The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Let Us Set The Tradition

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
November 17,1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Good morning. "Let Us Set the Tradition" is my topic this morning.

We have members from many nations here. Americans have their own tradition. The Germans have their own tradition. The Frenchmen have their own tradition.

From God's viewpoint, the traditions they have so far set up are the traditions which draw the people far from God. In view of the Fall of man, this is only too natural. God must gather the people to His side by having them set up new traditions through which to come to Him.

God cannot change the traditions and culture of all the nations all at once. So, it has taken Him time to gradually change those things, in order to have his children come to His side.

Up to now, religions of the world have worked to bring traditions and cultures back to God. But we must find one very high religion which can lead people closer to God than any other religion.

Had it not been for the human fall, a God-centered tradition on the individual level would have been established by Adam and Eve and then they would have laid the family tradition, national tradition, and world tradition. The traditions laid after the Fall cannot be recognized or accepted by God because they have not been in accordance with God's will.

Throughout human history, God has sent His prophets and saints to clear away the old religions and set up a new tradition. But almost without exception, the people have not been prepared to receive their messages. God has to choose one of these religions to be the central religion of the world, to lead the way back to God.

God has lost all His children to the satanic world. To restore them, He must elevate them step by step, from the stage of servant of servant, through the stages of adopted sonship and true sonship.

God has been sending His prophets to all nations, sometimes without being able to form the desired religion. Even in the primitive religions, these prophets have all talked about the coming of the Messiah. Sometimes the founder taught them that he was coming back, and upon his death, people would begin to expect that very person to return, as the Messiah. But God would send them a greater person than the first one who died without accomplishing the full mission.

In the latter days, when God's dispensation is coming close to His will, two kinds of phenomena occur. One is the corruption in the established religious world. The other is the emergence of the new religion which will lead the others. We are now in the age when this central, world-level religion should emerge, to unite religions even on the national level. It will be led by a central person. This is the messianic idea.

Then where is this religion? God is looking for one like that, with a world-wide messianic idea, and a central figure bound for God's bosom. This messianic hope is present today in both Judaism and Christianity, which have inherited the same tradition. But when we closely study the messianic idea of Judaism, we find that their messiah was exclusively for the Israelites. God's intention was to save all mankind, by working with and even sacrificing the Jewish people. But they did not understand that.

When you read the Book of Apostles, you will find there was great discrimination between the circumcised and non-circumcised people. Jews did not associate with Gentiles. They could not quite go beyond the national level and this was the serious flaw of Judaism.

We set the tradition on the individual level, family level, tribal level, and then national level. But in order to shift to a higher level we must tear down or deny the preceding level. In building the tradition on the world-wide level, we must annihilate or deny the national level. If Judaism still expects to save the world as the chosen nation, or if it stands against Christianity which has already set the tradition on the world-wide level, it is doomed to perish. What kind of religion is God seeking as the central one, to be used to save the world?

The human fall was from God's bosom into the satanic world. From this fallen state, mankind is destined to come back to God in a reverse way. But in the latter days many religions become corrupted and are doomed to perish.

The central religion must teach us that we used to be God's children, and have us experience and feel that. And it must give us the full confidence that no evil power can put us asunder, keep us from being God's children. It must make us this kind of children of God.

When people of most religions are asked if they are children of God, they cannot answer with confidence, because they are not experiencing it. Christianity is the only religion which teaches that all mankind are the children of God. So it must be the closest to God of all the religions. No other religion has had its founder claim sonship to God, and Jesus said he was God's only son.

He was also unique because he taught his followers that he and they were bridegrooms. The Scriptures conclude that in the latter days the Bridegroom will come and the marriage of the Lamb will take place. Furthermore, Jesus was perhaps the only one to strongly proclaim the brotherhood of all men under God. This teaching was in accordance with God's will because it stressed brotherhood among God's children as a means of finding again the bosom of God, the original father of mankind. In order to restore the illicit love which caused the Fall, Jesus urged everyone to prepare to unite in love with a future central figure, as brides to this bridegroom.

