The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The Person Who Worries About God's Nation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
September 1, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mr. David S.C. Kim

At this moment, even though God has in mind the ideal world, the ideal nation is not yet realized. Through our Principle we know that if we have a nation, the center of that nation should be God Himself. If His ideal is established on earth, he is the center of the world, and the nation and the realization of His ideal would be established here on earth. If this had been realized centering on Adam and Eve in the beginning, they would have had the ideal world on earth. Also if this had been realized at that time, the nation and the world would have fit His original ideal as He planned. Whatever is happening centering on this nation should be reflected directly to heaven and vice versa. All things happening in this nation on earth would belong to God and His ideal. Then by this time we would have had the one directional civilization, one culture. One culture would have appeared. The language pattern, cultural pattern would have been unified a long time ago if His ideal had been realized. The one goal of this ideal is to unite everything into one; the whole universe will be united into one, centering on God. The model would have been all the citizens of the kingdom always centering on God, everything in oneness, united into one. That pattern should have been realized.

There would be no division. If division happened-it would never happen in that situation it would be reflected directly to heaven and bring corruption, chaos, disaster, tragedy to heaven and God. All individuals, families, tribes, all nations would be centering on one direction, centering on the one God. Everything would bring unity. The foundation would be based on individual people. Division destroys God, destroys the nation, the world, the family, the tribe and the individual, so there cannot be division in the ideal world. The intensity or the degree of our unity, would be the barometer in this world, in the ideal setting. The unchanging, everlasting sovereignty of God would have been established if man hadn't fallen. God's nation would have been ruled and governed under the direction of God Himself. In that nation old traditions cannot exist. This kind of a nation or ideal world, resembles the human body. The brain controls the human body. Likewise, God controls the whole ideal world. If God is pleased, automatically the body or mankind, the children of God, will be pleased. If mankind is pleased, then automatically God will be pleased too.

In the solar system, the sun shines. Suns are centers around which everything operates; likewise in the ideal world, centering on God, everything would operate orderly and peacefully. If this ideal had appeared, we would have seen ideal individuals, ideal families, ideal tribes, nations and whole world; and you would have even seen how we are going to live together in the spirit world, in heaven. Even spirit world is separated from us now, but if this ideal world is realized, the physical world and the spirit world would be united in one. In this kind of united world, how can we imagine war? We could not even think of war. Only peace. There would be no confusion of languages. The language barrier is a great tragedy in this modern age. Because of the fall we have not seen the realization of the ideal kingdom of God on earth. Because of the fall, division started. And men are divided, mind and body are divided. Then Adam and Eve's sons, Cain and Abel, brought about the first murder in humankind. From there up to the present, division came into being.

When you look at the present world, the individual, family, tribe, nation, and world are divided into two, separated. Who is responsible for making this division? This is Satan. What is the origin of Satan? This person should have been loyal to God in the beginning. The existence of Satan brought all chaos in this universe, destroyed God's ideal, destroyed the heavenly family, nation, whole world. So God cannot forgive Satan. All the division, chaos, corruption, and all the tragedy we are facing on the individual, family, tribal, national, and worldwide levels has been caused by Satan, not the people on earth. Satan has taken away God's kingdom, God's sovereignty of goodness. He stole God's sovereignty. He's the enemy.

In world history, Satan has been the enemy of God because he has unmercifully destroyed God's children, His chosen people, servants, and providence, up to the present. Because this world belongs to Satan's kingdom, in order to restore this world to God, God chose the prophets and his saints and sages, and through them created all kinds of religions to attack Satan's system, sacrificing the valuable lives of His children. Satan is the one who destroyed the friend you would like to have, our heavenly friend. Satan is the one who destroyed the person you would like to love. Satan is the one. He destroyed the family and nation that God wanted to establish. The source of all this is the enemy. He is the one who destroyed God's ideal. As long as Satan's sovereignty exists, the war-heavenly war-between God and Satan will endure. In the Satanic world, even under the sovereignty of evil man, evil never gives up, even though time is running out. That is the nature of evil.

