The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The Completion Of Our Responsibility

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Barrytown, New York
October 28, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi and Mr. David S.C. Kim

I saw you a few minutes yesterday evening, and I'm glad to see you again tonight. Yesterday when I saw you, I felt deep compassion, but tonight I feel eased. It is a regulation that you must undergo a fast of at least 7 days to become a regular member. If you have not gone through such a fast and are not aware o the greatness or value of the seven day fast, then you must be awakened to the fact. Back in Korea, in the year 1957, on the 20th of July, I began the seven-day fast. How many years ago was it? 1957-17 years ago. This is the history of the past years. Those who have not completed the seven-day fast cannot be blessed in holy matrimony. This is the fundamental condition for the blessing and as I said the other day, it signifies the deficiency of seven thousand years of biblical history. There are many among you who have done several seven-day fasts and before beginning the seven-day fast this time, I encouraged you and explained the significance of the fast. Here you have been fasting not as an individual, but with many other people. So, it should not have been as difficult as in other cases. While fasting you have been meeting with many people and you have continued to contact many important people-so this experience has been a wonderful one, I believe.

In the next two days you will have training, and it has a double purpose. What you eat after fasting affects your health so you will be given carefully selected and nourishing food, and you will attune yourself to all the conditions for your future on the physical level. So, the training will be very meaningful. We will feed you a certain amount at a time, and if you want to have three or four servings ... it's against the law. On the spiritual level, what you eat could affect your growth, so you must be very careful. If I would let you eat as much as you please, the moment you eat that much, you would feel like dozing off! But, if I give you a certain amount of food at a time, the expectation of the next meal and still the next will be wonderful and you won't be able to doze off.

Our conclusion is that during this fast, we have learned a great lesson, and on the political stage of the world we have done a great thing. So, this has been a very meaningful occasion. You had only to sit there without doing anything and you were on stage for New Yorkers and people from all over the world to see, including observers from 137 nations. Well, since sooner or later you have to go through the seven-day fast, it has been a great occasion and you have now attained confidence, I think. So, I'm thinking of staging the fast, a seven-day fast, every year. If we continue to do this kind of thing to solve world problems, it will be most wonderful. It's painful for me not to be able to treat you as well as I would like, after your having gone through such a wonderful work for the whole world. You are good guests, you are my guests here, but I regret that I cannot treat you as well as I would like.

Well, my topic this evening is "The Completion of the Responsibility." When you think of the completion of your mission or responsibility, you have many things to restore through indemnity at the individual level, family level, national level, and world-wide level. But for me, it is different. You can go through the individual level of restoration and then stop if you want or you can go through the second stage-so much the better, and even the third stage-that would be wonderful for you. But, I cannot stop anywhere until I accomplish my mission of restoring the whole world. The Divine Principle has taught you that we cannot restore ourselves. Adam and Eve could not be restored until now, after the six thousand years of biblical history. Even God could not complete the restoration of men. The Divine Principle teaches us that even God cannot accomplish the mission without the cooperation on the part of man. So, it has taken such a long time. Your responsibility is to go through the restoration on the individual level of Adam and Eve in yourself.

One significance of our having to go through all those stages is that in our movement we are responsible for the restoration of the whole world. This is why we take a worldwide view of things. By our going through a broadened scope of restoration on the horizontal level, we can return the fruits to our Father, to God. While God himself could not restore Adam and Eve in six thousand years, we want to restore them in our lifetimes at the earliest possible time. Then we must feel the deep responsibility and the sense of mission required. When Americans, including the Senators and Congressmen, hear about my work here, they become skeptical and they say, "Why does this man have to work in the United States, when he has many more problems and more serious problems back in his own native country?" It is because they do not understand God's Providence. Seeing things only in a superficial way, they do not know the Providence of God in the internal way. Seen from God's standpoint, this America which has been established and blessed by God in preparation for the great day has its own mission. But this same America is becoming corrupt in God's sight. So God would want his representative to reawaken this nation and bring it back to the original status of a God-fearing nation. No other group is found to be responsible for this and unless Americans believe in God, they cannot accomplish their mission. That is why God has brought me to America. However hard the Christians of today may struggle, they do not know how to claim what they have done or connect it to God's Providence -and we are the only group which can do that. That's why I am here: I'm accomplishing the Providence of God in the continent of America, and in this way alone, I will pave the way for Korea to go. That is why I left Korea in the hands of the people there and came to the United States.

