The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

To Belvedere Trainees

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
August 29, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mr. David S.C. Kim

You have to have heavenly pride in being trainees at Belvedere. In order to form a perfect personality, or become a perfect man, you've got to prepare many, many areas in yourself. You should consider the external area and the internal area. You have to be ready. You have to realize that the goal of Belvedere training is to form a really exemplary personality in every way.

In order to influence the environment and restore it, you have to have power superior to the ordinary environment. You are preparing that power from above. Individual ability is necessary to influence and control the external environment. Not only in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense, you have to be standing on higher ground, in a spiritual sense, than the world.

The criterion of a great leader is that he or she should possess some superior element. The goal of the individual is clear: he needs systematic action, the ability to analyze and observe the environment, and at same time, supervise and control that environment. That is a leader.

You should understand that training at Belvedere has a dual purpose. You will be a leader of the Unification Church International. At the same time, you will be arousing the world, wherever you go. As you probably know, wherever one goes is the world-wide level.

Take Christianity-they have their own world-wide level system. Democracy came from this Judeo-Christian foundation. Christianity now has a population of 700,000,000 around the globe. But, this planet has not only the Christian realm, but also the Communist realm, which we are going to overthrow! Communism is a world threat. Their teachings are not based on ethics and morality, and they use any method to reach their goal. They will seek their goal at any expense.

Now our Unification Church has come to synthesize and control these two systems through the Unification Thought, to reach a higher philosophy for the whole world. Since human history started, the Unification Church is the only one who even dares to consider or tries to unite both systems of thought.

In order to accomplish this kind of gigantic task, we should stand firm on the crystal-clear ideology, faith, and ideal. Success or failure will be determined by balance of power. If you are above balance, you will win. If you have less power, you will be defeated. We have a firm conviction that we will control even this Christendom, we will make it part of us. That kind of a condition is very important for you to realize this ideal of uniting Christendom. In the religious aspect, no organization can even compete with the International Unification Church. This spirit of never-changing, unyielding determination is very important. In our relationship to God and other religions, we have to convince ourselves that we are the most powerful, most excellent, and most efficient organization. Even our Holy Father God needs us very badly. God needs our power; man needs our power. Wherever you go, whatever you do, God shall trust you. That is the kind of leadership material you must be.

So even when you confront the Communists you should have the same determination: "Until I die, I will fight and bring the victory. " We are more powerful than the Communists. So we are able to have more dedication and more concentration than the Communists. This area you have to claim yourself. This is the kind of heavenly personality. You give the new direction for both ideologies, Communism and Democracy. That's our task. Both systems of thought cannot even dare to criticize us, but we are criticizing them both, even bringing the counterproposal.

We have the obligation to influence the most intellectual people in this world, because we can easily analyze and swallow both systems, giving them something superior to what they have. You should have heavenly pride that you were born in this blessed age and that you have a wonderful weapon to control even all this contemporary thought and ideology. When you develop such a perfect personality as a leader, that will please God, who needs one of you.

God knows very well that with the existing leaders and existing system, the world will not be united into one. So God wants to control all of world Christianity. But Christianity has no system of thought to influence contemporary man. The Communist ideology cannot control the whole world because it has no moral standard. Communism has a weak point in giving democracy equality of opportunity. Under the same circumstances, Communism has no power. If some existing philosophical thought cannot even control or influence the two other systems of thought unity would be impossible. Neither one can unite all people.

But the Unification Church is able to unite these areas with our ideology. So you have a Heavenly mission; you are the present leader to influence, observe, and control others, so you should have heavenly pride in yourself. You are influencing the whole world, through the academic and intellectual area. You have to be proud of yourself. All power comes from the most determined faith and conviction. Without conviction no power is generated. This kind of ideal, coming from a systematic thought system, will produce this kind of a power. A logical, theoretical system of thought is absolutely invincible. When you look this way at your position, your being here is tremendous.

Thinking, talking, preaching, are not enough! How are you going to bring the actualization of this wonderful ideology? You cannot actualize your ideology unless you can externally influence something. So we are obligated to train ourselves for this. An ordinary church or organization cannot even dare to plan something like this, and some of the things even the Communists cannot plan. We have to do it. We have to surpass the past and the present philosophers. In one sense, all existing churches are afraid of us, the Unification Church. If one of our girls goes to some Christian community, even as one person she can make a great sensation and stir everything up. They are afraid of you. When you go to even a Communist cell, they are stirred up, because the Communists are afraid of you. When you go to the philosophy professors or other intellectuals, you know more than they do, and they are scared of you.