Christianity has taught the brotherhood of mankind, but in the latter days when we are closer to God, we must have a higher concept or ideal than this. The highly Christian, leading nation of America has not realized the ideal of brotherhood of men because there is still discrimination against black people. Therefore, God cannot use America in the final days as a central nation to bring mankind back to Him.

Thus within Christianity, there must arise a religion which can unite people through a new messianic ideology. As you well know, in the Unification Church, we have this kind of centralized ideology which can bring people back to God. We not only claim the brotherhood of mankind, but we are also practicing it. In the Unification Church, we teach a new messianic ideology. It is "new" because we not only know how to get back to God, but we practice it and can lead other people there. To members of the Unification Church, there are no national boundaries. So if someone were to ask you, "What country are you from?" or "What nation are you from?"-what would your answer be? (World!)

You are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God on Earth. But have we created the Kingdom of God on Earth yet? (No!) Then you are without a nation. You are citizens without a nation.

You Japanese members, don't you identify very closely with your country? (No!) But you are still speaking Japanese! And you sometimes wear Japanese clothing. Well, you're proud of your nation, and when people speak ill of the Japanese people, you are irritated or angered, isn't that true? (Yes.)

You Americans, if you are called names, if your national pride is hurt by people who are scornful of your country don't you get angry at them? (Yes.)

As long as you have the idea of your being Americans or being Japanese, and you are hurt when people revile you, we still have nationalism. If YOU Japanese members think, "If I'm going to die, I want to die back in Japan," and if Americans working in Japan would rather die back home in America, then you are still not out of the category of being Americans and being Japanese. Isn't that true? (Yes.) You are still in that stage, I'm afraid.

If you still have that kind of notion, you must change. Our most important problem, which must be changed at the earliest possible date, is the notion of your being of a certain nationality. We must erase this idea; unless we do this, we cannot leap to the next level.

Even though you Americans may be proud of your tradition as a great nation of the world, this is not acceptable, and you must overcome it before you can enter God's world.

Then how to bring us to the mainstream is the problem. It may be easy for you to throw away what you have, but there must be an alternative, and we must know what it is.

We must be able to unreservedly throw away what we used to have. That's the first thing. But as you discard it, you must have the idea that you are the sons and daughters of God; and that you are connected to His lineage. After the human fall, man became the children of Satan. In order to regain our position as sons and daughters of God, we must first cut off our Satanic lineage. In order to be reborn into God's lineage, we must completely deny ourselves by paying the indemnity toll. Before being engrafted into the true tree of life, and entering into God's bosom, we must cut away our old selves. The human fall was caused by a process of self-discovery that was self-centered. As we discovered this forbidden self-knowledge, we lost God. To discover God, we must lose ourselves. And one important thing we must lose, to be reborn under God is our idea of having been born as Americans or as Japanese.

From that moment on, you lose everything belonging to the world, and then you will be brought back under God's lineage and under the tradition of God. Unless you do that, you can never cross over the transition or cross-junction to belong to God. Is that true with you? Have you done that?

We read in the Bible seemingly paradoxical things: Jesus said, when you want to lose your life, you will gain life, but when you want to gain your life, you will lose it. And when we know that we have to deny ourselves to get reborn in the new world under God, it's absolute truth.

You must re-examine yourself in an objective way. If you find that you still think and act like you used to, and if your goal is just to lead a happy life in the worldly sense, this is not right. Jesus said that when you want to gain your life, you will lose it. Without your paying a certain indemnity toll, you can never dream of being led to the new world.

You may say to yourselves, "Well, the truth they are teaching in the Unification Church is very good, but I don't like the idea of having to pay the indemnity toll. Oh, I don't want it!" Can you say that? I want you to think of it in the reverse way: "Well, the truth they are teaching is all right, but I really think it's wonderful that we'll be able to pay a certain toll of indemnity to get into God's world. This makes sense, and it will increase my understanding. " You must have this attitude. Without this kind of positive view to inspire you to reach Heaven, you cannot get there.

