The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Significance Of Madison Square Garden Success

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
September 19,1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mr. Bo Hi Pak

In 1972, 1 began the Day of Hope Tour at the Lincoln Center. The next year, 1973, we initiated another tour at Carnegie Hall in New York. And this year, 1974, we have just completed our campaign at Madison Square Garden.

When I began the Day of Hope Tour, pledging before God to speak to American people over a three year period, I was quite serious. My responsibility was to tell all Americans the truth during this three year period. If that responsibility were not carried out appropriately, I knew heaven would suffer. The Kingdom of God would suffer. Therefore, that has been my anguish-how could I fulfill my pledge to God? My first problem was the small number of people we had. In 1972, 1 already knew our goal: the Madison Square Garden. Already I was always asking myself how could we accomplish the goal with so few people? In early 1972 1 mapped out the strategy and began to fulfill it step by step.

As you know, we completed a speaking tour in seven American cities and a few European cities in 1972. In 1973, we conducted the 21-city tour. In early 1974, we organized the 1974 Day of Hope Tour which carried us to all of the 50 states of America. It was truly a blitz operation, and we were under pressure from all directions. It was not an easy job to do. Many people thought that it was madness because we did not even have money to carry out the campaign in all 50 states. When we carried out that campaign successfully, mass media and the public wondered where we got the money to do this work.

We have won the nickname, "the multi-millionaire church," and Reverend Moon has become known as a very wealthy person. This has happened through our hard work! American investigating authorities looked at me with wondering eyes, because they knew I had come to America a year before the tours began. How could this man launch a movement in such a fantastic fashion? They knew, by then that I had a world-wide organization and they drew the conclusion that most of the financial power was coming from outside America. Also, my Watergate declaration brought great attention and raised controversy throughout the country. In these ways the name Reverend Sun Myung Moon has become known to Americans very rapidly.

Also, our campaign of fasting and prayer on the steps of the Capitol a month ago had an immense impact throughout the country. People could not find a movement anywhere in America or the world so committed to a cause. All of these campaigns and all of our strategies pointed to one great success: Madison Square Garden. The previous campaigns were preparation for this one great D-Day of God. Many other groups have gathered at Madison Square Garden, but our meeting was different. It has a historical, dispensational meaning. Therefore, this meeting was unique in history.

My three-year ministry in America is comparable to the three-year ministry of Jesus Christ before his crucifixion. If Jesus Christ had not been crucified at the end of three years, then he would have had a meeting in Rome, the center of the world-the same kind of meeting we had at Madison Square Garden. If Jesus Christ had been welcomed by Rome and accepted by the Roman Empire, and if the Son of God and the people of Rome had become one, then indeed, history would have been different, and the Kingdom would have been opened from that time.

At that time, Israel was a very small nation, under the dominion and influence of the Roman Empire. Today, history is repeating itself. Korea is in the position of Israel under the influence of the great country of America. It is most logical. America is in the position of the Rome of two thousand years ago. We are in New York, the heart of America, and Madison Square Garden is the heart of New York. Therefore, the fire kindled at Madison Square Garden is most significant in dispensational history.

One reason for the incompletion of the mission of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago was that Israel was under three faiths. The Roman Empire did not share that faith. They had their own Roman religion. That was the cause of tremendous difficulty for the mission of Jesus Christ, so God prepared for two thousand years to create a better environment for this time. For example, Korea today is under one religion, Christianity. Furthermore, in order to create an even better environment for the Messiah, America has been backed into a comer, losing her sense of value, becoming troubled, and desperately seeking help from somewhere. This is the environment God created for this day. America has been known as a melting pot, and the backbone of this country is the spirit of Christianity. Without the Christian spirit, this process of fusion-the melting pot-would never have taken place. Therefore, if Christianity weakens, America will weaken and inevitably fall apart.

Then, the Unification Church in America is the solution, the clear-cut solution to her problems. It brings first, the revival of the Christian spirit, a new logic, and a modem expression of God. It will not only unify the weakened churches, but rebuild the American homes and family. It will restore the young people, particularly the young people of America. These are only the internal problem areas in America. However, there is external trouble, too-the unceasing threat of ungodly Communism. The coming of the Unification Church to America is the solution not only to the internal trouble of America, but the external trouble as well. In other words, we are the group who have an ideology superior to the ideology of Communism, an ideology which can truly defeat Communism. We must continue to attract national attention, the attention of the American people. Then they will realize that we hold the solution to the problems of America today.

You first pioneers of this great crusade are different from the ordinary youth of America. How are you different? You have an absolute conviction, and commitment; a confidence that we alone can save the world, because we have a new ideology. During the last several weeks, you touched hundreds of thousands of people in New York. They felt your vibration, your commitment. They sensed your power. Surely, you have been a wonder in New York the last several weeks.