All this action shows that you are standing on the world-wide level. You have a full foundation on which to actualize all this ideology. The International Communists are afraid of us. In their higher echelons they are talking about one of the dreadful threats to Communism. He is standing here in front of you, our True Parent, Reverend Moon.

Even Christian circles have a lead on some kind of information that Reverend Moon will control the whole United States on a higher level. Other Christian leaders are thinking, "What if he is the One!" Reverend Moon is a big issue on their higher levels. Foreign! He brings a problem everywhere he goes. Everything is sensational. He is proclaiming and making history, so he's a threat to them.

If he develops beyond Madison Square Garden, where many accidents happened because people could not get in, then he can advance to Yankee Stadium, and then half a million people will go to the Washington Monument. Then what would happen? Do they already think of it? So all Christians who have wide-open eyes ask, "What's going on? Where is Jesus?"

"But what is different about Reverend Moon and his disciples? He doesn't have three eyes; there are only two eyes and only one mouth." They know you have something which they don't have. Amen? (Amen!!) This is not a coincidence; this has been prepared for a long time. They haven't the knowledge! You have the Father, you have the knowledge. And now they have become prejudiced. All the news media in the United States and throughout the whole world are very sensitive. They are going to pay attention to what is going on centered on Reverend Moon. Communism cannot even compete with us.

So even if you have a lot of Ph.D.'s, and a lot of Masters degrees-what does it mean to heaven and to the world? That is a small portion of accomplishment. You have to feel the greatness of Belvedere training, because with it you are standing out among the whole world as a new leader in every aspect. You are being trained at Belvedere. We have a worldwide system in the Unification Church. We have the International Federation for Victory Over Communism. In universities and colleges throughout the world we have CARP and a world-wide professors' association. We also have Unified Science Conferences attended by world-renowned scientists from all over the world.

Even in England, for example, among the 120 participants at the Third Science Conference were Nobel Prize winners. They are sympathetic to us. They are coming to us. These world-renowned scholars are very wise, investigating everything. They have found that their association with us will be beneficial for them. That's why they are coming to us. If we concentrate more on the CARP system throughout the U.S. university and college campuses, we can very easily mobilize the professors to our side.

Very soon we will climb up the world educational level in many areas. In academic and cultural areas, the Little Angels and the Korean Folk Ballet will work. Already, we have all kinds of front-line international One World Crusade mobile units, the Society of a United World, and the Association for the Peace and Unity. These organizations are working on the worldwide level for the unity of religions, and they are all coming to the surface to meet this crisis.

So, to be a leader in that kind of a front-line organization you have got to be trained and prepared! That's why you are here. So you will be trained on the internal level; you've got to be training yourself in external areas.

When we think of mankind, we think of both men and women. Our ordinary common sense brings the idea that man is a man, and a woman is a woman. Women should do their own work, while man should do their masculine work. But in our system a man sometimes does a woman's work, and vice versa -women should sometimes do men's work. There is no demarcation. Without this area, we cannot win our enemy.

Sometimes the women should be trained to be more powerful than men. Sometimes they will be trained in karate, some kind of spiritual karate. You may be trained in a new school. So, even though women should accept that they cannot be a man physically or biologically, they must be convinced they are able to do something men cannot even do. You have to have your own pride: even though biologically you are physically weaker than men. You have to surpass them in some other area, thinking, etc. You have to convince yourself you are better than men. Are you that way, so far, or are you determined that you'll be that way? The same thing with men. You have to study many, many things.

Men should study women's work, and women study men's work. With this combined study, you will develop yourself as a better leader, better than anyone else. If all Unification Family members are trained this way, you will be the ones who will run the whole show in this world. So the time may come when you have to dig trenches in the field. To train yourself, everyone in the family is obligated to do a seven-day fast. Which would you prefer? Doing a seven-day fast or accomplishing the hardest work in one day? Which one would you choose if you were given some assignment: a seven day fast, or work hard one day and finish it? That's easier.

