The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The Seven Day Fast

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Barrytown, New York
October 20,1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Those of you who are seeing me for the first time, will you please hold up your hands.

I sent out official letters so by now you must know why you are here. Except for the New York members, I think most of you have not gone through a seven-day fast. Those who have not yet gone through a seven-day fast, put up your hands.

In our movement every member should go through a seven-day fast, at least. You may think it strange, "Why do we have to starve ourselves to death while we have things to eat?" Those who have gone through the fast, please hold up your hands.

Through the Divine Principle we have been taught that we are now living in the world apart from the Principle of God's original creation. The world where we are now living in is the world of the fall. Since the human fall, men of the world have not been living on the things of nature which are under the control of God, but instead on natural things under the control of Satan. We have been living on the unnatural things. The nutriments taken from nature have not been those controlled by God but those under the domination of Satan. All through human history you have been living that way. Seen from the viewpoint of the Principle, we at some point of time must come to be living by taking the natural things of God and by using things under the control of God, and by enjoying those things.

So we are bound for that point, From the traditional point, we are going over to God's side. As you know, God created man in six days' time, on the seventh day He took Sabbath, and on the eighth everything started its existence. Accordingly, in bringing ourselves back to the original status we have to go through, even conditionally, all those processes. By going through the number six we can take Sabbath on the seventh day, and only then can we start our new life-new life on the eighth day.

The Principle teaches us that we must straighten up through indemnity what has been established on the vertical line. We must indemnify on the horizontal line what is on the vertical line. On the vertical level, human history has gone through 6,000 years. Upon entering 7,000 years, we will have God take Sabbath, and at the 8,000 years level, we will have a real start. Six thousand years plus Jesus' millenium, makes 7,000 years, and then the 8,000 years will begin which is the new start of everything.

In the Bible 1,000 years denotes perfect restoration, a perfection of restoration through indemnity. That means we have to go through 7,000 years. All things happening within those 7,000 years on the vertical level must be indemnified on the horizontal level. By our going through 7,000 years-or the coefficient number of seven-alone, we can indemnify or restore through indemnity, ourselves on the individual level, family level, national level and worldwide level.

If there is any way possible, we want to go through all those things at once, and if any individual will go through a seven-day fast, that symbolizes 7,000 years, and we will start on the eighth day our new life, symbolically. By our going through a seven day fast on the individual level, we want to have it symbolically mean that we have gone through 7,000 years of fallen history by indemnifying ourselves. And that can also mean we have gone through seven years of indemnity.

In Biblical history, symbolical terms and conditional things are very important, and if you have not gone through a seven-day fast it means you are still remaining in the satanic world. Do you understand me? (Yes.) Many of you may ask, "Well, if we go through those conditions in our movement, can we indemnify ourselves into such a position where we can dominate the whole world? Nature, at least? Can we?" My answer to that is yes. Why? Except for the human fall, men should have been under God's control, who is righteous. We should have been righteous children and true children to God, our Father, and the first human ancestors without sin. Then you can put yourself in the position where you have your True Parents and true brothers and sisters and true children. Is it true? (Yes.)

In our movement we must elevate ourselves to such a standard and in doing that we use holy salt to sanctify ourselves. And when was that holy salt created? The holy salt was produced on the day of my holy matrimony in 1960. In fact, with the coming of the True Parents all the old things should have been burned up and we must produce new things, brand new things to be used by the children of God. It is not God's intention to have His children use things and eat things stained by satanic control. God would have burned up all those things and create or produce new things to be used for His children. But since we cannot do it all at once, God permitted me to create holy salt to sanctify all those things, to bring them into the condition where they are pure enough to be used by His children. So whenever we buy anything from the grocery stores or any stores of the world, we bring them home and sanctify those things before using them, with our holy salt, of course. And that means we are going to use sanctified things and live in sanctified places-for instance, when we move into a new house we sanctify the whole place. So we are using sanctified things and eating sanctified things and living in a sanctified environment.

Those who are assembled here may not have known the importance and the value of the holy salt. From now on you must feel that you must always have holy salt with you. Up to the present you have not had such a notion, I'm afraid.

The value and significance of the holy salt is to eradicate or annihilate or exterminate what is satanic, and if you use the holy salt you are always sanctified. You must know the value of holy salt from now on.

Well, in the nearest possible future I'm going to sanctify the whole place here, Barrytown.

From this viewpoint we can draw the conclusion that we cannot go back to God unless we can restore ourselves through indemnifying horizontally what was done on the vertical line of history. In doing that we have to use number seven, and you must be determined to go through that. Is that right? (Yes.) Even I myself have gone through a seven-day fast. By doing that, I put myself in the same position as you so that you can follow my example. So at this moment I want you to eliminate the fear of going through a seven-day fast. You may have thought, "Well, if I don't eat anything for seven days I may die." You must eradicate that thought.

I have been guiding the members, leading the members, for some 20 years including my life in North Korea, but I have never seen a single person die during the time of a seven-day fast, so be reassured. If you are going to die in the process of the fast, you are Satan; you are strongly possessed by Satan then. There have been many who have gone through three weeks' fast. That's an experience transcending scientific logic. That's what makes it important to have a religious life of faith.

Here is one thing you must be really careful about, and I want you to be really strong. For instance, most of you will at first be floating in your minds and saying, "Well, it's nothing. I can go through a seven-day fast. " But after two or three days you will, you know, become downcast. You will be energyless, and you will think down, down, down. You must not be like that.

Our fleshly side is the base for Satan to work on, so you must be very strong to keep Satan separated from you. You will feel every moment of your seven-day fast that Satan is coming to attack you. The Satanic weapons are food and things of everyday use, and you will be tempted with those things. Do you feel the strength of such temptations, how strong temptations will be? Three to four days will bring you to the peak of things, and after three days, upon entering the fourth day, you will immediately think of what you have left: "That means I have only three days left and three days later I can eat. " So it is very likely that food, rice, bread, all those things will occupy, your mind, and then you are going to be a failure even though you will have gone through a seven-day fast.

After going through three days, on the fourth day you must go through the whole indemnity course. If you successfully go through the fourth day then the rest of the seven days will be no problem. Just have your mind blank, or meditate on something else.

On the seventh day towards midnight your heart will click and your pulsation will be excited to think that one minute after another is going away, and at that moment if you think only of food, you are going to be a failure. So those several minutes will be most important. You must be careful about how you find yourself. So you must be well determined and even fairly indignant about Satan's having invaded our ancestors. By going through the seven-day fast you must restore the True Parents, restore the true brothers and sisters, restore your own true children-later generations, of course-and true relationships. You are doing this not only on the individual level but for your family and the nation and the whole world. And if you realize you cannot fail, you can never fail. At the very moment of difficulty you must imagine you could go through even more difficult things if you could save the world by doing that. Do you understand me? (Yes.) Those who have already gone through the fast without knowing the significance of the fast like this, then you must be grateful that you are going through it again, and in that case you must feel the importance all the more, more than other people.