A world struggle between the old sovereignty and the new sovereignty shall occur. The war between Satan's and God's side is very, very serious because with God's children, God cannot use the same weapon or strategy that evil Satan uses. So He has to go the other way, use another method; He uses the power of love instead of weapons or physical attack. Why is this? Because God is a God of principle. God has to restore His people based on the love supposed to be existing before the fall, even after the fall; He has to restore this world on the basis of this principle of love. God's position is this: even in the fallen world He cannot use fallen methods. He must use principled love, in order to restore. That is His delicate position, His delicate position throughout history. That's why it will take us so long to restore God's children from the Satanic sovereignty. Speaking according to the Principle, even though God has suffered so much because of the existence of Satan, if you talk directly to God, asking how much He has suffered, He cannot tell you frankly, "I did suffer so much." He cannot tell you. Because Heavenly Father's heart is like that, Jesus Christ, son of God, followed this idea. Even on the cross he loved his enemy, because he had a feeling of heart, of love, from Heavenly Father. Even in a situation like that, God's children have to copy the feeling of the Heavenly Father. Even though God's children suffer so much, they cannot complain. They have to persevere in the experience because the Heavenly Father's feeling is just like that.

The fall took place from God's point of view involving those in direct relationship to the fallen act. The problem is in man, not God. Man is a created being who is able to control Satan, the spirit-being Satan. In every aspect, perfected man should be able to surpass the very essence of the angel or Satan.

If a person is qualified to exercise such control he is the man from God. If this man is perfected, he is able to receive the legal sovereignty from God to control Satan and this world. The man has already learned how to deal with, how to judge Satan. This is the man of God, the restored man, perfected man in the creation.

Satan must be the servant of mankind. If perfected man had controlled this hierarchy, the ideal world would have appeared. Man alone has the responsibility to control this universe, even control and rule the existence of Satan.

In one sense, from God's point of view, Satan is the one who destroyed God's ideal world. But since man is involved, he has to take responsibility too. God is a God of justice. If He chastises or punishes the criminals, He cannot only chastise Satan, but He also has to chastise man. Because of the heavy responsibility given to us because of the fall, we have to struggle and work hard until the nation of God is realized. Until that time we have to struggle very hard. Therefore, God's individual, God's family, God's tribe, God's nation should be surpassing Satan's system in this world. Let's take for example your individual faith. Satan is right there at the individual level to prevent you from coming to God. When you come to the family and national levels, all Satan's system is mobilized to attack you on the family level, attack you on the national level, on the world level, always. Always Satan's system is ready to totally attack you, to destroy you.

Since the fall, in the course of restoration, God's children have been on the defensive all the time, not attacking--defensive position. We have to imagine the Heavenly Father's heart looking down at mankind, His children. But man hasn't known the origin of evil, or even who the enemy is.

God has been leading us up to the present to bring this nation, this whole world back to His sovereignty. How sad our Heavenly Father is. When Satan looks at the world and sees family against family, individual against family, nations, and tribes fighting, he is very glad: He is very glad, while Heavenly Father is very sad to see this.

In order to get out of this situation, God's children-some of them in the mainstream of religion-should take this responsibility, alleviate this situation and eliminate the existing chaos and confusion of the evil sovereignty.

Religion is for God's side, to fulfill His will. Naturally the direction of religions and all faith movements should be narrowed down to be gradually united into one. This is a natural, logical conclusion. Religion from God in the time to come should be united into one, unification of religions. This kind of religion, new religion, must have surpassed the national boundary and the world boundary. Otherwise it cannot have this kind of important mission from God. The Unification Church, in unifying all religions, has a heavenly, universal mission to accomplish. We have to have a clear idea of God's original plan for the ideal nation on earth centering on Him. God's children should be for the whole world. God is seeking to unite the whole world under Him, the Father.

The new religion should go beyond politics, beyond the nation and the world. It should have the power to surpass other religions, nations and the whole world. It should have the power to transform cultures, politics, all kinds of civilization, all religions, even all kinds of evil power. Ultimately there will be no Asia, nor any Western civilization. There will be no satanic elements of bias and prejudice for all discrimination shall vanish in that system of religion. The only goal is to achieve one nation for God, and there will be only one sovereignty and one people in that kingdom. Centering on God, the eternal, permanent sovereignty of God's kingdom shall appear. Then God's children will receive commandments directly from God, and God's kingdom on earth and in heaven will continue forever. In that kingdom of God, the Communist system and the democratic system will no longer exist. Once this kingdom is established it will be an eternal kingdom, never changing. Everybody will envy this kind of a kingdom and will regret, "I was not a citizen of that kind of a kingdom. " We have to deplore the fact that we are not living in that kingdom. We have to regret that we don't have that kind of a nation at the moment. We have to regret, most of all, that we don't have a sovereignty of God in this nation.