If you are determined to overcome one day of hard work, then very easily you can extend it to three days, seven days, or even three months. The very hard work will become more narrow and easier, so that you will be able to overcome and do a greater job than you expected. If you train in this area, you will be on the spot under any circumstances.

You will become expert in analyzing or comprehending the situation. You can even appraise and evaluate everything. So you will be the good yardstick, measuring the person, even evaluating a person spiritually and physically on the spot. That yardstick will expand from the original unit of inches to feet. The original unit cannot be changed-others are duplicates. You have to have one unit.

You yourself are the minimum unit; even God cannot change that. Each individual has a different personality, different backgrounds, but Father wants you to be an individual, unique, and unchanging unit. He wants to make you unique! With yourself as the unit, you can measure everything. Then with this measure you can expand to the wider and bigger levels.

Then if you put in more time, and more hard work, you will bring success. To become an unchanging unit, you need to be polished. Your legs should go in one direction, but sometimes your legs go in another direction. So you have to put them back. Whenever a spiritual formula is needed, we have to go by that. If you are trained in this area, wherever you go, whatever assignment you will have, you will survive. Also you will be victorious over that circumstance.

So when will this kind of training be enforced? Originally, you should have this strict, harsh training as soon as you became a member of the Unification Church. But because of that lack, Belvedere training was initiated, so new people would come.

In the future, all men and women members will be trained how to farm-not Western-style farming, but Oriental-style farming. That's harder. You have to surpass others. You must do a more extraordinary job than ordinary people do. Sometimes you will need to be trained in the ocean. Also sometimes in the air. You will be a pioneer. You had better have a big hope for the future. So, don't think, "Another training coming." You have to be ready for a new challenge, new excitement.

In one sense, Father is very talented in many areas. He has been trained that way. He sees the heavenly formula to fit every circumstance, every time. Even though he never learned how to play the piano, and is not an expert performer, he thinks the beauty of playing the piano is a finger's distance from him. His own theory is that the emphasis or strength of each touch, plus distance will make the variety of the beauty of playing the piano. Whether you touch the top, middle, or end of the key, it will make a different tone, a different sound! He is thinking how to make a uniform performing action among these ten fingers, how to have uniformity in pressing the finger on the key, how to put in the power in the proper area. That is interesting. So he thinks pianists should be trained in this area. They should repeat the same note one thousand times until this equal distribution of the strength comes up. So, he thinks if they train in this area, mastering this one area, then they will be superior to any famous pianist or performer. His first son, Hyo Jin, is taking piano lessons, so he should take the heavenly violin lesson, too. He is thinking that any music should fit the Principle, if it's true. So, he gave a lesson based on the Principle.

He is so talented there; he trained himself that way! So when he looks at something suddenly the intuition comes right there-whether first priority, second priority, or third priority. He is an orderly man, so he will take care of it!

So if he picks a garden enterprise, he can look at a tree and figure out what future this kind of tree has for a good enterprise. So what he does is think through all the causes, effects, and the reasons behind that tree. So he is really in the Principle!

The Principle has a vast, gigantic scope. But you can find the main stream of the structure right here. He trained himself so that you have a vast structure right there in the Principle. Science develops through formulas. We have the same thing in our thinking. In our living, we should have a practical formula. When Father picks somebody, he has an original plan for a certain person to be used for a certain purpose. But he gives him an opposite course, and puts an unnecessary task between him and the goal. Even to him the remote goal is achieved by directing someone in the opposite way. He encompasses the extremes, the North pole and the South pole. Why does he work this way? Because if this person accepts this situation, he can experience the extreme poles-North and South-and can easily overcome the entire circle. He can digest the entire environment.

By common sense in the Western world, religion and politics should be separated. They cannot be united. But what if God doesn't want to separate them? God set up both, and He will not welcome the separation of religion and politics. The origin of the separation of religion and politics began when religious leaders misused political power. In the medieval feudal system, this kind of an after-effect came, so through the Humanist movement, God let them be separated as a prevention of greater disaster.