When you go through a seven-day fast you must imagine yourself going through three weeks' fast and you must be grateful that you are going through only one week, with three weeks condensed into those seven days. After going through the seven-day fast with success, you will have confidence in everything. Wherever you are placed, whatever situation you are placed in, you will have no fear of anything coming to you.

According to common sense we cannot live by going through seven days without eating a fragment of anything. Back in Korea in a way a seven-day fast was a great training because in Korea you can never imagine-the situation is not like that in America. You don't have food just everywhere. So when our members went out to the front line to witness to the people they sometimes had to starve, having no food to eat; and our members, having gone through the seven-day fast, could go through such difficulties and hard situations without shrinking back.

You Americans may think, "Well, how can you get hungry? If you are hungry there are crumbs of bread, at least. " Bread just comes free of charge here at the tables in the restaurants. The problem is they don't have any crumbs of bread in those countries.

In the future, I'm going to send you out to remote places were there may be difficulties awaiting you. You may in the future be sent to the southern tip of Africa where people are starving to death, and you must be prepared for that. So this seven-day fast is the most important and valuable experience in your whole life.

Now, do you feel the significance of the seven day fast? (Yes!) Yes? (Yes!!) Are you confident? (Yes!)

Now I'm going to explain why we are going to go though the fast in front of the UN Building, not elsewhere. You must know why we are going to fast in front of the UN Building, where they have their General Assembly, and why people from all over the world--our members from all over the world-have to fast before that UN Building on this occasion. We are going to create a great event. The event is going to be a providential one, an event in the providence of God, a great event.

If you have gone through the seven-day fast already, that has been for yourself and for indemnity on the individual level, but what you are going to go through is for America, for the whole world, and the significance is greater than that of those other fasts. You are sharing the experience for the whole of mankind, and the whole of America will watch over you and the United Nations and the whole world population will watch over you, including, of course, our members scattered all over the world, including the spiritual world. Myriads of saints and spirit men in the spirit world, and God Himself, and even Satan, are watching over what we are doing. Do you understand? (Yes.)

In the Principle we are taught that we restore ourselves through indemnity to the original condition lost at the time of the fall. If we ponder the cause of the thing, when we think of ourselves going back to the original state, we want to go back to the status of Adam's family, before the fall. Before our being able to save the whole world we must be able to save ourselves, and in doing that we must bring ourselves to the position of the brothers and sisters in Adam's family. In order for us to restore ourselves on the individual level we must bring ourselves to the position of Adam before the fall. That's the starting point, and without our being able to do that we cannot save our family, tribe, nation and the world.

So mankind in the fallen world, without being conscious of it, has been hoping to restore their positions back to Adam in perfection or without the fall. In the Bible we are taught the principle of bridegroom and bride. That means we have to have the True Father and Mother, fatherhood and motherhood without the fall, and that's what is meant by the holy Marriage of the Lamb. That's what God and all mankind would want to have. The whole world, all mankind, would want to have such central figures, leading figures. Though they had everything else, they would want to have those people, those personages, because without them we cannot be saved, and through them alone can we be brought back to the original position.

In America you seem to have everything. You have wealth, you have your own government. You have your own President, and everything you need. You have all material things.

You need guidance by the central figure sent by God according to the providence. Isn't that true? (Yes!) If it is true with America, it also applies to the rest of the world. If that central figure can guide you to restore yourself on the individual level and family level and national level and worldwide level, there's nothing for you to hope for elsewhere.

There has never been such a period of time in the human history where people longed for leadership like this, with the ardor they have today. The central figure or the leading figure is the Messiah. We are taught in the Principle of Restoration that we start by restoring ourselves into the position of servants, and then adopted children, and then true children. And true parents, where we reversely go in the course of restoration.

In the world, roughly divided, there are two great ideologies, namely, democracy and Communism. And they are at war with each other. That's the struggle between Cain and Abel expanded to the worldwide level. That's the fight between brothers, so in order to reconciliate the brothers' disharmony, there must come parents. No one else can do that. Among the brothers there's none that can reconcile those two. Among brothers you cannot distinguish what is right and what is wrong; only your parents can do that. Only with your parent intervening, can the problem be solved, and those in both the Cain position and the Abel position can say "yes" to the decision. Then that's the only way the problem will be solved and the reconciliation between the brothers can come about. Do you follow me? (Yes.)

We members of the Unification Church can protest that we are reborn, we have been given rebirth by the True Parents, and we are living in harmony between brothers and sisters. We are a new breed of people recreated or reborn, and with that we can proclaim to the world that we will be able to save the world, to make everyone like ourselves.

Then where are we bound, and what is our mission as Unification Church members? We are not here to idle away our time. Love affairs are not our concern. We are not here to fight for worldly causes. If we are going to fight at all, we are going to fight in order to bring peace on earth. We know that without expelling Satan from the world we cannot bring peace. That is why we have to fight against Satan. We must be able to distinguish evil on every level. We must know which is the strongest evil and the next strongest and so on; in order for us to be able to fight against them and fight the battle against them, we must know that and know how to distinguish the prince of evil.

We must be newly awakened to the fact that we have such a grave mission. At every moment we are fighting against Satan. At this very moment, too, you are fighting against satanic power. You are not only fighting those battles on the individual level, but also on the family level and on the church level, and as members of the Unification Church we are going to fight a fierce battle against Satan in these days.

Religion is the stronghold or fortress for God's battle, and if you find any Satan invading that fortress, that is the strongest Satan. You must recognize him. On reflecting, we find that Communism is our strongest enemy, so it is the strongest Satan.

Someone out of the religious world must come to fight against and win over Communism, which is the strongest and most evil power in the whole world. And if Communism cannot be overcome by a religious figure, no one else can do the job.

Before the day comes when all the world is invaded and undermined by Communist power, in our movement our members must be united into strong oneness to fight against that power and eradicate it.

On the outermost front line of our battlefield, we must fight against Communist power, and on the secondary line we must revive and reawaken the democratic world with the Christian ideology. Our having had speaking tours beginning in 1972, during those three successive years, is the preparation to fight against Communist power for the next stage. I may have been the first one to be attacked by Communist power in making a speech. I may have been the first one in the history to be attacked by the Communists. That's what happened at Madison Square Garden, and also in Washington, D.C. Thus, the democratic world, free world, is attacked by Communism and ultimately undermined by them. We Unification members are going to be the first target of the Communists.

With a strong ideology, we can lead the people on every other level. When we are armed with a certain ideology, that means our whole beings, including our spirits, will be manipulated by the ideology. You find yourself being dominated by your mind. Satan, knowing that only too well, would come to get hold of your mind when God is away from you, and by getting hold of your mind Satan will want to pour into yourself an evil ideology. While Communism gets hold of your mind and spirit by its ideology, we don't have, on the other hand, a strong ideology that can compete with it and win over it. We cannot do anything against Communism. Then the Unification ideology must be stronger than Communism. We must not be defeated on any level by Communists.