Since the creation of man, human history has had one direction, God's direction. Many, many nations have risen and fallen, many people have died in wars-all these tragedies of human history have appeared. Why? They have been leading to the glorious day of God's sovereignty.

All the nations, all people who were sacrificed during the course of God's dispensation, are waiting for the time to come of God's sovereignty on earth. All that God has desired, all the things of God's eternal desire-one nation, one God, one people, one sovereignty-are our desire to accomplish also. Who will be responsible to realize this kind of a nation under God's sovereignty? Will God be responsible, or will mankind be responsible? Not God, but man should assume the heavenly responsibility to build God's kingdom. God cannot say anything because man has the authority and the power to rule Satan and the servants of man; so God cannot interfere. At this time, we can understand God's heart. Man should be responsible.

Now, the topic Father's talking about: who should worry about God's nation? Who are the persons responsible for God's nation? Not the dead. Not the onlookers or the fence-sitters, no. It is not necessarily those who have only knowledge of this dispensation. That's not enough, to know; also to see is not enough. When you have those two factors, then you have to start from there. You have to have heavenly indignation and be ready to fight. That kind of a person is the one who must worry about God's nation. But even people like this should repent. A twenty four hours effort is not enough for Father; they must be ready to fight and die for this cause. That kind of a person is the one to worry about God's nation.

To save the nation, to save the whole world, this person who worries about God's nation is the practitioner, the realizer, not the dreamer. The person of this category should not be able to stand seeing what's going on, even at the state and local level, the evil sovereignty. He is the person who stands out ready to fight. You have to fight.

You are working, fighting in the city of New York right now. New York City is one of the top cultural centers of the world. At the same time, one of the worst of Satan's dwellings is in the city of New York. We have to be indignant to see something evil going on, day and night in New York City. We have to be ready to fight. When you look at the immoral things going on, drinking, drug addicts-all this immorality going on-you have to be indignant. How are we going to save the people? How are we going to conquer evil? We have to work harder than they do. If they do this kind of thing twenty-four hours, we have to put in more hours to save them. When thieves are planning some kind of a robbery, they spend a certain amount of hours. We have to spend more hours than these evil men do to save this city, this nation.

The Communist underground and surface movement is working hard more than 24 hours. We have to surpass that Communist activity-with more zeal, more challenging spirit than the Communists. We have to be very, very serious persons more than the Devil is serious, more than the Devil's children are serious. Evil people are multiplying toward destruction, while you are going to serve them, reverse them, transfer them to salvation. When you cannot do that right now, transform the present situation, you have to be determined that next time you will bring victory over these evil forces.

This is the first time in human history that the Unification Church Family has attacked New York City to save this nation, to transform evil into good and save mankind and the whole world. This is the first time Unification Church members have existed since human history began. America is the leading nation based on the Judeo-Christian concept, but she is being diverted. We have the stamina. We will do more hard work to bring America to a higher level based on God's will and dispensation.

We are now nearly 1,000 Family members strong in New York City. This means that against the population of ten million people, we have 1,000-one to 10,000 ratio. One person fighting against 10,000 people. Common sense tells us it is impossible for one person to fight I 0,000 individuals; but it is only impossible in a worldly sense. It appears to be impossible, one to 10,000 people, but we have conviction and a deep faith that we shall even surpass this number.

Imagine what would happen if we mobilized half of the population of New York City. If we were able to mobilize half the population for this movement, to direct them according to our plan, the situation would change tremendously and would influence the whole world. The place for the final battle is well-chosen. In one sense we are the heavenly soldiers and we are going to attack Satan's headquarters right here. We have to build up greater ground for a sudden attack on headquarters. In the past we have gone through individual level, tribal level, family level, national level, this time reversely, making indemnity and restoration. We have to attack, in one sudden surprise, their headquarters. Fortunately many, many nationalities are living in New York City.