We must influence politics, so this means we have a lot of things to do. So, maybe our activity in the political area should be enhanced. So you should know, in order to be a qualified leader, you absolutely need more training. You have to know how to speak out, to persuade others, be an excellent talker, and debater. In the Freeport Long Island area, the ordinary grass-roots people think that Reverend Moon is always coming, he's a fisherman. Even though the "S. S. New Hope, New York" is a very luxurious boat, to their eyes it becomes a fishing boat. Every day now he goes fishing. Oh, they think, "Reverend Moon is a world renowned preacher. Why, he must not have any connection with boat fishing-forget it!" That cannot be the idea! But now he makes a lot of friends there, and appears with these people, laughing, giggling, sometimes joking. But later they'll find out when they are invited to the Madison Square Garden banquet with a total of 2,000 people there. Their eyes will be turned upside-down! What in the world is this man ... ?" So eventually, who will be the leader?

Because he is superior to those people in Long Island, they think they have their own ideas. They realize he has a religious background and young people throughout the world; he's a rich man, and they sense something from him.

So he sees that in order to be a leader, you've got to be trained. Do you prefer to be trained just like Father trained himself? So he even wished for you people to be in prison for three years. He wants to see that. There are lots of things to be learned in the prison walls, under walls. You will be wonderful when you are imprisoned because of goodness, not for yourself. When you are labeled as imprisoned without sin, you will feel wonderful in that dark room.

Father's training of himself came straight from the prison cell. From the dungeon of hell, he trained himself to survive. Everybody should die. Everybody should be broken to death there. But he survived it! That extreme discipline went with a place where he could train himself. Because he trained in the dungeon of hell, other worldly troubles or any other circumstances in the world are far easier for him, because he got to train in the dungeon of the hell. He survived it. He overcame it. He controlled the situation. So other things became very easy for him! He became a strong person in that cell of hell. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Are you with him?

I am even thinking whether the Belvedere trainees should make a tunnel from here to East Garden without any tools. An underground tunnel straight to East Garden. But I don't think anybody would survive that. Even just like in war-time, you should make a tunnel for your survival-one year, two years. We wish you to be trained that way. Then if he should train you that way, your training program is just too easy?

Now, we have three stages of training. Number one, you will first be trained in an American setting; then you will go to a little harder training in Japan; then hardest training will be in Korea. You will be trained in three areas. Then after that what are you going to be? World leaders. Keep calm. Keep cool. You have to go to the deepest place. So you should even think in your conception that you are travelling the deepest ocean to be the leader. You are going to the top of the highest mountain of the Heavenly Father! You have to unite the extreme good and the extreme bad.

You may know about ammonium sulfate fertilizer. Father had to carry it all the time with his naked hands. So his skin was worn out, his bones came out. That stuff is poison, very harmful to the skin. So with this skin, he still survived! This kind of a chemical will even tear up strong cloth, the uniforms. So after six months, all prisoners were affected by this chemical, all their skin became watery. Their skin cells were all broken! So even under that situation, he praised God. He survived that. He said to himself, "I shall overcome this. Not only this, but other hardships."

And so why can somebody say. "Why do I have to go through all this hardship! Why isn't our training easy-going?" This training is necessary. At any time our strong enemy might be here. We have to be ready! If you were drills, you would have to become the sharpest. Such a strong and sharp drill could never be broken, but just persevere. Unification Church members should be tough, unbreakable, sharp. A diamond has such a quality. Gold has a quality, but not better than diamond. So, if you become the sharpest person, you will be persevering, like a strong drill; you will be more than diamond and gold. So then God will choose that kind of personality as a potential leader.

Even though you feel yourself unable to do all this now, you feel that you would like to be that kind of a person. You would want to train your heirs, or your successors to be that kind of person. Even though America is a gigantic nation, if leaders with this personality come out, they will inherit this country. So in a sense, you have everything under your feet. Time will tell if that kind of a potential leader exists in this world. So, you must feel you have that kind of value.

You cannot be changed for others. You are such valuable leaders in the contemporary world. You are not only leaders in this country, but I want you to be leaders in Japan and even in African nations. Americans should not think that they do not fit into African black countries. We have to make a connection with these people.

Belvedere is the place where we train qualified world leaders to have this kind of gigantic conception of a new ideology. Very soon the time shall come when we will have to protect ourselves; we will even train you not to use weapons. We train not necessarily to kill somebody, but we have to defend ourselves and protect ourselves. Look at New York City with its daily crimes and murders-we have to protect ourselves.