Our system of education, our way of life and our way of training ourselves-all are going to be stronger than what Communism has, so you must be determined and expect something hard and difficult coming from me when I train you. You must not be less than the Communists, and be ready to do things at the risk of your life. We are training ourselves by going through this fast to have no fear before threats and before death. If we are going to be in competition with Communism in fasting, I'm sure we are going to defeat them. (Yes!)

We have already set the record of working all through the night without sleeping, and in competition with the Communists not to sleep and working the whole night for many successive days, we will win the battle. Our goal is different from theirs. They are doing what they do for Communism's sake alone, but we are doing what we do for the sake of the whole world. We are connecting the past history through the present to the future. And we are bound for unity with God, so we are doing all these things for God and His providence. For Communists there's nothing like past or future; they just live the present and they live only for themselves. In their eyes there is no such thing as God. So in light of the standard of goodness and righteousness, the Unification Church is the only group that can do the job.

There have been many great leaders, but on the individual level they have not been able to do anything against Communism. We are in the Communist world: they have a strong international organization. So it takes a great and vast number of people to fight against and defeat the Communist people. It is true that not only on the individual and family level, but after having solidified our foundation on the national level, we must unify the whole mankind-freedom loving men-to go against Communism. In the Communist world they are unified strongly according to their own terms, but in our world we must be even more strongly unified into oneness, unified in such a way that no satanic power, no Communist power, can invade and tear us apart. Are you that strong in unity? (Yes!) The problem lies there.

We are already one, transcending national boundaries. If the way we are united is stronger than the Communist way, and the way we act is stronger than their way, then God cannot but rely on our group. We must have faith and determination, and we must be proud of ourselves, not liable for the accusation of Satan, but entitled to the praise of God.

You are determined to go through the fast successfully, but if you feel downcast in the end, Satan will point at you, accusing you of being weak, and saying to God, "Look at your children. They vowed and pledged before the True Parents, but they failed." And Satan would laugh at you and accuse you of being weak.

We are in all-out efforts and battle against Satan to annihilate Communism, and if you are accused of being weaker than Communists, you cannot hold up your face before God. As God's children you must be stronger than those people. At the cost of your life, you must be strong in fighting against the satanic power which invaded your ancestry, invaded your past selves, and still is invading you; and as the children of God we will fight against that evil power at all costs. You must think of things in these terms: In ordinary circumstances you cannot become united, but with Satan going to invade you, you can be stronger among brothers and sisters and be united into ultimate oneness, absolute oneness. We have been tortured by Satan, and there have been many rebuffs; we must take the rebuffs as challenges, and we must be united all the stronger to fight against them. So in our Family there's never an impossibility of being united into oneness.

You have dedicated yourselves to God and you have taken pledges before God to live for the cause of the will of God so many times. Hundreds and thousands of times you have done that. Is it true? (Yes!) If the very persons who have done that complain on the way, if you are going to be frustrated and shrink back or collapse on the way, that's not what you should do. If you are going to complain at all, complain at yourself, asking, "Why, why can't I go on when I have already taken vows and pledges?" Then you will be able to gather strength and go ahead with renewed energy.

Our conclusion is that at all costs we have to annihilate Satan, exterminate him. God's purpose of using us is to exterminate Satan. God's intention and purpose is not just to save you, as individuals, no. You don't have to struggle hard to save yourself if you go on fighting against and winning over Satan; then in the total salvation you are already included. We will go back to the end of the world to pursue Satan. If Satan is in the North Arctic, we will visit the North Arctic. If he flees to Antarctica, we will visit there, and we will fight until we exterminate the last of Satan.

As I see, America is the place where most of the satanic power is working. Don't you think so? (Yes.) Drug problems, free sex, adolescent crime problems, family disunity, all those things are the evidences of being undermined by satanic power. The reason why Satan concentrates his efforts and focuses his attention on America is that those things which I have already named are of satanic delight and not God's. God will be agonized over those facts, and Satan all joyous about them, and Satan comes here to undermine human minds all the more. Do you think God will take delight in hippie people? (No.) Do you think God will be glad of the drug users, drug addicts? (No.) Would God wish to have families disunited? (No.) Would God want to have the society going to pieces with individualism? If you closely examine, even the foreign policy of the United States is going to be a failure. Then the satanic power will win, and your system of government will always be cheated by them. Well, would God want to have you be like that? (No.)

You have been the leading nation of the world, in a way dominating the whole world, but you are retreating and you are shrinking back into nothing. While you are being diminished, the Communist power will grow and invade your territory. Would God want that? (No!) Now is the time, and before it's too late you must be united to do what you should do, and go to the ends of the earth to include everyone in the free world. Even among the religions in the United States, is there any group where they are strongly united to fight against those powers? (No.) If America were just a nation like any other nation, God wouldn't mind too much, but God has raised you and blessed you to be the leading nation of the world in His providence, so God's distress will be great if you fail. Even in the General Assembly of the United Nations, the United States is more or less segregated by other nations. In that, you are influenced by Communist power and you are pursued and attacked, to be diminished like that.

Now the mission of America is to build a foundation on which you become once again revitalized in Christian spirit and become attentive to the voice of God. A group with those characteristics should come out of the religious world, but when you look around, there's no group like that other than our group. So we are going to ignite the people's minds to come back to the Christian ideology and accomplish the mission assigned by God. Ignite the minds of the people.

We are at the peak of something now, and the United Nations General Assembly this time is most important. We are passing over a historical 'unction by making our project this time a success. It is the Divine Principle that unless you restore yourself on the individual level, you cannot restore your family. Unless you can restore your family, you cannot restore your nation, and unless we can restore one nation we cannot restore the whole world.

Now we are at the stage of restoring a nation, which is God's purpose at this time in history, and by our being able to do that we can cross beyond that point to reach out to the world.

In the Bible we learned that there is Alpha and Omega. We must set the standard of Alpha on the individual level, family level, national level and worldwide level. Unless we can do that, we cannot conclude all those levels of things on the Omega. We must raise that standard of history beginning from Alpha, reaching to Omega, on every level of the things we are doing in the providence of God. If we are united in solid oneness on that level, no other power can tear it down. No satanic power can break it into pieces, even though they have already built the foundation of their nation and the world. They can never come and attack and tear that unity down. Even God Himself cannot put it asunder, tear it into pieces.

Then are we that strongly united in our movement? Unless we are that strongly united, we cannot restore ourselves back into the position of Adam and Eve without the fall, back to the position of Cain and Abel without the fall, back to the position of mankind without the fall. Our Unification Church members must not have any ideology except God's. Your way of thinking, your way of saying things, and your way of acting must be in accordance with God's will. If you just think you know from your brain the will of God, and the will of God is above your idea, and you act in a different way, that's not the way you should be, what you should do. Why is it so?

We know that in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve entertained other things in their minds other than what they were told by God, and in disobedience they sided with Satan. That's the cause of the fall, so we must come into utter obedience to God and think of nothing other than God's commandment, say and do nothing other than God's commandment. And that's the only way we can restore ourselves and the world back to God. Do you follow me? (Yes.) From that viewpoint, in America where individualism is prevailing, it is difficult to carry out God's will and realize it, don't you think so? (Yes.) Every individual will say, "I have my own idea, I have my own attitude toward life, my own way of life." We must root out those ideas.