As you well know, young people are leaving the churches in the United States. That is not the way it should be from God's point of view, so we have the responsibility to revive the Christian spirit, not only in the churches, but in the whole nation. When we have done this, we will have accomplished God's purpose in this nation, and God's purpose of saving mankind through this nation. We can well guess what the responsibilities of the Unification Church members are, and how we can accomplish or complete our mission. If you as individuals can give the right image to people and can have the confidence to represent the whole nation and be able to revive the Christian spirit in this nation, then, I am assured that we can carry out our mission. If and when you are recognized by the people, you can be a leader on the individual level, and in your families, and this nation can rely on you and you can take responsibility for it. Then we will be successful.

When you think of a nation, it is a vast concept, but the elements comprising the nation are man and woman. Men and women are the products of youth. So the fundamental problem is how to educate young people to the responsibility of leading this nation in the future. We must bring you up to the standard at which people can say, "These are the youth leading the nation and these are the ideal youth. " If such men and women marry and begin families, people will think, "Those families are ideal families. " And then, "The nation which consists of those families will be an ideal nation, and those nations will be gathered together to form an ideal world. " The question is whether or not we can accomplish this in our movement. If you can accomplish your restoration on the individual level and then form ideal families and nations, the rest will not be difficult. We have been spreading the word about your being well groomed, clean-cut young people-very disciplined and very wonderful. If we can lead the people to realize that the future of the nation and the world can be entrusted to such persons then we will be victors.

Everybody likes to say "ideal person, ideal something. " Well when we call a person an ideal person, he cannot be ideal only on the individual level; he must be ideal in his family, his nation, in the whole world and in the whole cosmos including the spirit world. We can build a foundation for being an ideal person by always sacrificing ourselves. At the sacrifice of ourselves, we will build an ideal home. And at the sacrifice of our homes, we will build an ideal nation, and at the sacrifice of our nation, we will build the ideal world. So a sacrificial way of life is the important thing. When you think of things centered on yourselves as individuals it is very easy, but when you think about building a family, it is not an easy job.

The human fall was caused not on the individual level, but on the level of two in confrontation with each other. If you are all alone, you can get along well, you can go on without problems, but if there are two or more, questions will arise. If two of you in the family are ready to sacrifice yourselves for the sake of your nation and greater things, then your responsibility can be accomplished. But, can you build an ideal family? How many of you are confident? It is easy for you to become an ideal person on the individual level, but two people together forming a family is not easy.

When you are sacrificial with each other, you will be good couples. When you give birth to your children, you must raise them, educate them in the ideal way. You are going to pioneer your way, building an ideal world, but you must remember that even God has not been able to restore Adam and Eve to perfection in 6000 years. You must have your family as the base and defend yourself from the satanic invasion. You must build your home and the nation and the world into ideal ones; it is a very difficult task.

You have gone through a painful seven day fast, but there was joy in your heart, because you knew the purpose. But what you have yet to do is form an ideal family and nation-which do you think is more difficult? It is sobering to think of the monumental task of restoring the nation and the whole world. In the course of doing this, we must triumph and defeat the satanic world. In defeating the satanic world, we must separate it into pieces. So, on God's part, too, he divided the whole world into pieces in preparation for the day in which we will work for the goal. And in the chaos and fragmented pieces, we are going to work.