So we have to bring ourselves into the public mind; they must think, this Unification group, when united, is able to do anything in this world! Suppose ten thousand events are mobilized with ten or eleven people. Certainly, New York City, with its ten million population, will be paralyzed in the greatest confusion of the whole world. So even if he instructs us, "Let's have a seven-day fast," it will be certain to be fulfilled. Then what would happen? Ten thousand events with ten people each! Even a special broadcast from the White House, in Washington, D.C., would have no effect at all, unless Reverend Moon releases the order.

Then, he will appear before the public for all of mankind, giving them the directions where to go, what to do. So, this kind of thinking will come very soon. Before Communists do their thing and take over this country, the Unification movement should step in-the earlier the better. You have to train yourself, on the street, how to teach, how to preach, how to debate, how to even block the road and talk to people. This kind of training is very important. Wouldn't you like to be engaged in this kind of new project? Sometimes, you know, you will feel weak, while others are feeling good.

It is wonderful to see how one person from Asia can come here, and within less than two years start to influence all public opinion and social circles. That's how amazing he is. So, when you look at him this way, Father is a very extraordinary person, isn't he? Ordinary people wouldn't dare to believe or plan such adventures. But everybody here, including you, thinks he will do more adventurous and more extraordinary things. Do you believe it?

All this did not come to his mind spontaneously. When he was your age, he was already contemplating and planning for this. In one sense the history of America must be longer than we think. Suppose the churches or the American public did not oppose his idea and direction-what would happen from now on? I can see only three alternatives: Come to the Unification Church as a member; run away eternally somewhere; or thirdly, die. So, American people should make one of these three choices. Until they reach that stage, Father will continue to work with you. No other American can even compete with us. We will do more than any American or any other world leader can do. So naturally this means that if the enemy comes in, we will get rid of him.

After our success at Madison Square Garden, the news media will have to be either for or against Reverend Moon's movement. We will tell them, "Say what's wrong with Reverend Moon? Even though he's an Asian, you cannot do more than he does. What's wrong with him?" They are even going to begin to defend him one hundred percent.

This morning he was very glad to see a Long Island paper print an article with Father speaking to a thousand people in Barrytown, plus a picture. The writer says, "Why do you misunderstand these young people?" They defend him totally and make even more propaganda than we do!

So, in a situation like this, the problem is solved this way: they completely oppose us; this is fantastic. From the beginning they didn't like us at all. At the beginning, they said "everything is wrong, everything is bad about Reverend Moon. " Then they gave all the unnecessary things, all the bad things they could name. For three years they broadcast propaganda against us, but Unification Church and Reverend Moon continued where they were going. So they had to come back and defend him. That was the only way left. They faced a heavenly strategy, but they are very clever people: after three years of attacking, there was nothing left to attack. This time, for their own benefit, they are going to come to us.

When opposition comes, you have to have hope. Suddenly, spontaneously, supporters will appear. Even though we may make mistakes later, after they support us, they cannot say anything, because they had earlier spread unfounded rumors and accusations. So we are safe both ways. Even though we have to expect opposition, we have to fight. So we have nothing to worry about. Let them oppose us.

In the Orient, we have lots of dogs outside the house, watch-dogs. Whenever a stranger comes, the dog's job is to bark, and continue to bark at the strangers! So, this is their position in relation to the Unification Church. Sometimes after the dog barks a long time the stranger becomes a good friend. Sometimes the barking dog may be against the master for the house, who knows? But his job is to bark! If they oppose us, that's fine! Maybe the excitement is natural. We expect that kind of a trouble. We have nothing to be fearful of, nothing to be worried about.

The same thing happened in other countries. I cannot explain how. The same thing happened in Korea. Now they are looking for the Unification Church and for Reverend Moon. Same thing happened in Japan. Now the Japanese government can survive only with the Victory over Communism Federation. Even Free China is totally supporting our family. The same thing will apply to America. The same formula. Same formula.