You will find it very strange, after you have already thrown away the old way of life, and denied your old friends and your family to start a new life here. But if you cannot go beyond that, and learn to deny yourselves to practice only God's will, you cannot dream of entering the Kingdom. You must first have the certainty that you are God's children. Only then, in exchange, can you throw everything away. Then the condition or standard of your action from now on must be that you do anything and everything for the sake of God's will, and for the restoration of mankind.

It is indispensable that you have in your mind that you are born for God's will and mankind, that you are living for them, and you are going to die for them. There have been many great people in the history of mankind. Some were great family men, or great tribal leaders, or even enlightened national leaders. But they have not been able to go beyond the national level. This boundary cannot be crossed unless you go beyond living for the sake of yourself, or even your nation, and live for the whole world and God.

For instance, if your parents were to try to stop you from being God's children and from doing God's will-what must you do? They would tell you to be their children, not God's. You must answer, "I'm the son of God before being your son." If they should cling to you, saying, "You are a member of this family, not of the Unified Family," you must say, "I want to be a member of the Unified Family, rather than of this small family."

Well, there will be a fight in your family over this. Then what will you do? You might say, "I'm going to be a citizen of the Kingdom erected by the Unification Church, and not of this nation of America." But do we have a nation? How can you be a citizen of the Kingdom if you have not erected it? Then what is your job?

In the Unification Church, we have been able to set up the tradition among the brothers and sisters, and the relationship between the True Parents and yourselves as a family, but we have not been able to set up the tradition as a nation or people. The problem is that we don't have a nation where we can set up a new tradition, leading the people of the world. So we have got to make one, and establish a national tradition under God's will.

America has her own constitution, but there are no articles in it which clearly indicate what Americans should do to live according to the founding ideology of the nation. Have you ever stopped to think of that? If any one nation were the household of God, its constitution would clearly indicate how to behave-as a family member, as a relative, and what to do as a national citizen or world citizen.

The standard of the family is the core and condition for everything else, so we must establish a solid foundation and tradition on that level. What is the fundamental principle of democracy? You claim the freedom of press, freedom of worship, freedom of so many things, but you have not touched the core of the matter. The fundamental thing is how to have the citizens free on the individual level, on the family level. That is the most important part. If that fundamental thing is sound and solid, the rest is easy.

The American way of life is vacillating every moment, changing all the time, and what is changing cannot be thought of as the standard. American youth have had the idea that human emotions and the emotional side of man has always changed. In their eyes, there is no tradition. Tradition is not important in their eyes. We cannot go on like this. Ideal or value lie not in what is changing, but in what is unchanging and eternal and unique. Americans should know that with American customs and habits one cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

Once you realize that you are the children of God, the next thing you must do is to work for God's will and for mankind, to establish the tradition in the Kingdom of God. Without doing that, you cannot claim to be the children of God. In the Unification Church, we do things for the sake of the whole world, We sleep, eat and do everything for the sake of God, and in doing that, we must accomplish more than we used to in our worldly life. That's the thing you should not forget.

Seven thousand years must be restored in the reverse way by our paying the indemnity toll. We have come on the reverse road, and are now at the threshold of the Kingdom. The greatest indemnity toll must be paid here. Would you want to enter the Kingdom after having paid the indemnity toll, or before?

It is logical to pay the indemnity toll in seven years time, condensing 7,000 years in it. We must know that the human fall was caused on the individual level. Six thousand years history plus one-representing a new beginning-makes seven. We must be able to restore ourselves through indemnity within at least six years. The seventh day is to enjoy what we have recovered.

In the Unification Church you must work hard for the will of God for at least three years, to be able to be blessed in the Holy Marriage. Jesus' public ministry of three years represented his mission for mankind. He tried to accomplish his mission of restoring the world by paying indemnity for the Jewish people, who represented the world. But by his death on the cross at that point, without fully restoring the world, it has become our destiny to accomplish what Jesus left unaccomplished.

