphere where there is no weight felt. Then it is possible that the bullet will go round and round, never stopping. There will be no obstacle there to stop the bullet from flying around. You must be determined and confident' like that. Anything that will go against you, you will pierce through.

If the bullet is coming to me, what shall I do? I will have it pierce through my self, pierce through God. Shoot him down, and God will not get angry at you. I am not going to get mad at you.

We are living in a wonderful age. You as the resurrected being, reborn in the new world, will have to change the world, the world's destiny. We must realize the blessedness of our living in this age in this world under the will of God. (Mrs. Choi: Father wants me to make reports on what happened in London.)

Actually Col. Pak was with him all the time, and he is the most appropriate person to make the report, but he is not here. I think I will make a brief report of what took place in London.

We arrived on the evening of the 21st of November. The next morning at 10:00 Father was going to make the speech as the founder of the International Conference on the Unity of Sciences. Well, what was different this time from the previous conference was that Father was justly treated. In the first conference he was just giving a short talk as one of them. It was accepted mostly by our members. And, you now, we were overwhelmed by his way of presenting his speech. It was intelligible, and our members were so very happy to find him giving the speech so intelligible among all other foreigners, non-English speaking people. Their English was not intelligible at all.

The second conference was held in Tokyo in 1973, in April I guess. There was controversy centering on the person of Reverend Moon at that time. Some scientists were against Father's giving the speech on the stage. He was on the verge of not giving the speech. At the end he was allowed to give the speech. But it came at the end, thanking them. But it was a prepared speech, and the contents were very nice and touching. And some of the people recognized his speech as a greatly moving one. But most others just failed to recognize his capability and his initiative as the founder of the conference.

But this time, from the beginning, on the stage, on the platform, Father, looking from the outside, the Master of Ceremonies standing at the pulpit already, and on the prepared table there Father was seated at the extreme right. Lord Adrian, a nobleman who won the Nobel Prize, was in the middle. On the left hand was Mr. Sawada from Tokyo University, who was going to make the keynote speech.

The emcee introduced Lord Adrian, saying he was going to give a greeting to all the members. But instead of giving the greetings, he praised Father again and again, and he was just overwhelmed -somehow spiritually moved I think. You can see in the manuscript how greatly he praised Father's initiative in starting this conference on the Unity of the Sciences. The emcee introduced Father to speak as the founder. And there was the name printed on the program as the founder's address, and after that Lord Adrian praised Father. He was touched by Father's speech. He said, we were shown the direction while all the scientists have been doing research in the narrow fields of their respective research. But they are at a dead end now. Without finding a breakthrough, they don't know where to go now. They are stalemated. But Reverend Dr. Moon, he said, gave us direction and a hope as to how all fields of research would be united and assembled as parts to make the whole and to work for the benefit of all mankind. And he kept praising Father, and uplifted all the people to be again touched by his speech. They all had the manuscript in their hands, because we had the manuscript printed.

After the conference on the first day, after his speech, he came to the lunch hour. And our Father had a conference exclusively for our members at the lunch hour. So he came back. On the second day he had a peep into the conference again, and when he was sitting in the suite of the Royal Lancaster Hotel, where the conference was held, every scholar and professor and scientist wanted to see him personally.

A man by the name of Lord Sir E. B. Chain 1, another prize-winner, had the reputation of never speaking good of other people. But he came to him and praised him and sought his guidance as to where to go after his long years of research.

Father reminded me of telling you how many were assembled-120 professors, scholars, and scientists were there. And out of the 120, almost 20 were Nobel Prize Winners. It was exceptional, and people were overwhelmed to see it. And I think the media will handle the articles, and write good articles for us.

On our second day, Father dined together with the Korean professors and scholars attending the conference. We had luncheon together in the hotel suite. Father spoke a long time. They were entering the conference already in the conference hall, but all the Korean scholars were intoxicated by Father's speech and wanted to hear it. They would just hate to leave the place, and father talked on and on, and as usual he monopolized the talk and conversation. He finally talked about our movement, and advertised our movement. They were enlightened in such a way that they thought that the only way they could work with us as scholars and scientists would be in studying this Unification ideology to enlighten themselves so that they can work for the final goal of the whole of humanity. They were resolved to cooperate with our movement when they go back to Korea.

Back in the center, meeting after meeting was taking place. Some 21 national representatives assembled, from as far as New Zealand and Scandinavian countries, Italy, Greece, Austria, Holland, France, Germany. They would listen to Father, and Father would proudly introduce what has taken place in America. He was so proud of what he has done. He talked about what has been done in America in less than two years' time, and he said that our fame is known all over the country, not only in all America, but all over the world, almost. So it would be easy for them to accomplish their mission. So at least in three years time they have to accomplish their mission to let the people of their country know of our movement from comer to comer. Exclusively on the third day, Father talked about the mission of the Messiah, what the mission of the Messiah really means and what he is like as the Messiah himself.

The message will come on cassette tapes of all these things, and you will hear it in later days. He at last said this as such was the mission of the Messiah, with myself as the center. But, you are the Messiahs to the respective nations under you. You must, and you will be able to save your respective nations if possible in one year, but at the longest in three years to have our movement, the presence of our movement felt in every comer of the nation. And they were determined to resolve it. And they held up their hands in pledge before God. They were all ignited, and they were overflowing with zeal to shout Mansei before our True Parents.

Well, in brief, that's what happened in London. On the last day of the conference on the Unity of the Sciences, Father was wanted at the reception. Father and Mother were to stand in the reception line and shake hands with every scholar and scientist and professor. They were so glad to meet him in person, and they wanted to speak a few words with him. It took so many hours just to shake hands with them.

After that, he came back and had another meeting with our members in the evening, with all our national leaders, with scholars and scientists in attendance at the conference, we went to see an opera, a famous one in London. There we concluded the third evening.

The next morning we had to rush back on the first plane to Seattle.

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