So you will lose nothing if you are trained by him in a very harsh way, in a very strict way. You will lose nothing. So in the long run, you will have to be a great leader. So his idea is to let you be that kind of highly trained leader for the future. Do you think that kind of training will be good for you, or should he just leave you alone? If you have your mind conditioned in such a way that you ask, "Why don't you train me more than you do?" then you will be far above the others. I want you to be that kind of a material. Then if you are ahead of me, I will be very glad to beg you,' 'Why don't you let me follow you?"

So I don't want anybody to think that they can come out here to escape. We don't want the kind of person who says, "I don't want to be involved." I want to kick them out. David Kim is not harsh enough to kick you out, so he is not a good Executive Director of the trainees. Once in a while, this kind of harsh training is better for you. So you have to realize this kind of harsh training. The most disciplined way of training is absolutely necessary. Would you like to pledge in front of him or would you like to undergo the best training, in the hardest, most disciplined way? Would you really want that?

In order to be that kind of material, you have to change your conception. You have to change your reasoning, so you have to think, "What am I going to do from now on, if I am given some new assignment? I have to do something new. " So you have to think of doing something other than what you are now doing. Train yourself in thinking and in reasoning. Even when you are relaxing, that should be training in relaxing. Even when you are walking, you are training yourself how to walk.

What is training for? Training is preparation for the future. Belvedere trainees should be willing to undergo any kind of training, even tomorrow or any time. Then you will be progressing. Have you ever thought about this kind of thing? Some might think, "All the New York family and all the IOWC teams are mobilized to make Madison Square Garden successful. So why are we training ourselves by studying here? What are we doing here?" Have you ever thought like that? You would like to participate even during your training in going out, distributing tickets to bring the people to Madison Square Garden.

Some may complain that this is an important dispensation, the end of the second seven-year course, so why aren't trainees allowed to participate in this crusade? Have some of you ever thought about that? One week before September 18, all the Unification family from throughout the United States, even including Europe will come and participate with them. Would you like to participate in this crusade immediately, or seven days before the 18th, when all the Family comes from all the states and all over the world? You would like to participate before the ordinary Family members come. We don't want you to be onlookers, just because you have the heavenly prestige of being Belvedere trainees. Would you like to be a follower of a certain program already set-up, or would you like to be an initiator in a new area, and explore it? Are you confident?

From today, three weeks are left. All trainees, including David Kim, will be mobilized to participate in this Madison Square Garden Crusade. Once a week, you may be coming back from New York City to maintain this beautiful place. That schedule is set, you should keep that kind of heavenly pride. All your eyes and ears and your senses should concentrate in the Madison Square Garden Crusade. This is a practical training situation. Would you like to participate? Would you like to be above or beneath all the IOWC commanders and mobile units and the New York Church? There are 55 to 60 of you, aren't there? This is equal to an International One World Crusade mobile unit. So your average daily result of accomplishment should be far superior to the other groups.

If you do not accomplish that, Father's pride or prestige will diminish, because you are his direct Belvedere trainees. With this kind of dignity, you should show yourself to the whole group and the whole city. You are different from others. You ate Belvedere food, you breathed Belvedere air, you slept here, and you received the heavenly message and the heavenly sunshine. So you must be different from other groups. So, for three weeks the Belvedere trainees should break the record. So even if your legs are sleepy, awake them and make them go on. And even if your stomach is empty, hungry, tell it to be patient and go on. Even if you have perspiration continuously, continue to go on. With your hands you will grab wonderful people. Invite them to come to Madison Square Garden. Even if you have not experienced this kind of a thing, you have to be creative. You have to plan. This will be the great chance for world propaganda.

Belvedere has all different nationalities, more than twelve nations. So when all ten mobile unit commanders see Belvedere trainees of their own nationality, they will have to look up to you, because you must do the good job. How many hours would you like to work on it, if you go to New York? (20 hours.) If the New York people and our mobile unit commanders decide on a 21 -hour day, you will already be defeated right there! How can you do it? (24 hours.) Even if you are determined to work for 72 hours, if somebody says 73 hours-whether it's possible or impossible I don't know-you will be defeated. You have to be a little tougher. If any other contestant sets a record-breaking figure, you will already be behind him.

So this will be a crucial dividing point. Anybody who can surpass your working hours is the winner. You will be the loser. So you must be determined that you will continue even without food. You are ready to fight, ready to witness. That will be the key point. If you work even risking your life. You will definitely be the winner. Even if a person dies with this kind of ideal, he's the victor. So this kind of conception is very important.