We are in such a situation, where families are in disunity, and there is rupture at the tribal, national, and world-wide levels. That's the way God has arranged the stage for you and if we are successful, it will have been worthwhile for us to work. The present-day situation of America is that people --especially the young people-are separated, not united with each other. In contrast with this bitter reality, if youth in our movement are united in strong oneness, and people believe in us and accept us as being able to be united for eternity, we can carry out the Providence of God. My ambition is to help you become such strong personalities, all of whom become one with each other, so that no power can shatter you into pieces. I want you to be united in such a strong way that even Communist power cannot put you asunder. I want to make people think that Reverend Moon is the only person who can bring the American youth into strong oneness like that.

The three day fast on Capitol Hill was a shock to the American people. For those people, there is a vast difference between a three day fast and a seven day fast. If they were shocked at the three day fast they'll be more shocked to hear of our seven day fast, they will be amazed and flabbergasted. The religious leaders in particular will be shocked. Even the laymen will have their consciences stricken because most have never gone through even a one-day fast for this purpose. Even from this viewpoint of fasting, people cannot but recognize us as the strongest group, and Reverend Moon as the strongest leader of this group.

Our history here is a short one and people will recall that this Reverend Moon came to the United States only a year or so ago, and will be amazed that he has done such a great work. It must be a great puzzle to them because Reverend Moon cannot speak the language (not a word of English, they may think) and yet he has been able to do what other leaders have not been able to do. I'm sure leaders are studying our group, studying me. They must wonder "What is the Divine Principle that it leads people into such strong motivation in God's ways?" and they may feel compelled to study that Divine Principle. They may think, "What is the element or factor leading this movement? It is not money, not power or authority, not even knowledge, but the strong young people who can shoulder the future of the nations. " In that sense, we can safely say that the new America is being established, the new world is being erected.

People will see the difference between the persons-between your personality before joining the movement, and that after you joined it. But how many friends you have made before the movement and after the movement will determine whether or not we will lead this nation. By the some token, America's value will be determined by the extent to which this nation will be working for the world.

If in our movement the number will increase from a thousand to ten thousand, ten thousand to 100,000, a million, then what will happen to the world? Suppose there are one million American youth in the membership of our movement? At one command, those on the West Coast will come to New York in three days' time. Many Americans who were born on the West Coast have died there without having visited the East Coast or other parts of the nation, but in our movement, we can have our young people come from the West to the East in three days' time. Well, with that power we can occupy New York at an instant! Can't you imagine-one million young people come to New York, don't have houses and are scattered all over the streets fasting for seven days-what will happen? After one week's fast people will want to come to join our movement.

There's nothing impossible before us. Or if we have ten thousand members and each brings in 100 members, you can make the one million very quickly. Whether or not you can do it in one year's time, ten years' time, there will be the creation of the new America. If you are so serious as to think that you are going to be put to death if you don't accomplish the mission, it's easy for you to carry it out.

If God is incarnate in you and exists in you, He can accomplish the mission in an instant. But God cannot do that. When one is not perfect, God cannot abide in the person. God can only be incarnate in the person who has perfected himself. But your faith is great, so 1 if you believe strongly in God and believe that you can perfect yourself, then God can work through you on the formation level and the growth level. He can work through you. If you waver and vacillate all the way along, however, God cannot work with you.

I can imagine that during the seven day fast, some of you may have thought, "What made me come into this movement, that I have to go through this seven day fast. I wish I had never joined! " But, if you could say to yourself, "I would go through more than a seven day fast, even a month or more-I will not be frustrated," then both God and I can rely on you. You must examine yourself closely to see if you are such a person-not wavering, not vacillating, never changing in your dedication.

Well, how do you find yourself On the way there will be many of you who will fall away, but what will happen to me? You can change, you can be frustrated, but I can never do that. And I will never do that. If you wish to enter the Kingdom of God, you enter by me and your brothers and sisters here-you must have determination of the same kind as mine. However hard you may struggle, it is the shortest path for you to imitate what I am doing. The new members may not know, but the older members know that I do unbelievable things, and initiate seemingly impossible things, but sooner or later you will find that that was very logical and reasonable and it will be done. I know what period we are in according to God's timetable and what kind of channel will enable us to reach a certain goal.