Two categories of people exist: those who will risk their lives for this cause, or will give up: either one of those two attitudes will come up. We can suppose that roughly half of the people think one way while the rest think the other way.

Then what is the criterion to be the persons who worry about God's nation? Number one, there will be no division among the Family. The person who belongs to this category will feel, "I will not be exhausted and give up because I have to fulfill this job. " The person will feel, "I will risk my life, I will even die for this cause." The person who worries about God's nation will think, "Until perfect restoration of this world, I will not be happy. I shall continue to fight to bring the victory. " That kind of a person can be labeled, "heavenly person who worries about God's nation." The person is the kind who says, I will be the person through whom you will see God's kingdom come. " You have to know what kind of people are qualified to be those who worry about God's nation.

We have to realize that Jesus Christ for 2,000 years has stood on this very ground, taking this very position. Jesus Christ saw his disciples but he saw differently. He had to see God's kingdom come through the disciples. Even though he taught the disciples many things, acted with them, he went further. He looked further. Even though Jesus Christ did work hard, he was discouraged when he looked at the vast difference between his situation and the realization of the ideal world. We have to understand the heart of Jesus Christ at that time when on the cross he had to look toward the future and even pitifully he had to say, "I will have to come again. " We have to sense his feeling and deep, deep pitiful heart. We have to come back to Jesus Christ on the cross. Even though temporarily failing, he had hope. We have to realize this heart and feeling.

If there is a Family member in the audience who has felt this crusade is too serious, too hard for him -if you have felt that way you have to repent. You have to repent of it immediately. Some may complain, "We pushed our best from 7:00 o'clock, but by 1 1:30, even 12:30, there had come no good result." If you think that way you are not qualified to be a heavenly soldier. You are not qualified to be the person to worry about God's nation. Even if you work hard 24 hours, sometimes nothing may be accomplished, nothing may be produced to be proud of. We know that. Even if you work hard in 24 hours, it is not the time or place for laughing or for being pleased. This is a suffering period. This is the road through which you are going to be happy. This is the road of destiny. That's why we have to suffer. We are not supposed to even think or rest here. The eternal resting place is coming. We are in the middle of the road going to the eternal resting place.

Suppose a king lost his land and that land was a world power. Another man had come and illegally taken over his kingdom and now the king looked at his people whom an enemy had taken over. The king would not only be sorrowful to look at his people, but even his direct family, for all are held hostage, in the prison of the enemy. We have to realize the king's feeling. Can that king sleep nights in safety? Can he even eat properly? Impossible. In this situation the people of the ex-king should do something about it. There will be hope if even one member of the imprisoned royal family, this king's wife, somebody thinks about this king's heart. We should realize this kind of a feeling applies to your present work in this campaign.

Satan is the evil source, killing God's children. Satan will be testing God's children to see if they will obey him, be loyal to him. This is the nature of Satan. He will ask the royal family, "Will you openly deny the royal family of your kingdom?" This is the nature of evil. If the royal family of the ex-king do this kind of thing, where can the people of the ex-kingdom go who are supposed to save the king? There would be no hope to recover this kingdom. This stolen nation will be restored only if the people of the kingdom are determined to never surrender. "We have hope, we'll continue to fight to restore our kingdom." This is important. Otherwise there is no hope.

If we ask God, "What is your desire? What is your wish?" Father in Heaven will say, "To make a nation and one people," one sovereignty centering on Him, realizing the ideal of His original creation. What is Jesus' desire? Same thing. What is the hope of Christianity? Same thing; the establishment of God's kingdom.

It is pitiful to see that no religion, not even Christianity, has a clear concept. Other religions never even approach this kind of a concept. This is the tragedy in the religious world. Only the Unification Church is presenting this idea, this concept, this principle. The Unification Church has been receiving persecutions from the established churches, from the religious leaders, from the political leaders. But we have been struggling and we'll continue to struggle. We are not going to attack them, but we'll give Principled love, so we will be marching on to restore even them to God. Instead of retaliating, challenging or avenging, we have been praying for them to turn to God through our divine love.

Religion in one sense is a pitiful institution. Religion cannot compete with evil, cannot fight back, cannot even take revenge on Satan's forces. That's a pitiful existence, because according to the Principle, religion represents God.