The human fall was caused by the illicit love between Adam and Eve, so on the family level you must find and raise at least three spiritual children. And you must raise them at least to the standard of the three chief disciples of Jesus. They denied Jesus at the moment of Crucifixion, but you must raise them in such a wholesome way that they will die for you. This means you must have at least twelve disciples or spiritual children, out of which you choose the core three.

So after joining our movement, you can never be blessed unless you have three years of public ministry and at least three spiritual children. But following this, you and your spouse must accomplish the rest of the mission. In Korea and Japan, the men of the 777 couples sent out their wives to the front line to witness, and win at least 12 or more spiritual children. The number seven will be the basic number: two people-based on the number three-makes six, plus the seventh day or year. But you can never say, "Well, if I join the movement, that's all I should be doing." There are many missions for you to accomplish based on the number seven in the Principle.

The desire of the individual is the family, but the desire of the family is restoration of the nation. But does everyone in the Unified Family all over the world know this formula and put it into practice? Haven't we set up the tradition for this? We must connect what we already have won on the family level to the tribal level and to the national level, but we have not had a clear and strong tradition for the national level. Well, when can we do that? We can lay the foundation after having won a nation under God. We cannot expect God to give us a nation. We must win it ourselves, because in the beginning, man fell by his own action.

The tradition to be laid on the national level is going to be a new one. What we have now is not the tradition yet. Unless we can lay a foundation of unchanging quality on the family level, we cannot think of being able to do that on the national level. We are in the process of doing this. But even if we have laid the foundation on the family level, unless we have a nation, we are always likely to be invaded by the Satanic power, because a nation has power over a family. So, until we create a nation in which we have that tradition, we cannot take the Sabbath, we cannot be reassured, we cannot enjoy life under the will of God.

So the nation we erect under our ideology must be the leading nation of the world, with all other nations coming under it. We have not created a nation as such. But with our spiritual power, we have to march forward beyond the level of a tribe, and nation. How to go beyond the level of the nation and reach out to the end of the world in the soonest possible date is our greatest problem.

Then what is my strategy at this point? I'm going to form a nation in America transcending national boundaries and bring the people under the will of God by having them set up the tradition of God's will on the spiritual level. And then, gradually, we will expand the territory physically to every comer of the world.

I have brought here more Japanese and German members than from any other nation. Why did I do that? Because these two nations were enemy nations in World War 11. We are demonstrating whether or not people from former enemy nations can be summoned here to be united into one family, as brothers and sisters, to work for America.

The question is whether or not they have become like that. Have the German members and Japanese members working here loved America more than the Americans, and have they been united into strong oneness, proving that they are children of God in the real sense? Conversely, have you Americans loved the German and Japanese brothers and sisters more than you would any other American youth? Have you done that? (Yes!) And you Japanese members, have you loved the Americans more than Americans would? (Yes!!) If you really mean it when you say "yes," then if I encourage you to have international marriages, you will be more than glad. (Yes.) Then God will be proud of you, being in love with each other. For instance, between the enemy nations of World War 11, their members will build ideal families, so dearly loving each other. And that'll be wonderful, in God's sight.

You have come from Japan, Germany and other European nations to work for the nation of America. You came for the sake of America, but since our goal is also to be blessed in the Holy Matrimony, if you get your mates here from America, you will be doubly rewarded. Have you ever thought of the small Japanese girls being matched with tall American boys and the tall American girls being matched with small Japanese boys? The highest ideal is to have two people on the extreme ends to be united into one.

You will wonder why I'm talking about the same thing, when I already said it the last time. It is because marriage is the most important factor to set up a new tradition. If we are going to set up a new tradition of higher dimension, we must transcend national boundaries. And international marriage, alone, can lead us to the goal. We will set up a new tradition without national boundaries. In Judaism, they marry exclusively among Jews, and the scope of their tradition is narrow, without going beyond the national boundary. But we are advocating international marriage between all the peoples of the world. Only through this intermarriage, which will help to cleanse and restore each lineage can we set up a new tradition of higher dimensions under the will of God. It was for this discipline and training of lineages that God assembled in America, to live together, people from so many different nationalities.