During our fast this time, our having attacked the United Nations is a significant thing. Americans, Japanese and Koreans represented the Unification Church with the cooperation of people from other nations. Those people assembled in America in oneness carried out their mission of confronting 137 nations from around the world. What was our purpose? Our purpose was to bring America, Japan and Korea together with each other in the ideal of this unification movement. In the Providence of God this is possible. What we have created in the nation of America, must happen in other nations, too, spreading out to the end of the world. Next year, we will send out missionaries to 120 nations. At least we must be able to send our missionaries to 100 nations.

During the time of your fast, people from 137 nations observed you. The people representing those nations in my view don't have self-control, self-mastery, or subjectivity. They are afraid of involvement. But I'm not that type of person. It's an incredible thing, and too bold a thing for me to do this, you know; it's something like shooting one's gun into the air, people may think. But you at least understand. Having attacked so strongly at this time, if we retreat and fall back, we fail. We must do the same thing over and over again until we gain the goal. If we do the same thing next year, what will happen? And the successive years we will do the same thing.

The future of Korea is connected with the future of America and of the world. So, since I find many problems in this nation, I have to win and gain the victory in this nation first. If by our doing this the Communist power in North Korea will eventually collapse, what you have done will be long remembered and will spread out annihilating and exterminating the power of Communism all over the world. If we can so influence the world, the people who represented 137 nations and observed us this time will want to have our missionaries in their own nations. Then, because these people represent their governments-when we send our missionaries we will have our stronghold on the national level. Then very soon, to each of those nations we can send our international mobile teams sweeping along whole nations. We need from one thousand to three thousand people for these teams. If by our doing this we can influence one nation in such a way, then the premier or president of the nation may want to invite our mobile team. Then we have a clear picture of how and how soon we can turn the whole world upside down. First of all, we must think that what we are applying is a wonderful, heavenly service. After sending out our missionaries to 120 nations, we can influence those nations, and by having the youth of those nations mobilize, we can form a new United Nations.

What I have in mind is that in the nearest future, we are going to publish a daily paper in Japan and in America. Well, in that case those members of ours who have been in the 120 nations can collect good articles from all over the world and church leaders in those nations can play the role of news correspondents. We will cover the news from all over the world. By selling our newspapers, we can change the direction of the media of the world.

To lay the foundation for the best newspaper in the world, we must assemble the noted professors of the world. The Unified Science Conference is in preparation for that. If we assemble the noted professors from all over the world, what we are going to do next is to establish our own university. Barrytown is the most likely place. In Belvedere, we are buying almost 200 acres of land for that purpose. We have to buy 500 or more acres of land, so we can erect a university, larger than the University of the State of New York. What we are going to do in the shortest possible time is to establish the largest and the most noted university of the world. It is easy for you to agree, but it can only be realized by you and me becoming one, like this. By the end of next year, it means I will need some three million dollars a month. That's just nothing compared to the greatness of what we are going to do.

If I have 30,000 members, in seven years' time I can do many things which the world has never seen. So the key to the problem, the question is how, in what way, can we bring in 30,000 members. Just imagine how those 30,000 members will move about from place to place. If each of the states has 500 members, what will happen? We can do anything, anything and everything. The Senators and Congressmen will be influenced by us. We can do almost everything, practically everything. Then we can visualize the restoration of the whole world before us.

We are here from the 50 states. If after going back to your own states, you are going to be crazy to find 500 members, then it will mean that we can bind to our way of life the whole world which is declining so rapidly. This is not a difficult job because you are the ones who have attacked the United Nations and moved the hearts of the New Yorkers. With that power, it is no problem for you to influence the people of your own state. Are you resolved and confident to do that? (Yes!)