America is now in the leading position in individualism, and in that way you are headed into pieces. It's only too natural that you are bound to be prey to Satan. When in America there are no individuals who will starve themselves almost to death in place of the starving people in Africa, if America as a nation cannot be sympathetic with underprivileged nations who are going through difficulties and hardships, we cannot set our hopes on this nation to save the world. So we must be like that, even if out of the whole nation we are the only ones. If the whole population of the United States, like ourselves in the Unification Church, would go through a seven-day fast for the starving people of the world, then it would be easy for this nation to save several nations at a time from the bonds of poverty and misery. If America went on doing things like that, America could not perish. Then there would be no nation in the whole world which would attack America or whose target would be America. But now in the United Nations many nations are siding with Communism to tear down the United States, and the threat is coming from every direction.

You must realize that it is the judgment by God, and you must be reawakened to the fact, and you must come to Him in repentance. All the population of the United States must repent at this time of the providence. When God has lost all the righteous people whom He can use as His instruments, if we rise up like the dawn and in our group we are strongly united into oneness, then before Communism we are going to be like David before Goliath. God will be on our side, helping us and working for us, and we can win over the Communist power and over even any power greater than Communism.

Just as David threw a stone at the forehead of Goliath and Goliath had to collapse and die, likewise even a small number of our group-if we are united like a stone and throw ourselves against the United Nations at the time of historical importance-then the United Nations can collapse before us.

Now I want to put in order and speak about the importance of the United Nations in the providence of God. In the beginning, the first human family should have been one with God, united with God. If that had been the fact, there could never have been the rupture between Cain and Abel. The conflict was caused by Satan, not God. Satan robbed God of His children. Originally men were God's creation but God is now in the position to have to restore them from the bosom of Satan. So in the course of restoration the second born must subjugate the first-born and, united into one, they must come back to their parents. By their doing that alone can they be restored. In a family the parents and children must be one with God, and only by three levels of things becoming one, can they go into the Heavenly Kingdom. The people on the Cain level have been multiplied and the people on the Abel level have been multiplied, creating on the one hand the Communist world, and on the other the democratic world.

The reason why Communism came about is that Satan knew only too well that the Creator was God, and sooner or later all mankind would go back to God's bosom. Then Satan would become powerless, so before that happened he wanted to deny God, and he planted that ideology into the minds of people. So he wants to have the sovereignty as long a time as possible. Even if people deny God and at the same time deny Satan, it's still better for Satan than recognizing God and denying him. If possible, Satan's aim is to have people unable to expel Satan because they are still in the satanic world. The world of the fall is in itself the satanic world, and Satan will want to have the people remain in that world. Do you understand? (Yes.)

But on God's part, He is very, very desperate to expel satanic power from this world to restore His children, at all costs. Then in what way can God eliminate Satan? It can be done only by finding one family meeting the standard before the fall. If that one family can be expanded to a tribe, a nation, and then cover the whole population of the world, then the satanic bases will be annihilated and Satan cannot but be gone, be eliminated. Our conclusion is that the separation of Satan from us can be done centering on Adam's family.

Because of the human fall, between Cain and Abel there was rupture, and separation came about. What God wants is an Abel who is stronger than Cain, of course, and a stronger Abel on the family level, a stronger Abel on the national level. God has to prepare for that base. The nation of Israel were the people of God's choice at that point. We must know clearly that the nation of Israel was a nation in the position of Abel, and if they had become one with God there would have been nothing for them to fear, and they could have annihilated Satan. Do you understand? (Yes.)

For Satan, it is the most hateful thing to see that in God's world a nation is born, to be the solid foundation for God's providence to work from. But by order, Abel is in the position of younger brother to Cain as the elder brother. Satan first shattered Adam's family. When he struck Adam's family, he at the same time struck God. The threat and the striking of God and of Abel created the fall, so we, in order to restore ourselves and restore God's world, must be struck first, beaten first, and then restore ourselves. When you are beaten by Satan, in that difficulty if you are united with God, united with your Abel, then you will be stronger than the evil power invading you. That principle applies, and we know-we see that in the religious world that only when people are beaten and persecuted and put under difficulty do they mushroom and grow faster. In Judaism and in Christianity we find that when people are persecuted, then God is on their side working through them, and then they become more powerful. If under such difficulties they are determined to become one with God, cling to Him, never letting him go, then history is witness that those groups are stronger and endure to be winners.

The human fall means spiritual death, so you start from the point of death. So if you are resolved and determined to kill yourself, deny yourself for the cause of God, then you will become strong enough to win the goal. Do you understand that point? (Yes.) On the worldwide level or on the national level, this kind of religious group and this kind of government are in the position of Abel and Cain. All religions have been beaten by the power of governments, which is in the satanic position or Cain position. In that manner history under Abel and under Cain has been developed. On each side they must come back to the vertical line to join Adam-level man in the providence of God. That's the point, to join the Adam-level man: by that I mean the Messiah, to join the Messiah, to become one with him, then that nation can become the Adam-level nation.

In the history of Israel, the people's wish was to have the day when they could meet the Messiah. Then when you are united with the Messiah and become completely one with him, then there comes about a crossing 'unction and those in Abel's position will come to the first-born position, having the birthright, and those in the position of Cain will come to the position of the second-born.

In the Principle of Creation, the second-born is not supposed to dominate the first-born. The firstborn can only be dominated by his parents. Do you understand? (Yes.) The Principle is that the parents are supposed to dominate or be united with the firstborn, then the first-born only by being united with his parents, can dominate and be united with his younger brother. Do you understand? (Yes.) So without your parents you cannot do anything. In the satanic world, Satan, in the position of the parents, has already become one with the Cain type of people so they have claim over their younger brothers. That's why those who are in Abel's position, especially those who are in the realm of religion, have been persecuted by the satanic people. In that case, God could not do anything but just watch His people in Abel's position be beaten by satanic power. Do you understand it?(Yes.)

Up to the present you have been very skeptical about why God cannot just strike the whole satanic world in an instant, and leave them alone. God is a God of Principle, and He is going to apply the same Principle in restoring His people, so He could not strike the satanic world without Principle. Sooner or later in restoring His children back to His bosom, He must have the Principle be used in that project. Until the condition was created, many martyrs and persecuted people have passed away, but if in dying you just cling to God without letting Him go, even at the moment of death, then you are safe even in the spirit world. You must always be able to protest and claim yourself as being God's son. In Principle you have been born under God and lived with God and will die with Him, so it is natural for you to be persecuted by Satan, but you must not be defeated by Satan under persecution. That is why in the Bible we read seemingly paradoxical things: When you want to lose your life, you will gain it, but when you want to gain your life, you will lose it. Only by overcoming death can you come alive.

God's wish is to have His side become stronger than the satanic side. By paying untold indemnity and by leading His people for 4,000 years, He could send the Messiah. At that time the Messiah came as the central figure for his own family, for his own tribe and for his own nation. Only by the people's being united with the Messiah, could he have built his family, and only by the people's being united with his family, could the church have prospered, and only by the people's uniting with the church, could the whole nation have been united with God and have been a success in God's providence.