Suppose I give a girl of small stature to a big giant? I had the experience of matching a German girl to an Englishman, even though they couldn't speak each other's language. They even had to use an interpreter in their courtship. That was a most wonderful thing to do. Just imagine: the baby of one American girl will have black, almond-shaped eyes, and the baby of one of the Japanese girls will have blue eyes. Isn't that wonderful? When an Oriental girl embraces her blue-eyed child, then it means she is embracing America, embracing the Western world. When an American girl embraces a baby with dark, Oriental eyes, it means she is embracing the whole Orient in her arms. And in this way, you cannot stand apart from the Western world, or apart from the Eastern world. This will be the proof that you have become one with the opposite world.

In that case, God cannot but recognize this unity, and then both Occidentals and Orientals, and even Satan, cannot but recognize it. Marriage in the Satanic world has been among one's own people, or at best within a certain ideology, but there have been many, many divorce cases and things like that. But in our Family, our Father will make international marriages where the love ties will be so great, with couples loving people of the West, the East, that they will just embrace all humanity in their arms. In our society, there will never be such a thing as divorce. Even Satan will recognize the greatness of it, because he will already be defeated. In this way, we will set up a new divine tradition, and people will admire us.

And only a religion of higher dimension can do the job. No political power, no authority, no physician, or any other thing can do it. Someone is destined to do the job, and we are the only people who can do it. International marriage will make it easier for you to love the world, and to set the highest tradition. If you have an international marriage, you will be famous in the history of the Unification Church. In the future, when I visit other nations, I will stay in the home of an international couple. These international families will be pioneering a new life, and naturally, for the first few years at least, they will have disharmony and difficulties. But after overcoming them, it will be a sublime form of the peaceful waters after a storm. I expect a new breed of children to be born out of these families, great people of genius who will lead the future world.

Sooner or later you will go to the Spirit World, where the vast majority there will associate with each other. But only through marriage of East and West can you travel freely among the people there.

What I'm teaching is not Korean culture or Oriental culture. There's nothing to be proud of in Korean culture. Ours will be like the culture of Greece, the nation from which all the Western culture was derived. Because Greece was the womb of culture and philosophy, even though externally the Roman Empire conquered Greece, Rome was eventually dominated spiritually by the Greek influence. Repeating this classic pattern, it is very natural that Unification ideology will rule the world. If you really want to study me and my teachings, you must learn to read the Divine Principle in its original language.

You can never be proud of speaking English, but only of speaking and reading the Korean language. In the future, those who do not speak the Korean language cannot become leaders. In order to set up one culture, we must unify the languages into one. I cannot force you to learn Korean now, you yourself must decide to learn it. In a few years, when I speak at a conference, I won't use an interpreter. It is against God's law, and it reminds me of the human fall, which caused the differentiation of languages. In the ideal world centered upon God, everyone will speak only Korean, so no interpreter will be necessary. Language barriers have been the enemy to oneness of the world, and all those different languages have created different cultures. So, in order to unite the whole world into oneness, we have to unify the languages into one.

How old do you think I am? Soon I will be 55. Then how many more years do I have left, until the age of 70? God's providence is to have me conclude the restoration history in 70 years, with the 7,000 years contracted into 70. If I leave the world alone, can I set up that kind of tradition? Well, up to the age of 60, I've got to lay the tradition, so that I will complete it by the age of 70.

We must make our movement very conspicuous, and have people see that we will even overcome Communism, and bring the whole world into oneness by our ideology. Unless we confront the Communists, we cannot assess our power, or have the confidence to win over them.

Just think, America, the world's greatest nation, has the chronic headache of Communists, which the government itself cannot cure, but this Reverend Moon is on the stage proclaiming that we can win over Communism and annihilate this ideology. Who do you think the Communists would consider their fiercest enemy, President Ford or Reverend Moon? You must realize that I'm doing this at the risk of my life, and be determined to do the same.