Even the posters, which drew so much attention and raised so much controversy, were a great event. That was, in itself, a great battle well won. When we started pestering, the Communist or leftist elements tried to out-poster us, but we out-postered them! In the end, we set a record for pestering here in New York. This morning, we must not blame the leftists or Communists, because they helped us to set the record.

During these events, mass communication, the media-previously busy with other things-turned their attention to focus on us. Yet I never granted an interview for any reporter. I will remain as a person of mystery. Meanwhile, they will have to use all the power of their imagination. However, they now know, through you, the frontline soldier, that our movement is not going to be a fly-by-night organization. It is going to remain, and it will surely change the world.

In the ten days prior to Madison Square Garden, you know, the pressure mounted until there appeared to be a kind of emergency status for our movement. Not only all of us, but even New York citizens felt the gathering of two thousand young people from around the world. They knew that New York had been shaken by our youth. They are asking "Why?" Why did these young people gather from all over the world in New York? Why do they follow that one oriental man from Korea, the Reverend Moon? What is his power? They are trying to understand. I do not think they yet know the answer to that question. In the meantime, there are all kinds of rumors. There are vicious and false accusations. However, they want to determine the truth by hearing the man who is in the center of it all, Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

We distributed over 800,000 tickets throughout New York and around 800,000 tickets were not only distributed, but we received the name, address, and zip code from sixty percent of the people who were ticketed. About 130,000 people promised, "I will be there. " They gave their word. I knew that at least one third of the sure commitments would come to Madison Square Garden. Through this formula, I knew that over 40,000 people would attend. But before the campaign was completed, in June, the New York Times predicted that we would never make it. They said we would never fill Madison Square Garden. Therefore, this is not only victory over New York, but victory over the New York Times, too!

In order to fill Madison Square Garden, Billy Graham may start working one year prior to the campaign, or crusade. They can work in a very systematic and organized way because all the churches in and around New York respond to his call. They cooperate with him. Even, they spend a tremendous amount of money to prepare for the crusade. Our crusade is basically and fundamentally different from the crusade of a conventional evangelist. First, all the churches are not our friends. They have opposed us and therefore, in a way, they are enemies. Furthermore, there are many people who, influenced by conventional Christians, are not sympathetic to us. So, we started our campaign under adverse conditions. In order to win under these conditions, we needed to demonstrate extraordinary power.

I don't blame the experts in predicting that the Unification Church would never fill Madison Square Garden. However, we not only gathered a crowd beyond the capacity of Madison Square Garden, but turned away thousands of people. We created a miracle here in America. And who created that miracle? You. This small group of young people-you did it! Actually you members gathered here constitute a very small group, even smaller than the capacity of a small high school. So this small high school, our heavenly high school, pushed New York to our side. We moved the mass of New York. When we realize the significance of it, I am sure that none of us could really sleep last night. So I knew your mind. Even though I asked you to go to bed and rest until 10 o'clock this morning, you could never sleep because the excitement and joy was so great. So I put you to work taking down all the posters! Even God in Heaven is nodding: "Well, I cannot keep up with that Reverend Moon's strategy. "

Until yesterday, the city officials and the police officials were complaining about our posters. They said, "We must fine Reverend Moon twenty dollars per poster. " But when they went to the city to look for the posters, there were none there! They were like a hunter--one moment late-all the game had flown away. This morning the New Yorkers woke up and went outside. There were no more young people there, and no posters. They must have wondered.

In the outside world, when they win a great victory they usually celebrate by drinking and dancing all night. Then they go to bed for several days. However, the very first night, even before our celebration of victory, we took care of New York, picking up all the posters. This is really a page to be proudly recorded in American history. If we had done the same thing, but one day too late, say today or tomorrow, even though we did the same thing, the effectiveness would be greatly reduced. So, without sleeping last night, you truly brought a tremendous result, and a tremendous benefit to the Kingdom of God. So, a job well done? (Yes!) Did I give the right instruction to you last night? (Yes!) Now you are all smiling and happy. But I don't think you were that way when you were taking down the posters last night. It is a matter of patience, and those who have in any other way complained must be repentant now.

In the dispensation of history, we are now moving from the second seven-year course to the third seven-year course. And the world situation is getting more hectic. More crises are arising, particularly in the relationships between Korea, Japan, and America. Christianity only has a spiritual kingdom. That has been a reality for two thousand years. So these important three countries, Korea, Japan, and America, have been related only on a spiritual level. However, because of our movement and our action, things will now begin to fall into place in physical relationships between these three nations. The formation stage has been completed. What we need during the next three years in America is to create a perfection level on the physical plane. We must install the Kingdom of God here on Earth, centered upon America and including the rest of the world.