God sent the central figure as the Messiah to his family, the Messiah to his church, to his tribe, to his nation; and the people should have had him stand in that position. But when the people were not one with God, they were scattered into pieces, with only the Messiah on God's side. That's why the nation of Israel, the people of Israel were scattered all over the world, and that was done by Satan. At that time, if the people had become one with the Messiah, they, in the position of Abel, could have conquered and won over the Roman Empire, in the position of Cain. In unity with the Roman Empire, they could have placed themselves in the Abel position to conquer the whole world in Cain's position, and finally have the whole world united into one.

Then it is the Principle that the Messiah should have had his own family, with the parents in the center. His family would have played the role of the central family in the nation, and the nation would have united with the Arab nations first; then the whole Semitic nation in Abel's position could have absorbed all the rest of the nations of the world.

All these things should have been done in Jesus' lifetime, but because of Jesus' crucifixion, after his death he had to work toward this for 400 years. So his disciples had to conquer Rome in 400 years' time because originally that was Jesus' mission; the Roman Empire should have been one with the Messiah in his lifetime. Thus it was his disciples' job to bring that about after his death. Then the prolongation of 400 years until the disciples conquered the Roman Empire under the Christian ideology came about because of Jesus' death; then the Christian world came into being as the instrument of God to absorb the rest of the world, centering on the Roman Empire. In the Roman Empire centering on the papacy, they tried to unite the whole world. Only by their uniting the Cain type of world to their side, could they play the role of Abel as a nation. If in the papacy they had come into strong and positive oneness with God, then theocracy could have prevailed, and through God they could have reigned over the whole world. They could never have failed. If that had been possible, no Communism could have come into being. But there was also division in that Christian world so in the ]6th century the Renaissance came and humanism prevailed, in reaction to theocracy. Do you understand? (Yes.) On God's side, Luther's religious revolution came, and then the Wesley brothers came along with many types of revival, putting things in order. And then finally democracy was born again centering on America. In the Old World of Europe people under religious persecution fled to the new continent of America for the freedom of worship. On the other side, the French revolution came about with an Enlightenment orientation, and then Communism was given birth.

If in the Christian world after the Messiah's death even on the spiritual level they had become one on the family level, and national level, then those two branches of things could not have come about. But because of the failure there, the rupture between the two, world division came into being. Those are the Abel sphere and Cain sphere on the worldwide level. If the Messiah had been born into that world, the Christian world with the people united into one, world unity could have come about at that time. But because of the split between the two worlds, now for the Messiah to unite the whole world he must work hard to put everything in order again.

In that type of world if the Messiah is to come at all, the nation of the coming will have the condensed form of the whole world, divided into two. Then we must locate a nation of that kind in the world, somewhere in the world. The nation of Israel left the position as the chosen nation to receive the Messiah, because they had already failed to receive him. Now the Christian world is in the position of the chosen nation at this time, and on that base the Messiah is coming. Then the Christian population is in the position of second Israel. But unlike the Israel in Jesus' days, the Christian world exists only on the spiritual level. It is not both physical and spiritual. So there must be one nation, a homogeneous nation, which can play the role of the nation of God's choice both on the spiritual and physical levels.

Christianity, which began centering on the personage of Jesus Christ in the Semitic world, is now spread through Europe. What caused that? It is because Jesus in his ancestral tree was one of the descendants from the line of Seth in Adam's family, the third brother. At the time of Noah, God was going to judge the world by the 40-day flood, but after the judgment because of the misbehavior of Ham, Japheth and his descendants were the line of God's blessing. The descendants from the lineage of the third son were the people of Israel.

Anthropologically speaking, the European people, the Western people, are born out of the lineage of Japheth. The Arab nations are the descendants of Ham. Asiatic people are the descendants of Shem. Asiatic people are in the position of the first-born, while the Semitic people are in the position of the second brother, while the Westerners are in the position of Japheth, the third son. At first those in Abel's position should have sovereignty over all, should be in the position to absorb those in the elder brother's position, so that's why in Jesus' time God used Jesus born out of the Semitic world to be the Messiah. And he had to cover the western world from there on. Do you understand? (Yes.)

The Christian civilization put together with the Western civilization must go back somewhere to search for, to locate and absorb those in the elder brother's position, all the brothers. Because of the failures of Ham, those nations representing Ham were deprived of the blessing, so the trend of Christian thought must come to include Asiatic nations first. Asiatic nations are from Shem's tribe, do you know? (Yes.) That's why the Western civilizations are destined to go back to the East and be influenced by the Orient. So Christianity prevailing in the Western world is centered on Israel, but only on the spiritual level, so they must have something both on the physical and spiritual levels ahead of them.

The Christian world failed to carry out its mission, producing two worlds, one of democracy and one of Communism, so it is once again a test by Satan. Therefore there is no completion or accomplishment of God's will. So God cannot accomplish His mission by having the Japheth type of people used as His instruments, and He must look for another people of His choice. What kind of people would God have in mind? Just as in the case of Adam's family and Noah's family, God is in search of the nation in the position of the first-born. Do you understand me? (Yes.) So in the world today the Orient is the question, not the Western world. In the history of the providence of God, we are now entering the period where God has found the nation He has been seeking in the oriental part of the world. In this period, sooner or later the western hemisphere and eastern hemisphere, with both cultures, must come together. And what nation can play the role of unifier?

We are inheriting God's providence from the Roman Empire, so God should choose a peninsular nation for that job, like Korea. That is Korea. Do you understand? (Yes.) A peninsula is the place where the continent connects with the sea. The Western civilization came mainly from the sea. It began in an island country, Great Britain. The Western people, European people, are the descendants of seamen. They had the ambition of taking sovereignty over the ocean, and mostly they settled in the island of England. They began to occupy the continent of Europe and then Asia, extending their hegemony. In coming to Asia, Western civilization is now meeting with Japan. America, representing Western civilization, and Japan, representing Eastern civilization, are now meeting each other. God finds it impossible or difficult for Japan and America to become one, so God chose Korea, which was liberated and gained independence through America, to play the role. Korea is the only nation where free environment can be created to make Japan and America into one, East and West into one.

Even history can tell you that something great must come out of Korea to unify the whole world. What makes Korea great is that it has a 4,000-year or more history and has been attacked by so many nations surrounding it, yet it has not been stained by foreign power; it has kept its own race and culture. Korea has never attacked other nations. When it was occupied by other regimes and persecuted by them, it kept praising God, only thinking of things in terms of God. When America and Japan began to fight, the remote cause was Korea. American missionaries working in Korea were on the side of the Korean people to win independence from the occupying regime of Japan. In the Orient, Korea is the only nation that historically and culturally and religiously is appropriate to play the role.

During the time of the war between Japan and Soviet Russia, during the time of the war between Japan and China, and even now, Korea has been used as a bridge, and even now Soviet Russia and Red China are setting eyes on her. The center of world problems is now not Russia, not Red China, but Korea. Centered on Korea, Soviet Russia, Red China, America, and Japan are all connected. The solution of Korean problems will be the solution of the problems of the world. If the United States withdraws from Korea, it is doomed to peril.