As you remember, just last year on July 1, I proclaimed the Day of Resolution of Victory, and three months from that I began my speech tour, kicking it off at Carnegie Hall. And it is in barely one year and one month that we have accomplished this much, and every person in America knows my name. For me it was a Ion , long time. If upon my arrival the Christians of this nation had welcomed me, it could have taken only one month or so. But despite the opposition and persecution, we have done this much, and our job from now on is to arouse the United States and the whole world, and alert them to what we are doing.

It is not a simple job to have filled up Madison Square Garden, and our next project is still bigger. Since Madison Square Garden, as you well know, we have visited Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Chicago, where without exception we leased and filled to overflowing the biggest halls. There are only three cities left in this tour-so everyone knows these halls will also be full, and that we just can't be stopped. Since we have reached the optimum by filling the largest indoor places, the meeting place for our next project must be somewhere outdoors, like Yankee Stadium. There's no other way possible.

We have already fixed the date. As a matter of fact, I was going to speak at Yankee Stadium in 1975, but the stadium is under construction until April of 1976, so my speech will be given then. And the following year, April 1977, 1 will give a speech in front of the Washington Monument, in Washington, D.C., so 500,000 or more people is our goal. With our experience, we will be able to carry it out. When I made my first appearance, in Lincoln Hall, those who were present never dreamed of our being so successful within such a short interval of time. Reverend Moon must win the fame or public recognition of having been able to fill up the biggest halls in the biggest cities of the United States. That is the tradition I have laid, and a tradition of even higher dimension must be laid with our hands.

In order to make our bearing a solid one, we must have our members go to other nations to make a similar stronghold, and I'm determined to send out our missionaries to 120 nations in the next year. Just in case we cannot fill up the mall of the Washington Monument with 500,000 people, we can bring our people from all those 120 nations. So it is more than clear that we can fill up the place. But if that happens, it will hurt the dignity of America, so let's do that exclusively with the members working in America. Just think, if I'm elevated like the sun in this manner, the name of Billy Graham is doomed to decline. But Father's name will rise as the sun and people will think that he has youth-power in this hands, and is stronger than anything else. The great accomplishments of Billy Graham will still be recognized, of course, but his fame will not last more than one generation, while my accomplishments will never be forgotten by the people of future generations.

I have to cry out to the people of the United States and the world what route to take, in order to restore this world as the original place of God's will. To do that, we must consolidate our base, and for this, we must lay the foundation. By the time we send out international mobile teams to other countries, it'll be easy for them to win the people by just showing the film made concerning Madison Square Garden, and Yankee Stadium, and the Washington Monument. But we must be able to do that within 5 years, or even earlier than that. If we cannot do the job within 5 years, things will be more difficult.

Our project for next year is to send out 1,000 international mobile team members, visiting seven countries. By visiting so many nations, the whole world will know what we are doing. If we mobilize 1,000 members with 30 in each team, we can send them out to 33 nations. And if we mobilize 3,000 members with 30 in each team, we can send out 100 teams to 100 countries. If each of the 30 members in the team will bring one person to the Family, that would be 90, but at least 50 members will increase in three months time. So if we use 300 members in one nation we will bring in 500 members in three months. In a year, they can visit 40 countries, and in 3 years, 120. Then in five years, if each nation we visit will make 500 members, then we will mobilize 3,000 international mobile team members, and we can sweep away the whole world.

Our successes in Yankee Stadium and at the Washington Monument will serve to awaken the people, and will make it easy for our members to work in other nations. The question is how to make these projects a success.

I have ordered you to make 3,000 members by April next year, within the city of New York. At present we have some 500 members in New York City. This means I want every one of you to bring in 6 members. We have only six months left, so you have to bring in one person a month. I've assembled all the Japanese members to concentrate on this project in New York City. This will prove whether the Japanese are capable or not, and it will be the fruit of totalization of what they have done. Then the 3,000 members you will win by April 1974 will increase to 10,006 or more after one year. If you follow my instructions, you will without doubt be able to make that number. Then if each one of the 3,000 will bring in 6 members, it will make 18,000.