Well, my topic this evening was "The Completion of Our Responsibility". You have completed your responsibility in having fasted successfully before the UN But with that same power, you must complete the responsibility in your own state. If you are frustrated and lose the power and strength to work in your state, I cannot rely on you. I have directed the New York church alone to win 3,000 members. If the same power will spread all over the state, and in each state you do the same, then our membership and our strength will increase in the shortest possible time. My goal by the end of this year is to have at least ten thousand new members. Then in three years' time, we will have met our goal. I have stated that the years 1977 and 1978 will be the most crucial years in the history of America. I must determine how to restrain the Communists in this nation, and then I must go back to my country and to other parts of the world. I am very serious. Out of this seriousness I have made many public appearances in the year 1974, carrying the message to all people of the world to make it easier for you to work.

In 1976 you will celebrate the bicentennial of your country. But God is leaving this nation, and if you fail to accomplish certain things by that time you will lose God and God will lose you. If we prepare this nation to be strong and to be reawakened to the Christian ideology before that year comes, then God can work in this country. I began the preparation some seven years ago, and ever since I have been contemplating and working for this nation.

In preparation for the Communist attack against us, we must train ourselves on the physical level as well as the spiritual. Without your knowing, I have prepared many things. I have organized Karate institutes for example. Members of the Unification Church must be able to handle themselves. In the future, we will financially support those organizations, so that they can be utilized by us at any moment. My intention is to spread out our foundation on the wider level and have it be successful in the shortest possible time. Both internally and externally, I have prepared the foundation in so many ways, and if we cannot culminate it and conclude everything in three years' time, our goal will not be attained in the set time. You have no idea what I'm going to do from now on. The time is ripe and I am going to carry out things in the timetable of God.

You see what I have done in three years, or less than three years, and if people are widely awakened to the fact that we are such a strong group, we can reach the goal if you only follow my instructions. From the way things have been happening, you can readily imagine that in the nearest possible future I will stir up the whole world.

We have won the support of 350 Columbia professors for the cause we have undertaken here at this time. Columbia is a campus on which we can win the people of New York. That will be headquarters for the base on which we will work. You must be determined to carry out your responsibility at the cost of your life.

You don't know how vicious the Communists are. If people are against the Communist ideology, they don't hesitate to kill them. The Communists know only too well who is the key person moving these people and that Korea, America, Japan and all the world are braced up by him, so they set eyes on the person of Reverend Moon. So I'm doing things at the risk of my life, you must realize that. If you are not resolved to cross over this peak in the history of this nation and the world at the risk of your life, there is no one else to take up this responsibility. After the year 1977, you have only three years left in which to carry out the great mission and you cannot dream of accomplishing it without risking your life. From the past you have learned how to risk your lives, and on the spur of the call you must dash forward. Do you feel the glory of participating in this great harvest of God?

As you well know, there are many vicious eyes looking at me and finding fault with me, and they would do just anything against me. In the face of such peril, you must be greatly resolved to carry out the mission. If you are not doing the job at the risk of your life, you cannot carry it out. You are not only the warriors and champions of God, but you are His sons and daughters. Since you realize that God is going before us, always in the vanguard, then you cannot retreat. You must know the glory and blessedness of participation in God's cause, so even if you collapse or die on the way, you can die with confidence, with that strength. Well, what I'm doing here sometimes will not attract too much attention, but this demonstration will influence Korea and Japan greatly; a storm is arising because of what we are doing here.

We have initiated many things, and we have to conclude them. It is our responsibility to connect what we have done in America with other nations, so that we can cover the whole world. One of our projects will be to send 1,000 IOWC members to Japan, Korea, and Free China. Up to the present moment, the Church in America has been assisted by Korean, Japanese, and European members, but after a certain period of time, you must go on your own. Next year we will enter the third seven-year course, and I have been training the American members in such a way that they can stand on their own. So from then on Americans must take the responsibility for this nation. Can you take that responsibility?

Next year, we must mobilize at least one thousand fundraisers. Without your being able to do that, our plan will not be carried out. Besides that, we must mobilize one thousand mobile team members so that means we must have at least 8,000 very active core members. We have to prepare for these things in six months. You Americans must love your nation more than I do. I have set the example, so you must follow what I have done in three years' time, and at least try to accomplish that goal. I have done that much in one year's time. When you think of that, you cannot imagine accomplishing a mission by idling away your time in a dreamy way.