Those family members who are not American, raise your hand. Then within our trainees, who is superior to the others? This is constructive competition. As trainees, you will compete with other groups, but among the trainees, your teams will compete with each other. Then, through this a representative nation will come out. Which nation will be the farthest? I want you to be active in this area. So some might say," I have a Master's degree or a Bachelor's degree, and I may not fit this kind of work, this practical battle." Sometimes you will be opposed, but once in a while they will respond to you! I want you to have this kind of experience. Father started from the bottom.

The Unification Church does not accept the idea that everybody has some kind of talent! We don't accept that. If you prove during your Belvedere training that you have become far superior to any one of the ten IOWC units, Father may give you the chance to go overseas next year to Japan, for international work. Who knows? It's up to you how you perform. Already he's working to mobilize one thousand mobile-unit members to go to Japan. He is even planning for them to visit Korea and establish overseas missions in six nations: France, England, Germany, and Holland. We are going to make preparations right now. Do you have that kind of ambition to participate in an international project? Several teams will be formed to tour around the world. In the meantime, new trainees will be trained. So he's instructing me how the new mobile units will perform. According to your ability, some kind of priority should be given.

He has instructed me to make a tabulation of who are the older members here. In chronological age, who is the oldest member? Even though you are above forty, fifty, or whatever, Father asks you to feel as though you were just born right now. Feel young. If you feel your assignment belongs to a fifteen-year-old, then you will become young and fresh. Act just like a teenagers like a beautiful girl, but never beyond your chronological age. Please practice it! If your mind is young, your physical appearance will become young. Even though you may not reach this state, you can smell young, wear young perfume. So he doesn't want you old-timers to be behind the younger ones. At least in one area, he wants you to be ahead of them. Those who are getting older, sleep less, so you have more time than young people. Father is very curious to see how the old timers are doing, so you had better have great hope for the future.

Father is 55 years old. You are younger than him. So Father thinks, even though he is 55, he never feels old. He never wants to be behind the young people. So I want you to compete with me, not behind me. So you will beat me on the field right now.

Your area will be schools and churches. Your assignment is to contact church groups and school groups. Up to the present we have been contacting just on the individual level. This area is wide open, so he assigned you people to contact schools, communities, and churches, where masses of people can be mobilized. Father is even thinking of making an exchange and going to high-school principals or assistant principals and saying, "Why don't you mobilize three thousand young people to come to Madison Square Garden? We can even give you some contribution later. We will pledge them something if they come. For instance, if three thousand people from your high school go, we will do something for your students. Whatever they need, then we will give it to them, something as a donation or subsidy, if they really send three thousand to Madison Square Garden. You can approach church members, high schools, even colleges and universities.

Then $90,000 will be needed to fill Madison Square Garden, if you spend $3.00 per head. Then to fill 30,000 seats we can give $90,000 as a donation. At the moment an enormous amount of money is being spent to bring one person to fill a seat-$50 per head to fill the seats right now. So, if we expand this new strategy, going to schools, colleges or churches with $90,000-three dollars per head-we will easily fill the Garden. That is the formula. This is not necessarily bribing, we will help them later! We can easily mobilize these people by giving an incentive. Then later, if they don't send people, we won't give them anything.

If we are successful in bringing and influencing church members and pastors, they will automatically become our friends and neighbors. If we give money earlier, that's bribing. But if we say, "If you send these people, then we will give something to your church, your school, or whatever. We will arrive at a figure later. " We will see how many tickets are from each school with a special mark on them. Then later, according to the quantity, we will give them a gift of appreciation. If you give money, that's illegal. So, in order to get his church members to come to the crusade, the minister will have to tell his group things about Reverend Moon. Than they will have to say, if they send people they will receive a gift from us. Later this will be very effective.

When they come to the Madison Square Garden Crusade, and hear him speak and enjoy it, they will want to come again!

Then why is this plan necessary? It is necessary for future mobilization of the manpower. Once we make this kind of channel, later for Yankee Stadium, we can just send a letter saying, "Please come," and suddenly they will be mobilized. Masses of people will come and that will be a great sensation. If we are successful with this kind of system without any big advertisement, automatically all people will appear at Madison Square Garden or whatever place we designate. That will be a great accomplishment.