Even our Father is a person who feels indignation, but he perseveres. He has patience with divine love. He's not supposed to allow injustice, unrighteousness. He has to go by this Principle. Therefore, considering the kind of persecution he has received, if he adopted the satanic method, he would have destroyed everything; but he did not do that, because he has to lead the people to the nation of God. He is in the position of God, so even though he received all that mistreatment he has to have patience. He cannot challenge back. Even when he received persecution, he felt he should act as if it never happened. When he received persecution, he pretended not to, because Heavenly Father feels that same way.

Heavenly Father and heaven are very sorrowful, pitiful. You have to realize we look like we are defeating ourselves, but actually it is a glorious thing. Before your eyes you are seeing the realization of the kingdom. Your sweat, your work is building God's nation. Even though you have a hard time on the street, you meet opposition and persecution, you have to look forward, knowing that the realization of God's nation will come because of you. You will be glorified when the time comes. Satan's world sovereignty will vanish, but God's sovereignty will flourish forever. You have to look forward to that.

Once Father felt, "I am standing on the cliff on the end of the world." Once he felt, "I have no freedom, while Satan's kingdom has the most freedom." Satan's children are more prosperous, have more accumulated material blessing than our Father and his family. Even under persecution, when hardship was unavoidable, in unbearable situations, he looked forward to the future of God's kingdom. He had seen that reality, so he persevered. He overcame very beautifully. Father felt that even in the dungeon of the prison, he did not want to leave a bad tradition. He had to be far better than any other prisoner among God's children. He worried about that part. He never thought about himself. Quietly he shed his tears, for he felt this way: "I must not be inferior to any other of God's children who were in prison." Sometimes he was physically tortured by the Devil's children; he felt almost like cursing them, but he held his tongue. He had patience; he overcame it.

In that time Father said, "You, Heavenly Father, are pitiful, very sorrowful. I know because I have experienced this in myself. " Father felt that the Almighty God, even though He's able to avenge and destroy the enemy, has to have patience, because He has to go by the Principle of love. Father felt even the Heavenly Father must change His face when He looked at the miserable situation of our Father in prison. Even the Heavenly Father, though he is able to perform mighty works, has to have patience. This kind of attitude is the first requirement to be a person who worries about God's nation.

I imagine sometimes after hard work you might have a chance to look at your face, your body in front of a mirror. Maybe some of those beautiful girls might say, "Before coming to the Unification Church I looked very good, sometimes attracting many of the opposite sex but now since I am here I certainly find no physical improvement. I work harder and I look miserable." You might think that. There is even no time to comb your hair properly, no cosmetics allowed, and even no time to eat. You are eating on the run. "So what is going on?" you might think, comparing your old days before you came to the Unification Church. But there is a wonderful thing underlying there. Because physically you are undesirable, you seem to be miserable; but God is right there among you. That's the great value right there: God exists among you. God's looking for the man and woman of this description: you are intoxicated in your mission. You have one goal. You think you wear shoes, but you did not wear them because you had no time. This kind of mix-up happens, but the spirit of God is right there. People say you are crazy people, but to God's eve you are wonderful. Amen? (Yes.) You have to know the value, the heavenly value found there. Even if we die with pale faces, we have to die face to face with death, smiling a heavenly 'le of thanksgiving and appreciation. This will be the wonderful man and woman you are dying to become, you are suffering to become, because you are God's righteous nation. You are working to establish God's nation on earth, so you have to be proud of yourself.

You will be the heavenly patriots. That's your value. You are even in the position to command Moses, call him; you are even in a superior position to John the Baptist, all the disciples, or any other saints in the Bible history. You will be commanding them. You are far better than them. So you will be God's people, greater than the people who failed 2,000 years ago when Jesus appeared. You are the place where they will be educated and trained. So you are in the position to educate and train the Christians.

If there is God, just like Father said, then God must love the kind of people on earth who worry about His will and His nation to come.