Wherever I go, whatever I see, in my thinking, in my words, and in my action, I have had my goal before me. That goal was to bring the message of hope to every American. It is not an easy task. But the seed has been sown and is beginning to grow. I have visited all 50 states, spoken to the people, and advertised in the newspapers and through posters and brochures. And I've made a 32-city tour, and now an 8-city tour. And if anyone should say that he or she does not know of our movement, they have no excuse.

Recently our members were handing out leaflets in the city of Hamburg, Germany and met an American tourist from a remote, village in one of the states. He said, "I know Reverend Moon and I know about the Unification Movement. I'm surprised to know that the movement is in Germany too. " Our members were very much impressed and happy to hear that. They were overjoyed to know that my message had reached every comer of the United States, resounding all the way through. Actually, I've done this much not in three years, but in barely more than one year. Then, if we go on like this with the same strength, it is no problem for us to do more work and greater work before 1977.

Three years ago when I talked about the Madison Square Garden project, you were appalled and had serious doubts. But we can visualize what's coming in the future, and you will not be surprised at the victory. You have only to obey me, and whatever instruction I give you, you will be able to carry it out. Nothing is impossible and this is what I want you to do. Within the coming three years, you must solidify the foundation in this nation of yours, following my example in the past three years. Can you do the job? You have done well to accomplish your mission and complete your responsibilities so far, but towards the year 1977, you must be determined to fulfill on the foundation of what you have done already. In that way, you will have accomplished your mission on the individual level, family level, and national level. Would you want to have the period shortened or lengthened? The more ardently you want to have it shortened the harder you must work. If you are resolved to participate in the project, raise your hand.

This is another matter I want to speak about. I know the Heavenly strategy because I have applied it in the three nations of Korea, Japan, and Free China. I have not met my membership quota, however, because more urgent issues had to be tackled. Under those circumstances in the Orient some of those mobilized only heard Divine Principle once and then were placed on the front line fund-raising or witnessing. This has resulted in some leaving the mainstream of the movement. Why did these people stray from the main line? Because under the circumstances, with the small number of members to accomplish the results, external factors were emphasized while internal attainment of understanding and discipline were lacking. There was no other alternative at the time. Everything was urgent. There were no funds to prepare a training facility and the number of members was so small that I did not dare to plan that kind of a project. I felt that this loss of members had to be stopped by all means. There was no other choice -to provide a time of education and training was absolutely necessary.

I do not want that same situation to happen here so I am going to set up this policy, this line of approach now. Some might think the training can be the same for those in Principle 10 years or 3 years or I year, but there must be a system with progression though kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college and so forth. This kind of a graduated educational system within our Church is absolutely necessary. That is one reason we have acquired the Barrytown facility. Will those who have received three weeks training at Barrytown or elsewhere raise their hands? How about those who have received seven-day training? From now beginners will not be assigned for other purposes until they have at least six months of training. Older members who have not been trained will also be trained. Regular official membership will require completion of six months of disciplined training. From now on, newcomers will receive this intensive training.

On this foundation over a certain period of time, we will advance and accomplishment will be great. Through this system there already are or will be seven stages of education in the Unification Church: three-day, seven-day, 21-day, 40-day, 100-day, six-month, and twelve-month training programs. All members will be required to complete the 100-day training course. This will confer official membership. This will be a requirement for any important position and for the blessing. When a newcomer attends a three-day workshop, we will encourage him to go through the seven-day training with specifically qualified teachers, or counselors. Then after the seven-day program, we will encourage them to come for 21 days. Then after 21 days, we will encourage them for 40 days; then by all means we must persuade this newcomer, the new creature born in Principle to go through the 100-day course.