The American people as a whole don't like President Park of Korea, but still they cannot withdraw from Korea, and they must continue to help Korea. They feel like doing that in the providence of God. God is making them do that. Who will save Korea, and who will play the role of the central figure in Korea, who will be the master in Korea? That's going to be the problem of the world. Surrounded by the nations of the Soviet Union, Red China, and more-or-less pro-Communist Japan, what will happen to Korea will be the focus of attention of the world. Korea is on the dividing line between Communism and democracy. Is it right? (Yes.) North Korea is occupied by a Communist regime, while South Korea is intact and democracy is still prevailing. Western civilization must revolve around to come to Korea, and Eastern and Western civilizations will meet there in Korea.

On the other hand, democracy and Communism will also meet there, so one part of Korea is strongly Communist while one part of Korea is strongly democratic, meeting with each other there and fighting against each other in that nation. The nation is not only the meeting point of Communism and democracy, but also the meeting point of God and Satan, and centering around Panmunjom area, the demilitarized zone, God and Satan face against each other. Do you understand me? (Yes.) While in the spirit world God and Satan are accusing each other, the same thing happens on the physical level with the Korean nation divided into two around Panmunjom. Panmunjom literally means "place of the wooden gate." We have got to make the place of the wooden gate, the place of the golden gate.

What is taking place in the world is never just an accident. Always God's will is working behind the scenes, and all civilizations and cultures and all the historical particulars are concentrated and condensed into one nation of God's choice in the latter days. Then in what position is America placed in God's providence? America is the nation born out of England, Britain. In the course of restoration, the person in the position of Adam must be born out of Eve. Is that right? (Yes.) England being an island nation, signifies or symbolizes the female, and out of that female which was once a prosperous Christian nation was born America, to create a new Christian world.

America is a male country, you know. Like a son born of a mother. Why is America such a big country starting from a small island. An island is like a woman. An island wants to see the land, an island wants and longs for the land. So therefore an island misses the continent. An island country can be likened to a woman, while a continent can be likened to a male. The reason why the continent of America could stand in the leading position of the cultural world is that she was born-not she, in this case-the United States was born out of the female nation, to be the master of the new world, as the male child. America in unity with England must be prepared to receive the Messiah.

Now you have learned that the Messiah should come from the nation in the position of Shem instead of that in the position of Japheth. That nation should be one of the Oriental countries. The nation where the Messiah is going to be born is the fatherland of every other nation. The nations in the position of Adam and Eve in the Christian culture, namely the United States and England, must come to the rescue of Korea, because Korea is the nation where the Messiah is to be born.

Up to a certain time, Korea had been under Japanese control. Japan was in the position of Eve, because it is an island country. In the Asiatic parts of the world, Japan is the only island country. And this island country is conspicuous in the world scene. Because Japan was in the position of Satan in the Oriental part of the world, it came against America with the ocean in between in the Second World War. Japan was the nation of Satan. As a satanic nation, their God was a goddess. With their goddess and with their geographical characteristic of being an island, Japan is in the position of Eve. Japanese people as a whole have more or less the characteristics of a woman. The people of the world know that even the Japanese men are more or less submissive to a stronger power, a male power. The women vacillate. Even the Japanese people can recognize this. Maybe not in the Unification Church, but in the eyes of the world, Japanese people as a whole are more or less feminine. Well, in the world of the fall Eve has been in the position to dominate Adam. So for a certain period of time Korea was something like Adam being dominated by Eve.

In the meanwhile America was in the position of Adam according to the providence of God, and England is in the position of Eve.

Both America and England, in the position of Adam and Eve, came to rescue Korea, and fighting against Japan, defeated Japan and liberated Korea. And from now on Korea will be conspicuous in every field. If Korea is a little better off than Japan economically, then it can beat Japan very easily. Both America and England are already Christian nations. In the latter days God is going to choose one nation out of the Orient to play the role of Adam, and if America and England receive that Adam nation and help God's providence to be accomplished as the leading nation of the world, then they will be able to make God's project a success.

The Christian world, as I have already said, is in the position of the second Israel or in the position of the Jewish faith, so in Korea the Christian population must in fact receive the Unification Church. Do you understand? (Yes.) If the Christians in Korea, while they are supposed to receive the Unification movement, reject it, the whole Christian world will become a failure and collapse. The Christians in the Oriental part of the world together with Western Christianity are collapsing and being shattered. Is it true? (Yes.) Why? Why is it so?

Believe it or not, Korean Christians, having persecuted the Unification movement, have in God's sight made a great mistake and are doomed to fail, to perish. Even America, which has hitherto been aiding Korea, is going to retreat. If in Korea the Christians had not persecuted the Unification Church, on the worldwide level not Japan but England would be in the position of Eve, while America would be in the position of the archangel to Korea as Adam.

In 200 short years God has blessed this land of America with great material abundance. You have been in the position of the archangel, so you have been only the custodian of heavenly wealth. What makes America be placed in the position of archangel? One of your characteristics here is that American men think highly of American women. Is it right? Unconsciously they know that the Messiah is coming as the bridegroom, so all the male people in America are helping their females to receive their Bridegroom. Men in the fallen world can go to the Bridegroom only through their women, that's why. So up to now, American women have been more or less dominant over American men. There's no other nation in the whole world like this. They have been only doing this in the position of the archangel, to help the women to receive their Bridegrooms.

And one more thing which is very interesting is the question, why in America is free sex so prevalent? It is the duplication of the fallen act between Adam and Eve at the time of the fall. Unless you can turn that trend upside down, America is doomed to perish. If you go on like this, God's judgment will fall on you, first of all. The human fall was caused by the illicit love act between Adam and Eve-that means free sex as reproduced here-so America is going to be the first nation of many to perish. The human fall was planted in that way, so in the autumn of human history, in the latter days, the same thing will happen; it will bear fruit and be harvested by judgment. Satan will get hold of the people through the idea of free sex. So in the Unification movement it is our privilege and our duty to turn that idea upside down or annihilate the free sex idea. We must be alert to the fact that all material wealth will go under satanic dominion if we let it alone. We all exist for that purpose, to restore all things and all men to God.

From that viewpoint we cannot deny that America is in the position of the archangel and that in the latter days you must reap America for God's side. Do you follow me? (Yes.) There is no other group in the whole world where they will teach you this. These are not humanly fabricated words, and I have not gotten this idea out of my study, but it comes from God.

Because of the failures of the Korean Christians to be united with the Unification Movement, God has been looking for another nation in the position of the world Eve, which was to be England, and He located Japan for that position. Even after the defeat in the World War 11, during 20 years' time God blessed Japan with material wealth. It is because 20 is the number of maturity, and when a woman is matured, she's going to be married to a man. She has to first be prepared with material things, equally with spiritual things, before being married. Japan is something like a naked woman, and all the male beings around her will set eyes on her. Both the Soviet Union and Red China have the ambition to get hold of Japan, and they know if they get hold of Adam they can easily get hold of Eve, so the focus of their attention is on both Korea and Japan. And the same thing happens with America. America, too, has set her eyes on both Korea and Japan. The Korean Unification Church sets its eyes on Japan. Japan's only way is to come to Korea. That is, Korea or the Korean Unification Movement cannot afford to let Japan as a woman go to marry Red China, or marry the Soviet Union. We cannot let her do that. You must marry the Korean Unification Church.