What you accomplish here in the city of New York will be the example to be followed by local churches in every state. Every year we can triple the membership very easily. By the time of the Washington, D.C. project, we will have 30,000 people, and with that number we can do just anything and everything. If we can mobilize 10,000 for Washington, D.C. project, we are going to make it a success for sure.

Each bus can accommodate 62 people. Then the traffic will be paralyzed in Washington, D.C. and the neighboring cities. Then the buses will be stuck on the highway, they will be lined up parked on the highway. Just imagine, it'll become a world issue. Then in the future this will be good propaganda material. These are not just empty words, and since I have said it, I will bring it to pass, because I've decided to make it a success. I will drive you out, I will kick at you...

In the Madison Square Garden campaign, we could have done it exclusively with our membership in the United States, but we brought 250 Japanese members, and we had a hard time putting them in hotels. The same thing will happen in Washington. We could fill up the whole place with the membership already in the United States, but the members all over the world will be anxious to come, and when they do, it will be difficult to house them. We may have to sleep on the highway. So you must be ready to take 62 persons in one bus.

Capitol Hill will be the meeting place for our speech. Just imagine! If that happens, can the people of the world object to our movement? If possible, we want to shorten the period, and accomplish it sooner, to hasten the salvation and the restoration of the world.

The subject of your prayers must be these two mottoes: "250,000 for Yankee Stadium," and " 500,000 for Washington, D.C. " You must put them up on your walls. By meeting the quota, you will be able to claim having been my co-worker in my lifetime.

After the success at the Washington Monument, we can have that kind of meeting every three months. Yes. But it's going to be your turn to speak before the people, not mine. All those projects accomplished, we can shake up the whole world. There is no other way possible for us to do it, except by doing this. So I want you to join me in the great project, and accomplish your mission. By that time, without a doubt, one nation will be solidly restored under our ideology. We are already at the stage where any one nation can be shaken up or stirred at any moment. The nation which is first to be awakened and restored will become the leading nation of the world.

Next year, I'm going to mobilize some 50 P. R. members to work in Washington, D.C. These people can work through the embassies of 120 nations, making it easier for my missionaries to work abroad. Mr. Kamiyama has had the P. R. members work to win the hearts of the ambassadors from these nations, so that when we send out our missionaries, the ambassadors can introduce them to the kings and presidents of these nations. When we bring back many brilliant new members from so many nations, they can influence their respective UN ambassadors, and thereby influence the government authorities of America. We plan to lease a suite in the best hotel in Washington, D.C. and serve ginseng tea there to the VIP's coming from other nations. We will serve as assistants or even employees of the Senators and Congressmen, or even be used by the President to receive and welcome the ambassadors and presidents and kings coming from other nations.

Finally, we will become VIP's ourselves, to be invited by the kings and presidents and ambassadors from all those nations when we visit them. Then we can open up the channels to reach those top-level people, and when the time comes, I can sweep the whole world, visiting all those kings and presidents in a year. I will invite them to come fishing with us, as my guests aboard the best yacht we can buy. And then, in the boat, we will converse with each other and I can enlighten them and bring them to our ideology. In this manner, I can form a new United Nations.

Before doing that, I have to assemble the most brilliant academic minds of the world. That's why I initiated the Unified Science Conference. At the soonest possible date, we must establish our own university where we will invite those brilliant professors. That's why I'm busy buying the land for the site of the university. I ordered the Korean residents in Japan to bring several hundred thousand dollars for buying the site for the university when they come for training. And they have done that, they brought the money.

That's the most money we have borrowed from Japan. You must know that. We cannot afford to lose time, and I have to buy the land now, when it is for sale.

I'm planning and doing so many things without your knowing, and your job is just to witness to the people and bring one person per month. Time is urgent and I'm so desperate, and I'm working at the risk of my life. If you think of that, for you to bring in one member in one month is no problem at all. By our doing that, we will set up the tradition to move the whole world.