It has been about ten days since the International One World Crusade Mobile Team worked in the city of New York. The month of August has vanished, and this is the first day of September. You must be curious about what is going to happen on September 18th. As the day goes by, you have to intensify your effort to bring the successful result. You have to realize that centering on the Madison Square Garden crusade His Will will be established, His Will will be done. All mankind will have hope because of that crusade. This will be the jumping off place through which God's dispensation will advance. You have to think of this very seriously. This is an unprecedented historical event in all of human history. God will be very glad to see that the youth of many nations, worked together in one direction, toward one goal, centering on His will, without any repercussions. You will work hard, and He will be very glad. Even though New York City is the city most full of evil, God will have hope because of you.

You have to keep in mind when brothers and sisters have arguments you have to repent right there before Satan's attack. We have to advance His one goal to bring the victory. We have to determine this morning to be heavenly patriots. You must be the person to worry about God's nation. The heavenly patriot is to risk his life for the nation. Even risking your lives, you are going to liberate the people of the nation. "Even though I die, I have to restore the kingdom so that the King can be enthroned again." The heavenly patriot has to sacrifice the individual, his family, even be ready to sacrifice the Unification Church to do God's will. That is the heavenly patriot who is worrying about God's nation.

This kind of person should be marching toward one goal, sacrificing everything if necessary. You have to be ready for this. When we are on the front line of the battle, we cannot stop. We cannot delay. We have to fight continuously. If the final war means more sacrifice, is more challenging, we should be more serious, because that will decide the victory.

This kind of a soldier will bring the victory. Those who disqualify themselves will bring the curse, will bring the destruction of God's dispensation.

You are physically concentrating on the Madison Square crusade while Father has his own position. Father is able to give the message of life to the audience. Whether the message Father is going to give suits you or not, Heavenly Father has been wanting to talk to the people. Then Father must prepare as all the past saints and sages in spirit world did who wanted to speak to the people. He must concentrate on the content. So he's thinking, how can I excite the people? It must be a more exciting more challenging message, than Heavenly Father and the saints could give if they were allowed to talk. In order to bring the ultimate success, he is depending upon you to fill up that auditorium.

If Father gave a message of life, even if in the spirit world billions of spirits were mobilized, if there is nobody in Madison Square Garden, what kind of a result would there be? Even if we prayed so hard, if there are only empty seats listening to Father, where will the prayer go? We cannot pray at all with that condition.

You have to know the daily report from the field, from New York. Father is seriously thinking, preparing his mind. Depending upon the reports, Father prays to God constantly. Do you understand so far what he is trying to tell you?

If we are all serious, the spirit world will be serious, everybody will be serious, our True Parents will be serious, you will be serious. Then all combined together we can easily pass over that difficulty. It's up to you. Then all the audience attending will be melted away with this kind of a power. It is not the problem of preparation of the message he is giving. It is the environmental factor, how to control their minds and spirit. So this will be successful when you concentrate on your endeavor. Your prayer, your activity will be amalgamated into one. Then it's possible.

Spiritually, mobile unit commanders and all mobile teams should realize that if we have success that's fine. If we fall, because this is an unprecedented historical event, we will be in great trouble in God's dispensation. You people should realize this fact. We have to bring the victory by all means. Even if you are driven just like slaves, we have to win the victory this time, by all means, at any cost, at any expense.

Then by accomplishing this thing, you international mobile unit teams are allowed to go back to your countries. You have to clearly understand that this is the crucial point, the junction of evil and good. You have to be serious, to march forward as heavenly patriots, the people who worry about God's nation at all costs, sacrificing everything, even our lives. By living in this way, we will liberate our Heavenly Father. We will liberate all mankind now under Satan. Then we will bring the realization of His original ideal, the kingdom on earth.

The time shall come when Satan will voluntarily surrender, to us. We have to bring about this thing; so you will be the historic people. Who will do this? You are the very persons who are able to do this. You are the only persons on earth, in the universe, in heaven and earth, who can do that. Even though the satanic world and you people are breathing the same air, eating the same food, and drinking the same water, you are entirely different categories of people. Others are Satan's children; you are God's children.

You have to keep these things in mind. You have to keep the heavenly dignity, because heaven and God are with you. Father wants you to be a heavenly patriot. You are the person to worry about God's nation. So you have to make up your mind this morning who is the heavenly patriot. If you determine to be the heavenly patriot, the person to worry about God's nation, raise your hand. Thank you.

Let us pray.

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