In the position of Adam, I myself with the Unification Movement have the mission to win over North Korea, which is in the position of Cain; and win over Japan, which is in the position of Eve; and America, which is in the position of the archangel. Up to the present in the fallen world Eve has been dominating Adam, but reversely now in the course of restoration the nation in the position of, or the movement in the position of, Adam must dominate those in the position of Eve and the archangel. In that chosen nation of Korea, South Korea, the center of South Korea is the Christian world, but the core of the Christian world is the Unification Movement. And in the democratic world the Unification Movement must absorb other ideologies, while in North Korea the Communist ideology is in the central position and is trying to unify the whole people under its ideology; and they just come against each other. Kim 11-sung is in the position of Adam in the satanic world. "Kim Il Sung" literally means "to form or create suns with gold," something like that. That name means "gold sun was accomplished. " Do you understand me? "Make a golden sun," "make a sun with gold." Before the coming of the Messiah into South Korea, a pseudo-form of the Messianic mission happened in North Korea, and Kim 11-sung plays the role of Messiah in his own satanic nation. Kim 11-sung calls himself "father" to the people. In the satanic world the representative of the whole evil power is Satan, and he calls himself "father" to his people, while in the south the godly people assembled together to form a family under God with their leader as their True Parents. In our Unification Family, too, we use the terminology "Father" for the True Parents, Father and Mother. Then there are two fathers. Then one must be the true one, and the other must be the pseudo-form of the True Father, so those two must fight against each other.

You know the story how President Park was attacked on Liberation Day, the 15th of August this year, but it is in God's providence for him not to die but instead his wife was victimized, because if the one in Adam's position should die, the providence would be nullified. You have learned how to restore through indemnity what is on the vertical line down on the horizontal line. In the nation where the people must carry out the mission of the chosen people, there must be one playing the role of the central figure on the internal level and one on the external level. From the year 1960, which was a providentially significant year, we have gone through three regimes, the regime under President Rhee, Syngman Rhee. The next regime was under President Pak, Pak Sun-chon, and in the third place comes President Park's regime.

The first one symbolizes Adam, while the next one symbolizes Eve, and the third symbolizing the archangel, finally. Well, the first regime, Adam, that was the founding or renewal of independence in our nation. In that way symbolically Adam began to have a solid foothold. And then the second reason was in the position of Eve, and in that regime the head of the political party was a woman. The Park regime came by coup-d'etat through military force, so it is in the position of the archangel. In the fallen world, in the world where Adam and Eve are fallen, the archangel seizes hegemony. The archangel is not in the position to marry to anyone, so it has come to be solitary. In three years' time from now, Korea can either become the leading nation of the world or be destroyed utterly. We are at the critical moment. Everything will be done in the Principle.

Kim 11-sung, hand-in-hand with Japan, could have attacked Korea and even America could have clasped hands with those two nations, but the critical moment has passed. In the providence of God I prayed hard for the Park regime and through many channels I reached him, advising him in such a way.

"Be strong, " I said. "You must be stronger than Kim 11-sung. You must be stronger than Japan, and America. " That's what I said. It is because unless he can do that, Korea cannot keep on playing the role of the Adam nation in the providence. I've never once met with President Park and I have never once received a penny from him. No aid is coming from him to me. I'm helping the regime because in the providence of God the regime must be strong. It just hurts me to hear American people say I am the puppet of the Park regime, and even of the CIA. The Communists say that I am a puppet of the KCIA. In the providence of God I'm not in any position to be manipulated by the Park regime. I am putting things in order in the chosen nation and helping the government go the same way.

Now we are situated in the urgent point of time where Korea as the Adam nation and Japan as the Eve nation and America as the archangelic nation must go hand in hand with each other in strong oneness to win the goal under God's providence. Nothing else is in our mind. From the viewpoint of Korea, Japan is in the position of Eve so Adam is going to save the nation of Eve. In the satanic regime of North Korea, the men who married Japanese women cheated them by bringing them to North Korea, and they are now ill-treated and persecuted under the regime; and we have got to restore those people back to their own nation. By my doing that in the position of Adam, to have saved those Japanese women out of the North Korean regime means to open the toll gate for doing the same to the people grabbed by the Communist side, and restore them back to their original position.

Now by our going through the fast and protesting against North Korea's cheating the Japanese wives, if we are successful it means that we are going to bring into light and make naked the evil reality of what they are doing in North Korea and in all the Communist regimes. Then our Master and Kim Il Sung will, you know, attack each other centering on United Nations. Symbolically, it is the taking of a woman, and the pseudo-Adam and the real Adam are fighting each other for her sake. By restoring Eve and by liberating Eve from the hands of the evil power, we can annihilate the Communist world. We can tread down upon the Communist powers. Then to the worldwide scene the fact of the Communist world's having cheated its people will be brought to light. And all the people of the world will come to hate Communism. The master of the Unification Church, Reverend Moon, having known all the facts, has endeavored to expose them, and we are now at the culmination of our activities. We will reflect it in the UN Assembly, and we are going to bring it out on the scene of the whole world. I am not doing this as a politician with ambition, but I am doing this for humanitarian purposes under the will of God. That's all.

The next thing I'm going to do is to snatch back all those great political figures who are the target of Communist influence. We have succeeded in winning the favor of Professor Reischauer for this project and a Mr. Cohen (you know, he is a Harvard professor who was the first one to have visited North Korea) and Jack Anderson and another person by the name of Mr. Williams. With those people as the steering committee, I think they are going to influence Columbia University, which is more or less a center or a hotbed of Communism. We are going to win the people to our side, by winning 217 professors from that campus. And we are going to reflect this to the UN General Assembly, and there if we win the favor of many nations represented, it is going to become a world question.

Up-to-date there have been many nations cheated by Communist propaganda, and now we are bringing to light all the evil things that are taking place in the Communist world, people will have their eyes opened and come to a new recognition. Then they will be separated from the Communist influence.

Most of you may know of a columnist, Jack Anderson. He's a syndicated writer and he is going to write a good article for us. If he writes, some 900 newspapers will handle the articles, and without your knowing, I have already opened up channels to reach those people and they are all on our side. We have facts and material concerning the Kim 11-sung regime, and they are going to handle those in their articles. In the Congress centering on the Senators our PR members are encouraging them to write letters to Prime Minister Tanaka of Japan. In order to make this project a success, I planned and managed to go to the Congress to speak before the Congressmen. My focus was on this point when I began my speech in Madison Square Garden, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. By my making the speech here a success it will influence our schemes to be accepted. I feel as though if I pound on the earth, the earth will crumble, and if I turn the axis the whole world will revolve.