We will make my name known to the world for having created a world movement, a great university, and for having assembled the best academic minds, all in the shortest possible time. I'll be regarded as being most outstanding and capable, to have met the leaders of the world in the shortest possible time. We can tell people, "Reverend Moon has done this much in this short period of time." Can you not do it as a leader of this nation and of this organization?

In the providence of God, our Madison Square Garden project was the formation stage, Yankee Stadium is the growth stage one, and the Washington, D.C. project will be the perfection stage. This is our goal, and we have got to attain it to make our movement a success at home. Since I have confidence and zeal, the problem is you. If you have the confidence and enthusiasm, you can carry it out, and human history will be changed. There are three crucial years left in which we must accomplish our mission, and I want your all-out effort, for you to strive hard until you win. I want you to be the warriors and champions to set up the new tradition of the highest dimension in the world, so that others can follow.

Would you rather remain single and work hard for these crucial years, or get married in the Holy Matrimony and then struggle hard? I will let you decide on that. Even though you may marry, that's just marriage in name, and you have to work hard while just living as brothers and sisters. Without the experience your seniors have had, you can't know what it is like. They are married but have been living as brothers and sisters, and their problems have not been easy ones. You are mentally affected by having responsibility for your mate, and such spiritual complications will not let you remain simple and with a single-minded dedication. Well, those who are over 30 may still prefer to marry, even though it is as brothers and sisters. But those under 30 should want to remain single. Would you give me the privilege of deciding what to do" Then the best thing is for you to be prepared not to marry, and to accept marriage whenever it comes.

Time is urgent, and I have only ten more years left to accomplish the mission. At the risk of my life, I'm desperate to carry it out. Then on your part don't you sympathize with me, and feel compassion for me? I've spent the prime of my life in prison and working in the face of opposition and every difficulty, and you have only to follow my instructions and in three more years or at the longest ten more years, the world will be changed by your hands. Will you do the job?

Money is another serious matter. In order for us to establish a school we need some 300 million dollars. Just think of that and how hard it must be for me to solve all these problems. I have to mobilize some 12,000 people for fund-raising. Then 30 million dollars a month will be no problem. In a year's time, we will have 360 million dollars very easily. One person has to earn at least 3,000 dollars a month. Towards that goal, I'm going to train some of you. If we can raise that much money with our own hands, then through education in that university we can change the people of the world. If we can mobilize between 5,000 to 10,000 people for witnessing something great can be done. Heaven will help you if you follow me.

Believe me, if I cannot carry it out, God will do it for me and through me. First of all, you must have strong faith, then put it into practice, and dedicate your life to that. In Japanese, "to desperately work" means to do so at the risk of one's life. "Let me carry out the job, or give me death, "-that must be your attitude. I am always determined like this. I have a great goal before me, and I strongly believe that I can do the job. I would rather die than not be able to succeed. My prayer is always like this: "Oh, God, if you really love me, when I fail to do the job, take my life. I cannot live on without a face to be lifted up towards you or to follow everything of Nature." So your prayer must be similar. If you have such faith that you try to succeed even at the cost of your life, and you still fail, then you can leave the rest of it in God's hands.

I always think that if I fail and live on, my successor cannot succeed, but if in the face of failure, I die, then my successor can undertake my mission and succeed. So I'm always desperate, and always willing to lose my life for what I'm doing. In the past three years, I've done my best and the proof is that God has helped me to succeed. With this attitude, every problem will be solved.

I want you to take the responsibility for witnessing. That's all I want you to do. After Madison Square Garden, I think our movement is known to everyone. It would be easy for you to witness, especially in New York City. If you are so serious that you are willing to die, you cannot fail to bring in one member a month. If you will not oblige me to even witness to the people, I cannot carry out other jobs, so I want you to take up the responsibility for yourself.

Don't forget, our goal is three thousand new members by next April. Then by using all those people, 10,000 members the next year will be no problem. Then let us advance forward to the goal. You will be responsible for setting the tradition.


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