We must establish a record that even Billy Graham can never compete with. Yes, Billy Graham in his own lifetime held the biggest meeting in Korea, gathering together a half million people in Seoul. Reverend Moon, coming from Korea to America, will assemble a half million Americans for dinner. Join me in my confidence that after Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium will be just peanuts. The next step will be in Washington, D.C. On Capitol Hill, on the Mall, one of these days we'll gather more than half a million people. One year and ten months ago, when I first came to America, Madison Square Garden was so far away that it seemed farther than the moon. But we achieved it last night. From here to that gathering of half a million in Washington will be a very short distance compared to what we have already covered. First, we must have faith and conviction. All we need is ten thousand people like you. Each person will run one big bus. Each one will take a bus all over the country, fill that bus, and bring it back to Washington.

It is within our reach. Our strength shall grow into ten thousand in a very short time. Don't you want to do it? (Yes!) Then, what is the course of action from now on? In order to have a core of ten thousand members, then we must go out and double the strength and double the membership now. This is our pressing goal. I want you to really believe these words: all you really have to do is work for three years. After three years of hard work, you won't have to go out to witness because there will be too many people. An avalanche will take place, and you will not be able to take care of them all.

Americans, particularly the young people, have come to a deadlock. They have nowhere to turn, except to you. This is the way to bring resurrection to the American home, the American people, the American nation. That revival, resurrection, and new life, is the one way that we can save this world for God. We must become a single-minded instrument for God; we must establish the clear goal, and we must ruthlessly march toward that goal. It is truly a tremendous task and a historical responsibility; we have to create hope for America, and for the world.

Many Senators may not pay attention now. But wait and see: they will have to pay attention to what to do. If they do not, we will create Senators who pay attention to us. These are not just empty words: when I say it, I will do it. Soon, our strength will grow to 500 in each state. So think of it: if there is a person like you with 500 members in each state, that state will have to pay attention to you. You are the future Senators and the future Senators' wives! This is serious. Our goal is so clear-cut; and if God's will is with us, there is nothing we cannot do. But time is very urgent. America does not have much time in the time-bomb of today. We must do the job before the time-bomb explodes. We have only a certain amount of time available to us. God allows us to do certain things only within a certain time. So I have a master plan to reach the goal, and I need you. Will you follow me? (Yes!) No matter how hard I push you, will you complain? (No!) Then, let me trust you. The Western people are tired of my having so much trust in the people of Korea and Japan. This time let me trust you.

The third seven-year course is now beginning. The first three years of that seven years shall determine the fate of the world. In this seven years, we shall indeed liberate God! This is the period in which we will vindicate our good ancestors who have been victims of evil. This is the period in which we will breach the gap between the two worlds, the spirit world and physical world. This is also the time when Satan will have to pack up his things and run away! And this is also the period in which three billion people of the world shall raise their eyes to you and me. You have given me champions of God during the most critical crusades of the universe. This impossible group, gathered together here this morning will be the group who has won the day in God's battle against Satan. You shall become a handle for God, so that He can pull the entire world. This period will show that nobody under the heavens can deny the existence of the living God. We have come to the final battle, the final barrier; and during the next two years we shall break through this barrier. We are moving toward the apex, the top of the hill of the dispensation. Last night, God gave us the greatest fruit of all-the victory at Madison Square Garden. This victory , this gift from God, shall become your weapon, and your instrument when you carry this movement to Washington, D.C. and the rest of the United States.

You have not only won the battle here in New York. Do not consider this a victory over New York, but a victory over America. We are laying the spiritual foundation for the remaining seven-city tour. The New York Times finally admitted what we accomplished last night. They had to write some truth at least, and they did. The rest of the world will hear, through the New York Times, that we have done it. Let's make the remaining 7 cities equally hectic, equally exciting, equally victorious campaigns for God and his Heaven! Victory in this 8-city tour in America will bring the firm foundation upon which we can take off for greater victory during the next three years.

You may be very hungry now, but we cannot stop. We must march toward victory and win complete victory in the seven cities. Now, on this day of victory, we are all happy, serious, and excited. We must begin today to work another victory for tomorrow. Yesterday's victory will provide you with something for the victory of tomorrow. But we must invest ourselves. We shall together commit ourselves for the great call, and we shall pledge our loyalty, life, fortune, talents, and all resources we have for the ultimate victory of heaven. Those who can make that commitment, raise both your hands. Thank you very much.

You know that my job is not easy. I have to work day and night, with God's help, so that your job becomes easier to win the battle. You are young people. I am over 50. And you are in a position to go beyond and exceed my energy, my strength. But, even though I'm older than you, I am committing myself to compete with you: I shall not be behind you. I want you to win over me. But I will try my best to win over you. While we are engaging in this beautiful competition, the Kingdom of Heaven for all of America is coming.

I am in the position of the right hand of God's Kingdom. You are in the position of the left hand of the Kingdom. The two hands must join together, work together through suffering, and create a new world. We must begin now. We are one. So we must go our respective ways to fulfill our responsibilities. The fight begins here.

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