Well, around our project we find that October 24th will be UN Day. We are going to be in the midst of our fast. And it is no coincidence that it is going to be the 24th UN anniversary. This is going to be the very day we have so long waited for, and this is going to be the turning point from where we can open up the toll gate to reach out to the world, to bring it out on the political scene on the worldwide level. From next year on, we are going to send out our missionaries to 120 nations, and in that case those nations represented in the UN Assembly at this time will open up the channel for our missionaries. People of the world will know that Reverend Moon was the one who saved them from the threat of Communism and the fear of Communism.

Korea, Japan, America and many other nations are affected by Communist infiltration, and they are at a loss as to what to do; and at this point if our project is a success, then a new dimension of work will be ahead of us. Although the Communist regime of Kim 11-sung has set forth the bill for withdrawal of UN forces from Korea and it passed by a vote of 34 to 2 1, if the bill is passed it means that the North Korean regime will be liberated from the fact that they were already branded as the aggressor to South Korea. And on the other hand, the truce ending the Korean war was signed not between North Korea and South Korea but between North Korea and the UN Forces. So if the UN Forces are dismissed, then they don't have to keep the truce. No power in the whole world can restrain them from again invading South Korea. Kim 11-sung knows that at the dismissal of the United Nations Forces, the United States Army must naturally withdraw from Korea, and if North Korea comes down attacking South Korea, they can easily occupy South Korea without violating any international law. And even upon the aggression into South Korea, no UN forces, no United States Army, can come to aid in a Korean war. Then it is easy for North Korea to occupy South Korea, and on the same offensive they are going to occupy Japan. This is what North Korea is winning at the vote of 34 to 2 1. She is at a loss what to do at this point.

In the providence of God I know only too well that Korea cannot be occupied by a Communist regime, so since I knew that bill is on the verge of being passed, I cannot sit still. I must mobilize my people to go against it and fight it through. So at all costs, at the cost even of our lives, we must fight through and win the victory. I'm not going to have you do that for the sake of the Korean nation but for the sake of the whole free world. If we win the victory in this project, Korea with Master as the center, and Japan and America will become one. That means three nations are becoming one under God's will.

With all this knowledge you must be strong to be united into one with God, and with God working through you, you must not shrink back in fasting. I want you to be really strong to win the victory. In the arena of the United Nations, we Unification Church members on the side of God will fight against the evil power of Communism, and we cannot afford to be defeated. We have got to win over them. By mobilizing mostly the Asian people and including all people from so many nations, centering on the United Nations during the time of 21st to 24th, if we cannot pass over the peak, we cannot make it a triumph. Before the 27th comes, we are going to be able to have ambassadors from so many nations to the UN participate in our project and come out and greet you, make remarks to you. Those who come out to greet you and make remarks to you will never in the future go back to the Communist side. It will harm the dignity of the United States if the UN Forces are dismissed. It will be a disgrace to America.

We have a collective mission to fulfill this and make it a triumph over the enemy evil power. We can almost think that this is going to be our final battle. Our motto for the last three years was the protection of the unified front. In this period we are going to prove to the world that we are standing on the side of God, winning victory for Him. This is going to be the peak of the providence of God. History has never seen the fact that 600 or more young people went through a seven-day fast together. We are passing through the number six denoting 6,000 years of human history, of sin. By indemnifying the number six we are going to reach the number seven, meaning Sabbath. You must deeply realize that this is going to be an event of utmost importance, and you must feel an intensity of mind and body. This is going to be the most critical event history has ever seen. If you concentrate in your meditation and prayer, you can mobilize your whole ancestry and the spirit world, and what you will have done will be long remembered by human history.

With heavenly authority and power and dignity, you must carry out your mission, and never for a moment must you be ashamed of yourself for doing that. People will watch over you with their eyes wide open, and they will be skeptical whether or not you are going through the fast in the real sense, and they will suspect you are going to eat something in secret, and if you are found to be doing that, all that we are doing will be nullified. If even a single person is found to be eating something, then it will be propagated all through the world and it will be misused in a very evil manner. Then people will call me an imposter, cheating people. Have you ever stopped to think of that? Especially Communist people will have their eyes wide open, always watching you, and if you are downcast, if you are complaining, then the very thing will be photographed by those people and be used as propaganda. Among the mass media people there are many Communist people, you must know that. So I want you to be strongly determined and pledge before God that you are not going to be a failure, and as sons and daughters of God to keep the dignity and grace of God, you must fight through and win the victory. You must be gratified that you are going through the seven-day fast in this manner while you have to go through sooner or later the same thing on the individual level, and you must be thankful for being able to do that now.

Especially for the Japanese members, you are doing that for your own country and for the world; and in doing that you must be really determined and successful, because you are representing the whole Japanese population. Do you understand? (Yes.) You must realize that you are participating in the providential history of God, and that your success or failure will determine whether or not God's project will be

successful, so I want you to pledge before God and be really strong in carrying that out.

You must remember that you should not be saying anything in political terms. You must say, "We are not concerned about political things. We are not doing this for political reasons, but out of humanitarian motivation." Then this is the best chance for us to realize multiple goals. Perhaps one of the reporters would stick out the microphone and ask you if Reverend Moon said anything political to you to encourage you. Then you can clearly answer that Reverend Moon has always said things in terms of God's providence and that in the will of God we must do this and that, but never once has he said things in political terms. We are motivated to do things for religious reasons and for humanitarian reasons. That's why we are doing this. That is your answer.

Again, I must remind you of the fact that now we are standing in the historical moment of the providence of God, so I want you to make a pledge before God and go out in front of the UN building. If you pledge to God that you can carry out your mission with dignity of God, hold up your hands. I am going to trust you.

There may be some here who have never heard of such things, but by now I think you have understood that we are going to do this according to the providence of God, under His will, so I want you to gain the goal at this time with all your might. I'm anticipating a great event is happening. By your being the object to God, our project will be a success.

I will conclude my speech today by praying to God that he may help you and protect you.

David S.C. Kim-Let us pray together. Dearest Father: In this crucial juncture of your dispensation, we are chosen to do practical work to please You and to fulfill the deep meaning and significance of your providence. We have our True Parents behind us. We have received clear explanations of the satanic side, spiritual side and heavenly side. We have heard the implications of the complicated way of your hard first steps up to this point, where in New York from 21st through 27th we will finish all the battles of the past. We will bring the culmination and climax to produce the total victory over Communism and Satan and their evil powers throughout the world. When we go out to work, we'll be surrounded by the spirit of power and truth. Wherever we go, whatever we do, whomever we may meet, we will be the incarnation of truth and love and Your spirit, so that any other person, even Satan's children, may realize we are from above, not necessarily politically oriented, but on the humanitarian basis to love all mankind, to save this nation, the whole world, all mankind. With this determination we are ready to fight. We are ready to win the victory and bring You victory. Thank you, Father, for this time to receive detailed instructions from our True Parents. May each of us be able to really return joy and a total victory to You. We ask all this in the precious name of our beloved True Parents. Amen.

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