Suppose some older seven-day trainee is unable to complete his course for some reason. Let them go, but he or she will think, "I am only in the second stage-I must get through the three-week course!" The same with 21 -days; someone is in the middle of the program and drops out. Then he thinks "I have to complete the 40 days." Then during the 40 days, he thinks, "If people drop out, they have to come back later-I have to get through this program."

Some may not finish in even five years, but will think, "I have to finish this if it takes my life!" So that way even the temporary member who drops out and returns to the satanic world will have to come back.

Then some other people will say, "I am dropping out. I quit," and you say, "what stage are you in-what training have you had?" "Just 7 days. " "Oh, that's the reason why! You have to go through the 40 days training at least!" Another may say " 1 00 days. " Then you will say, "Oh! You have a hundred, that's why you left! You come back!"

Even when young members someday criticize the Unification Church or Father or something like that, you can say, "What are you talking about? You never even finished the entire course. How can you dare to criticize Reverend Moon? You come back!"

Now, this is a wonderful system. For instance, we have a large facility bringing trainees at different levels together. Some are seven-day trainees, some 2 1 -day , some 40-day, I 00-day. They look after each other. They look forward to going to a higher level. They stimulate one another and may say, "What's happening? I lasted one day in your stage! Me? I am a seven-day trainee; are you in the 40-day?" They stimulate one another, reinforce one another, react to one another, comfort one another and help each other.

In order to complete training, you need food, shelter, a place to sleep, clothing-so a tuition fee of $350 per person will be asked for the 40-day training program. So the trainees can feel self-sufficient, they will raise that money during their training.

So we will encourage them to complete at least six months training with this variety of programs. During this time it may happen that we open the door to your brothers and sisters or relatives and friends. "Come here, see what we are doing. " Then they can come and rest and no parent will oppose the children who are studying very hard in that system. When they visit in this setting, we will set up a three-day course for them! We'll give the three days program for them and for other visitors. We will plan a good program including recreation, variety show, skiing and movies-all like a regular college campus!

After this they will want more training and they will be used in one generation, because they are trained well. They will want to practice what they have learned, and because they are well equipped, well trained and indoctrinated, they are ready to be the leaders to others. After six months they are ready to work! Even if we say, "You can go home", they will come back, they'll stay all day long and all their life because they know what it is. They will know the will of God. They will know the necessity for their own future, so that they will never leave anymore.

The same seven-day program will be accomplished in every state, every region. In this way many leaders will be produced to send to the local, state, or international level. Also teachers for every level will be produced. Also, the system of hierarchy of Unification Church will be set up so you will know your position, your superiors, and your subordinates. After the 100-day training, we will select those people who are potential leaders to go on for further training, and they will be the core and nucleus of the Unification Church movement. Those who successfully completed six months training will be part of the higher echelon of our Unification Church. After one year of study, they will come back here for another year of study. Then they will complete requirements for the MA degree right here. Within three years, they will obtain the master's degree.

I am preparing this educational system. Graduates will go throughout the world; they will be respected as leaders. This will be effective November 1, 1974, when the IOWC Commander Conference begins. This system will be adopted, applied throughout the world in Korea, Japan and the other nations. Even within this nation of America, the East and West and Mid-West, and four comers of this continent will have similar training institutes. This system will bring great advancement. After such training, not being involved with the Unification Church will be the most shameful thing to the individual. They will recognize the will of God, the value of the individual. Will state representatives and state commanders who have just done their first seven-day fast please raise their hands? This is a shameful thing, you as mobile unit commander or state representative should have done this seven-day fast earlier. This is one of the qualifications as a leader. From now on a certain time will be set up during the 2 1 -day or 40-day period for the seven-day fast.

In all this, keep in mind the goal of bringing souls. I will open the door for you according to your accomplishment. According to your ability to bring members, I will consider your future advancement and promotion. I will decide if some changes are needed at the November first conference. I plan to fly tomorrow to Atlanta for the Day of Hope Tour, so by the time you leave, Mother, Mrs. Choi and I will be in the air. Pray for us. Good-bye and God bless you.

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