After successful results in Madison Square Garden, we will make a contract for Yankee Stadium. Then later half a million people, will appear in Washington. Even later, ten thousand buses can be chartered, and right there 500,000 people may be easily mobilized. By that time, you will be a leader in this new kind of project.

This will be an experimental case. And based on this kind of occasion, more scientific research will follow. So the future mass mobilization plan will be based on our work. Do you understand? We are not bribing though. We give them the promise, "We'll give you this kind of gift." We don't necessarily say Reverend Moon. So all you PR people will go to the higher levels, deans, pastors, and work it out. We will silently give this kind of pledge.

This kind of a system should be well organized, with very experienced people. Leaders should be approached very decently. If you do it in the wrong way, then some bad rumors will spread. You have to think, because at the moment, some seat costs $50.00, so, if I bring 100 people, I am saving $47.00 per ticket. This campaign is very costly. That's why we hired Dentsu, a news media company.

So your mission is to contact schools, universities, and colleges and give out mass tickets. If a bad rumor spreads that the Unification Church bought people, this is unnecessary. This promise will be fulfilled after they send the people with tickets. If the church or school says, "We don't need your help," that's fine. But, from our point of view, because they are mobilizing we have to give them something as a gift. Do not give the impression that we are buying people to come. No, this is an entirely different concept. If this rumor spreads in the news media, we are in trouble.

You have to negotiate several times, and then when the atmosphere is right and they have promised to come, then we will give the promise. Ask the minister how many he can send. If he says 38 people, ask," Why don't you send 90 people? Why don't you send 110? Then, after it is over, we can give a donation to your church. " That kind of thing can be talked over, but not on the first day. Then you go to the minister of a congregation with 1,000 members, "How many can you send? 300? Why not more? if you send more, later, we will donate."

He is giving the guideline right now. You just contact them gradually, then you will give even 1,000 tickets to one church! That kind of contact should be privately and confidentially approached. First survey and investigate, so we have got to have an organizational chart. It will be good for both sides, for us because they come to our Crusade, and for them because we give them something. Say, "If we send a thousand tickets can you do it?" Then the minister will tell the congregation very easily! Then very soon you have a foundation. We can say, "Why don't you come over and we can have a workshop here at Belvedere. "

This is the only door open for the total salvation of America. When the door is open, Christianity will be saved, the campuses will be saved. Then all opposition from the Christian churches will be cut off. So on all high school and college campuses you can do this. In later years, then all the young people on campus will support him, all the young people in the church will support him and not necessarily their own church.

You have to think prayerfully and wisely work out the details. Through this project, all college campuses and ministers of the established churches will be touched by you. That's why Father has given you this special task.

Now, at the moment, we have ten mobile unit commanders and the New York Family. You can either investigate churches by yourself, or get information from the New York family and Mr. Kamiyama or Paul Werner's team. You will begin this very soon. There are ten territories within the city limits, and ten suburban areas, so there are lots of churches and lots of schools. Some churches will say, "OK, we'll accept you."

Make categories, "A," "B," "C," and systematically tabulate the percentage of opposition or support, and how many Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, liberals or conservatives. That kind of thing will be automatically tabulated. Then statistics will come out for future plans. This will be very helpful for national projects.

So you have to think you will visit that church building, whatever. So, because of your effort you can visit them any time, even after the Madison Square Garden crusade. We will have this kind of gigantic influence. Understand? (Yes!) After lunch, you will consult Mr. Kamiyama and Paul Werner. So even this afternoon form the teams, for example if you have 60 people, make one unit of five people. Sometimes put a man and a woman together. That means you have ten teams. Then the men and women will be mixed. Some of the PR staff will be on the teams. You have to approach higher levels. So this afternoon even though you may not know where to proceed, you have to organize it; even though you are not sure where to go, you have to spend the time prayerfully in New York. So every normal function is stopped right now. From tomorrow on, you will be really actively involved. This is an emergency situation. Tonight you planned to have an exam, didn't you? Everything is cancelled. All vans should be ready, except the special task force. And we have to form teams this afternoon after lunch. Does everybody have a sleeping bag?

May our God and Father's mercy and grace be upon you. Let us pray.

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